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April 9, 2015
Camille Giglio

This was the scene outside the Senate Health Committee
meeting room 4-8-15, for hearing SB 277,
Mandatory Vaccinations.

Sacramento, Ca. At the State Capitol. Within the last two days several very important bills were either passed or defeated that will have a direct impact on the integrity of the family and on children’s physical and moral health.

The attached photo shows a portion of the crowd standing in line waiting to enter the Senate Health Committee hearing on Sen. Richard Pan’s bill, SB 277, mandatory vaccinations. The bill takes away parental rights to decide their children’s health care in regard to state desired vaccinations for one’s children. As it stands this bill will prohibit any child from entering school (public, private and Charter) without proof of vaccinations. It will also require the schools to post notices on the percentage of vaccinated students.

Those who opposed the bill, parents and grandparents with vaccine damaged children sported some red clothing or signs saying “NO SB277, Family’s for healthy choice, etc. They came from all over the state. It took all day for families with children and babes in arms, to wait for the 1:30 hearing to begin and then it took close to three hours for all the proponents and opponents to step before the mike and state their position.

Planned Parenthood was prominent in its support of this bill.

Also being heard yesterday was newly elected Assembly member, James Gallagher’s AB517, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education: Parental Consent. Two local parents within the Acalanes School District gave testimony at this hearing in the Assembly Education Committee in regard to the lack of parents rights regarding the sex ed information in two local high schools, Acalanes and Miramonte. Also speaking for the bill was a former Clinical sex ed instructor/nurse from Fresno. Only one Education Committee member, Rocky Chavez, R. voted for it, but the committee re-referred it back to the committee for discussion and possible amendments.

So, more on this bill and on SB277, later.

Also heard yesterday was AB 147, Postsecondary Education: Animal Research, by Matt Dababneh. This bill has passed two committee hearings with flying colors, passing 11-1 with 1 abstention in the Assembly Higher Ed. Committee and 16-1 in the Asm Appropriations Committee. This bill will require any campus of the U.C. System to set up adoption centers for dogs or cats who have previously been used for science or research. If the animal is not outright adopted, then the University must offer the animals to animal rescue assn.

Also, on Tuesday, April 7, there was a hearing on SB128, Lois Wolk’s End of Life Legislation. It passed overwhelmingly. AB637, Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment – POLST, by Campos, passed the Asm Judiciary Cmte. SB323, Ed Hernandez, D. Nurse Practitioners – another attempt to expand this group’s scope of practice to include filling out POLST forms for patients, was heard and re-referred to the Business, Professions and Economic Development Cmte.

Many bills are being presented in packs of 4 or more bills all on the same subject but with small variations meaning that if all but one fails, the one that passes will end up incorporating all the objectives of the failed bills.

So the batting average stands at 5 outs for humans and one home run for dogs and cats.

Your prayers and actions requested for the showdown on April 15th in the Acalanes School District vs. NOISE Coalition on the subject of removing Planned Parenthood from the District’s schools.

If you are not sure that you want to see Planned Parenthood removed from accessing the student body in the Acalanes District consider this:
According to the IRS report for 2012, the local Planned Parenthood Director, Heather Saunders Estes makes approximately $220,000,00 per year.

The abortionist, Jeffrey Waldman, in 2012 made $230,000.00…killing Contra Costa babies.

They are both living high on the destroyed lives of babies and their mothers. Planned Parenthood needs to see to it that a continual flow of pregnant women pass through their so-called clinic in order for the employees to keep up their lifestyle.

Planned Parenthood, itself, took in $29,817,508.00 at least half of which is derived from charging the state and federal government for services provided.

This is what the School district elected officials brought into the school classrooms to have private and easy access to the children of this District – Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda. AT the same time, they were being very secretive with parents as to what the students were being told by PP during these so called classes on sexual health.
One man’s idea of sexual health is another man’s idea of depravity.

Meeting date: April 15, 7:00 PM, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Del Valle Adult Education Center, Rm. 401. The school sits up on a small rise making it very hard to see. Come up the steep driveway, following the twists and turns to the top of the hill. The meeting room is on the left as a stand alone bldg. Parking is ample, but there may also be ongoing classes that evening.

Just being there is helpful, but if you want to address the board all you need do is come to the mike, state your name and say that you want Planned parenthood removed from the school district.

Open Letter to Religious and community leaders

Subject:  Appealing for help from our religious and Political leaders in CA.

Dear Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Rabbis, and Elected Officials,:

Currently in CA, there is a bill before the legislature, SB 277, which would eliminate a parent’s right to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure (only a medical exemption would remain, which is usually only issued after a catastrophic adverse vaccine reaction has occurred, and often times, not even then).  Should this bill become law, it will apply to ALL students in California, whether they are enrolled in pubic school, private school, parochial/religious school, charter school, or home school.  Should this bill become law, it will apply to CA’s current 69-vaccine schedule, which includes vaccines that are for sexually-transmitted diseases (i.e. Hepatitis B at birth, and HPV, possibly soon to be required for kindergarten).  This list of 69 would be allowed to be added to at any time by the state of CA, via the California Dept. of Public Health, without limit or public input. Currently, there are approximately 300 vaccines in different phases of development, each of which is a possibility to be added to the vaccine schedule for California children.

Thus, every resident in the state of CA between the ages of 6 and 18 will be forced to be vaccinated with every mandated vaccine in order to reside here and to be eligible for any public, private, or home school. Since education is compulsory, opting for no schooling will not be an option. When vaccine mandates are law, the only way a parent can protect their children from the known and unknown dangers of vaccines and/or from the known and unknown problems with the current vaccine schedule is through the use of exemptions. If SB 277 passes, there will soon be no more exemptions for such protections.

At present, a parent can sign a Personal Beliefs Exemption (PBE) form in the state of CA to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines. However, since Jan. 1st, 2014, when AB 2109 went into effect, even that must be signed by a specified healthcare practitioner after the parent has been forced to submit to a lecture of personal opinion by the practitioner.  In other words, even our current PBE is technically a medical exemption in that it must be signed off on by someone other than the parent who is from the medical profession.  Encompassed in our current PBE is a Religious Exemption (RE), of sorts.  I say “of sorts” because it is so incredibly discriminatory and restrictive that it applies to very few, if any, parents.  

Thus, even our restrictive, cumbersome, and costly PBE is in serious jeopardy, meaning that our rights as parents to make medical decisions for our children, specifically vaccination decisions, could be removed completely in CA in just a few short months.  This is an urgent matter.  This is medical fascism.  This is tyranny. 

As religious leaders, I assume that you would all agree that it is parents who should direct the upbringing of their children, including making medical decisions for them.  Furthermore, I assume that you would all agree that prior, voluntary, and informed consent for any and all medical procedures is both essential and ethical, a fundamental human right.  When prior, voluntary, and informed consent for medical treatments and procedures is no longer the law, we are no longer a free society, and we are no longer able to make life-altering medical decisions in accord with our religious beliefs, conscience, knowledge, and experience.

This issue is very personal to me because all 3 of my children suffered injuries from their “routine” childhood vaccinations, one to the point of being permanently disabled and dependent on others for the remainder of his lifetime.  I was never offered any type of informed consent whatsoever back in the 1990s when our children were vaccinated, in violation of federal law.  The nurse would quickly administer a tray full of syringes to my child, without my even knowing what exactly they were or what exactly was in them, and without my ever being told of their many risks (including death). The doctor would enter the room 10-15 min. later without a word about all of the vaccines my child had just received, without any information about side effects to be on the lookout for, and without any warnings about the dangers of what had just been done to my child.  There was absolutely no informed consent with regards to my children, and the situation has not changed much today.  Vaccine propaganda is at an all time high, and the truth about the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines is both suppressed and lied about, as is information regarding the fallacy of the theory behind them and the vast fraud and corruption that underlie our nation’s vaccine program.

I can assure you that each of you has parishioners who are extremely concerned about losing the right to make voluntary and informed medical decisions for their children.  Their concerns are most especially warranted in our country where those who manufacture and those who administer vaccines are shielded from any and all liability for any harm, including death, that results from vaccines, due to a 1986 Act of Congress called The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. That Act came about because of the very dangerous nature of vaccines.  Vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies were losing many multi-million-dollar lawsuits due to the injuries and deaths that their vaccine products were causing, so many in fact that the majority of companies had already stopped making vaccine products.  The remaining few pleaded before Congress to protect them from any and all liability for their vaccine products, and unbelievably, Congress succumbed. No other industry is afforded such protection (with the exception of nuclear power plants). In just a few short years, with no liability to worry about, and thus with very little incentive and zero accountability to make safe or effective products, and with nothing but profits ahead because their products are government-mandated for millions, our nation’s already-problematic vaccine schedule tripled!  That tripling included:  highly-neurotoxic/deadly amounts of mercury; another heavy metal, aluminum, which when paired with mercury the two become synergistically neurotoxic; cancer-causing ingredients like formaldehyde; polysorbate 80 which opens the blood-brain-barrier allowing heavy metals and other toxic ingredients to enter the brain; human and animal viruses, including retroviruses; aborted fetal tissue material; anti-freeze; food proteins that cannot be broken down by the blood which then cause inflammation and lead to serious food allergies; human and animal DNA; materials from monkeys, cows, mice, pigs, and dogs; the list goes on.

No doubt you are aware that American children are sicker and more disabled than they have ever been.  Autism is now affecting 1 in 50 children; asthma 1 in 11; food allergies, some of them life-threatening and all of them life-altering, affect at least 1 in 12 children; Type 1 Diabetes has skyrocketed alongside Autism, and now affects around 1 in 400 children; seizure and tic disorders are running rampant; juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and cancer are now prevalent in children; SIDS is not uncommon, and not surprisingly, often happens in close proximity to vaccinations; speech/language, learning, and behavioral issues abound in today’s children and challenge teachers like never before; and to top it off, our nation has one of the worst infant mortality rates among developed nations, despite the fact that we spend more per person than any other nation on “health” care! There are many credible studies showing links between vaccines and the many chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, and premature deaths that now plague American children, the most vaccinated children in the entire world.  Unfortunately, these are not the studies that mainstream media highlight as these studies would threaten mainstream media’s advertising dollars from pharmaceutical companies, upon which they have become dependent.

Lastly, in 2011,  the Supreme Court of the U.S. declared vaccines “unavoidably unsafe”, i.e. inherently dangerous.  Every time a consumer purchases a vaccine, a 75-cent surcharge/tax is added and then deposited into our nation’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), a program that was created as part of the aforementioned 1986 Act because it is common knowledge that vaccines will harm, will disable, will make chronically ill, and will kill.  We also have the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) here in the U.S., which receives more than 32,000 reports every year.  It is estimated, and admitted by both the CDC and FDA, that only 1-10% of adverse vaccine reactions ever get reported (so do the math and multiply 32,000 many times over!), as many doctors are not even aware of the program, they are not required to report, and doctors often do not want to admit vaccine failures, vaccine injuries, or vaccine deaths.  Parents rarely, if ever, have heard of VAERS or the VICP, and are likely to find out about them if their child is injured or killed by a vaccine(s) only after the 3-yr. statute of limitations has expired.

I am hoping that this little bit of background will help you to better understand why we need religious leaders speaking out against the many false prophets who falsely and continuously claim that “vaccines are safe and effective.”  They are not.  They are a risk-laden medical procedure, with a substantial failure rate and only temporary results at best, and as such, each parent needs to decide whether or not they want to undertake that risk for their children, especially when so many risk-free ways exist to protect, maintain, and enhance the health of one’s children.  For those of us engaged in this battle, we cannot help but compare it to what happened in Nazi Germany, where fascism became the way of life, and where medical treatments and procedures were forced on people without their prior, voluntary, and informed consent.  Post WWII, to address the horrors of what had happened in Nazi Germany and in concentration camps, an international code of ethics was written, The Nuremberg Code, to avoid such medical fascism from ever occurring again.  The U.S. signed the Nuremberg Code, but is no longer abiding by it, as evidenced by vaccine mandates, the restricting and eliminating of vaccine exemptions, and the increased forcing of certain medical treatments on U.S. children (e.g. chemotherapy).  The elimination of vaccine choice rights also violates our parental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, and it violates our religious freedom as guaranteed by the First Amendment.  After witnessing, firsthand, vaccine injuries in my own children (including near death followed by permanent disability), I have come to the belief that vaccines are an abomination to God, and that tragically, parents are unknowingly offering up their children to be harmed, and possibly killed…on the altar of pharmaceutical profits, corrupt liaisons between government and industry, and the false gods of medicine. This may not be true for all, but it is true for me, and I am supposed to be living in a country where I am free to pursue and practice the religion of my choice, and hold my own religious beliefs, or lack thereof.  As leaders of different religions, I am sure that you want your religious freedoms protected as well.

Many of us are praying that our religious leaders will speak out against SB 277’s violations of parental rights, religious freedom, prior, voluntary, and informed consent laws with regards to medicine, and perhaps other things that might be religion-specific (e.g. the injecting of aborted fetal tissue materials; the injecting of porcine (pig) viruses and materials; the injecting of known neurotoxins into an infant during the most critical times of neurological and immune-system development; performing a risk-laden, potentially-fatal, procedure on a healthy child; etc.). You can help by contacting state legislators and/or Governor Brown, discussing this with members of your congregations, talking to the media if you are comfortable with that, testifying in upcoming hearings, writing an article, or whatever else you think might be helpful.  We would also be interested to have your assistance as many of us would like to begin to hold prayer vigils in opposition to this bill.

I would be happy to have an in-person group meeting with all of you to discuss this bill and the issues it raises, and how it affects the parents and children in your congregations.  We need brave leaders to come forth to protect our children, our families, our rights, and our freedoms from those who place wealth over health, from those who would impose their will on others, from those who use fraud and deception to push their agendas, from those who would use coercion and force to force a parent to submit their child to risk-laden medical procedures against their will, and from those who will bear no liability or responsibility whatsoever when harm and death result from “routine” childhood vaccinations.


Laura Hayes
Granite Bay, CA
*Please feel free to forward to other community leaders.

Helpful Resources:

1.  Vaccine Summary sheet from vaccine rights attorney, Alan Phillips:  http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=e05b7d7adb6e660d8cf0748f9&id=4f92ecc522&e=e4e3fa348e  (2nd link once you click this)

2.  The movie Trace Amounts, to be shown again in our area on March 24th:  http://gathr.us/screening/11027 (to purchase tickets…I will purchase one for you if that’s what it takes, just ask!)

To watch the trailer, go to www.traceamounts.com  

3.  The movie Bought, available to watch for free through March 6th:  https://www.boughtmovie.net/free-viewing/thank-you.php?AFFID=NONE&optin=1&email=kalarto%40comcast.net.  The movie Silent Epidemic, also free to watch on YouTube indefinitely as far as I know:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K1m3TjokVU4

4.  The book Vaccine Epidemic (I will provide a copy at no charge for any who asks) 

5.  I can arrange for you to meet a vaccine-injured child in your area and hear the parents’ story of what happened to their child

6.  Recent articles I have written on various vaccine-related topics:

“Disney, Measles, and the Fantasyland of Vaccine Perfection”

“I Have Decided to Vaccinate My Child Because…”  (Don’t be deceived by the title.  Written just before the CDC Whistleblower’s admissions, so those are not included.)

“Answer: Not Relevant”

“The Oxymoron of Safe Vaccines”

7.  http://vaccine-tlc.org/human (human cells in vaccines chart)

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2014 Review and a look at 2015

January 10, 2015
Camille Giglio

2014 was a year spent in research on the sources of new threats to the primacy of the family in the fields of education and health services as Obama Care stomped across all aspects of civic, social, family and religious life.

We were privileged to have our reports included in several online publications with state and or national readership. Name recognition of California Right to Life spread. Just the other day I was introduced to a woman who, when she heard my name, said, Oh, I know you, you’ve been in the newspapers a lot.

This name recognition brought about a phone call last September from a local parent upset after she learned that Planned Parenthood’s minions were about to spend a week at the local high school where her daughter attends, teaching sexual health to the whole Freshman class.

The mother was quite frustrated. The school principal and other officials were very reluctant to provide her with information on the subjects to be taught of the people giving the presentations. She believed that she had a right to be informed as to who was going to do the teaching and what qualifications those people had to be provided access to the students. Even the very progressive state Education Code mandates that parents be informed.

It soon became obvious that Planned Parenthood’s presence was more of a support for those already sexually active and a recruitment program for students to join in Planned Parenthood’s lifestyles promotions and services than it was a state approved instructional program in health education.

CRLC formed the NOISE Coalition – NO Immoral Sex Ed – and sent out press releases which received nationwide attention and media interviews.

Along with other concerned parents, NOISE made two appearances before the Acalanes School Board urging them to terminate their contract with Planned Parenthood. A third appearance is planned for this Wednesday evening, 7:30 PM at the Acalanes District Board meeting.

The Coalition encountered great resistance from the members of the school Board. Several parents supportive of PP also attended that meeting praising the Board for its firm stand. We later learned that they were Planned Parenthood operatives as well as members of deviant lifestyle organizations with rather depraved writings and social and lifestyle encouragements on Facebook.

The school’s newspaper Editor, a Senior, wrote a scurrilous editorial about our efforts showing just how entrenched and biased he had become toward Planned Parenthood.

During the December Board meeting a group of students carrying anti-NOISE and pro-gay signs were allowed to address the Board. This was highly improper. This is an issue of parental rights to demand that the elected Board be accountable to parents first and foremost. The students acted as though they ran the school and set the agenda. Certainly Planned Parenthood was setting the agenda. The Parents Club was even paying the $4,300 a year fee demanded by Planned Parenthood to cover their appearances at the school.

Several of these same students attempted to corner our parents in the parking lot after the meeting in what they thought was a very intimidating manner, but what, to parents, appeared to be little more than childish temper tantrums. They felt that they had a right to be sexually active if they chose and a right to receive services to enable them to exercise these rights and the school had an obligation to provide them with access. Of course in all of these instances it was taken for granted by the school officials and the students that parents had no right to be informed.

Planned Parenthood is a multi-million dollar yearly business receiving slightly over half of its income from state and federal funding. The other half comes from foundations and client fees. The $100/hr fee was merely tribute paid to PP, money given by parents to provide needed academic adjuncts not provided by the state educational dollars. We also learned that PP was in another district school and that that parent’s club was paying somewhat over $2,000.00/yr for Planned Parenthood to come into the school and strip their children of a sense of privacy and decency not to mention teaching children how to lie to their parents.

We are not finished with the Acalanes district. Our group will be making one more appearance at the January Board Meeting. We have achieved some concessions regarding just who is on campus representing PP. The Board has agreed to place our request for a formal hearing on their Spring Board meeting agenda, however, unfortunately, we were not able to remove PP before they completed their third and final appearance on campus just last week for this 2014-2015 school term.

We believe that parents have been intimidated by the school officials into silently accepting this virtual sexual abuse of the students out of fears for their students success in school.

Your continued prayers and support and attendance at the Board meetings is so very helpful and appreciated.

We have also been receiving notices of the presence of PP in other schools in other districts. If you know of their presence in your school district please do inform us. Call 925-899-3064.

2015 Legislation.

Though Congress has been fortunate to receive several new conservative and pro life legislators, California’s State House is still heavily influenced by the Democrat social/health and education agenda. It will be a busy year necessitating our alert attention to the following proposed legislation:

  1. The Budget: state funding amounts for Planned Parenthood as they lobby to become accepted as regular community clinics, most likely established in school health centers. (See below)
  2. Re-funding for the state CIRM – California Institute for Re-generative Medicine. Better known as pre-born infant stem cell research. Visit http://www.cirm.ca.gov/our-progress/funded-institutions to see the billions of dollars provided by our state taxes for research on the use of aborted baby stem cells.
  3. Aggressive promotion of Assisted Suicide. Two state Senators, Lois Wolk and Bob Monning, both bay area Democrats, have threatened to submit Physician Assisted Suicide legislation this term. Or, they say, they might wait and put it on an initiative for the 2016 elections. Pro Lifers must be attentive to the need to closely watch both the PP funding and the PAS legislation. One could be used as a distraction to divide the pro life movement and weaken the strength in numbers opposing these issues.
  4. A POLST Registry. The Compassion and Choices people are the promoters of what we call a third path to achieving acceptance of suicide for the elderly, disabled, emotionally disturbed and ill citizens. One of the ways of achieving this is to promote organ donation as a loving and humane act on the part of those who are dying or thinking of suicide. This can be especially appealing to youth caught up in their emotions of the moment.

Another issue of great concern is the expansion of full service “comprehensive” health clinics on school campuses. The Contra Costa Times, Local News Section, (1-10-15) carries just such a story. http://www.contracostatimes.com/News/ci_27291478/Richmond:-New-campus-clinic-makes-health-services-available-to-underserved-students

The Richmond School District is priding itself on being amongst the first to bring a “comprehensive” free services health clinic to Kennedy High School. Kennedy is the 4th school in the district to receive a County Health Dept staffed clinic. The difference here is that the clinic will be open to non-Kennedy clinic clients. The clinic will be housed in a former classroom to the tune of $500,000 federal grant for remodeling.

The clinic will provide mental health counseling (this is what the students at Acalanes were applauding their school Board for, providing the LGBT students with mental health services), dental services and conflict resolution techniques, i.e. restorative justice, anti-bullying experimental programs.

This full service, comprehensive program is not a one-of-a-kind. It is a prototype of the school as community center, of the future. The parents will need to provide nothing more than clothes and evening shelter. The school will handle the rest. Academics will become a secondary consideration.

God help all these children. And, God give parents the strength to stand against this terrible tide.

Lastly, The online Capitol Alert reports on the Fifth Annual Interfaith Legislative Prayer Service” to be held on January 13 at the Catholic Cathedral in downtown Sacramento. During this event a large number of pro abortion legislators will be receiving recognition for their time and efforts in the legislature.

CalCatholic Daily http://cal-catholic.com/?p=16731 also reports that former state Senator Diane Watson received an award at the Los Angeles Martin Luther King, Jr. ceremony, for her excellent work amongst Afro American communities. Watson was Chairman of the Senate Health Committee and enabled passage of numerous pro abortion bills. One time she demanded removal from the hearing of a pro life woman attempting to give testimony in opposition to a pro abort bill.

Ca. Right to Life Committee, 1920 Monument Blvd #309, Concord, Ca 94520. www.callifeadvocates.org/blog.


Camille Giglio
November 15, 2014

Contained in this report are two letters-to-the Editor in the Saturday Contra Costa Times “Letters” section.

There were a total of 8 such letters. Five of them pro death by medically assisted death and 3 opposed to any legalization of assisted suicide.

The two letters I’ve included best represent, in my opinion, their positions and I applaud the pro life letter writer. I’ve deleted the names of the letter writers. If you would like you may access the Letters page of the Saturday Contra Costa Times, November 15, 2014, to see all the letters.

Encouraging people to take charge of their own death; time, place and method, is quickly becoming the norm in medicine. Many Pro life activists predict that this coming legislative term will see a huge push for legislation establishing suicide as just another medical choice like abortion is just another reproductive medical choice.

I had a phone call yesterday from a very anxious young man who said that his father, age 61, was in a local bay area hospital and the doctors and nurses were heavily pressuring him and the wife (who spoke little English) to consign the father/husband to transfer to a senior care facility where he would receive palliative care only.

I referred the young man to Dr. Paul Byrne (the doctor who spoke in defense of Jahi McMath’s case) who spoke with him by phone providing him with the confidence and information he needed to withstand the pressure and protect the father’s life. The young man said that he and his mother had been sleeping by the father’s side in the hospital to protect him.

This, of course. Like abortion, is not choice. It’s coercion.

Another article in today’s paper reports on a CHP officer who talked a man out of jumping off the bay bridge. Further the article says that Highway patrol officers are given courses in how to dissuade jumpers. Isn’t this a sad irony? Why doesn’t the medical profession see the value in saving a life while the Highway Patrol Officers do?

Groups like Compassion and Choices, Hospice, and others have opened a Pandora’s box of death dressing it up in a garment called palliative care to look so pretty and tempting. Think for a moment on just what the word “pall” means. My Merriam/Webster dictionary says its a covering draped over a coffin. We have become a country exceedingly more confused in our values. But if you are informed and prepared to protect life you and your descendents will survive.

I’ve always wondered why the 23rd Psalm is read at funerals. It is a poem to the living, of the love of God for his created followers, a sign of hope. “Though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil.” We are walking through this death valley now. God will give us the strength and courage to live His commands.


Californians deserve choice on the issue

The key word in your question is “dignity.” Yes, we should have such a law.

Everyone will die someday and we all hope this transition into the unknown, or other place based on one’s belief, will come after a long and healthy life, in our sleep, of natural causes. We also know that this is unlikely.

Unfortunately, thousands of people every year are diagnosed with diseases the medical professionals cannot cure and, therefore, are sentenced to an early death.

In California, we have authorized the state to execute certain criminals. Some executions are delayed because the concoction of drugs administered causes pain and suffering to the inmate.

It is clear that, even for this gruesome act, there is a need for some dignity. If our worst criminals deserve dignity in dying, our law-abiding citizens deserve the choice to legal access for ending their lives with medical assistance and in dignity.

Pursuing such a law is an inhuman agenda

Government support for suicide inevitably means its numbers will increase, as Europe, where several countries legalized suicide, proves. Today, Europe’s state-supported suicides are increasing rapidly, eligibility is expanding.

Euthanasia in Belgium is up 500 percent in a decade. Recently, 43-year-old deaf twins committed legal suicide because they feared becoming blind. This year, Belgium granted children the “right” to suicide.

In the Netherlands, doctors are discussing how to encourage more legal suicide. The motivation? A shortage of organ donors.

Moreover, medical diagnoses are fallible. A Memphis man with a brain condition similar to Brittany Maynard’s was given six months to live — 13 years ago.

My younger sister fought cancer to her last breath, living much longer than predicted.

Finally, many people who contemplate ending their lives change their minds. One CHP officer has talked 200 people out of jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Europe’s government-controlled expansion and growth certainly will repeat here if state-supported suicide becomes our policy.

Government-approved suicide is a horribly inhuman course for a civilized society.

California Right to Life Committee, 1920 Monument Blvd #309, Concord, Ca 94520. www.callifeadvocates.org/blog

The Catholic 4-Way Medal an Answer to End-of-Life Decisions.


Camille Giglio
October 26, 2014

Planned Parenthood has been mentioned in a 2014 article entitled Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking published by Annals of Health Law Vol 23, 2014, for contributing to the protection of those who profit from sex trafficking of minors and adults. (see end notes)

According to a definition of human trafficking published on the website of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Planned Parenthood could very possibly be included in the definition of traffickers.

Article 3, paragraph (a) of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons lists these criterion.

THE ACT: Recruitment, transport, transfer, harboring and receipt of persons.
THE MEANS: Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability. giving payments or benefits.
PURPOSE: Exploitation including: Prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery or similar practices, removal of organs, other types of exploitation.

Just keep all this in mind for a minute while you read on, please.

WHAT: Notice of request to attend the Acalanes High School district Governing Board meeting.
HOW: By attendance at the meeting or by letters and phone calls to the Governing Board.
        http://www.acalanes.k12.ca.us/page/17. Phone: 925-280-3900, fax 925-935-5872
WHEN: November 5, 2014. 7:30 PM Open session.
WHERE: 1212 Pleasant Hill Rd, Lafayette, Ca. Governing Board Conference room, Acalanes High School Campus.
WHY: Please read the following:

During the first week of October California Right to Life was informed by a very upset mother, that her daughter’s entire high school freshman class of students would, between October 6-10, be subjected to a week long presentation of Reproductive sexual Health services, events and activities, during their PE classes by Planned Parenthood.

The mother’s several attempts to obtain information about these classes either from the PE teacher who invited Planned Parenthood into the classes or the high school Principal were met with obstruction, paternalistic behaviors, and general obstructionism until it was too late to prevent this event from happening.

The parents took their daughter out of the PE class for that period of time and instructed her in health matters at home basing their instruction on the state education health code requirements.. The mother said that she was able to instruct her daughter thoroughly in one class time frame. She wonders why Planned Parenthood felt it needed a week.

As a result of this the parents and a group of other interested parents and taxpaying citizens will be appearing before the Acalanes, California, High School Governing Board’s November 5 meeting to demand that this event be put on the next meeting’s agenda to provide transparency and accountability in what the high school and the School Board are implying about the sexual health practices and knowledge that they presume are needed by students of the Acalanes School District.

We will be further demanding that all the high schools in the Acalanes District put a moratorium on any appearance of Planned Parenthood in the schools until this issue is settled. Acalanes, Las Lomas, Campolindo and Miramonte)

Since then several things have come to light.

  1. One week following Planned Parenthood’s attendance at the school, October 16, the school principal, a Mrs. Silvestri, along with a member of Planned Parenthood Northern California, signed a Memorandum of Understanding - MOU - forming a partnership or contract between the two entities for Planned Parenthood to have access to the students throughout the year .
    1. This appears to be a cover-up of a very foolish decision on the part of a rookie high school Principal.
  2. Further, The MOU states that the school is required to provide class room space for Planned Parenthood to conduct any further “clinics” it so chooses, and also provide all equipment and utilities that Planned Parenthood feels is necessary for them to conduct business.
  3. There is even a vague reference to payments for services provided by Planned Parenthood.
    1. Considerations #2 and #3 fly in the face of recent newspaper notices that the Governing Board
      1. Recently sued the taxpaying citizens of the school district to try and wrestle more money out of the residents for so-called academic and scholastic needs.
        1. Transparency. Government officials are forever claiming that they adhere to transparency requirements, but it is obvious that in this case they were attempting to hide what they had engaged in from the public.
  4. Both Planned Parenthood and Choice proponents are always crying the right to choice for students and women but in this case there was no choice for the students or the parents. The students were a captive audience and their parents were left out of the details of the lesson plans. Yet, educators are forever crying for more parent involvement in their children’s education.
  5. An Opt-out form had, so the PE teacher claims, been sent to parents two weeks prior to the class. However, this was a general opt-out form such as those passed out at the beginning of school, carrying no details as to what Planned Parenthood would be discussing with students.

After several requests from the mother, the PE teacher admitted that, very likely, Planned Parenthood would be discussing the use of and procurement of condoms, making referrals to Planned Parenthood external offices, discussing alternate life styles and all pertinent minors reproductive rights issues.

The teacher, basically, acknowledges that he doesn’t even really know what PP will be telling the students.

Very clearly planned parenthood was using this opportunity of free and unencumbered access to students as a means of obtaining present and future clientele. In other instances of PP being on campuses in other school districts they have made such a reference to students as clients.

The right to hear both sides of what is an obviously controversial subject was denied to students so their ability to make a choice was in the matter of sexual behavior, lifestyles, etc. was denied to them. At no time has any pro life group or pro life doctors or nurses or even health department personnel been brought on to campus to discuss sexual reproductive matters and at no cost to the school or the taxpayer.

The Principal had a duty, even if the classroom teachers didn’t, to protect the minds and morals of the students. The Principal should have known that PP and its proselytizing is controversial at any time, but especially on a campus for a whole week.

The Principal had a duty to inform her superintendent what the teacher intended to do and he had a duty to recognize the potential for bringing a very divisive group onto campus and for risking scandalizing at least some of the students.

The Superintendent had a duty to inform the Governing Board of the event and its potential for a backlash from the community.

Would they not have recognized a budding controversy if the teacher had invited the Muslim Brotherhood to teach Sharia law to the students? Would there not be some controversy if the teacher had invited the Pastor of one of the Catholic Churches to educate students to religious doctrine on sexual practices such as explaining Humanae Vitae to the students?

November 4 is Election Day including election of school board members. Do you know where your school board members stand in indoctrination of students into lifestyles that turn students into exploited sexual playmates for either other male underage students or adult predators?

Planned Parenthood is a designated informant when they detect or suspect sexual abuse of a minor just as are teachers. Planned Parenthood probably sees more sexually abused minors and protects their adult abusers than does any school teacher or member of the clergy, yet they refuse to report a suspected sexually abused minor when that minor appears at a PP clinic requesting contraceptives or abortions.

It has been documented that Planned Parenthood will even coach minors in how to lie in order to obtain contraceptives or abortions.

This is a clear case of exploitation of the students by the school system, the teachers. elected officials and, especially, Planned Parenthood. It is to their, Planned Parenthood’s, financial benefit to turn our children into volunteer prostitutes, male or female. They also instruct students on the LGBT lifestyle.

California Planned Parenthood, according to an in-depth analysis of their financial status and IRS reports, receives approximately $83 million a year from federal and mostly state reimbursements for their “services.” October 22, 2014, STOPP Report, a division of American Life League, www.STOPP.org.

Planned Parenthood’s obvious goal is their net profit. They seduce vulnerable young minds to accept the lifestyle of the prostitute with all its attendant physical and mental health problems. Then they sit back and wait to reap the profits from treating the students venereal diseases, obtaining state taxpayer dollars to abort their unintended pregnancies, teach the students to be duplicitous because PP always tells students that sexual activity is their right and it is their right by privacy law not to inform their parents.

Also the school itself appears to have committed a duplicitous act because it signed this MOU one week after the fact of PP being on campus. It is brief, vague, general, and if left un-protested would become a permanent document for this school and other high schools in the district, to use as a mere formality, thereby establishing a tradition of having Planned Parenthood take control of the sexual lives of all the students.

A visit to any of the Planned Parenthood websites for kids would fill one with extreme disgust.

Now I refer you back to the definition of human trafficking. Churches cry out and offer prayers during Petition time, in the latest fad to stop human trafficking, but they fail to prevent the trafficking in human lives right under their own noses.

All of this access to our children obtained by Planned Parenthood over the years is due to state and federal legislation which Planned Parenthood sponsors and often authors. Then it lobbies the legislators to promote and vote for these bills and then when the bills are signed by friendly Governors such as Jerry Brown, Planned Parenthood comes along and writes the education code thereby protecting itself from public accountability.

Parents need to find the courage to speak up to these elected officials and government employees, i.e., teachers and remind them that they are not the parents of our children, no one has relinquished their children to the state for the purpose of guiding and developing them into adults.

Schools have no right or authority to select our children’s sexual development role models on their own recognizance. If they are going to open their doors to Planned Parenthood to access our children then they are going to have to open these same doors and minds to pro life and respect life values and instructors as well.

Please do your part to help us stop Planned Parenthood and its seduction of our children into a lifetime of slavery to the mind set of Planned Parenthood. Contact the School Board, check your own high schools to inquire of Planned Parenthood’s presence on campus and vote to put pro life candidates into office.


Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking, Annals of Health Law, Vol. 23, 2014. pages 61-91. See especially pages 74 (footnote 35), pgs 76, 77 (para 4. 29.6% of interviewed victims of sex trafficking were seen, but not reported, by Planned Parenthood as well as other health clinics), pg 80 (footnote 50) and pg 87, Conclusions.

DON’T CALL IT A MIRACLE; Call it bad science.

Camille Giglio
Oct 3, 2014

Oakland, Ca. Jahi McMath, a 13 year old Oakland, California, resident, who was declared brain dead following tonsillectomy surgery, late last year by Oakland Children’s hospital brain death experts, is alive and always was alive, according to her mother, Naileh Winkfield and their spokesperson, San Francisco attorney, Christopher Dolan.

Jahi has once again become front page news because her attorney is petitioning the courts to rescind the death certificate issued by the Oakland Coroner’s office as a condition for allowing her to be released into her mother’s care from the hospital.

Jahi left Oakland Children’s hospital (now referred to as Benioff Children’s Hospital) in the dark of night, by ambulance on January 3, 2014, under heavily guarded care to an undisclosed facility.

Jahi was, merely hours before her surgery, just an ordinary 13 year old girl with sleep apnea problems who was going into the hospital for a minor procedure which would require her to be in the hospital, at most, for 24 hours.

Following her surgery she has become quite an embarrassment for medical science as well as a financial liability for Children’s hospital and the organ donation transplant industry. She is, hourly, daily, showing the world that she is not brain dead. She is not dead, period, as the hospital declared that she was.

She is the evidence that a brain death definition is merely a tool of a fast growing industry that is aggressively attempting to fulfill the requests for healthy organs for transplants.

Human organs to be successfully transplanted into another human being must be fresh which means removed from a body that is still alive, is still functioning. Organs from a dead body, a cadaver, are of no life preserving value to another living human being.

Therefore, creating a definition of brain death that allows medicine to declare that a patient is dead provides for that allowance.

Dr. Paul Byrne, a family consultant and recognized authority on the subject of brain death, upon learning that experts are suggesting that Jahi’s continued presence in the world of the living might be “nothing short of a miracle” responded by saying: Of course, they would have to say something like that since, being scientists they could not admit that their “universally accepted definition of brain death is wrong.”

Dr. Byrne feels quite confident in this statement because research shows that the definition of what constitutes brain death has, since first offered to the public in 1968 by the Harvard Medical School’s definition of brain death, has been in constant flux.

Whenever, according to Byrne, the definition has been challenged by some new event a new definition has been created to palliate the fears of the citizenry and to maintain the lucrative organ transplant industry.

At least three Catholic Pope’s have spoken out against transplants of unpaired organs for the very reason that removal of a vital organ such as a heart, lungs, liver, etc, would cause the death of that organ donor.

In 1991, Pope John Paul ll speaking to a group on Organ Transplants at the first International Congress on the Transplant of Organs, stated: “Furthermore, a person can only donate that of which he can deprive himself without serious danger or harm to his own life or personal identify, and for a just and proportionate reason. It is obvious that vital organs can only be donated after death.”

Pope John Paul stated further: “Death can mean decomposition, disintegration, a separation. It occurs when the spiritual principle which ensures the unity of the individual can no longer exercise its functions in and upon the organism, whose elements left to themselves disintegrate.”

Jahi shows every indication of being an integrative, functioning human being. Her body has not disintegrated, the attorney has provided videos showing her moving her feet and hands on command, her body is processing nutrients, she has begun menstrual periods. Jahi has healed from her tonsillectomy surgery. No dead body has the capability of healing itself.

If there is any miracle involved, said Byrne, it is the fact that Jahi’s mother has been successful in keeping the organ donation industry away from her daughter.

Immediately upon the medical mishap during the tonsillectomy and Jahi falling into what appeared to be a coma, organ donation “requesters” approached the family to release their daughter’s body for the purpose of obtaining her organs for transplantation.

The mother, though heavily distraught with the knowledge that her daughter’s life was in serious jeopardy had the good sense to say “no” to their requests. She knew, she said at the time, that her daughter was alive. Her bond, her love, her desire to protect and defend her daughter was and continues to be quite strong.

The organ transplant personnel nor pressure from the hospital administrators and lawyers was not able to induce her, in her very vulnerable state, to surrender her daughter to this human insult.

This rejection of the request for her organs produced a response from the hospital in which they informed the mother that her daughter had been declared brain dead and they were removing her from a breathing ventilator. It was only through the intervention of a lawyer and a petition to the court that prevented this from happening.

This very declaration that she was still on a ventilator should have been an indication that she was alive. Why would they keep someone on a ventilator who was dead unless they intended to take that person’s organs?

There are recorded stories of patients declared brain dead who have awakened from their coma-like condition. They have stated, as did one woman who addressed a conference on euthanasia in Southern California last year, stated: Though she was unable to respond either through movement or sound, she heard everything that the medical personnel and visitors said while in her hospital room. They were, she said, indicating that she was being considered as an organ donor.

Doctors and nurses work hard to develop their skills and expertise. The medical profession is worthy of respect, but it is not infallible. It is, like so many other professions and businesses becoming subject to control by outside forces bent on turning that respect to utilization for totally different outcomes.

People are quickly becoming commodities, human resources benefiting society but not themselves.

With the passage in California this term of certain health care-End-of-Life legislation expanding the ability of assisted suicide promoting groups to access vulnerable disabled and elderly citizens, there will be a huge promotion of suicide assisting activities. California is already “covered” with tv and newspaper advertisements about how wonderful palliative care is and how we certainly don’t want our loved ones to suffer the pain or discomfort of a terminal illness or the family to be discomforted by a prolonged death of a family member.

Governor Brown has also signed a driver’s license bill that will allow certain certified agencies at the scene of accidents to swipe driver’s licenses for evidence that they are organ donors. There is even a very genuine possibility that the absence of a designation will be considered as a designation for being an organ donor.

In school it is assumed that students are automatically to be included in sex education classes unless there is an opt-out form filed in the office. It is clearly possible that the same negative opt-out will soon be required for drivers licenses.

Take care, stay well, be informed.


The Process for How to Properly Die in America
Camille Giglio
September 18, 2014

If the death and dying crowd has its way, in the future, on your child’s 18th birthday he or she will celebrate the event with a trip to a doctor’s office to have The Conversation on how and when to properly end one’s life, and California Medi-Cal may well pay the doctor for having the conversation.

This little paragraph was removed from the Affordable Care Act when Sarah Palin labeled it Death Panels, but now it is appearing in state legislation.

In California this plan is already formulated in legislation and on Governor Brown’s desk awaiting his signature. It is AB 2139 by death and dying advocate Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, entitled Patient Notification.

The bill calls for using Medi-Cal to pay a doctor for discussing end-of-life treatment when a patient receive a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness. It further requires the doctor or health care person, to hand the patient a POLST Palliative Care only form along with instructions in how to fill it out.

My local newspaper carried an article today entitled “Earlier, better care urged for end of life.” The article is a report on an Institute of Medicine paper which includes the suggestion that one should begin having discussions with family and doctor beginning at age 18 on the subject of how to best plan for your end of life.

The reporter writing the story, Lisa Krieger is an activist in the death and dying lobby and is once again using the freedom of the press to tout her own agenda. Two years ago the San Jose Mercury News allowed publication of a 10 part series written by Krieger, on the Cost of Dying.  This was followed by several appearances in the area touting the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment, or, the POLST form.

The article quotes a Dr. Philip Pizzo, former dean of Stanford University’s School of Medicine and co-chair of the report, as saying: “It is our hope that this report will lead to improvements in end-of-life care and the experience of dying for all.”

Have they found some way to return someone from the grave to tell us how wonderful it was to die by a government approved and funded process?

The report continues by recommending that federal and state governments and private insurers create financial incentives for patients and clinicians (note: it’s clinicians, not doctors) to discuss end-of-life matters, document patient preferences, and provide appropriate services and care.”

They further recommend not only having this conversation once, but several different times at “milestones” of life, i.e., getting a driver’s license, turning 18, leaving home or marrying.”

I can just picture this:  Husband and wife are celebrating their second anniversary. Husband says to wife, I know what let’s do tonight. Let’s have over that celebratory drink, that Conversation about dying?  I’d throw him out of the house.

A Dr. Miller  of San Francisco’s Zen Hospice declares that “there is unnecessary and gratuitous suffering.”  He’s actually talking about “futile care.” This is an accepted term in certain Medi-Cal circles meaning that there are some patients for whom it is a waste of time and money to even think about curative care for someone’s illness. They are too old, too ill, too low-income, too unessential to society, etc.

Following the 1973 Roe v Wade Decision and debates on who was going to pay for these approved abortions, Then first time Governor, Jerry Brown, declared that California would pay for all its abortions which our state has continued to do. Now, Second-Time around Brown, is saying that, according to AB 2139, California taxpayers will pay the doctors to have the end-of-life conversation.

Seems like Brown is in a rut, doesn’t it? California like so many states is actively planning everyone’s life for them.  Not everyone who gets conceived is allowed to be born. Not everyone who becomes a parent will be encouraged to actually raise their child. The school will do it for them beginning at least by age 3. There is a mandatory kindergarten-before-first-grade bill also awaiting the Governor’s pleasure, AB 1444 by outgoing Assemblywoman, Joan Buchanan.

California follows the national Nutrition for all legislation and school children are instructed in eating healthy. The Common Core process Trains students for workforce placement when they graduate. And, now, we are all to be instructed by professionals in how best to die.

Now, it’s not your kids or your neighbors  being monitored by government lackeys, its you.  Do you want government bureaucrats planning your after retirement years?

Contact Governor Brown to urge a veto of AB 2139.


or Goodbye independence, hello bureaucracy
Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek, Ca 9/2/14. The major headline in the Sunday Contra Costa Times for 8/31/14 proclaims, Bipartisanship dominates 2014 legislative session. This might be true if by bipartisanship one means that the few Republicans in office either voted for everything the Democrats wanted or didn’t vote at all.

The over all figures comprising the state budget were agreed upon a month or two ago. What transpired this month was the areas and programs, aka special interests, that would be fed and sustained on the budget, er, your tax dollars.

What isn’t mentioned in the articles is the increased and expanded amount of centralized government control over human lives being assumed by the bureaucrats.

The news tells you of the groundbreaking agreement to “save” the aspiring new taxi services but fails to tell you of the 8 health related bills which will sharply increase the cost of fees, licenses, insurance and training of staff especially targeting smaller, independent and private residential care facilities for the elderly and disabled.

These higher costs of doing business could well bring about the demise of the private sector care facilities resulting in pushing seniors into for-profit facilities or any care facility receiving government funding and subsidies and operating under government prescribed “best practices” services to this cohort of consumers.

No one ever says who is best served by best practices, but one suspects that it is not the consumer of the services.

Every bill mentioned in this article is awaiting the Governor’s signature. He has until 9/30/2014 to sign or veto every bill before him.

The New York Times for August 30, 2014, carries an article by Pam Belluck entitled:

Coverage for End-of-Life Talks Gaining Ground. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/31/health/end-of-life-talks-may-finally-overcome-politics.html?_r=0.

This article discloses that Colorado and Oregon have recently begun covering “advance care planning” discussions and paying doctors to have The End-of-Life-planning Conversation with their patients. This request for payment and subsequent legislation coming from the A.M.A. itself.

The article quotes a Dr. Barbara Levy, chairwoman of the A.M.A. committee that submits reimbursement recommendations to Medi-Care: ‘We think, she says, it’s really important to incentivize this kind of care.’ “ She means planning for the date of ending your own life, otherwise known as a Third Way or pathway to suicide.

Nonsense, the AMA is coming up with creative ways to regain the funding for care lost through federal and state reductions in cost of care payments to doctors while the legislators, at the same time, are kowtowing to their death and dying lobby friends.

Often several bills with small variances on the same subject are submitted by legislators, i.e. End-Of-Life Care and the facilities designed to provide that care. The legislators intend for the citizens to view these as individual bills, but, in reality they must be viewed together. Seen in the light of a group of bills on the same subject one can then understand that they constitute a major inroad of government oversight into an otherwise private sector activity.

Even if only one bill gets signed by the Governor, the intent of every bill can be written into the state code and plans for implementation. We citizens have no way of controlling that. There is wide allowance for individual interpretation.

There is already discussion in California about including federal Palliative Care funding in Medi-Care and into California’s Medi-Cal.

California Assembly bill 2139 by Susan Eggman entitled End-Of-life Care: Patient Notification. This bill mandates that doctors actually place a POLST form into the hands of patients with a terminal illness. Previous legislation in 2008 which gave state acknowledgement to the POLST form is the basis for this.

Senator Lois Wolk, an avid promoter of palliative-procedures-only had a bill in this term, SB1357, which, thankfully died, entitled: Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment Form - POLST. This would have created a state POLST Registry Act requiring the state to develop a statewide registry to collect, collate and distribute information about POLST signers. It died early in the session, but this is the projected future and Wolk or others after her will continue to find creative ways to get these things passed.

Several bills have tried to create a general emergency Medi-Cal directory. This bill would have just added a POLST registry to the general registry.

AB 1570, Assemblyman Wes Chesbro, (D), Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, mandates expanded hours of training of facility employees before they can work with residents. The bill is vaguely worded and could be used to train employees and others working with the elderly to promote the agendas of elder care special interest groups. Chesbro is a supporter of POLST.

Senate bill 1004 by Ed Hernandez, Health Care Palliative Care, mandates the state Department of Health Care Services to establish protocols to guarantee that patients under the age of 21 become entitled to enter into Hospice managed care plans including palliative only types of care.

Will there be a future court case, as in abortion, mandating that minors have the right to sign their own end of life plans?

Minors can now get abortions, contraceptives, mental health counseling and treatment without parental knowledge or approval.

Assemblyman John Perez’s bill, AB2399, Organ donations, seeks to authorize the right of certain agencies to swipe a driver’s license to register organ donors thereby shortening the time it takes to notify organ donation transport teams of available organs.

Anyone of age to obtain a driver’s license is authorized to sign up to be an organ donor.

If organs are to be fresh and quickly available speeding up the process of recognizing donors quickly will be created. There is a lot of money to be made in organ transplants.

Palliative care or the removal of curative medicines and regimens including food and water are now being referred to as Palliative Medi-Cal Care. This PMC has, largely through legislation, shoved itself into the Medi-Cal field though there is nothing Medi-Cal about this act of removal of curative care. Palliation of pain and discomfort is a wonderful boon to medicine, but when it supplants nutrition, hydration and medicines with little more than morphine, and substitutes doctors for teams of social workers, religious and mental health counselors who counsel acceptance of the inevitable, then that is tantamount to planning for and executing suicide by Medi-Cal fiat.

Assembly bill 2198 by Marc Levine, Mental Health Professionals and Suicide Prevention. The bill is awaiting the Governor’s action to either sign or veto.

The title of this bill would create the assumption that the author is anxious to prevent suicide, especially by youth. However, his bill calls for 15 or more hours of continuing education in suicide assessment, management and treatment. This isn’t prevention of suicide. This is creating a workforce employment program for professionals to help prepare the way for the patient to accept suicide under the guise of gaining control over one’s health care.

AB 357, Richard Pan, Medi-Cal Children’s Health Advisory Panel. Renames the current Healthy Families advisory Board, turning it into a 15-member Medi-Cal Children’s Advisory Panel, an independent, statewide advisory body tasked with advising the bureaucrats on what health care is best for its youthful citizens.

Section 1, subsection (b) is worth noting. “Children’s health coverage should encompass more than just treatment of diseases and illnesses, but also cover services and care to promote healthy development and well-being, identify and intervene in problems early on, and prevent chronic disease. (Planned Parenthood thinks pregnancy is a chronic disease. The LGBT lobby thinks those opposed to their lifestyle are mentally disturbed. The ACLU believes that those espousing a Christian faith have something wrong with them.

Your calls and emails to the Governor’s office needed now to urge his veto on all the bills mentioned.
Phone (automated) 926-445-2841. email: governor@govmail.ca.gov.

“Good Luck,” She said, to the Pregnant young Woman

Camille Giglio
August 22, 2014

Concord: Today while standing with the prayer group in front of Concord Planned Parenthood, a young woman obviously looking for the abortion entrance, was told by one of the employees to go around to the back. Her parting words to this young woman were: “Good Luck.”

As I continued to stand there I noticed a sign on a metal pole in the ground on the Planned Parenthood property. It was a city ordinance sign which read: No Smoking.

The horrible incongruity of it all really struck me. The city is quite willing to develop programs and laws to insist that people stop harming themselves by smoking, but they support this center’s killing of babies.

The elected officials of California make big pronouncements about increasing access to jobs and better educational opportunities while, at the same time, their legislation suppresses jobs through rigid and expensive demands, especially upon the private industry. Their educational policies are dumbing down the human intelligence and creating a world of mindless unquestioning servants of society.

We cherish Mothers and Fathers with expensive gifts on “their” Day while bills abound in Sacramento calling for more death and dying access to Mom and Dad to sign up for Palliative care only and to move out of their long time homes and enter retirement centers because they are taking up space.

In the two year term just drawing to a close, there have been 150 plus bills submitted in the California Legislature in the category of Health Care-End-of Life focusing on the elderly, the disabled and even the young adults and youth with potential life shortening illnesses.

Of these bills about 45, as of today, are either sitting on the Governor’s desk or been signed. Sixteen have been signed so far. Many of these bills are attempts at micro-managing this growing industry - warehousing senior citizens. The social media folks cry out that there is a growing need to care for the aging baby boomers while at the same time diminishing the potential channels for caring for this cohort by placing large financial burdens on the private residential care sector or on even families caring for their aging or disabled members. I have heard that even individuals taking care of their aging or ill parent may be required to register, conform to regulations, receive vacation time and so on.

Senior Citizens are now the latest group to be targeted as consumers of services. But these services must only be provided by properly trained and educated members of the SEIU union who will see that these service workers receive the salary due them. This results in pushing seniors into large, professionally developed for-profit government approved sanitized facilities which, by the way, all will require training in providing the seniors with Do Not Resuscitate or POLST forms along with palliative care only incentives.

See SB 911 by Marty Block, D, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly - RCFE: Employee Training. (On Senate Floor), along with companion bills, AB 1523, Asm Toni Adkins, D, Liability Insurance (signed by the Governor) and AB 1571, Asm Susan Eggman, RCFE: Licensing. Eggman, especially is an aggressive advocate of palliative care and promoter of the POLST form. Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. (notice the coincidence, so-called, of numbering an end-of-life bill with the number 911?)

Also Wes Chesbro’s bill, AB1570, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, This one requires 40 hours of unspecified training for employees. The concern here is that the training will be focused on turning elder care employees into palliative care salesmen. This goes along with the item above talking about creating a new POLST form to make it less confusing to the signer. (On Senate Floor)

By the Way, the Compassion and Caring, i.e., death and dying, folks have announced that they will be coming out with a new POLST form early in 2015. They claim a need to clarify some items in their form and make it easier to sign. I guess they have suddenly realized that the Common Core education lobby has so dumbed down the people that they can’t figure out a simple form anymore.

Another Susan Eggman bill, AB 1572, mandates establishment of residential Councils in the RCFEs and other facilities. RCFEs currently have resident councils, but the bureaucrats are not included and the items to be discussed, currently, are easily handled between the residents and the employees. This bill brings the state into the councils and limits what can be discussed. This will eventually discourage open and easy discussions and settlement of problems causing the councils to be abandoned, thereby silencing the residents. In Senate Appropriations Committee

AB 1621, Bonnie Lowenthal, D, Emergency Medical Services: Data and Information System. Would mandate that all “pre-emergency patient data” be collected and centralized for the entire state. The wording of this bill is very generalized and vague blurring the real intent which is a centralized registry of everyone who has signed end of life medical directives or organ donation cards. If a call is received concerning a person who has signed a DNR or POLST, the emergency service people do not need to rush to the call because signing those forms means that the person, if unconscious will not be resuscitated. (Held in Senate Appropriations)

Even ambulance services are of two minds on this. One side claims it will be a help in planning ways to be of assistance in emergency cases, the other side says that it will be too expensive for many counties.

State Assemblyman Dan Logue, R, had submitted a bill which would have provided protection from job loss for any employee who called 911 if the call involved a patient who had signed one of those forms. It never got out of its house of origin.

Another Eggman bill, AB 2139, Patient Notification, is awaiting a final vote on the Senate floor. This bill will mandate that the doctor or medical personnel serving any patient receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness, will be required to instruct the patient at the visit informing the patient of the diagnosis on all the types of care (including palliative only) and the forms necessary to apply for that care. (On Senate Floor).

The truly sad thing about all these bills is the misplaced sense of compassion. Care facilities and Board and Care private homes and family members who take in their elderly or disabled members are to be admired as much as those who take in crack babies, abandoned or disabled babies. etc. They are doing good and virtuous work for humanity.

Once the Government gets its hands on these good ideas, they become exploited to benefit others; expanded job market, mandated salaries and training, non-profit promotion of private agendas, micro-managing from afar, What’s good for one is good for everybody etc, etc. Then suddenly the very people who needed the help become the impediment to the community’s health, productivity. People who want to be independent are suddenly obstructionists, non conformists, burdens.

All these bills can be viewed at www.leginfo.ca.gov. The 2014 segment of the two year, 2013-14 term will close as of August 31. After that all the bills that pass the final floor vote go to the Governor for his signature or veto.

If it is a Senate bill-SB, then it is awaiting a final vote in the Assembly (second house), so call your Assembly member. And, if it is an Assembly bill-AB then it will be on the senate floor. After August 31st, call the Governor’s office. Urge a Veto.


I have read somewhere that there is a bill mandating the inclusion of Hospice or palliative care reimbursements in MediCare, including MediCal in California.


Report prepared by: California Right to Life Committee, Inc. www.callifeadvocates.org/blog, callifeadvocates@gmaial.com


Camille Giglio
August 12, 2014

Over the years that I have been researching legislation I have become more keenly aware of the change and one might say, deliberate manipulation, of words and their meaning in the bills submitted to the California legislature.

Lewis Carroll expressed this manipulation of words indirectly in his Tales of Alice in Wonderland and, now present day commentators are saying it boldly in magazines and newspapers.

Dr. Arthur Hippler, writing for the Bellarmine Forum discusses the Loss of Moral Language (Bellarmine forum, Sumer 2014, Vol. IV No. 2). He declares that “The bigger problem is not that this language has been lost by some great cataclysm…Our moral language has been intentionally destroyed.”

Thomas Sowell states it more bluntly. He declares in a commentary published in the Contra Costa Times for August 8, 2014, that “Our nation seems to be entering the post-thinking era.” He makes note that “in an age when scientists are creating artificial intelligence, too many of our educational institutions seem to be creating artificial stupidity.”

There is one more week left before the end of the 2014 session of the California legislature. Both the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees are swamped with bills that must either be moved on to the Governor or fail passage. Several of the bills that we have been watching are in this category, including ones that just boggle the mind for their display of totally misguided compassion for the plight of California citizens or are being deliberately deceptive in order to continue to undermine the family, religion and education. Even more surprising, at times, are the groups supporting these bills.

Lifenews.com published an article first reported in the California Catholic Daily, commenting on the dire state of the California fiscal crisis affecting water and agricultural output. The article reminds us that Governor Brown has signed a budget bill that, while reducing over all MediCal reimbursements to doctors, has actually increased by 40% the amount of reimbursement for abortions.

So, doctors saving lives will be paid less, but doctors and other health care workers destroying babies lives will get an increased reimbursement

Page 346 of the budget states that “These sensitive (abortion/contraception) services must be immediately accessible statewide and provided in a very timely manner.”

The values expressed here are timeliness, efficiency and cost effectiveness. It is value over virtue. It’s mechanics versus morals

AB 1516, Lorena Gonzales, (D), CalWorks: Child Special Needs: Supportive Services (originally named Public social services: diapers) will authorize a monthly increase of $80.00 per MediCal enrolled parents of children aged two and under, presumably for the purchase of diapers.

The state and the legislators are declaring a health crisis of wet baby bottoms in California because certain members of the intelligentsia have determined that their parents can’t afford diapers and every baby deserves a “healthy bottom.”

Section 1 (e) of the bill states: Lack of sufficient diapers can lead to multiple problems for families in need, including unhappy babies, unhealthy communities, undereducated toddlers, and underemployed adults.”

I can see the future headline now…I became a serial killer because my mother didn’t have enough diapers for me.

The bill’s author, Gonzales, cites an article in “Pediatrics,” July 29, 2013, entitled: Diaper Need and its Impact on Child Health. The bill’s supporters are the Ca. Immigrant Policy Center, Children Now and the National Diaper Bank network.

The above mentioned article draws a conclusion that “this study supports the premise that an adequate supply of diapers may prove a tangible way of reducing parenting stress, a critical factor influencing child health and development. There is potential for pediatric providers to inquire about diaper need and refer families to a local diaper distribution service as 1 method to reduce parenting stress.

(Smith, Megan, et al. “Diaper Need and Its Impact on Child Health,” Pediatrics, July 29, 2013.)

Apparently government provided diapers is now a critical tool in relieving mental health issues. Guess we really don’t need psychologists and social workers in elementary schools now, just diaper service companies. The California government departments of health, employment and education are about to become the largest purchaser of abortion pills (AB 1053, Holly Mitchell) and diapers.

The use of “special needs” in the title is also interesting. Disabled, blind, handicapped infants have special needs. Wet bottomed babies does not constitute a special need piece of legislation.

The bill makes continual mention of special needs which are being met for families signed up with an “assistance” unit. This apparently refers to the federal TANF assistance program which identifies diapers along with alcohol and cigarettes as disallowed reimbursement items. (TANF: Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)

The legislators have to find another way to channel funds to so-called needy families so they come up with this ridiculous claim of soiled bottoms resulting in mentally stressed infants and adults.

The bill has created numerous other channels for providing new sources and amounts of funds and services to “assistance unit” families depending upon whether there is a child age two or under in the family or not; whether the “family” is homeless, or not, whether any member of the family is in a job-training program and on and on. All of this make signing up with the government so seductive and appealing for financial and social service amenities, thereby creating further lifelong dependence upon the almighty government bureaucracy a necessity.

SB593, Ted Lieu, Social Impact Partnerships: Pilot Program. This bill will, basically, cede sensitive areas of the legislature’s authority and oversight in regard to development of community based social development programs to the Executive branch of state government. This is comparable to Barack Obama and the Executive branch of the federal government assuming more and more authority unto itself further establishing a solid wall of separation of the government from the citizens.

It is another financial pass through of tax dollars to special interest groups in the Los Angeles/Watts area.The sponsor of this legislation is listed on the bill as GRACE: gather, respect, advocate, change, engage. The mission statement for GRACE is “Preparing the children of Watts-Willowbrook, Compton and South Los Angeles to succeed and thereby strengthen our community’s future.

But after searching all over the internet I became aware that GRACE is not an official organization. GRACE was the name of a conference held in Los Angeles attended by 200 people including several legislators and a man named Dr. Mike Jackson, CEO of an organization referred to as DREW-CDC.

One Catholic Charities office and several Catholic affiliated hospitals support this bill. One photo on the website for the conference seems to indicate that the conference was held in a Catholic Facility.

DREW Child Development Corporation. DREW is in partnership with First Five LA which is in cahoots with the Special Needs Network mentioned above as a sponsor of the wet bottoms bills. www.drewcdc.org.

DREW like the phoenix, has arisen from the ashes of a very expensive but failed state/Watts Community Project called the King-Drew Hospital of sad memory. I wrote about the sad deterioration of this much touted attempt to create a teaching hospital in Watts for underprivileged residents and foreigners who wanted to be doctors.

King-Drew hospital was a promise given by the state to the people of Watts following the riots of the late 1960 and 70’s. Some observers of the bleeding heart humanitarian organizations, claimed that this was just an attempt to silence the Watts residents. It was always a hungry consumer of tax dollars.

At least six legislators, Mervyn Dymally, Diane Watson, Maxine Waters, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Karen Bass and now Holly Mitchell and Ted Lieu have made their political fortune off of promises to the residents of Watts to make life better for them.

Could this mean that this bill SB 593 will make it appear that Governor Brown in forging a partnership with an as yet to be activated community organization creating this latest con game on the people of Watts and the citizens of California?

These are but two of a myriad of deceptive bills awaiting the Governor’s signature. These bills can be viewed by going to www.leginfo.ca.gov typing in the number of the bill and reading the bill online.

Take away God, all respect for civil laws, all regard for even the most necessary institutions disappears; justice is scouted; the very liberty that belongs to the law of nature is trodden underfoot; and men go so far as to destroy the very structure of the family, which is the first and firmest foundation of the social structure.
- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904