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How do you discourage suicide by assisting suicide?

In 1976, Governor Jerry Brown approved a legal right for terminally ill patients to end so-called life-sustaining treatment. (from CalWatchdog article)

The following comes from an October 6 Careful! blog post by Michael Cook:

Ten percent of Americans now have access to assisted suicide after Jerry Brown, governor of California, approved Assembly Bill 15 yesterday.

Assisted suicide had failed in California six times since 1988. But exactly one year ago, on October 6, Compassion & Choices released a superbly-crafted video about Brittany Maynard, a winsome 29-year-old Californian woman with a brain tumor, who had to move to Oregon because assisted suicide was illegal in her own state. It became a YouTube sensation; the tears trickling down her cheeks drowned opposing arguments in a flood of emotion.

And will the new law actually result in fewer people committing suicide as its supporters have promised?

Dramatic new findings about the Oregon experience with physician-assisted suicide (PAS) were published today in the Southern Medical Journal which suggest that this is not true. In a fine-grained statistical analysis of the experience in the four American states where PAS is currently legal British academics David Albert Jones and David Paton show that “the introduction of PAS seemingly induces more self-inflicted deaths than it inhibits”.

The suggestion that legalization reduces the total number of suicides and postpones those that do occur is a popular argument on the right-to-die side. It was first mooted by libertarian economist and jurist Richard Posner and has subsequently been adopted by assisted suicide advocates around the world. It allows advocates of assisted suicide to claim, paradoxically, that they are against suicide. But there is precious little data to support it.

Now the study by Jones and Paton shows that Posner’s argument is plainly wrong. In fact, PAS could actually increase an inclination to suicide in others.

As psychiatrist Aaron Kheriarty points out in an commentary in the same journal: “Several well-studied phenomena in the social sciences and suicide literature suggest that Posner’s hypothesis was dubious, even before empirical testing. You do not discourage suicide by assisting suicide.”

One of the best-studied phenomena of suicide is the Werther effect, named after a disappointed lover who takes his own life in Goethe’s 18th century novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther. The book was phenomenally popular and sparked a rash of copycat suicides throughout Prussia. The dangers of glorifying suicide are so obvious that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in partnership with the National Institute for Mental Health, the World Health Organization, and the Surgeon General recommend the utmost discretion in reporting suicides, lest vulnerable
people succumb to the siren call of suicide.

California’s new law shows that the copycat effect is alive and well. Jerry Brown and California have followed Brittany Marnard over the edge.

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The largest gathering of pro-family advocates in the world—and for the first time in history, the global gathering will come to the United States this fall.



Beginning in the mid-1980’s Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. Became the final resting place for 25 abandoned or aborted babies. Soon after that the members of local Oakland Diocese Knights of Columbus began meeting at the cemetery every Saturday to pray for these precious babies.

This photo shows the Director of California Right to Life Education Fund, Cecelia Cody, (front row center) with a group of Knights on Saturday, September 11, 2015. They continue to meet for the rosary at 10:00 AM every week. They invite you to join with them.

Mary Catherine, a new-born, was the first baby to be buried following the discovery of her body in an Antioch park. The Antioch police were never successful in locating the mother of this child. California Right to Life and Birthright provided the burial plot. Mary Catherine’s headstone reads: “Even if a mother forget her child, I will never forget you.” Isaiah: 49.

During the early 1990’s California Right to Life received a phone call from an unidentified male asking if we would receive the preserved bodies of 24 preborn babies in various stages of development for burial. These babies had been discovered in a closet in the back room of a previously rented doctor’s office in the city of Alameda.

Prior to burial there were several weeks of negotiations with the Alameda Coroner’s office which requested that these bodies be turned over to them in order to assure the officials that these babies had not been victims of foul-play or illegal abortions. Their request was refused for fear we would never see the babies again. Apparently the cemetery could not bury the babies until the Coroner had signed off on the bodies.

These babies are buried in a remote corner of Queen of Heaven Cemetery in two very small plots near the statue seen in the background of this photo. Prior to the burial service all the babies were named.

Memorial to the Unborn - Queen of Heaven Lafayette, CA


September 7, 2015
Camille Giglio

Governor Brown must begin hearing from you beginning September 8th to veto AB15b End-Of-Life Option Act.  916-445-2841 (automated) Or, http://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php

Think about this folks.  Everything about the abortion industry is cloaked in hidden meaning. “Reproductive Rights,” Healthcare for women,”  all these phrases are code words for death for a baby.

Palliative Care for seniors means dehydration and starvation and eventual death for the senior or disabled individual.   Neither of these are health care.

Clarke Forsythe, senior legal counsel for Americans United for Life and author of “The Abuse of Discretion,” was speaking at a recent Federalist Society meeting in San Francisco.  It seems that the papers from some of the retired and deceased members of the Supreme Court involved with the Roe v Wade decision are now open for inspection.  Mr. Forsythe wrote a book called “Abuse of Discretion” reporting on what he learned from these papers.

The book begins by declaring that “Roe and Doe began, in the Supreme Court, as a serious procedural mistake resulting from a case in the California Courts referred to as Younger v Harris that left the Justices without any factual record to consider the complex historical, legal, medical and constitutional issues surrounding abortion.”

The important words here being…”without any factual record.”  That may well have been one of the reasons that people like then pro abortion Dr. Bernard Nathanson always claimed that he and his group just made up some figures about the women who died from back alley abortions. When it was realized that this was an improper follow up to that case certain justices, basically said, oh, well, let’s just go on and make this an abortion decision.

Then 20 years later came Planned Parenthood v Casey (former Governor of Pennsylvania) which said that prohibitions against abortion placed undue burdens on a pregnant woman. Again, with little to no factual data. This was followed by The Carhart Decision which claimed that abortion was safer than childbirth for women. Again, no factual data to back it.  This phrase, according to the research conducted by Mr. Forsythe came from one line in an obscure book written by a pro abortion writer whose name was never brought to light.

There were no facts presented to prove that then. There are no facts present today to declare that palliative care is best for terminally ill, disabled or depressed patients, yet that’s the claim being made.

Abortion was never , nor ever will be better or safer than birth; and starving a patient to death will never be better than some pain and discomfort attached to a terminal illness. Palliative Care is DeathCare.

It’s another department within the health care industry authorized to kill innocent human beings because some carefully contrived slogan said life would be an undue burden.


On September 8, AB15b, End of Life Options (formerly SB128) will receive its last legislative approval and be sent to the Governor.  This is the basic authorizing bill giving members of the medical profession (not just doctors) the right to decide if your life is worth the effort to heal or not.

SB19, Lois Wolk, POLST. This is the piece of paper that these DeathCare industry people seek in order to legitimately take away life from ill people.  It, too, is up for a final floor vote on the Assembly floor in the next few days. Call your Assembly member and urge a NO vote.

Getting patients to the point where they will submit to Palliative care is contingent on obtaining the patient’s approval and a signature on a POLST form.  Contained in this and in federal legislation is a section on mandating consultations and to entice the medical profession to hold these consultations. The US Dept of Health requested that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid develop a proposal to add a new payment  schedule to the rules, for consultation fees to be provided by the doctor or other designated medical personnel. (Read further…)

DO NOT ASSUME THAT EITHER OF THESE BILLS ARE BEING HEAVILY OPPOSED BY RELIGIOUS GROUPS ON YOUR BEHALF.  Call your Assembly member yourself, especially the Democrats and most especially the Catholic Democrats.  These two bills got through both houses of the legislature because all these legislators voted for them without reservation

The Revisions to payment policy www.regulations.gov/#1docketDetail;D=CMS-2015=0081
CMS-2015-0081.  Closes its public comment period on September 8th. 

This proposal would authorize Medicare, amending Title XVlll of the Social Security Act to allow the government (we taxpayers) to pay for consultations by government trained consultants and associates to discuss with a patient just how that particular patient (maybe you) would like to end their lives.

Remember: We the taxpayers are paying for killing babies and now the government wants to force us to pay for consultations to convince patients and families to terminate the lives of our senior family members.  But, this is merely a proposal. It needs legislation to appropriate the funding.

S. 1549 by Virginia Senator Mark Warner, (D) MediCare Beneficiaries Illness Care Coordination. Shortened version the Care Planning  Act of 2015. This Act  Appropriates $15M for one year to train, advocate and advertise for the right of a patient with a terminal illness to seek consultation which would be paid for by the taxpayer.

The training of the consultants will be for developing talking points to encourage patients to sign the POLST form. The advocacy and advertising will be to convince people to accept that they have a right to die at an appointed time with the assistance of a medically prescribed drug provided by a pharmacist.

HR 3251 by Iowa Congressman Steve King, (R) Exclude Advance care Planning Under Medicare. Would prohibit amending Title XVlll to include payment for consultations. Cong. King needs your support to fight for a hearing for this bill which is sitting in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Email to: Richard.Stern@mail.house.gov.

If AB15b passes and the idea of consultations is in the bill, this will become an lobbying tool for Warner to further promote his legislation.

Planned Parenthood Audit Vetoed, Baker Dodges The Vote, The Taxpayers Lose.

Camille Giglio
August 25, 2015

California has had a long history of reckoning the worth of  human life with Utilitarian values.

It began in the early 1900’s with the legalization (along with New York) of the sterilization of Down’s Syndrome children in the state’s mental hospitals. Proceeded through the 1960’s with the Anthony Beilenson(D) Therapeutic Abortion Act, The state Supreme Court Decision, Reproductive Rights v Myers, https://www.aclunc.org/our-work/legal-docket/committee-defend-reproductive-rights-v-myers authorizing minors to contract for abortions and birth control, to the authorization of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine – CIRM  https://www.cirm.ca.gov/ - and the use of fetal cells for research until now, we have a horrific expose of the evil acts performed by Planned Parenthood; and, fetal organ procurement and experimentation businesses such as StemExpress.

But, it doesn’t end there. The wholesale practice of abortion has permeated the laws, medicine, politics,  academia and faith and morals. Dozens of bills get passed every year chipping away at parental rights, elevating community rights and values over the rights of individuals within our society.

We are now facing yet another possible slide down that slippery slope if the Right to Die organizers succeed in getting their AB15x bill by Susan Eggman(D) passed (formerly a Lois Wolk, SB128 bill).

Roe v Wade created a so-called right for women to abort their babies for dire physical and mental health Doe v Bolton, a companion bill expanded the reasons to social and economic reasons. State and federal legislation then made it possible for all taxpayers to pay for this killing which has been expanded by legislators to include every woman, every baby, no reason at all. This happened because it became profitable for legislators to take positions that assured their re-election to office.

Every taxpayer has been made an accomplice 3x over to Planned Parenthood’s brutal killings because we have not fought hard enough to end the tax funding of abortion at either the federal or the state and county levels. Ms O’Donnell, the employee of StemExpress is a good example. According to her testimony on video, she did not want to perform a dissection on a born preborn because she could see the heart still beating, but she was encouraged until she said okay.  This is how one silences otherwise good people.  Get them to become intimately involved in immoral acts or face humiliation by your peers.  Thanks goodness that this young woman found her courage, her moral values and her voice.

But this is not the case, so far with Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, (R-San Ramon) On very important votes regarding human life she has chosen to vote with the Democrats or be absent from the committee hearing.  That was the case on Monday when Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, (R-Murrietta) called for an investigation into the state funding of Planned parenthood. Baker was on that committee but chose to attend another committee hearing, thereby depleting the numbers of required votes to approve the audit.

This is not Baker’s only departure from Republican standards.  She has become, or maybe had herself placed in a strategic swing vote position on the AB15x Right to Die bill. Both the euthanasia groups and the pro life and anti-euthanasia groups have lobbied her extensively, held rallies at her office and written and phoned her office. She continues to require her staff to state that “she is still studying the bill.”  She has had several months to study the bill.  She is stalling, keeping the focus on her.

This was the same approach she took with the mandated vaccination bill, SB277. There she even had herself placed on the bill as the only official Assembly co-sponsor, actively supporting the requirement that non-vaccinated children be prohibited from attending public, private or charter schools.  Her vote on this was seen as an abridgment of parental rights rather than some compassionate appeal to protecting children’s health.

Baker is not the only one who acts like this. Rocky Chavez, (R-Oceanside) is another who votes the way the wind blows.


So, we have come in 48 years to the acceptance of and practice of Utilitarianism in education, medicine, politics and, very sadly, often times in Religion.

In the last few months our office has received calls from desperate family members trying to get help in stopping hospitals from  removing life support from beloved patients, elderly, accident victims, etc.

It may well become necessary to form crisis help type centers to assist family members in preventing the termination of life decisions being demanded by hospitals.  It will require lawyers and physicians willing to learn procedures for aiding family members, and for lawyers who will need to know what legal procedures to be applied in emergency situations.

One weekend our office received a call from a desperate man trying to prevent the local Kaiser hospital in Antioch, Ca. From killing his mother, as he stated it.  The hospital had removed a nasal feeding tube from the mother, but then refused to re-insert a new tube, thereby denying her any nourishment or hydration. The son has a medical power of attorney for health care for his mother and he had signed a POLST form requiring full medical treatment for his mother (that’s the third option on a POLST form).

One doctor, called in to give a second opinion, stated to the son that his POA and the POLST form meant nothing to them. the mother who is in advanced years, was dying, the doctor stated, she should be given morphine and allowed to die. She lost one lb a day while in the hospital. And, besides said the doctor, there was no nurse willing to assist the doctor to reinsert the tube. The son finally got his mother out of the hospital, took her to another Kaiser hospital and they re-inserted the tube.

If nothing else the expose of Planned Parenthood by the http://www.centerformedialprogress.org/

has shown us the depths to which our community standard for moral and ethical values have sunk. Now, with the release of the 8th video we have the revelations by StemExpress, of the value placed on human body parts, rather than on the whole, living human being and the amount of profit to be made from the creation of human life as spare parts.  According to a Crisis Publication article by Anne Hendershott, the procurement of a preborn baby’s fresh liver organ which is then  transferred for a “fee” from Planned Parenthood to a body parts trader who receives approximately $24,000. per liver and its final usage by research institutes.  In the 8th video it records the Director of StemExpress stating that preborn livers are in highest demand and that they could use 50 livers a week.

Our love and fidelity to all who came forward to participate in rallies at Planned Parenthood, or at legislators offices for anti-assisted suicide legislation.  There continues to be many labors of love yet ahead of us.

Randy Thomasson of SaveCalifornia first row, kneeling) and local Pro-Life people paid a visit to the San Ramon office of Assemblywoman Catharine Baker to urge her NO vote on the End-Of-Life-Option Act, AB2x-15.


1920 Monument Blvd, #309. Concord, Ca  94520
callifeadvocates.org/blog, www.noisecoalition.wordpress.com

Camille Giglio
August 4, 2015

This is a continuation of the report on California legislation in regard to the assaults on  family and human life and how the state Department of Education and Health play a part in that.

The following bills are, for the most part being held in either the Assembly or Senate Appropriations Committees: Assembly-916-319-2081, Senate-916-651-4101

AB775, David Chiu, (D-S.F.) Reproductive FACT Act. Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency.  Basing his bill on previous legislation enacting a woman’s right-to-choose (including minors) this bill actually challenges the freedom of choice for certain businesses and groups by requiring pro life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion services at other facilities. In other words, Birthright and other counseling centers would be required to place notices in their offices or at their front doors stipulating that they do not perform abortions and referring women to places that do.

Endorsed by State Attorney General Kamala Harris who has refused to call for an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s fetal sales connections. And 38 other pro abortion groups.  Opposed by 8 Pro Life agencies and “numerous individuals.” LOCATION: Senate Floor. Call your own state Senator or go online to www.leginfo.ca.gov to contact your legislator or read the full bill.

AB101, Louis Alejo, (D-Salinas), Pupil Instruction: Ethnic Studies. Creates three (3) levels of educational oversight committees to improve educational results with an elective type course in Social Studies beginning with pre-schoolers.

Increasing awareness of ethnic groupings while reducing studies of American government and history is apparently Alejo’s method of combating harassment, by taking up class time with indoctrinational material to encourage acceptance.  It passed every committee with overwhelming majorities, including some Republicans, indicating that none of these elected officials have a clue about creating acceptance of others.  LOCATION: Senate Appropriations.

SB695, Kevin De Leon, School Health Education: Sexual Harassment Training. Another Planned Parenthood bill. This bill presumes that Planned Parenthood will solve the sexual harassment problems just like Alejo thinks his bill will solve ethnic harassment.

Mandates inclusion of sexual harassment and violence training in the next health ed. framework.

This is, at least, the 5th segment of health ed. that has been designed, like a tight-fitting dress, to encompass Planned Parenthood’s measurements. Sexual involvement, contraception, HIV instructions, gender identity instruction. Expect PP to be in the schools full time very shortly.

LOCATION: Assembly Appropriations.

AB104, Shirley Weber and SB 77 Education Finance Committee, were merged into the Education Finance: Education Omnibus Trailer Bill. Signed by Gov. Brown on 6/24/15.

It appropriates $3.8 billion in Prop 98 one-time funding, of which $3.2 billion goes to K-12 and $600m to community colleges to implement many of the bills about which CRLC has been reporting and which are held in the Appropriations committees especially regarding child care and development and early childhood education.

It expands involvement in child care and toddler “education.” Invites outside agencies to provide “wrap- around Care.” i.e. full services, Career technical education incentives “pathways”, more free meals for more students, more data collection on students, both minors and adult ed participants. Gives special funds to certain school districts, and much more. But, there is nothing here that comes close to academic improvement or advancement.

AB766, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, (D-Culver City) Public School Health Center Support Program.

THIS IS A PLANNED PARENTHOOD BILL. This expands school based health centers.

Here is one of the purposes for  getting so many kids onto Medi-Cal. They can then call for funding to provide special assistance and services in schools to “under represented”  students, i.e. children from lower-income families who are on the free lunch programs or receiving insurance coverage through Medi-Cal.

Related bills, SB 118, Liu, renames these centers the School-Based health and Education Partnership Program and creates new funding by claiming to prevent obesity, asthma, alcohol and substance abuse, and mental health.  Once again. Social services in the school, not academic instruction.

SB1025, Tony Thurmond, (D-Oakland, establishes a 3 year pilot program to encourage all of the above and more.

AB1133, Achadjian, sets up more mental health centers in schools. Sounds like he is taking up the efforts started by Sen. Leland Yee before his arrest on criminal charges of graft. Several bills from previous years failed to accomplish this goal, some accomplished portions of this goal – to use the schools to indoctrinate students into the manner of thinking and acting that the state deems appropriate behavior.

We still have two very serious bills, SB 19, POLST, and SB 128, both Lois Wolk bills. SB 128 has been turned into a two year bill meaning that it can be taken up again any time after summer recess but before the end of January. Both bills are in the Assembly Appropriations. SB128 has been turned into a two year bill so it will stay in Appropriations waiting for a vote when the new session starts up in December.



This article reports on a presentation given by David Daleiden during a Napa Institute Conference.

Catholic Business Journal, article by Tom Loarie of St. Mary’s Catholic church in Walnut Creek, Ca

News10-ABC Placerville

L.A. Times article on Idaho Judge’s removal of a ban on videotaping abusive treatment of farm animals. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-idaho-ag-gag-20150803-story.html



Most businesses are eager to report on the
amount of services and number of patrons served ••
Why does Planned Parenthood seem so reluctant
to provide this information?

1) HOW MUCH of the state tax dollars received each year actually goes toward services for women’s health such as breast cancer detection and services?

2) HOW MUCH for mental health counseling regarding spousal abuse or sexual abuse?

won’t Planned Parenthood report potential sexual abuse of minors?

3) HOW MUCH does this abortion headquarters spend in legislative lobbying for more access to teens and to the taxpayers money?

4) WHY are parents not allowed to view Planned Parenthood’s sexual instruction material for the classroom, or, to sit-in on presentations to students?

5) HOW MUCH does Planned Parenthood actually receive from individual donors as compared to federal, state and local tax dollars?

6) HOW MANY actual abortions, not percentages of total business, is performed at this headquarters?

7) HOW MANY second trimester abortions (that could produce marketable aborted baby parts) were performed at this facility?

8) SHOW US the form that an abortion patient signs whch stipulates that the fetal remains may be distributed to research and experimentation laboratories?

Planned Parenthood has been actively betraying the public trust in its dealings with vulnerable pregnant women and trusting teenagers. The public has a right-to-know what is being done with our tax dollars and to whom, exactly, state officials are giving our money.

The NOISE Coalition (No Irresponsible Sex Ed. http://noise coalition.wordpress.com


A Committee within California Right to Life Committee
1920 Monument Blvd #309
Concord, Ca  94520
(925) 899-3064


CONTACT: Camille Giglio
DATE: Tuesday, July 28, 2015
12 Noon to 1:00 PM
PLACE: Planned Parenthood Shasta/Diablo
Corner of Grant and Salvio Sts. Concord, Ca.
PURPOSE: To stand in support of women and all innocent human life which is being abused and misused by Planned Parenthood through its utilitarian promotion of and profiting from abortion as reported by the Center for Medical Progress.

The Center for Medical Progress has released documentation of Planned Parenthood’s failure to comply with Uniform Anatomical Gift Act of 1986 which strictly forbids the selling of body parts for financial gain including human, fetal body parts recovered during abortions.


We are here today at the Concord Planned Parenthood abortion headquarters to demand that they cease and desist providing preborn baby body parts for experimental research.

We, further, protest the continued partnership between this Planned Parenthood abortion facility and the Acalanes School District which provides Planned Parenthood free access to all the students on the Acalanes and Miramonte campuses.

We learned last year that Planned Parenthood was utilizing facilitators connected to Pornographic activities, now we learn that Planned Parenthood as a whole is involved in financial gain from the utilitarian usage of baby body parts.

We also call upon our state and local officials elected who represent the citizens of Contra Costa County to co-sponsor legislation defunding Planned Parenthood’s abortion services and body parts supply business.



Feminists for Nonviolent Choices (formerly Feminists Choosing Life) stands against all forms of violence, including abortion, war, and human trafficking.
Followed by LifeNews.com and Students for Life .


A Committee within California Right to Life Committee, Inc.
1920 Monument Blvd, #309
Concord, Ca  94520

Most businesses, anxious to impress their potential clientele, are eager to report on the amount of services and patrons that they service. Why does Planned Parenthood seem so reluctant to provide this information?

  1. How much of the state tax dollars received each year actually goes toward services for women’s health such as breast cancer detection and services?
  2. How much for mental health counseling regarding spousal abuse or sexual
    1. Why won’t Planned Parenthood report potential sexual abuse of minors?
  3. How much does this Planned Parenthood abortion headquarters spend in legislative lobbying for more access to teens and to the taxpayers money?
  4. Why are parents not allowed to view Planned Parenthood’s sexual instruction material for the classroom, or, to sit-in on presentations to students?
  5. How much does Planned Parenthood actually receive from individual donors as compared to federal, state and local tax dollars?
  6. How many actual abortions, not percentages of total business, is performed at this headquarters?
  7. How many second trimester abortions (that could produce marketable aborted baby parts) were performed at this facility?
  8. Show us the form that an abortion patient signs which stipulates that the fetal remains may be distributed to research and experimentation laboratories?

Many of these questions can be answered by obtaining a copy of the IRS 990 form for non-profit organizations.

Planned Parenthood has been actively betraying the public trust in its dealings with vulnerable pregnant women and trusting teenagers.  The public has a right-to-know what is being done with our tax dollars and to whom, exactly, state officials are giving our money.


Camille Giglio
July 6, 2015 


On July 13, the Senate Appropriations Committee will hear AB 329 Pupil Instruction-Sexual Health Education authored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, (D-San Diego).  Ca. Right to Life has been the only group officially opposing this bill from its first hearing in the Assembly Education Committee to its last hearing in the Senate Education Committee where the Capitol Resource Institute finally got on-board.


Their is a list of about 50 Planned Parenthood groups in support. The language of the bill comes directly from Planned Parenthood’s agenda of sexual indoctrination for all children. I imagine this is why Richard Pan wants all children from kindergarten on to be vaccinated especially with anti-HIV vaccines.

Planned Parenthood will be teaching all children of all ages to be sexually active as their right and with no interference from parents.

In the Assembly Education committee the vote was 6-1 with Republican Rocky Chavez voting YES in support of the bill along with all the Democrats.

In the Assembly Appropriations Committee the vote was 12-5.

In the Assembly floor vote it was 51-25 with Chavez now voting “NO.”

In the Senate Education Committee it was 6-1, Runner being the single “NO”: vote and two Democrats abstaining, Loni Hancock of Berkeley and Marty Block of Lemon Grove. These two are heavy PP supporters so their “NO” vote is rather curious.

Along with this bill there is AB 517 by James Gallagher, ® whom you may recall attempted to get approval for a sex ed bill that would allow an opt-in only approach. That failed but the Democrats managed to get that amended and turned around into support for sex education, providing only that parents get to look at and copy the material for sex ed.

SB1165 by Holly Mitchell was signed by the Governor in 2014. It requires the state Board of Education to consider including age-appropriate content on sexual abuse, sexual assault awareness and prevention.

So, unless, we the people, prevent this, this will become a semester long class of indoctrination in sexual lifestyles and choices for ALL students beginning in kindergarten – with, of course, age appropriate language.

Here are excerpts from the Senate Education Committee analysis of the bill that, if you are up on Planned Parenthood prose, should alarm everybody:

  1. Instruction and Materials must be age appropriate.
  2. All factual information presented must be medical accurate and objective.
    1. Comment: There is little that is factual in PP’s presentations so that should be no problem.
  3. Instruction…must encourage a student to communicate with parents about human sexuality, teach respect for marriage (gay and straight?) and Committed relationships. (Remember the GenderBread Man?)
  4. Beginning in grade 7 materials must teach about abstinence but also other ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and the effectiveness and safety of all federal FDA approved contraceptive methods (Ca. Ed code 51933).
  5. Grades K-6 to provide comprehensive sexual health ed. (comprehensive means teach them everything in a manner that they will understand, so they don’t change the information just the words used to get their point across).
  6. Merges HIV/AIDS education and sexual health ed. )This is what CRLC thinks that PP had already been doing in the Acalanes High School district.)
  7. Expands the components of the instruction – including treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
  8. Instructs the students to decrease their use of injectible drugs when experimenting with sexual choices.
  9. Modifies and adds information about the effectiveness and safety about the treatment of HIV and other infections.
  10. Adds information about students legal rights to access local resources for sexual and reproductive health care.
  11. Requires instruction on pregnancy to include discussion on all legally available pregnancy outcomes including:<
    1. Parenting, adoption and abortion. (adoption for the gays who are functionally sterile)
    2. Instruction and materials must teach students about gender, gender expression, gender identity and explore the harm of negative gender stereotypes.
    3. Changes definitions of HIV/AIDS Prevention to be HIV prevention, family planning to contraception and sexually transmitted diseases to sexually transmitted infections.
    4. Clarifies that outside consultants and guest speakers providing instruction must have expertise in sexual health education and HIV prevention and that consultants and guest speakers must have knowledge of the most recent medically accurate research on the related topics. (This excludes everyone but Planned Parenthood)


Should you wish to call each individual senator here are their numbers:

Sen. Ricardo Lara, (D) Chairman – 916-651-4033
Sen. Patricia Bates ® V. Chairman – 916-651-4036
Sen. Jim Beall – 916-651-4015
Sen. Jerry Hill – 916-651-4013
Sen. Connie Levya – 916-651-4020
Sen. Tony Mendoza – 916-651-4032
Sen. Jim Nielsen (R) – 916-651-4004



Report prepared by California Right to Life committee, Inc. 1920 Monument Blvd, #309, Concord, Ca,
925-899-3064, www.callifeadvocates.org/blog

Take away God, all respect for civil laws, all regard for even the most necessary institutions disappears; justice is scouted; the very liberty that belongs to the law of nature is trodden underfoot; and men go so far as to destroy the very structure of the family, which is the first and firmest foundation of the social structure.
- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904