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Body part peddlers complain that prolifers make them “look bad”

End-Of-Life Decisions and Facts

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Assembly Select Committee On Women's Reproductive Health,
March 11th, 2020

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Landmark Cases explores the human stories and constitutional dramas behind some of the most significant and frequently cited decisions in the Supreme Court's history

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TS Radio interview
about Palliative Care
and the Legislative Process

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Meeting the needs of Patients - Post
Roe v. Wade

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CA Senate Health Committee SB 24 hearing on April 3, 2019.

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The Star of Bethlehem shines brightly on the newborn child, Jesus.

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This child doesn’t need Government mandated Pre-K schooling. Young John is the grandchild of a very fine Pro Life Family.

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Four month and six month old human fetal skeletons, displayed At the Federal Civil War Medical and Military history Museum, in Silver Spring, MD. Display can be found in new more current segment of the museum’s historical displays.

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Mary Catherine was an abandoned new-born, found in Antioch and buried by Ca. Right to Life and Birthright of concord, at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. along with 24 other pre-born babies.

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Come Holy Spirit, enlighten the minds and hearts of your people!
July 4th, 2018





August 4, 2020

Dear Friends in the Pro Life Movement

I would like to introduce you to Dennis and Peggy Cuddy of No. Carolina. This is a mother and son team devoted to writing and informing people about the dangers of government control of the family.

In 1997 Peggy had published a booklet entitled: The Graspers: Is your Family Safe from them?

Peggy, had begun reporting on the, then strange, educational programs being developed and promoted by professors at The U. of No. Carolina at Chapel Hill where she had once worked. The program entitled the Abecedarian project is now touted throughout academia as the Social Emotional Learning agenda the focus of which is transferring the ultimate control of the child from the family to the state.

Dennis, aside from being a Professor, has authored about 20 books and dozens of articles. I invite you to visit the site NewsWithviews where you will find all his archived reports. There you will learn much about the characters and philosophies of many of the elitists who down through the decades have striven to be the powers behind the thrones of government leading us to the condition of the world as we know it today. . violence, terrorism, pandemics, attacks on our Constitutional rights, to name but a few.

All of his works are archived in the website. Below is a small example of his writing, extracted from a November 30, 2015 report entitled HOW TO DESTROY AMERICA. (I have permission from Dennis to publish).

Here is a brief paragraph of the above mentioned article:

Unfortunately, the United States has forsaken the Biblical values of the American Revolution and has adopted the values of the French Revolution instead.

In the early 1900s, Communist theoretician Antonio Gramsci wrote SOCIALISMO E FASCISMO: L’ORDINE NUOVO (SOCIALISM AND FASCISM: THE NEW ORDER) proposing to defeat the West by capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, the media, etc. After the Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917, John Dewey (”Father of Progressive Education”) went to the Soviet Union, and in THE NEW REPUBLIC (December 5, 1928) expressed his admiration of the Bolsheviks, who were undermining the church and the family. In 1932, the National Education Association made Dewey their honorary president, and the next year he co-authored the atheistic HUMANIST MANIFESTO.

The financial situation of the Cuddy family has been drastically depleted due to unwillingness to move Peggy into Government care but in order to continue to provide her proper care we hope that you or your organization consider lifting-up the family in prayer for the spiritual strength and financial assistance now necessary for Peggy’s return to stable health and assistance in meeting the healthcare bills quickly mounting.

Here is Dennis’ plea for financial assistance for his mother’s continuing care:

Peggy Cuddy has been a strong prolife advocates for decades, publishing articles and attending marches, but recently she has suffered horribly. A doctor gave her the wrong medicine resulting in an acute brain disease, which has cost us $160,000 out-of-pocket so far and has taken almost all my life savings. Medicine given for back pain wiped out her immune system, causing a relatively minor face cancer to quickly triple in size! Seeking relief from dehydration and aspiration, she was informed by an ER doctor all she could do was “go home and suffer.” Two weeks ago she was admitted to a hospital with a slight fever, given nothing to eat for 3 days, was then placed in Intensive care and developed Mersa. After several attempts to have her tested for COVID, she was finally tested positive, placed in critical care, and is now fighting for her life on a ventilator and dialysis machine. Please pray for her and help us financially to pay her bills.

Peggy’s son, Dennis Cuddy (our address is 1027 St. Mary’s St., Raleigh, NC 27605).

Please give some thought to assisting this family. Please, also, share this request with others whom you think might be able to provide help to two long time loyal members of the Right to Life community.

Camille Giglio. Director
California Right to Life Committee

UN Committee Wants Internet Channels for Child Sexting

Dear Colleague,

Some UN Member States have for years called for reform of the UN treaty monitoring system. The recent General Comment about children and the internet is a prime example of why this is important. Among many other outrages, the "experts" want sexting channels set up for kids. Yes, kids. I report.

The UN just held an online forum revisiting and celebrating the Beijing Women’s Conference that is now a quarter century old. It was as radical as you would expect. Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. reports.

Spread the word. Be daring. Keep the faith.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM)

Original Article

MKULTRA, KINSEY & ROCKEFELLER: Instruments of the New World Order

By Judith A. Reisman, PhD, President of The Reisman Institute, and Rhonda Miller, President of Purple for Parents Indiana
thereismaninstitute.org, August 10, 2020

This is 110 pages long but it connects the dots for those who may have wondered where Kinsey got those children for his infamous Table 34. What can be inferred today based on what we now know, is horrific. This piece also posits explanations for why the "profound lack of interest" on the part of governmental agencies to investigate Kinsey’s crime and why Dr. R. was subjected to "three hostile Congressional investigations, a barrage of media abuse,…aimed at discrediting the messenger" etc.

Thesis of this piece:

"For over seven decades, powerful entities prevented official investigation of Dr. Alfred Kinsey and promoted his conclusions as “truth”. The result is that public policy, education, and law have been guided by the lies of a psychopathic pedosadist. Instead of protecting children and scaffolding the family, government policy has facilitated the agenda of allied interest groups which benefit personally, financially, and/or politically from sexual exploitation of the vulnerable and the destruction of the nuclear family. Notable among these beneficiaries are the very elites who, wishing to establish a New World Order, initiated and funded Kinsey’s work, sold his lies to the public, and obstructed investigation of Kinsey and the Institute that bears his name and continues his work to this day. Official investigation of Kinsey − and the cultural transformation he set in motion − is long overdue."

Lockdown: Global conditioning

This is a short video about the “operant conditioning” of B.F. Skinner and how the CV19 lockdown measures are being used to “condition” humanity as if we’re nothing more than an evolved animal.

July 7, 2020 - Legislation Report - 4 Bills

2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #243
Walnut Creek, Ca  94598
(925) 899-3064

7/20/21. Walnut Creek, Ca.

There is no one at the state legislature but amending and voting on legislation continues, apparently, from home.

The 3 last bills listed here are going to be heard on 7/27 on the Senate floor. Here are four bills of some importance:

  • AB767, lead author, Asm Tim Grayson, (D-Concord). Victim Compensation.
    Recommendation: Strongly Oppose.
    Hearing:  7/27 Senate Public Safety Comm.  916-651-4118

    Situation:  The bill has gone through 6 amendings and four hearings receiving a strong majority support before it was gutted and amended and on its last hearing. It now carries a radical new interpretation of the State Victim Compensation Fund and its purpose which appears to be a new way for the taxpayer to become the victim of misapplied social justice.

    Summary:  Revises the definition of crime to include an incident in which an individual sustains injury or death as a result of an encounter with a peace officer, regardless of whether the peace officer is arrested for, charged with, or convicted of committing a crime. Prohibits the Victim Compensation Board from denying an application, in whole or in part, based upon a deceased victim’ s involvement in the events leading to the qualifying crime if the victim’ s death occurred as a result of the crime. )This includes someone referred to as a “Derivative Victim” meaning someone) adult, child, prenatal child) experiencing a financial loss because of the victimization, not necessarily death, of a parent, sibling, domestic partner, etc.

    This bill is a stealth attack on police, as well as a free pass for anyone, BLM, LGBTQ, illegals, without accountability, to receive payment from the state, etc. and turns a basically good intentioned program into a fundraising tool for errant citizens.

    Originally Asm. Tim Grayson was merely a listed co-author and Buffy Wicks (both Contra Costa assembly members) was lead author. Now it’s reversed with Grayson as lead author.

    This man was, when he was elected to the Concord city council, a Minister, Republican, pro life and Chaplain to the Sheriffs dept.

    When he got to the state office he became a Democrat,  pro Planned Parenthood and involved with the very progressive element within the state Assembly.


  • AB77, Education Omnibus Budget Trailer Bill.  Third Reading on Senate Floor. 7/27 CALL YOUR OWN SENATOR TO OPPOSE.

    The bill was introduced in late 2018 and has gone through 20 amendings.

    1. Seeks to obtain approximately $800,000,000 total between Federal Trust Funds and State General Fund.
    2. To restructure certain areas of education dealing with child care, workforce training for childcare duty, new purchases or re-modeling of old buildings to be used for child care from birth to age 5 years.
    3. Drastic changes removing authorizations from the state in requirements regarding partnerships or contracts between local Superintendents of Education with outside groups on subject of re-organizing school districts.
    4. It is 236 pages long but with only 4 public hearings and vote sessions.


  • AB6, Eloise Gomez Reyes, Early Childhood Education: Coordination and Quality.  This bill has been sitting in a committee for almost one and a half years. Its had a combined 10 committee hearings between both houses and has been in the inactive file until now when nobody is looking.

    Major supporters: 

    ACLU California, Ca. State PTA, First 5 California, American Academy of Pediatrics, Early Edge California, Alliance for Children’s Rights, Junior League. Nine out of 15 money hungry NGOs’

    It establishes these mandates:

    1. Partnering between the Children and Families Commission and stakeholders from early learning and care NGOs’
    2. Coordinate with state Dept of Health Care Services, Public Health and the Ca. Children and Families Commission.
    3. Universal preschool providing holistic (Whole Child) care.
    4. Interagency workgroups, coordinating with early Childhood Policy Council with representation in the interagency groupings.
    5. Increase the alignment of curricula and professional development for the California Infant/Toddler Curriculum Framework making it all work within the Federal title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grand program.
    6. Support the social and emotional development of all children in early learning and care settings.
    7. And the final nail in the coffin; The quality improvement workgroup shall consider input from parents. Here is, I imagine, the money going from the findings in AB 77.


  • AB1030, Ian Calderon, Pelvic Examinations, informational Pamphlet. This will be part of the health care to which your child will be subjected during school hours and without your knowledge.

    The bill has been in the inactive file for almost one year.  Though it only talks about the development of pelvic exam pamphlets, distribution of said pamphlets is implied and authorization to perform those exams may well be focused on the children in the new role of school as health care clinic.

    Requires contact with your state Senator.  If you do not know your Senator or his/her phone number go to:

    www.leginfo.legislature.ca.gov. You are able to pull up the bill itself and read it as well as find your state Elected Officials

The Earth Shattering Shift in Medical Ethics

The New Bioethics

Profound respect for the sanctity oflife has always been the core ethical principle of medicine, but that is changing. Today, sadly, the truth that every human life has equal worth is rejected by utilitarian-minded bioethicists. The new bioethics divides human beings into two categories: the “wanted” and the “unwanted.” Like their brothers and sisters who are aborted at the beginning of their lives, the chronically or terminally ill, disabled, and elderly are in danger of being killed simply because it is inconvenient and/or costly to care for them.

Palliative medications designed to relieve suffering are being misapplied in the hospice care setting as a tool in this new bioethics to make “unwanted” people die.

When hospice care is provided by healthcare professionals who truly respect life, it is a blessing. However, in practice, hospice is often not as advertised.

Stealth Euthanasia

Hospice care, whether provided in a patient’s home or a facility, is the “ideal” setting for the misuse of palliative medicines to secretly eliminate the “unwanted.”

“Stealth euthanasia” means the intentional hastening of a patient’s death while pretending to provide appropriate treatment. A typical report that we receive from grieving family members is that their loved one, who had been alert and was not complaining of pain, was administered increasingly frequent and larger doses of pain medications and sedatives to the point where they were sleeping all the time and could not eat or drink. Some reported that patients were also denied their usual medications to control blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

In September of 2000, the World Federation of Right to Die Societies (an association of organizations which promote euthanasia) issued an ominous declaration, stating in part:

We wish to draw public attention to the practice of “terminal sedation” or “slow euthanasia” which is performed extensively today… A physician may lawfully administer increasing dosages of regular analgesic and sedating drugs that can hasten someone’s death as long as the declared intention is to ease pain and suffering… Compassionate physicians, without publicly declaring the true intention of their actions, often speed up the dying process in this way.

Stay alert!

Doctors (and nurses) who intentionally kill selected patients represent an earth-shattering shift in medical ethics. Thankfully, there are still many members of the medical profession who embrace the sanctity of life ethic. The difficulty lies in discerning who can be trusted never to kill. When a loved one is referred to hospice or palliative care, be wary and stay alert!


Karl Benzio MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist
Medical Director, Honey Lake Clinic (Philadelphia, PA)
and Founder and Clinical Director, Lighthouse Network

Judie Brown, President
American Life League (ALL)

Hugh Brown and Father Peter Reynierese
Saint Michael the Archangel High School (Fredericksburg, VA)

Bob Cielnicky
Scholl Institute of Bioethics

Cathy Daub, Director
Mary Flores, Director of Outreach
Culture of Life Studies Program

Sister Maria Faulkner
Gospel of Life Disciples and Dwellings

Zemmie Fleck, Executive Director
Ricardo Davis, President
Georgia Right to Life

Camille Giglio
Director and Founder
California Right to Life Committee, Inc.

Elizabeth Graham, Vice President & Director
Texas Right to Life

Michael Hichborn
Lepanto Institute

Craig Johnsen, Chair
St. Raphael’s Respect Life Committee (Minneapolis, MN)

Mary Kellett, President and Founder
Prenatal Partners for Life

Dan Miller, State Director
Pro-Life Wisconsin

Rich Newhouse, President
American Life League of Arizona

Ann Olson, Board President
Options for Women of Chisago County (Minnesota)

Anne O’Meara, Executive Director
Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization (HALO)

Additional HALO Voices: Julie Grimstad
President; Jo Tolck, Vice President; Kurt Virnig, Treasurer;
Mary Merritt, Secretary; Marlene Reid and Dennis Merritt,
Board Members

Ron Panzer
President, Hospice Patients Alliance

Bonnie Quirke RN, President
Lake County Right to Life

Bobby Schindler
Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network

Jim Sedlak, Founder
STOPP International (STOPP)

Ed and Nan Weber
Homes of Life Across America

Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization


Back Income of each of Planned Parenthood’s 50 Affiliates

As of January 2020, Planned Parenthood has 50 affiliates across the United States. Each affiliate is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Each affiliate reports its income to the federal government on a Federal Form 990. Listed below is the annual income of each affiliate based on that data. (NOTE: Five affiliates in New York State merged into a single organization in January. The dollar figure given for Planned Parenthood of Greater New York is an estimate based on the separate incomes of the five affiliates).

Affiliate Name Annual income
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte $103.9
Planned Parenthood Greater New York $98.0
Planned Parenthood Los Angeles $78.6
Planned Parenthood Pacific South West $73.9
Planned Parenthood Orange and San Bernardino Counties $69.8
Planned Parenthood North Central States (Heartland + MN,ND,SD) $68.0
Planned Parenthood Great Northwest & Hawaiian Islands $62.1
Planned Parenthood Northern California $58.7
Planned Parenthood Illinois $55.4
Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains $48.6
Planned Parenthood of South, East and North Florida & Treasure    Coast $45.0
Planned Parenthood Southern New England $44.8
Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri $38.2
Planned Parenthood South Atlantic $36.9
Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette $35.5
Planned Parenthood Greater Texas (including surgical) $35.1
Planned Parenthood Wisconsin $33.4
Planned Parenthood Northern, Central, Southern New Jersey $31.6
Planned Parenthood League Massachusetts $31.6
Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast $28.3
Planned Parenthood Northern New England $25.2
Planned Parenthood Greater Ohio $24.6
Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic $24.1
Planned Parenthood Michigan $23.6
Planned Parenthood Southwest Central Florida $23.0
Planned Parenthood Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley $20.9
Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania $20.1
Planned Parenthood Maryland $19.5
Planned Parenthood Greater Washington & North Idaho $19.3
Planned Parenthood California Central Coast $19.1
Planned Parenthood Central Western New York $18.9
Planned Parenthood Great Plains $17.5
Planned Parenthood Indiana & Kentucky $17.0
Planned Parenthood Arizona $15.4
Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington, DC $15.1
Planned Parenthood Southwestern Oregon $15.1
Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi $13.8
Planned Parenthood Association of Utah $13.6
Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region $10.4
Virginia League Planned Parenthood $10.2
Planned Parenthood Keystone $9.9
Mount Baker Planned Parenthood $9.5
Planned Parenthood Metropolitan New Jersey $9.2
Planned Parenthood Western Pennsylvania $8.5
Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood $8.4
Planned Parenthood Montana $8.3
Planned Parenthood Southeast $8.3
Planned Parenthood South Texas $6.6
Planned Parenthood North Country New York $5.9
Planned Parenthood Delaware $5.1

These 50 affiliates generate a combined income of over $1.5 billion. Planned Parenthood has been aggressively encouraging affiliates to merge for the last several decades. We believe that Planned Parenthood still wants to reduce the number of affiliates down to, at most, 40. As Planned Parenthood closes clinics and combines affiliates, there will be more and more members of Congress who have no Planned Parenthood operations in their district and/or state. As that happens, PP’s loss of Congressional support will help us close down the organization for good.

Original Article, STOPP - Stop Planned Parenthood


Flattening the Coronavirus Curve

Camille Giglio

March 18, 2020, Walnut Creek, Ca During a recent tv news appearance President Trump, in discussing the statistics of the Coronavirus and medicine’s ability to serve the quickly expanding need for care, made a very brief reference to how they would meet the demand for care and, while doing that also ”flatten the curve.” Since then it would seem that it has become okay for the media to use that phrase also.

This is a phrase familiar to people in the epidemiological field of medicine, i.e. related to epidemics or surges in social unrest.. With all the news continually bombarding us from the media about this virus and its destructive nature, one might say, well, a statistical curve is not at all important.


This Coronavirus statistical curve is very much what this whole new health care field is all about.. The reference in this instance is for medical and statistical events; for politicians, such as Bernie Sanders. And company, it translates into “Health Care for All.” I’ not trying to suggest that this epidemic was planned as an exercise in controlling groups of people, not at all, but it could be an opportunity for certain agendas, such as population control, to be initiated.

I would invite everyone to research this phrase, I have included a small portion of an article here describing it’s meaning, but it is important enough that all should become familiar with this curve and its purpose..

Julie Fischer, professor of global medicine at Georgetown University explained it’s meaning on a recent C-Span program. “It is a way to slow down the new cases of a fast growing contagious illness making it appear (my emphasis) that it can [be] safely and efficiently meet the needs of the community’s residents who contract the illness.

Ms Fischer also said: It does not mean that fewer cases will occur. It just means that those cases will be spread out over a longer period of time allowing hospitals and clinics to meet those needs.

I would add that it makes it diverts blame from bureaucratic entities and gives the appearance of efficiency.

Many media outlets have attempted to critically point fingers at President Trump as though it is all his fault that this illness has caused such a upheaval in our lives. As I recall, in hearing President trump make this reference it was more like: “Ah, yes, flattening the curve.” Quite possibly Trump was attempting to quietly call the citizen’s attention to the fact that some information is being held back from the public.

I first learned about the Curve when I read a small book authored in 2017, by Dr. Michel Accad, a San Francisco Bay Area, UCSF practicing Cardiologist,. (see the About The Author below) His book entitled Moving Mountains: A Socratic Challenge to the Theory and Practice of Population Medicine.

He used the Socratic method of interviewing Geoffrey Rose, the person who is recognized as one of the people highly influential in public health circles, for discovering and or developing the epidemiological curve as a tool to change and rearrange public statistics to fit the desired goal. (That’s my definition.)

The idea is to take data such as one sees in that curve below and change the outcome by the way they change the data gathered or statistics. For instance, in attempting to find all the people to test for Coronavirus they started (so I read), by testing everyone who had a temperature of 98.6 which could include most everyone. They then said, wait, let’s start by testing everyone with a temperature of 101.1. Well, that got rid of a lot of potential virus patients and began to create a slightly flattened curve making it seem like the government or whomever had a handle on what was happening. This is just a example.

The internet is full of info on this subject.

In the book Dr. Accad (Socrates) has a dialogue with Rose about re-arranging the statistics on population to make it appear that the government is well capable of greatly flattening the curve of problems with certain ethnic groups of people.

Basically the curve, or problem is readily solved by preventive medicine. i.e. preventing or reducing births to certain groups, also birth control, education programs, etc. One doesn’t really solve anything, one just reduces the consequences by reducing the population.

Geoffrey Rose’s prevention theory

“Sick individuals and sick populations” is a paper written by Geoffrey Rose in 1985. It was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology and is one of the most influential public health papers ever written.

He describes and compares the ‘high-risk’ and ‘population’ strategies for prevention of disease. I think most readers will be able to access the original paper here, but if you cannot access it, this Wikipedia article gives you the basic idea.

The main idea is that the largest number of cases of ill health happen not in those at high risk, but in those who have just some risk, simply because there are more of them. See below for a more detailed summary.

The distribution of risk in a population often follows a bell curve (see figure), so if you are able to shift the whole curve to the left (lower risk in red), then everybody has a lower risk and you will get a fffewer number of cases.

Diagram of Geoffrey Rose’s theory

The high risk approach

The ‘high-risk’ approach to prevention is where medical professionals identify people with a condition (e.g. high blood pressure) and prescribe medication to prevent it developing into heart disease, or other diseases high blood pressure might be a risk factor for.

The advantages are that people are likely to be motivated to take the medication and the intervention will be tailored to the individual. The disadvantages are that any fixes may be temporary because the cause of high blood pressure is not identified. Also, predicting new cases of disease (known as incidence) is difficult to predict for individual.

California Right to Life Committee, 2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd 243, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598, 925_899-3064.

To learn more about CRLC visit: www.callifeadvocates.org/blog Look for the video on the Ca. Assembly Women’s Reproductive Rights and their plan to attack the Catholic Church and drive them out of medicine, for failure to deliver medicine and surgeries on demand esp. to the LGBTQ cabal.

Assembly Select Committee On Women’s Reproductive Health

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

This Select Committee on Women’s Health Issues: How to overcome religious barriers to accessing basic human rights and services. the special interest committee is Chaired by Assembly woman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, (D-Dist 16-Orinda) and was attended by 4 of the 7 committee members: assembly woman and 2019 Women’s Caucus Chair Monique Limon, (D-37 and Assembly member. Asm David Chiu, (D-17-S.F.)and Asm Sidney Kamlager, (D-Dist 54 .San Diego).

The sole purpose of this meeting was to present findings on the apparently planned manner to embroil the Catholic Church and Catholic hospitals in expensive and prejudicial charges of failure to provide adequate services to patients due to church restrictions on certain procedures now deemed to be right and just. This committee plans to cause serious legal problems and funding losses for, especially Dignity Health, formerly referred to as Catholic Healthcare West.

Click to view video.

George Soros

40 Days For Life, Concord

CBS News promotes Planned Parenthood’s $45 million brazen “We Decide 2020″ election campaign to defeat Trump and Pro-Life!

Dear Friends,

Planned Parenthood and their sycophantic media allies are really casting caution to the winds in their drive to defeat President Trump and win dominance in the U.S. Congress, Senate and House, in state elections, and right down to the local school board, ballot initiatives, etc. — with the appointment and confirmation of pro-abortion, pro-Planned-Parenthood federal judges and especially their "crown jewel" being control of the Supreme Court of the U.S. !!!

Please see the following 5 minute 24 second long "news" clip form CBS on Thursday, January 16, by "Reporter" Kate Smith — who appears to be working directly for Planned Parenthood!!!

There is not the slightest pretense of "balance" in this "news" and the two CBS news "anchors" join enthusiastically with Kate Smith in extolling and praising Planned Parenthood, and at least implicitly condemning anyone who opposes Planned Parenthood and their expansion of abortions !!!

Headline: "Planned Parenthood launches $45 million investment in 2020 elections"


Planned Parenthood states that they are "investing" $45 million in their 2020 election campaigning and brazenly naming this Planned Parenthood campaign: "We Decide 2020"

This 5 minute, 24 second CBS "news" segment looks exactly like an "informercial" for Planned Parenthood !!!

Please view it carefully!

It gives us an early warning on how far Planned Parenthood and their mainstream media allies like CBS and their Democrat political collaborators like all the Democrat presidential candidates and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff (both of California) are planning to go to defeat President Trump and all pro-life candidates to the U.S. Senate and House and on down to local school boards and ballot initiatives in their brazen "We Decide 2020" campaign !!!

We need to be more committed than PP to winning for a Culture of Life in the crucial 2020 election year or Planned Parenthood will have even more political power and wealth for the destruction of Life, Youth, Marriage, Family, and Faith than ever before !!!

Holy Spirit inspire, guide, and encourage us to defend all God’s children from mass, pre-natal murder by Planned Parenthood, and to defend all God’s young people from moral corruption by Planned Parenthood and their media collaborators and sycophants, and their Democrat political allies, stooges, and toadies!!!

- Albin Rhomberg

CRLC’s Director, Camille Giglio clarifies a few pieces of data. Searching the number of births recorded in last in 10 years for California female babies vs male babies is now almost impossible to locate. Some parents are refusing to have a gender identity on birth records; but, mostly the birth rate for both male and female babies is now at its lowest in a long time according to Planned Parenthood’s ads and media interviews. Everybody on the left rejoices because it is lowering the population numbers. 2019 is listed as the lowest overall rate of births in a long time. What everyone fails to mention is that is that women are not less fertile now, but that PP is killing off the conceived children.


The new legislative year begins January 6th and the carry-over bills from last term (see article below) will probably be dealt with first.

The link below is to an article in the National Catholic Register. The author of the article, Miss Mary Rose Short has been a long time activist in protecting the lives of the preborn and in the protection of the young, high school- College aged women from the seductive influences of Planned Parenthood. The bill being referred to is SB1030 by Asm Ian Calderon. Pro life groups opposed the bill because of the obvious but not publicly stated Planned Parenthood involvement.

Then it was discovered that through carelessness, one would presume, a loophole showed up in the bill that would permit pro life literature to also be distributed through the bill. When the error was discovered Planned Parenthood quickly registered its opposition to the bill as did a number of its supportive community organizations. This fortunate bit of carelessness exposes, once again, PP’s and it’s supporters extreme bias and prejudice against allowing our youth to have any true “Right to Know” privileges.

Now Pro Lifers support the bill and PP opposes it.

Click here to read the very well written report by Ms. Short.

California Right to Life is starting off the new year with a new approach to reporting on legislation and public policy issues. We will continue to report on legislation by sending out weekly notices on bills that also connect one to the bill itself along with pertinent information on how to contact the committee or legislator connected with the bill. Please take a moment and provide us with your name, City and zip code and your email address.


Planned Parenthood Blocks California Bill That Would Help Patients Report Abuse

Assembly Bill 1030, designed to inform female patients about what to expect during pelvic examinations and enable them to identify illegal predatory behavior, has been tabled.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California’s Assembly Bill 1030, designed to inform female patients about what to expect during pelvic examinations and enable them to identify illegal predatory behavior, sailed through the Assembly committees, the Assembly floor and the Senate committees unanimously — seemingly on its way to becoming law.

Then Planned Parenthood submitted a letter of opposition: The bill, introduced this spring, immediately stalled and, two weeks later, was ordered to the “inactive” file.

Click here to open the full article by Mary Rose Short

Planned Parenthood Video Trial: Unjust Verdict

State Of Things Nov 19, 2019 - Never Fear H.E.L.P. is Near

California Right to Life Committee, Inc
2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #243, Walnut Creek, Ca  94598
(925) 899-3064, callifeadvocates.org/blog

Never Fear H.E.L.P. is Near
Camille Giglio

11/19/19, Walnut Creek, Ca. Twelve out of 50 of Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris,(D-San Francisco) bills are sitting in the in the Senate Help, Education, Labor and Pension Committee. This is the Citizens Social/Emotional soft-skills development committee

The next committee to receive her bills (9) is the Senate Judiciary Committee. Of the total number of bills only 7/50 show any movement at all. This is the punish them committee if the citizens and community groups don’t accept the H.E.L.P. bills.

Along with that, a listing of all her votes (over 31 pages of bills) in the committees and floor votes shows that the majority of time she either is listed as a “not-voting” or a “nay.” Vote.

Her bills are, for the most part, merely show pieces to enhance her electability. She should be disciplined for political truancy.

Most of her bills reflect distain for the family, the rule of law and individual freedom, ala the Constitution.

Examples are, the workforce- (Clean School buses (USS1750) family,-Prophylactics for HIV cases (USS 1926) Citizenship,- restrictions on immigration officials authority, (USS 388) Health-Decriminalizing Cannabis, and Do No Harm, Civil Rights Amendment (USS 593.).

In one other bill she is gravely concerned about the psychological condition of endangered species animals that get “seized” by animal control and removed from their owner’s premises.. (USS-513)

The most egregious bill for our concerns regards the family and its education, health and workforce capability USS 2784, a quickly made-up bill submitted on 11/5/19 to the H.E.L.P. Committee. It is entitled: Family Friendly School Policies Grants in the H.E.L.P. Committee.

CONTACT: H.E.L.P. COMMITTEE: 202-224-5376. Also
    Office of Lamar Alexander, Chair: 202-224-4944


USS 2784 seeks to amend Title 6 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to provide federal grants to 500 California elementary schools to align the school day with the parental work day hours. In other words, these schools would experiment with the students to see the effects of keeping young students at school from at least 9 to 5 every weekday, providing, at school, the attention, academic assistance, emotional and social requirements for, as the education elitists would like us to believe, good, positive growth, health and maturity. This would also be in effect during the summer.

To adequately provide all the students with this wrap around care would require numerous partnerships with non-academic non-profits and community organizations. They would actually do the providing of services including health care. Of course, health care being merely a code word for reproductive training and resources, would mean daily association with Planned Parenthood type agencies. This brings in the bills on telehealth capabilities, or, students calling outside agencies from school for guidance (thus the need for Harris’s bill on prophylactics for HIV) regarding medications without parental knowledge or input.

This type of bill might well be the way educators and community partners eventually bring all the community services into the school thereby creating what is called the community centered schools.

These stakeholder partners would most likely end up double-dipping into the taxpayer trough of funds because they would be 501© 3 orgs which pay no taxes as well as receiving tax dollars through state and federal agencies such as health, education and welfare, for the extra services. The bill requires the school system to supplement the federal grants with “non-federal” monies which do not include amounts paid by parents. (Section 4701

It would probably also mean increased costs to the schools for food services because this could well mean 3 meals a day year round.

It seems obvious to CRLC that this is merely preparation and practice for the eventual 24/7 housing of our children (think Walden’s Pond) in dormitory style living arrangements, overseen by government trained humanistic house mothers.

Sen. Lamar Alexander, though a Republican, was very supportive of making major changes to education by touting the Goals 2000 amendments to education. changing schools when, years ago, he, too, was running for President.


Please visit our CRLC blog. There you will find in-depth reports and articles concerning the referred-to lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood against the Center for Medical Progress and named co-conspirators.

The impeachment hearings brought by Democrats refuse to allow the Republicans to present evidence in defense of President Trump.The Court of Judge William H Orrick, III, refused to allow the 11 man jury (9 men/2 women) to hear or see the video and written evidence prepared by the defendants lawyers.

Cong. Adam Schiff and Judge William Orrick (an Obama appointee and aggressive advocate for Planned Parenthood use their positions of authority like a big stick without regard for decent language, scandal-mongering, suppression of speech rights by Trump witnesses.

Orrick’s decision to find the 5 defendants guilty of trespass and co-conspiracy ended by the judge assigning an exorbitant fine of $2.2 million against the defendants. Everyone knows that these people can’t meet that requirement from their personal holdings and so must rely on the pro-life community to get that money together. Meaning that we prolife citizens will be paying $2.2 million to Planned Parenthood which we can’t do either.

The House Impeachment Committee members are the evidence that the Democrats absolutely refuse to accept Donald Trump’s Presidential legitimacy and they will go to any lengths to silence and destroy his Presidency. They hope that this will send a message to the citizens of the world that everybody must bow to the power authority and wisdom of the Democrat Party.


Also, be aware that the V, Chair of the HELP committee is Sen. Tammy Baldwin, author of

USS 2080, the Palliate Care and Hospice Education and Training Act. This is a bill to advance the pro euthanasia stealth cohorts goal of forcing euthanasia acceptance upon healthcare employees. This bill mandates the inclusion of Hospice and Palliative services into the medical training university programs. This places the schools systems into positions of advocates for forcing planned End of Life care on patients and the elderly deemed, by EOL trained workers, to be no longer helped or cured by active medical procedures.


Ca. Right to Life has been tracking legislation since the late 1980s. By 2003 our research and analyses were required to be expanded due to the vast increase in legislation in the areas of life issues and the effects on the family.

From 2003 until now we have tracked over 1100 bills. It is becoming almost a 24/7 workload. We have been happy that we could do this research and perhaps contributed to citizens ability to access their government officials and exercise their Constitutional Rights to be heard.

PLEASE DO CHECK OUT OUR BLOGSITE. callifeadvocates,org/blog

View the Legislation here

Justice ABORTED: $2.2 Million Verdict Against Pro-lifers

California has Cong. Adam Schiff attacking President Trump on the federal level plus we have Judge William H. Orrick of the San Francisco federal Civil Court attacking the First Amendment rights of California Pro Life citizens, said Camille Giglio, Director of California Right to Life Committee, Inc.

Justice ABORTED: $2.2 million verdict against pro-lifers

The jury rendered a verdict today in Planned Parenthood v. Center for Medical Progress, awarding plaintiffs Planned Parenthood Federation of America and numerous affiliates $2.2 million in actual and punitive damages.

The jury even found the defendants liable for Planned Parenthood’s outrageous racketeering (RICO) claims. The federal RICO statute was enacted to eradicate organized crime and requires a pattern of certain types of criminal acts. The Gambino and Lucchese crime families were prosecuted under RICO, as was Michael Milken who was convicted of securities fraud. In this case, Planned Parenthood attorneys allege that David Daleiden, Susan Merritt, Albin Rhomberg, Troy Newman, and the other pro-life defendants should be held liable under RICO for making two obviously fake ID’s on a home printer over six years ago.

Rhomberg and Newman had no knowledge of the ID’s, yet the jury found them liable as co-conspirators. This would be laughable, except that the RICO law allows plaintiffs to recover exorbitant treble damages (triple the claimed damages) and attorney fees.

The jury also found that the defendants violated federal recording laws. But, as Life Legal’s Katie Short pointed out in her closing argument, in order for the defendants to be liable for creating and publishing the videos under federal law, Planned Parenthood would have to produce evidence “that the recording was done for the purpose of committing a criminal act in the future….[that] everything done for the whole journalism project, including publishing the video, was somehow criminal, a crime.”

In this case, it’s exactly the opposite: the recordings were made for the purpose of EXPOSING crimes.

To hold people liable for undercover investigative journalism that exposes criminal and unethical behavior is an offense to our constitutional rights and liberties.

Because the judge would not allow the First Amendment as a defense to Planned Parenthood’s claims, the jury held that the defendants were liable for recording or conspiring to record all of the video footage obtained by the Center for Medical Progress.

We are appalled by today’s verdict. It is as though the jury completely disregarded every piece of evidence we produced. Not only does Planned Parenthood engage in illegal and morally repugnant practices, but its agents never bothered to tell the defendants that the conversations about things like "crushing above and crushing below" to get more desirable and salable body parts were confidential.

We will appeal this unjust result and fight to protect the First Amendment rights of investigative journalists to show us what happens behind the veil of powerful corporations like Planned Parenthood, who has relied on a shroud of secrecy to build its multi-billion dollar abortion empire.

By: Alexandra Snyder, Executive Director

If you wish to support the efforts of Life Legal Defense on behalf of the defendants please consider a donation to
Life Legal Defense Foundation;
P/O. Box2105, Napa, Ca 94558.

Planned Parenthood Baby Body Parts Civil Trial

5 things to know about the Planned Parenthood baby body parts civil trial

Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden outside Superior Court in San Francisco, California, Feb. 11, 2019


SAN FRANCISCO, California, October 10, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Almost four years in the making, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America vs. Center for Medical Progress lawsuit pits those who practice, advocate for, and profit from unthinkably cruel and barbaric acts on the tiniest of humans against a few individuals who had the tenacity, courage, resourcefulness, and faith to walk into the heart of darkness to expose trafficking in the brains, hearts, livers, lungs, and limbs of pre-born babies.

The significance of the case cannot be overestimated.

It’s a massive legal battle in which abortion giant Planned Parenthood claims those who say they were gathering evidence of violent crimes were actually engaged in a criminal conspiracy against it.

In preparation, at least 10 lawyers for the plaintiffs and 13 for the defense have spent hundreds of hours producing thousands of pages of documents, deposing witnesses, and racking up legal bills in the millions of dollars.

The final result now depends on 12 jurors in the U.S. district courthouse and what they will make of the evidence put before them during the trial, which began October 2 and will continue until at least November 8.

Here are five things to know about the biggest pro-life trial in decades as it gets underway:

1) What it’s really about: This lawsuit is Planned Parenthood’s desperate attempt to permanently discredit the undercover videos the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released in 2015 that exposed its part in trafficking baby body parts. The casual brutality of abortionists discussing crushing unborn babies and haggling over the price of fetal organs shocked the world and Planned Parenthood wants to convey that those who exposed them – not their giant abortion corporation – are in the wrong.

It’s also a retaliatory action: Planned Parenthood wants to to crush the pro-life advocates who went undercover and exposed them. The plaintiffs allege CMP’s project lead David Daleiden, undercover journalists Sandra Merritt and Geraldo Adrian Lopez, and founding board members Troy Newman and Albin Rhomberg, committed 15 crimes while carrying out the undercover video project, ranging from breach of contract to racketeering. They claim CMP is liable for paying for everything Planned Parenthood’s personnel bought, such as security upgrades and staff counselling hotlines, after they realized they’d been recorded.

But one thing Planned Parenthood is not claiming is defamation, because that would require it produce all the evidence it has for that claim during the discovery phase of the case, prior to trial. Since, in fact, the CMP videos are not defamation, evidence of Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue harvesting practices and pricing is not something it wants aired publicly.

2) Who the defendants are: Daleiden, 30, developed and ran the undercover sting operation and is the high-profile, public face of CMP. Newman, a veteran pro-life activist, is well-known as the president of Operation Rescue. Merritt, 66, a grandmother who ran a home business and was a part-time teacher, is familiar as co-defendant with Daleiden in an ongoing California state criminal prosecution. Lopez, 28, is employed by the Navy as a hospital corpsman in an intensive care neonatal unit, and got involved in the undercover operation after Daleiden met him when he worked at Starbucks and hired him to transcribe the videos. Rhomberg is a longtime pro-life advocate and investigator who did graduate studies in high-energy particle physics, taught physics at the University of Wisconsin, and worked in the space program at Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory and at the Johnson Space Flight Center in Texas: in other words, he’s a rocket scientist.

3) It’s a jury trial in San Francisco: Planned Parenthood brought its case in San Francisco, the most liberal district in the country. The nine men and three women selected after a closed door one-on-one with Judge William Orrick will make their conclusions based only on what they hear and see in the courtroom. In a jury trial, plaintiffs and defendants may pursue a line of questioning that lets jurors hear testimony that is ultimately stricken but could still influence their judgement, or bring up points that have little legal merit but might affect the jury emotionally. Significantly, Orrick isn’t letting the jury hear the audio from any of the undercover videos at the center of the case. The judge thinks the conversation in the videos, which record Planned Parenthood staff talking about harvesting baby body parts, would be “prejudicial.” In other words, if the jurors could hear what was being discussed in the videos, they might be so disgusted with Planned Parenthood that they would no longer be able to be impartial.

The defense is arguing that the audio is critical to their case. First, the content of the conversations corroborates their claim that they believed Planned Parenthood staff were committing violent crimes against people. More importantly, the audio conveys better than the video the un-confidential nature of the conversations. Seeking to uncover evidence of violent crimes against people is an exception to California’s law against recording without consent, and, if conversations are not confidential, there is no consent requirement.

There’s a chance that Orrick’s censorship could sway the jury toward the defense since they can see that the defense wants the videos shown while Planned Parenthood wants to talk about how awful they are but not show them.

4) The judge is biased and should have disqualified himself: It’s only the early days of the trial but Orrick’s conduct already vindicates the defense’s 2018 petition to the Ninth Circuit Court to have him disqualified, after he refused to disqualify himself at their request. His ties to Planned Parenthood are well-known (Orrick was on the board of a charitable institution that houses a Planned Parenthood abortion center) and his deferring to Planned Parenthood has led to daily early-morning battles between him and the defense lawyers before the jurors enter the courtroom.

Orrick has decreed that abortion and fetal tissue procurement are not relevant to the trial, his rulings fluctuate, and he arbitrarily imposed what he admitted were not federal rules but “the Orrick Rules,” which prohibit witnesses from speaking to their lawyers for all the time they are under oath. The defense team claims this impinges on their clients’ Sixth Amendment right to effective representation of counsel and lawyer/client privilege.

He’s also granted Planned Parenthood incredible leeway in conducting their case. One of the more outrageous things about this case is that Planned Parenthood includes or discards claims for damages as it benefits them, in order to keep evidence incriminating it out of the courtroom.

5) The defense lawyers are the unsung heroes: There are 13 lawyers from four law firms and four pro-life legal associations representing among them the five individual defendants, as well as CMP and its alter-ego BioMax. Almost all are away from their homes and their families to work exhausting hours over six weeks to put on a case within the frustrating constraints Orrick has imposed. They also must negotiate the conflicting priorities within their own team as required by their specific clients. Yet they all demonstrate a high degree of competence, graciousness, and a determination to win despite the odds.

Original Article by Lianne Laurence, LifeSiteNews.

Update December 2nd, 2019

Planned Parenthood Video Trial: Unjust Verdict

Click to watch a short video of Katie Short and Albin Rhomberg commenting outside the court house about the unjust jury verdict in the Planned Parenthood Video Trial, just after it happened on Friday, November 15, 2019, in the Courtroom of Federal District Judge William H. Orrick, III, in the San Francisco Phillip Burton Federal Building and United States Court House in San Francisco.

  Stay tuned to this space for more information to come.  

Chemical Abortion Experience


This is a true rendition, as shown in the movie Unplanned, of what takes place when a pregnant woman swallows the abortion pill referred to as RU486. It is this pill and the results depicted in the movie that will begin to take place on California University and college campuses (32 in all) next year due to Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature attached to Senate bill 24, signed into law on October 12, 2019.

The bill was authored by state Senator Connie Leyva, (D) and approved by every Democrat Assembly and Senate member in California’s Legislature.

The woman requesting the RU486 pill must be about 8 weeks pregnant for the pill’s results to take effect. This is different than the “Morning-after pill” which can be taken the morning after sexual activity as a preventive move.

Protecting Unborn Children Is No ‘Cosmic Question’

Despite Roe v. Wade, the courts have upheld many laws that mark conception as life’s clear beginning.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg campaigns in Newton, Iowa, Sept. 21.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg appeals to Scripture to defend his opposition to restrictions on abortion. “There’s a lot of parts of the Bible that talk about how life begins with breath,” he told a radio audience Sept. 5, adding that no matter what anyone thinks about “the kind of cosmic question of where life begins,” it ought to be up to “the woman making the decision.”

Mr. Buttigieg’s words evoke rulings by the Supreme Court, which has upheld a sweeping right to abortion since Roe v. Wade in 1973, based on the supposed inexactness of when life begins. Yet with regard to issues other than abortion, many states have passed laws that define life as beginning at conception and treat unborn children as human persons. The Supreme Court has allowed such laws to coexist with Roe, creating a legal landscape in which arguments against restricting abortion look increasingly tenuous.

A gap opened between how the courts treat abortion and other life issues because Roe didn’t address the other contexts in which unborn children can be killed. What about medical negligence? What about the bank robber who fires a gun, strikes a pregnant woman, and kills her child? What about the estranged boyfriend who batters his pregnant girlfriend and kills her child?

Why didn’t the Supreme Court address those scenarios in 1973? In writing “Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade” (2013), I interviewed a former Supreme Court clerk who is well versed in the legal history. At the time of the case he discussed existing legal protections for unborn children with Justice William Brennan. Asked about the other controversial scenarios, Brennan replied, “We’ll deal with those in the next case.”

The next case never came. In fact, the justices have refused all such cases since 1973. Consequently, for nearly half a century the court has allowed states and lower courts to build on centuries of Anglo-American legal protection for unborn children.

Mr. Buttigieg’s religious musings obscure that America’s legal tradition—going back to the English common law—has long protected unborn children to the greatest extent possible given existing medical understanding. As Justice James Wilson noted in the 1790s, “With consistency, beautiful and undeviating, human life, from its commencement to its close, is protected by the common law. In the contemplation of law, life begins when the infant is first able to stir in the womb. By the law, life is protected not only from immediate destruction but from every degree of actual violence, and, in some cases, from every degree of danger.”

Rulings from as long ago as the 17th century show that English common law prohibited abortion at the earliest point that medicine could detect that a developing human was alive (the stethoscope wasn’t invented until 1816). English and American law subsequently prohibited abortion at earlier points during pregnancy, as medical understanding and technology allowed.

Even at the time of Roe in 1973, multiple states protected unborn children under laws governing injury and wrongful death, as well as fetal-homicide laws. In deciding Roe, the court either overlooked or ignored the depth of these precedents. Thus the justices left them standing with regard to most issues other than abortion.

Legal scholar Paul Benjamin Linton summarized the state of the law in 2011: “The most common approach, the one that has been adopted in more than one-half of the States, has been to make the killing of an unborn child a crime without regard to any arbitrary gestational age.” In other words, since Roe many states have incrementally deleted gestational markers, and have moved to protect the developing child from conception.

Today, several states protect unborn children in laws regarding legal guardianship and inheritance of property. Thirty-seven of them have criminal statutes that treat the killing of an unborn child as a homicide when done by means other than abortion. California’s statute protects unborn children after as few as eight weeks of gestation. Thirty states do so from conception.

Why speculate about “when life begins” when state law is so much more revealing about where the American people and their elected representatives stand in 2019?

Mr. Forsythe is senior counsel of Americans United for Life.

Original Article by Clarke D. Forsythe, lead counsel for Americans United for Life - AUL.

Planned Parenthood requesting $10 million for security costs at college Health centers

California Right to Life Committee, Inc
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Planned Parenthood requesting $10 million for security costs at college Health centers

Urgent   urgent   urgent  section 9 of the two Assembly and Senate budget bills, both numbered 109 must be defeated STAT.  as soon as you receive this please call your local Assembly district legislator and insist that he/she vote no on Sec.9 of Assembly bill 109. Then call your local state Senator’s office and urge his NO vote on the next vote.  See section (green color) shown below.

As you may know Planned Parenthood is demanding that the legislature, through SB24, which passed the legislature last week, will authorize Planned Parenthood to set up medication abortion services  in all 32 California University sites - 10; and in the California state College sites - 23; beginning in 2020..

Today we learn that PP, in cahoots with Assembly Member Ting of San Francisco, has inserted a request into the state budget Act for the sum of $10 million to use for developing protect or security  to protect the college abortion dispensing sites and employees from violence at each of the 32 college sites.  They are dragging up this old charge that pro life people become violence prone in protecting babies and their naive mothers lives.

The entire Budget Act for 2020 is contained in Assembly bill 109 as well as in Senate bill 109.  Assembly bill 109 has already been heard today, Wednesday, Sept 11, in the Senate Budget Committee.  SB109, the same bill but from the Senate side, will be voted on tomorrow, Sept 12, in the Assembly.  Whichever bill succeeds will then be voted on in a joint senate/assembly  conference meeting and sent to the Governor for is signature.

SEC. 9. Item 0690-105-0001 is added to Section 2.00 of the Budget Act of 2019, to read:

0690-105-0001–For local assistance, Office of Emergency Services …………………… 10,000,000


(1) 0385-Special Programs and Grant Management …………………… 10,000,000


1. The funding appropriated in this item is for the California Health Center Security Grant Program to help health centers that provide abortion services and may be the targets of violence and vandalism. Up to 5 percent of the amount appropriated in this item may be used for administrative support costs.

Notice that this request includes taking out 5% of this 10,000,000.00 for admin costs means that this bill is asking for $500,000.00 to go into the pockets of the Status of Women Commission.

It will be the Status of Women commission authorized to be in control of all 32 health clinic abortion centers on the 32 California University and state college campuses.

California’s Politicians And their Heaven-on-Earth Plan

California Right to Life Committee, Inc
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California’s Politicians And their Heaven-on-Earth Plan.

Camille Giglio

July 12, 2019 - San Francisco - California Right to Life News - The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help, the sage coinage of which is attributed to Ronald Reagan and first used during a campaign speech.

At the time everybody laughed, but in the years since it’s become obvious that the government wants American citizens to cede our rightful, God given freedoms, responsibilities and even our children over to them.

During the first part of the 21st century they have, most notably under successive Obama Administrations, doubled down on their headlong push towards supervising and planning-for-all by creating public private partnerships, joining government and non-profit i.e. non-elected private community groups into ventures with profit making results. These groups include Planned Parenthood , school-based health clinics, PTA’s, LGBTQ advocates and dozens of non-profit Social/emotional learning groups who now, thanks to legislation, have access to the schools and to the training of teachers.

Legislators, media, are constantly employing fear tactics about the physical and mental health and well-being of our children, that is if we fail to let the elected officials and their cohorts run our lives for us. This is all caused, so they claim, by parents and citizens who fail to realize the benefits to be derived from a gracious government wanting to “help.”

The educratic-political elite have created a legislative mandate that will require that every child receive a mental health or trauma-post traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]-experience evaluation.

For example AB1005, by Democrat Joaquin Arambula seeks to create an extensive bureaucracy to help foster children and youth through what he calls a “Family Urgent Response System.” This would follow the guidelines set for the Continuum of Care legislation created previously to help children, “heal from trauma and thrive”

Yeah that last part is a direct cop from the famous Kaiser-Permanente Medical advertising “tag line.:

.Governor Newsom used the Mental Health hook during his campaign for office. An Executive Order followed requiring the departments of Health and Education to formulate “Master Plans” covering the Mental Health issues for “Cradle to Grave.”

Thus invested and if put into effect California’s Democrats will wield the type of power that would be the envy of a Lenin or Stalin.

This is NOT a misprint, fully 480 bills on the Mental Health subject were submitted just this ter. So far 37 have passed their house of origin. Our organization California Right to Life Council has been closely following 8 of them. The 5 listed below are the most insidious. The vast majority of the remaining Mental health and Master Plan Bills carry the funding and the subject matter and citizens in need [the state’s call of course] in need of ”counseling.”

As least one bill regarding trauma would have a cadre of “peer counselors” receiving trauma training, including the training of Janitors to recognize abuse in their peers. When they talk about counselors they don’t mean psychologists or medical doctors.

Due to the already huge financial demands on California’s budget placed by just this kind of utopian social engineering by the Democrat Party, this meddling will be enacted using a bare bones regime with the “caregivers” - hold on to your hats - chosen from non-professional, self-declared former druggies and sexual abuse “victims” who might receive a couple weeks of [state approved] training before counseling your grade level or high school students to deal with their traumas.

A few more of these gems:

AB 547, Lorena Gonzalez, (D)/SB10, Jim Beall, (D), Mental Health Peer Support certification, in Assembly Health Committee as of 7/2/19. Passing unanimously through 4 other committees.

SB 228, Hannah Beth Jackson, (D), Master Plan on Aging, This is the Authorizing bill.

AB1287, Adrin Nazarian, (D), Universal Assessments: “No Wrong Door System. “Navigators” will assist the seniors or young adult crowd to find the right services for their special needs.

AB1382, Cecilia M. Aguiar-Curry, (D) Master Plan for Aging. This would appear to be requiring the unionization of all childcare workers including private and in-home care.

AB228 requires the Governor to appoint a Master Plan Director and establishes an Aging Task Force for the purpose of developing a Master Plan on Aging, “as specified.” This bill also requires the Office of the Chancellor of the Community Colleges and California State University to develop, and authorizes an Aging Task Force of 13 members or agencies. (representing non-profit community agencies and stakeholders)

The Cult of Death:

Ron Panzer of the Hospice Patients Alliance, author of the highly regarded book: Hospice and Palliative Care: Stealth Euthanasia. Has this to say about assisted suicide or “palliative” care services: Any time the government controls health care, and not the patient and physician, it becomes a matter of economics, budgeting, and cost control…Therefore, the costly elderly and disabled are to be euthanized/”assisted” to commit suicide. He, further, urges all of us to educate the public about the reality that left unchecked it will be the government and un-elected advocates - will “ease” people into death one way or another.

Death FROM a Salesman:

Be advised of the support by the Democrat controlled House for a new approach to encouraging patients to accept a planned death (link) - Palliative Care Hospice Education Training Act. This program [if enacted] will be used to “train” the heretofore mentioned rag-tag- gaggle of assisted suicide supporting counselors, teachers, medical personnel, former drug users and petty criminals on how to “encourage” patient acceptance of assisted suicide and or palliative care - the latter being the ground floor level entry into assisted suicide.

If you frequent the obituary columns in your newspaper you may have noticed that some obits carry profuse thanks given to patient care groups such as Vitas Care, a major provider of hospice [non] care. Not all hospice or elder care programs, either at separate facilities or in-home care, are the same. They all need to be thoroughly checked out to insure that one’s family member does not become a victim of a planned, scheduled death, as a result of removal of nutrition/hydration from the patient.

The number of bills and their increasingly intrusive nature have expanded, making it almost impossible to keep up with them. It takes huge blocks of time to read the bills, research the subject matter, look up the supporters and opposers, write the position papers for the legislative committees and track the constantly amended bills.

An army of researchers is needed.

The fact that, apparently, the California Catholic Dioceses, by educating their parishioners to the dangers of some legislation, have succeeded in getting SB 360 [mandating that priests break the seal of Confession] was pulled from hearings, shows it can be done on other issues. Be aware, though, that this bill is not dead. It has become a two-year bill meaning it can be brought up again in January of 2020.

We at California Right to Life Committee, hope that the information we have been providing is of help to understanding the public policy arena trust that it has given you a sense of confidence to take your own stand in the public realm and defend your rights… God given and Constitutionally-protected.

All bills may be read in their entirety by going to http://www.leginfo.legislature.ca.gov

Ca Senate Committee Approves Bill to Provide Abortifacient Drugs on All Public Colleges and Universities

Ca Senate Committee Approves Bill to Provide Abortifacient Drugs on All Public Colleges and Universities

By Dave Andrusko

RU-486 pill

SB 24, a bill that would force student health centers at all University of California and California State University campuses to offer abortifacient drugs beginning in January 1, 2023 passed the Senate Health Committee Wednesday on a vote of 7-3.

According to Jenni Fink, “There are 10 campuses within the University of California system and an additional 23 comprise the California State University system.”

Introduced last December by pro-abortion state Senator Connie Leyva, Senate Bill 24 is her latest attempt to ensure that so-called medication abortions are available through the first ten weeks of pregnancy.

“SB 24 is an important step toward ensuring the right to abortion is available to all Californians and that our college students don’t face unnecessary barriers,” Sen. Leyva said in a statement that appeared on her website

Her previous bill (SB 320) was vetoed by pro-abortion former Governor Jerry Brown in late 2018. His reasons had nothing to do with the ethics of abortion but rather that there was no need.

“According to a study sponsored by supporters of this legislation, the average distance to abortion providers in campus communities varies from five to seven miles, not an unreasonable distance,” Brown wrote in the veto letter. “Because the services required by this bill are widely available off-campus, this bill is not necessary.”

Brown’s successor, Gavin Newsom, has previously said he would sign such a bill.

Funding, particularly start-up costs, was always an issue but proponents have worked around it.

“The College Student Health Center Sexual and Reproductive Health Preparation Fund would provide $200,000 grants to each public university student health center, as established in the bill,” Fink wrote. “The grant’s intention is to cover the costs of medication abortion readiness and permits for several expenses, including the purchase of equipment, facility and security upgrades and training staff members.”

Opponents have seen the proposal in a far different light. Their instinct is not to take the child’s life but to help the mother navigate an unplanned pregnancy at the same time she is attending school. According to the Daily Titan, the student newspaper at California State University, Fullerton, Cameron Brewer, who was then the new president of Students for Life,

opposes the bill. Brewer said that any campus health resources should be used to help women who are pregnant, need help with child care and give information about adoption.

“It’s (the pill) more traumatic for women. It’s way easier to access without thinking about it, and the side effects can be more severe. There should be more instruction on the adoption process,” said Brewer.

Naturally, in all the promotion for chemical abortifacients at student health centers not a syllable about the thousands of complications and even deaths.

The latest FDA latest update tells us that as of December 31, 2017, the deaths of at least 22 women have been associated with the use of the two-drug abortion technique.

Student health centers at public universities in California “do not offer abortions of any kind, instead referring women to off-campus clinics,” according to Melody Gutierrez of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Original article


California Right to Life Committee, Inc
2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #243
Walnut Creek, Ca  94598
(925) 899-3064


Camille Giglio

4/16/2019. Walnut Creek. Ca. Do you know anyone who still believes that Planned Parenthood and friends care one little bit about women with unplanned Pregnancies or violent sexual mates or sexual inequality? You can quickly dispatch those beliefs by telling these people about Senator Connie Leyva’s California bill, SB24  Student Health Centers; Medication Abortion.

AB 24 which passed its first hearing on April 4  in the Senate Health Committee, would, among other things, provide $200,000.00 per school to prepare exam room space in their school clinics and employ nurse practitioners whose sole duty would be to dispense RU486 to female students.

It would also create a new advisory board staffed by the members of the California Status of Women…and girls… Commission to manage the Fund of both private and public dollar donations and grants solely for this.

SB 24 is not about health care or education or equal justice for women. It’s about getting inside education department and setting up abortion as something no different than dispensing an aspirin. It’s a profitable business. What business doesn’t want to expand?

California’s quiet reproductive rights revolution, published in 2014 by MSNBC’s Equality and Health segment of its on-line news feed carries a 2014,old but still worthwhile report.

The 2014 goal of a group called ACCESS, was full of expanding access to abortion. It has been their battle cry since Roe v Wade and is still ongoing. In their minds there are never enough young women having abortions or enough nurses and doctors trained to provide this service according to their mission and goal. Does any business set a limit on who can buy their product? Bills hoping to further market abortions pops up consistently in legislation often without success. This year is different.  The Democrats, esp., pro abort Dems control the votes.

Today’s  legislative term, 2019, is carrying yet another such bill, SB24, Student Health Centers: Abortion by Medication, by Sen. Connie Leyva. She is the current PP abortion enabler in the legislature who is proposing yet another method to open up more avenues to access to abortion.

SB 24 was heard on April 4 in the Senate  Health Committee and recorded for public listening. You can watch the hearing by going to our blogsite for California Right to Life.

AB 24 includesrequiring California universities and colleges (roughly about 35 campuses) to accept  $200,000.00 each to set up facilities within the student health centers for nurse practitioners to dispense RU486, the notorious morning-after pill.  The bill invites private donations but it is obvious who or what source would eventually be providing the funding.

Sen. Shannon Grove, one of the two Republican members of this committee, Sen. Stone being the other one asked some specific questions on the credentials of those who would be dispensing the pills and on procedures that would be followed should a student experience health or emotional problems surrounding the potential expelling of a dead baby at inconvenient times and places.  None of these questions were answered because they have no answer no plan.

Sen. Holly Mitchell brushed away those concerns by saying that those were discussions more appropriate for other committees such as finance.  She wished to discuss policy issues.

As she talked it became clear that the policy she wished to discuss was one of equal justice or making medication abortion, of any type and for all, available on  every university and college campuses as well as private colleges as a future goal.

Interestingly she never said the stronger more binding words “must be” introduced on campuses. She said, instead “ought to be.”  This casual phrase indicates no forceful need, just a whim. It is a further indication that she and her abortion cohorts in the legislature care little to nothing for the health and emotional safety of our students.  They care only about their exalted philosophy which goes something like; since abortion is legal and physical or mental harm is very minimal – according to their figures – then why isn’t medication abortion one of the offerings?

It doesn’t matter how much it costs, how much it harms the woman’s reproductive system or their emotional stability. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t cost effective or efficient.  It is a type of abortion procedure and we, the pro abort women and men of this august legislative body now have the control of the legislature and the minds of the legislators to be able to do anything we want.

They are approaching it like the business that it really is, not a service or a compassionate choice. That’s all advertising! They particularly cited figures that said that the procedure most often used to obtain an abortion was a suction machine anyway. What she didn’t say was that a suction abortion following a medication abortion is often required because of uterine infection from incomplete abortion by medication.

The bill will next be heard in the Senate Education Committee on April 24. Note the relevance of the date – 24 as in SB 24.  Also the name RU486 is a reference to the date this pill was put on market, April 1986.


Senate Education Committee, 916-651-4105. Leyva herself is Chairman. Please encourage everyone you know to call and call your own state senator who will vote on SB24 when it comes to the Senate floor.

SB 24 Student Abortions Sen Health Letter

2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #243
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

TO: Honorable Richard Pan, Chairman
Senate Health Committee
FROM: Liz Froelich, Legislative Analyst
DATE: March 27, 2019
RE: (SB 24 Leyva) Public Health: University Health Centers: Abortion

CRLC must adamantly oppose the inclusion of medication abortions or any form of abortion procedures at publicly funded California institutions of higher education.

SB24 is a rerun of SB320 from the previous legislature.  It was rightly vetoed by then Governor Jerry Brown as not necessary.  He stated that accessibility and availability were NOT problems for college students.

SB 24 reiterates the myth that a medication abortion is a safe medical procedure while claiming that it is an accepted health care component for reproductive health.

CRLC vigorously objects to these assertions.  Abortion is not health care for either the pregnant woman or the preborn girl or boy. 

For the continued good health of women students in California we demand a NO vote.

Cc. Honorable Jeff Stone, Vice-Chairman


California Right to Life Committee, Inc
2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #243
Walnut Creek, Ca  94598
(925) 899-3064


April 10, 2019. Walnut Creek. This term’s stable of bills on healthcare and education are now quickly moving through the legislature with little to no opposition from the church, the Republican office holders or the state.

Bills dealing with the social, emotional, academic, mental health and workforce training of students has flooded the health and education agendas of the state. The goal is the re-ordering of the idea of family. Our future as citizens of California may become  more of a mandate for being primarily non-voluntary partners of the state rather than parents and primary educators of the children they bore.

AB 624, ID cards and Student Health Resources. This bill will place hotline phone numbers on the backs of student ID cards paid for with taxpayer education dollars.

The bill Passed the Assembly Education Committee on Party line vote and now moves to the Assembly Higher Education Committee. Hearing date in late April. There are 3 Republicans and 9 Democrats on this committee, Asm Gabriel himself being one of them.


All you need to do is state your position on AB 624 and the area in which you live. Pass on this information to others, including your Bishop or church leaders. Ask them to speak to the parishioners urging them to step up to protect their children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health by defeating this bill. They don’t record names, just the numbers who call.

Make no mistake, today’s legislators, including some Republicans, believe that parents are accountable to the state for the end result of raising children.

Today, Governor Newsom’s wife, Jennifer Seibel Newsom, is leading a demonstration around the Capitol in support of AB624 by Assembly member Jesse Gabriel (D-San Fernando) entitled Pupil and Student Health: Identification Cards (D-San Fernando).

Planned Parenthood gave Gabriel $4,400.00 for his 2018 election Campaign. This is chump change, but he, in return, is attempting to give all of California’s children to Planned Parenthood to show his appreciation by using student ID cards are free advertising for all the groups who support him and work with Planned Parenthood.

Following the media and Planned Parenthood driven hysteria regarding the state of children’s mental and physical health, the Democrats are calling for placing hotline phone numbers on the back of student ID cards for mental health counseling groups, domestic violence groups, sexual assault groups, etcThey apparently believe that this will fulfill the mandate in socialized medicine for “healthcare-for-all.”

This will include Charter Schools, private schools and beginning with 7th grade level students by June 2020.  This is free, to them, advertising paid for with education dollars derived from taxpayers.

This is a misuse of our children, a misuse of taxpayer funds, misuse of educational opportunities for students, and a dangerous re-formation of beliefs and values being modeled for our children.

It’s a deliberate move to drive a wedge between children and parents, turning the children to the state for guidance and support while the parents pay for all of this in the misguided belief that our children are getting an academic education.

Only three pro life organizations are opposing this: The California Catholic Conference, Faith and Public Policy and our organization.  This is a Planned Parenthood bill. Googling Assembly member Jesse Gabriel’s name and that of Planned Parenthood brings up glowing press releases by PP for the great work of Asm Gabriel. He was elected to the Assembly late last year. He received glowing endorsements and generous donations for his Campaign from statewide well-known very progressive elected officials as well as by members of Planned Parenthood’s PPAC – it’s political support arm.

This legislative term, more than the usual number of bills are being put together in packages due to overlapping similarities.  For instance: To be heard in the Assembly Health Committee:

AB258 Pupil Health: School-Based Pupil Support Services Act.

States the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would increase in-school support services to pupils in order to break down barriers to academic success. Enacts the school-Based Pupil Support Services Program Act, under which grants and matching funds are awarded by the State Department of Education to local educational agencies.

One of the supporters is the California School Nurses Organization – CSNO. This is an affiliate of the national school Nurses Org. which has a public policy statement supporting birth control for students.

This sounds like it might be good, but really, it is a tool for merging the departments of health and education. Education is now health care and health care is now part and parcel of education delivered through the easiest access, the school house.

Please add this phone number – Assembly Health Committee -  to your list to call and OPPOSE.  Phone: 916-319-2097. Chad Mayes, Republican from San Bernardino area, is the V. Chairman of this committee. He needs a reminder that he is a Republican not a duplicate of the Democrats.

His phone number is 916-319-2142

TOMORROW, FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 8:30 Mass at Queen of All Saints Church, Concord, followed by a Rosary Procession to Planned Parenthood five county headquarters one block away. Try to come.

Queen of All Saints church, 2390 Grant St. Planned Parenthood, corner of Grant and Pacheco Sts. Free Public Parking garage on Salvio at Grant.

Note:  We were called by an Aide in Asm Gabriel’s office, Abram Diaz,  attempting to urge us to remove our  opposition to Gabriel’s two other school mental health services bill – ab166 MediCal Violence Preventive Services, Also in the Assembly Health Committee ;hearing date 4/23:  and AB 666 Pupil Mental Health: Model Referral Protocols Awaiting hearing in Assembly Appropriations Committee.

California Right to Life Committee, Inc. 2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd 243, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598 925-899-3064.


California Right to Life Committee, Inc
2872 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #243
Walnut Creek, Ca  94598
(925) 899-3064


Camille Giglio.

4/13/19. Walnut Creek, Ca. Senator Connie Leyva, (D-San Bernardino) grateful recipient of $15,700.00 in campaign donations from Planned Parenthood for her recent re-election, wishes to repay this generosity by turning California college campuses and clinics into branch offices of Planned Parenthood.

Senate bill 24, is titled Student Health Centers: Abortion by Medication.

The bill Requires each student health care service clinic on a California State University or University of California campus to offer abortion by medication,i.e. RU486 formerly called the “morning after pill.Further the bill requires the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls to administer the College Student Health Center Sexual and Reproductive Health Preparation Fund. Also created by this bill.

The bill will be heard on April 24, 2019, in the:

Senate Education Committee – 916-651-4105
The bill has already passed the Senate Health Committee chaired by Richard “vaccinate-them-all” Pan.

Ms Leyva is chairman of that committee of 7 people; 5 Dems and 2 Reps. outside the womb.

The fact that Ms Leyva has chosen the Status on Women and girls committee to manage and oversee a fund design specifically to pay for the abortions and deceptively give money to her true interest, the S.O.W. committee  It’s all about doing special favors for the groups that support her, it is not about the female students whose lives will be placed in peril by abortions that will occur in the dorm, on a date, in the car, in the all-persons bathrooms. Etc.

The state legislature has initiated a new means of contact between citizens and the legislators. It’s called a Legislative Portal and is a  requirement that anyone wishing to write to a legislator or committee must do so in a specific manner referred to as a portal.

Here is the route to completing the registration:  https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov. Once the letter or communication is sent it automatically goes to every member of the particular committee in which the bill is located at that time as well as remains in the committee. If there are no amendments to the bill the letter follow the bill to the next committee. THESE LETTERS MUST BE SUBMITTED 8 DAYS BEFORE THE HEARING DATE OF A BILL.

You may notice if you visit your state Assembly or Senate Representative’s online website you will see something similar. The main drawback here with this method – sending directly to the legislator- is that if one is not a resident of that legislator’s district the communication is rejected.

Two years ago three Counties were assigned the job of piloting this program. Beginning in January it was activated for all counties.  Hundreds of organizations, groups. etc, have signed up but this was unknown to pro life groups until the last month or so.

Become an advocates not the same as a lobbyist or an official employee of an organization. One can still call in to a legislator or a committee to register a position, but name and group will not be recorded, only the number of callers will be shown. Also some committees are requiring a handwritten signature on all letters. They claim that all this makes contact easier and is more quickly disseminated to committee members (all of whom now have iPads) saves money and time for the employees and is more efficient for the letter writer. It’s still dependent upon the legislator actually reading anything.

Here are some other bills which we are following:

US Senate S 1122, Tina Smith (D-MN) School Based Mental Health Programs Access.

Has not had it’s first hearing. Awaiting hearing date in the US Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee – H.E.L.P.

Amends the Public Health Service Act; revises and extends projects relating to children; provides access to school based comprehensive mental health programs.

AB922, Autumn Burke, (D-L.A.), Requires individuals who provide human oocytes for research to be compensated for their time, discomfort, and inconvenience in the same manner as other research subjects, as prescribed and determined by a human subject research panel or institutional review board. Establishes the Research Participants Undergoing Ometocyte Retrieval for Medical Research Purposes Bill of Rights.

AB875, Buffy Wicks (D-Contra Costa/Alameda), Pupil Health: In-School Support Services.

SUMMARY: Updates the Healthy Start Support Services for Children Grant Program, previously administered by CDE, and identifies potential funding sources for the program. Specifically, this bill:

  1. Critical need (undocumented) of Healthy Start Support Services for Children
  2. Community centers as a place to dispense this “service.”
  3. Bring in Community organizations to dispense the services and government agencies to fund he services
  4. Hire paraprofessionals and community coordinators to provide family support, education and resource information. (in other words, promote attendance and provide tax payer funds to community orgs. Awaiting hearing date in Education Committee

AB480, Rudy Salas, (D-Kings Co.) Mental Health: Older Adults.

Establishes within the Department of Aging an Older Adult Mental Health Services Administrator to oversee mental health services for older adults. Prescribes the functions of the administrator and its responsibilities, including, but not limited to, developing outcome and related indicators for older adults for the purpose of assessing the status of mental health services for older adults, monitoring the quality of programs for those adults, and guiding decisionmaking on how to improve those services.  In Senate Judiciary Committee. Hearing 4/23/19 Asm Health Committee.


The Loss of Moral Language

By Dr. Arthur Hippler

“The bigger problem is not that this language has been lost by some great cataclysm… Our moral language has been intentionally destroyed.”

Tsze-lu said, “The ruler of Wei has been waiting for you,
in order with you to administer the government.
What will you consider the first the to be done?
The Master replied, “What is necessary is to rectify names.”

(Analects of Confucius)

At the beginning of his now-classic work After Virtue, Alasdair Maclntyre asks us to imagine that future society in our civilization has collapsed. (Not too difficult to do.) The remnants of our scientific knowledge would perhaps remain in textbooks and other resources, and these would be carefully preserved and taught. At the same time, the whole scientific infrastructure that allowed the content of the sciences to have truth and coherent meaning would be gone. The scientific nomenclature would become a body of opinion which might correspond with reality, but might not. It would be what later generations could make of it.

Maclntyre’s thesis in After Virtue is that this imaginary post-apocalyptic view of the sciences serves as an accurate image of the present state of moral discourse: "The hypothesis which I wish to advance," he writes, "is that in the actual world which we inhabit the language of morality is in the same state of grave disorder as the language of natural science in the imaginary world which I described." The problem is not then that we know what is right but fail to do it, the timeless problem of men everywhere. Rather, we no longer know the words to express the moral dimension of our experience.

In the Catholic school where I teach, I never cease to be impressed at the impoverishment of my students’ moral vocabulary. Many, for example, do not know the word gluttony. For them, the only "eating disorders" they know are psychological, not moral e.g. bulimia, anorexia. Neither do they know fornication, having grown up with less judgmental terms like pre-marital sex or cohabitation. Correspondingly, few will know words such as woo or court. The whole language of courtship is a blank to them. One year, when I asked students for a synonym for "winning a woman’s love honorably," a boy guessed "seduce" - probably because it was the only educated sounding word for that kind of activity he knew.

Many students can simply forget these things, even after they have been taught. But this task is rendered vastly more difficult by the countervailing trends in the larger culture. Christian morality has long ceased to inform our shared moral discourse. My students must feel that they are learning a foreign dialect. But of course, the bigger problem is not that this language has been lost by some great cataclysm, as Maclntyre’s scenario suggests. Our moral language has been intentionally destroyed.

The words we use shape our perception of the things we experience. When I was a boy, only ecologists used words like wetlands and rainforest. Ordinary folks used words like swamp and jungle. The language was changed to change our views about those things. Saving a rainforest sounds lovely - but who wants to save a jungle? Likewise, saving wetlands sounds considerably nicer than saving a swamp. This revision of language is particularly evident in everything connected with the Sexual Revolution. Sodomy became homosexual and then gay. Prostitutes are mere sex workers. Living in sin is cohabitation and so on. Perhaps most notoriously, a baby is now a fetus, who is terminated in an abortion. Before Roe v Wade, only physicians used words like fetus or zygote. (It is hard to imagine someone asking a pregnant woman "Are you feeling your fetus kicking?")

These distortions are not so subtle, but others are, Sex has been replaced by the word gender. Many might feel that gender in fact might be better to use, since it does not carry the possible innuendo that sex does. But "gender" was a word that formerly was only used in grammar to describe nouns, e.g. masculine, feminine or neither. Gender is cultural. The word for "sun", for example, in some languages is masculine, while in others is feminine. These are cultural perceptions, not facts. Sexual differences on the other hand are natural. Male and female are biological realities that have a natural basis. By replacing sex with gender we have turned human sexuality into a cultural construct. (As I write, Facebook lists 58 possible "genders" for its users’ profiles, including gender questioning, gender fluid and non binary1).

Closely allied with the word gender are the words role and norm. People once considered the respective duties or tasks of men and women, especially as husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. If gender is a cultural construct, all these duties no longer have a natural basis - they are created. Hence, our modern age borrows from the language of theatre to describe the roles of spouses and parents. No actor is naturally related to his role _ he may play many characters, good or bad, young or old. Similarly, men and women are not then seen as living out natural differences, but interpreting, even inventing, a culturally derived script.

Norm is a term borrowed from the realm of sociology. Norms are standards derived primarily from common practice. They are not prescriptive, establishing what people ought to do, but descriptive, stating what in fact most people choose to do. Hence, normal is not synonym for natural; indeed, cultures may create all manner of practices contrary to nature. And certainly, normal is not a synonym for moral, unless one believes that morality is mere opinion, free from a natural basis. Together, gender, role and norm collectively undermine any natural basis for family life as various arrangements contrary to nature are considered equally choice-worthy.

Another important shift, again subtle in its effect, has been the replacement of specific words such as love and friendship with generic words like relationship, Relationship fuzzes over the distinct ways in which people relate for the sake of making these relationships a purely creative project. Unlike "love" which makes demands, relationships become whatever those involved want them to be.2 Similarly, the word partner is used where, once upon a time, wife or spouse or mistress or lover would have been more appropriate. Again, the goal is to have a generic word that puts a multitude of moral conditions all on the same level. As Allan Bloom succinctly remarks, "All relationships have been homogenized in their indeterminacy."3

Without doubt, the most pernicious word in our contemporary moral discourse is value. Just as norm is taken from sociology and role from drama, value is a word borrowed from economics. Value expresses the comparative worth of a good or service in a system of free exchanges. Value may imply some objective basis for this worth, as in the "labor theory of value," which insisted that the value of a commodity was related to the amount of exertion that someone would give to obtain it. Even so, this basis still demanded a market, that is, a group of people who were willing to exchange and so validate this "value." Market values are not simple statements of fact, and they certainly do not tell us what things should be worth more than others. "Values" state rather what most people believe the worth of things to be, expressed in terms of free exchange.

One of the first, if not the first philosopher to import the language of values into moral discourse was Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche denied an objective moral law based on human nature. Rather, Nietzsche insisted that morality is created from different elements within society. In The Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche describes this process: "the noble, powerful, higher-ranking, and higher-thinking people who felt and set themselves and their actions up as good, that is to say, of the first rank, in opposition to everything low, low-minded, common, and vulgar. From this pathos of distance they first arrogated to themselves the right to create values, to stamp out the names for values." (chap.2)4 Simply put, the nobler elements of society see themselves as good, and hence their moral language is first and foremost self-affirming.

On the contrary, those who were ruled and dominated, the slaves of this aristocratic society create different "values." On the bottom of the social ladder, they could only resent their place, and create a form of morality in which that lowliness has its own "goodness." As Nietzsche explains, "The slave revolt in morality begins when the ressentiment itself becomes creative and gives birth to values: the ressentiment of those beings who are prevented from a genuine reaction, that is, something active, and who compensate for that with a merely imaginary vengeance." (chap.l0) For Nietzsche, the Biblical morality of the Jews is the very paradigm of "slave morality." Dominated by the empires around them, the Jews turn their very victimhood into a virtue - the weak are "beloved of God," the powerful are "evil."

Most people who speak of "moral values" are completely unaware of this Nietzschean background. Yet it is important to note the implicit consequences of the word "values," namely 1) morality is not based on a natural law which is universal for all men; 2) rather, morality is a free creation in response to natural drives and social circumstances; and finally 3) moral judgments therefore only provide psychological information about the people who hold them, but do not tell us how people should act.

By contrast, philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, and the Christian tradition that appropriated their moral insights along with biblical revelation, know nothing of "values." They speak rather of virtues, habits of the soul that perfect man’s nature, raised further by the gifts of sanctifying grace. Virtues are grounded in human nature, while values arise from human creativity. Yet so pervasive is the language of values that even Church documents today will speak of "authentic values" or the "proper hierarchy of values." As Allan Bloom observes, "Even those who deplore our current moral condition do so in the very language that exemplifies that condition."5

The replacement of virtues by "values" is the root and foundation of the confusions that pervade our modern language. The various ways in which the Sexual Revolution has sent words like fornication and sodomy into oblivion, and made family arrangements a matter of social invention by terms like gender and role would be unthinkable if not for the previous uncoupling of morality from nature. Centuries ago, Confucius insisted on the rectification of names. "If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success." Our language no longer reflects the moral realities of human life, but rather the revolutionary aspirations of the post-Christian world. If we are to recover the moral understanding we once had, we must recover the language that embodied that understanding. C. S. Lewis put it best when he observed "Men do not long continue to think what they have forgotten to say."6


1. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2014/02/heres-a-list-of-58-gender-options-for-facebook-users/

2. The tendency toward abstraction in language in democratic societies was well explained by De Tocqueville: "Men living in democratic countries are, then, apt to entertain unsettled ideas, and they require loose expressions to convey them. As they never know whether the idea they express to-day with be appropriate to the new position they may occupy to-morrow, they naturally acquire a liking for abstract terms. An abstract term is like a box with a false bottom: you may put in it what ideas you please, and take them out again without being observed. (Democracy in America, pt.II, chap.16, "The Effect of Democracy on Language").

3. Allan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind, Simon & Shuster, New York, 1987, p.132.

4. The relation between "language" and "power" has never been better illustrated than by Lewis Carroll in Alice’s exchange with Humpty Dumpty:

‘I don’t know what you mean by "glory",’ Alice said.

Humpty Dumpty smiled contemptuously. ‘Of course you don’t - till I tell you. I meant "there’s a nice knock-down argument for you!"’

‘But "glory" doesn’t mean "a nice knock-down argument",’ Alice objected.

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.’

‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master - that’s all.’ (Through the Looking Glass, chap.6 "Humpty Dumpty")

5. The Closing of the American Mind, p,141.

6. "The Death of Words" from On Stories, p,107.

DR. ARTHUR HIPPLER is the former director of the Office of Justice and Peace for the Diocese of La Crosse. He is currently teaching at Providence Academy in Plymouth, Minnesota. He is the author of Citizens of the Heavenly City: A Catechism of Catholic Social Teaching (published by Borromeo Books) and has written for The Wanderer newspaper and the Bellarmine Forum website and magazine. Dr. Hippler received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Boston College.

Dr. Arthur Hippler at CCSC 2015 — “In Search of The Whole Child”



California Right to Life Committee, Inc
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #243
Walnut Creek, Ca 94598
(925) 899-3064


2-7-2019, Walnut Creek, Ca. THANK YOU President Donald Trump for using your air time during the State Of the Union address’ closing remarks to urge the Congress to pass legislation prohibiting third trimester abortion. Please take the time to Thank him here.

The bill to accomplish this objective is US Senate bill 311 by Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, the Abortion Survivor Bill of 2019. See below for more information on this important bill.

The recent demand for post-birth abortion, i.e. infanticide, created such outrage following the passage of the New York legislation, the Reproductive Health Act, followed closely with an equally egregious,

but defeated abortion bill in Virginia by Delegate Kathy Tran, (D) awakened the public to the truth about abortion.

It was Va. Governor Ralph Northam’s cold and calculating delineation of the procedure for premie or born-alive abortion intended babies that shocked the general public into raising a loud protest against the bill. Northam, a neonatal intensive care doctor, didn’t even bother with the often used phrase: it’s for the health-of-the-mother. He said it was good economics.

Contact your state and Congressional representatives, request meetings with your pastors and ministers. Firmly encourage them to lead the way, to begin speaking directly to the legislators and to the faithful in the pews about the Constitutional, economic and cultural dangers of continuing to exterminate populations in this country. Specifically, speak to the Catholic Bishops of America, including your own Diocesan Bishop. Remind him that he has been called to lead and shepherd his people, not sit back and make excuses for the Governors’ and legislators’ beliefs and actions.


During President Trump’s State of the Union address he asked the Congress to vote out Senator Ben Sasse’s USS 311, Care of a Child Who Survivors Abortion, submitted to the Senate on 1/31/19. Sasse is requesting that the bill be fast-tracked.

He had previously on 1//15/19 submitted USS 130, Abortion Survivors Act, prior to the annual Washington, D.C. March for Life, but the Congressional Democrats tabled that bill.

We urge you, our readers, to call your US Senators and state your support for this latest bill.

We also request that you call our California Senators even though they are hardcore pro aborts, they need to hear from us.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D)
D.C. Office: 202/224/3841
NorCal District office: 415/393/0707
SoCal: 310/914/7318
Sen. Kamala Harris, (D)
D.C. office: 202/224/2200
NorCal: 916/448/2787
SoCal: 619/239/3884

In reality, the practice of aborting babies throughout the third trimester of abortion is not new.

California skirts around the truth of abortion up to an including post birth abortion. Two California legislators, Cristina Garcia, (D) and Monique Limon both submitted Resolutions acknowledging California’s position on late term abortion and even post birth abortion. These Resolutions both passed quickly following opening of the 2019 term.

Here is the important paragraph within the bill:

[]…Urges the President of the United States and the United States Congress to express their support for a woman’s fundamental right to control her own reproductive decisions, as well as their support for access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including the services provided by Planned Parenthood.

There is little to no difference in the phrase “right to control” one’s own reproductive decisions to the statement by Va. Governor Northam when he claimed that the live aborted baby’s right to live was up to the mother and the doctor in consultation.

Further, saying that the services to be obtained included those of Planned Parenthood, clearly shows that the legislature and the Governor (Gavin Newsom) acknowledge abortion on demand in California throughout the full nine months of pregnancy and beyond.


California gets around the reality of abortion by using code words. CRLC believes that the reworking of the two words health care into one word – healthcare, is code for the involvement of Planned Parenthood and all its services.

Palliative care, i.e. Keeping the patient comfortable , meaning the removal of food and water and medicines is CODE for a slow form of assisted suicide In which a patient receives only pain killers, thereby losing their appetite and desire to be active. This is a form of so-called patient care promoted by a doctor Ira Byock who is supported by many within the USCCB – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Another Code is the phrase concerning any medical need to deliberately birth a child prior to approximately 24 or less weeks because of a need to protect the “health of the mother” which may or may not have any real connection to the specific mother’s actual pregnancy-caused health condition is another reference to stepping back from direct active care of a patient and letting it die from attrition or natural causes.

That phrase, mother’s health issues is often followed immediately by the hospital offering the parents Pediatric palliative care especially for a baby suspected of having any level of life threatening or disabling health care needs.

This is the reference used by Va. Governor Northam, meaning that the mother and/or father can discuss if the child’s life should be saved. If the parent(s) should be for providing only comfort – wrapping the baby in a nice warm blanket – the baby will not be resuscitated or have it airway, cleared. The baby will suffocate.

With this disrespect for life by elected officials, coupled with an attitude of apathy on the part of the citizenry for continuing the lives of the “unwanted” babies and elderly what do you suppose is going to be offered by legislators In the way of healthcare legislation? Who or what is going to stand up for life?

Here’s what New York’s Cardinal Dolan thinks:

This links to a Cardinal Dolan YouTube interview dated 1/28/19. This was after NY announced its latest abortion legislative vote. And was aired prior to Virginia’s dastardly vote. See how Dolan treds water trying to save himself from public criticism for unwillingness to confront the powerful NY politicians.


This second link is to a WSJ commentary page containing what we are invited to believe was actually written by Cardinal Timothy Dolan on 2/7/19 entitled Abortion’s Dred Scott Moment. This was also printed in our local East Bay Times on 2/8/19,


In the YouTube video Dolan deflects criticism from his failure to conduct himself as the shepherd of his flock and tosses the blame to the faithful flock. That’s like the shepherd telling the sheep to go form a partnership with the wolves; working together to feed the hungry.

Cardinal Dolan’s suggestion that we, not the Bishops, should be the ones to confront our elected officials is the same poor excuse for doing nothing that the church has been offering for decades.

The faithful in California alone would amount to a huge advocacy for life. Instead we are subjected to once a year Walks down city streets blocked off from the public and on which no public official is confronted. Yet, every year there are planned activities by religiously affiliated groups to walk the halls of the capitol for sanctuary cities, mandated government provided vaccinations of all children, Early release for some prisoners and so on. Not that these are bad things. they are good. But if the church would lead its faithful on the truly basic moral issues of marriage, family and life, there might not be so much need for all these other financially wasteful trips. All they do is give legislators the opportunity to say, well, we listened when the citizens came here to speak to us, so we are giving them what they want which, apparently legislators are interpreting to be that we want some form of Socialism which contains abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and palliative care.

I, personally don’t know if its good that the media is now talking about the advancing idea of accepting Socialism or not. I do know it’s scary. With the deliberate denial of a moral basis for laws, only science, it’s no wonder schools, parents and quickly created non-profits are beginning to advocate for schools becoming mental health clinics rather than academic laboratories. Do we really want the government to set the standards for what is mental health? I hope not.

Please share this report with friends, family and social groups. WE so appreciate your continued adherence to the life issues. We are all tempted to just let it all go, it’s getting too big. But, the children are important, We love our children no matter their age. Your voices, your enthusiasm, your prayers and actions remain the one protection we can offer to humanity.


PS: We had a phone call from an Oklahoma woman on this year’s Roe v Wade Anniversary. She was desperately looking for help in trying to save her brother’s life from being terminated by doctors who insisted they had done all they could for him and it was time to let him die. The brother, age 64 was a patient in Mercy Hospital in Redding, Ca.

Unfortunately the call came too late. The doctors, despite the patient’s requests to be kept alive, removed his life support, moved him out of ICU and into a private room where he died the next morning.


California right to life Committee, Inc. 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd #243, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598.
www.callifeadvocates.org/blog. Click on this link to our website and follow us throughout the year.

2019 San Francisco Walk For Life, West Coast

Hear the heartbeats of 5 in-utero babies:

California Legislator Declares Killing an Unborn Baby is a Fundamental Right for Women

California Right to Life Committee, Inc
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #243
Walnut Creek, Ca
(925) 899-3064

California Legislator Declares Killing an Unborn Baby
 is a Fundamental Right for Women

1/22/2019. Walnut Creek, Ca. Today on the 46th Anniversary of Roe v Wade The California Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson, (D), opened the Judiciary Committee hearings by announcing that this Committee would be using the Non-binary, sex neutral gender-nonspecific pronoun designations such as them, they, theirs, rather than he, she his, her’s  during all the committee hearings.

Further, Their first action was to give obeisance to Planned Parenthood as they vote 6-0 (one “not voting” by V. Chairman Andreas Borgeas (R), to approve Sen. Connie Leyva’s (D) Senate Resolution, SR7, Women’s Reproductive Rights.  This Judiciary committee of 8 members has only one Republican on it.

Sen. Leyva proceeded then to introduce a Representative of Planned Parenthood to give the supportive statement.

Chair Jackson, following opposing statements by two Prolife representatives, proceeded to give her own personal thoughts on abortion as a fundamental right.  Here is a link to the Senate hearing,

Does The Word “healthcare” have a hidden meaning?

The original rendition of Leyva’s Resolution contained a reference to abortion as health care (notice the space between the two words.)

The amended rendition of the Resolution had exed health care out and replaced it with healthcare.

It caused me to wonder if the abortion industry is now using the merged words as a silent signal to their followers that when they use the term  a “woman’s Reproductive rights blah, blah, they signaling to their supporters that they mean abortion? 

According to media savvy friends the proper use is health care, but as words begin to have certain meanings for the citizens they begin to change and become health-care (or, Pro-life) and gradually work their way into a merged one word.

Perhaps you have noticed that our opponents use pro life or pro-life, but never prolife, because they know that the one word merge signifies positive protection for innocent human life.

Let me know if you observe this change in the language.

January 22nd Not Just About those babies in the womb?

I recently told you about hearing a Catholic priest on Relevant Radio, castigate pro-lifers for their narrow focus on babies in the womb rather than the immigrants or homeless, etc.

Well, it’s happened again. This time it is a notice in my church bulletin. A request for prayers for the unborn in Recognition of the Anniversary of Roe v Wade was followed by this thought:

Pope Francis has said that respect for life is not just about the unborn child in the womb, but also about the least of our brothers and sisters. Yes, it is even about the undocumented resident alien who has no voice but ours.

The frustration I have regarding that statement is that January 22nd is dedicated to Right to Life Issues, abortion, contraception. Bringing in other issues is an attempt to divert attention from the growing politically charged demand to use death for babies or ill and disabled patients it is not a day  to bring in other issues.

It’s very likely that Pope Francis’ words are being distorted by the media and left-leaning groups, but it is also apparent that many Christian people are using that distortion themselves for their own agendas, including members of the clergy.

I ask you, isn’t the preborn child the ultimate example of the illegal alien at the gate begging to come into a haven of safety and protection?  The spotlighted thousands of immigrants have all kinds of voices and groups and politicians calling for their right to come across that border - be it the womb or the wall - into the protective arms of our Constitution. The preborn baby who already is in the United States in his mother’s womb is to be killed ruthlessly and his or her body parts are to be sold to the highest bidder. New York has just passed some tremendously evil legislation authorizing the deliberate slaying of a child who accidently gets born during an abortion.

I ask: who is the most voiceless in this country?

It is now the preborn child but the elderly and disabled are soon to be added to this classification of unwanted, too expensive, worthless eaters and the best we have to offer them is death.

In the last two years our office has received a growing number of phone calls from family members desperate to save their loved ones from being removed from life support in hospitals. One such call came early this morning from a woman who is trying to save her brother, in Redding, California, who has been removed from life support by doctors who claim they can do nothing more for the patient.

Republicans in Congress have a packet of prolife bills.

Here is a package of bills in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate on issues supportive of the right to life.  The legislators really need your vocal support urging them to move the bills forward.  These are all brand new bills introduced on Jan. 17, just prior to the March for Life held in D.C.

USHR 660 Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) Health Information and Supporting Incentives.

USHR 634, Jeff Duncan (R-SC ) Abortion Consent.

USHR 661, Virginia Foxx (R-NC) Abortion Assistance Prohibition This amends the Foreign Assistance Act.

USHR 671, Robert Latta (R-Oh) Unlawful Disposal of Fetal Remains. Amends Title 18 U.S. Code.

USS183, James Lankford, (R-OK) Health Services Providers. Amends the Public Health Services Act, prohibits governmental discrimination again those who do not engage in abortion.

USHR 652, Earl Blumenauer, (D-OR). Medicare All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (FINAL) Regulation. THIS IS NOT A PROLIFE BILL.

It is entitled Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE.

GET OUT NOW.  This is the title of a very well written book on the subject of Why you should pull your child from public school before it’s too late.  Written by Mary Rice Hasson and Theresa Farnan. It explains very clearly all the problems of today’s social/emotional (rather than academic) schooling.

This will be a year in which you are absolutely going to be needed for opposing )or supporting) legislation.  PP is entrenched in schools, and Assisted Suicide groups are entrenched in hospitals

California Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on SR 7

The opening hearing of the 2019 California Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson. (D) Chairman,  in which the first order of business is to vote on Senate Resolution 7, Reproductive Heath Care by Sen. Connie Leyva, (D).  Sen. Leyva proceeded to then introduce one of the Sacramento area Planned Parenthood representatives to address the Committee on the bill.  There were also two Representatives of the Pro-Life Community to speak in opposition to the Resolution. The Resolution was approved by a 6-0 vote. with one abstention by Republican Andreas Borgeas.


(925) 899-3064



Camille Giglio

September 15.2018, Walnut Creek, Ca.  There are over 50 bills sitting on the Governor’s desk right now regarding education including a handful on health.  These bills while seemingly having little to no important regarding education, do, in fact, have a great deal to do with education.

FINAL DEADLINE-SEPTEMBER 30. DON’T WAIT. DO IT TODAY. HERE ARE THE FIVE MOST IMPORTANT BILLS TO STOP. Contact Governor’s Office https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov39mail/

Be sure you check every box. BUT do not check the one that asks if you want a response.  As a fallback call 916-445-2841 or fax 916-558-3160: state the bill number and your position.

AB11, Kevin McCarty, EPSTD: Early periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment: screening services.  This is an ObamaCare follow-through mandating the screening of and data collection on babies zero-three years of age up to age 21. This is misuse of privacy, usurpation of parental authority serving not the child but the state.

AB 2153, Tony Thurmond (candidate for Ca. Secretary of Education) Teachers In-Service Training: LGBT; Services.  Mandates yearly training of teachers and classified personnel to provide most current methods (no opt-out) of training students  to accept the LGBT lifestyle.

AB 2233, Ash Kalra, Medi-Cal Assisted Living Waiver Program.

Amended 5 times.Requires Medi-Cal (taxes) to pay for the care of certain California residents. Authorizes California to waive some federal restrictions on the Olmstead Act regarding care for elderly, disabled or mentally ill citizens.

AB 2315, Sharon Quirk-Silva, Pupil Health: Mental Health services: Telehealth. Students would have access to mental health counseling during school hours via telephone hook-up of school with off-site counseling centers. No parental input. No ability to check on professional personal background of so-called counselors or counseling centers such as Planned Parenthood.

AB2601, Shirley Weber, Pupil Instruction. Requires Charter Schools to adhere to mandated LGBT training of students in “certain grades.”

Our elected officials have appointed themselves as the lifelong body responsible for learning outcomes for all children. That’s what is meant by universal education or Education for All. You’ve probably heard the mantra…We need to improve education and see that all children are prepared for life and careers. 

Then, follows the second mantra:  HealthCare for All which initiates lifelong mentoring and close observation and data collection health-wise from birth to death.

For instance abortion and now assisted suicide are recognized under law as lifelong rights. They require  according to progressives as both requiring lifelong education to inform children of their own personal rights, and the health care is a right now because abortion and suicide/euthanasia need to be taught to our future generation. These bills all play a part in the establishment, in California, of a global world citizen type education or training, delivering a UNESCO planned system of learning to every child beginning with 2 year olds in day care.

All that we have reported here may sound to some like wild and crazy imaginings, but, if so, it is the imaginings of state department of education and of health care services, not to overlook Workforce Development about which we have previously written.

CRLC has been writing about a new approach to education, mainly here in California, but, in fact, it is in various stages all throughout the country.  Beginning in January when the, then new, 2018 legislation came out, it became obvious to us that Education for all was, in fact, Obama Care related, That over the years since about 1960’s that Act known then as the Elementary and Secondary Act legislation, supported by then Senator George Bush (the senior) was only the beginning of several changes in the direction of a new approach to education.

Education 2000, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and Education for All weren’t just weird names for an education policy, but they were changes or directional moves closer to the progressive left’s ideal for education and health care and welfare to work.  It is all directly connected to the United Nations goals for America and the world citizenry. UNESCO-United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

On September 7th my associate and I attended a Conference in Sacramento on the subject of the status of education for all in California. It was conducted by PACE: Policy Analysis for California’s Education. It was hosted by: Stanford Graduate school of Education, USC Rossier school of Education, UC Davis and Berkeley schools of Education, edpolicyinca.org   (education policy in California).  The Conference was opened by Linda Darling-Hammond recognized as one of the foremost leaders during the Obama Administration developing the current educational policy. It is apparently she who is mainly directing – off-screen – the Trump/ Education policy now overseen by Betsy DeVos.


***UNESCO: It is also a member of the United Nations Development Group. UNESCO’s aim is “to contribute to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, the sciences, culture, communication and information”.

California Right to Life Committee, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd 243, Walnut Creek, Ca  94598. Your donation in any amount to help defray costs of legislative tracking, postage, subscriptions. Etc. is greatly appreciated.


(925) 899-3064


Camille Giglio

8/9/2018. Walnut Creek, Ca. This is a continuation of the end-of life legislation reported on one day ago. Most of these bills are in either the Assembly or Senate Appropriations Suspense Files because though the legislators like them they cost too much taxpayers dollars.

They have one more week before a final up or down vote. Call or fax or email both your Senator and your Assembly member. Go to www.leginfo.ca.gov, find the name of your legislator and you will see ways to contact that member. DO NOT SEND SNAIL MAIL.

  • AB282 Suicide: Exemption from Prosecution. It is still alive. Continue to call your Senator and your Assembly member.
  • Though the Senate Appropriations voted out this bill. It was re-referred to the Senate Rules Committee due to concerns over wording. Further amendments to the bill will be suggested to the author. It is now back on the Assembly floor for a concurrence vote and on to the Governor.
  • AB2233, Ash Kalra, MediCal: Assisted Living Waiver Program. A Waier program means that the state is asking to be relieved of some requirement of the original bill. This appears to effect the financial status provider reimbursement of those who are stakeholders in the Assisted Living services. Apparently they want a raise. IN SENATE APPROPRIATIONS SUSPENSE FILE.
  • AB3211, Ash Kalra, (D-S.Jose) Advance Health Care Directive.
  • Here is the bill wording which concerns us.
  • First is the initial statement of “Upon my death,” which may mean one thing to the donor and another thing to the organ procurement team that may define death as brain death and not as a totality of heart and lung failure.
  • Secondly is a very generic “generally accepted health care standards” which may in one hospital be withdrawal of food and fluids and in another the provision of food and fluids.
  • Cf. (b) Choice To Prolong Life.
  • I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards.
  • California Right to Life would add now:
  • Health Care standards in California are dropping drastically due to the mandate to save costs of care. A question to the legislators: if costs are saved where does that saved money go? Will they send it back to the tax paying citizens, or will it go for other social and emotional, health care for all invasion of family and privacy and be used to teach all that stuff to school students. In other words, what friends of the legislators will be getting the money henceforth?
  • SB987, Cathleen Galgiani, Organ and Tissue Donation Registry.
  • This concerns changes to the driver’s license identity card which at its next scheduled revision will contain a statement informing the applicant that by marking “I do not wish to register to be an organ or tissue donor at this time” the applicant had better also have this statement in one’s health care directive or else someone else , family or designated ombudsman will be making the decision about whether or not your organs are scheduled for removal at your life’s expense.
  • AB2923, David Chiu, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District.
  • This bill has been included with the end-of-life issues because of its management of people, their housing and transportation.
  • Moving certain groups of people into dense housing conditions, low-income, ethnic,, disabled, elderly, etc centered around distribution of social services and other government programs facilitates the government’s ability to obtain a closer watch, more hands-on control of the daily lives of its citizens. This will facilitate the government agencies to quickly discern who is advanced in age, who is disabled, who is pregnant, who is not following the planned nutrition program.
  • While it’s certainly true that more housing is needed for this vast invasion of legal and illegal immigrants, it does not necessarily stand that the rest of us have to give up our standard of living to accommodate theirs.


(925) 899-3064


Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek. Ca, 8/7/2018.  One has cause to wonder who is really running this state, the elected officials, the media, or left-leaning non-profits. Or, maybe it’s a partnership of all three.

The East Bay Times Monday, August 6th edition ran an article that was actually a promotion for legislation which if enacted will not be beneficial to human beings or their living conditions. . this sort of thing happens quite frequently. We urge you to consider contacting your own state elected representatives between now and August 16 to OPPOSE this and other bills.

  • In Contra Costa County: Senator Steve Glazer, (D)  916-651-4007/Fax 916-651-4907.
  • Assembly woman Catharine Baker(R) 916-319-2016/Fax 916-319-2116.
  • Assembly member Tim Grayson, (D-Concord) 916-319-2014/Fax 916-319-2114
  • Call the Senate Appropriations Committee, starting now. 916-651-4101. Tell them you OPPOSE the following two bills that are in the Suspense file.

Ab282, Suicide Exemption from Prosecution by Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer (D-L.A.)

The purpose of this bill is to protect persons whose actions are compliant with the End of Life Option Act from being prosecuted for deliberately aiding, advising, or encouraging suicide.

The legislature saw to it that suicide was removed from the books as a crime, (end-of-life option act of 2015 – AB15×2) but they “forgot” to protect from criminal penalties the one who cajoles, pressures, encourages and advises the patient to commit self extermination (there is no official suicide anymore for people who sign a POLST form for their designated representative.)

The author claims that the purpose of this bill is to act as just a technical “cleanup.”

Apparently there is a package of bills employing the excuse of a technical clean-up to tighten and cement the state approved planned end-of-life policy for all California residents.

  • SB937, Susan Eggman author, , clarifying the priorities in conflicting orders – the POLST form apparently taking precedent.
  • SB481 by Richard Pan, Successor Agencies: Assets: Disposal. To the Governor.
  • AB3211 Ash Kalra, Advance Health Care Directives – AHCD.
  • This bill is dangerous. It, apparently, amends this state provided form, using an opt-out policy for organ donations. In other words, it will be assumed that the patient wants to be an organ donor unless a specific box is checked on the health care directive. The author states that the form is unclear on the directives in its current state.
  • SB987, Galgiani (D) addresses questions and confusions in regard to Driver’s Licenses and organ donation.  CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR AND URGE A NO VOTE

All these bills have passed out of committees with little or no official opposition vote from either a Democrat or a Republican.

The basic purpose of these clean-up bills will be to require the development of educational material for distribution to potential suicide clients along with the expanded availability of POLST forms – Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment to be required for everyone (even the name is a deception.

The bill seeks to expand the acceptance of POLST forms and the practice of suicide to Medi-Cal and Medicaid patients. Their initial objective is to reach about 18,000 Medi-Cal recipients..

Planned Parenthood is in charge of who gets born and when and the suicide promoters will be in charge of how and when the abortion survivors  experience their delayed planned death.

BART. Housing bills on agenda. San Jose Mercury News, 8-6-2018

  • AB 2923 by David Chiu, (D-SF) BART. This bill will expand land grabs by BART to expand BART’s ownership of land around their stations (including 20,000 new mainly condos and apartments with affordable housing set-asides). This will give the state  tremendous control over housing and transportation. The Bay Area News Group thinks this is a great idea.
  • AB2923 will affect, for now, 4 of the 9 counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay. The Cities of Lafayette and Pleasant Hill appear to be the only cities in Contra Costa County fighting this bill.  AB2923could take this land, apparently by eminent domain, This is the Affordable Care Act. Obama lives on in law.

Call the Senate Appropriations Committee to oppose. Being In suspense means that there is too much state money involved in funding this bill. Besides, BART as it is operated now is a tax guzzling, poorly managed, unsanitary transportation company.


Emotions IN and Academics OUT

(925) 899-3064

Emotions IN and Academics OUT

Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek, Ca 6/27/18. California’s Department of Education is in the final stages of a major revision of the goals and purposes of education.

They held a public comment period ending 6/29/2018, but it seems that this was announced only to the educators and certain community groups. There will be another chance to submit comments on the final draft in November.

The title of this major and revolutionary revision is The California Health Framework. This Framework, designed for all children between the ages of 2 years and the 12th grade, will change the purpose of education in a drastic manner. The Framework is tailored to the emotional and social development of all children. Every academic subject, English, math, PE, biology, etc. will be presented through the concept of health for the child’s development. Education will be tailored to the social and emotional development of the child based on information obtained through continuous surveys and observations on the child and family members.

You have, perhaps, also read or heard of educators and legislators who agonize over the state of education today and who say: we have to do a better job of preparing our students to learn. This translates into a curriculum designed around social and emotional behavioral modification programming of each child.

Each student will move ahead based on the student’s ability and willingness to accept the ideas and values presented through internet technology facilitated by thoroughly retrained facilitators (formerly referred to as teachers). If the student doesn’t get it, they will be given every opportunity to get it (the answers/modified behavior) so they can move on.

This, of course, can’t be accomplished unless the new state budget provides funding for the training and or re-training of teachers and, I am sure, payments to be provided to the outside curriculum development groups such as CASEL, The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning originally published on 3/4/2018 online by Education Week report

Much of the preparation for a smooth transition to this use of classroom time and students’ minds has been going on, quietly, in the form of legislatively conceived Pilot Programs for several years. During this time the educators and developers of curriculums have been creating partnerships with community organizations, legislators, health and mental health providers and the media to find ways to convince the taxpaying citizens that the educational system we have had for decades, along with parental child-rearing techniques have actually been failures.

It’s been a failure because, according to Peter DeWitt, collaborative workshop Leadership trainer, parents haven’t been cooperating with the school system to train-up the child as a productive and cooperative member of society. In an article written for the online Education Week publication, entitled No Place for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools? Are You Sure? DeWitt declares: If schools could just focus on academics, don’t you think they would?

DeWitt’s agenda calls for mental health counselors and school partnerships as consultants for all students, family partnerships (i.e. cooperation with the school’s agenda for each child) and community/school links (Jr. high and high school students volunteering to do community service work in order to have a hands-on experience with the seamier side of life).
At one point in DeWitt’s report he brings up the subject of students suffering from the effects of trauma. The official name for this occurrence is called Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE. (It doesn’t get funding until it’s got a catchy name). This as you may recognize is a major source of media attention lately. He suggests that even earthquakes can produce such a traumatic experience that the child probably will need mental health counseling which each school should be able to quickly provide to the student, at taxpayer expense of course. (See: AB11, Kevin McCarty, Early and periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program: Screening Services. See also Bright Futures. This is the basis for AB 11)

You have heard the cry of the educators for Universal Education for All? Maybe some of you recall the older slogan of Outcome Based Education – OBE? Maybe you are also aware of all the hype for better health care and the need for more nurses and mental health counselors in the schools? Even the sex purveyors from Planned Parenthood are pitching their perverted promotion of unlimited sex for all under the guise of: Sex: it’s healthy for you. It’s all coming together in 2019 under the title of the California Health Framework. Planned Parenthood is now at the helm of the health department.

Contained in the framework and directed to grades 7 through 12, is the true focus of this Framework. It is the agenda for instructing your children in sexual health, aka the California Healthy Youth Act. This Act resulted from a 2015 piece of legislation, AB329, by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, (D-San Diego). She carried this bill for Planned Parenthood. It is affectionately referred to as “Chaya or CHYA- by educators and legislative personnel at the state DOE. The CHYA is a huge paean to the homosexual community and those who scream and holler for equality in jobs and education. The whole purpose of the entire Framework is focused on preparing the children’s minds to accept the values and ethics of this ACT.

Now you can better understand the importance of the phrase Community Health, often referred to but seldom explained, by media and political types. Academics has become of secondary importance to this overall goal.

All of this is being brought to fruition by legislators who have been wined and dined by aggressive left wing, radical and revolutionary community groups. This is a part of the tension we all feel between peoples and groups. It’s one area of all out war against Western Civilization’s Christian beliefs and the humanistic practices of other cultures who believe that it’s their time to dominate the world order.

These groups have placed their people in positions of leadership in education, health care, workforce development, and even in religious communities. They have won the minds and emotions of our supposed leaders both secular and religious with seductive words and promises of peace justice and equality. All hollow promises which mere mortals can by themselves cannot produce.

Actions directed by prayer to protect our families, our country and our Christian faith are required from this day forward.


Community health workers hired by health care agencies often have a disease or population-based focus, such as promoting the health of pregnant women or children, improving nutrition, promoting immunization or providing education around a specific health issue, such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS.


2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd 243, Walnut Creek, Ca  94598
(925) 899-3064



Camille Giglio

Sacramento, Ca. 6/14/18., Your involvement  is urgently requested in opposing and stopping the intended expansion of the 2016 HEALTH EDUCATION FRAMEWORK. Citizens have until June 29, 2018, to submit comments to the Instructional Quality Commission  - IQC - branch of the CDE.

This framework, though developed around health issues closely resembles what parents would be teaching and role modeling to their children on a daily basis regarding nutrition, personal hygiene, inter-family communication, maturation, the entire social emotional and intellectual development, otherwise known as The Whole Child Concept.

Education Professionals and community activist groups have taken everyday issues of life and health and through legislation have transformed them into intellectual property required to be taught in classrooms to young students based on claims of Scientific accuracy, without parental permission being required.

Oh, yes, the educators say that parents have access to all this through partnerships with the schools, but it really just means that the parents become partners with the schools allowing the former teachers to become child development professionals assuming the role of in-lieu parents.

The Health Framework is required to be taught to every student from Transitional Kindergarten (age 4) to 12th grade.

One very controversial segment of this Framework required for grades 7 to 12 includes The California Healthy Youth Act.  Prior to 2016 it was known as the Sexual Health and HIV instruction. This segment of the Framework , aggressively lobbied for by Planned Parenthood and associates, has come under scrutiny and criticism from parents due to its heavy focus on neutralizing resistance to the LGBTQ community lifestyle and gender change advocacy.

A public comment period directed to the state dept of
Education’s Instructional Quality Commission remains open until June 29. 2018
. Please link to the Invitation to Submit Public Comment on the Draft 2019 Health Education Framework.

See also: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/he/cf/ 2019 Revision of the Health Education Framework.

This open comment period has not been reported to the public, only to certain education circles. The CDE appears very reluctant to provide the public with information

In 2015, through AB 329, the Comprehensive sexual health Instructions, was amended and the title and purpose was changed to the Healthy Youth Act.  This means healthy as the state defines health.

It is not too dramatic to state that educators foresee the role of the teacher/instructor in the classroom  as the new model for the parental role in the rearing of children. That which parents convey to their children throughout their young lives as the experiences of consequences of their actions, will, henceforth be taught as classroom courses or sets of instructions based on so-called scientific findings.

Further reading:  (especially read the link to the IQC website which sets out the entire Framework.

For further information please call Camille Giglio, 925-899-3064, or email: callifeadvocates@gmail.com


With sorrow, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts now publishes an expanded and updated version of this document, which we first issued on May 28, 2015, following the referendum in the Republic of Ireland which deformed the definition of civil marriage in that unhappy country.


Ireland’s rejection of Divine and Natural Law, and historic civil and criminal law, respecting the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life in the womb, was the culmination in a series of incremental betrayals, over a period of forty-six years, which secularized the Irish State and Irish society. A chronology of these events is presented below:

  • 1972—Irish voters approve, by a referendum margin of 84%, a constitutional amendment repealing Article 44 of the Irish Constitution, which recognized “the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church as the guardian of the Faith professed by the great majority of citizens.”
  • 1973—The Irish Supreme Court declares a right to marital privacy which includes contraceptive use, but declines to overturn laws prohibiting the sale of contraceptives.
  • 1979—The Health (Family Planning) Act becomes law, allowing pharmacists to dispense contraceptives to those holding a prescription from a doctor.
  • 1985—The Health (Family Planning) Amendment Act becomes law, allowing the over-the-counter sale of condoms and spermicides to anyone over the age of eighteen.
  • 1987—Ireland’s first openly homosexual public official, David Norris, is elected to the Senate. A pedophilia defender and anti-Catholic bigot, Norris would call Pope Saint John Paul II an "instrument of evil" and Pope Benedict XVI "a Nazi." His 2011 presidential campaign would implode after it was revealed that he sought clemency for a convicted homosexual child rapist who had been his partner in sodomy.
  • 1988—In Norris v. Ireland, the European Court of Human Rights rules that Irish law prohibiting sodomy violates Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • 1989—The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act becomes law, which outlaws so-called hate speech directed against so-called sexual orientation.
  • 1992—The Health (Family Planning) Amendment Act becomes law, allowing the unrestricted sale of contraceptives to anyone over the age of seventeen.
  • 1992—In Attorney-General v. X, the Irish Supreme Court declares a right to abortion arising from a threat to the life of the mother, including suicidal ideation.
  • 1992—Voters in Ireland reject, by a referendum margin of 65%, a proposed amendment to the Irish Constitution which would overturn the X ruling.
  • 1992—The Thirteenth Amendment to the Irish Constitution is passed, by a referendum margin of 62%, establishing a ‘right to travel’ outside the country, for the purpose of procuring an abortion. Between 6,000 and 8,000 Irish women go to England each year to kill their unborn children.
  • 1992—The Fourteenth Amendment to the Irish Constitution is passed, by a referendum margin of 59%, establishing a right to obtain information about abortion.
  • 1993—The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act becomes law, decriminalizing sodomy in Ireland.
  • 1995—The Fifteenth Amendment to the Irish Constitution repealed, by a referendum margin of 50.2%, the constitutional prohibition against divorce, and allowed the civil dissolution of marriage.
  • 1998—The Employment Equality Act becomes law, prohibiting discrimination in employment based upon so-called sexual orientation.
  • 2000—The Equal Status Act becomes law, prohibiting discrimination in public accommodations based upon so-called sexual orientation.
  • 2003—The European Convention on Human Rights Act becomes law, by which Ireland accepts the radically anti-Christian legal code of the European Union.
  • 2007—In Foy v. Ireland, the Irish High Court rules that Irish law contravenes Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, by refusing to recognize as a woman a man who underwent so-called sex re-assignment surgery.
  • 2010—The Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act becomes law, without a recorded roll call, establishing civil unions for same sex couples.
  • 2011—The Republic of Ireland closes its Embassy to the Holy See. Diplomatic relations with the Vatican are maintained through the Irish Embassy to the Italian Republic and the Apostolic Nunciature in Ireland.
  • 2011—The first openly homosexual TD’s (members of parliament)—Jerry Buttimer, John Lyons and Dominic Hannigan—are elected to the Dail.
  • 2013—The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act becomes law, legalizing abortion in cases of suicidal ideation by the mother.
  • 2015 —The Children and Family Relationships Act becomes law, allowing homosexual partners to adopt children.
  • 2015 —The Thirty-Fourth Amendment to the Irish Constitution is passed, by a referendum margin of 62%, allowing two persons to contract marriage “without distinction as to their sex.”
  • 2015—The first openly homosexual cabinet minister, Leo Varadkar, the son of an Indian immigrant, becomes Minister of Health.
  • 2015—The Gender Recognition Act becomes law, allowing individuals to define their own gender.
  • 2015—The Employment Equality Amendment Act becomes law, which extends anti-discrimination law pertaining to homosexuals and the so-called transgendered to Catholic schools and hospitals, and other religious institutions.
  • 2016—American born Katherine A. Zappone becomes Ireland’s first openly lesbian cabinet minister, when she is appointed Minister for Children and Youth. Zappone is civilly "married" to Ann Gilligan, a former Catholic nun with whom she became romantically involved while both were studying at Jesuit administered Boston College.
  • 2017—Leo Varadkar becomes Ireland’s first homosexual prime minister.
  • 2017—The United Nations recommends that Irish schools introduce compulsory sex education which should include “comprehensive sex education for adolescent girls and boys covering responsible sexual behaviors and focused on preventing early pregnancies, and ensure that it is scientifically objective and its delivery by schools is closely monitored and evaluated.”
  • 2018—Dail Eireann passes, in its second reading, the Provision of Objective Sex Education Bill, which, if enacted, would force Catholic schools to indoctrinate Catholic children with propaganda affirming abortion, contraception, gender dysphoria and sodomy.
  • 2018—The Irish Department of Education orders Catholic schools to change religion classes from an opt-out to an opt-in requirement.
  • 2018—The Irish government proposes an Amendment to the Status Act, which would forbid Catholic schools from giving enrollment preference to Catholic students.
  • 2018—The Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which guaranteed the right to life of unborn children, is repealed in a national referendum, by a margin of 66.4%.



Approving Consensual Sexual Involvement for 12 Year Olds

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5/14/18 Walnut Creek, Ca.  Continuing the report on the Mental Health bills.  Most of these also passed the first house on a unanimous vote meaning that both the Democrats and the Republicans believe that they are the only sane people in the state.

  • AB 3189. Jim Cooper, (D-Elk Grove) Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sponsored by the California Association of Safe Sex Examiners – CALSAFE.
  • Passed Assembly floor vote 51/17 (finally some legislators stood up and said “NO”). ­­ to violent sexual practices involving children.
  • Assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. No date set for hearing.
  • This bill is authorizing minors to become involved in voluntary and consensual sexual relationships.  If they are giving authority for a minor to consent to treatment for injuries occurred during this relationship then they have already conceded that minors, beginning at age 12,  can freely give consent to becoming sexually involved without parental or legal guardian consent.
  • Senator John M. W. Moorlach (R) [Vice-Chair]916-651-4113
  • AB2316, Susan Eggman, (D-Modesto) Mental Health: County Patients’ Rights Advocates.  Co-sponsor- Advocacy for Health and Social Justice. Requires training materials to be developed for and displayed on local websites and for the county to keep records of all this. BILL IS AWAITING A COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENT IN THE SENATE. Call your state Senator and urge that he vote “NO” on this bill when it comes to his committee or the floor.
  • AB2420. Sharon Quirk-Silva, (D-Buena Park) Workforce development: Soft-Skills Training.  Soft-skills is another way to say Social/Emotional Counseling. This is for new employees to evaluate their ability to work in groups and In cooperative situations. In other words, getting along and cooperating is worth more than hard work and intelligence.
  • Passed the Assembly Unanimously. Awaiting assignment in Senate. Call your state Senator urge that this bill not get out of committee
  • SB1026, Hannah Beth Jackson, (D-Sta Barbara) Older Adults and Persons With Disabilities.  Basically a Transportation bill.
  • Sponsored by a local Santa Barbara Neighborhood association called SMOOTH. Deals with evaluating the living conditions for senior citizens and advising repairs, replacements, etc. In order to avoid falls and injuries..  There are no details in the bill but it appears to be Sen Jackson doing a favor for a friend.
  • AB2691, Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer, Trauma Informed Schools Initiative
  • Requires the development within the Department of Education of a Trauma Informed Schools Initiative to address adverse childhood experiences.
  • In the Assembly Appropriations Committee, on Suspense. Also will be required to obtain data on trauma history to be included with medical records.


The television program entitled “60 Minutes” presented a program on on a recent broadcast about how zoos handle the zoo population problems with animals. It can be seen on YouTube;


 I would encourage you to watch this program to gain an accurate picture of the technological sophistication developed to breed superior animals and planned out on computers, while limiting their numbers. Many animals are placed on birth control bills of the same type as humans are prescribed, in some herds with a forecast for incestuous co-habitation, some animals are castrated while in others animals with seeming aggressive natures are killed while the public is invited to watch.

This is technocracy over the animal world.  One has to wonder if this isn’t the experimental for a sophisticated control of the human population somewhere down the road. Even the language that the zoo officials used to describe their activities is a duplication of the death with dignity crowd and the palliative care people along with that of the Planned Parenthood groups.


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Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek, Ca  5/12/18. Please consider calling the numbers provided and registering your disapproval of the bills reported on

Gov. Jerry Brown has just released the proposed new budget for 2018-19 containing several million in new monies to expand and improve job potentials, better education, health care ,etc.

One of the concerns that the Governor and the legislators have for California citizens, concerns their mental health.

The state is finally utilizing the authority it grabbed in a 2004 Prop 63 program of reducing the mental health problems of the citizens.

Prop 63 requires a new 1% tax on incomes over $1M. It began collecting this tax in 2004-5 with $254M in new money incurring large increases yearly .

Prop 63 contained 6 promises to the citizens comprising a reduction in negative experiences of the social emotional kind for California’s traumatized citizens: 

AB 2691 by Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer creates the Trauma Informed Schools Initiative within the Dept of Education. It further, mandates that every school, including charters and private schools develop local connections for dealing with the mental health problems of school children.

This will fulfill the promises made in Prop 63, according to press releases.  The problem of suicide will  be greatly reduced by expanding mental health counseling to, eventually, all citizens.

The six (6) areas to be considered the most urgent are:

  1. Incarcerations
  2. School Dropout
  3. Unemployment
  4. Prolonged suffering
  5. Homelessness
  6. Removal of Children from their homes.

AB 2315, Pupil Health: Mental Health Services: Telehealth.

This is Asm Sharon Quirk-Silva’s idea for solving student mental health problems by offering mental health counseling on campuses and on the phone, on campuses

This bill is in the Assembly Appropriations Committee’s suspense file. It apparently carries too much money to approve before the budget is approved.

Matthew Harper, (R), has two bills almost identical.

AB2390, Pupil Safety: Identification Cards: Suicide Prevention with two co-authors, Nazarian (D) and Mathis(R)

This bill has been re-referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

It would require that suicide prevention phone numbers be included on pupil ID cards.

AB2391, Student Health: Suicide Prevention Telephone Numbers.  This bill has 5 co-sponsors (one Democrat, Adrin Nazarian, (Van Nuys) and though almost identical to the AB2390, it has passed to the second House awaiting assignment to a committee.

SB 972, Anthony Portantino and 8 co-sponsors, Pupil and Student Health: ID Cards: Suicide Hotline. It also has passed its first house after only one committee hearing and a floor vote (36-0 with 3 Republicans “Not Voting”).

It is now in both Assembly Education and Asm Appropriations.

Education Comm.  916-319-2087

Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell (D) [Chair]
Assembly Member Kevin Kiley (R) [Vice-Chair]

Assembly Appropriations: 916-319-2081

Assembly Member Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher (D) [Chair]
Assembly Member Frank E. Bigelow (R) [Vice-Chair]

Our next report will outline the plans of the Compassion and Choices crowds to help us “shuffle off this mortal coil.”  Hamlet soliloquy, To Be Or Not To Be.

So, what does all this mean for the children of California’s schools?

The schools are now officially acting in-lieu of parents forming our children into the appropriated trained, complaisant global citizen which means very little formal academic education but they sure feel good about themselves.

California’s Students are receiving

  1. Sexual instruction from Planned Parenthood
  2. Mental health counseling from the former paperback book readers of “I’m Ok, You’re Ok
  3. Their nutrition for breakfast and lunch is being planned by environmentally, and nutritionally balanced earth loving acolytes
  4. Their character (Moral values and perspectives on life in general) is being developed humanists.
  5. Their understanding of our form of Government and our Constitution is being formed by far left political progressives.


California Democrat Legislators Hostile To Traditional Families

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February 8, 2018 - Walnut Creek, CA - Right To Life News - The 2017 legislative year  ended on January 31, 2018. The new  legislative year began on Monday, February 5. 2018.

Dan Walters, the dean of Sacramento, CA reporter [Sacramento Bee, 57 years!] sums up the session [With schools and rainy day fund covered, a fight over a state surplus now looms, Sacramento Bee].

Though Walters’ articles are invariably good, this one falls a bit short.

What’s missing is an exploration of the truth behind the Democrat initiative called, Education Legislation.

After thoroughly studying the matter this writer can report that the legislation is part of the ongoing radical Democrat plan to turn education into a tool of political indoctrination as demonstrated by a sub-category of Education Legislation, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

SEL employs ideas from disciplines of psychology, biology and neuroscience as well as esoteric theories held over from the days of the [discredited] Human Potential Movement. This program is intended to manipulate or create behaviors in children to place them within the ideological mindset of the nation’s most radical Democrat Party, that of California [a state that has the highest unemployment and lowest per-capita GDP in the nation.]

Affective domain has to do with how a student “feels”. It is the reactions to information or stimuli. By contrast, Didactic teaching/learning has to do with imparting information to students who assimilate it academically, line on line, or, concept upon concept. 

Traditionally it was called “Academics.”

SEL delves into students’ mindsets, attitudes, emotions, interactions and reactions to their own and other’s behavior and academic performances.

One such mind changing curriculum is in use in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is called Brain-Based Learning or Growth Mindset. It was developed by a Stanford Psychology Professor named Carol Dweck.

It is based on the idea of students’ ability to physically grow or facilitate their own brain capacity by being led through “new concepts, new experiences or practicing certain skills over time.”

This explains the presence of sex-ed training in school.

In other words, experiential internalizing of behaviors with the objective of changing the neural connections to remap the brain. The concept is to change perception itself in individual students. (sort of driving out the natural instinct). Dweck published in early 2000’s “Mind Set, a New Psychology of Success.”

The way to solve this problem, they think, is to prepare our children for a life as global citizens. The tactic re-directs children’s  loyalties from the family to the school and community.

This is one explanation for why some high schools send their students out to serve on food lines in San Francisco’s tenderloin district.

To accomplish their goal  politicians began, decades ago, to pass legislation opening up academics to precise outcome based and specific community goals. This requires education with all sorts of business, industry and church  Partnerships. These groups have been given legislatively protected access to our children without parental influence, cooperation or consent.

Some legislators, even today, still believe that children arrive at school socially and emotionally damaged by their parents, society and church.

Assembly member John Vasconcellos, (D) a Santa Clara graduate, was one of the first legislators, to this writer’s knowledge, to introduce  this concept into his education bills.

This system-changing curriculum still taxes the parents. in fact it is so all demanding that it requires the system to promote parent/teacher (or, the new term, facilitator) partnerships to insure that the parents cooperate in the new education agenda.

The Distinguished After-School Health Recognition Program – DASH. SB55, by Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson, (D-Sta Barbara) is an excellent example of access to students.

This activity is fashioned after Planned parenthood’s sexual health training. It is, according to the wording provided by the Center for Disease Control, an expansion of the Whole school, Whole Community, whole Child collaborative Model.

SB55 should have died but it is still held in committee in the Assembly Appropriations while the budget is being debated. It is now considered a two-year bill. If the funding is not approved, It will be back again in 2018.  Unless there is enough protesting by parents and taxpayers to stop all this.

Such a bill sure to return  is AB!577, by Mike Gipson, (D). This Career Technical Education: Access Plan was introduced on 2/17/17. It failed to get out of its house of origin which should have killed it. However, it is now still pending, and is being gutted and amended. It is one of a stable of bills designed to move education further into its system-changing role as workforce development.

Another bill, AB 842, California Community Schools Act by Mike Gipson, (D-L.A.) would have authorized schools to receive grants to operate as community schools.  This means wrap-around services aside from any academics. This is modeled after a 2010 Obama launched program called the Promise Neighborhood Initiative  Here’s some of the supporting arguments:

  • Programs supported by research and Best Practices.
  • Deep parent engagement practices.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Schools would form real partnerships with non-profits, businesses and federal Governments, universities, hospitals, and organizations which will better meet the core unmet student needs.

Bills like this give a double meaning to “Common Core.”  Unmet core needs obviously can mean Social, Emotional needs as well as academic. The idea of both being common or the same.

Now  I understand the meaning behind “best practices” much more clearly.

AB834, by Patrick O’Donnell, (D-L.A.) School-Based Health Centers. This is  Planned Parenthood conceived creating  a statewide School-Based Health Advisory Committee or, partnership, enabling the schools to receive Medi-Cal funding.. The Director would be Helen Roth Dowden, long time aggressive Planned Parenthood operative.

Here are some other bills which are still alive and require contacting your legislator to oppose:

AB11., Kevin McCarty (D-Sacto) EPSDT Program: Screening Services.

Amended 1/3/18

This Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment program aka Bright Futures  - a Preventive Pediatric health care program promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is another example of an Obama/Medi-Cal left over. It would be directed by the Dept of Education and managed by the Maternal and Child Health Dept. Its purpose, to collect data on families during home visitations. It would follow the pregnant mother and then mother and baby until the child is 5 years old. It has 30 First 5 offices listed as in support along with many other community service and day care programs.

  • Bill is now in the Senate. Call your Senator to urge a NO vote.

AB26 by Anna Caballero, (D-Monterey) was a companion piece but was vetoed by Gov. Brown who stated that he was returning the bill without his signature because there were already enough such programs. This would have set up a pilot program within the Dept of Education to train license-exempt child care providers (family members, Grandma, etc) in the best practices for caring for pre-school children.

AB320, Ken Cooley, (D-Sacto) Child Advocacy Centers. (Failed) Would have authorized Child Advocacy Centers to provide services to all suspected or real child abuse situations focusing on newborn to age 5 situations.  Of course, these centers would be packed with anti-family spokespersons.

SB320, Connie Leyva, Public Health: Abortion by Medication Techniques.

THIS IS NOW A TWO-YEAR BILL.  It is a Planned Parenthood bill designed to require Cal Universities and Cal State Universities to develop on-campus the services of medical abortion , or morning-after type pills to students who live either on or off campus. It also offers assistance and funding for private universities to set up such clinic services.

  • This has passed the Senate and is now in the Assembly.  Call to your Assembly member, Urge a NO vote.

AB977, Travis Allen, (R-Orange Co.) Workforce Development. (failed, never had a hearing)  Was probably a spot bill (place holder) The wording of this bill wraps up this whole report.

14010. The California Workforce Development Board is the body responsible for assisting the Governor in the development, oversight, and continuous improvement of California’s the state’s workforce investment system and the alignment of the education and workforce investment systems to the needs of the 21st century economy and workforce.

The CWDB is a Regional Planning Board whose purpose is to create the Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan – 2016-2020. A United State Plan to guide the workforce system.


One final comment:  It is not only California’s legislators who like to invade the family privacy.  A recent edition of  Politics K-12 from Education Week has an article titled House Education Panel Debates Student-Data-Privacy by Allyson Klein dated 1/30/2018.  It also has another article entitled: Supporting Instruction in the Common Core.


  • Here is a listing of  other bills. All left over as two-year bills:

AB882,  Joaquin Arambula,9D-Fresno) Pupil Health Care services: Task Force. This has two planned parenthood affiliated supporters, Children Now and Teachers for Healthy Kids.

AB834, Patrick O’Donnell, (D-L.A. Co.) School-Based Health Programs, Held in Senate Appropriations.

  • Call your Senator, urge a NO vote.

AB849, Dante Acosta, R-San Fernando) California Workforce Development Board: Task Force.  The formation of yet another task force.

  • Call your Assembly member and urge that this bill not be heard.

AB424, Ben Allen (D-Redondo) Regional Environmental Education Community Network. Establishes the Regional Environmental Education Community Network to insure environmental literacy in the State’s public schools.

  • In Assembly Education Committee. P. O’Donnell, Chair, Rocky Chavez, ® V. Chair. Call and urge a NO vote,  916-319-2087 for Committee. Or, Chavez, 916-319-2076.

Legislators have given themselves and third parties authority to act in-lieu of parental authority.  They have carved-out areas of family life and given those duties, obligations and joys to others deemed better qualified to raise the future adults of our country.

When you, the parent and taxpayer contact your legislator you are standing up for the rights of families and of families and children to be protected from invasion of their privacy.

The “common core” of America is the family, the church, the respect for individual rights protected by our Constitution.  Once outsiders have chipped away at those rights often enough, the common core of American family life will be so weakened that it will fall apart. We already see it in some ethnic groups existence.

Stand up for the children, call the legislators, stand firm.




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2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd #243
Walnut Creek, Ca  94598

Camille Giglio

9/11/17. Walnut Creek, Ca.  While Tropical Storm (formerly hurricane) Irma is battering the state of Florida with floods and destruction, the California legislature is in the midst of its own Tsunami during the last week of moving bills through committee

Bills previously held in suspense files, some with 5 to 7 amendments, are now in final reading and some have been sent to enrollment. This means that the bills have passed appropriations hearings, received, mostly unanimous votes of approval and sent to the Governor’s desk. The Governor has approximately 12 days in which to sign or veto or let bills pass without signature.

These are bills that the media never talks about nor will the legislators in their district hearings  because their, the bill’s,  intent is too inimical to the family, to morals to the ability of students to get a good, solid academic education. These bills are more destructive of the structure of marriage, health, education workforce development, etc. than all the hurricanes or tornadoes have ever been. Buildings can be rebuilt. Land can dry out. But families continue to suffer through bad legislation designed to  experiment with our lives interfere in the community, family, religious, workplace, healthcare and schools.

Here is an example of bills affecting the family and social interchanges:
Call your assembly member’s district office to vote “NO” on or before September 15.

AB841, Shirley Weber, (D) Pupil Nutrition: food and Beverages: Advertising. The legislature has been trying for a long time to gain greater authority over the food industry with some limited success, in setting standards for what people can and should eat.

They are mandating that schools (including Charters) may not buy or provide certain food items to school children on campuses in which that particular industry does not comply with the legislators and the cadre of nutritionists demand for health, workforce quality future workers.

In other words they are attempting to control the grocery and food manufacturing industries through placing restrictions on what your children may be allowed to eat.

This bill was amended 7 times, received unanimous support from 17 non-profit community type organizations and was opposed by 17 grocery industry and related labor groups.

AB10, Cristina Garcia, (D) and eight (8) Democrat Co-authors. Feminine Hygiene Products: Public School Restrooms.  The legislators are always bragging about the high quality of education in California.. This bill will require our tax dollars to purchase these products for the free use of students.

This is a Planned Parenthood and 40 associates bill. CRLC is the only opposition.

CRLC believes that this has more to do with gathering data on menstrual periods than concern for feminine hygiene.  Here is an excerpt from our OPPOSE letter.

AB 10 could well be amended to include free contraceptive products in female bathrooms and free condom distribution in male bathrooms.  Or these products could be made available for both student bathrooms in the future.

CRLC must oppose AB 10 as bad public policy, an unnecessary burden on the taxpayer, and one that presupposes that government must act as caretaker for young women.

Here is an official summary of the bill’s intent:
This bill requires a public school maintaining any combination of grades 6 to grade 12, inclusive, that meets the 40-percent pupil poverty threshold required to operate a federal Title I school-wide program, to stock at least 50 percent of the school’s restrooms with feminine hygiene products at all times and to provide those products at no charge.

AB 23, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, (D), and two co-authors, Joel Anderson, (R) and Holly Mitchell. Educational Programs: Single Gender Schools and Classes. Amended 5 times (they keep manipulating the words to make them acceptable)

California has been pushing for Charter Schools for some time. A whole new industry has grown up to provide expensive guidance and curricula material to schools. These same groups have also been urging the development of STEM schools – Science, technology, economics and Math.

There has also been the creation of experimental single gender schools, meaning schools for only males or female students. However, the legislators have “discovered” that these Public/Charter/single sex schools could be in violation of California’s gender equality laws as well as the federal title lX laws and so they are attempting to disallow the creation of 3 schools in the Los Angeles school district by attacking one school, in particular, with this bill – YOKA school (Young Oak Kim middle school). The other two schools are Boys Leadership Academy (BALA) and Girls leadership academy (GALA.

And, to add insult to injury the Sacramento Bee reports that Bernie Sanders [is] Coming Back to California This week in time for the California Nurses Association to put on a big conference on Health Care for All.  Who’s the Governor here now, Sanders or Brown?



Was Death of Charlie Gard Hastened

Paul A. Byrne, M.D.
August 14, 2017

Doctors and nurses protect and preserve life. Anything that does not protect and preserve life cannot rightly be called medical treatment and care. Much is written about end of life but not distinguished from ENDING life.

Charlie Gard is a baby who was discussed at the kitchen table, restaurant, supermarket, and in ethical/bioethical writings. Charlie Gard’s condition was diagnosed as mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, which resulted in decreased muscle activity and movement. Charlie Gard had a breathing tube put into his windpipe which was connected to a ventilator months before his situation was publicized. When a patient is on a ventilator with breathing tube in his windpipe [via the mouth or nose (endotracheal tube – ET tube) for about two weeks, it is factual that a tracheostomy ought to be done. This was not done for Charlie. At that point, the die was cast for Charlie to be on an endotracheal tube in an intensive care unit (ICU) for the rest of his life. The rest of the time and efforts that were spent legally were useless because the doctors never intended to treat Charlie in a way that he could go home. Why would anyone believe that the doctors would change their position when it was court time?

Who should make decisions for Charlie since he is an infant? His parents, who wanted Charlie to live as long as Charlie could live. Tracheostomy was not done, thus someone is responsible for making this decision not to do a tracheostomy.

Parents went to court seeking legal support for continued treatment of Charlie. Known or not known to parents (and most everyone reading, seeing or hearing about Charlie), a tracheostomy was necessary to get Charlie out of the ICU. A doctor trained to do a tracheostomy was necessary. However, was such doctor even consulted? Even if they were consulted, their response was not publicized.

When the decision was made by the American consulting neurologist not to use an experimental medication, the Court supported the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) physicians to remove the ventilator and the endotracheal tube. No one, with or without mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, after being on a ventilator for 8 months would be expected to survive abrupt stoppage of the ventilator and removal of the endotracheal tube, especially without a tracheostomy. Thus, the doctors established months earlier when a tracheostomy was omitted, that they never intended to allow Charlie to be out of the ICU. Hospice finalized and executed removal of the ET tube and stopped the ventilator. Charlie was dead shortly after the ET tube and ventilator were removed.

The issue of the ventilator being an ordinary or extraordinary means of treatment was discussed in the writings about Charlie. The ventilator did not involve any great burden for Charlie or anyone else. Donations were reported to be more than a million Euros. Thus, the ventilator was not excessively burdensome or too expensive. This teaching of Pope Pius XII is quoted often: "Normally one is held to use only ordinary means . . . that is to say, means that do not involve any grave burden for oneself or another." From the same document, the teaching that is often left out is, "On the other hand, one is not forbidden to take more than the strictly necessary steps to preserve life and health, as long as he does not fail in some more serious duty." Charlie’s parents, however, were forbidden from taking Charlie out of the ICU to their home. The wishes and directions of Charlie’s parents never had a chance.

In the consideration of ordinary/extraordinary means, the understanding of the words is of paramount importance. Over many years as medicine improved in its ability to treat patients with more successful and less painful procedures, the use of the terms remained quite unchanged. Moralists are quoted who lived before pain was controllable. St. Augustine wrote about a hemorrhoid operation using four strong men to hold the patient immobile as the operation was performed. The pain was noted as the patient suffered the operation. During the Civil War, the primitive state of medical practice contributed to many deaths and many more with injuries. The analysis of ordinary/ extraordinary means received its description from those times and the available pain relief.

Now, warnings are given lest treatment of patients would cause patients to live longer because of what some say are overzealous and beyond reasonable limits. Relief of pain and treatments are far advanced during modern times.

Considerations of ordinary and extraordinary means require understanding the person being treated and the means utilized to treat in accord with the quality and the sanctity of life. Ordinary treatments and care that protect and preserve life without being too burdensome, too expensive, or too whatever that are not beyond the capability of the ordinary person are obligatory. Think of what care an infant requires to live; that is what any person regardless of age, illness or disability should be entitled to as ordinary means.

When a person has an extraordinary illness and there is an extraordinary treatment available and the patient desires to be treated to live longer, even if cure seems not to be possible, the patient’s desire for the treatment is instruction for the physician to get on with the treatment.

Life, Life Support and Death, available from American Life League, includes: "No one should be deprived of basic care, including food and water, suitable bedding, an optimal thermal environment, an unobstructed airway, exits for stool and urine, and effective treatments, medications, procedures and operations. A hospital exists to diagnose and treat ill patients. While not every illness can be cured, every patient must be cared for. The object is always to provide the best medical care to the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To purposefully expedite death by omission or commission violates a fundamental principle of medicine: "First, do no harm." Recognizing that every patient must be cared for, a hospital cooperates with other facilities and services as well as the patient’s family to deliver the best care possible to the patient.

"Decisions to use or not to use a particular medical evaluation, treatment, medication, procedure or operation are considered from the patient’s perspective in light of the ability, skill and availability of physicians, nurses and medical personnel. Many articles have been written and much discussion has occurred about what constitutes means that are labeled as "ordinary" or "extraordinary." Ordinary treatments and care are done to protect, to aid, and to heal. When the person has an extraordinary illness, extraordinary treatments that are available and effective are done to preserve life and to enhance the quality and sanctity of life.

"The chief thing for a man’s life is water and bread, and clothing, and a house to cover shame" (Ecclus. 29:27). Ordinary means include any evaluation, treatment, medication, procedure and operation that protect and preserve life. They include provision of water, food, suitable bedding, an optimal thermal environment, an unobstructed airway, exits for stool and urine and effective treatments, medications, procedures and operations. Those that are available and will protect and preserve life ought to be desired by the patient and provided by the physician and medical personnel. Medical personnel have an obligation to use such means in the treatment of the patient. To use ordinary means carries out the obligation to maintain existence, and to preserve the ability to fulfill duties to self, family, civil government and to God.

"Using ordinary means shows respect for the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as set forth in the Declaration of Independence:

  • We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

"Liberty is the inalienable right of every person. The origin of the word, liberty, is from the Latin, liberum arbitrium. This is translated as "mastery over desires." Liberty is the right to safeguard life and thus guarantee the ability to pursue one’s destiny to do good and avoid evil. Accordingly, when the means touch on a person’s liberty, their denial could infringe his inalienable rights. The patient lies at the heart of every medical procedure.

"When it comes to deciding whether a particular medical means is "ordinary," the key is an honest and realistic assessment of whether, ‘according to circumstances of persons, place, times, and culture,’ the means ‘do not involve any grave burden for oneself or another.’ Honesty and reality require that we recognize that what was beyond ordinary in a past, less affluent society, is very ordinary today. What was beyond financial capability in the past is now often available through insurance, government resources and charity. Travel to available medical treatment and care is now readily obtainable. Medications and procedures now exist to help eliminate the painful and debilitating side effects of treatments for serious illnesses and diseases.

"Unfortunately, patients’ medical decision-making today is being clouded by error and confusion in the assessment of "ordinary." Patients are allowed to reject otherwise ordinary treatment and care because their lives are considered burdensome; "burdensome treatment" has become "burdensome life" with the result of shortening life, hastening death. When a patient’s life is considered burdensome, everything is open to interpretation as beyond ordinary, even water and nourishment.

"The ventilator, commonly but less properly called a respirator, is a device that is used to move air with oxygen into a patient. Ventilation is movement of air, while respiration is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This exchange occurs in the lungs, as well as in the living tissues throughout the body via circulation. The living lungs and chest wall store energy during inhalation that is used to move air with carbon dioxide out of the patient during exhalation. Ventilation and respiration are essential requirements for life on earth to continue. When these are supported using a ventilator, such use protects and preserves life. Often a ventilator is life-saving and life-supporting. When the use of a ventilator allows a patient to be more comfortable, it should be continued. When a patient is dependent on a ventilator for life on earth to continue, the ventilator ought to be continued. Treatment with an endotracheal tube and ventilator outside an ICU (e.g., hospital ward, long-term care facility, or even home) requires a tracheostomy. [A few edits of original have been inserted by Paul A. Byrne, M.D. into this paragraph.]

"In order to avoid immoral and erroneous medical decision-making, concentration ought to be on protecting and preserving life as long as God wills. Such focus should promote clear, honest, realistic and moral determinations about the proper use of medical treatments and care." Was this made available to Charlie Gard by doctors responsible for his treatment and care?

Dr. Paul A. Byrne is a Board Certified Neonatologist and Pediatrician. He is the Founder of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis, MO. He is Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at University of Toledo, College of Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.

Dr. Byrne is past-President of the Catholic Medical Association (USA), formerly Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at St. Louis University in St. Louis, MO and Creighton University in Omaha, NE. He was Professor of Pediatrics and Chairman of the Pediatric Department at Oral Roberts University School of Medicine and Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the City of Faith Medical and Research Center in Tulsa, OK. He is author and producer of the film "Continuum of Life" and author of the books "Life, Life Support and Death," "Beyond Brain Death," and "Is ‘Brain Death’ True Death?"

Dr. Byrne has presented testimony on "life issues" to nine state legislatures beginning in 1967. He opposed Dr. Kevorkian on the television program "Cross-Fire." He has been interviewed on Good Morning America, public television in Japan and participated in the British Broadcasting Corporation Documentary "Are the Donors Really Dead?" Dr. Byrne has authored articles against euthanasia, abortion, and "brain death" in medical journals, law literature and lay press.

Paul was married to Shirley for forty-eight years until she entered her eternal reward on Christmas 2005. They are the proud parents of twelve children and have thirty-five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

© Copyright 2017 by Paul A. Byrne, M.D.

The Misuse of Hospice Care

California Right to Life Committee, Inc.
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd #243, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598
(925) 899-3064

August 11. 2017, Walnut Creek, Ca.  Euthanasia, by any other name, such as assisted suicide, palliative care, planned health care, Polst or death with dignity is still the same; the planned ending of one’s life by a 3rd party, time certain, for the convenience of the family, the bottom line of the health care industry or society in general.

How is this happening in our country?  It’s happening through legislation and legislatively appropriated tax funding of agencies who comply with the legislation and church and community organization groups who are promoting what they refer to as compassionately arranged deaths of persons 18 and over who are ill, handicapped, have a terminal condition or who might have  such in the future.

You may recall that abortion started out with Roe v Wade and Doe V Bolton court decisions, as only for the very serious cases of disability of the baby or life of the mother but is now available to anyone for any reason or no reason. It will eventually result in active euthanasia for all.  Repealing and Replacing the Affordable Care Act might help stop its progress, though.

The language of health care and its legislation is becoming quite subtle with a vocabulary of its own.

Terms to keep in mind:

  1. Palliative Care: originally intended as delivery of drugs for relief of pain or restlessness or panic in the final stages of life.
  2. But now expanded for usage in earlier stages of illness as a prevention of any of these situations.
  3. Palliation Produces a diminished capacity in patient to be involved in his/her own care decisions, loss of appetite and interest in surroundings.
  4. Hospice Care:  originally intended for those patients in the last 6 months or less of life. Now being expanded to non-immediately terminal patients.

Here are four (4) bills dealing with end of life care. 

SB294, Ed Hernandez (D) Hospices: Palliative Care.

  1. Expands definitions of palliative care, skilled nursing and serious illness.  Authorizes  Hospices to receive patients in earlier stages of terminal illness who would be administered both palliation drugs and curative drugs and treatment.  These two types of treatment are opposites, sapping the energy and awareness of a still vibrant patient.
  2. Location:  Sent to the Governor than taken back for further negotiations between the Dept of Pubic Health and the legislators. When negotiations complete bill will return to Asm Appropriations Committee for acceptance and then on to the Governor.  No information is available as to changes.

This is a rare And concerning  situation.

 AB937, Susan Eggman, Health Care Decisions: Order of Priority.

  1. This is directed at the patient authorized Health Care Directive Agent including the signatories on the POLST form.
  2. It relieves the medical personnel from the responsibility of locating the designated health care Directive agent and, accepting alternate agents.
  3. Specifies that this bill does not create or expand any existing duty to locate an individual’s health care instruction.
  4. Location:  Bill has become a two year bill upon its failure to pass to the Governor during the first year of the two year term.

SB219, Scott Wiener (D-S.F) Long-term Care Facilities: Rights of Residents.

  1. Enacts the Senior LGBTQ Citizens Long-Term Care Facility Bill of Rights. The bill seeks protected status for those patients who perceive that they are not being provided proper care and respect.
  2. Call the Assembly Appropriations Com. And urge a “NO” position 915-319-2081.  Chairman is Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, (D) formerly with San Diego Labor Council. Frank Bigeow, (R) V. chair 916-319-2005

SB97, Assembly Health Budget Committee. 

  1. This bill, referred to as a health trailer bill includes the funding requirements for every health designated bill needing funding.
  2. There are dozens of health care/Medicaid bills included. It is over 100 pages and requires an expert in legislative funding language to comprehend. 
  3. This bill will be voted on  by an Assembly floor vote , following approval of the general budget bill itself. There are other trailer bills for appropriating the funding for bills that were passed without the required funding being stated.


Here is an example of misuse of  patients’ rights to legislatively enforced health care:

Our office received a phone call recently from a woman seeking support for a complaint filed with the courts seeking justice for the claimed Hospice initiated death of her father while under the care of a particular Hospice agency.

Her father, in the later stages of an illness, but quite rational, entered the care of a hospice agency. He signed a POLST form, but only that part that complied with his request for full curative treatment,

His wife, third marriage, was named as Health Care Agent, the patient’s daughter was listed as second agent.

According to the daughter’s claim, following closely upon the father’s entry into the facility Hospice personnel went to the wife and asked her to change the POLST form to allow for limited provision of curative care stating that the patient was not competent to make his own decisions.  No one informed the patient’s daughter of the changes.

The father died within two months of entering the facility though his own doctor had not declared him to be near terminal stages of illness.

The daughter, sensing that something was wrong with the whole situation began gathering records and data and had obtained a finding of illegal action on the part of the Hospice and the wife.

The patient’s daughter has for the last two years been gathering data and medical records.  She has asked for help in locating an attorney who would handle the court appearances.  She needs someone familiar with health cases.

Call our office if you are willing to step forward for this or if you know of someone to whom you could refer this woman. Thank you on her behalf.

Pharmaceutical Information

Theresa Deisher, President

Dr. Deisher’s career has focused on discovering and developing new therapies for grievous human illness. Dr. Deisher obtained her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University and has spent over 19 years in commercial biotechnology, working with such illustrious companies as Genentech, Repligen, ZymoGenetics, Immunex and Amgen, prior to founding AVM Biotechnology and Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute.

Dr. Deisher is an inventor on 23 issued US patents, and her discoveries have led to clinical trials of FGF18 for osteoarthritis and cartilage repair, and for Factor XIII for surgical bleeding. Dr. Deisher was the first person to discover adult cardiac derived stem cells, and has been a champion of adult stem cell research, both professionally and privately two decades. She is a frequent lecturer on the stem cell issues delving into topics such as; research, clinical progress, policy, economics and ethics. She provides a breath of fresh air with a common sense approach which allows lay audiences to readily grasp the issues. Dr. Deisher has appeared on numerous radio shows, televised debates and live on The World Over Live with Raymond Arroyo.

John Brehany, Director of Institutional Relations at National Catholic Bioethics Center

John Brehany, Ph.D., S.T.L. has had extensive experience working in general and medical ethics since 1992. Previously, as the Executive Director and Ethicist for the Catholic Medical Association, he provided direction on health care ethics and public policy issues, supported membership and guild development, served as spokesman to the media, and coordinated publications, advertising, and ongoing development of the Catholic Medical Association. He was honored with the Evangelium Vitae award at the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) conference in Orlando on September 24-26, 2014 in recognition of his 8 years of dedicated service and contributions to the CMA with a special papal blessing for him and his family. In the past he has served as Executive Director of Mission Services and Ethics for Mercy Medical Center (Sioux City, IA) and Professor of Systematic and Moral Theology at Mount Angel Seminary (St. Benedict, OR). He received his Ph.D. in Health Care Ethics from Saint Louis University and M.A. in Philosophy from University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of San Francisco with majors in philosophy and theology.

David Bernal, Senior Program Manager

David is a Senior Program Manager – eCommerce with 12+ years of managing and directing strategic project initiatives. A skilled Systems Integrator with expertise in interactive web application development and delivery. Additionally, he is a proven manager with P&L responsibility, responsible for $50-70M consulting engagements with Fortune 100 Clientele. He remains abreast of global commerce issues and multi-tier platforms incorporating legacy systems and newer technologies. He possesses a strong background in Financial Services (i.e., banking, brokerage and insurance) and E-Commerce (i.e., both BTB & BTC).

Education: Undergraduate, Pepperdine University in Malibu. Graduate studies, Public Administration at Long Beach State University. Western State University College of Law in Fullerton

After approximately eleven years David left Pacific Bell as a Technical Director to pursue other opportunities. He has held multiple positions within Fortune 100 companies and titles including, but not limited to: Director of Engineering, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of various organizations.

Debra Vinnedge

Ms. Vinnedge is the Founder and Executive Director of Children of God for Life. Ms. Vinnedge is a nationally recognized author and speaker and has provided written testimony for the Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) Congressional hearings. She was honored with the Evangelium Vitae award at the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) conference in Orlando on September 24-26, 2014 in recognition for her outstanding service and her accomplishment over the past 14 years at Children of God for Life. She has appeared on both local and national television programs, including Fox News Channel’s Hannity and Colmes, a nationally syndicated program focusing on current events and issues. She has been a guest speaker on several national radio broadcasts, including USA Radio, and EWTN. Her work has been publicized in Our Sunday Visitor, New Covenant Magazine, American Life League’s Celebrate Life, the National Catholic Register, Human Life International Reports and numerous diocesan newsletters and periodicals. Ms Vinnedge resides in Largo, FL and is an active member of St Catherine of Siena Catholic Church where she promotes and defends Respect Life issues. She has been married 41 years and has 2 children and 6 grandchildren.

Happening Now: ‘Gosnell’ authors blast New York Times

Newspaper’s best-seller list ignores book exposing abortion horrors despite high sales

Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer, by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. (Christian Post)

The authors of a new book exposing the horrors of the abortion industry are denouncing The New York Times for leaving their book off its best-seller list despite high sales.

Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer reached No. 3 on Amazon’s bestseller list and the top spot on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” list after its debut on Jan. 24. It sold out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books A Million in a matter of days. According to Regnery Publishing, the book was the fourth top-selling hardcover non-fiction title in the country.

Yet it’s nowhere to be seen on The New York Times best-selling hardcover list.

The book did not make it into the top 15 when the Times announced its list Wednesday, a reality that would require an impossible algorithm, co-author McAleer said.

“This whole thing is doubly ironic. And that is because a portion of the book looks at The New York Times‘ bias in covering the original story and how they refused to cover it, how they tried to cover it up. And now they are trying to cover up the book that is exposing them covering up the story,” he continued.

Gosnell exposes the horrifying stories of late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell and his West Philadelphia abortion clinic. Some abortion accounts were so brutal that they could not be shown in the movie version of the book. It is estimated that he murdered thousands of unborn babies over the course of several decades by inducing them to be born alive and stabbing their necks with scissors, among other violent methods.

Magdalena Segieda, Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are behind a made-for-TV movie based on the book by McAleer and McElhinney about abortionist Kermit Gosnell. (image from National Right to Life News Today)

“Illegal or legal, this is a bloody, disgusting, process. It is a barbarous process,” McAleer said in a previous interview with CP.

The Washington Examiner noted Thursday that The New York Times does not discuss how it decides to rank books and that some books with conservative themes “have initially been left off its influential lists only to show up in following weeks.”

(Original Article)

While the rest of America looks forward, California steps backward

While the rest of America looks forward, California steps backward.

Camille Giglio, YVRW Legislative Co-Chair.

1/30/17, Walnut Creek.  Now that Donald Trump has been officially sworn into the office of the President, hope, a sense of security and an appreciation for the Constitution is coming alive.

In California, however, we are stepping backwards.

The 1/29/17 edition of the East Bay Times published a commentary by Delaine Easton, former Assemblywoman, (1987-94) former Superintendent of Public Instruction, (1994 -2001 – appointed by Gov. Pete Wilson) entitled: Education lags, time for California Dreaming again.  In the article she calls for, among other deplorable ideas that: the education of our children as the most important work we as Californians can do. We must increase our investment in preschool.

She wants to run for Governor in 2018. Her platform would be:

A) making preschool mandatory.

B) Increasing the education budget.

C) Make further reductions in class sizes. (It was she who started this class- size reduction when she was Superintendent.

D) She supports a program referred to as K-12 Achievement (a tax gobbling group) which is sponsored by Ed Week.

E) Easton was one of the original supporters of Charter Schools during the 1990’s when she was Superintendent.

She claims: Schools are institutional incubators of human potential  

It was she who mandated a (vegetable) garden in every school and She oversaw a series of curriculum guides on how to teach the academic content standards in the context of nutrition, gardening and cooking.

She also gave her full support to Tom Torlakson during his campaign for Superintendent.


 2017 Report on new state and federal legislation.

 There are 17 Congressional bills, all vital to the right-to-life cause of protecting life, about which we must be aware and prepared to support (or oppose). Most of them are tied in to HR7 Abortion Funding by Cong. Chris Smith. Alongside that are the two executive orders signed by President Trump to renew the 1976 Hyde Amendment, and the 1984 Mexico City Policy  


HR 7 Provides for the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017. 69 co-sponsors. Passed to the Senate.

S.184, Roger Wicker, (R), Prohibits taxpayer funded abortions. Companion to HR7. In Sen. Finance.

HR 6, Paul Ryan, (R), Spot bill/space reserved. No legislative language yet.

HR 628, Rodney Davis, (R), Public Health Service Act. Prohibits preexisting conditions contingent on repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

HR644, Diane Black, (R), Discrimination Against Health Service Providers. Prohibits discrimination against health services providers who are not involved in abortion.

HR684, Steven Palazzo, (R), Wrongful Birth and Life Civil Actions Damages Recovery. Prohibits recovery of damages.

HR681, Alexander Mooney, (R), Preborn Human 14th Amendment Rights. Equal protection under the 14th Amendment.

CRLC has received an Urgent Notice from Andy Schlafly,  the head of Legal Center for Defense of Life.  aschlafly@aol.com, the son of recently deceased Phyllis Schlafly, founder of Eagle Forum.

Mr. Schlafly, reflecting the concerns of many in the Pro life Movement, has distributed a paper on the various benefits or losses to the Pro Life Cause if President Trump appoints the wrong person to the U.S. Supreme Court. We are only a few short days away from President Trump making his announcement on his selection.

Included in this analysis is a link to a letter which is being sent to the President and signed by many people prominent in the Pro Life Movement.

Regarding California Senate bill 18 by Richard Pan, (D) a Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California.  The official summary of the bill has caused great concern among many groups. The official summary, so far, states:

Declares the intent of  the legislature to expand and codify the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth and to establish a comprehensive framework that outlines the research-based essential needs of children and; establishes standards for the health, safety, well-being early childhood and education opportunities, and familial supports necessary for all children to succeed.

This reads very much like the United Nations Bill of Rights for Children and has people rifhtly upset.  According to sources in Sacramento, Mr. Pan has received a great deal of comments from parents opposing this language.  He is, therefore, most likely amending his bill to make it more appealing.  It is sitting in the Senate Rules Committee. As it stands now, it is an incompete bill. It has no authority at this time to require anyone to do anything because it has not identified a segment of any code which it desires to amend, therefore, it can not be taken our of Rules and sent to a committee for hearing.

When we learn more we will notify you. In the meantime, have computer or paper and ink ready to send a strong oppose position letter to Sen. Pan.

Camille Giglio, Director

California Right to Life Committee, Inc 1980
C: 925-899-3064
NOISEcoalition, wordpress.com

The Big Death Lobby, Part One

SOT - The Antithesis of Wisdom

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The Antithesis of Wisdom

I often refer to a small book of spiritual reading on the daily reflections of the Apostle Paul.  Today’s reflections in wisdom and its opposite, a lack of logic, is presented by Dale O’Leary, an author and contributor to several Catholic publications.

Ms O’Leary describes the antithesis of wisdom as the profane babblings about which St. Paul warned Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:20-21.

I might add that in our current experience the “profane babblings” has been the standard rhetoric of the presidential campaigns. Depending upon the outcome tomorrow night I would like to offer you the small but powerful prayer that Ms O’Leary offers in her treatise on Wisdom.

Dear Father in heaven, give us the true knowledge and the courage to stand against what is false and dangerous..


Is Obama to be thanked for higher graduation rates?

11.7.2016.  In a little more than 24 hours from now we will know, or have a pretty good idea, of the future of our country.  It has been said prior to every Presidential election since the first George Bush, that “this is the most important election ever.”  Well, this year is no exception.

I certainly can’t predict who will be elected or even how well that person will administer our government.

Only this do I know, we will still need an alert citizenry becauwe the election itself will be only the first step, a big step, yes, but there are many more to come.

Even if our favorite candidate should win (whomever that may be) nothing will change immediately or without long debate, much legislation and much need for witnessing truth to illogic

Just take the education of our children as one small example.  Education has become big business. Both Democrats and Republicans have, since at least George Bush and his Goals 2000 have been slowly expanding the federal government stranglehold on education.

None of these presidents have done away with the federal Dept of Education as some promised.  In fact it has been greatly expanded partly through the forming of partnerships with private industry.

The title of this report – reflects the suggestion that President Obama, personally, is responsible for an increase in graduation certificates.

However, another article published by EdWeek  asks What Does a High School diploma Mean?

This article claims that there are a total of 95 different types of high school graduation certificates representing all types of educational programs.

Of course, behind all this is the understanding that education has become big business with lots of salaries and executive officers and partnerships with more state and local departments of education. All these agencies vying for the right to earn the big bucks doing the educating, so-called, that we with our taxes are supposedly paying the classroom teachers for.

Did you know that there is a big federal Education Secretary named John B, King https://www.insidehighered.com/quicktakes/2016/05/03/john-king-slams-transgender-laws-nc-and-mississippi

If Hillary gets elected we can be assured that Mr. King will have job security. If Donald Trump gets elected, just how long will it take to remove Mr. King, or not?

My whole point in reporting on this is to encourage you to continue to be interested in public policy issues. Just getting a new President will not make the problems of education, health care, jobs, housing, transportation or immigration go away.  It will be ever more important that people stay involved, stand against the antithesis of wisdom and pray for God’s guidance for all of us.


©2016 Camille Giglio, California Right to Life Advocates. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

SOT 10.15.16 Elections

2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd #243
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(925) 899-3064


California Right to Life has compiled information from a variety of sources to provide the Pro Life voter with information on the acceptability of some candidates running for state and local offices. CRLC is not a political organization, We are a 501 (C) 4public policy;  education and health care research organization.  Those who get elected set or change the public policy through legislation..

California Right to Life News: 10.14.16

  • Scott Wilk, (R-38 Valencia), Currently representing Assembly Dist.38, running for Senate District 21, Simi Valley. Voted for Asm Catharine Baker’s AB 2263 protecting Planned Parenthood workers, patients and staff from Pro Lifers.  Also voted for the Rob Bonta, (D) Oakland, fire arms restrictions bill ab2165. Is endorsed by the state GOP but is apparently a Rino along with several others such as Catharine Baker, (R-16 San Ramon) Tom Lackey,(R-36Palmdale), Ling Ling Chang, (R-55 Brea) BrianMaienschein, (R-77 San Diego) David Hadley,(R-66 Torrance).
  • Catharine Baker is in trouble with Pro Life voters in her district due to her many votes for Democrat pro abort/anti-family bills, but she is also in trouble with the Democrats who have put out a vicious ad opposing her and supporting their real candidate, Democrat Planned Parenthood favorite Cheryl Cook-Kallio. Kallio loudly and proudly proclaims the values of Planned Parenthood.
  • She also voted with the Democrats to raise taxes on health care policies especially for medical recipients thereby requiring more money from working families and young hires.
  • David Hadley is in trouble with pro-lifers because he filled out his candidate questionnaire as a pro-lifer two years ago and then when in office voted for assisted suicide.
  • Scott Wilk, (R-38) Palmdale, running for the Senate seat in dist. 21 is another Rino. There is another Wilk, Kevin Wilk, running for Walnut Creek City Council hoping to take over the seat held by Justin Wedel, (R)
  • Could be related. They sure look alike.
  • Sadly good conservative candidates such as Joe Rubey, Sen. Dist. 7, Contra Costa Co) and James Gallagher (R-03 Chico) were given no mention in any of the endorsements. Gallagher had to stand back and watch while the Democrats ripped apart, figuratively, his two very good pro-life pieces of legislation regarding sex education and opting-in rather than opting-out of  training sessions turning these bills into vehicles in support of the status quo.  This was done through amendments.
  • On the national level in politics, aside from the media’s attacking every move made by Donald Trump, (and none by Clinton’s husband) some of Hillary Clinton’s minions have been discovered, through WikiLeaks to have via email discussed ways to neutralize the Conservative, traditional practices of the Catholic Church to create what one called “A Catholic Spring
  • Don’t forget that the 40 Days for Life prayer and witnessing outside Planned Parenthood abortion facilities continues until about November 2.  Babies are being saved. Find an hour of your time to come, witness to life, pray for those who won’t listen as well as for the clinic workers that they will awaken to the humanity in the lives that they are destroying.

Please visit our two websites for continuing information on legislation and public policy issues: www.callifeadvocates.org/blog and  www.noisecoalition.wordpress.com.

We are revising our mailing lists and would very much appreciate it if you would let us know if you wish to remain on our mailing list.  Either email us at callifeadvocates@gmail.com, phone us at 925-899-3064 or return the envelop with your decision. Most of  you have been with us a long time and we have grown fond of you and hope you will continue to receive our information.


©2016 Camille Giglio, California Right to Life Advocates. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.


This week, the California Senate passed legislation sponsored by Planned Parenthood that expands criminal penalties for recording certain confidential conversations. The bill was designed to target the type of undercover journalism that exposed Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and selling of baby body parts.

Assembly Bill 1671 makes it a crime to record or publish confidential communications with health care providers—even if those conversations disclose criminal activity. Existing laws already criminalize recording of such communications and provide for a $2500 fine. Under AB 1671, the fine is attached to each violation, or each publication of the communication, including those on social media, blogs, websites, etc. Violators can also be sentenced to one year in state prison.

Opponents of the bill include the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The ACLU has said the bill is an unconstitutional content-based regulation of speech and that limiting the bill to conversations with health care providers raises Equal Protection concerns. In Bartnicki v. Vopper, (2001), the Supreme Court found that the disclosure of an illegally intercepted conversation regarding a public issue was protected by the First Amendment.

AB 1671 is a direct attack on the efforts of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal practice of selling fetal body parts for profit.

Since the release of Daleiden’s videos, eleven states have voted to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider.

By passing AB 1671, California legislators have demonstrated their willingness to trample on the free speech rights of their constituents in order to protect Planned Parenthood’s financial interests.

The bill will go back to the Assembly for a vote, where it is expected to pass. Please watch for upcoming emails seeking your help in urging California Governor Jerry Brown to veto AB 1671.

Please consider making a donation to Life Legal today so that we can continue to oppose legislation that only serves to protect Planned Parenthood’s financial interests.

(Original Article)


Camille Giglio
August 31, 2016

David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress urgently need your help to prevent the state government from taking away their, and basically our, right to exercise freedom of speech.  PLEASE, BEGIN NOW, TO CONTACT THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE AND URGE THAT HE VETO AB 1671. . To email: https://govnews.gov.ca.gov/gov39mail/index.php.  Once connected follow instructions. 

This bill applies prior restraint on speech which is illegal. It will stop whistleblowers.

Assembly member Jimmy Gomez, (D-East L.A.) is author of AB 1671,  Confidential Communications: Disclosure.  Planned Parenthood is the sponsor.  The objective of this bill is to criminalize the activity of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

The bill was, according to opponents, so poorly written that it also threatened the freedom of speech for the media, the ACLU and other groups which caused them to lobby aggressively against the bill.  The ACLU still, as of this writing, opposes the bill.

Planned Parenthood was so unnerved by the attention and the loss of some funding provided by the Center for Medical Progress that they turned to their greatest ally, the state legislature, to create a bill to criminalize the work of the Center for Medical Progress and, especially targeting David Daleiden.

The bill has sailed through 5 Assembly and Senate committee and one Assembly floor hearings  with a vote total of 81 “YES” and 38 “NO.” Votes, However, it was heavily opposed, initially by the California Newspaper Assn, the ACLU and a number of other big lobbies due to the potential of the loss of First Amendment rights for those groups as well.

At the last minute just prior to a final Senate floor vote when it looked like the bill might fail it was whisked into a Senate Rules committee hearing where a waiver was granted protecting the First Amendment rights to the media. A media representative, unwilling to give his name, stated that they had no signal from the Governor as to what he was prepared to do should the bill reach his desk, so the Media even though it realizes that this waiver weakens the protects to Freedom of speech  had to step in and ask for a waiver to protect its members rights to publish.

The bill, AB 1671, will, most likely go quickly to the Senate floor for a final vote and on to the Governor. To phone 916-445-2841. This is an automated line. Follow instructions. Be prepared to state reason for call. It will accept only one bill at a time.

Ca. Right to Life Comm. Inc. 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek 94598
www.callifeadvocates.org/blog,  (925)- 899-3064.


Camille Giglio,

 August 9, 2016. Walnut Creek.  The Death and Dying crowd have received $3 million in funding to set-up a Polst E-registery  of every California resident stating what end-of-life care you or the state may want for you.

 SB 19 , Lois Wolk Physician Orders for Life Saving Treatment form: electronic registry pilot, was signed by Governor Brown in 2015 after undergoing 6 major amendments and supportive votes by the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans, including District 14 Assemblywoman Catharine Baker (R), and state Senator, Steve Glazer,(D)

The bill was originally written to obtain state authorization, state funding and state implementation, but had to settle for mere authorization to proceed, if the D&D people could find private funding, to set up a registry pilot or test run in two counties using private sector funding to being with.

The California Health Care foundation – CHCF – established as a non-profit foundation in 1998, headquartered in Oakland, Ca. has provided a grant of $3 million to use the senior residents of two counties, Contra Costa and San Diego, as test cases for establishing a statewide eregistry for the signers of POLST – end-of-life care forms.

The government  (taxpayer funded) Emergency Medical Services Authority website declares that both it and the private sector California Compassion and Caring created and developed the POLST form.

It is the goal of Compassion and Caring to encourage every California citizen to declare, through the signing and registering of a POLST form, just how and when they wish to be assisted in dying.

Inquiries were made to the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors, office of Karen Mitchoff -  District 4, as to whether the CCC had to be invited in, voted into the county for this purpose or whether they just walked into the county and said your residents are our guinea pigs. It appears that the decision was strictly that of the Coalition for Compassion and Caring headquartered in Sacramento with a branch office at 6230 Claremont Ave, Oakland.

On a parallel subject, the Emergency Medical Services Authority has, itself, been interested in creating its own eregistry to list every EMT employee as to his or her certification to be EMTs’ and in tune with the state.  It seems quite likely that this registry will be used, in future for recording a great deal of information about California’s citizens perhaps including the POLST registry.

Both Contra Costa and San Diego county residents might want to think about contacting their county elected officials regarding being selected as experimental units. Don’t be surprised if you start getting a lot of advertising and junk mail about health care issues.

The word “care” or “caring” has become a health services hot button item.  To “Care” for someone has taken on a whole lot of hidden ideas.  Think of healthCare, CARING for the environment, ObamaCARE, mental health CARE. One sometimes has to wonder if the non-profits and foundations and election campaigns are thinking about the citizen who needs care, or the environment that needs our care.

I recently attended a meeting in Walnut Creek held at the City Hall and hosted by an environmentally correct energy delivery company referred to as MCE - Marin Choice Energy. This organization is taking over a portion of the Pacific Gas and Electric business starting September. Walnut Creek’s energy ratepayers will begin receiving Green/Clean non-coal or nuclear energy electricity contracted for by MCE but still delivered and maintained by PG&E.

MCE has provided a 60 day window for an Opt-out option for those not wanting to participate. The spokesman referred to it this way by saying: well, if you decide to opt-out after being in the program for a while, at least you can be proud that you helped care for the environment while you received the MCE electricity.

How will the ratepayers know that the energy/electricity that they are now receiving and paying for is clean energy, i.e. geothermal, windmills, rotting garbage, etc?  They can request to see the certificates verifying that this is environmentally clean energy, or Cap and Trade.

Please distribute. If you would like more information on statewide events and legislation please contact callifeadvocates@gmail.com@gmail.com.

What the heck is a REC? Renewable Electricity Certificates, Renewable Portfolio Standards, and why it all matters anyway


Judge Rules OK to Stop Ventilator for 10 Minutes
By Paul A. Byrne, M.D.


Mirranda Lawson is a two-year-old girl who choked on popcorn about one month ago (May 11). Within a few days the doctors and hospital were presenting to the parents that Mirranda was “brain dead.” However, they could not confirm “brain death” without doing the crucial and lethal apnea test.

Mirranda’s parents wanted the ventilator to be continued, but the doctors and the hospital wanted to stop Mirranda’s ventilator for 10 minutes. This is called an apnea test and it can only make Mirranda’s condition get worse and possibly kill her.

We were in court on Thursday, June 9. After the judge heard the testimonies, the judge said he would rule on Friday, June 10. His ruling was that the doctors and the hospital could carry out the testing and evaluation at their discretion.

The judge heard testimony that the removal of the ventilator from Miranda could only harm her and possibly kill her. Yet he ruled that the doctors and the hospital could remove Miranda’s life support.

Yes, we hear about killing of many innocent people in Orlando. It is absolutely awful that these actions occur. But is it anymore awful than the medical and legal system has a way to impose death on beautiful 2-year-old Mirranda Lawson?

Mirranda choked on popcorn. Miranda had a lack of oxygen resulting in her being in an unconscious comatose state but still alive. When a person, especially a young person, is unconscious and on a ventilator, the desire is to get their vital organs for transplantation into others who have a greater lobby.

Is Mirranda the only one that has fallen prey to the medical and legal system to get organs? No, every time a heart is transplanted it is a beating heart that is observed by the surgeon as he prepares to stop and immediately cut out the heart from that person. Every time there is a declaration of “brain death” followed by vital organ excision, the transplant surgeon opens the chest and sees the beating heart. Does he not know the difference between life and death?

Jahi McMath had a death certificate issued on her on December 12, 2013 when she was 13. She had to be transferred to New Jersey to save her life. Jahi has had her 14th and 15th birthday in New Jersey, yet she has a death certificate in California.

Is Jahi a living person? Yes, and she was not dead when she was declared “brain-dead” when a death certificate was issued on her. Jahi was and still is a living person.

Israel Stinson, a 2-year-old boy, had an asthma attack in early April, 2016.  Within a few days the declaration of “brain death” was placed on him. Israel needed food and water that was denied to him for a month. Israel needed a tracheostomy like every patient who is on a ventilator for about two weeks. No doctor or hospital in this country would treat Israel. It was necessary to transfer him out of our country to a developing nation where he has received needed nutrition, tracheostomy and gastrostomy. Israel is alive and needs to come back to the United States. But where’s the funding to pay for the air ambulance to transfer him back to the United States and where is the doctor and the hospital that will treat him?

Yes, the killing in Orlando was absolutely terrible, but what happens in our medical and legal system that is designed to get organs from patients who are unconscious and on a ventilator especially when the patients are young? When the parents say no, you cannot do an apnea test that can be only harmful and possibly kill my child, they plead with the doctors to help and they even go to court for help. Yet there is no help because it is a medical and legal system designed to get organs for transplantation from unconscious comatose persons on a ventilator.

The judge would not help Mirranda Lawson and likewise the legal system did not help Israel Stinson. In order to treat and to find better ways to treat these patients, doctors, hospitals and judges are required that will protect and preserve the life of unconscious comatose patients on a ventilator.

Why Are They Trying to Make Us Kill Our Patients?

California’s new assisted-suicide law violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause.
July 24, 2016 5:24 p.m. ET

I am an oncologist/hematologist who has been practicing in California, primarily at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, for 39 years. It has been my privilege to have treated and cared for more than 16,000 patients with cancer or blood diseases and to have provided pain relief and comfort for the dying.

I am also one of six concerned physicians who, along with the American Academy of Medical Ethics, have sued in a California Superior Court to try to block as unconstitutional the state’s Physician Assisted Suicide law, which went into effect on June 9. More recently, a group of doctors and health-care professionals in Vermont joined a lawsuit filed July 19 to try to block the way that state’s 2013 assisted suicide law is being interpreted and misapplied.

Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown and voted against by every elected Republican member of the state legislature, California’s radical measure is part of an organized, nationwide, social-engineering campaign, heavily funded by big donors such as the leftist George Soros.

Our state’s physician-assisted suicide law instantly removes penal-code protections from a vulnerable segment of the population deemed “terminally ill.” The law allows anyone labeled as terminally ill to request assisted suicide—but it also accepts heirs and the owners of caregiving facilities to formally witness such requests, even though the probate code does not even accept “interested” parties as witnesses to a will.

The law does not require an attending physician to refer the patient for psychological assessment. It thus does not allow for screening for possible coercion, or for underlying mental conditions that could be behind the suicide request—unless the patient has signs of mental problems, which may not be visible to a suicide-specialist doctor they may not even know. In these and other ways, the law devastates elder-abuse law and mental-health legal protections, and it deprives those labeled as terminally ill of equal-protection rights that all other Americans enjoy.

All of us in the practice of cancer care have seen patients, diagnosed with so-called terminal illness, who have experienced a marvelous remission of disease. Very little is absolute—except death itself.

On the day that physician-assisted suicide was legalized, my hospital and the other local hospitals announced that they were opting out and would not facilitate the killing of any patients. Some local hospices informed me that they would continue to give palliative care, instead of helping patients kill themselves.

Killing is never medical care. There is no circumstance when any compassionate, competent physician would prescribe a deadly drug to any patient. If “medical practice” has any meaning, it definitely does not include using drugs to willfully kill a patient or for a physician and pharmacist to supply a lethal drug so that a patient can kill himself.

The American Medical Association has spoken for all physicians by stating: “Physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks.”

The irony here is that the medical community has strongly objected to facilitating the death of felons on death row, but that same medical community is now expected to help kill the innocent.

One must ignore the false rhetoric, the clawing propaganda, used by the death-by-drugs advocates. Terms like “death with dignity” and “compassion in dying” are meant to obscure the fact that these death-march ideologues are targeting the doctor to become an instrument of death.

And why must it be the physician who facilitates self-murder? Why not make the agent of death a non-physician who is given special permission to order and administer a regimen of lethal drugs? No, the advocates want to exploit the respect and trust accorded to the “good doctor” so that drug-induced deaths are viewed as “compassionate.” It is part of the marketing scheme for a small but influential necro-political movement.

California and other states contemplating making this devastating change to their laws should heed the troubling example of what has happened in Oregon since its adoption of the “Death with Dignity Act” in 1997. Dr. William Toffler, a distinguished professor of family medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Ore., testified before Congress in 2015 about abuses of the law and about the state health department’s negligence. “There is a shroud of secrecy enveloping the practice,” he said. “Doctors engaging in this practice are required by state law to fabricate the cause of death stating that the cause is ‘natural’ rather than suicide.”

As the law took effect, Dr. Toffler noted, “the Oregon legislature implemented a system of two different death certificates—one that is public with no medical information and a separate one that is never made public. Thus, review and tracking of physician-assisted suicide deaths by anyone outside of the Oregon Health Division is impossible.”

Equal protection is not a mindless bumper-sticker slogan. It is a pillar of state and federal constitutions and must not be corrupted. Under the law, equal protection must apply not only to the healthy and able but to the most vulnerable—the unhealthy, the disabled, the elderly—and all who might fall victim to those peddling physician-assisted killing.

Dr. Dreisbach is the director of the Desert Hematology Oncology Medical Group at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Do You Know What Is the Biggest Enemy of Life?



In California the work of recruiting volunteers to work for candidates for the Primary starts this weekend. All up and down the state Republican county committees, Young Republicans, Republican women’s Club and Pro life groups are being beseeched by candidates to get out the vote.

But, just how worthy of your support are these candidates? In the 40 years I’ve worked to support the Republican Party and the Pro Life cause it has been only the rare candidate who has honored his or her campaign promises to respect life or reduce taxes, honor any of the Constitutional amendments or the Party Platform much less even listened to the pro life or conservative taxpayer.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is currently under fire from the feds for refusing to comply with the elimination of privacy in bathrooms. Good for him but he’s all alone.

In California, Sacramento area Assembly member, James Gallagher took the floor of the Assembly to eloquently declare his opposition to the all-gender bathroom bill, AB1732. He was the only one. Listen to his statement as compared to that of Asm Eggman, (D-Fresno) speaking in favor.

Three Republicans broke ranks with their Party to provide the winning votes to pass that bill, Catharine Baker, (District 16-Danville), Brian Maienschein (Dist 77-San Diego) and Ling Ling Chang, (Dist 55-Brea). Also each of these Assembly members have coauthored and/or voted for an inordinate number of Democrat authored bills. (See Note #4)

The urgent email I received encouraging me to get out and work for Catharine Baker bragged about the amount of taxes she has saved the taxpayer so she deserves re-electing. Well, as a matter of fact she hasn’t saved the taxpayer one little dime. She has voted for bills that fund $millions of taxpayer dollars to Obama health care provider programs, Planned Parenthood and the State Public Health Dept’s Maternal and Child Health sex instruction and education programs – I & E. (see note #1) plus she has stated to the media that she opposed the Second Amendment gun ownership. She also coauthored the Governor approved Right to Die legislation which starts on June 9.

Does this look or act like a Republican? Why are we supporting her? She votes like a Democrat but gets free campaign assistance from the Republicans. When are we going to wake up and realize that we have allowed ourselves to be been taken advantage of?

This time Baker has gone even further and has, herself authored a bill so egregious to the Pro Life position and people she originally claimed to represent.

Her 2016 bill, AB 2263, Protect Victims and Reproductive Health Care Providers, sponsored by Planned Parenthood has slip-slided it’s way through Assembly committee hearings and is now in the Senate awaiting a hearing date. Our letter of opposition was not given official committee recognition, nor was there any other opposition listed.

Through AB2263 Assemblywoman Baker has covered Planned Parenthood with the status of victims of intimidation and acts of violence by pro lifers as their latest sociopathic attempt to gain respectability and compassion for their own acts of violence against the innocent unborn.

Assemblywoman Catharine Baker is empowering them to charge acts of pro life violence and intimidation while they employ the power of the state to inflict intimidation on law-abiding, life respecting citizens hoping to silence all protesting of abortion and to shut down the Center for Medical Progress.

AB 2263 seeks to amend the Safe at Home program which began in 1994 as a protection for victims of Domestic violence. In 1999 It was expanded in light of the O.J. Simpson court case to include victims of sexual abuse. It was again expanded, 2004, to include Reproductive health care workers, volunteers and patients.

While the current law protects these groups from exposure to the public it left out one important step according to an Aide in Baker’s office. It did not provide for Reproductive Health Care workers, nurses, volunteers and patients to remove their home address from property records. They charge that this still leaves this group exposed to victimization by those who would disagree on abortion rights.

CRLC is of the opinion that this amendment is a sham. It is intended directly to be used as a tool against the Center for Medical progress and David Daleiden, specifically, in an effort to discredit these good people in a court of law. (See Note #5)

It is also intended to be a tool of intimidation against those wonderful people who stand outside abortion clinics even in the rain risking their lives and health to pray the Rosary and offer assistance to women. Perhaps we should have stood outside the Legislators offices?

Planned Parenthood employees, we suggest, suffer greatly from guilty consciences. They view anything, praying, distributing pro life material, showing pictures of aborted babies, as terroristic and intimidating measures by pro life people. Baker and Planned Parenthood want us silenced. (See Note #6)

Asm Baker has admitted to the media that she is pro choice, anti second Amendment, anti parental notification for vaccinations, pro increased taxation as determined by her support for taxing all MCOs, i.e. health care insurance providers at one, increased rate, all-gender bathrooms (Ting bill 1732, Single-user Restrooms, AB1808 Mental Health Services for Minors without parental consent; and, now silencing pro life people.

And, yet, Conservative and pro life groups and individuals continue to support her while she gets the funding and endorsement of the abortion business community. She has the best of both worlds and she uses it to her advantage, not to that of the district residents.

The main reason Baker (no relation to former legislator Bill Baker) and others in the past years, has been supported by Republican party officials is always to protect the Republicans against loss of the required 2/3rds vote on bonds and funding bills. But what good does that do when she and other legislators, spend most of their time voting with the Democrats? (See Note #4)

Pro Life pregnancy counseling groups and education groups have labored long and diligently to create a caring and compassionate citizenry, but we have to face the hard fact that we have lost the fight in the legal and political arena. Legislators are not sensitive to our demands to stop the killing by defunding Planned Parenthood of our tax dollars.

Perhaps Donald Trump has it right. The Republican Party has become quite sensitive to his ability to gain attention. He knows that he’s in charge. What are Pro Lifers in charge of? Pro Lifers now have to spend our time raising thousands of dollars for court cases instead of being able to spend it on assisting pregnant women and sexualized and trafficked children.

Are we going to continue to allow Democrats and Republicans to give our hard earned dollars to the Planned Parenthood type killing fields? You now have your absentee ballots in hand. The phone is ringing waiting for your dollars and support. What are you going to do?


Note #1. http://www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/ie/Pages/default.aspx
California Department of Public Health/Maternal child Adolescent Health. $1,120,000 of General funds (our tax dollars) allotted to I & E programs-Information and Education - just one of their programs and for only 3 years. It is used to develop and teach sex ed curriculums.

Note #2: AB 2263 went through 3 Title changes before this one: Protect Victims and Reproductive health Care Providers is the official title of the bill. However, in lobbying material being distributed by Baker’s office, the Title appears to be Safe At Home Program: record of Title Security. The title, like the bill itself, is meant to disguise the purpose and intended target.

Note #3: Safe at Home began in 1994 as a protection for victims of Domestic violence. In 1999 It was expanded in light of the O.J. Simpson court case to include victims of sexual abuse. It was again expanded, 2004, to include Reproductive health care workers, volunteers and patients.

During that same time, 2001, CRLC published a 50 page report on the pro abortion clinic Directors, clinic owners, clinic doctors found guilty in a court of law for crimes of stalking, killings, arson, and much more, and delivered it to every member of the state legislature. It has now been updated to this year.

Note #4, Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, has coauthored has coauthored 16 of 29 Democrat bills and Ling Ling Chang has coauthored 17of 73 such bills. Baker has coauthored 43 out of 99 bills.

Note #5: Section 6209.5 of the Government Code wording was last amended in 2007 with Senate bill 1356 by then Sen. Leland Yee, (D-S.F) to add Reproductive health Care Workers to the list of victims of domestic or sex abuse violence. This section of the Government Code is now referred to as the Safe at Home.

Note #6: Safe At Home was designed originally to provide special protection to victims of domestic violence or stalking. It required the California Secretary of State’s Office to administer a program of allowing participants to use a free P.O. Box instead of their home address for receiving first class mail, opening a bank account, completing a confidential name change, filling out government documents, registering to vote, getting a driver’s license, enrolling a child in school.

Note #7: A request for information from the state on the number of persons who have sought this protection, in the most current accounting indicates that 3001 persons in general have signed up. Under the Code section 6254, protecting health care workers no one has signed up for any part of it.

Camille Giglio, Director
California Right to Life Committee, Inc1980
C: 925-899-3064
NOISEcoalition, wordpress.com

Investigative Panel Documents PROVE Planned Parenthood Profited from Selling Baby Parts

Dear William,

The House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives released a new set of documents this evening from their investigation that PROVES Planned Parenthood profited from the sale of aborted baby parts.

The documents are part of the exhibits for the Panel’s hearing tomorrow morning on “The Pricing of Fetal Tissue.”

Watch the hearing live TOMORROW MORNING at 10 AM Eastern/7 AM Pacific:

You can also join me and others on Twitter to live-tweet this historic event.

Planned Parenthood has lied to the media, to Congress, and to the American people for the past 9 months, falsely asserting they received no “financial benefit” from harvesting little baby hearts, brains, and lungs.

The documents show the biggest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the country, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, receiving up to 5-figure sums every month from their business partner StemExpress in exchange for aborted body parts. The documents prove that StemExpress did all the work inside the clinics at no cost to Planned Parenthood, yet still paid Planned Parenthood for every salable-quality baby part. You can read more about how Planned Parenthood profits from baby parts in CMP’s white paper released last month.

I spent two-and-a-half years undercover, in close contact with Planned Parenthood leaders and their partners in the criminal enterprise of selling baby parts. But I am still sick to my stomach whenever I see the lists of tiny, perfect baby organs paired with price lists and dollar signs.

Let tomorrow be the moment that we reclaimed our values that no life is expendable, that no one can own another person, and that every human being is worth more than the sum of his or her body parts.

The Center for Medical Progress is a 501(c)3 non-profit and we rely on your generous support to continue our groundbreaking investigative journalism work. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift of any amount here: http://www.centerformedicalprogress.org/donate/

Please share these links and spread the word. Together in the fight,

David Daleiden,
Project Lead
The Center for Medical Progress
(Original Article)


When health care becomes dangerous to life
Camille Giglio

On Sunday, April 4, 2016, The Contra Costa Times (Bay Area News Group) published a guest editorial entitled: The Psychology of  Medical Aid in Dying.  http://www.eastbaytimes.com/opinion/ci_29710339/guest-commentary-psychology-medical-aid-dying.

The author, Teresa Thomas, PhD. is a licensed neuropsychologist and owner of a for-profit business in Alameda.  One of the services that she provides, as listed on her website, is examination of patients to determine the presence of Dementia. Her findings of Dementia would be useful for family members, to submit for Medicaid coverage for the patient and/or for family members to  apply for  Guardianship authority over Mom or Dad.

There is a cryptically written special notice on her website which is worth reading to show how cleverly the niche health care industry constructs it’s wording to signal to certain groups what it is really doing while the general public has no clue. It reads, in part: Medicare is accepted for medically indicated services…on a case to case basis. 

She has been affiliated with several hospitals and medical centers in the Bay area including Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, i.e., the county hospital.

The Contra Costa Times commentary, like another one a few weeks ago, https://www.seniorly.com/about#/  should have had a notice of advertisement attached because, in reality, that’s what it was.

Referring to the Medicaid involvement…this means that the taxpayer is footing the bill for the “under-served” in your community who have no insurance or is on public welfare. See a very good U.S.News and World Report article about that, Californians can choose to die – with the help of Taxpayers, at: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-03-21/in-california-government-to-pick-up-the-tab-for-death-with-dignity.  So, the state authorized doctors, nurses, mid-wives, nurse assistants, and now pharmacists to assist in the killing of patients, but we, the taxpayers, are once again, stuck with the bill just as in abortion.  There are exemptions for religious reasons for doctors and hospitals who don’t want to participate, but, we the faithful in the pews, are not exempt from underwriting this horrific new  means of reducing the population, set to begin on June 9, 2016.

California Healthline Daily Edition published a report that once the pharmaceutical company, Valeant, maker of the drug of choice for Physician-Assisted Suicide heard that California had passed the Aid-in-Dying legislation it doubled its drug’s price. It retails, according to the article, for “more than $3,000.00. California Healthline, March 23, 2016. Cost of Aid-In-Dying Medication Doubled to More Than $3,000 Last year. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/10/16/drug-shortage-creates-hurdle-for-death-with-dignity-movement


Surprisingly, the Sen. Lois Wolk Aid-in-Dying bill, SB 128, from the 2015 session is still listed  as Pending – This was the original Aid-in-Dying bill.  This bill was presumed to have been shelved in favor of the 2b15 bill by Susan Eggman submitted to the Governor’s special session call, which passed quickly.

SB1002, End of Life Option Act: Telephone Number, is awaiting action in the Senate Appropriations Committee. It’s supporters include The Hemlock Society, Death with Dignity, National Assn of Social Workers, Ca Chapter, and the California Commission on Aging.

The original purpose of the slew of Aid-in-Dying bills was, we were all assured that she had the confidentiality of her doctor to discuss such a private matter. Now, this bill exposes the true goal of the Assisted Suicide agenda; to establish a hot line, state funded call center, where the public can supposedly get information on death and dying issues.  Thus, once again, the taxpaying, employed, citizen member of society is footing this enterprise.

By the way, the Teresa Thomas article mentions that no family member is permitted to speak for the terminally ill patient, but that is incorrect. A family member can sign a POLST form authorizing palliative-care-only which has the same effect as administering a death producing drug. The patient is dead at the end of the treatment whether it be by swallowing a pill or starving to death through palliative “care.” The first is quicker, the latter more compassionate, so they say. I guess letting your loved one starve for two weeks is some new form of compassionate caring.

Note: To learn more about the right of psychologists to be involved in such exams. I spoke with Ron Panzer, RN. Of the Hospice Patients Alliance headquartered in Rockford, Mi. He has published a very definitive book on the subject of Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America: Hospice, Palliative Care and Health Care Reform. Here is his reply: Teresa E Thomas shows  as a  psychologist licensed by the State of California in good standing (simply means she is licensed and has not lost her license and no complaints have been filed against her).  so, she’s “legit” legally.  Does that mean she’s ethical in what she’s doing?  Not at all. But then again, the State of California is known as being really strange compared to much of the USA, like a different planet or country at least. She is very pro right-to-kill. 

LEGISLATIVE REPORT.  The following bills are in the:

ASSEMBLY HEALTH COMMITTEE.  (Health committee office 916-319-2097)

AB 2810 by Susan Eggman, Aid-in-Dying Prescription Drugs: Medi-Cal Coverage, currently in the Assembly Health Committee, will authorize that the drugs be provided to Medi-Cal patients with “state-only funds” and refers to this as a benefit to the dying patient.  The reasoning goes: if the welfare patient doesn’t have the money to afford this expensive drug, then he/she will have to suffer the pain and anguish of dying without medically provided aid-in-dying. These funds do not belong to the state. This money is the taxpayers in the amount of approximately $2.5 million for 445 potential patients and its being used in ways that tax payers should be loudly protesting. Also consider that this $2.5 million is largely going to come from the newly found money being provided by the increase in taxation of Managed Care Insurers.

Without fanfare or announcement, Governor Brown’s proposed 2016 Budget recommends $2.3 million dollars to allow California to purchase lethal drugs for Medi-Cal patients who want their physician to help them commit suicide.    For the complete story please go to California Catholic Daily for April 7, 2016”:  http://cal-catholic.com/?p=23255

AB1954, Autumn Burke, (D-L.A.) Health Care Coverage: Reproductive health Care Services.

Official Summary: Requires every health care service plan contract or health insurance policy to provide coverage for reproductive and sexual health care services through out-of-network providers under specified circumstances. Prohibits those plan contracts or insurance policies from requiring an enrollee or insured to receive a referral in order to receive reproductive or sexual health care services.

It appears to be more firmly mandating the authorizations contained in a 2013 Pharmacy Practice bill, SB493 by Sen. Ed Hernandez. SB493 authorized pharmacists to write prescriptions for and administer more easily accessed birth control pills and devices including Hormonal contraceptive shots, to “women” without a physician’s authorization. It will be heard on April 19 in the Health Committee.

Ms Burke is a member of 21 legislative committees. She is, apparently related to a former legislator and L.A. Supervisor, Yvonne Braithwaite Burke of Los Angeles.

The bill, SB 493, contained three segments, the 3rd and final segment was activated last Thursday, April 7, 2016.  CRLC appeared on the NBC Today Show with a brief response to the negative aspects of this bill affecting family communication and encouraging secrecy. We were also contacted by the San Jose Mercury News for a comment which appeared today, 4/9/2016.  The opening statement in the Mercury News underscored the secrecy aspect when it stated that This portion of the 2013 bill was “quietly introduced today…”

AB2507, Richard Gordon, (D-San Mateo), Telehealth: Access.  It calls for setting up an extensive communications component within the Health dept to enable the state to be the provider of first choice for citizens to become informed of their health care options.

It would appear that this bill is a companion piece to SB1002, Bill Monning, End-of-Life Option Act: Telephone Number which is sitting in the Senate Appropriations committee pending a hearing date. Sen. Committee, (916) 651-4101, Ricardo Lara,(D) Chair. This bill sets up a separate toll-free phone line for information regarding End-of-Life Options.  The taxpayer will be paying for the consultation between doctor and patient, the phone system to inform the public of their choices in dying (but not living) and the medication to kill oneself.

Assembly Health Committee members:   (Health committee office 916-319-2097)

Assembly Member Jim Wood (D) [Chair]
Assembly Member Brian Maienschein (R) [Vice-Chair]
Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (D)
Assembly Member Autumn R. Burke (D)
Assembly Member Nora Campos (D)
Assembly Member David Chiu (D)
Assembly Member Matt Dababneh (D)
Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez (D)
Assembly Member Lorena S. Gonzalez (D)
Assembly Member Roger Hernandez (D)
Assembly Member Tom Lackey (R)
Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian (D)
Assembly Member Kristin Olsen (R)
Assembly Member Jim Patterson (R)
Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D)
Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez (D)
Assembly Member Miguel Santiago (D)
Assembly Member Marc Steinorth (R)
Assembly Member Tony Thurmond (D)
Assembly Member Marie Waldron (R)


FRAUDULENT “CONSENT“ FORMS TO OBTAIN BABY BODY PARTS. Says the Center for Medical Progress.   http://www.centerformedicalprogress.org/2016/04/statement-on-planned-parenthoods-fraudulent-consent-form-for-aborted-baby-parts/.

DON’T FORGET: David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress will be in Contra Costa County  on the evening of April 22nd. You are invited to hear him speak and to consider a donation to allay the costs of the multiple lawsuits brought against David and the CMP by Planned Parenthood, its’ lawyers and judges.  Call 925-820-1432 to RSVP.

California Right to Life Committee,
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Camille Giglio, Legislative Analyst
March 9, 2016.

On Sunday, 2/28/16, my local California newspaper, the Contra Costa Times (Bay Area News Group) carried a commentary by Arthur J. Breischneider, owner and operator of several Bay area managed care facilities called Seniorly. He was promoting managed care for everyone, declaring that everybody needs a caretaker, even the caretakers need caretakers and he had just the organization to provide that need. The article was basically a promotional piece for government funded and managed care, but he was given space on the commentary page to make it look like he had something worthwhile to say.(1)

He did his best, in this article to make you feel bad if you aren’t taking care of someone else. He also made you feel like a victim because the job of care-giving is burdensome requiring a great deal of of your time and energy.

And, yes, providing care for home-bound persons, is one of today’s workforce development programs. The government has realized that it must demonstrate to the taxpaying public that it seeks to economize somewhere and also recognizes that it is less expensive to provide low-level, government trained assistance that will keep the patient at home rather than in an expensive facility or in and out of emergency rooms.

In other words, You shouldn’t really be the one caring for your family member because that takes you out of the taxpaying category if you remain at home providing care. You should be bringing in a caregiver for Mom and taking advantage of the respite services that the government has provided for you, at taxpayer expense of course.

Regarding Mr. Breischneider. This isn’t concern for you or your family member’s welfare, it’s workforce development and extra money in his pocket and extra money going to the state in the form of taxes that these insurers are going to have to pay now. http://www.contracostatimes.com/opinion/ci_29563106/guest-commentary-taking-care-yourself-when-youre-taking.

Where, you ask, will this extra money come from?  The state’s legislators just voted in special session and the Governor signed, a huge new health care bill ; SB2b, by Ed Hernandez (D-L. A.) and AB1b by Asm Tony Thurmond, (D-Richmond). Changing the method of and amount of taxes Managed Care Organizations, ( think Metlife, Kaiser, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, any HMO) will have to begin paying retroactively to the government. This requires every Managed Care organization in the state to be taxed at a rate of 8.84%, a figure used by the state Department of Health Care, rather than the 3.9% charged under the Knox-Keene Act.

Currently MCO’s that accepted Medi-Cal patients were taxed on their profits at the higher rate and those which did not were taxed at the lower rate. However, those that paid the higher rate also got reimbursed from the feds at a higher rate thereby making the other MCO’s somewhat jealous. Now, thanks to a 2004 court case, Myers v State Board of Equalization, brought by a public interest non-profit called Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, they will all be taxed at the higher rate but will also be required to pay this higher rate retroactively in the amount of $10.5 Billion. Also, the tax to be paid by all the MCO’s will be based on number of clients rather than on profits. The more clients the more taxes collected. (1)

Some Republicans voted, in the recent and still active special session on health care, for the expanded taxation required by both the Hernandez bill, SB2b and the Thurmond bill AB1b, thereby allowing the state to realize a new source of funds - of $1.3 billion yearly in federal matching funds which will go into the General Fund.

If the state had not created this new taxing schedule, Republicans whimpered, the feds, through this lawsuit, would have been able to keep $1.3 Billion of California taxpayer dollars to itself rather than returning it to the state. In other words by framing it as a benefit to the taxpayer the feds were able to get the state to agree to collect more taxes for the feds and themselves while the taxpayers foot the bill for everything. (2)

For the sake of Public appearance the Republicans negotiated a spending plan for this $1.3 billion: paying down the unfunded mandates, some disability payments, nursing home reimbursement and salary increases. Already some Democrats are considering bills to raise salaries for their special interest pals.

This article was titled Dealers in Illusion to make a point. Next time you read an article about health care and the government struggling to find ways to contain costs, remember that it is probably you, the taxpayer, who is actually paying more in taxes for a reduced amount of care or concern about patients. It’s all about finances and how the government can get more of your money without disturbing your tranquility or realization that you are being had, once again.

Fox TV news played a clip from a campaign talk given by Bernie Sanders recently. He was, apparently asked by a member of the audience why everybody needed (government provided) health care. Bernie’s answer was: “ because we are all human beings.”  Behind that nice sounding statement lurks the hard reality of who is going to pay for all the things that Bernie and friends think are due to us (or forced upon us) simply because we are all human beings? That’s pure Socialism.

Bernie and Hillary and even Donald all want us to also have abortions and euthanasia which we are paying for ourselves with increased taxes. And they want your money to pay for everybody else to have these things as well…just because we are human beings. And, they want Social Workers appointed to every body from birth to death. They want children under government scrutiny along with their parents, from birth. They want the government to use education to plan everyone’s life path, job placement and housing placement…just because we are human beings. And, they have to find ways to sell us these ideas so that we will quietly accept and pay for our own enslavement.

And, now, we learn of a House Resolution, Hres 552, asking approval for funding the training of Health Coaches. (See definition in footnotes). Now the Government has succeeded in raising the ridiculous to the heights of honor. We can all become busy bodies. (4)


  1. Seniorly, We strongly believe that there is a community out there for everyone at every step in life. https://www.seniorly.com/about/
  2. The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, according to its website, changed its name to Consumer Watchdog.org. This group’s main objective, it would seem, is suing the government regarding health care insurance and other issues. In 2004 it provided its legal services to a group suing the Los Angeles Dept of Educaton on the grounds regarding a lack of sufficient services to school children with Autism.  http://www.consumerwatchdog.org/about/
  3. SB2b, Ed Hernandez, Medi-Cal managed care organization tax:
  4. Imposes a three-year managed care organization provider tax (MCO tax) on health plans, with different taxing tiers and based on enrollment assessed during a base year period of October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015. Continuously appropriates funds from the MCO tax for purposes of funding the nonfederal share of Medi-Cal managed care rates. Reduces the amount of the Corporate or Gross Premium taxes that specified health plans and insurers are required to pay for the three years of the MCO tax assessment. Sunsets these provisions June 30, 2020.

    If the state would not cooperate with the federal mandate to change its MCO taxing schedule the feds would retain $1.3 billion in matching funds, funds which California taxpayers had paid. It would simply be divided up amongst other states.

    The Myers v Brd of Equalization Decision declared that the state owed the federal government $10.5 billion retroactively because they had been taxing Medi-Cal insurers at the lower Knox-Keene rate of  3.9% on total revenue.  Under the new ruling all insurers will be charged the same rate of 8.84% based on number of insured, not on profits. Senate Committee On Public Health and Developmental Services, 2/10/2016

  5. Laws Relating to Health Care Plan in California , Department of Managed Health Care. http://wpso.dmhc.ca.gov/regulations/.
  6. Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. WHAT IS A HEALTH COACH?

    A Certified Health Coach helps others achieve their health and wellness goals by providing science-based, trusted information, positive encouragement, and continued motivation. In 2007 world-renowned Dr. Sears and a team of experts developed a Health Coach Training that provides the education and tools to help make a positive difference in the lives of others. The    training is based on the four pillars of health: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.



Californians for Parental Rights’ Parental Notification Initiative appears to be one of the few pro life, family petitions still standing. Please contact California Petitions@CAParentalRights.org to obtain petitions. Petitions will still be available through January.


Sadly other petitions have failed to meet the required number of signatures for admission to the 2016 balloting. Such petitions as; the Privacy Rights issue (no boys in the girls’ Bathrooms) and ousting state Senator Richard Pan for his atrocious piece of legislation, SB 277, mandating that all children be vaccinated have received only lukewarm interest even amongst practicing Christians. This defies good sense, tramples parental authority, endangers the lives of possibly up to 20% of children who experience negative reactions to the myriad of shots required by this law.


Several articles have appeared this last week or so reporting that Planned Parenthood is encouraging HIV positive persons to be sexually active without alerting their “partners” of their HIV status. Actor Martin Sheen has apparently embraced that philosophy whole-heartedly as he brags about the hundreds of partners with whom he has been intimate, often without telling them of his HIV status.


I guess this is why Pan wants all children vaccinated, so that when they are in Planned Parenthood sexual health classes and taught that it’s okay to have sex at any age, any time, any way, they can be sexually active supposedly without fear of contracting HIV. However, he fails to provide the ratio of those who do end up as active cases.


The more students who become disabled due to Gardasil and other social disease vaccines, the more will expenses rise to educate these students as special needs recipients, and the supply of highly qualified and trained employees will fall


When I say 20% I am using the figure most often quoted by the media as the proportion of negative, harmful effects of the vaccinations. The currently popular use of this idea of medicine by “Best Practices” means that it’s a gamble and around 20% of students lose the bet.

Here’s Pan’s reaction to the news of the failed petition drive as quoted on the internet.


In a statement, Pan called the defeat a “ victory of science over the politics of fear and intimidation” and castigated “anti-vaccination zealots” who “used fear, intimidation and discredited information to try to defeat our bill.”

“With this recall threat behind us, I am more committed than ever to serving the people of the 6th District and working to build a healthy California,” Pan said.

What a sham. If anyone used intimidation, and fear and negative labeling of parents it was Pan and his cohort of so-called scientists. It is his legislation that will prohibit any child not vaccinated from obtaining a public school education. That’s intimidation. That’s downright blackmail.




The ninth Circuit Court won’t stop Forced Speech. It has given its approval to the piece of legislation by San Francisco legislator, David Chiu, mandating that pro life pregnancy centers inform potential clients that they have a right to obtain an abortion. http://cal-catholic.com/?p=21896.

The following comes from a December 1 Courthouse News Service release by Nicholas Iovino:

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The Ninth Circuit on Thursday refused to block a new California law that requires pregnancy care centers to notify patients about state-funded contraception and abortion services.




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We pray that you are well and filled with the energy needed to continue the cause of defending life in 2016. Here are a few interesting items to start off the year:


  1. Giving recognition to the 43rd Anniversary of Roe V Wade to be commemorated with the yearly Walk for Life in San Francisco: please visit our webpage at www.callifeadvocates.org/blog and click on the C-Span presentation of the Judicial history behind Roe v Wade. The two interviewees are: Clarke Forsythe, Senior Counsel for Americans United For Life and Melissa Murray, UC Berkeley Professor of Law in the area of Reproductive Rights. The total disregard for our Constitution and the rule of law on this case is truly astounding.


  2. Attend the 12th Annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco. Link to www.walkforlifewc.com for a schedule of events. David Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress and Alveda King are the featured speakers.


  3. Assisted Suicide in California is not yet official. This piece of horrendous legislation was passed during a special session of the legislature called by Governor Brown to discuss how to find the financing for health care issues. Little in that regard was solved. However the Assisted Suicide bill was improperly included in the session and railroaded through to a vote of approval and it is listed as “enacted” meaning registered, and signed by the Governor on December 10, 2015. Any bill approved in a special session has 91 days following the closing of the special session before it is activated. The Special Session is still open. There is only a “call for Recession.”


  4. Eleven, mostly health care, bills which we opposed were happily vetoed by the Governor along with 89 other assorted bills in other than the health or education fields. However, the authors of those 100 bills have placed them back on the agenda for consideration of an override vote canceling the vetoes.


  5. Congress passed the Every Student a Success Act – ESSA- S. 1177, authored by Republican Lamar Alexander, long an advocate of federal control of education, and NY Democrat Patti Murray, long time friend of Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood; as an authorization to make a sweeping expansion in the education agenda of the country. Upon a somewhat closer look at S.1177 it becomes frighteningly obvious that this bill is merely a receptacle for every hair-brained scheme that both the Dems and Reps have regarding “best practices” for the proper rearing of the Whole Child. So far I’ve counted 38 other bills amended into this bill which, if standing alone would never pass. And, by the way, many of these bills are reflected in the 11 bills mentioned above. They are in the area of : pupil mental health, preschool, ethnic studies, home visiting, community-based services, workforce development and a variety of totally unrelated issues such as pardoning some prisoner who died in 1913.

So, stay healthy, take your vitamins, keep your computers running and your outrage in overdrive.

Parental Notification Initiative

This is a state Constitutional Amendment, as has been the case with the previous petitions. This initiative will be targeted for appearing on the November, 2016 General Election Ballot. This ballot has until March to turn in signatures. But, Please don’t let that slow you down in gathering up some petitions and getting them signed as soon as possible.

This petition is one good way to remove the secrecy surrounding teen abortions. Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers would not be able to perform secret abortions on minors under the age of 18 without parental notification being sent prior to the performance of the abortion.

This basically same petition has appeared on ballots in previous years. Each time it has gained more "YES" votes until now, the last time, it was at a 47% approval rating. Many more people have now been exposed to the truth of Planned Parenthood’s business with sales organs which may help push the vote over 50.1%.

The benefit of this being a constitutional amendment is that, unlike a Referendum initiative such as the Assisted Suicide petition, the voter is not saying Yes or NO to an already approved piece of legislation which vote the legislators can basically ignore by merely re-voting a new piece of legislation. A Constitutional Amendment is the creation of a new law approved by the voters, the citizens, and can not be amended by the legislature or by a simple court lawsuit.

If the time was ever right for a victory for the babies, it is this election. It can happen if enough signatures get collected to put it on the ballot. Places for collection: your own neighborhood, your extended family, your clubs, your churches, your workplace, the BART train stations. You can stand and carry a clipboard and approach anyone to ask for their signature

Signature gatherers must be 18 years of age or over and registered voters. Petition signers must be registered voters and they must sign with the same signature as the one they used to register to vote.

If you would like to pick the petitions up in large numbers I would ask you to please call to make arrangements for pickup. If all you need are a small handful they can be mailed to you.

Please call the Right to Life phone number - 925-899-3064 or email us at callifeadvocates@gmail.com and provide your name, address and how many petitions you would like. If you are picking up a large amount I will give you the address.

Please help all that you can.
Camille Giglio
Ca. Right to Life Committee, Inc

The Uniform Laws Commission and its Relation to Assisted Suicide

November 30, 2015
By Camille Giglio

Though there is much information online pro and con regarding Assisted suicide, Hospice care and palliation,

few people have connected all the dots leading up to the 2015 California Legislature’s passage of Assemblyman Susan Eggman’s End-Of-Life legislation. Or, whether it was properly passed and Chaptered.

I offer you a very brief historical look at how it has come about that Americans can now be embracing the once abhorrent idea that suicide could be a positive addition to medical “care.” In 1892 with the apparent blessings of then President Teddy Roosevelt, there was formed (without benefit of the legislative process) the US Commission on Uniform State Laws. The Commission consisted exclusively of lawyers. It was considered that there were some laws so important that they needed to be incorporated into the laws of every state. This Commission saw to that end. It has seen 300 such laws incorporated into every state’s set of laws.

Of those 300 laws the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act – UAGA- is considered to be one of the utmost of importance. This law, created in 1967 was revised 3 times. First in 1967 when Nixon was in power and at about the time of the first heart transplant, 1987 under President Reagan, 2006 under G. W. Bush and the latest, 2009, under Pres. Obama. It is now referred to as the RUAGA – Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

This last revision seems to have come very close to the time of a Center for Medicare Services amendment to their fee schedule which authorizes payments to the medical doctors and personnel for their services. This final revision added payments to Doctors and others for end-of-life consultations with patients. (See link below)

Each revision expanded and strengthened the authority of the medical profession to refuse to provide medical treatment for certain, specified patients and to expedite and legislate organ donations for the large population of patients awaiting transplants.

Just as with the donation of pre born organs, profiting from the procurement and transportation of adult organs is prohibited. However, transplant doctors and teams and research centers began to understand that this is a profitable business.

The purpose of these latest revisions was to accommodate the 1987 Harvard Medical School Commission’s work on legalizing organ donations from “living” donors and to protect the medical profession from criminal charges in removing organs from still living though “brain dead” patients.

http://www.societyandmedicine.columbia.edu/organs_challenge.shtml. The Challenge of Living Organ Donors.

The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Harvard Medical School Commission redefined irreversible coma changing the definition of death from that of the stoppage of the heart and circulatory system, to that of the cessation of all brain functioning. However, this stoppage of brain functioning does not stop the human body from continuing to process food and fluids, to grow hair or beards, heal wounds, allow young girls to experience menstruation or to allow comatose pregnant women to continue to nourish their preborn babies until that baby becomes viable. Transplanting organs successfully requires removal of “fresh” human organs from a donor to a recipient. To obtain that required a change to the definition of what constituted a dead person. http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=340177.

Sarah Palin received extreme derision from Dems and Republicans for her declaration that ObamaCare contained death panels. So, the authorization of ObamaCare to pay doctors to have end-of-life talks with their patients was removed from the legislation. Removed, but not done away with.

The California 2015 End-Of-Life legislation generally referred to as the Assisted Suicide Legislation, provides physicians with reimbursement through Obama Care to hold end-of-life talks and planning conferences for patients to consider just how and when they will consent to have their lives ended. It will end either when their intact, one-of-a-kind organs are removed and/or they are deemed to be too financially burdensome for their community. Study: Many face barriers in end-of-life care by Barbara Feder Ostrov, a re-print by Contra Costa Times, 11/28/15, of a Kaiser Health News article. http://khn.org/news/deficiencies-in-end-of-life-care-extend-across-ethnicities/


http://www.cbsnews.com/news/medicare-to-now-pay-for-end-of-life-counseling-for-terminally-ill/   MediCare to Pay for end-of-Life counseling for terminally ill.

https://www.cms.gov/Newsroom/MediaReleaseDatabase/Fact-sheets/2015-Fact-sheets-items/2015-10-30-2.html.  Proposed policy, payment, and quality provisions changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 2016.

Letters to the Editor of New Oxford Review

Elizabeth Hanink has provided a worthwhile reminder of the dangers of physician-assisted suicide. Unfortunately, like many others who report on this subject, she missed a very important element within the right-to-die movement.

This movement has one goal, euthanasia, and at least two ways to get there: the hard way and the soft way. Compassion & Choices, which promotes physician-assisted suicide, represents the former. As Hanink points out, it has received millions from George Soros. (The IRS 990 form for Compassion & Choices of Oregon, apparently the organization’s home office, indicates that it had at least $20,812,163 in expenses, with salaries for four executives at $621,235 in 2014.)

On the other hand, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), the Altarum Institute, and other groups represent the softer, gentler pathway to imposed death, called “palliative care.” Palliative care is generally thought of as a type of pain management for the chronically ill and dying, but the dictionary definition of palliation is “to cover something.” And covering up an imposed death is what these groups are all about. CAPC trains palliative-care professionals to work in hospital inpatient units, intensive-care units, and emergency rooms, and in rehab centers and even community healthcare organizations. All these groups have legislated and lobbied their way into a protected, increasingly profitable, and rapidly expanding niche within the world of health care.

Consider the University of California San Francisco’s Palliative Care Program, which has received $750,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $153,000 from Soros’s Project on Death in America and other private foundations, and $726,640 from the National Institute on Aging. An article at the website of the James Irvine Foundation, which gave the program its 2011 Leadership Award, described its work thus: “Palliative care is often healthier for the patient’s family members, who are at greater risk of depression if they’ve watched their loved ones suffer. It is also more cost efficient: Research shows that by providing realistic options and ensuring that care is consistent with what patients and families want, medical centers can reduce useless interventions and save thousands of dollars for every patient cared for by a palliative care service” (emphasis added).

This more moderate wing of the right-to-die movement makes its arguments based on utilitarian principles. As part of its communication strategy, it encourages discussion of goals of care and reminds patients of the so-called indignities of pain and the potential loss of inheritance due to expensive treatment. The point being: Die now, save yourself and your family the inconvenience of a non-planned death, save the state the cost of treating your health problems, and free up space in a hospital bed when someone more deserving could be using it.

Those opposed to this utilitarian philosophy tend to fall into a trap. We accept the notion that all death is humiliating, pain-filled, and undesirable for the family, and as Hanink points out, “even the Catholic Church does not insist on futile or extraordinary treatment or suffering.”

Catholics often quote Pope Pius XII’s 1957 definition of the “ordinary means” of sustaining life as those “that do not involve any grave burden for oneself or another” — as opposed to extraordinary means, which the Pope said “would be too burdensome for most men and would render the attainment of the higher, more important good too difficult.” Unfortunately, euthanasia proponents have also been using these outdated definitions to their own advantage in order to justify limiting traditional medical treatment. In fact, the Society for the Right to Die Handbook (1981) makes explicit mention of this papal statement as a “landmark” success for the right-to-die movement.

Today, extraordinary means not only “too burdensome” but too expensive. And the question really is, “Are you, the patient, valuable enough to the community to be worthy of that treatment?”

Ironically, palliative care does not cut down on the costs of health care; it increases the costs by creating jobs for teams of palliative physicians, nurses, chaplains, and social workers; jobs for healthcare preventive groups, consultants, hospice workers, residential-care facility personnel, bereavement specialists, and new government bureaucrats, such as those who staff “Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment” registry offices, and lots of measurement specialists setting “best practices” standards of palliative care, including palliative spirituality, all while seducing vulnerable, trusting citizens to advance the cause of the “new” business of healthcare planning.

Your foremost “right” is the right to life, along with liberty and the ability to seek happiness and eternal salvation. Beware death as a salesman knocking at your door.

Camille Giglio, California Right to Life Committee, Inc.
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, 925-899-3064
callifeadvocates@gmail.com; callifeadvocates.org/blog;



Patricia Ryan and Camille Giglio make good points, and doubtless we can find unity in distinctions. I am sure, of course, that the NOR editors hope that among their readers there are more than a few non-Catholics.

To the specifics: Alex Schadenberg, director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, who works tirelessly on the international scene, believes strongly in the value of a broad-based net­work of people opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide. His website, www.epcc.ca, is well worth visiting.

We can also find much to do in our own backyard. Susan Talamantes Eggman, sponsor of California’s End-of-Life Options Act, which is now working its way through the legislature, stated before the members of the assembly that she is a practicing Catholic and reported meeting with various clergymen as she worked on the bill. Several other supporters of the proposed law did likewise. The right to physician-assisted suicide is part of the California Democratic platform, and many of the people who vote for Democrats are Catholic.

According to the most recent Pew research, 67 percent of white Catholics believe that a person has a moral right to suicide when he is in a great deal of pain with no hope of improvement. Hispanic Catholics show smaller numbers but, like white Catholics, when it comes to having an incurable disease or having a life that is a burden to self or others, many think that suicide is a right. Physician-assisted suicide wins the approval of about half of all white Catholics. The numbers for Hispanic Catholics are still well above a quarter of those polled.

A close look at palliative care would make for an entire book — and it has. Briefly, Camille Giglio is correct: Palliative care is big business and very much a part of the aid-in-dying movement. The vocabulary surrounding it is rife with misuse. Still, her definition is too narrow. The term properly refers to reducing the impact of a disease and easing its symptoms without curing the underlying disease. In itself, palliative care can help suffering and seriously ill patients endure, and need not limit needed medical care. It is a shame that because some misuse the help medicine can offer, others might be deprived of assistance or fear it. Nor has everyone who supports palliative care fallen into a utilitarian trap that would make extraordinary mean “burdensome” or “too expensive.” We have an obligation to protect our lives, to the extent we can, even if it costs us, and to accept suffering if there is no moral means of avoiding it. Is there a risk that in consenting to palliative care or hospice, we leave ourselves open to abuse? Yes, and that is a fact of American life today.

I don’t accept, of course, that all deaths are “humiliating, pain-filled.” Nor need any be, if we rightly order what is true, accept what help medicine offers, and recognize that we are in God’s loving care.

Go west, old man! Go west!

How do you discourage suicide by assisting suicide?

In 1976, Governor Jerry Brown approved a legal right for terminally ill patients to end so-called life-sustaining treatment. (from CalWatchdog article)

The following comes from an October 6 Careful! blog post by Michael Cook:

Ten percent of Americans now have access to assisted suicide after Jerry Brown, governor of California, approved Assembly Bill 15 yesterday.

Assisted suicide had failed in California six times since 1988. But exactly one year ago, on October 6, Compassion & Choices released a superbly-crafted video about Brittany Maynard, a winsome 29-year-old Californian woman with a brain tumor, who had to move to Oregon because assisted suicide was illegal in her own state. It became a YouTube sensation; the tears trickling down her cheeks drowned opposing arguments in a flood of emotion.

And will the new law actually result in fewer people committing suicide as its supporters have promised?

Dramatic new findings about the Oregon experience with physician-assisted suicide (PAS) were published today in the Southern Medical Journal which suggest that this is not true. In a fine-grained statistical analysis of the experience in the four American states where PAS is currently legal British academics David Albert Jones and David Paton show that “the introduction of PAS seemingly induces more self-inflicted deaths than it inhibits”.

The suggestion that legalization reduces the total number of suicides and postpones those that do occur is a popular argument on the right-to-die side. It was first mooted by libertarian economist and jurist Richard Posner and has subsequently been adopted by assisted suicide advocates around the world. It allows advocates of assisted suicide to claim, paradoxically, that they are against suicide. But there is precious little data to support it.

Now the study by Jones and Paton shows that Posner’s argument is plainly wrong. In fact, PAS could actually increase an inclination to suicide in others.

As psychiatrist Aaron Kheriarty points out in an commentary in the same journal: “Several well-studied phenomena in the social sciences and suicide literature suggest that Posner’s hypothesis was dubious, even before empirical testing. You do not discourage suicide by assisting suicide.”

One of the best-studied phenomena of suicide is the Werther effect, named after a disappointed lover who takes his own life in Goethe’s 18th century novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther. The book was phenomenally popular and sparked a rash of copycat suicides throughout Prussia. The dangers of glorifying suicide are so obvious that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in partnership with the National Institute for Mental Health, the World Health Organization, and the Surgeon General recommend the utmost discretion in reporting suicides, lest vulnerable
people succumb to the siren call of suicide.

California’s new law shows that the copycat effect is alive and well. Jerry Brown and California have followed Brittany Marnard over the edge.

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Beginning in the mid-1980’s Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. Became the final resting place for 25 abandoned or aborted babies. Soon after that the members of local Oakland Diocese Knights of Columbus began meeting at the cemetery every Saturday to pray for these precious babies.

This photo shows the Director of California Right to Life Education Fund, Cecelia Cody, (front row center) with a group of Knights on Saturday, September 11, 2015. They continue to meet for the rosary at 10:00 AM every week. They invite you to join with them.

Mary Catherine, a new-born, was the first baby to be buried following the discovery of her body in an Antioch park. The Antioch police were never successful in locating the mother of this child. California Right to Life and Birthright provided the burial plot. Mary Catherine’s headstone reads: “Even if a mother forget her child, I will never forget you.” Isaiah: 49.

During the early 1990’s California Right to Life received a phone call from an unidentified male asking if we would receive the preserved bodies of 24 preborn babies in various stages of development for burial. These babies had been discovered in a closet in the back room of a previously rented doctor’s office in the city of Alameda.

Prior to burial there were several weeks of negotiations with the Alameda Coroner’s office which requested that these bodies be turned over to them in order to assure the officials that these babies had not been victims of foul-play or illegal abortions. Their request was refused for fear we would never see the babies again. Apparently the cemetery could not bury the babies until the Coroner had signed off on the bodies.

These babies are buried in a remote corner of Queen of Heaven Cemetery in two very small plots near the statue seen in the background of this photo. Prior to the burial service all the babies were named.

Memorial to the Unborn - Queen of Heaven Lafayette, CA


September 7, 2015
Camille Giglio

Governor Brown must begin hearing from you beginning September 8th to veto AB15b End-Of-Life Option Act.  916-445-2841 (automated) Or, http://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php

Think about this folks.  Everything about the abortion industry is cloaked in hidden meaning. “Reproductive Rights,” Healthcare for women,”  all these phrases are code words for death for a baby.

Palliative Care for seniors means dehydration and starvation and eventual death for the senior or disabled individual.   Neither of these are health care.

Clarke Forsythe, senior legal counsel for Americans United for Life and author of “The Abuse of Discretion,” was speaking at a recent Federalist Society meeting in San Francisco.  It seems that the papers from some of the retired and deceased members of the Supreme Court involved with the Roe v Wade decision are now open for inspection.  Mr. Forsythe wrote a book called “Abuse of Discretion” reporting on what he learned from these papers.

The book begins by declaring that “Roe and Doe began, in the Supreme Court, as a serious procedural mistake resulting from a case in the California Courts referred to as Younger v Harris that left the Justices without any factual record to consider the complex historical, legal, medical and constitutional issues surrounding abortion.”

The important words here being…”without any factual record.”  That may well have been one of the reasons that people like then pro abortion Dr. Bernard Nathanson always claimed that he and his group just made up some figures about the women who died from back alley abortions. When it was realized that this was an improper follow up to that case certain justices, basically said, oh, well, let’s just go on and make this an abortion decision.

Then 20 years later came Planned Parenthood v Casey (former Governor of Pennsylvania) which said that prohibitions against abortion placed undue burdens on a pregnant woman. Again, with little to no factual data. This was followed by The Carhart Decision which claimed that abortion was safer than childbirth for women. Again, no factual data to back it.  This phrase, according to the research conducted by Mr. Forsythe came from one line in an obscure book written by a pro abortion writer whose name was never brought to light.

There were no facts presented to prove that then. There are no facts present today to declare that palliative care is best for terminally ill, disabled or depressed patients, yet that’s the claim being made.

Abortion was never , nor ever will be better or safer than birth; and starving a patient to death will never be better than some pain and discomfort attached to a terminal illness. Palliative Care is DeathCare.

It’s another department within the health care industry authorized to kill innocent human beings because some carefully contrived slogan said life would be an undue burden.


On September 8, AB15b, End of Life Options (formerly SB128) will receive its last legislative approval and be sent to the Governor.  This is the basic authorizing bill giving members of the medical profession (not just doctors) the right to decide if your life is worth the effort to heal or not.

SB19, Lois Wolk, POLST. This is the piece of paper that these DeathCare industry people seek in order to legitimately take away life from ill people.  It, too, is up for a final floor vote on the Assembly floor in the next few days. Call your Assembly member and urge a NO vote.

Getting patients to the point where they will submit to Palliative care is contingent on obtaining the patient’s approval and a signature on a POLST form.  Contained in this and in federal legislation is a section on mandating consultations and to entice the medical profession to hold these consultations. The US Dept of Health requested that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid develop a proposal to add a new payment  schedule to the rules, for consultation fees to be provided by the doctor or other designated medical personnel. (Read further…)

DO NOT ASSUME THAT EITHER OF THESE BILLS ARE BEING HEAVILY OPPOSED BY RELIGIOUS GROUPS ON YOUR BEHALF.  Call your Assembly member yourself, especially the Democrats and most especially the Catholic Democrats.  These two bills got through both houses of the legislature because all these legislators voted for them without reservation

The Revisions to payment policy www.regulations.gov/#1docketDetail;D=CMS-2015=0081
CMS-2015-0081.  Closes its public comment period on September 8th. 

This proposal would authorize Medicare, amending Title XVlll of the Social Security Act to allow the government (we taxpayers) to pay for consultations by government trained consultants and associates to discuss with a patient just how that particular patient (maybe you) would like to end their lives.

Remember: We the taxpayers are paying for killing babies and now the government wants to force us to pay for consultations to convince patients and families to terminate the lives of our senior family members.  But, this is merely a proposal. It needs legislation to appropriate the funding.

S. 1549 by Virginia Senator Mark Warner, (D) MediCare Beneficiaries Illness Care Coordination. Shortened version the Care Planning  Act of 2015. This Act  Appropriates $15M for one year to train, advocate and advertise for the right of a patient with a terminal illness to seek consultation which would be paid for by the taxpayer.

The training of the consultants will be for developing talking points to encourage patients to sign the POLST form. The advocacy and advertising will be to convince people to accept that they have a right to die at an appointed time with the assistance of a medically prescribed drug provided by a pharmacist.

HR 3251 by Iowa Congressman Steve King, (R) Exclude Advance care Planning Under Medicare. Would prohibit amending Title XVlll to include payment for consultations. Cong. King needs your support to fight for a hearing for this bill which is sitting in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Email to: Richard.Stern@mail.house.gov.

If AB15b passes and the idea of consultations is in the bill, this will become an lobbying tool for Warner to further promote his legislation.

Planned Parenthood Audit Vetoed, Baker Dodges The Vote, The Taxpayers Lose.

Camille Giglio
August 25, 2015

California has had a long history of reckoning the worth of  human life with Utilitarian values.

It began in the early 1900’s with the legalization (along with New York) of the sterilization of Down’s Syndrome children in the state’s mental hospitals. Proceeded through the 1960’s with the Anthony Beilenson(D) Therapeutic Abortion Act, The state Supreme Court Decision, Reproductive Rights v Myers, https://www.aclunc.org/our-work/legal-docket/committee-defend-reproductive-rights-v-myers authorizing minors to contract for abortions and birth control, to the authorization of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine – CIRM  https://www.cirm.ca.gov/ - and the use of fetal cells for research until now, we have a horrific expose of the evil acts performed by Planned Parenthood; and, fetal organ procurement and experimentation businesses such as StemExpress.

But, it doesn’t end there. The wholesale practice of abortion has permeated the laws, medicine, politics,  academia and faith and morals. Dozens of bills get passed every year chipping away at parental rights, elevating community rights and values over the rights of individuals within our society.

We are now facing yet another possible slide down that slippery slope if the Right to Die organizers succeed in getting their AB15x bill by Susan Eggman(D) passed (formerly a Lois Wolk, SB128 bill).

Roe v Wade created a so-called right for women to abort their babies for dire physical and mental health Doe v Bolton, a companion bill expanded the reasons to social and economic reasons. State and federal legislation then made it possible for all taxpayers to pay for this killing which has been expanded by legislators to include every woman, every baby, no reason at all. This happened because it became profitable for legislators to take positions that assured their re-election to office.

Every taxpayer has been made an accomplice 3x over to Planned Parenthood’s brutal killings because we have not fought hard enough to end the tax funding of abortion at either the federal or the state and county levels. Ms O’Donnell, the employee of StemExpress is a good example. According to her testimony on video, she did not want to perform a dissection on a born preborn because she could see the heart still beating, but she was encouraged until she said okay.  This is how one silences otherwise good people.  Get them to become intimately involved in immoral acts or face humiliation by your peers.  Thanks goodness that this young woman found her courage, her moral values and her voice.

But this is not the case, so far with Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, (R-San Ramon) On very important votes regarding human life she has chosen to vote with the Democrats or be absent from the committee hearing.  That was the case on Monday when Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, (R-Murrietta) called for an investigation into the state funding of Planned parenthood. Baker was on that committee but chose to attend another committee hearing, thereby depleting the numbers of required votes to approve the audit.

This is not Baker’s only departure from Republican standards.  She has become, or maybe had herself placed in a strategic swing vote position on the AB15x Right to Die bill. Both the euthanasia groups and the pro life and anti-euthanasia groups have lobbied her extensively, held rallies at her office and written and phoned her office. She continues to require her staff to state that “she is still studying the bill.”  She has had several months to study the bill.  She is stalling, keeping the focus on her.

This was the same approach she took with the mandated vaccination bill, SB277. There she even had herself placed on the bill as the only official Assembly co-sponsor, actively supporting the requirement that non-vaccinated children be prohibited from attending public, private or charter schools.  Her vote on this was seen as an abridgment of parental rights rather than some compassionate appeal to protecting children’s health.

Baker is not the only one who acts like this. Rocky Chavez, (R-Oceanside) is another who votes the way the wind blows.


So, we have come in 48 years to the acceptance of and practice of Utilitarianism in education, medicine, politics and, very sadly, often times in Religion.

In the last few months our office has received calls from desperate family members trying to get help in stopping hospitals from  removing life support from beloved patients, elderly, accident victims, etc.

It may well become necessary to form crisis help type centers to assist family members in preventing the termination of life decisions being demanded by hospitals.  It will require lawyers and physicians willing to learn procedures for aiding family members, and for lawyers who will need to know what legal procedures to be applied in emergency situations.

One weekend our office received a call from a desperate man trying to prevent the local Kaiser hospital in Antioch, Ca. From killing his mother, as he stated it.  The hospital had removed a nasal feeding tube from the mother, but then refused to re-insert a new tube, thereby denying her any nourishment or hydration. The son has a medical power of attorney for health care for his mother and he had signed a POLST form requiring full medical treatment for his mother (that’s the third option on a POLST form).

One doctor, called in to give a second opinion, stated to the son that his POA and the POLST form meant nothing to them. the mother who is in advanced years, was dying, the doctor stated, she should be given morphine and allowed to die. She lost one lb a day while in the hospital. And, besides said the doctor, there was no nurse willing to assist the doctor to reinsert the tube. The son finally got his mother out of the hospital, took her to another Kaiser hospital and they re-inserted the tube.

If nothing else the expose of Planned Parenthood by the http://www.centerformedialprogress.org/

has shown us the depths to which our community standard for moral and ethical values have sunk. Now, with the release of the 8th video we have the revelations by StemExpress, of the value placed on human body parts, rather than on the whole, living human being and the amount of profit to be made from the creation of human life as spare parts.  According to a Crisis Publication article by Anne Hendershott, the procurement of a preborn baby’s fresh liver organ which is then  transferred for a “fee” from Planned Parenthood to a body parts trader who receives approximately $24,000. per liver and its final usage by research institutes.  In the 8th video it records the Director of StemExpress stating that preborn livers are in highest demand and that they could use 50 livers a week.

Our love and fidelity to all who came forward to participate in rallies at Planned Parenthood, or at legislators offices for anti-assisted suicide legislation.  There continues to be many labors of love yet ahead of us.

Randy Thomasson of SaveCalifornia first row, kneeling) and local Pro-Life people paid a visit to the San Ramon office of Assemblywoman Catharine Baker to urge her NO vote on the End-Of-Life-Option Act, AB2x-15.


2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
callifeadvocates.org/blog, www.noisecoalition.wordpress.com

Camille Giglio
August 4, 2015

This is a continuation of the report on California legislation in regard to the assaults on  family and human life and how the state Department of Education and Health play a part in that.

The following bills are, for the most part being held in either the Assembly or Senate Appropriations Committees: Assembly-916-319-2081, Senate-916-651-4101

AB775, David Chiu, (D-S.F.) Reproductive FACT Act. Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency.  Basing his bill on previous legislation enacting a woman’s right-to-choose (including minors) this bill actually challenges the freedom of choice for certain businesses and groups by requiring pro life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion services at other facilities. In other words, Birthright and other counseling centers would be required to place notices in their offices or at their front doors stipulating that they do not perform abortions and referring women to places that do.

Endorsed by State Attorney General Kamala Harris who has refused to call for an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s fetal sales connections. And 38 other pro abortion groups.  Opposed by 8 Pro Life agencies and “numerous individuals.” LOCATION: Senate Floor. Call your own state Senator or go online to www.leginfo.ca.gov to contact your legislator or read the full bill.

AB101, Louis Alejo, (D-Salinas), Pupil Instruction: Ethnic Studies. Creates three (3) levels of educational oversight committees to improve educational results with an elective type course in Social Studies beginning with pre-schoolers.

Increasing awareness of ethnic groupings while reducing studies of American government and history is apparently Alejo’s method of combating harassment, by taking up class time with indoctrinational material to encourage acceptance.  It passed every committee with overwhelming majorities, including some Republicans, indicating that none of these elected officials have a clue about creating acceptance of others.  LOCATION: Senate Appropriations.

SB695, Kevin De Leon, School Health Education: Sexual Harassment Training. Another Planned Parenthood bill. This bill presumes that Planned Parenthood will solve the sexual harassment problems just like Alejo thinks his bill will solve ethnic harassment.

Mandates inclusion of sexual harassment and violence training in the next health ed. framework.

This is, at least, the 5th segment of health ed. that has been designed, like a tight-fitting dress, to encompass Planned Parenthood’s measurements. Sexual involvement, contraception, HIV instructions, gender identity instruction. Expect PP to be in the schools full time very shortly.

LOCATION: Assembly Appropriations.

AB104, Shirley Weber and SB 77 Education Finance Committee, were merged into the Education Finance: Education Omnibus Trailer Bill. Signed by Gov. Brown on 6/24/15.

It appropriates $3.8 billion in Prop 98 one-time funding, of which $3.2 billion goes to K-12 and $600m to community colleges to implement many of the bills about which CRLC has been reporting and which are held in the Appropriations committees especially regarding child care and development and early childhood education.

It expands involvement in child care and toddler “education.” Invites outside agencies to provide “wrap- around Care.” i.e. full services, Career technical education incentives “pathways”, more free meals for more students, more data collection on students, both minors and adult ed participants. Gives special funds to certain school districts, and much more. But, there is nothing here that comes close to academic improvement or advancement.

AB766, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, (D-Culver City) Public School Health Center Support Program.

THIS IS A PLANNED PARENTHOOD BILL. This expands school based health centers.

Here is one of the purposes for  getting so many kids onto Medi-Cal. They can then call for funding to provide special assistance and services in schools to “under represented”  students, i.e. children from lower-income families who are on the free lunch programs or receiving insurance coverage through Medi-Cal.

Related bills, SB 118, Liu, renames these centers the School-Based health and Education Partnership Program and creates new funding by claiming to prevent obesity, asthma, alcohol and substance abuse, and mental health.  Once again. Social services in the school, not academic instruction.

SB1025, Tony Thurmond, (D-Oakland, establishes a 3 year pilot program to encourage all of the above and more.

AB1133, Achadjian, sets up more mental health centers in schools. Sounds like he is taking up the efforts started by Sen. Leland Yee before his arrest on criminal charges of graft. Several bills from previous years failed to accomplish this goal, some accomplished portions of this goal – to use the schools to indoctrinate students into the manner of thinking and acting that the state deems appropriate behavior.

We still have two very serious bills, SB 19, POLST, and SB 128, both Lois Wolk bills. SB 128 has been turned into a two year bill meaning that it can be taken up again any time after summer recess but before the end of January. Both bills are in the Assembly Appropriations. SB128 has been turned into a two year bill so it will stay in Appropriations waiting for a vote when the new session starts up in December.



This article reports on a presentation given by David Daleiden during a Napa Institute Conference.

Catholic Business Journal, article by Tom Loarie of St. Mary’s Catholic church in Walnut Creek, Ca

News10-ABC Placerville

L.A. Times article on Idaho Judge’s removal of a ban on videotaping abusive treatment of farm animals. http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-idaho-ag-gag-20150803-story.html



Most businesses are eager to report on the
amount of services and number of patrons served ••
Why does Planned Parenthood seem so reluctant
to provide this information?

1) HOW MUCH of the state tax dollars received each year actually goes toward services for women’s health such as breast cancer detection and services?

2) HOW MUCH for mental health counseling regarding spousal abuse or sexual abuse?

won’t Planned Parenthood report potential sexual abuse of minors?

3) HOW MUCH does this abortion headquarters spend in legislative lobbying for more access to teens and to the taxpayers money?

4) WHY are parents not allowed to view Planned Parenthood’s sexual instruction material for the classroom, or, to sit-in on presentations to students?

5) HOW MUCH does Planned Parenthood actually receive from individual donors as compared to federal, state and local tax dollars?

6) HOW MANY actual abortions, not percentages of total business, is performed at this headquarters?

7) HOW MANY second trimester abortions (that could produce marketable aborted baby parts) were performed at this facility?

8) SHOW US the form that an abortion patient signs whch stipulates that the fetal remains may be distributed to research and experimentation laboratories?

Planned Parenthood has been actively betraying the public trust in its dealings with vulnerable pregnant women and trusting teenagers. The public has a right-to-know what is being done with our tax dollars and to whom, exactly, state officials are giving our money.

The NOISE Coalition (No Irresponsible Sex Ed. http://noise coalition.wordpress.com


A Committee within California Right to Life Committee
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(925) 899-3064


CONTACT: Camille Giglio
DATE: Tuesday, July 28, 2015
12 Noon to 1:00 PM
PLACE: Planned Parenthood Shasta/Diablo
Corner of Grant and Salvio Sts. Concord, Ca.
PURPOSE: To stand in support of women and all innocent human life which is being abused and misused by Planned Parenthood through its utilitarian promotion of and profiting from abortion as reported by the Center for Medical Progress.

The Center for Medical Progress has released documentation of Planned Parenthood’s failure to comply with Uniform Anatomical Gift Act of 1986 which strictly forbids the selling of body parts for financial gain including human, fetal body parts recovered during abortions.


We are here today at the Concord Planned Parenthood abortion headquarters to demand that they cease and desist providing preborn baby body parts for experimental research.

We, further, protest the continued partnership between this Planned Parenthood abortion facility and the Acalanes School District which provides Planned Parenthood free access to all the students on the Acalanes and Miramonte campuses.

We learned last year that Planned Parenthood was utilizing facilitators connected to Pornographic activities, now we learn that Planned Parenthood as a whole is involved in financial gain from the utilitarian usage of baby body parts.

We also call upon our state and local officials elected who represent the citizens of Contra Costa County to co-sponsor legislation defunding Planned Parenthood’s abortion services and body parts supply business.



Feminists for Nonviolent Choices (formerly Feminists Choosing Life) stands against all forms of violence, including abortion, war, and human trafficking.
Followed by LifeNews.com and Students for Life .


A Committee within California Right to Life Committee, Inc.
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Most businesses, anxious to impress their potential clientele, are eager to report on the amount of services and patrons that they service. Why does Planned Parenthood seem so reluctant to provide this information?

  1. How much of the state tax dollars received each year actually goes toward services for women’s health such as breast cancer detection and services?
  2. How much for mental health counseling regarding spousal abuse or sexual
    1. Why won’t Planned Parenthood report potential sexual abuse of minors?
  3. How much does this Planned Parenthood abortion headquarters spend in legislative lobbying for more access to teens and to the taxpayers money?
  4. Why are parents not allowed to view Planned Parenthood’s sexual instruction material for the classroom, or, to sit-in on presentations to students?
  5. How much does Planned Parenthood actually receive from individual donors as compared to federal, state and local tax dollars?
  6. How many actual abortions, not percentages of total business, is performed at this headquarters?
  7. How many second trimester abortions (that could produce marketable aborted baby parts) were performed at this facility?
  8. Show us the form that an abortion patient signs which stipulates that the fetal remains may be distributed to research and experimentation laboratories?

Many of these questions can be answered by obtaining a copy of the IRS 990 form for non-profit organizations.

Planned Parenthood has been actively betraying the public trust in its dealings with vulnerable pregnant women and trusting teenagers.  The public has a right-to-know what is being done with our tax dollars and to whom, exactly, state officials are giving our money.


Camille Giglio
July 6, 2015 


On July 13, the Senate Appropriations Committee will hear AB 329 Pupil Instruction-Sexual Health Education authored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, (D-San Diego).  Ca. Right to Life has been the only group officially opposing this bill from its first hearing in the Assembly Education Committee to its last hearing in the Senate Education Committee where the Capitol Resource Institute finally got on-board.


Their is a list of about 50 Planned Parenthood groups in support. The language of the bill comes directly from Planned Parenthood’s agenda of sexual indoctrination for all children. I imagine this is why Richard Pan wants all children from kindergarten on to be vaccinated especially with anti-HIV vaccines.

Planned Parenthood will be teaching all children of all ages to be sexually active as their right and with no interference from parents.

In the Assembly Education committee the vote was 6-1 with Republican Rocky Chavez voting YES in support of the bill along with all the Democrats.

In the Assembly Appropriations Committee the vote was 12-5.

In the Assembly floor vote it was 51-25 with Chavez now voting “NO.”

In the Senate Education Committee it was 6-1, Runner being the single “NO”: vote and two Democrats abstaining, Loni Hancock of Berkeley and Marty Block of Lemon Grove. These two are heavy PP supporters so their “NO” vote is rather curious.

Along with this bill there is AB 517 by James Gallagher, ® whom you may recall attempted to get approval for a sex ed bill that would allow an opt-in only approach. That failed but the Democrats managed to get that amended and turned around into support for sex education, providing only that parents get to look at and copy the material for sex ed.

SB1165 by Holly Mitchell was signed by the Governor in 2014. It requires the state Board of Education to consider including age-appropriate content on sexual abuse, sexual assault awareness and prevention.

So, unless, we the people, prevent this, this will become a semester long class of indoctrination in sexual lifestyles and choices for ALL students beginning in kindergarten – with, of course, age appropriate language.

Here are excerpts from the Senate Education Committee analysis of the bill that, if you are up on Planned Parenthood prose, should alarm everybody:

  1. Instruction and Materials must be age appropriate.
  2. All factual information presented must be medical accurate and objective.
    1. Comment: There is little that is factual in PP’s presentations so that should be no problem.
  3. Instruction…must encourage a student to communicate with parents about human sexuality, teach respect for marriage (gay and straight?) and Committed relationships. (Remember the GenderBread Man?)
  4. Beginning in grade 7 materials must teach about abstinence but also other ways to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and the effectiveness and safety of all federal FDA approved contraceptive methods (Ca. Ed code 51933).
  5. Grades K-6 to provide comprehensive sexual health ed. (comprehensive means teach them everything in a manner that they will understand, so they don’t change the information just the words used to get their point across).
  6. Merges HIV/AIDS education and sexual health ed. )This is what CRLC thinks that PP had already been doing in the Acalanes High School district.)
  7. Expands the components of the instruction – including treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
  8. Instructs the students to decrease their use of injectible drugs when experimenting with sexual choices.
  9. Modifies and adds information about the effectiveness and safety about the treatment of HIV and other infections.
  10. Adds information about students legal rights to access local resources for sexual and reproductive health care.
  11. Requires instruction on pregnancy to include discussion on all legally available pregnancy outcomes including:<
    1. Parenting, adoption and abortion. (adoption for the gays who are functionally sterile)
    2. Instruction and materials must teach students about gender, gender expression, gender identity and explore the harm of negative gender stereotypes.
    3. Changes definitions of HIV/AIDS Prevention to be HIV prevention, family planning to contraception and sexually transmitted diseases to sexually transmitted infections.
    4. Clarifies that outside consultants and guest speakers providing instruction must have expertise in sexual health education and HIV prevention and that consultants and guest speakers must have knowledge of the most recent medically accurate research on the related topics. (This excludes everyone but Planned Parenthood)


Should you wish to call each individual senator here are their numbers:

Sen. Ricardo Lara, (D) Chairman – 916-651-4033
Sen. Patricia Bates ® V. Chairman – 916-651-4036
Sen. Jim Beall – 916-651-4015
Sen. Jerry Hill – 916-651-4013
Sen. Connie Levya – 916-651-4020
Sen. Tony Mendoza – 916-651-4032
Sen. Jim Nielsen (R) – 916-651-4004



Report prepared by California Right to Life committee, Inc. 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
925-899-3064, www.callifeadvocates.org/blog


Camille Giglio
June 25, 2015

The delivery of so-called health care these days has become a matter of percentages and ratios, not a matter of individualized care. If 80% of the population’s health improves with product “A” then it’s just too bad for the remaining 20%. That 20% is now disposable. That 20% gets tossed out of the lifeboat.

The Krawitt family traveled with their young son, a Leukemia survivor, to Sacramento to plead for acceptance of universal vaccination as a way to insure that their son’s life is protected. Thousands of other parents traveled to Sacramento with their vaccine disabled children pleading for safety for their lives.

The lives of their present and everyone’s future children apparently didn’t matter to the legislators who passed SB 277, Sen. Richard Pan’s mandatory vaccine bill.

We all, I’m sure, find it very hard to ignore the one plea in favor of the other however, a question needs to be asked of the Krawitt family and of families in general:

To what lengths will you go to demand protection for your child from other injuries at the expense of other children? Will you demand sacrifices from everyone in order to protect your son from sore throats? Can you protect him from a broken bone? Can you protect him from eye or ear infections, Dental carries? All of those things can have a disabling effect on any child. You and the families with vaccine disabled children share these problems.

This is not meant to demean the seriousness of this son’s health situation, but, then neither is it right to demean the concerns of the vaccine injured children.

This whole vaccine dilemma is creating an ethic that values numbers and percentages more than individual lives.

The Krawitt family and the parents of the vaccine injured children are both saying that my child(ren)’s lives are just as important as yours. Today’s Assembly floor vote demands that one group sacrifice their children to your child’s presumed superior needs.

All this is brought about because the elected officials of this state are playing god with other peoples lives. We citizens and parents have all been placed in the lifeboat by the elected officials and their pharmaceutical supporters. They will now sit back and watch while we decide who can stay in the lifeboat and who gets chosen to be ejected from this lifeboat called earth.

Will we make that humanistic and utilitarian decision easy for them? Will our Christian moral ethics be a part of that 20% that gets tossed overboard? What group will be next to toss out of the boat? Will it be the elderly, ill and physically and mentally disabled? I pray not.

The decision for life is now in the hands of the Governor regarding all deemed disqualified for acceptance into the general society. SB277 is on its way to the Governor, SB 128 End-of-Life by Lois Wolk will probably go the same way.


Camille Giglio

June 4, 2015

The California Senate has, today, passed SB 128, the Senator Lois Wolk bill to authorizing the enabling of medical personnel to assist adults to kill themselves by prescription. The final amended bill uses the term “adult” as a qualifier but does not define what age constitutes adult. It could well be that they consider it okay for 18 year olds, deep into depressions, or on drugs, to kill themselves.

The bill is endorsed by dozens of Non-profit and pseudo political organizations many with the designation of Democrat. The list of supporters includes the ACLU, Compassion and Choices, AMA, American Nurses Assn, California Church Impact (Planned Parenthood) Insurance commissioner Dave Jones and state Controller Betty Yee, Equality California, GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality.

We, especially, call your attention to the last group listed. State Assembly member from Long Beach, Patrick O’Donnell, has a bill, AB 827, entitled Safe Place to Learn Act,.: Lesbian and Gay Resources.

This bill would mandate establishing LGBT advisors, counselors, clubs, and referrals in every school.

The phrase a “safe place to learn” takes on a whole new meaning now as this agenda comes to light.

Schools are now mandated to be places of encouragement for the development, support and promotion of LGBTOQ lifestyles and promotion (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual transgender, queer, other). The groups such as Equality California and the LGBT bouffet also endorse suicide as plainly seen by their support for SB 128.

Schools are already places of support and encouragement for sexually explicit and deviant activities. Schools are also places for mental health counseling, nutrition classes, ethnic history lessons. One Garcia bill if passed will require that social science classes have a unit on the forced deportation of Mexican illegal immigrants in the 7-12 class range program.

The enclosed information is vital for you and your family for your health and safety. In July I will be traveling to North Carolina for a Conference on the development of a state or nation wide hotline type of access for people needing assistance and information in traversing the hospital end-of-life pathways.

Pro Life groups are alerting each other to the fact that we are receiving more and more calls from frantic family members whose loved one, in hospital, is being pressured to use assisted suicide and donate their organs to transplant teams.

Hearings will begin soon on SB 128 in the Assembly Health Committee. SB 128 plus SB 277 the Richard Pan Vaccinations bill will, most likely both be heard in that committee. Get everybody you can to contact those members beginning now.

Assembly Health=916-319-20

Assembly Member Rob Bonta (D) [Chair]
Brian Maienschein (R) [Vice-Chair] Susan Bonilla Autumn R. Burke (D) Rocky J. Chavez (R)
David Chiu (D) Jimmy Gomez (D) Lorena S. Gonzalez (D) Roger Hernandez (D)
Tom Lackey ® Adrin Nazarian (D) Jim Patterson ® Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D)
Freddie Rodriguez (D) Miguel Santiago (D) Marc Steinorth ® Tony Thurmond (D)
Marie Waldron ® Jim Wood (D)

SOT Health related 5-18-15

2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

May 18, 2015.

  1. Health Care Philanthropist Marc Benioff.
  2. Health Care legislation and what it means.

The Sunday, May 17 edition of the Contra Costa Times carries an article on the front page of its Local News section about Marc Benioff whom they describe as a Cloud-computing pioneer, philanthropist and social justice advocate. He was featured because he was the main speaker at the UC Berkeley 2015 graduating class.

By human and utilitarian standards the multi-millionaire Benioff is a huge success.  Amongst his displays of beneficence are $200 million in contributions to the UC Hospital system and Oakland Children’s Hospital. Oakland Children’s Hospital re-named itself Benioff Children’s Hospital in his honor.

His message to the graduating class was “to use the values the university instilled in them to change the world for the better.”  How ironic. Oakland CH was the scene of Jahi McMath’s confrontation with Hospital demands for permission to use her body as an organ donor before she was dead, literally.

UCSF is the place where, using tax and foundation dollars, midwives were trained to perform abortions by Planned Parenthood operatives.  One may wonder if the Benioff money was used for such? 

On the editorial page of that same CC Times edition is an guest commentary written (one presumes) by Assemblyman Rob Bonta, (D-Oakland) chair of the Assembly Health Committee and member of the Assembly Budget and Appropriations, and popular actor Jeff Bridges, national spokesman for Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign (SOS No Kid Hungry). https://www.nokidhungry.org/the-solution.  The title of the article is “Students need to start with breakfast.”

Bonta is touting his own bill, AB 1240, Pupil Nutrition, free or reduced price meals, breakfast. His bill in a hearing before his own Appropriations Committee had perceived administrative costs of more than $150,000.00 and was placed in the suspense file. All suspense file bills must be approved by May 29 or die for this term.

Bonta is using an emotional laden column to, basically, lobby the readers to encourage passage of his bill.  His bill will create a state-wide school district breakfast program for every child in the state. The main agenda of this bill is to place the consumption of breakfast during class time hours, not before school as it is now set-up. The slogan is “breakfast after the bell.” Los Angeles school district, using this approach has increased breakfast participation from 30 % of students to 80% of students. This would be paid for with a combination of federal and state money.  Apparently these figures imply that 80% of parents in the school district are off the hook for feeding their own kids.

The bill also provides for the inclusion of snacks during the day which would be provided by rolling food carts. Children are already getting free lunch and after school snacks in the after-school programs.

We would soon have a state in which few children eat their meals at home even in the summer.  This is a part of the national, Michelle Obama endorsed Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. http://www.fns.usda.gov/tags/healthy-hunger-free-kids-act-0

Please click on these links and read the whole agenda. The state reflecting the Democrat Party model set by Congressional and US government legislative houses is taking over everyone’s nutritional needs and dietary program. 26 stakeholder groups of both state and national prominence, have endorsed this bill including the California Catholic Conference. Why them, I don’t know. I thought the church’s Bishops, liked family life…sitting around the table, saying Prayers before Meals, having family time together?

This is not the only government-as-everyone’s-nanny piece of legislation. CRLC has identified 29 California, state legislature, health bills which have as a core feature, the direct state intervention in some portion of everyone’s health from beginning to end and everything in between. The health sub=headings are: Schools(2), Newborn (1), Health/Wkforce (7). End-of-life (6), Vaccines (3), Abortion(2). Mental Health (7).  At this point I will just mention the most significant bills in each category.



AB 47, State Pre-School, Kevin McCarty, (D), Sets up the state as the premier day-care provider. California Catholic Conference in support along with First 5 and several stakeholder groups. Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee.

AB1207, Makes child-care workers mandated suspected child abuse reporters as a condition of licensure. Endorsed by Child Care Health Program and Child Care Law Center.

Bill has passed to the Senate.



AB1149, Public Health Emergencies: Funding. Jim Wood, (D), Sets up requirements for future federal ACA funding for, possible future medical emergencies. (suspect that it is planned for forced vaccination of the populace, especially if Sen. Pan’s SB277 fails.) Passed to the Senate.

SB 323, Nurse Practitioners: Scope of Practice, Ed Hernandez. Authorizes a nurse practitioner holding a national certificate to practice without physician supervision including signing or modifying medical treatment forms. This is a part of the Affordable Care Act mandate. Endorsed by 34 stakeholders including the Family Health Council which is AKA Planned Parenthood.  Passed to Assembly.

SB 407, Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program, Mike Morrell, (D), Expands midwives scope of practice in areas of perinatal care. Endorsed by Ca. Nurse-Midwives organization. Recall that they were also supporters of recent successful efforts to expand into providing some abortion services. This is another Affordable Care Act requirement. Includes  Central Ca. Alliance for Health which is a part of the Covered California insurance program. This means endorsement of services to pregnant and newly parenting women by health care workers of a lesser degree of training and therefore cost efficient.



AB517, HIV/AIDs Prevention Act: Educational Material, James Gallagher ® . Original intent of providing a parental Opt-in only regarding Sexual Health Ed,  it was amended and removed. Still contains strengthened mandate for parental information and obtainment of copies of class room material. Held in Assembly Appropriations.

SB277, Public Health: Vaccinations. Richard Pan, (D) Infamous and despicable destruction of parental rights in health care placing the state in authority over the amount and types of vaccines with which students, including preschoolers, will be injected.  The figure of 8 vaccines stated in the original bill has been removed.  Media reports claim that there are about 32 vaccines that the federal health department deems necessary to protect future generations, most required before beginning school.

Passed to Assembly



AB601, Residential Care Facilities for Elderly: Licensing.  OPPOSE. Amends licensing requirements. Strengthening some requirements and relaxing others. Presents possible manipulative authority over elder care facility owners to conform or lose their license to operate. To Senate on a 66-7 floor vote.

AB637, Nora Campos, and SB19, Lois Wolk, Both deal in advancing the POLST end-of-life-care form. Assembly bill 637 has passed to the Senate Health Cmte. It seeks to exempt physicians from criminal charges regarding administration of pharmaceuticals and removal of food and water designed to produce a planned medically induced suicide.

SB19, POLST, requires establishment of a statewide POLST registry and data collection on patients.

In Senate Appropriations Suspense file until May 29.

SB128, End-of, Lois Wolk. OPPOSE. Authorizes state recognition of an end-of-life option supporting prescription induced and assisted suicide.




AB847, Mental Health: Community Based Services, Kevin Mullin. ( see also Maienschein AB 861 -Mental Health Community Services.) Aligns with federal Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 – HR 4302. Authorizes the state to apply for a federal HHS planning grant (pilot-type program) to improve community mental health services demonstration project.

SEC. 2. This act is an urgency statute necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety within the meaning of Article IV of the Constitution and shall go into immediate effect.

There is a package of bills setting up new or expanded community sourced Mental health prototype services: AB1193, Susan Eggman, (D), Mental Health Services, AB1025, Pupil Health: Interventions Pilot Program, Tony Thurman, (D-W. Contra Costa Co), AB1194, Mental Health: Involuntary Commitment (A person deemed a danger to himself or others), AB741, Mental Health: Community Care Services.

The fate of all these bills will be determined by May 29 or the first part of June.  Please visit www.leginfo.ca.gov to read the full text of each bill and determine for yourself the importance of these bills on the community, yourself and your family.

I haven’t even begun to report on the education or right-to-life type bills


Keeping Planned Parenthood out of the classroom can do the same thing. Planned Parenthood indoctrinates. It does note educate. If it truly educated the students about sexual health it would lose business, as seen by the attached chart.

The attached chart, created by the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, in recognition of the 24th year of their Parental Notification Law, See Hodgson v Minnesota, 1990, accurately reflects the rather sharp decline of teenage abortions in that state, following passage of the law in 1981.

The law requires that both parents be notified at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled abortion for a minor. The law was passed by a bi-partisan legislature, something unheard of in California’s long history of extreme and partisan legislative make-up.

Minnesota has been able to keep good clean statistics. Abortions on teens declined from a peak of 2,327 to only 403 teen abortions in 2012.

California law requires no such record keeping of the number of abortions. However, if we had a Parental Notification Law, we can see that it would save lives. Three times Parental Notification laws have been placed on our state ballot and each time the numbers voting for PN laws has grown.
PROP 73, Nov., 2005, Special Election. PROP 85, Nov., 2006 Gubernatorial Election
PROP 4, Nov., 2008 Presidential Election.

California’s law makers, as witnessed by the phony hearings on Richard Pan’s SB 277, Mandatory Vaccinations, exposes the truth of the hostility of the legislators to the rights of parents and children.

In that situation hundreds of mothers and fathers, not once but three times, with infants in arms, both vaccine disabled and healthy, have appeared before the various committees to urge “NO” votes on blanket, government required vaccines, while only a scornful handful of supporters has spoken for the bill, yet, the bill passes. This is standard procedure on the part of the legislators when Planned Parenthood is in support of a bill.

Basically this same scene occurs locally, in schools and School Board hearings. Officials, state, county or local refuse to listen to parents yet they are sworn to protect the students, educate the students and use their tax dollars wisely.

Locally dozens of parents have been attempting to gain the attention of the Acalanes School Board with requests to remove Planned Parenthood from the school’s Sexual Health Curriculum agenda to no avail.

After seven months of trying beginning last year in October, the Acalanes School Board voted unanimously to retain Planned Parenthood and its curriculum as exclusive instructors in what they euphemistically call sexual health. It is really indoctrination into sexual pleasuring and conformity.
Students, in classes, learn a mantra in response to the question: Where do we go for contraceptives? We go to Planned Parenthood… at age 14, or 9 or however “age-appropriately” Planned Parenthood can sell its products, services and results (venereal disease and abortion).

In the Acalanes School Board vote taken this April, the school district staff wrote a glowing account of the Planned Parenthood program, appearing to recommend a few minor adjustments to the curriculum and parental rights to view material. In fact, they were only reiterating what the Board and school staff should have been doing all along.

What the school officials either don’t understand or are afraid to tell parents is that they, the local officials, are soon to be no longer in charge of much of anything except the color to paint the classroom walls, if that, even.

The demands placed on state and local school officials, in this instance regarding sex education, is coming through federal Common Core legislation. This will eventually make the local school boards non-functioning. The adjustments to the Acalanes curriculum is not coming from the locals, it is being handed down by the state who is receiving it from the feds who get it from groups like Planned Parenthood. Which may be why the Acalanes school officials hear only the voice of Planned Parenthood? Perhaps they hope to be supported in future, have their health care paid for by Planned Parenthood?


April 9, 2015
Camille Giglio

This was the scene outside the Senate Health Committee
meeting room 4-8-15, for hearing SB 277,
Mandatory Vaccinations.

Sacramento, Ca. At the State Capitol. Within the last two days several very important bills were either passed or defeated that will have a direct impact on the integrity of the family and on children’s physical and moral health.

The attached photo shows a portion of the crowd standing in line waiting to enter the Senate Health Committee hearing on Sen. Richard Pan’s bill, SB 277, mandatory vaccinations. The bill takes away parental rights to decide their children’s health care in regard to state desired vaccinations for one’s children. As it stands this bill will prohibit any child from entering school (public, private and Charter) without proof of vaccinations. It will also require the schools to post notices on the percentage of vaccinated students.

Those who opposed the bill, parents and grandparents with vaccine damaged children sported some red clothing or signs saying “NO SB277, Family’s for healthy choice, etc. They came from all over the state. It took all day for families with children and babes in arms, to wait for the 1:30 hearing to begin and then it took close to three hours for all the proponents and opponents to step before the mike and state their position.

Planned Parenthood was prominent in its support of this bill.

Also being heard yesterday was newly elected Assembly member, James Gallagher’s AB517, HIV/AIDS Prevention Education: Parental Consent. Two local parents within the Acalanes School District gave testimony at this hearing in the Assembly Education Committee in regard to the lack of parents rights regarding the sex ed information in two local high schools, Acalanes and Miramonte. Also speaking for the bill was a former Clinical sex ed instructor/nurse from Fresno. Only one Education Committee member, Rocky Chavez, R. voted for it, but the committee re-referred it back to the committee for discussion and possible amendments.

So, more on this bill and on SB277, later.

Also heard yesterday was AB 147, Postsecondary Education: Animal Research, by Matt Dababneh. This bill has passed two committee hearings with flying colors, passing 11-1 with 1 abstention in the Assembly Higher Ed. Committee and 16-1 in the Asm Appropriations Committee. This bill will require any campus of the U.C. System to set up adoption centers for dogs or cats who have previously been used for science or research. If the animal is not outright adopted, then the University must offer the animals to animal rescue assn.

Also, on Tuesday, April 7, there was a hearing on SB128, Lois Wolk’s End of Life Legislation. It passed overwhelmingly. AB637, Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment – POLST, by Campos, passed the Asm Judiciary Cmte. SB323, Ed Hernandez, D. Nurse Practitioners – another attempt to expand this group’s scope of practice to include filling out POLST forms for patients, was heard and re-referred to the Business, Professions and Economic Development Cmte.

Many bills are being presented in packs of 4 or more bills all on the same subject but with small variations meaning that if all but one fails, the one that passes will end up incorporating all the objectives of the failed bills.

So the batting average stands at 5 outs for humans and one home run for dogs and cats.

Your prayers and actions requested for the showdown on April 15th in the Acalanes School District vs. NOISE Coalition on the subject of removing Planned Parenthood from the District’s schools.

If you are not sure that you want to see Planned Parenthood removed from accessing the student body in the Acalanes District consider this:
According to the IRS report for 2012, the local Planned Parenthood Director, Heather Saunders Estes makes approximately $220,000,00 per year.

The abortionist, Jeffrey Waldman, in 2012 made $230,000.00…killing Contra Costa babies.

They are both living high on the destroyed lives of babies and their mothers. Planned Parenthood needs to see to it that a continual flow of pregnant women pass through their so-called clinic in order for the employees to keep up their lifestyle.

Planned Parenthood, itself, took in $29,817,508.00 at least half of which is derived from charging the state and federal government for services provided.

This is what the School district elected officials brought into the school classrooms to have private and easy access to the children of this District – Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda. AT the same time, they were being very secretive with parents as to what the students were being told by PP during these so called classes on sexual health.
One man’s idea of sexual health is another man’s idea of depravity.

Meeting date: April 15, 7:00 PM, 1963 Tice Valley Blvd, Del Valle Adult Education Center, Rm. 401. The school sits up on a small rise making it very hard to see. Come up the steep driveway, following the twists and turns to the top of the hill. The meeting room is on the left as a stand alone bldg. Parking is ample, but there may also be ongoing classes that evening.

Just being there is helpful, but if you want to address the board all you need do is come to the mike, state your name and say that you want Planned parenthood removed from the school district.

Open Letter to Religious and community leaders

Subject:  Appealing for help from our religious and Political leaders in CA.

Dear Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Rabbis, and Elected Officials,:

Currently in CA, there is a bill before the legislature, SB 277, which would eliminate a parent’s right to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines, a risk-laden medical procedure (only a medical exemption would remain, which is usually only issued after a catastrophic adverse vaccine reaction has occurred, and often times, not even then).  Should this bill become law, it will apply to ALL students in California, whether they are enrolled in pubic school, private school, parochial/religious school, charter school, or home school.  Should this bill become law, it will apply to CA’s current 69-vaccine schedule, which includes vaccines that are for sexually-transmitted diseases (i.e. Hepatitis B at birth, and HPV, possibly soon to be required for kindergarten).  This list of 69 would be allowed to be added to at any time by the state of CA, via the California Dept. of Public Health, without limit or public input. Currently, there are approximately 300 vaccines in different phases of development, each of which is a possibility to be added to the vaccine schedule for California children.

Thus, every resident in the state of CA between the ages of 6 and 18 will be forced to be vaccinated with every mandated vaccine in order to reside here and to be eligible for any public, private, or home school. Since education is compulsory, opting for no schooling will not be an option. When vaccine mandates are law, the only way a parent can protect their children from the known and unknown dangers of vaccines and/or from the known and unknown problems with the current vaccine schedule is through the use of exemptions. If SB 277 passes, there will soon be no more exemptions for such protections.

At present, a parent can sign a Personal Beliefs Exemption (PBE) form in the state of CA to exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines. However, since Jan. 1st, 2014, when AB 2109 went into effect, even that must be signed by a specified healthcare practitioner after the parent has been forced to submit to a lecture of personal opinion by the practitioner.  In other words, even our current PBE is technically a medical exemption in that it must be signed off on by someone other than the parent who is from the medical profession.  Encompassed in our current PBE is a Religious Exemption (RE), of sorts.  I say “of sorts” because it is so incredibly discriminatory and restrictive that it applies to very few, if any, parents.  

Thus, even our restrictive, cumbersome, and costly PBE is in serious jeopardy, meaning that our rights as parents to make medical decisions for our children, specifically vaccination decisions, could be removed completely in CA in just a few short months.  This is an urgent matter.  This is medical fascism.  This is tyranny. 

As religious leaders, I assume that you would all agree that it is parents who should direct the upbringing of their children, including making medical decisions for them.  Furthermore, I assume that you would all agree that prior, voluntary, and informed consent for any and all medical procedures is both essential and ethical, a fundamental human right.  When prior, voluntary, and informed consent for medical treatments and procedures is no longer the law, we are no longer a free society, and we are no longer able to make life-altering medical decisions in accord with our religious beliefs, conscience, knowledge, and experience.

This issue is very personal to me because all 3 of my children suffered injuries from their “routine” childhood vaccinations, one to the point of being permanently disabled and dependent on others for the remainder of his lifetime.  I was never offered any type of informed consent whatsoever back in the 1990s when our children were vaccinated, in violation of federal law.  The nurse would quickly administer a tray full of syringes to my child, without my even knowing what exactly they were or what exactly was in them, and without my ever being told of their many risks (including death). The doctor would enter the room 10-15 min. later without a word about all of the vaccines my child had just received, without any information about side effects to be on the lookout for, and without any warnings about the dangers of what had just been done to my child.  There was absolutely no informed consent with regards to my children, and the situation has not changed much today.  Vaccine propaganda is at an all time high, and the truth about the dangers and inefficacies of vaccines is both suppressed and lied about, as is information regarding the fallacy of the theory behind them and the vast fraud and corruption that underlie our nation’s vaccine program.

I can assure you that each of you has parishioners who are extremely concerned about losing the right to make voluntary and informed medical decisions for their children.  Their concerns are most especially warranted in our country where those who manufacture and those who administer vaccines are shielded from any and all liability for any harm, including death, that results from vaccines, due to a 1986 Act of Congress called The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. That Act came about because of the very dangerous nature of vaccines.  Vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies were losing many multi-million-dollar lawsuits due to the injuries and deaths that their vaccine products were causing, so many in fact that the majority of companies had already stopped making vaccine products.  The remaining few pleaded before Congress to protect them from any and all liability for their vaccine products, and unbelievably, Congress succumbed. No other industry is afforded such protection (with the exception of nuclear power plants). In just a few short years, with no liability to worry about, and thus with very little incentive and zero accountability to make safe or effective products, and with nothing but profits ahead because their products are government-mandated for millions, our nation’s already-problematic vaccine schedule tripled!  That tripling included:  highly-neurotoxic/deadly amounts of mercury; another heavy metal, aluminum, which when paired with mercury the two become synergistically neurotoxic; cancer-causing ingredients like formaldehyde; polysorbate 80 which opens the blood-brain-barrier allowing heavy metals and other toxic ingredients to enter the brain; human and animal viruses, including retroviruses; aborted fetal tissue material; anti-freeze; food proteins that cannot be broken down by the blood which then cause inflammation and lead to serious food allergies; human and animal DNA; materials from monkeys, cows, mice, pigs, and dogs; the list goes on.

No doubt you are aware that American children are sicker and more disabled than they have ever been.  Autism is now affecting 1 in 50 children; asthma 1 in 11; food allergies, some of them life-threatening and all of them life-altering, affect at least 1 in 12 children; Type 1 Diabetes has skyrocketed alongside Autism, and now affects around 1 in 400 children; seizure and tic disorders are running rampant; juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and cancer are now prevalent in children; SIDS is not uncommon, and not surprisingly, often happens in close proximity to vaccinations; speech/language, learning, and behavioral issues abound in today’s children and challenge teachers like never before; and to top it off, our nation has one of the worst infant mortality rates among developed nations, despite the fact that we spend more per person than any other nation on “health” care! There are many credible studies showing links between vaccines and the many chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, and premature deaths that now plague American children, the most vaccinated children in the entire world.  Unfortunately, these are not the studies that mainstream media highlight as these studies would threaten mainstream media’s advertising dollars from pharmaceutical companies, upon which they have become dependent.

Lastly, in 2011,  the Supreme Court of the U.S. declared vaccines “unavoidably unsafe”, i.e. inherently dangerous.  Every time a consumer purchases a vaccine, a 75-cent surcharge/tax is added and then deposited into our nation’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), a program that was created as part of the aforementioned 1986 Act because it is common knowledge that vaccines will harm, will disable, will make chronically ill, and will kill.  We also have the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) here in the U.S., which receives more than 32,000 reports every year.  It is estimated, and admitted by both the CDC and FDA, that only 1-10% of adverse vaccine reactions ever get reported (so do the math and multiply 32,000 many times over!), as many doctors are not even aware of the program, they are not required to report, and doctors often do not want to admit vaccine failures, vaccine injuries, or vaccine deaths.  Parents rarely, if ever, have heard of VAERS or the VICP, and are likely to find out about them if their child is injured or killed by a vaccine(s) only after the 3-yr. statute of limitations has expired.

I am hoping that this little bit of background will help you to better understand why we need religious leaders speaking out against the many false prophets who falsely and continuously claim that “vaccines are safe and effective.”  They are not.  They are a risk-laden medical procedure, with a substantial failure rate and only temporary results at best, and as such, each parent needs to decide whether or not they want to undertake that risk for their children, especially when so many risk-free ways exist to protect, maintain, and enhance the health of one’s children.  For those of us engaged in this battle, we cannot help but compare it to what happened in Nazi Germany, where fascism became the way of life, and where medical treatments and procedures were forced on people without their prior, voluntary, and informed consent.  Post WWII, to address the horrors of what had happened in Nazi Germany and in concentration camps, an international code of ethics was written, The Nuremberg Code, to avoid such medical fascism from ever occurring again.  The U.S. signed the Nuremberg Code, but is no longer abiding by it, as evidenced by vaccine mandates, the restricting and eliminating of vaccine exemptions, and the increased forcing of certain medical treatments on U.S. children (e.g. chemotherapy).  The elimination of vaccine choice rights also violates our parental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, and it violates our religious freedom as guaranteed by the First Amendment.  After witnessing, firsthand, vaccine injuries in my own children (including near death followed by permanent disability), I have come to the belief that vaccines are an abomination to God, and that tragically, parents are unknowingly offering up their children to be harmed, and possibly killed…on the altar of pharmaceutical profits, corrupt liaisons between government and industry, and the false gods of medicine. This may not be true for all, but it is true for me, and I am supposed to be living in a country where I am free to pursue and practice the religion of my choice, and hold my own religious beliefs, or lack thereof.  As leaders of different religions, I am sure that you want your religious freedoms protected as well.

Many of us are praying that our religious leaders will speak out against SB 277’s violations of parental rights, religious freedom, prior, voluntary, and informed consent laws with regards to medicine, and perhaps other things that might be religion-specific (e.g. the injecting of aborted fetal tissue materials; the injecting of porcine (pig) viruses and materials; the injecting of known neurotoxins into an infant during the most critical times of neurological and immune-system development; performing a risk-laden, potentially-fatal, procedure on a healthy child; etc.). You can help by contacting state legislators and/or Governor Brown, discussing this with members of your congregations, talking to the media if you are comfortable with that, testifying in upcoming hearings, writing an article, or whatever else you think might be helpful.  We would also be interested to have your assistance as many of us would like to begin to hold prayer vigils in opposition to this bill.

I would be happy to have an in-person group meeting with all of you to discuss this bill and the issues it raises, and how it affects the parents and children in your congregations.  We need brave leaders to come forth to protect our children, our families, our rights, and our freedoms from those who place wealth over health, from those who would impose their will on others, from those who use fraud and deception to push their agendas, from those who would use coercion and force to force a parent to submit their child to risk-laden medical procedures against their will, and from those who will bear no liability or responsibility whatsoever when harm and death result from “routine” childhood vaccinations.


Laura Hayes
Granite Bay, CA
*Please feel free to forward to other community leaders.

Helpful Resources:

1.  Vaccine Summary sheet from vaccine rights attorney, Alan Phillips:  http://us8.campaign-archive1.com/?u=e05b7d7adb6e660d8cf0748f9&id=4f92ecc522&e=e4e3fa348e  (2nd link once you click this)

2.  The movie Trace Amounts, to be shown again in our area on March 24th:  http://gathr.us/screening/11027 (to purchase tickets…I will purchase one for you if that’s what it takes, just ask!)

To watch the trailer, go to www.traceamounts.com  

3.  The movie Bought, available to watch for free through March 6th:  https://www.boughtmovie.net/free-viewing/thank-you.php?AFFID=NONE&optin=1&email=kalarto%40comcast.net.  The movie Silent Epidemic, also free to watch on YouTube indefinitely as far as I know:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K1m3TjokVU4

4.  The book Vaccine Epidemic (I will provide a copy at no charge for any who asks) 

5.  I can arrange for you to meet a vaccine-injured child in your area and hear the parents’ story of what happened to their child

6.  Recent articles I have written on various vaccine-related topics:

“Disney, Measles, and the Fantasyland of Vaccine Perfection”

“I Have Decided to Vaccinate My Child Because…”  (Don’t be deceived by the title.  Written just before the CDC Whistleblower’s admissions, so those are not included.)

“Answer: Not Relevant”

“The Oxymoron of Safe Vaccines”

7.  http://vaccine-tlc.org/human (human cells in vaccines chart)

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2014 Review and a look at 2015

January 10, 2015
Camille Giglio

2014 was a year spent in research on the sources of new threats to the primacy of the family in the fields of education and health services as Obama Care stomped across all aspects of civic, social, family and religious life.

We were privileged to have our reports included in several online publications with state and or national readership. Name recognition of California Right to Life spread. Just the other day I was introduced to a woman who, when she heard my name, said, Oh, I know you, you’ve been in the newspapers a lot.

This name recognition brought about a phone call last September from a local parent upset after she learned that Planned Parenthood’s minions were about to spend a week at the local high school where her daughter attends, teaching sexual health to the whole Freshman class.

The mother was quite frustrated. The school principal and other officials were very reluctant to provide her with information on the subjects to be taught of the people giving the presentations. She believed that she had a right to be informed as to who was going to do the teaching and what qualifications those people had to be provided access to the students. Even the very progressive state Education Code mandates that parents be informed.

It soon became obvious that Planned Parenthood’s presence was more of a support for those already sexually active and a recruitment program for students to join in Planned Parenthood’s lifestyles promotions and services than it was a state approved instructional program in health education.

CRLC formed the NOISE Coalition – NO Immoral Sex Ed – and sent out press releases which received nationwide attention and media interviews.

Along with other concerned parents, NOISE made two appearances before the Acalanes School Board urging them to terminate their contract with Planned Parenthood. A third appearance is planned for this Wednesday evening, 7:30 PM at the Acalanes District Board meeting.

The Coalition encountered great resistance from the members of the school Board. Several parents supportive of PP also attended that meeting praising the Board for its firm stand. We later learned that they were Planned Parenthood operatives as well as members of deviant lifestyle organizations with rather depraved writings and social and lifestyle encouragements on Facebook.

The school’s newspaper Editor, a Senior, wrote a scurrilous editorial about our efforts showing just how entrenched and biased he had become toward Planned Parenthood.

During the December Board meeting a group of students carrying anti-NOISE and pro-gay signs were allowed to address the Board. This was highly improper. This is an issue of parental rights to demand that the elected Board be accountable to parents first and foremost. The students acted as though they ran the school and set the agenda. Certainly Planned Parenthood was setting the agenda. The Parents Club was even paying the $4,300 a year fee demanded by Planned Parenthood to cover their appearances at the school.

Several of these same students attempted to corner our parents in the parking lot after the meeting in what they thought was a very intimidating manner, but what, to parents, appeared to be little more than childish temper tantrums. They felt that they had a right to be sexually active if they chose and a right to receive services to enable them to exercise these rights and the school had an obligation to provide them with access. Of course in all of these instances it was taken for granted by the school officials and the students that parents had no right to be informed.

Planned Parenthood is a multi-million dollar yearly business receiving slightly over half of its income from state and federal funding. The other half comes from foundations and client fees. The $100/hr fee was merely tribute paid to PP, money given by parents to provide needed academic adjuncts not provided by the state educational dollars. We also learned that PP was in another district school and that that parent’s club was paying somewhat over $2,000.00/yr for Planned Parenthood to come into the school and strip their children of a sense of privacy and decency not to mention teaching children how to lie to their parents.

We are not finished with the Acalanes district. Our group will be making one more appearance at the January Board Meeting. We have achieved some concessions regarding just who is on campus representing PP. The Board has agreed to place our request for a formal hearing on their Spring Board meeting agenda, however, unfortunately, we were not able to remove PP before they completed their third and final appearance on campus just last week for this 2014-2015 school term.

We believe that parents have been intimidated by the school officials into silently accepting this virtual sexual abuse of the students out of fears for their students success in school.

Your continued prayers and support and attendance at the Board meetings is so very helpful and appreciated.

We have also been receiving notices of the presence of PP in other schools in other districts. If you know of their presence in your school district please do inform us. Call 925-899-3064.

2015 Legislation.

Though Congress has been fortunate to receive several new conservative and pro life legislators, California’s State House is still heavily influenced by the Democrat social/health and education agenda. It will be a busy year necessitating our alert attention to the following proposed legislation:

  1. The Budget: state funding amounts for Planned Parenthood as they lobby to become accepted as regular community clinics, most likely established in school health centers. (See below)
  2. Re-funding for the state CIRM – California Institute for Re-generative Medicine. Better known as pre-born infant stem cell research. Visit http://www.cirm.ca.gov/our-progress/funded-institutions to see the billions of dollars provided by our state taxes for research on the use of aborted baby stem cells.
  3. Aggressive promotion of Assisted Suicide. Two state Senators, Lois Wolk and Bob Monning, both bay area Democrats, have threatened to submit Physician Assisted Suicide legislation this term. Or, they say, they might wait and put it on an initiative for the 2016 elections. Pro Lifers must be attentive to the need to closely watch both the PP funding and the PAS legislation. One could be used as a distraction to divide the pro life movement and weaken the strength in numbers opposing these issues.
  4. A POLST Registry. The Compassion and Choices people are the promoters of what we call a third path to achieving acceptance of suicide for the elderly, disabled, emotionally disturbed and ill citizens. One of the ways of achieving this is to promote organ donation as a loving and humane act on the part of those who are dying or thinking of suicide. This can be especially appealing to youth caught up in their emotions of the moment.

Another issue of great concern is the expansion of full service “comprehensive” health clinics on school campuses. The Contra Costa Times, Local News Section, (1-10-15) carries just such a story. http://www.contracostatimes.com/News/ci_27291478/Richmond:-New-campus-clinic-makes-health-services-available-to-underserved-students

The Richmond School District is priding itself on being amongst the first to bring a “comprehensive” free services health clinic to Kennedy High School. Kennedy is the 4th school in the district to receive a County Health Dept staffed clinic. The difference here is that the clinic will be open to non-Kennedy clinic clients. The clinic will be housed in a former classroom to the tune of $500,000 federal grant for remodeling.

The clinic will provide mental health counseling (this is what the students at Acalanes were applauding their school Board for, providing the LGBT students with mental health services), dental services and conflict resolution techniques, i.e. restorative justice, anti-bullying experimental programs.

This full service, comprehensive program is not a one-of-a-kind. It is a prototype of the school as community center, of the future. The parents will need to provide nothing more than clothes and evening shelter. The school will handle the rest. Academics will become a secondary consideration.

God help all these children. And, God give parents the strength to stand against this terrible tide.

Lastly, The online Capitol Alert reports on the Fifth Annual Interfaith Legislative Prayer Service” to be held on January 13 at the Catholic Cathedral in downtown Sacramento. During this event a large number of pro abortion legislators will be receiving recognition for their time and efforts in the legislature.

CalCatholic Daily http://cal-catholic.com/?p=16731 also reports that former state Senator Diane Watson received an award at the Los Angeles Martin Luther King, Jr. ceremony, for her excellent work amongst Afro American communities. Watson was Chairman of the Senate Health Committee and enabled passage of numerous pro abortion bills. One time she demanded removal from the hearing of a pro life woman attempting to give testimony in opposition to a pro abort bill.

Ca. Right to Life Committee, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598. www.callifeadvocates.org/blog.


Camille Giglio
November 15, 2014

Contained in this report are two letters-to-the Editor in the Saturday Contra Costa Times “Letters” section.

There were a total of 8 such letters. Five of them pro death by medically assisted death and 3 opposed to any legalization of assisted suicide.

The two letters I’ve included best represent, in my opinion, their positions and I applaud the pro life letter writer. I’ve deleted the names of the letter writers. If you would like you may access the Letters page of the Saturday Contra Costa Times, November 15, 2014, to see all the letters.

Encouraging people to take charge of their own death; time, place and method, is quickly becoming the norm in medicine. Many Pro life activists predict that this coming legislative term will see a huge push for legislation establishing suicide as just another medical choice like abortion is just another reproductive medical choice.

I had a phone call yesterday from a very anxious young man who said that his father, age 61, was in a local bay area hospital and the doctors and nurses were heavily pressuring him and the wife (who spoke little English) to consign the father/husband to transfer to a senior care facility where he would receive palliative care only.

I referred the young man to Dr. Paul Byrne (the doctor who spoke in defense of Jahi McMath’s case) who spoke with him by phone providing him with the confidence and information he needed to withstand the pressure and protect the father’s life. The young man said that he and his mother had been sleeping by the father’s side in the hospital to protect him.

This, of course. Like abortion, is not choice. It’s coercion.

Another article in today’s paper reports on a CHP officer who talked a man out of jumping off the bay bridge. Further the article says that Highway patrol officers are given courses in how to dissuade jumpers. Isn’t this a sad irony? Why doesn’t the medical profession see the value in saving a life while the Highway Patrol Officers do?

Groups like Compassion and Choices, Hospice, and others have opened a Pandora’s box of death dressing it up in a garment called palliative care to look so pretty and tempting. Think for a moment on just what the word “pall” means. My Merriam/Webster dictionary says its a covering draped over a coffin. We have become a country exceedingly more confused in our values. But if you are informed and prepared to protect life you and your descendents will survive.

I’ve always wondered why the 23rd Psalm is read at funerals. It is a poem to the living, of the love of God for his created followers, a sign of hope. “Though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil.” We are walking through this death valley now. God will give us the strength and courage to live His commands.


Californians deserve choice on the issue

The key word in your question is “dignity.” Yes, we should have such a law.

Everyone will die someday and we all hope this transition into the unknown, or other place based on one’s belief, will come after a long and healthy life, in our sleep, of natural causes. We also know that this is unlikely.

Unfortunately, thousands of people every year are diagnosed with diseases the medical professionals cannot cure and, therefore, are sentenced to an early death.

In California, we have authorized the state to execute certain criminals. Some executions are delayed because the concoction of drugs administered causes pain and suffering to the inmate.

It is clear that, even for this gruesome act, there is a need for some dignity. If our worst criminals deserve dignity in dying, our law-abiding citizens deserve the choice to legal access for ending their lives with medical assistance and in dignity.

Pursuing such a law is an inhuman agenda

Government support for suicide inevitably means its numbers will increase, as Europe, where several countries legalized suicide, proves. Today, Europe’s state-supported suicides are increasing rapidly, eligibility is expanding.

Euthanasia in Belgium is up 500 percent in a decade. Recently, 43-year-old deaf twins committed legal suicide because they feared becoming blind. This year, Belgium granted children the “right” to suicide.

In the Netherlands, doctors are discussing how to encourage more legal suicide. The motivation? A shortage of organ donors.

Moreover, medical diagnoses are fallible. A Memphis man with a brain condition similar to Brittany Maynard’s was given six months to live — 13 years ago.

My younger sister fought cancer to her last breath, living much longer than predicted.

Finally, many people who contemplate ending their lives change their minds. One CHP officer has talked 200 people out of jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Europe’s government-controlled expansion and growth certainly will repeat here if state-supported suicide becomes our policy.

Government-approved suicide is a horribly inhuman course for a civilized society.

California Right to Life Committee, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598. www.callifeadvocates.org/blog

The Catholic 4-Way Medal an Answer to End-of-Life Decisions.


Camille Giglio
October 26, 2014

Planned Parenthood has been mentioned in a 2014 article entitled Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking published by Annals of Health Law Vol 23, 2014, for contributing to the protection of those who profit from sex trafficking of minors and adults. (see end notes)

According to a definition of human trafficking published on the website of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Planned Parenthood could very possibly be included in the definition of traffickers.

Article 3, paragraph (a) of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons lists these criterion.

THE ACT: Recruitment, transport, transfer, harboring and receipt of persons.
THE MEANS: Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability. giving payments or benefits.
PURPOSE: Exploitation including: Prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery or similar practices, removal of organs, other types of exploitation.

Just keep all this in mind for a minute while you read on, please.

WHAT: Notice of request to attend the Acalanes High School district Governing Board meeting.
HOW: By attendance at the meeting or by letters and phone calls to the Governing Board.
        http://www.acalanes.k12.ca.us/page/17. Phone: 925-280-3900, fax 925-935-5872
WHEN: November 5, 2014. 7:30 PM Open session.
WHERE: 1212 Pleasant Hill Rd, Lafayette, Ca. Governing Board Conference room, Acalanes High School Campus.
WHY: Please read the following:

During the first week of October California Right to Life was informed by a very upset mother, that her daughter’s entire high school freshman class of students would, between October 6-10, be subjected to a week long presentation of Reproductive sexual Health services, events and activities, during their PE classes by Planned Parenthood.

The mother’s several attempts to obtain information about these classes either from the PE teacher who invited Planned Parenthood into the classes or the high school Principal were met with obstruction, paternalistic behaviors, and general obstructionism until it was too late to prevent this event from happening.

The parents took their daughter out of the PE class for that period of time and instructed her in health matters at home basing their instruction on the state education health code requirements.. The mother said that she was able to instruct her daughter thoroughly in one class time frame. She wonders why Planned Parenthood felt it needed a week.

As a result of this the parents and a group of other interested parents and taxpaying citizens will be appearing before the Acalanes, California, High School Governing Board’s November 5 meeting to demand that this event be put on the next meeting’s agenda to provide transparency and accountability in what the high school and the School Board are implying about the sexual health practices and knowledge that they presume are needed by students of the Acalanes School District.

We will be further demanding that all the high schools in the Acalanes District put a moratorium on any appearance of Planned Parenthood in the schools until this issue is settled. Acalanes, Las Lomas, Campolindo and Miramonte)

Since then several things have come to light.

  1. One week following Planned Parenthood’s attendance at the school, October 16, the school principal, a Mrs. Silvestri, along with a member of Planned Parenthood Northern California, signed a Memorandum of Understanding - MOU - forming a partnership or contract between the two entities for Planned Parenthood to have access to the students throughout the year .
    1. This appears to be a cover-up of a very foolish decision on the part of a rookie high school Principal.
  2. Further, The MOU states that the school is required to provide class room space for Planned Parenthood to conduct any further “clinics” it so chooses, and also provide all equipment and utilities that Planned Parenthood feels is necessary for them to conduct business.
  3. There is even a vague reference to payments for services provided by Planned Parenthood.
    1. Considerations #2 and #3 fly in the face of recent newspaper notices that the Governing Board
      1. Recently sued the taxpaying citizens of the school district to try and wrestle more money out of the residents for so-called academic and scholastic needs.
        1. Transparency. Government officials are forever claiming that they adhere to transparency requirements, but it is obvious that in this case they were attempting to hide what they had engaged in from the public.
  4. Both Planned Parenthood and Choice proponents are always crying the right to choice for students and women but in this case there was no choice for the students or the parents. The students were a captive audience and their parents were left out of the details of the lesson plans. Yet, educators are forever crying for more parent involvement in their children’s education.
  5. An Opt-out form had, so the PE teacher claims, been sent to parents two weeks prior to the class. However, this was a general opt-out form such as those passed out at the beginning of school, carrying no details as to what Planned Parenthood would be discussing with students.

After several requests from the mother, the PE teacher admitted that, very likely, Planned Parenthood would be discussing the use of and procurement of condoms, making referrals to Planned Parenthood external offices, discussing alternate life styles and all pertinent minors reproductive rights issues.

The teacher, basically, acknowledges that he doesn’t even really know what PP will be telling the students.

Very clearly planned parenthood was using this opportunity of free and unencumbered access to students as a means of obtaining present and future clientele. In other instances of PP being on campuses in other school districts they have made such a reference to students as clients.

The right to hear both sides of what is an obviously controversial subject was denied to students so their ability to make a choice was in the matter of sexual behavior, lifestyles, etc. was denied to them. At no time has any pro life group or pro life doctors or nurses or even health department personnel been brought on to campus to discuss sexual reproductive matters and at no cost to the school or the taxpayer.

The Principal had a duty, even if the classroom teachers didn’t, to protect the minds and morals of the students. The Principal should have known that PP and its proselytizing is controversial at any time, but especially on a campus for a whole week.

The Principal had a duty to inform her superintendent what the teacher intended to do and he had a duty to recognize the potential for bringing a very divisive group onto campus and for risking scandalizing at least some of the students.

The Superintendent had a duty to inform the Governing Board of the event and its potential for a backlash from the community.

Would they not have recognized a budding controversy if the teacher had invited the Muslim Brotherhood to teach Sharia law to the students? Would there not be some controversy if the teacher had invited the Pastor of one of the Catholic Churches to educate students to religious doctrine on sexual practices such as explaining Humanae Vitae to the students?

November 4 is Election Day including election of school board members. Do you know where your school board members stand in indoctrination of students into lifestyles that turn students into exploited sexual playmates for either other male underage students or adult predators?

Planned Parenthood is a designated informant when they detect or suspect sexual abuse of a minor just as are teachers. Planned Parenthood probably sees more sexually abused minors and protects their adult abusers than does any school teacher or member of the clergy, yet they refuse to report a suspected sexually abused minor when that minor appears at a PP clinic requesting contraceptives or abortions.

It has been documented that Planned Parenthood will even coach minors in how to lie in order to obtain contraceptives or abortions.

This is a clear case of exploitation of the students by the school system, the teachers. elected officials and, especially, Planned Parenthood. It is to their, Planned Parenthood’s, financial benefit to turn our children into volunteer prostitutes, male or female. They also instruct students on the LGBT lifestyle.

California Planned Parenthood, according to an in-depth analysis of their financial status and IRS reports, receives approximately $83 million a year from federal and mostly state reimbursements for their “services.” October 22, 2014, STOPP Report, a division of American Life League, www.STOPP.org.

Planned Parenthood’s obvious goal is their net profit. They seduce vulnerable young minds to accept the lifestyle of the prostitute with all its attendant physical and mental health problems. Then they sit back and wait to reap the profits from treating the students venereal diseases, obtaining state taxpayer dollars to abort their unintended pregnancies, teach the students to be duplicitous because PP always tells students that sexual activity is their right and it is their right by privacy law not to inform their parents.

Also the school itself appears to have committed a duplicitous act because it signed this MOU one week after the fact of PP being on campus. It is brief, vague, general, and if left un-protested would become a permanent document for this school and other high schools in the district, to use as a mere formality, thereby establishing a tradition of having Planned Parenthood take control of the sexual lives of all the students.

A visit to any of the Planned Parenthood websites for kids would fill one with extreme disgust.

Now I refer you back to the definition of human trafficking. Churches cry out and offer prayers during Petition time, in the latest fad to stop human trafficking, but they fail to prevent the trafficking in human lives right under their own noses.

All of this access to our children obtained by Planned Parenthood over the years is due to state and federal legislation which Planned Parenthood sponsors and often authors. Then it lobbies the legislators to promote and vote for these bills and then when the bills are signed by friendly Governors such as Jerry Brown, Planned Parenthood comes along and writes the education code thereby protecting itself from public accountability.

Parents need to find the courage to speak up to these elected officials and government employees, i.e., teachers and remind them that they are not the parents of our children, no one has relinquished their children to the state for the purpose of guiding and developing them into adults.

Schools have no right or authority to select our children’s sexual development role models on their own recognizance. If they are going to open their doors to Planned Parenthood to access our children then they are going to have to open these same doors and minds to pro life and respect life values and instructors as well.

Please do your part to help us stop Planned Parenthood and its seduction of our children into a lifetime of slavery to the mind set of Planned Parenthood. Contact the School Board, check your own high schools to inquire of Planned Parenthood’s presence on campus and vote to put pro life candidates into office.


Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking, Annals of Health Law, Vol. 23, 2014. pages 61-91. See especially pages 74 (footnote 35), pgs 76, 77 (para 4. 29.6% of interviewed victims of sex trafficking were seen, but not reported, by Planned Parenthood as well as other health clinics), pg 80 (footnote 50) and pg 87, Conclusions.

DON’T CALL IT A MIRACLE; Call it bad science.

Camille Giglio
Oct 3, 2014

Oakland, Ca. Jahi McMath, a 13 year old Oakland, California, resident, who was declared brain dead following tonsillectomy surgery, late last year by Oakland Children’s hospital brain death experts, is alive and always was alive, according to her mother, Naileh Winkfield and their spokesperson, San Francisco attorney, Christopher Dolan.

Jahi has once again become front page news because her attorney is petitioning the courts to rescind the death certificate issued by the Oakland Coroner’s office as a condition for allowing her to be released into her mother’s care from the hospital.

Jahi left Oakland Children’s hospital (now referred to as Benioff Children’s Hospital) in the dark of night, by ambulance on January 3, 2014, under heavily guarded care to an undisclosed facility.

Jahi was, merely hours before her surgery, just an ordinary 13 year old girl with sleep apnea problems who was going into the hospital for a minor procedure which would require her to be in the hospital, at most, for 24 hours.

Following her surgery she has become quite an embarrassment for medical science as well as a financial liability for Children’s hospital and the organ donation transplant industry. She is, hourly, daily, showing the world that she is not brain dead. She is not dead, period, as the hospital declared that she was.

She is the evidence that a brain death definition is merely a tool of a fast growing industry that is aggressively attempting to fulfill the requests for healthy organs for transplants.

Human organs to be successfully transplanted into another human being must be fresh which means removed from a body that is still alive, is still functioning. Organs from a dead body, a cadaver, are of no life preserving value to another living human being.

Therefore, creating a definition of brain death that allows medicine to declare that a patient is dead provides for that allowance.

Dr. Paul Byrne, a family consultant and recognized authority on the subject of brain death, upon learning that experts are suggesting that Jahi’s continued presence in the world of the living might be “nothing short of a miracle” responded by saying: Of course, they would have to say something like that since, being scientists they could not admit that their “universally accepted definition of brain death is wrong.”

Dr. Byrne feels quite confident in this statement because research shows that the definition of what constitutes brain death has, since first offered to the public in 1968 by the Harvard Medical School’s definition of brain death, has been in constant flux.

Whenever, according to Byrne, the definition has been challenged by some new event a new definition has been created to palliate the fears of the citizenry and to maintain the lucrative organ transplant industry.

At least three Catholic Pope’s have spoken out against transplants of unpaired organs for the very reason that removal of a vital organ such as a heart, lungs, liver, etc, would cause the death of that organ donor.

In 1991, Pope John Paul ll speaking to a group on Organ Transplants at the first International Congress on the Transplant of Organs, stated: “Furthermore, a person can only donate that of which he can deprive himself without serious danger or harm to his own life or personal identify, and for a just and proportionate reason. It is obvious that vital organs can only be donated after death.”

Pope John Paul stated further: “Death can mean decomposition, disintegration, a separation. It occurs when the spiritual principle which ensures the unity of the individual can no longer exercise its functions in and upon the organism, whose elements left to themselves disintegrate.”

Jahi shows every indication of being an integrative, functioning human being. Her body has not disintegrated, the attorney has provided videos showing her moving her feet and hands on command, her body is processing nutrients, she has begun menstrual periods. Jahi has healed from her tonsillectomy surgery. No dead body has the capability of healing itself.

If there is any miracle involved, said Byrne, it is the fact that Jahi’s mother has been successful in keeping the organ donation industry away from her daughter.

Immediately upon the medical mishap during the tonsillectomy and Jahi falling into what appeared to be a coma, organ donation “requesters” approached the family to release their daughter’s body for the purpose of obtaining her organs for transplantation.

The mother, though heavily distraught with the knowledge that her daughter’s life was in serious jeopardy had the good sense to say “no” to their requests. She knew, she said at the time, that her daughter was alive. Her bond, her love, her desire to protect and defend her daughter was and continues to be quite strong.

The organ transplant personnel nor pressure from the hospital administrators and lawyers was not able to induce her, in her very vulnerable state, to surrender her daughter to this human insult.

This rejection of the request for her organs produced a response from the hospital in which they informed the mother that her daughter had been declared brain dead and they were removing her from a breathing ventilator. It was only through the intervention of a lawyer and a petition to the court that prevented this from happening.

This very declaration that she was still on a ventilator should have been an indication that she was alive. Why would they keep someone on a ventilator who was dead unless they intended to take that person’s organs?

There are recorded stories of patients declared brain dead who have awakened from their coma-like condition. They have stated, as did one woman who addressed a conference on euthanasia in Southern California last year, stated: Though she was unable to respond either through movement or sound, she heard everything that the medical personnel and visitors said while in her hospital room. They were, she said, indicating that she was being considered as an organ donor.

Doctors and nurses work hard to develop their skills and expertise. The medical profession is worthy of respect, but it is not infallible. It is, like so many other professions and businesses becoming subject to control by outside forces bent on turning that respect to utilization for totally different outcomes.

People are quickly becoming commodities, human resources benefiting society but not themselves.

With the passage in California this term of certain health care-End-of-Life legislation expanding the ability of assisted suicide promoting groups to access vulnerable disabled and elderly citizens, there will be a huge promotion of suicide assisting activities. California is already “covered” with tv and newspaper advertisements about how wonderful palliative care is and how we certainly don’t want our loved ones to suffer the pain or discomfort of a terminal illness or the family to be discomforted by a prolonged death of a family member.

Governor Brown has also signed a driver’s license bill that will allow certain certified agencies at the scene of accidents to swipe driver’s licenses for evidence that they are organ donors. There is even a very genuine possibility that the absence of a designation will be considered as a designation for being an organ donor.

In school it is assumed that students are automatically to be included in sex education classes unless there is an opt-out form filed in the office. It is clearly possible that the same negative opt-out will soon be required for drivers licenses.

Take care, stay well, be informed.


The Process for How to Properly Die in America
Camille Giglio
September 18, 2014

If the death and dying crowd has its way, in the future, on your child’s 18th birthday he or she will celebrate the event with a trip to a doctor’s office to have The Conversation on how and when to properly end one’s life, and California Medi-Cal may well pay the doctor for having the conversation.

This little paragraph was removed from the Affordable Care Act when Sarah Palin labeled it Death Panels, but now it is appearing in state legislation.

In California this plan is already formulated in legislation and on Governor Brown’s desk awaiting his signature. It is AB 2139 by death and dying advocate Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, entitled Patient Notification.

The bill calls for using Medi-Cal to pay a doctor for discussing end-of-life treatment when a patient receive a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness. It further requires the doctor or health care person, to hand the patient a POLST Palliative Care only form along with instructions in how to fill it out.

My local newspaper carried an article today entitled “Earlier, better care urged for end of life.” The article is a report on an Institute of Medicine paper which includes the suggestion that one should begin having discussions with family and doctor beginning at age 18 on the subject of how to best plan for your end of life.

The reporter writing the story, Lisa Krieger is an activist in the death and dying lobby and is once again using the freedom of the press to tout her own agenda. Two years ago the San Jose Mercury News allowed publication of a 10 part series written by Krieger, on the Cost of Dying.  This was followed by several appearances in the area touting the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment, or, the POLST form.

The article quotes a Dr. Philip Pizzo, former dean of Stanford University’s School of Medicine and co-chair of the report, as saying: “It is our hope that this report will lead to improvements in end-of-life care and the experience of dying for all.”

Have they found some way to return someone from the grave to tell us how wonderful it was to die by a government approved and funded process?

The report continues by recommending that federal and state governments and private insurers create financial incentives for patients and clinicians (note: it’s clinicians, not doctors) to discuss end-of-life matters, document patient preferences, and provide appropriate services and care.”

They further recommend not only having this conversation once, but several different times at “milestones” of life, i.e., getting a driver’s license, turning 18, leaving home or marrying.”

I can just picture this:  Husband and wife are celebrating their second anniversary. Husband says to wife, I know what let’s do tonight. Let’s have over that celebratory drink, that Conversation about dying?  I’d throw him out of the house.

A Dr. Miller  of San Francisco’s Zen Hospice declares that “there is unnecessary and gratuitous suffering.”  He’s actually talking about “futile care.” This is an accepted term in certain Medi-Cal circles meaning that there are some patients for whom it is a waste of time and money to even think about curative care for someone’s illness. They are too old, too ill, too low-income, too unessential to society, etc.

Following the 1973 Roe v Wade Decision and debates on who was going to pay for these approved abortions, Then first time Governor, Jerry Brown, declared that California would pay for all its abortions which our state has continued to do. Now, Second-Time around Brown, is saying that, according to AB 2139, California taxpayers will pay the doctors to have the end-of-life conversation.

Seems like Brown is in a rut, doesn’t it? California like so many states is actively planning everyone’s life for them.  Not everyone who gets conceived is allowed to be born. Not everyone who becomes a parent will be encouraged to actually raise their child. The school will do it for them beginning at least by age 3. There is a mandatory kindergarten-before-first-grade bill also awaiting the Governor’s pleasure, AB 1444 by outgoing Assemblywoman, Joan Buchanan.

California follows the national Nutrition for all legislation and school children are instructed in eating healthy. The Common Core process Trains students for workforce placement when they graduate. And, now, we are all to be instructed by professionals in how best to die.

Now, it’s not your kids or your neighbors  being monitored by government lackeys, its you.  Do you want government bureaucrats planning your after retirement years?

Contact Governor Brown to urge a veto of AB 2139.


or Goodbye independence, hello bureaucracy
Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek, Ca 9/2/14. The major headline in the Sunday Contra Costa Times for 8/31/14 proclaims, Bipartisanship dominates 2014 legislative session. This might be true if by bipartisanship one means that the few Republicans in office either voted for everything the Democrats wanted or didn’t vote at all.

The over all figures comprising the state budget were agreed upon a month or two ago. What transpired this month was the areas and programs, aka special interests, that would be fed and sustained on the budget, er, your tax dollars.

What isn’t mentioned in the articles is the increased and expanded amount of centralized government control over human lives being assumed by the bureaucrats.

The news tells you of the groundbreaking agreement to “save” the aspiring new taxi services but fails to tell you of the 8 health related bills which will sharply increase the cost of fees, licenses, insurance and training of staff especially targeting smaller, independent and private residential care facilities for the elderly and disabled.

These higher costs of doing business could well bring about the demise of the private sector care facilities resulting in pushing seniors into for-profit facilities or any care facility receiving government funding and subsidies and operating under government prescribed “best practices” services to this cohort of consumers.

No one ever says who is best served by best practices, but one suspects that it is not the consumer of the services.

Every bill mentioned in this article is awaiting the Governor’s signature. He has until 9/30/2014 to sign or veto every bill before him.

The New York Times for August 30, 2014, carries an article by Pam Belluck entitled:

Coverage for End-of-Life Talks Gaining Ground. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/31/health/end-of-life-talks-may-finally-overcome-politics.html?_r=0.

This article discloses that Colorado and Oregon have recently begun covering “advance care planning” discussions and paying doctors to have The End-of-Life-planning Conversation with their patients. This request for payment and subsequent legislation coming from the A.M.A. itself.

The article quotes a Dr. Barbara Levy, chairwoman of the A.M.A. committee that submits reimbursement recommendations to Medi-Care: ‘We think, she says, it’s really important to incentivize this kind of care.’ “ She means planning for the date of ending your own life, otherwise known as a Third Way or pathway to suicide.

Nonsense, the AMA is coming up with creative ways to regain the funding for care lost through federal and state reductions in cost of care payments to doctors while the legislators, at the same time, are kowtowing to their death and dying lobby friends.

Often several bills with small variances on the same subject are submitted by legislators, i.e. End-Of-Life Care and the facilities designed to provide that care. The legislators intend for the citizens to view these as individual bills, but, in reality they must be viewed together. Seen in the light of a group of bills on the same subject one can then understand that they constitute a major inroad of government oversight into an otherwise private sector activity.

Even if only one bill gets signed by the Governor, the intent of every bill can be written into the state code and plans for implementation. We citizens have no way of controlling that. There is wide allowance for individual interpretation.

There is already discussion in California about including federal Palliative Care funding in Medi-Care and into California’s Medi-Cal.

California Assembly bill 2139 by Susan Eggman entitled End-Of-life Care: Patient Notification. This bill mandates that doctors actually place a POLST form into the hands of patients with a terminal illness. Previous legislation in 2008 which gave state acknowledgement to the POLST form is the basis for this.

Senator Lois Wolk, an avid promoter of palliative-procedures-only had a bill in this term, SB1357, which, thankfully died, entitled: Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment Form - POLST. This would have created a state POLST Registry Act requiring the state to develop a statewide registry to collect, collate and distribute information about POLST signers. It died early in the session, but this is the projected future and Wolk or others after her will continue to find creative ways to get these things passed.

Several bills have tried to create a general emergency Medi-Cal directory. This bill would have just added a POLST registry to the general registry.

AB 1570, Assemblyman Wes Chesbro, (D), Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, mandates expanded hours of training of facility employees before they can work with residents. The bill is vaguely worded and could be used to train employees and others working with the elderly to promote the agendas of elder care special interest groups. Chesbro is a supporter of POLST.

Senate bill 1004 by Ed Hernandez, Health Care Palliative Care, mandates the state Department of Health Care Services to establish protocols to guarantee that patients under the age of 21 become entitled to enter into Hospice managed care plans including palliative only types of care.

Will there be a future court case, as in abortion, mandating that minors have the right to sign their own end of life plans?

Minors can now get abortions, contraceptives, mental health counseling and treatment without parental knowledge or approval.

Assemblyman John Perez’s bill, AB2399, Organ donations, seeks to authorize the right of certain agencies to swipe a driver’s license to register organ donors thereby shortening the time it takes to notify organ donation transport teams of available organs.

Anyone of age to obtain a driver’s license is authorized to sign up to be an organ donor.

If organs are to be fresh and quickly available speeding up the process of recognizing donors quickly will be created. There is a lot of money to be made in organ transplants.

Palliative care or the removal of curative medicines and regimens including food and water are now being referred to as Palliative Medi-Cal Care. This PMC has, largely through legislation, shoved itself into the Medi-Cal field though there is nothing Medi-Cal about this act of removal of curative care. Palliation of pain and discomfort is a wonderful boon to medicine, but when it supplants nutrition, hydration and medicines with little more than morphine, and substitutes doctors for teams of social workers, religious and mental health counselors who counsel acceptance of the inevitable, then that is tantamount to planning for and executing suicide by Medi-Cal fiat.

Assembly bill 2198 by Marc Levine, Mental Health Professionals and Suicide Prevention. The bill is awaiting the Governor’s action to either sign or veto.

The title of this bill would create the assumption that the author is anxious to prevent suicide, especially by youth. However, his bill calls for 15 or more hours of continuing education in suicide assessment, management and treatment. This isn’t prevention of suicide. This is creating a workforce employment program for professionals to help prepare the way for the patient to accept suicide under the guise of gaining control over one’s health care.

AB 357, Richard Pan, Medi-Cal Children’s Health Advisory Panel. Renames the current Healthy Families advisory Board, turning it into a 15-member Medi-Cal Children’s Advisory Panel, an independent, statewide advisory body tasked with advising the bureaucrats on what health care is best for its youthful citizens.

Section 1, subsection (b) is worth noting. “Children’s health coverage should encompass more than just treatment of diseases and illnesses, but also cover services and care to promote healthy development and well-being, identify and intervene in problems early on, and prevent chronic disease. (Planned Parenthood thinks pregnancy is a chronic disease. The LGBT lobby thinks those opposed to their lifestyle are mentally disturbed. The ACLU believes that those espousing a Christian faith have something wrong with them.

Your calls and emails to the Governor’s office needed now to urge his veto on all the bills mentioned.
Phone (automated) 926-445-2841. email: governor@govmail.ca.gov.

“Good Luck,” She said, to the Pregnant young Woman

Camille Giglio
August 22, 2014

Concord: Today while standing with the prayer group in front of Concord Planned Parenthood, a young woman obviously looking for the abortion entrance, was told by one of the employees to go around to the back. Her parting words to this young woman were: “Good Luck.”

As I continued to stand there I noticed a sign on a metal pole in the ground on the Planned Parenthood property. It was a city ordinance sign which read: No Smoking.

The horrible incongruity of it all really struck me. The city is quite willing to develop programs and laws to insist that people stop harming themselves by smoking, but they support this center’s killing of babies.

The elected officials of California make big pronouncements about increasing access to jobs and better educational opportunities while, at the same time, their legislation suppresses jobs through rigid and expensive demands, especially upon the private industry. Their educational policies are dumbing down the human intelligence and creating a world of mindless unquestioning servants of society.

We cherish Mothers and Fathers with expensive gifts on “their” Day while bills abound in Sacramento calling for more death and dying access to Mom and Dad to sign up for Palliative care only and to move out of their long time homes and enter retirement centers because they are taking up space.

In the two year term just drawing to a close, there have been 150 plus bills submitted in the California Legislature in the category of Health Care-End-of Life focusing on the elderly, the disabled and even the young adults and youth with potential life shortening illnesses.

Of these bills about 45, as of today, are either sitting on the Governor’s desk or been signed. Sixteen have been signed so far. Many of these bills are attempts at micro-managing this growing industry - warehousing senior citizens. The social media folks cry out that there is a growing need to care for the aging baby boomers while at the same time diminishing the potential channels for caring for this cohort by placing large financial burdens on the private residential care sector or on even families caring for their aging or disabled members. I have heard that even individuals taking care of their aging or ill parent may be required to register, conform to regulations, receive vacation time and so on.

Senior Citizens are now the latest group to be targeted as consumers of services. But these services must only be provided by properly trained and educated members of the SEIU union who will see that these service workers receive the salary due them. This results in pushing seniors into large, professionally developed for-profit government approved sanitized facilities which, by the way, all will require training in providing the seniors with Do Not Resuscitate or POLST forms along with palliative care only incentives.

See SB 911 by Marty Block, D, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly - RCFE: Employee Training. (On Senate Floor), along with companion bills, AB 1523, Asm Toni Adkins, D, Liability Insurance (signed by the Governor) and AB 1571, Asm Susan Eggman, RCFE: Licensing. Eggman, especially is an aggressive advocate of palliative care and promoter of the POLST form. Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment. (notice the coincidence, so-called, of numbering an end-of-life bill with the number 911?)

Also Wes Chesbro’s bill, AB1570, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, This one requires 40 hours of unspecified training for employees. The concern here is that the training will be focused on turning elder care employees into palliative care salesmen. This goes along with the item above talking about creating a new POLST form to make it less confusing to the signer. (On Senate Floor)

By the Way, the Compassion and Caring, i.e., death and dying, folks have announced that they will be coming out with a new POLST form early in 2015. They claim a need to clarify some items in their form and make it easier to sign. I guess they have suddenly realized that the Common Core education lobby has so dumbed down the people that they can’t figure out a simple form anymore.

Another Susan Eggman bill, AB 1572, mandates establishment of residential Councils in the RCFEs and other facilities. RCFEs currently have resident councils, but the bureaucrats are not included and the items to be discussed, currently, are easily handled between the residents and the employees. This bill brings the state into the councils and limits what can be discussed. This will eventually discourage open and easy discussions and settlement of problems causing the councils to be abandoned, thereby silencing the residents. In Senate Appropriations Committee

AB 1621, Bonnie Lowenthal, D, Emergency Medical Services: Data and Information System. Would mandate that all “pre-emergency patient data” be collected and centralized for the entire state. The wording of this bill is very generalized and vague blurring the real intent which is a centralized registry of everyone who has signed end of life medical directives or organ donation cards. If a call is received concerning a person who has signed a DNR or POLST, the emergency service people do not need to rush to the call because signing those forms means that the person, if unconscious will not be resuscitated. (Held in Senate Appropriations)

Even ambulance services are of two minds on this. One side claims it will be a help in planning ways to be of assistance in emergency cases, the other side says that it will be too expensive for many counties.

State Assemblyman Dan Logue, R, had submitted a bill which would have provided protection from job loss for any employee who called 911 if the call involved a patient who had signed one of those forms. It never got out of its house of origin.

Another Eggman bill, AB 2139, Patient Notification, is awaiting a final vote on the Senate floor. This bill will mandate that the doctor or medical personnel serving any patient receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness, will be required to instruct the patient at the visit informing the patient of the diagnosis on all the types of care (including palliative only) and the forms necessary to apply for that care. (On Senate Floor).

The truly sad thing about all these bills is the misplaced sense of compassion. Care facilities and Board and Care private homes and family members who take in their elderly or disabled members are to be admired as much as those who take in crack babies, abandoned or disabled babies. etc. They are doing good and virtuous work for humanity.

Once the Government gets its hands on these good ideas, they become exploited to benefit others; expanded job market, mandated salaries and training, non-profit promotion of private agendas, micro-managing from afar, What’s good for one is good for everybody etc, etc. Then suddenly the very people who needed the help become the impediment to the community’s health, productivity. People who want to be independent are suddenly obstructionists, non conformists, burdens.

All these bills can be viewed at www.leginfo.ca.gov. The 2014 segment of the two year, 2013-14 term will close as of August 31. After that all the bills that pass the final floor vote go to the Governor for his signature or veto.

If it is a Senate bill-SB, then it is awaiting a final vote in the Assembly (second house), so call your Assembly member. And, if it is an Assembly bill-AB then it will be on the senate floor. After August 31st, call the Governor’s office. Urge a Veto.


I have read somewhere that there is a bill mandating the inclusion of Hospice or palliative care reimbursements in MediCare, including MediCal in California.


Report prepared by: California Right to Life Committee, Inc. www.callifeadvocates.org/blog, callifeadvocates@gmaial.com


Camille Giglio
August 12, 2014

Over the years that I have been researching legislation I have become more keenly aware of the change and one might say, deliberate manipulation, of words and their meaning in the bills submitted to the California legislature.

Lewis Carroll expressed this manipulation of words indirectly in his Tales of Alice in Wonderland and, now present day commentators are saying it boldly in magazines and newspapers.

Dr. Arthur Hippler, writing for the Bellarmine Forum discusses the Loss of Moral Language (Bellarmine forum, Sumer 2014, Vol. IV No. 2). He declares that “The bigger problem is not that this language has been lost by some great cataclysm…Our moral language has been intentionally destroyed.”

Thomas Sowell states it more bluntly. He declares in a commentary published in the Contra Costa Times for August 8, 2014, that “Our nation seems to be entering the post-thinking era.” He makes note that “in an age when scientists are creating artificial intelligence, too many of our educational institutions seem to be creating artificial stupidity.”

There is one more week left before the end of the 2014 session of the California legislature. Both the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees are swamped with bills that must either be moved on to the Governor or fail passage. Several of the bills that we have been watching are in this category, including ones that just boggle the mind for their display of totally misguided compassion for the plight of California citizens or are being deliberately deceptive in order to continue to undermine the family, religion and education. Even more surprising, at times, are the groups supporting these bills.

Lifenews.com published an article first reported in the California Catholic Daily, commenting on the dire state of the California fiscal crisis affecting water and agricultural output. The article reminds us that Governor Brown has signed a budget bill that, while reducing over all MediCal reimbursements to doctors, has actually increased by 40% the amount of reimbursement for abortions.

So, doctors saving lives will be paid less, but doctors and other health care workers destroying babies lives will get an increased reimbursement

Page 346 of the budget states that “These sensitive (abortion/contraception) services must be immediately accessible statewide and provided in a very timely manner.”

The values expressed here are timeliness, efficiency and cost effectiveness. It is value over virtue. It’s mechanics versus morals

AB 1516, Lorena Gonzales, (D), CalWorks: Child Special Needs: Supportive Services (originally named Public social services: diapers) will authorize a monthly increase of $80.00 per MediCal enrolled parents of children aged two and under, presumably for the purchase of diapers.

The state and the legislators are declaring a health crisis of wet baby bottoms in California because certain members of the intelligentsia have determined that their parents can’t afford diapers and every baby deserves a “healthy bottom.”

Section 1 (e) of the bill states: Lack of sufficient diapers can lead to multiple problems for families in need, including unhappy babies, unhealthy communities, undereducated toddlers, and underemployed adults.”

I can see the future headline now…I became a serial killer because my mother didn’t have enough diapers for me.

The bill’s author, Gonzales, cites an article in “Pediatrics,” July 29, 2013, entitled: Diaper Need and its Impact on Child Health. The bill’s supporters are the Ca. Immigrant Policy Center, Children Now and the National Diaper Bank network.

The above mentioned article draws a conclusion that “this study supports the premise that an adequate supply of diapers may prove a tangible way of reducing parenting stress, a critical factor influencing child health and development. There is potential for pediatric providers to inquire about diaper need and refer families to a local diaper distribution service as 1 method to reduce parenting stress.

(Smith, Megan, et al. “Diaper Need and Its Impact on Child Health,” Pediatrics, July 29, 2013.)

Apparently government provided diapers is now a critical tool in relieving mental health issues. Guess we really don’t need psychologists and social workers in elementary schools now, just diaper service companies. The California government departments of health, employment and education are about to become the largest purchaser of abortion pills (AB 1053, Holly Mitchell) and diapers.

The use of “special needs” in the title is also interesting. Disabled, blind, handicapped infants have special needs. Wet bottomed babies does not constitute a special need piece of legislation.

The bill makes continual mention of special needs which are being met for families signed up with an “assistance” unit. This apparently refers to the federal TANF assistance program which identifies diapers along with alcohol and cigarettes as disallowed reimbursement items. (TANF: Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)

The legislators have to find another way to channel funds to so-called needy families so they come up with this ridiculous claim of soiled bottoms resulting in mentally stressed infants and adults.

The bill has created numerous other channels for providing new sources and amounts of funds and services to “assistance unit” families depending upon whether there is a child age two or under in the family or not; whether the “family” is homeless, or not, whether any member of the family is in a job-training program and on and on. All of this make signing up with the government so seductive and appealing for financial and social service amenities, thereby creating further lifelong dependence upon the almighty government bureaucracy a necessity.

SB593, Ted Lieu, Social Impact Partnerships: Pilot Program. This bill will, basically, cede sensitive areas of the legislature’s authority and oversight in regard to development of community based social development programs to the Executive branch of state government. This is comparable to Barack Obama and the Executive branch of the federal government assuming more and more authority unto itself further establishing a solid wall of separation of the government from the citizens.

It is another financial pass through of tax dollars to special interest groups in the Los Angeles/Watts area.The sponsor of this legislation is listed on the bill as GRACE: gather, respect, advocate, change, engage. The mission statement for GRACE is “Preparing the children of Watts-Willowbrook, Compton and South Los Angeles to succeed and thereby strengthen our community’s future.

But after searching all over the internet I became aware that GRACE is not an official organization. GRACE was the name of a conference held in Los Angeles attended by 200 people including several legislators and a man named Dr. Mike Jackson, CEO of an organization referred to as DREW-CDC.

One Catholic Charities office and several Catholic affiliated hospitals support this bill. One photo on the website for the conference seems to indicate that the conference was held in a Catholic Facility.

DREW Child Development Corporation. DREW is in partnership with First Five LA which is in cahoots with the Special Needs Network mentioned above as a sponsor of the wet bottoms bills. www.drewcdc.org.

DREW like the phoenix, has arisen from the ashes of a very expensive but failed state/Watts Community Project called the King-Drew Hospital of sad memory. I wrote about the sad deterioration of this much touted attempt to create a teaching hospital in Watts for underprivileged residents and foreigners who wanted to be doctors.

King-Drew hospital was a promise given by the state to the people of Watts following the riots of the late 1960 and 70’s. Some observers of the bleeding heart humanitarian organizations, claimed that this was just an attempt to silence the Watts residents. It was always a hungry consumer of tax dollars.

At least six legislators, Mervyn Dymally, Diane Watson, Maxine Waters, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Karen Bass and now Holly Mitchell and Ted Lieu have made their political fortune off of promises to the residents of Watts to make life better for them.

Could this mean that this bill SB 593 will make it appear that Governor Brown in forging a partnership with an as yet to be activated community organization creating this latest con game on the people of Watts and the citizens of California?

These are but two of a myriad of deceptive bills awaiting the Governor’s signature. These bills can be viewed by going to www.leginfo.ca.gov typing in the number of the bill and reading the bill online.


Camille Giglio
July 6, 2014


California Right to Life opposes everyone of these bills for their immoral treatment of individual human beings and society, in general.

Because it is a Appropriations Committee, meaning pertaining to funding of actions and services and programs, this committee accepts only support or opposition based on costs to the state.

CRLC believes that, in general, bills of this nature are inappropriate socially and financially and morally for the state to be involved.  Action on these bills takes the form of killing the bill, holding the bill in committee till a later time, passing to the Governor or going back to its House of origin for a conference call vote to obtain agreement on certain items.

CRLC would like to see all these bills killed or held in committee for a definite period.

Do not say indefinite period. That means the author can bring it up when he wants.

To see the full content of each bill please go to www.leginfo.ca.gov and type in the bill #.

Info about contacting individual legislators is also available.

  • AB 1599, Joan Buchanan, Education Omnibus Bill. Focus on special needs children.
  • AB1621 Bonnie Lowenthal, Emergency Medical Services: Data and Info system.
  • Assumes a statewide registry on DNR and Organ Donors to assess services.
  • AB 2051 Lorena Gonzalez, Medical Providers and affiliate care clients. Weakens and
  • expands authorization for affiliate clinics to begin services.
  • AB 357, Richard Pan, Medi-Cal Children’s Health Advisory Panel. To set up plans for every child’s health and welfare.
  • AB 1502 Kevin Mullen, CalWorks: Family Act of 2015. Expands control over families & assumes child is deprived of parental love and guidance based on family income.
  • AB1516, Lorena Gonzalez, Public Social Services: Diapers.
  • AB 1570, Wes Chesbro, Residential Care Facilities for Elderly. Opening move to begin program of planned transitions of older citizens into centralized facilities.
  • AB1571, Susan Eggman, Residential Care Facilites RCFE: Licensing. Will require expanded and expensive liability insurance suppressing family care giving programs.
  • AB 1577, Toni Atkins, Certificates of Death: Gender Identity.  change of sexual Id.
  • AB 1719,  Shirley Weber, Full-Day Kindergarten Feasibility Study and Plan.
  • AB 1951,  Jimmy Gomez,  Vital Records: Birth Certificates, expands parental sexual preference check off boxes.
  • AB 2344, Tom Ammiano, Family Law: Parentage. Equality of treatment for the LGBT people to have parity with natural parents.
  • AB2399, John Perez, Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. Presumption to be that one is an organ donor if there is no opt-out notice on a driver’s license.
  • AB2499, Raul Bocanegra, Pupil Nutrition: Adequate Time to Eat Lunch. Expands lunch time, using available federal or local school lunch funds to defray costs. An article in the 7/6/2014 Contra Costa Times regarding Michelle Obama kids hungry campaign is that schools are losing money and kids are not eating the mandated “nutritious” meals in the cafeteria.  Apparently Bocanegra is trying to blame a time limit for this situation.
    • Anti-Obesity efforts challenged by Darlene Superville Associated Press.
  • AB 2706, Roger Hernandez, Schools: Health Care Coverage: Enrollment Assistance.
  • Expands school enrollment form to include information about ACA health care coverage options.

There is currently in the newspapers any number of articles  promoting organ donations and  transitioning (moving) senior citizens, with or without eminent life threatening illness, into public or privately funded centers.  This all goes along with the legislation as exhibited by the above mentioned bills.

An Article in the Contra Costa Times for Saturday, July 5, featured a Respite care facility in San Leandro for terminally ill to either spend some time while their parents get needed vacations; or, for infants and young children who are declared to be within the last stages of living.  The picture painted was of a sweet, pastoral scene filled with loving hearts and kind words for parents and children, but no curative efforts.

The end objective of all this medical home and residential care legislation is to move every single person into a planned cradle to grave life transitions program guided, aided and encouraged by whatever form of Government we will have left.

Please read these articles with great care, calling upon wisdom and prudence in judging the goodness of these agendas.

Hey senior citizens, get a room…at Aegis

Saturday, June 21, 2014
By Camille Giglio

The Father’s Day edition of the Contra Costa Times, a California daily, carried an advertisement for a senior living facility in the local area. The wording implies that good ole Mom and Pop who moved in with you and your family are in need of continual care, but are still swingers. However, you may want to get away for a while and don’t know what to do with the folks. You need to have some privacy and peace of mind yourself.

Aegis says: just drop Mom and Pop off for a couple of weeks with us. We’ll feed them, take them on walks, let them romp with others their age and socialize all day long.

Where did these folks get the idea for this advertisement…. after visiting the local dog kennel?

The whole thing sounds kind of cute, but it’s really a business promotion. A friend living in North Carolina said it reminded her of a project called “Project Compassion,” in which churches would sign up to provide family caregivers with volunteer “well-trained” caregivers for respite care. Trained in what? Taking the old folks on a planned guilt trip?

You’ve probably received mailers inviting you to spend the weekend at luxury seaside hotel and condominium facility such and such. Once there you are urged to consider moving in permanently. The weekend stay is just a come-on.

Aegis is, like so many other elder care facilities, participating in the promotion of something called, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care C-TAC. It’s all a part of the Obama Affordable Care Act. The goal is to obtain the confidence of the community that only the professional knows how to care for Grandma and Grandpa.

The planned, sustainable community is soon to be coming to your town. The planners are fashioning a place for you. If you are over 65 you will be encouraged to transition over to a group home where you can be properly and professionally looked after.

Senior care businesses like Aegis, Vitas, and other MediCare and hospice-type facilities are reminiscent of the the song, Hotel California, by the 70s rock group The Eagles: ‘You can check out, but you never leave.’

(Original Spero News Article)


Camille Giglio
May 31. 2014

5/31/14.  Twenty-four more California bills have passed out of Appropriations Committees and been sent over to their second house.  16 are in the Health area and the rest in Education or workforce development.  Workforce development and training is tied to education.

So far only three of those 16 bills have been set for a hearing in their second House.

AB769, Nancy Skinner, (D), Sales and Use Taxes: Exemption: Clothes Washers. 

Location:  Senate Governance and Finance Comm. 6/11/14. Phone: 916-651-4119.

“Exempts from the sales and use tax laws the gross receipts and the sales price that do not exceed a specified amount from the sale of, and the storage, use, or other consumption of, a qualified efficient clothes washer purchased for installation and use in the State.

This is interference in private business disguised as concern over potential drought problems and manipulation of one industry.  How come she left out dishwashers, toilets, shower heads, etc?

SB 500, Ted Lieu, (D), Medical Practice: Pain Management.

Location:  Asm. Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Cmte. Hearing date: 6/10/14.  Phone 916-319-3301.

Every 5 years the state Medical Board is required to update its pain control standards. Bill requires an outside task force be developed to submit changes and recommendations. Concern here is in the treatment or use of narcotics to suppress pain in end-of-life cases.  There is currently, in California and across the country, an aggressive promotion and advertising campaign by agencies promoting comfort care only for those patients judged to be within a year or so of death from disease or illness, removing all curative care.

In the last two weeks I have heard radio Ads on San Francisco AM stations KGO-810 and 740-KCBS for two for-profit large corporate residential care facilities, Vitas Hospice and Pathways Hospice.  These facilities offer residential and In-Home care and supervision for terminal and near terminal citizens. They take private but mostly Medicare, patients.  Near terminal can mean up to a year prior to a disease or disability potentially ending a life.

Hospice, these days, can mean several things all the way from curative and palliative care to a type of palliative care that can mean comfort-only to both the patient and the family.

Many Hospices start a patient off with a mix of curative and palliative care and then slowly withdraw the curative portion of care until it is palliative or comfort only - no nutrition/hydration, no curative medications.

Here is a quote contained in an excellent 300 page critical analysis of patient care, authored by Ron Panzer, Director of the Hospice Patients Alliance entitled Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America (available on line)

“ Vitas [Hospice] was instrumental in leading a bipartisan effort to add hospice to the healthcare payment system. As a result of these efforts, Medicare pays for hospice services.  Many states have established Medicaid coverage for hospice, and virtually all private insurers and managed care plans provide coverage for hospice care.”  www.vitas.com   (see: endnotes)

This is why bills like SB 500 are of concern.  We don’t know what ethics or what organizations will be represented on outside advisory boards.  How many people will represent the death and dying lobbies versus the traditional respect for human life in all its strengths and frailties?

I’ve also heard an incredible radio Ad paid for by the California Nurses Association ridiculing the very thing they support legislatively.  It’s a humorous ad. A hospitalized patient is calling for his nurse while some man representing “best practices” online data information diagnosing is trying to convince the patient that he has bronchitis. In comes a nurse saying “No, it’s Arrhythmia. The Ad concludes with advising people to look toward their nurse rather than technology to care for them.

None of these groups ever had to advertise before the ACA put them into competition with each other.

AB 1523, Toni Atkins, (D-San Diego), Residential Care Facilities: Elderly.  Requires Residential Care Facilities - RCFE - to carry up to $3,000,000 in bonded coverage against abusive treatment to residents or injury lawsuits.  This is opposed by one lone 

group, the Community Residential Care Association of California which represents residential care facilities for 6 or fewer residents.   They claim that the costs of providing this coverage will result in financial loss to them requiring them to stop accepting some patients or close their doors.

These are the neighborhood care facilities scattered throughout communities. There is sufficient concern that the for-profit, large elder care corporations are attempting to suppress these local, private facilities.

Location: Senate Committee on Human Services.6/10/14   916-651-1524.

Note:  Organizations, using letterhead stationary can be officially listed on record with a support or oppose position. One Requirement is that the letter be in the proper committee one week prior to the hearing.  Individuals who phone the committees will be listed as  “x number of individuals.” To track bills yourself go to www.leginfo.ca.gov.

Regarding the up-coming election, pro life and conservative groups are putting out voter’s guides candidate information, which in their analysis, indicates who is pro life and who isn’t. But, what criteria is being used?  There has been almost no legislation dealing directly with the life or  death issues for there to be any record of votes for in-office candidates so we have only their statements that they are “pro Life.”  Also, In listening to some of the new candidates for office it becomes obvious that they know nothing about the bills being debated in Sacramento.

Something happens when a newly elected member enters the halls of the legislature. We see “good” i.e. conservative, pro life, legislators voting for things that are inimical to family and moral life and religious liberty, but they receive approval ratings on pro life voter’s guides. They even get support due to these votes from the California Catholic Conference, especially regarding a living wage, immigration assistance and welfare support and health care.  They certainly aren’t mounting any opposition to the flood of bills set to manage everyone’s everyday lives. Most often what we see is a listing of “not voting” after the names of, mainly, Republicans.

The sad truth is that the provision of abortion and contraceptive services to one and all is seen as a right and a duty in California even on Catholic college campuses. Listen to a presentation given by a Planned Parenthood Director to Loyola/Marymount College students on May 17, 2014.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6-8zPV2gRE 

The legislators, non-profits, foundations, religious organizations, Ceo’s such as Bill Gates and Marc Zuckerberg,  have formed partnerships to “manage” the lives of the students who did get born, from womb to tomb. This is now being portrayed as the proper pro life ethic by these very groups. 

If you wish further information or clarification on bills, please either email me or phone me.  Phone: 925-899-3064. callifeadvocates@gmail.com. to visit our webpage at www.callifeadvocates.org/blog

End Note:

Hospice Patients Alliance: preserving the original mission of hospice. www.hospicepatients.org


Camille Giglio
May 24, 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014 was the last day for bills to stay alive or die in committee. These bills were, mostly in their house Appropriations Committees.  7 of the bills we have been following died in committee, thanks to you.  Thirteen other bills Health and Education bills are staying alive. There were a total of 600 bills awaiting action in their respective Appropriations Committee, not all of them have been reported out yet.

Here are the failed bills:

AB 1854, Eric Linder, Examination Fees: Advanced Placement. Dealing future state driven Workforce development with the taxpayer footing the bill for Inter’l Baccalaureate exam fees.

AB 1977, Roger Hernandez, Student Academic Preparation, Educational Partnerships.
Increased financial support for partnering students with outside work force experience.

AB 2111, Tom Ammiano, Child Development Services: Pregnant/Parent Teens. Would have amended the Cal SAFE Program to provide increasing amounts of community supportive services for the pregnant teen and for the child including in Charter schools.

AB 2167, Al Muratsuchi, Pupils: State Healthy Kids Survey. Data collection on kids social, emotional,, health and behavioral attitudes  and beliefs.

AB 2437, Curt Hagman, School Infrastructure: Network Infrastructure. Would have established a competitive grant program to construct a statewide network for pupil assessments.

AB 2555, Raul Bocanegra, Cradle-to-Career Initiatives: Plan.  Required development of a 5 year plan for all students to guide them through school and into a career, without much parental involvement. 

SB 1357, Lois Wolk, Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment Form. Would have enacted a state wide POLST Registry system. Very expensive.

We must continue vigilance lest the intent of these bills shows up in other amended legislation.

There will be a more complete report on the bills that passed in the next week, but for now here is a rundown of some of the more egregious invasions of family and individual rights.

AB1571, Susan Eggman, Elder Care Licensing, AB1570, Chesbro, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, SB911, Marty Block, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, All deal with further expansion of the government oversight of end-of-life, Comfort Care provisions or training of employees.

SB 1124, Ed Hernandez, Medi-Cal: Estate Recovery. Re-examines the right of the state to file a claim against the estate of a decedent or inheritor of decedent’s estate, for the cost of certain Medi-Cal expenses during the life time of the deceased.

SB 1055, Carol Liu, Public School Health Center Support Program, SB 1053, Health Care Coverage: Contraceptives. Holly Mitchell, AB 2350, Susan Bonilla, Prevention of Pregnancy Discrimination, Education, and, AB 2706, Roger Hernandez, Schools: Health Care Coverage: Enrollment Assistance.

All of the above rely on the school system to expand promotion of government oversight of everyone’s health and reproduction activities including providing facilitators to assist in completing applications.


STEM Now Gives off STEAM.

The Common Core STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) has now been given an “A” as in Art. It’s now Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

The Antioch school district in Contra Costa County is implementing this national movement (program) in its elementary school system in order, as Program Improvement Director, Mike Santos says, “ to foster students critical thinking and problem-solving skills and to promote collaboration and teamwork among peers.

STEAM will insure, said the school’s new Principal, Phyllis James, that students are college and career ready. “We are going to make sure that our babies are ready.”

This is the meaning of the above listed, failed, bills. Cradle to career, womb to tomb. Government created pathways (AB 2303, Richard Bloom) using 5 year plans (does that ring a bell anyone?) to manipulate students into objectively pre-determined social and work strata , socially and mentally prepared for acceptance of the government plan for the sustainable community. 


- Or, The Healthy Baby Bottom Act of 2014.
Camille Giglio

This year’s health and education legislation is beginning to reveal a little more of the intended goals of the Affordable Care Act as well as the Common Core Standards.

Eight out of thirteen so-called health or education related Democrat sponsored bills, touted as providing future great learning and employment benefits to low-income children, have passed their first committee in the California state legislature totally unopposed.

The very legislators who have authored and or voted for the following list of bills to provide services to children in low-income or single parent families are the same ones who vigorously endorse abortion for the very babies they would now profess to “help.” 

What is the great benefit to be derived for Transitional Kindergarteners (4 yr olds), state department of education and health takeover of infant child care and training for jobs for their parents?

As Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, (D-80) stated in her bill AB 1516: Public Social Services: Diapers: “I believe every child deserves a clean diaper.”   

“Every parent of an infant deserves to have a diaper changing table within instant reach wherever he or she needs one,” declared (former Senator now resident of the state, Ron Calderon, SB1042, Food Facilities: Toilet Rooms: Baby Changing Tables, before he left the building. (endorsed by Equality California). 

Yet, a third legislator wants parents to know that their 3 and 4 year olds will not have to sit in soiled diapers while on a local community field trip nor will parents with very low incomes have to pay the going rate for their young  child to attend a field trip.


Here is a statement on the website of the California Catholic Conference extolling the legislature  for it’s support of “education and tax relief” bills:

Thank you for your ongoing support of the series of innovative tax policy proposals that would empower parents as well as teachers to care for their own school children’s learning needs, inspire greater charitable contributions to expand local resources in K-12 education, and encourage greater savings for kindergarten through college. 

This whole set of bills is part of the Unmet Diaper Needs Financing Fund. This will become an amendment to the Welfare to Work Article created to assist the clients in the Calworks program. http://www.helpamotherout.org/2014/04/07/ab1516hearingapril8/

French Four-year olds on a field trip.
French Four-year olds on a field trip.

The entity to receive the greatest benefit from this is the diaper manufacturing industry. If the government starts outright purchasing bulk loads of diapers or underwriting the cost of purchase diaper prices will become beyond means of most parents.

Mothers may all have to go back to cloth diapers!!!  I don’t know where we would get them, out of museums, I imagine?

But that’s not all the ways low-income people will be “helped.” That great benefactor, Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, inconsolable over the lack of rain in our state and the resulting state of our dirty clothes has offered up AB 769: (and given it a terribly clever title after it was amended 4 times) The Sales and Use Taxes: Exemption: Clothes Washers.

She is promoting a tax exemption for businesses that promote and sell or use in their businesses “efficient” washing machines. To her this is a major health and ecological boon.  This bill has not only passed its first committee, it is headed for the Senate side of fun-land. It’s supported by 6 lobbies and opposed by 27 other lobbies.

Why did she leave out dish washer machines?

But, wait, lest we forget about the somewhat older child, Assembly member Kevin Mullin, (D-22) has searched deep within his emotions and offered up AB 1502, CalWorks: Family Unity Act of 2015. This bill supported by the California Catholic Conference, the California Partnership, a large lobby conglomerate of stakeholder organizations, and the every present Western Center on law and Poverty, among others, declares that: “a child is deprived of parental support or care, and is therefore eligible to receive assistance, due to the unemployment, underemployment, or low wages of his or her parent[.]”

This is designed more to discourage initiative and promote a need for security that only the government handout can provide. If the family income rises above a certain level the kid and the family lose their government  taxpayer driven income and the family is right back where it started.

Now we turn to another segment of that greatly disadvantaged populace, the LGBT community.

AB1951, Jimmy Gomez,(D), 916-319-2051/fx916-319-2151. Vital Records: Birth Certificates. Amends birth certificates to reflect, according to the head of Equality California, the Sponsor of the bill, the “current realities of the modern family.” Would expand the categories of mother/father  as currently listed on birth certificates, to reflect the “parents” gender preferences, i.e. a male “mother” or a female “father” or two “fathers” or two “mothers.”

Not to be outdone, Assemblywoman Toni Atkins, (D-LA) soon to be Assembly Speaker replacing John Perez, (D-LA) has authored AB 1577, Certificates of Death: Gender Identity.

AB 1577, Toni Atkins. (D-S.D.) Ph:916/319-2078/Fx:916/319-2178. 

Authorizes death certificates to be modified to match the desired gender of the deceased rather than the male or female designation with which the person was born. co-sponsors: Equality California and Transgender Law Center and includes the ACLU among others.

Both of these bills, AB 1577 and ab1951 have passed their house of origin on partisan votes

One of the favorable arguments states that the  University of California, Los Angeles Williams Institute study from 2008 estimates that 0.3% of adults are transgender. 

The U of C, Berkeley Gender Equity Resource Center stating in its endorsement defines transgender as: “people are those whose psychological self (gender identity) differs from the social expectations for the physical sex they were born with.”

The next 5 bills deal with oversight of and assistance to facilities providing services to the elderly.  In other words, an aggressive continuation of encouragement to sign up for palliative care only, or appoint residential advisory counsels with stakeholders participating plus expanded hours of government designated training for employees.

AB 1570, Wes Chesbro, (D-Eureka), Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly. 916-319-2002/Fx 916-319-2102.

Requires facility employees to acquire 100 hours of training, at least 40 of which are in person, to work with residents. No stipulation as to of what the training consists.

While we do care very much about the adequacy of training for those who work with the frail elderly our concern here focuses on just what this so-called training might be. We know that the euthanasia promoting group Compassion and Choices along with all those agencies supporting palliative-care-only such as Hospice, are encouraging their personnel to be trained in counseling facility residents and their families to encourage the signing of  POLST forms. This form heavily promoted by the death and dying industry is little more than an upgraded DO-NOT-RESUSCITATE mandate. This is considered health care cost savings.

Of the 100 plus groups listed as endorsing this bill 51 are actually branches of various mega-industry for-profit elder care facilities so the actual support for this bill isn’t as large as the listing would make it seem. However, only three groups oppose this bill.

Another bill on relatively the same subject is SB 911, by Sen. Marty Block, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly.

Assemblywoman Susan Eggman, along with Senator Lois Wolk who both appear to have assumed the role of designated end-of-life cheerleaders are carrying at least four (4) bills on this subject, AB 1571, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly: Licensing, AB 1572, Elderly Residential Care Facilities: Councils, and AB 2139, End-of-Life Care: Patient Notification and, maybe the most dangerous one by Wolk, SB 728, Long Trm Care Facilities: Health Care Decisions.  This latter one is the POLST form and its aggressive promotion to elder care facility residents.

California’s legislators are moving into the role of micro-managers of our daily lives, education and employment. Along the way they are collecting data on all aspects of our daily lives and how we live them and providing this information to community organizers and service providers while denying us the right to know what it being done with this data.

There was an item in the news recently of a father desirous of knowing what the school was doing with the data collected on his child who was told that it would cost him $10,000 to find that out because the electronic data gathering system wasn’t equipped to pull out individual records.

Schools are permitted to refer our sons and daughters to health care providers and mental health counselors without parental knowledge or consent.  They can create an educational/workforce training program for them, establish a nutrition program for them. There is, once again, talk about extending the school day and year because kids are left on their own too much and they lose educational goals attained during the current school year.

Schools want to become the day care provider for your toddlers and infants, take them around the community and neighborhoods and introduce them to the diversity of life, occupations and social lifestyles.

In other words, the village is raising the child, the multitude of caretakers are earning a living, the community change agents are thriving and all of it at the expense of the family child relationship.


With what caution – with what
dissimulation I went to work.
The Tell-Tale Heart, Edgar Allan Poe, 1843.


When discussing organ donations I am often reminded of the Edgar Allan Poe short story of the Tell-Tale Heart.

In the story a man reveals how he plotted to take the life of an elderly gentleman using cunning and stealth. When the deed is done the killer hides the body under the floor boards of the bedroom. The killer is finally caught because he is driven mad by believing that he can still hear the man’s beating heart. Maybe the man isn’t dead, he fears?

The proponents of organ transplants display some of the same cunning and deception when discussing organ removal from brain dead declared donors.

Organ donation proponents would have you believe that an organ donor is truly and irreversibly dead, all bodily functions totally stopped, no life at all, no life possible, at the time of the removal of vital organs.

Organ donation opponents on the other hand efficiently dismember their opponents carefully crafted arguments when they point out  that the full terminology includes the words  “legally and clinically” dead. These terms are mere constructs of the law, distractions from the actual condition of the targeted patient and the fact that to perform a successful transplant there is a very short window of opportunity to obtain fresh as compared to decomposing organs, especially hearts.

Dr. Paul Byrne of Life Guardian Foundation will tell you in no uncertain terms that these brain dead declared patients are still alive, their hearts are still beating, other organs are still functioning.

He will point to reports, fashioned by self interested committees, such as a 1967 American Bar Association publication, or the 1968 Ad Hoc Committee of the Harvard Medical School report on the Definition of Brain Death or the 1981 Presidential Committee report Defining Death. Dr. Byrne will inform you that these definitions are only three of several and that they were concocted not to treat or respect the patient but to protect the Medical Community from charges of criminal conduct in killing the patient while removing his or her beating heart.

The use of terms to be employed to declare someone dead or to promote euthanasia: brain death, irreversible coma, organ transplants, withdrawal of nutrition and hydration (food and water) began to appear in medical journals and publications as merely interesting philosophical subjects to contemplate and write articles about.

They progressed to becoming subjects for the media to report and take sides on  beginning in the 1960’s with the first heart transplant in South Africa by Dr Christiaan Barnard.  In the United States 1976, U. S. Supreme Court decision regarding Karen Ann Quinlan, and  whether a third party had the right to “pull the plug” and discontinue life support. the court found in favor of the parents request.

Karen Ann, age 31, died in a nursing home following court authorized removal of  nutrition, hydration medications  and oxygen died shortly thereafter. Some will always wonder if, given sufficient time, she might have made some recovery, but we will never know what her wishes would have been.

There soon followed  other shocking cases of brain injured people being declared dead. Or the case of Elizabeth Bouvia, 1983, who became a symbol to the Right to Die Movement, went to court to ask for a declaration that, due to her cerebral palsy and severely painful arthritis, be permitted to demand that doctors, in a hospital setting, assist her suicide. She lost her case and was reported as still living in 2008 in an L. A. Times article.

Her case, basically began the discussion of what constitutes quality-of-life and  if it is  possible to make plans for treatment or withdrawal of treatment based on a formula for what constitutes quality of life?  QL =NE x (H+S).  Anthony Shaw, Defining the Quality of Life, Hastings Center Report, 1977.

But the continued interest in this subjec, though not its practice, was sidelined, beginning in 1973 with the advent of the very contentious Roe v Wade Supreme Court Abortion Decision and the so-called rights of women to freedom of choice during pregnancy.

Other, more recent cases have come before the public. In 1993 Robert Wendland, was declared permanently and mentally disabled following a motorcycle accident in the San Jose, California, area. Sixteen months after the accident his wife, Rose, went to court to have him removed from a feeding tube and be allowed (some said required) to die. This court found that, contrary to the Quinlan court,  a third party, even a wife, did not have the right to refuse nutrition and hydration for a patient. The court declared that “patients unable to make a decision for themselves should receive special protection according to their constitutional right to life and right to privacy.

Though Mr. Wendland died from pneumonia shortly after that court finding, it was not until 2001 that the state Supreme Court finally gave a decision in that case. The judges decided that since Rose Wendland did not have a power of attorney or any written document, she lacked authority to request removal of life support.

This case was, I believe, very important to current events in which it is now possible through especially since 2008 legislation, for third parties, such as spouses and medical personnel, through use of a POLST form, to authorize removal of life support or what is now called Palliative Care with or without a signed directive. 

This latest trend in medicine based on economic efficiency and a parallel understanding of what constitutes quality of life for a patient, has changed the whole conversation to one of acceptance of the heretofore unthinkable situations in which the perhaps permanently disabled or comatose patient is better off dead and his or her organs donated to someone with a better potential for an improved quality of life.

An entire new vocabulary has been created to discuss the end-of-life issues. This vocabulary is often crafted to create the appearance of a benevolent and compassionate platform from which to allow third parties to discuss and act upon end of life decisions for others. At times organ donors voluntary or involuntary, are actually treated as heroes for forfeiting their lives through donation of their organs to others who are considered by stakeholders in the organ transplant business, to be more worthy of living.

This is referred to by Barry Bostrom, M.Div.,J.D., in the latest Issue in law and Medicine, as countertransference. This is when the physician attempts to put himself “in the patient’s shoes” in order to make clinical decisions and evaluations of “quality of life” for a highly vulnerable patient.

In other words, the article is saying that ill patients and or their family members are, in a time of medical crisis, vulnerable to the attitude of the physician or medical professional in determining if they, themselves, should continue to want to live.

The more aggressive advocates of public policy changes such as Compassion and Choices, and their local community organizers, speaking to issues of the care and handling of terminally ill patients, will paint dark and dreary scenes of patients dying along in cold and sterile hospital beds, rather than in the comfort and warmth of a family’s loving arms. This is because they did not sign up for palliative-care-only as they progressed in their illness, thereby causing hospitals to expend unnecessary amounts of valuable hospital funds to keep you, the patient, alive. They also point to the amount of money wasted on expensive medications used to preserve the lives of patients who did not sign a POLST form.

I’ve become rather suspicious of obituary notices that state that the family member died at home surrounded by family and loved ones. How planned, exactly, was that?

In truth, according to Dr. Byrne of Life Guardian Foundation, “Hospital costs are down because patients seldom die in hospitals anymore.” They die in residential care facilities after being moved out of the hospital once it is known that they have a POLST or palliative care only signed document.

Here is a good understanding of the current end-of-life picture.

On September 4, 2012, Alamo, California, Highway Patrol officer, Kenyon Youngstrom was “mortally wounded” when shot by a car driver whom he had pulled over to the side of the road in a routine traffic stop. Officer Youngstrom was a registered organ donor. Within 24 hours following the shooting he was removed from a ventilator and his organs donated to 4 recipients.

On April 4, 2014, almost two years later, he was memorialized at the hospital where he died, as a hero for the donation of his organs. He was not honored for his service in guarding the public’s safety. The title of the article that appeared in the Contra Costa Times, 4/5/14, was: “Cop’s widow urges organ donations.” His widow was quoted in the article saying:  “She is thankful to herculean efforts made by civilians, law enforcement and doctors to keep her husband’s heart beating long enough to allow him to donate his organs.” She further talked about the “importance of loved ones sharing their final wishes, because her husband’s clear message made the decision easier.

Officer Youngstrom’s CHP partner was also quoted as saying: “It’s hard having someone lay there when they look perfectly fine, but medically you know they can’t make it, so letting your family know what you want to do in advance makes it so much easier to let go.”

Knowing that he was an organ donor just how hard did the doctors try to save his life?

I give  the widow the benefit of the doubt.  The family no doubt loved their husband and father. The wife, at least, understood that she could lose her husband in the line of service. Did she truly understand that she could lose her husband to the demands of the organ donation lobby?  Maybe they both understood that  by becoming an organ donor there was that  possibility of a double sacrifice of life, once to protect the community which he served and once to extend a chance to live by donating his organs so that others might have the chance to live that he was forfeiting.

Jahi McMath’s parents gazed at their beloved daughter laying in a hospital bed and knew that though declared to be brain dead she was still alive.  They said “no” to the pleadings of the organ donation team that requested release of her body for donation of organs. They would not go along with the hospital’s plan of “treatment” for their daughter.

There was no organ donation card in this case. When Jahi’s mother said “no,” she had to go quickly to court to get a restraining order to prevent the hospital from removing their daughter from a ventilator and IV.  The law said that the hospital could declare Jahi brain dead and that was all the organ donation teams needed to begin pressuring the mother to turn over their daughter’s supposed dead body for her organs.

They have not been honored by the public. They have had to remove their still living daughter from the hospital in the dark of night to an undisclosed place.

So, which is it?  Is the organ donor patient alive or is the patient dead? What does legally brain dead really mean?  What does a heart that continues to beat up until the time of removal from a body imply? From what, exactly, does the patient die, the gunshot wound, the disease, the dehydration resulting from removal of nutrition and hydration or from removal of any one of the vital unpaired organs, especially the heart?

What is illegal and criminal for the ordinary citizen is perfectly okay for the guy in the white coat.

Upon death a body begins to decompose immediately. Organs decompose at varying rates because no blood or air circulates to keep them going. If a patient is truly dead can any of his or her organs be of any use to anyone else?

The organ donor upon being declared brain dead will be placed on a ventilator to insure that vital organs are oxygenated until removed, but a ventilator only works if the patient is alive. The ventilator may push air into the lungs, but it is, according to Dr. Byrne and others, the lungs that expels the air. If the lungs are expeling the air that means the patient is alive and the heart is beating.

And, finally we need to begin asking ourselves, our clergy, our elected officials just whom they think is deserving of life? It is beginning to seem as though no one individual is valued but only how that individual benefits someone else.

Dying has become a big and, to some, a profitable business. A whole new level of medical terminology, training and counseling (persuasion) techniques have entered into the picture along with new secular and religious groups both supporting and opposing this latest version of the disposable life.

Patients who do not go along with the signing of advance directives, federally instigated preventive medicine routines, federally prescribed nutrition programs, mental health counseling, etc, are being looked upon as non-compliant patients.

To avoid misunderstandings between doctors and patients will potential patients be required to interrogate their doctors to determine if they are members of Compassion and Choices, formerly the Hemlock Society?  Will they need to question the doctor minutely on just what is to be expected or required of each patient. The doctor and the hospital, under ObamaCare are at risk of financial punishment if they fail to gain the cooperation of the patient or the patient’s family.  The efficiency and cost containment capabilities of the hospital is called into question.

Has the Affordable Care Act totally destroyed the unique doctor/patient relationship?

What does one do as a patient if your doctor suddenly declares that you have a year to live and you should sign a POLST form and move into a Hospice medical home to receive only palliative care from now on? Why wait for a whole year? Will everyone be required to do as the McMath family had to do…call a lawyer, go to court, go to the media?

If you are an organ donor do you know all the ramifications adherent to that form? Has your new teenage family member been encouraged by a driving class or even by a tv ad to sign on as an organ donor when signing up for a driver’s license? If your sports minded organ donation signed up teenager gets a concussion during a football game, will he be too quickly identified as brain dead and his organs donated to others who will take better care of them then the donor did?


Presidential Commission, 1981, Defining Death: Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues in the Determination of death, based upon the Uniform Determination of Death Act - UDDA.

Learn How we calculate the Quality of Life index scores. http://internationalliving.com/2010/02/learn-scores-quality/ 1) Cost of Living=15%, 2) Culture and Leisure=10%, 3) Economy=15%, 4) Environment=10%,5) Freedom=10%, 6) Health=10%, 7) Infrastructure=10%, 8) Climate=10%, 9) Safety and Risk=10%.

Karen Ann Quinlan, 31, Dies; Focus of ’76 Right to Die Case, The New York Times, June 12, 1985, Robert D. McFadden. The court held, in a new interpretation of the right of privacy, that Miss Quinlan’s interest in having her life-support systems disconnected exceeded the state’s interest in preserving life, so long as medical authorities saw ‘’no reasonable possibility'’ that she would recover. http://www.nytimes.com/1985/06/12/nyregion/karen-ann-quinlan-31-dies-focus-of-76-right-to-die-case.html

Anthony Shaw, Hastings Law Report, 1977. QL=NE x (H + S)  i.e. nature and endowment, home and society.

Issues in Law and Medicine, March, 2014 Ed. Barry Bostrom, M.Div.,J.D.http://www.nrlc.org/archive/news/2001/NRL05/bostrom.html

Dr. Paul Byrne, Director, Life Guardian Foundation, answered the following questions:

  • Question: How long may a heart be kept fresh and usable from the time it takes to remove that heart from a body?

  • Answer:  At normal body temperature, within 4-5 minutes without oxygen. The heart must be cooled to keep it from deteriorating. The heart is stopped just as it is removed from the donor.

  • The kidney is about 30 minutes, then it must be cooled or there are techniques to pump fluid through the kidney to preserve it. www.lifeguardianfoundation.org.

Elder Life Planning. Part of the “Catch” Program.


EMBRACE THE JOURNEY, An 8 week Anglican produced training program for preparing people for the end of their life on a journey to death. Promoted by the Life Issues Institute, Brad Mattes, Executive Director http://www.lifeissues.org/

When the Patient is Non-Compliant, Danielle Ofri, M.D. New York Times,Nov. 15, 2012



Dear Friends: I have finally succeeded in getting a (long) list of legislation up on our Callifeadvocates blogsite. They are mostly health care bills which we feel need close observation since they can be gutted and amended or just amended at any point.

We get daily notices about gutted and amended bills and dates for hearings for bills.

Each bill listed on our blogsite has a link, through the bill number, to the full wording of the bill which you are welcome to link to. We have just listed the bare bones information since there are so many bills.

Please go to www.callifeadvocates.org/blog. Then look on the right side about mid-point and you will find the words Legislation: state, federal. So far it is only the state bills that we have listed.

We will begin after Easter Week to write more complete reports on the bills in separate reports.



The following seven (7) bills all deal with the elderly and/or residential care facilities or end-of-life issues. Of the seven 4 are sponsored by Ca. Advocates for Nursing Home Reform-CANHR. www.canhr.org. This group wrote a worthwhile critique of the POLST form appearing to be neutral on its intended results, but, was, in fact, supportive of patient autonomy in choosing to control their life’s last days.

Our concern in most of these bills is the hidden agenda of further promotion of signature gathering of naive and unsuspecting elderly residents of facilities on POLST forms. Some of these bills appear to be offered as a result of at least two incidences in which care facilities and their elderly residents were abandoned by owners and employees when the money ran out.

Compassion and Choices, the major promoter of the POLST has received several million in federal dollars to stimulate additional training of employees on how to encourage acceptance of the form.

SB 911 by Marty Block, (916)-651-4939. Requires additional training hours for employees of residential care facilities without stipulating to the type of training.

SB1357, Lois Wolk, (D), 916-323-2304. Enacts the state POLST Registry Act which would be a statewide registry and monitoring program of anyone who signs a POLST form. This data could be transferred to any of a number of government entities and emergency services.

AB1523, Toni Adkins, (D-SD) Residential Care Facilities: Liability Insurance.

AB1572, Susan Eggman, (D-SD), Residential Care Facilities: Resident Councils.

Requires establishment of resident councils and amends the rules of developing these councils for already established facilities. Removes family members but adds community stakeholders and tighter rules regarding avenues for submission of complaints or suggestions for changes in accommodating needs of residents.

AB2139, Susan Eggman, (D-SD), 916-319-2013, End-Of-Life Care: Patient Notification.

Mandates establishment of a definition of “terminal Illness.” authorizes a person with power of attorney for a terminally ill (as defined) patient to be notified of this diagnosis and provided with “comprehensive information and counseling regarding legal end-of-life options.”

It’s interesting that no organization has been identified as a supporter or sponsor as of this date. It must be presumed that Compassion and Choices or other agencies of the death and dying proponents is the sponsor.

SB1322. Ed Hernandez, (D) 916-651-4924, California Health Care Quality Improvement and Cost Containment Commission. Authorizes the Governor to establish this commission to regulate and contain costs of delivering medical services. Care facilities will be rated according to their ability to contain costs and accountability while developing innovative cost containment measures.

Cost containment can be understood to be the engine driving restriction of dollars and employee time spent on care of financially burdensome patients.

Members of this commission shall represent the usual stakeholders, labor, business, health care practitioners, hospital industry reps, health insurance, legal community health care economist, the Secy of Ca. Health and Human Services and the Ex. Director of Covered California.

Issues this commission will cover are: assessing California’s health care needs, improving “quality” of care and “efficiency.” disease management, wellness, prevention and “other innovative programs to keep people healthy while reducing costs and improving health outcomes.. and finally. “efficient utilization of prescription drugs and technology.”

This all sounds more like expanding the net profit of this new industry by dropping expensive and innovative treatments to senior citizens.
than it does expanding and improving the lives of the residents elderly and ill as well as healthy.

ACR 125, John Perez, 916-319-2053. Setting aside a date every April to recognize April as Donate Life month and signing up for organ donations through the DMV.


Camille Giglio

I recently attended a social function to which a representative of a local Hospice Care Facility had been invited as a guest speaker. I was mildly shocked to realize that this woman was an avowed salesman for palliative over curative care especially for ill and dependent senior citizens.

Part of her talk centered on the “Conservation Project” and opportunities for training oneself in how to conduct this discussion about Grandma’s future. As she stated: [one of] the goals of palliative care, she said, is to encourage “patients to forego curative care.”

The palliative care she was talking about is the removal of all curative medical care for ill patients including removal of nutrition and hydration (food and water) provided through a tube which is now considerate artificial since it is not provided by mouth.


Physician Dame Cicely Saunders, London, England, 1967, opens St. Christopher’s Hospice. This facility provided care for terminally ill cancer patients who were diagnosed to be in the final six month of life. This care included both medical and palliative treatment, carefully measuring and balancing medications with pain relieving drugs to avoid negative reactions and to ease pain and discomfort attendant to cancer.

1969, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, a Swiss born Psychiatrist working at Billings Hospital, in Chicago, wrote a book entitled “On Death and Dying.” It described five stages of grieving at the end-of-life: anger, denial, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This helped physicians better understand the emotions patients were experiencing and showed the doctors how they could be more sensitive to these patients needs.

1974, Florence Wald, RN, MN, left her position as Dean of Nursing at Yale University to open the first Hospice in America. She had been trained by Dame Cicely Saunders.

However, Wald departed from the Hospice training and included assisted suicide in her approach to end-of-life care. She stated: “There are cases in which either the pain or the debilitation the patient is experiencing is more than can be borne, whether it be economically, physically, emotionally or socially. For this reason, I feel a range of options should be available to the patient, and this should include assisted suicide.
This statement was taken from “Hospice Care in the United States: A Conversation with Florence S. Wald,” by M.J. Friedrich, JAMA, 1999.

From this point on Hospice, in America anyway, went off in two different directions; the one affirming and respecting the right of everyone to live to the utmost of their ability to the day of their true death, and the other, the Wald way, to hasten death by assisted means.

Ca. Right to Life Committee, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
In the beginning all Hospices were non-profit facilities, but over the years that, too, has changed thanks especially to MediCare and an aging population. The luncheon guest speaker said that 60% of Hospices are now for-profit entities.

In other words death and dying has become a niche industry within the field of medicine, with a net profit at the end of the year. According to a 350 page report entitled: Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America, CEO’s of some of the major for-profit Hospices are earning upwards of $300,000 annually.

What is now referred to by many as the death and dying industry is focused on encouraging (at this point) everyone to consider using some form of assistance to ending one’s own life should that life become burdensome to the individual or to the state.

This industry has developed a variety of pathways to achieving their goals. They rely heavily on showcasing the benefits of palliative care only. Some, such as the Hospice approach is a soft sell, full of compassion, some are more aggressive such as the lobbying and public policy promoting wing of this movement such as Compassion and Choices. This latter group uses legislation to put the full force and credibility of the state behind their approach. Their website proudly proclaims that their goal is to sign up the entire state of California through promotion of their POLST form, to agree to a pre-planned ending of life when it becomes burdensome. This includes people in their youth, middle years or senior citizens.

California state Senator Lois Wolk. (D-Napa) has a bill in the the legislature, SB 1357, the POLST Registry Act. This will make it mandatory that long term care facilities and hospitals will be required to give everyone seeking entrance to these facilities a POLST form to sign along with instructions in completing the form. It also creates a state wide registry listing all POLST signers. These papers will be handed to all applicants by entities dealing with health care including emergency medical teams (ambulances). In California the EMT people are not required to provide immediate response for requests to resuscitative pleas if someone has a signed POLST form.

The back side of the POLST form, using small print, advises that physicians and other lower echelon health care providers are authorized to complete and sign a POLST form for the patient if that health care person deems it to be beneficial for that patient.

This form with slight variations in the name, and agencies promoting and distributing it are in almost every state. In a few instances agencies have succeeded in signing up entire towns. In California apparently the goal is to sign up the entire state. Right now it is voluntary to accept a POLST or fill one out. Compassion and Choices has a five year plan for achieving 100% compliance.

Palliative care is cost saving to the medical industry and to the government. It is also becoming a very competitive industry with several facilities offering hospice and or palliative care contained in one city. It is a financially profitable industry to those running the programs.

Ca. Right to Life Committee, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Many hospices have expanded the number of months or years that one may be in a hospice. It is no longer just a diagnosis of an immediately terminal illness, but people are being encouraged to admit themselves in some facilities as much as 5 years in advance of any possible demise.

Currently nurses or hospice representatives have been seen walking the halls of hospitals encouraging people to sign up. I imagine that this is the basis for Wolk’s legislation which will make every hospital and doctor a POLST distributor at the time of admittance.

So, back to the guest speaker at the luncheon. What this woman was subtly telling and encouraging everyone at the event was to sign up. Forego any attempts at curative medicine in the latter years of your life and submit to palliative care only.

Here are the death panels Sarah Palin and others talked about.

Be very careful what you sign my friends. God be with you always.


Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Inc. the largest nonprofit hospice in the U.S. reports it paid $320,347 in 2009 to its CEO, Mary Labyak. Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America, page 54, Ron Panzer, Published by Hospice Patients Alliance, Inc. www.hospicepatients.org.

Vitas Hospice was instrumental in adding hospice to the healthcare payment system. MediCare, since 1983, now pays for hospice services.

California Health Care Foundation: Advance Care Planning Community Engagement Initiative Grant Application Instructions - 2-14-2015. “The California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) wants to support local efforts to engage the public in advance care planning (ACP). To that end, CHCF has committed $100,000 over the next year to promote ACP at the local level.”

More specifically, CHCF will fund up to five one-year grants of $20,000 to five local coalitions to develop and implement an ACP public engagement initiative in their communities.

In addition, CHCF has funded the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) to develop a statewide infrastructure to support local ACP community engagement efforts, including coordination, education, communication, and resources.

“[t]hose physicians who are true believers in the agenda will fill in the POLST forms for all patients under their care and even some who are not even their own patients. We have seen this behavior from physicians all around the country. They don’t care about honoring the patients’ own right to fill in such forms, DNRs or others, and will ignore Advanced directives of all sorts. Fake Advanced directives are often filled out and used, even when valid, attorney-designed living wills or others are being presented to the facilities.

Whether they are "legally" mandatory or not, a large majority of patients, especially in skilled nursing facilities and/or hospice will have POLST forms filled out routinely, without permission in many cases.” A direct quote from Ron Panzer, Director of Patients Right Council in response to questions about the dangers of Wolk’s SB 1357.


Ca. Right to Life Committee, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598


Senior Citizens Targeted.
Camille Giglio
February 23, 2014

“The wisdom of this world is foolishness”
1 Corinthians.

Friday, February 21, 2014, was the last day for the California legislature to submit new legislation for year 2 of the 2013/2014 legislative term. Several of the left over bills from year one are still awaiting a final vote, also.

Several of the new health bills are focusing on End-Of-Life issues, senior citizens and more government controls in alignment with the federal Affordable Care Act, and on long term and elder health care facilities..

From the viewpoint of someone who watches health and education legislation it is not a positive picture for either the beginnings of life or the endings of life in California. Planned Parenthood has worked hard and diligently to control who enters this world. Now, the death and dying groups, are emerging as the controllers of who leaves this world, when and how quickly.

The main vehicle to which the EOL’ers have attached achievement of their goals is Palliative Care. Though there is a place within medicine for palliative care (alleviation of pain and suffering at the end of life) groups like Compassion and Choices and organ procurement agencies also use palliative so-called care to advance their goals of organ donation procurement and/or planned, controlled termination of life through POLST (DNR-type form) forms. This form is also referred by other, similar words such as MOLST or MOST, etc.

The tools of their death trade are reliance on Freedom of Speech Rights to access seniors. etc. in public forums. They also heavily promote and legislate for authorized recognition as a state recognized Advanced Directive assistance agency in order for the purpose of signing up patients and potential patients with their version of a health directive called the POLST form. Thirdly, they use intimidation through threat of law suits of elected local officials who refuse to accommodate their demands for access.

Example: On February 28, 2014, the Concord, California, Senior Citizens Center will host a Health Fair, which they have done for a number of years. This year, Compassion and Choices was invited to be a part of the health information Fair. This is the group that promotes their POLST form mandating Palliative Care only.

Put in plainer language, The City of Concord will for the price of an $85,00 application fee allow this group to have access to Concord’s senior citizens.

Large numbers of area residents have registered their opposition to this appearance of the C&C and, to their credit two Concord elected officials, when notified of this egregious move, have expressed their concerns to the City Attorney. The City Attorney, Mr. Mark Coon, has dug in his heels, “strongly” supporting C&C’s freedom of speech rights as well as the fear of a lawsuit if C&C is rejected.

CRLC has also learned that in past Health Fairs Planned Parenthood has been invited to address the Seniors’ with recommendations and directions for enjoying sex longer into their senior years.

Compassion and Choices’ Oregon State www.compassionoforegon.org website carries the notice that they are an advocacy group for the right of citizens to “legal, lethal medications” which will allow the terminally ill to peacefully pass from this life without pain and surrounded by their loved ones, “making aid-in-dying” a choice.

Their California website “Get Involved” section proclaims that they are looking for volunteers to help staff booths at public events, get petitions signed to make California accessible to Aid in Dying” https://www.compassionandchoices.org/what-you-can-do/in-your-state/california/get-involved/.

99% of their various websites focus their information on facilitating dying, not on helping to provide or care for the ill, elderly or disabled or terminally ill, nor even where to obtain that sort of help.

Assisted suicide or self inflicted suicide is not (yet) legal in California. It seems a little shady for a group to be given access rights to voting citizens to promote their cause.

However, the Concord City Attorney claims that because of some teensy weentsy reflections on health care expressed on their website, they qualify as a participant in a health fair!

Concord city officials need to be contacted continuously with citizens notices of outrage at this willingness to accommodate what are basically population control advocates using abortion and some fantasy right to die, as the means of control.

Since this Senior Center resides on City property in a City owned park, the government protected freedom of speech is, according to the City Attorney and other officials, to be recognized even if someone or groups should decide that this is an issue of such importance that the right to protect and preserve one’s life from a human type eminent domain type life denying grab needs to be publicly proclaimed. They just can’t do it inside the senior center.

The Concord City officials need to be so bothered by residents about this that they will pass a resolution or city ordinance, whatever it takes, not to invite them in again. Anyone wishing to express their concerns on this matter to the Concord City Mayor is invited to do so. 925 671-3158. both before and after the February 28, date.
BILLS TO WATCH THIS TERM. Most bills have to go through their first hearing in order to really attempt to understand what they are trying to slip passed the public. Several of these bills could have direct connection to organ donation, brain-death issues or palliative care.

AB2399, John Perez, Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. 916-319-2053. “Authorizes an organ procurement organization to swipe a driver’s license or identification card to transmit information to the registry for the purpose of allowing an individual to identify himself or herself as a registered organ donor. INTRODUCED. 02/21/2014.”

This bill is, currently, very vague. No mention of what constitutes an organ procurement organization or agency. References are only to businesses which have permission to swipe cards for purchases and identification. Organ donor identity is already on a driver’s license, but not sure who swipes driver’s license cards now?

AB2139, Susan Eggman, End-Of-Life Care: Patient Notification. Relates to legal end-of-life options. Requires a health care provider to notify the patient when the health care provider makes a diagnosis that a patient has a terminal illness, of the patient’s right to comprehensive information and counseling regarding legal end-of-life care options. INTRODUCED.02/20/2014. This amends the 2008, AB 3000, Lois Wolk End-Of-Life legislation by authorizing a medical worker to become a pitch-man for the death and dying people.

SB 1357, Lois Wolk, Resuscitative Measures. 02/21/2014. Though vague this bill appears to deal mainly with a further promotion of the POLST form. Needs clarification to reference of a “legally recognized health care decision-maker.” Perhaps is expansion of authority of lower-echelon health care workers to make life changing decisions for the patient.

“Makes non-substantive changes (this actually means that this is a spot bill and that people should be alert to whatever amendments they will be attaching as the legislative year goes along) to existing law that defines a request regarding resuscitative measures as a written document, signed by an individual with capacity, or a legally recognized health care decision maker, and the individual’s physician, directing a health care provider regarding resuscitative measures.” INTRODUCED 2/21/2014.

SB1053, Holly Mitchell, Health Care Coverage: Contraceptives. 916-651-4026. 2013 term re-submitted bill. This is an unambiguous supportive move for population control. Aligns California firmly with the federal Affordable Care Act at no cost to the insured. According to author’s office it provides an exception similar to the highly contentious federal regulation, that a religious group may be exempt from paying for the insurance coverage of their employees, but that the insurance company itself cover the cost.

“Requires a health care service plan contract or health insurance policy issued, amended, or renewed on or after a specified date to provide coverage for all federal Food and Drug Administration approved contraceptive drugs, devices, and products in each contraceptive category outlined by the FDA, as well as sterilization procedures and contraceptive education and counseling, and would prohibit a plan or insurer from engaging in unreasonable medical management, in providing that coverage.”
INTRODUCED: 02/18/2014.

SB1055, Carol Liu, Public School Health Center Support Program. Renames the Public School Health Center Support Program as the School-Based Health and Education Partnership Program. provides funding for the expansion and renovation of existing school health centers. Authorizes population health grants. INTRODUCED. 02/18/2014.

"School health center" (as stated in the bill) means a center or program, located at or near a local educational agency, that provides age-appropriate health care services at the program site or through referrals. A school health center may conduct routine physical, mental health, and oral health assessments, and provide referrals for any services not offered onsite. A school health center may serve two or more nonadjacent schools or local educational agencies.”

This is an aggressive “seek and register” program to get students into Covered California, and using the Dept. of Education as a procurer agency, in partnership with the usual suspects. It will be a full-range service provider similar to any community clinic AND, IT WILL BE ON CAMPUSES. Paragraph (6) of Sec. 4 of the bill states: “(6) School health centers can be integral to providing the entire school community with prevention and health integration services by working collaboratively with school staff and administrators to meet the spectrum of health and prevention needs in a school community.

AB2111, Tom Ammiano, Child Development Services; Cal SAFE Program, California School Age Families Education. The bill lists 19 different types of services for pregnant and parenting teens that a School District, including Charter schools will have to provide including for the children of the teen parents, Many of these for which there is little or no reliable or demonstrative results such as: “pupils served and their children will not live their lives in poverty.” Requires that each child have a developmental profile.
INTRODUCED. 02/20/2014.

AB2344, Tom Ammiano, Family Law: Parentage. 916-319-2017. Establishes a statutory parentage form for assisted reproduction that would establish the parental rights of donor and intended parent parties to assisted reproduction that results in a child. Establishes the use of a stipulated stepparent adoption process, under which the child of a marriage or domestic partnership may be adopted by the parties to that marriage or domestic partnership. INTRODUCED 02/21/2014.

In 2013 Ammiano’s bill to allow cross use of bathrooms in schools was passed and an recent initiative attempt to kill the bill failed to gather enough signatures. Also Ammiano got his bill to provide financial and reproductive assistance to homosexual couples passed. This latest bill shows just how same-sex couples will receive reproductive parity and equity through expansion of the definition of who constitutes a parent.

AB2350, Susan Bonilla, Prevention of Pregnancy Discrimination, Education. Expresses various legislative findings and declarations relating to pregnancy discrimination. Adds to the Equity in Higher Education Act a provision specifying that this policy of freedom from discrimination includes freedom from pregnancy discrimination. INTRODUCED 02/21/2014.

Quite possibly Susan Bonilla, (D-Concord) introduced this bill as a favor to Tom Ammiano. He still has a bill pending that would give financial compensation to homosexual couples who are infertile as a result of their social life style choices not their reproductive capabilities under different circumstances.


Camille Giglio
January 26, 2014

Those who condemn Jahi’s family appear to have no idea that doctor-decreed "brain death" is
not sufficient as a declaration of death everywhere in the United States. McMath family attorney
Christopher Dolan, January 21, 2014, Facebook, “Keep Jahi McMath on Life Support.”

This week, the forty-first anniversary of Roe v Wade, was marked with the usual well attended Marches and Walks for Life across the country. Many speeches were delivered eloquently and passionately reminding us of the tremendous loss of respect and regard for human life through abortion. Many hopes were expressed and promises made, as well, that the United States would become aware of the victimization of women in this sordid business.

Noticeably lacking will be mention of the latest battle front in this war on humanity - brain death - the upcoming segment in this advancing war on humanity. This is the elephant in the room that no one wants to recognize. There are, basically, two reasons for this. End-of-life issues are harder to comprehend and some of the groups normally on the pro life side in abortion, are now moving to the support of those who would promote a new approach to the issue of when and how life should end, especially for the elderly, disabled and ill. It’s called Palliative care and is a legal definition of death designed to facilitate removal of organs for donation from “still breathing donors.”

End-of-life deals with issues such as: brain death, signing advanced medical directives, palliative care and organ donation.

This issue was brought to the nation’s attention a few years back in the case in Florida of Terri Schindler Schiavo. After several years of being in a comatose condition her husband who by then was in another relationship, sought through the courts to have her removed from life support. Her parents and brother fought persistently to keep her on life support. The husband and parents won. She died following a rather lengthy and distressful period of dehydration and starvation as a consequence of being denied food and fluids. Her former husband was soon remarried and the father of a child.

Previously, in 1993, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Robert Wendland, as a result of a car accident was in a coma and on life support for 16 months. He awoke but was totally dependent on others. His wife, Rose, filed to have his feeding tube removed and to be allowed to die. His mother intervened to keep him alive. Finally, in 2001, the California Supreme Court determined that the family’s word of mouth reports of claims by Robert that he would never want to be a “vegetable” were insufficient to remove his life support. However, he had died a month earlier from pneumonia.

Marlise MunozLast December the nation, once again, was confronted with a hospital declared brain death in the case of the declaration by Oakland, California Children’s hospital that tonsillectomy patient Jahi McMath was brain dead. The hospital officials said brain death is total and irreversible death. The parents said, wait a minute, her heart is beating, she is moving, her bodily functions are operative, Jahi isn’t dead. Through their attorney they succeeded in getting Jahi released on January 7, 2014, from the firm grasp of the hospital and secreted her away to another facility where she is receiving medical care, according to a statement released on January 25 by the family attorney.

Now we have learned of another case, in the Fort Worth area near Dallas, Texas. Marlise Munoz, age 33, married only 7 months, mother of a year old boy and 22 weeks pregnant with her second child has been declared brain dead.

According to her husband he discovered her unconscious on the floor of their home at 2:00 AM. They are both Emergency Medical team employees. According to the report provided by the husband Erick, he administered CPR and called for an ambulance. However, the hospital declared Marlise to be brain dead and placed her on life support because under Texas law, a pregnant women, even though declared brain dead must be placed on life support to support the life of the child in the womb at least until the child reaches the viability stage outside the womb, or at approximately 24 weeks.

California does not have such a law. In fact, California law on brain death is rather vague leaving the matter wide open for interpretation.

The husband and her parents hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit to require the hospital to take her off of life support because she had stated, verbally, while still in good health, that she would not want to be placed on life support should that possibility occur.

Question: If her husband knew that she didn’t want to be revived why did he initially try to revive her and call for an ambulance? And, why are her parents, as opposed to the parents of Robert Wendland and Jahi McMath, so anxious to have the mother of their child and grandchild declared dead and removed from any possibility of life support? Is it because they don’t want the possibly disabled child in the womb?

Another interesting fact here is the type of law practiced by the woman lawyer hired by Erick Munoz. Heather L. King of the KoonsFuller Law firm of Southlake, Texas, is mainly a divorce lawyer.

Judge R. H. Wallace, Jr.On January 24 it was announced that R. H. Wallace, Jr., Judge of the 96th District Court in Tarrant County, TX. handed down a decision favoring the husband, to remove Marlise from life support by 5:00 PM Monday January 27, 2014. He has apparently interpreted the law narrowly to not include requiring pregnant but brain dead declared patients to be kept on life support in order to to maintain the second life involved, that of the preborn baby. Marlise and the hospital has until Monday, January 27, 5:00 PM. During this time the hospital will decide if it will mount its own court case.

The author of the Texas law referred to in the Munoz case has an interesting background. Senator Ray Farabee, (D), a former Wichita Falls lawyer and Democrat Party activist from 1975 to 1988, was the author of the Texas Natural Death Act, which he was quoted as saying: “provides patients the opportunity to make their own end of life decisions. Texas didn’t have a legal definition of death.” He also supported bills to encourage organ donations.

He included the paragraph about keeping pregnant women on life support perhaps for a personal reason. He was born in 1932, 6 weeks early and not expected to live through the night.

Now Judge Wallace has pretty much neutralized that clause by declaring that Marlise’s declaration of brain death precludes her being identified as a pregnant patient. She is dead.

Her preborn baby “is not viable” according to a statement contained in Court documents and contained in a family press release.

Science believes that at about the 24-26th week of gestational age there is approximately a 7-% chance of survival outside the womb. The Munoz baby is almost 23 weeks. This is why, I believe, that the husband and Marlise’s parents are pushing for a decision. They don’t want baby Munoz.

The hospital wants to adhere to the law as it was written viewing the preborn as the second patient. The husband, Marlise’s parents and the Judge have said that this baby is not worthy of life due to its presumed disabilities and therefore isn’t a patient as well.

During the time that Mrs. Munoz has been in the hospital and receiving life support, the baby has continued to grow and develop. The child is now approximately 22 weeks gestational age. If the life support for the mother stops, the life support for the baby stops as well. The baby would die from starvation.

Will they remove the baby from her womb or let him or her die in the womb? How long will it take for the baby to die inside the womb? It is now 22 weeks old. It is able to move. Will it struggle? Will the doctor remove the baby from the womb? Will it be removed immediately upon cessation of the mother’s life support or will they wait a couple of days while the baby dies. Will the baby’s organs be donated for research? Will this boy or girl be given a death certificate or a burial?

Is the fact of the existence of this child simply to be made to disappear? Isn’t this fetal homicide? Fetal Homicide Laws, http://public.getlegal.com/articles/fetal-homicide-laws.

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Sunday, January 26, 1:21 PM, CBSNews.com announced that Texas Hospital removes brain-dead pregnant woman Marlise Munoz from life support.

“Hospital officials have said they were bound by the Texas Advance Directives Act, which prohibits withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient. But in his brief ruling, Wallace said that "Mrs. Munoz is dead," meaning that the hospital was misapplying the law. The ruling did not mention the fetus. The hospital has not pronounced her dead and has continued to treat her over the objections of both Erick Munoz and her parents, who sat together in court Friday.”

The Schiavo and Wendland cases along with Washington v Glucksberg (1997) Vacco v Quill, 1997, have figured prominently in the development of end-of-life legal decisions and legislation in the last 20 or so years. Henceforth the death and dying industry will be moving on to the next step and we will all be drawn into this discussion focusing on palliative care, definitions of brain death and removal of life support.

Little help, it seems, will be coming soon from religion whose spokespersons seem to reflect the same confusion as do the laws. While there are definite and clear standards in the Catholic church regarding the taking of life, organizations representing the church in these matters are not so clear. The publication Catholic Guide to end-of-life decisions have not caught up with the most current developments. They are still siding with the hospitals and legal definitions of brain dead as privacy matters and against parental wishes, at least that is how it appeared recently in the Jahi McMath case.

Everyone will be required to look upon the entry into a hospital with new eyes. The role of the hospital, the courts and religious ethics and morals are being thrust into a new era of life and death decisions and who controls what. Right now we are all in a free fall, unknown and murky area. Who decides when we die and how we die or who is best served by our death?


Still Breathing Donors. Dr. Robert Gordon, Pittsburg Press - May 12, 1985. Dr. Gordon may have been the first to coin the term, Still breathing donors.

CNN Health. Texas judge: Remove brain-dead woman from ventilator, other machines, January 24, 2014. A breakthrough came when the hospital and the Munoz family agreed on crucial facts listed in a court document: that Marlise Munoz, 33, has "met the clinical criteria for brain death since November 28" and that "the fetus gestating inside Mrs. Munoz is not viable."

Plaintiff’s original petition for declaratory judgment and application for unopposed expedited relief. Cause No. 017-270080-14. “Erick immediately began providing cardio pulmonary resuscitation, and subsequently dialed 911.”

ibid. 6. TEXAS HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE Section 166.049 states that “a person may not withdraw or withhold life-sustaining treatment under this subchapter from a pregnant patient.” (Note: There are a couple of typos in this Declaration.)

Fetal Death Vs. Infant Death

In order to understand when to file a Certificate of Fetal Death, it is important to recognize the difference between a fetal death, a live birth, and an infant death. A fetal death is a death that occurred before labor or during labor or delivery. An infant death is a death that occurred after delivery, up to one year of age. Texas fetal death handbook, General Information, Chap 1.

Texas law regarding fetal death states: When a pregnant woman dies a fetal death certificate is required only if the fetus is removed from the mother’s body and the fetus weighs 350 grams or more, or if the weight is unknown, a period of gestation of 20 completed weeks or more at the time of the mother’s death.

COMMENTARY: Fetal Homicide Laws & Legal Abortion - The Common Denominator, Benjamin Wolf, July 30, 2009.
In March, a Texas Court of Appeals issued its decision in Sanders v. State of Texas. In that case, Sanders was convicted of killing Angela Alex and her unborn child. He was convicted based on a Texas law that prohibits intentionally causing the death of an “individual,” and defines “individual” as including “an unborn child at every stage of gestation from fertilization until birth.”


Camille Giglio
January 13, 2014

On December 9, 2013, 13-year old Jahi McMath walked into Children’s hospital accompanied by her mother for a routine tonsillectomy. Jahi was nervous about the surgery her mother said afterwards.

In the early grey hours before dawn on the morning of January 7th, almost a month later, following protracted court hearings, Children’s hospital reluctantly gave Jahi back to her mother, on a gurney, through a back door, near death, according to the family attorney, to be whisked away to a medical facility the family and their attorney would not disclose.

The family refused to disclose their destination they claimed due to threats against Jahi’s life and that of her attorney, Christopher Dolan of San Francisco.

During all this time there were almost daily updates regarding Jahi’s now perilous situation. The hospital declared that since, as far as they were concerned, based on the legal definition of brain death as a legitimate declaration of irreversible death they would no longer provide curative medicine. Neither would they perform the surgical procedures of a tracheotomy or insertion of a gastric feeding tube to support the life that the Winkfield’s protested was still there. Nor, would they allow an outside surgeon or medical team to enter the hospital to attend to Jahi.

The family and the attorney began using the media to appeal to the medical profession at large, to attend to Jahi. The hospital called in experts to examine Jahi. No surprise, they supported the hospital’s brain-death as total, irreversible death declaration. One Doctor even provided a very graphic written description of what would be happening to Jahi’s body as it began to de-compose.

Attorney Dolan called in Dr. Paul A. Byrne of Ohio who came at his own expense t o examine Jahi. Dr. Byrne, a well recognized authority on brain death cases, is a Board Certified Neonatologist and Pediatrician. He is the Founder of the Neonatal Intensive care Unit at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in St. Louis, Mo. and past-President of the Catholic Medical Association (USA). http://www.lifeguardianfoundation.org/

Dr. Byrne stated that Jahi "is not brain-dead." [She] "can recover with proper care."
He is quoted in court findings as also stating that with "proper nutrition and care, McMath can have meaningful recovery to the degree that she would not meet the `brain death’ criteria.

All of the above are facts that we know about this disturbing case. There is much still to be discovered especially about the actions taken by Children’s hospital specifically during the three days from December 9th to the 12th for Jahi’s welfare.

Question 1. Who actually performed this so-called routine tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy? Was it a well-trained surgeon? Was it a trainee? His/her name has never been mentioned.

The medical profession has been sending out alarms about a lack of enough physicians and surgeons to care for all the patients and expected patients with the influx of new ObamaCare patients.

California Legislators have written bills authorizing an "expanded scope of practice" for lower eschelon medical personnel to be licensed to perform various routine or minor medical and surgical procedures - 2013 AB 1338/154, Assemblywoman, Toni Atkins, (D). Abortion by midwives, signed by Gov. Brown, begins this year. http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2013/10/10/gov_jerry_brown_signs_new_abortion_law_in_california_now_midwives_nurse.html

Question 2. What treatment, if any, was provided to Jahi immediately following the "copious bleeding," that occurred and why did it produce a heart attack? Was it a major heart attack or a small one?

Question 3. In the minds of the hospital officials, at the time that Jahi began to hemorrhage, did Jahi’s status change from being a tonsillectomy patient to a potential organ donor? Did Jahi’s parents refuse to permit their daughter to be used for her organs?

Declaring a person to be brain dead and be put on a ventilator, only, is the first step in preparing a patient for organ removal. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=2969271&page=1

Question 4. Does a hospital obtain total and irreversible control of a person when that person enters a hospital? Are parental rights totally ignored or overridden as it appears the Winkfield family’s rights were denied?

The family claims that to this day they don’t know what happened in the OR or what caused the complications in this otherwise routine procedure. The hospital won’t tell them claiming privacy rights.

Question 5. What, exactly, does a natural death mean now-a-days? The Coalition for Compassion and Care is promoting palliative care only. This is obtained in most cases through signing of a POLST form - Physician orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment. No curative care only a mixture of sedatives to block out pain and suffering from thirst and starvation.

This isn’t a natural death, It is starvation and dehydration. It is the medical promotion of death. It greatly resembles what Children’s hospital was doing with Jahi McMath’s care.

Question 6. Did Children’s Hospital Require the family to complete a POLST form for Jahi? A) perhaps not, I’m waiting to hear, but every hospital is mandated, according to Kaiser hospital personnel, to offer the POLST form to surgery patients.

Final question. Where was the Catholic Church in all of this? Where was the California Catholic Medical Association? Was there no one except the lone lawyer to demand that the parents right to seek help for their child be honored?

Obviously Jahi was not being given the care and respect that all human beings are entitled to as children of God, especially in the teachings of the Catholic faith. Where were the prayer requests during Mass for Jahi’s safety? Where were the Diocesan leaders who could have come forward to urge the hospital to reconsider its utilitarian evaluation of Jahi? All we have is the silence of the California Catholic Conference, the public policy arm of the Catholic Church?

The family’s Pastor, Leon McDaniels of the Paradise Baptist Church gathered his congregation together to pray for a medical miracle. They seemed to understand that it would take heavenly intervention to save this child.

What a wonderful teaching moment it would have been if on that early cold grey morning of January 7th, a Catholic priest and or doctor had walked beside that gurney carrying Jahi to a safe haven?


Camille Giglio

Oakland, Ca. 1/4/14. Following a day long court hearing in an Oakland Superior Court The McMath family Attorney has quietly announced a victory for Jahi McMath’s parents.

Children’s hospital of Oakland was ordered on Friday, January 3rd, 20 plus days after she was placed on a ventilator, to return authority over Jahi’s care to her parents.

The order further stipulated that Children’s hospital permit a critical care team to enter the hospital and remove Jahi from that hospital to another facility, which is, as yet, unnamed.

The family has until January 6th to make all the necessary arrangements, or, apparently on that date the hospital has been given the right to remove Jahi from life support.

The Judge rejected the attorney’s request to order the hospital to perform the trachea and gastric tube procedures since hospital spokespersons claimed that they would be performing unnecessary surgery on a non-living body. Jahi remains, at this point, without nutrition and hydration.

The hospital has maintained that their declaration of brain death is a declaration of total and irreversible death which, they declare, occurred on December 12th. The Coroner’s office has issued a death certificate in Jahi McMath’s name declaring that she is a deceased human being as of December 12, 2013.

The hospital will turn Jahi over to the Coroner who will give Jahi to her parents.

A caution has been given to the family by Children’s hospital, regarding the parents responsibility and accountability for Jahi’s condition once she leaves the hospital. The mother must acknowledge that the “transfer and subsequent transport could impact the condition of the body, including causing cardiac arrest.”

The hospital and, it would appear, the court papers continue to refer to Jahi not as a living human being, but as ‘a body’ a corpse, yet they illogically also speak in terms of this transfer possibly causing the corpse to have a cardiac arrest.

Jahi McMath not only entered a hospital on December 9, 2013, to have her tonsils removed, she has unknowingly thrown a spotlight on the darker side of palliative care.

Palliative, rather than curative care was what Jahi received. Palliative care is that form of care, or lack thereof, that a patient who is expected to die would receive prior to death, consisting mostly of a narcotic, especially if that patient has become an organ donor.

Between the dates of December 9, when the surgery occurred and December 12th some medical misadventure took place regarding Jahi’s care by the hospital and this otherwise healthy child was declared brain dead. Since the hospital has remained silent on what type of care was or was not given it is only speculation on the part of the public as to why this situation occurred.

When Jahi experienced a cardiac arrest did the hospital not treat this cardiac episode? Did they immediately assume that the parents would accept the brain death diagnosis and authorize her organs to be donated?

According to Children’s and outside medical spokespersons, it is rare that a family rejects a request for organ donation following a declaration of brain death.

The Teri Schindler Schiavo Foundation, seeing similarities between Jahi’s treatment and that of Teri Schiavo, have taken an interest in Jahi’s case and have been working to find a long term care facility for Jahi.

Following the heart attack Jahi was placed on a ventilator. The public only begins to hear about this sad case when the hospital approaches the parents to request permission to remove the ventilator.

Jahi’s parents, Marvin and Nailah Winkfield, refuse that permission and seek legal help from attorney Christopher Dolan to force Children’s hospital to maintain their daughter on the ventilator. According to the parents consistent statements Jahi is very much alive, removing her from the ventilator will kill her.

The hospital, however, declares that since she is brain dead they have no responsibility to treat her as though she is a living patient. The family, through their attorney had requested that a tracheotomy be performed to facilitate her breathing and that a gastric feeding tube be inserted to supply nutrition. The hospital refused and set up barriers to any outside medical person entering the hospital to perform those procedures.

Certain publicly unidentified hospitals apparently came forward to take Jahi into their care but upon learning that Children’s refused to first supply the needed trachea and gastric insertions, reneged and left Jahi to the mercy of Children’s hospital.

Judge Evelio Grillo of Oakland, CA Superior Court summoned Jahi McMath’s family, attorney, Christopher Dolan, and representatives of Oakland Children’s Hospital to meet and reach a settlement in the case of this hospital declared brain dead thirteen year old.

Marvin and Nailah Winkfield, parents of 13-year old Jahi have agreed to accept all responsibility for moving her to another, as yet, undisclosed, facility where they believe that she will get the nutrition and fluids that they believe Children’s hospital has been negligent in refusing to provide their daughter.

There has been no other news since the Friday court settlement. Though the court has recognized the parents authority over their child, her future is at this time still uncertain. Her parents seem to understand that her chances of survival are slim, but they have fought the legal powers fiercely to maintain their rights as parents.

If Jahi should not survive she will have had the opportunity to die in the arms of her loving parents, not at the hands of a legal system which cares more for its bottom line and reputation than it does for a vulnerable 13-year old child.


Camille Giglio
January 1, 2014

Here is the latest update on the situation with 13 year old Jahi MCMath, a patient at Oakland, Ca. Children’s hospital who was, on Dec 12th declared to be brain dead following a routine dec 9th tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy. This surgery was to correct to a sleep apnea problem, not for infected tonsils.

On December 9 this otherwise healthy girl enters the hospital. The surgery is performed. A few hours later she begins to bleed copiously from her nose and mouth and goes into cardiac arrest. She is placed on a ventilator.

December 12 she is declared brain dead and the hospital petitions the mother to remove her from the ventilator, declaring that she is totally and irreversibly dead.

The family refuses the request declaring that she is warm, she has a pulse, she is breathing on the ventilator.

The family contacts a law firm of Christopher Dolan of San Francisco, who eventually succeeds in obtaining a restraining order on the hospital with a deadline of Dec 30.

In the meantime reports of this situation begin to appear in local and then national news coverage. The family begins to look for another facility to care for their daughter because Children’s will do nothing more to care for the girl except, as required by law, to keep her on a ventilator.

A handful of hospitals come forward to agree to take her with the provision that Children’s place Jahi on a trachea tube and a gastric feeding tube. Children’s refuses, the hospitals withdraw their offer.

December 30 arrives. Once again the lawyer goes to the Superior Court to gain an extension which he gets until January 7. A state Appellate Court also issues a 24 hour injunction until the lawyer can develop

January 1, 2014, Jahi has now been without proper medical care and nutrition and fluids for 19 days. All this time she has had a pulse, her bodily functions are working. her skin is warm, she moves when touched. However, due to the heart attack and brain injury her bodily functions are diminished. Hormones that would be ordinarily produced have not been replaced with proper medications. She needs nutrition and hydration.

The hospital says she is dead and that “twitching happens in a cadaver,” yet her body has shown no signs of decay as one would expect of a cadaver after being dead for 19 days.

Her body is beginning to show the signs of the stress under which its been placed. An urgent call has gone out from her attorney and groups involved with supporting her life for an ENT doctor (ear, nose and throat) to go into the hospital and insert a trachea in order to facilitate her breathing. Of course, Children’s says that not just any doctor can come into our hospital. They need to be approved by our board.

Jahi and her distraught family are caught in a maelstrom of hotly debated medical and legal procedures. At the middle of all of this is the question of what is the meaning of brain death?

The definition of this term was developed in about 1962 by a team of medical experts for the purpose of facilitating organ transplant procedures. Brain death, then, is a legal term permitting a patient’s organs to be removed for transplant before the body has completely died. So, the question becomes: Is the patient targeted for organ donor really dead or still alive?

If still alive, then is there an ethical problem with causing death in a living patient for the express purpose of using that patient’s organs for someone else?

Was Jahi targeted as a potential organ donor at the moment she developed complications?

Did Jahi’s life and value as an individual human being become of secondary importance to the hospital’s bottom line? It should be quite obvious that something egregious happened to this child during or immediately after the routine surgery which the hospital failed to properly treat.

The hospital says that they have no more responsibility for this now dead patient. The family refuses to allow them to remove the ventilator/life support machine. If Jahi dies the hospital will be held liable. If she lives in a debilitated condition they will be held responsible. Even more serious than that is the question of brain death as a diagnosis.

The Public Health Department of the state of California is now investigating Children’s Hospital’s handling of this patient.

So far only one facility in the whole country has come forward to agree to accept Jahi as a continuing patient. However, she needs at the least a sub-acute care hospital and she needs a doctor to go into Children’s Hospital and perform the surgical procedures required to continue to sustain her.

Stanford and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospitals have sent doctors to examine Jahi and they have backed Children’s diagnosis of brain death and removal from the ventilator.

Dr, Paul Byrne, a neonatologist and pediatrician residing in Ohio, and President of Life Guardian Foundation, flew into Oakland on his own initiative to meet with the family and their lawyer and to examine Jahi.

In a statement given to LifeNews.com on the subject of maintaining Jahi McMath, he stated that: I’ve never seen a time to turn off a ventilator,” he added. “If a baby has a disease process that’s so bad that they’re going to die, then they die on the ventilator anyway. So you don’t have to stop the ventilator.”

Medicine has become a battlefield with science on the one side and ethics on the other. Who has the power of life and death over the individual? Is it science, government, society, a committee or is it really God after all?

California Right to Life Committee. Inc. 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598. www.callifeadvocates.org/blog


Camille Giglio
December 27, 2013

Oakland. Ca. Thirteen year old Jahi McMath and her family are at the center of a very important expose of health care ethics and hospital policy.

Miss McMath, age 13, entered Oakland, California, Children’s Hospital on December 9, 2013, for what the family thought was a routine tonsillectomy accompanied, according to newspaper reports, by removal of some other bits of nose and throat tissue, with an overnight stay in the hospital. The tonsillectomy was performed not because her tonsils were infected, apparently, but in order to attempt a cure of a sleep apnea problem. This surgery has become somewhat routine.

Miss McMath, within hours, developed severe bleeding problems which, the hospital claims, sent her into a heart attack. Three days later she was declared brain dead and the hospital began urging the parents to allow them to remove her from the ventilator which was assisting her breathing.

No one seems to have asked the hospital the question of what happened in those three days between the surgery and the declaration of brain death? A heart attack, especially one occurring in a hospital should have received immediate and effective treatment.

The parents contacted the Dolan Law Firm to protect their daughter’s life and force the hospital to keep her on a ventilator.

The story was picked up by local newspapers and from there the news went nationwide. The hospital has refused to give any public statements on the girl’s condition citing privacy laws. Since there was little in the way of factual information on this patient, the debate has centered around the meaning of brain death and, at least in California, the legal authority of a hospital to remove a patient from life support by declaring that the patient is brain dead.

Oakland Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo, who became known to the pro life community for his defense of Planned Parenthood’s use of privacy rights in refusing to divulge those people involved in an abortion training program of midwives, AB1338, in 2012, issued a hold order on the hospital’s request to remove the ventilator until December 30, giving the McMath family time to find a sub acute care facility that will accept Jahi and treat her as a living patient. They will not divulge the name of this facility or in what city it is located.

Behind the scenes numerous pro life groups became activated in alerting their members to this case and in contacting doctors with expert experience in pediatrics and life-support issues.

The family of Jahi (pronounced Jah he) McMath have from all appearances made all the right moves in protecting their daughter from abusive treatment at the hands of what everyone has always thought of as a well-respected hospital. They have stated that they have health care coverage for the daughter.

Injecting a little bit of irony into all this, Children’s hospital, just prior to all this breaking into the news, mailed out a request for donations praising themselves for the fine work they have accomplished in returning badly injured and disabled children to health, family and community.

Working against a deadline of December 30 and removal of the ventilator, the family has located a facility willing to receive Jahi for continuing care. The catch, however, is that the hospital must perform surgery to attach a gastric feeding tube and tracheotomy to facilitate Jahi’s breathing.

The hospital says it will not do that because it is not efficient use of medicine to operate on a cadaver. They have said, over and over that the girl is dead, completely dead. The family attorney, Christopher Dolan of the San Francisco Dolan law Firm, may have to go to court to get an order for these procedures.

California Right to Life and other organizations have been saying for several months that 2014 will see an aggressive drive for a drastic change in end-0f-life treatments. We didn’t know it would become major news so quickly.

The media has been fairly positive in its reporting on this situation. However, their bias in this is subtle. They have continued to refer to Jahi in the past tense as though she had died. They would say: Jahi had, or Jahi was. One woman who called our office to ask what she could do to support the family reported that a radio station spokesman had told her that they do not use the word “life-support” preferring the term ventilator.

Ventilator is a neutral word concerning the patient. the term “providing Life-support” is an indication that the patient is alive. It sounds okay to close down a ventilator, but cruel land heartless to turn off a life support system.

Here are some of the issues surrounding end-of-life ethics, treatments and public policy.

Palliative Care. That term refers to providing only comfort and anti-pain medications, no drugs or surgeries. It can also include removal of food and fluids meaning that the patient dies slowly from starvation and dehydration, ala Teri Schindler Schiavo.

Hospice: There are two different ideas about Hospice and how Hospice is to be used. The original understanding of Hospice, originated in England with Dame Cecily Saunders during the 1970’s. It provides treatment for the specific illness(es) as well as palliative or comfort care and counseling for the patient and family, specifically for cancer patients just prior to that patient’s entry into the dying process.

The second type of Hospice is that which originated in Connecticut led by Florence Wald. Her program based on her training with Dame Saunders, began taking other than just cancer patients and taking them earlier than the traditional time of 6 months estimated prior to death. Hospice of American began in 1982 to receive federal monies through the passage of the Hospice Medicare Benefit. This piece of legislation declared that the hospice treatment was so beneficial to bringing about a peaceful and meaningful closure to life that “every citizen was entitled to it.”

Terminal sedation. This is a technique used in palliative care for a patient exhibiting (presumably) deep and unendurable pain. This is a continuous application of a heavy sedative, usually morphine, given to a patient to ease their pain while allowing them some modicum of awareness and interaction with their care provider and family. However, it has become more the friend of the institution than of the patient. It’s cumulative effect is to so thoroughly suppress all awareness of hunger or thirst and often of consciousness that it hastens the death of the patient, not from their disease but from dehydration and starvation. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/onourownterms/articles/effect.html.

This is what many have been afraid that is being done to Jahi McMath without parental approval.

Palliative care is that type of “care” usually provided when a patient is to become an organ donor. Organs can not be taken from a thoroughly dead person. The organs must be freshly supplied with blood and nutrients. There is no indication as far as we know, that Jahi is being considered by the hospital as a suitable organ donor, but there is speculation about it amongst the medical profession and especially amongst pro life doctors who have become concerned about the secretive use of patients as involuntary organ donors.

Who needs death panels in ObamaCare when hospitals are already involved in setting death criterion and public policy is developing best practices to authorize it.

To see a full and very informative website on this whole subject please visit the Life Guardian Foundation directed by Dr. Paul Byrne. www.lifeguardianfoundation.org
Several bills that are carry-overs from the 2013 term are going to be heard beginning on January 6th. We are struggling to learn how to upload that information to our website. Please begin visiting that site to see the bills and their progress. www.callifeadvocates.org/blog.

Please consider a donation of $25.00 or more to help underwrite the costs of research and printing. All of our work is voluntary, no salaries. California Right to Life Committee, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598


Camille Giglio
December 8, 2013

On November 21, 2013, the well respected Pew Research Center’s Religion and Public Life Project, published a very troubling survey entitled: Views on End-Of-Life Medical Treatments. http://www.pewforum.org/

What’s troubling about it isn’t their statistical figures, which are probably pretty accurate, as much as it is a question of what will special interest groups such as pro euthanasia and assisted suicide lobbies do with this statistical depiction of America’s lenient moral and ethical perspective on the value of human life?

The article starts off with a general and rather positive sounding one-line summation of their findings: “Growing minority of Americans say doctors should do everything possible to keep patients alive.”

However, a thorough study of the survey reveals that just the reverse might be taking place.

The Pew Research center chooses its own subjects to survey. Why did they decided to undertake this survey? What do they hope that people or groups will do with their findings?

Be assured that pro Death and Dying lobbies are well pleased with the results of
this survey.

Surveys are just statistics, numbers. Numbers by themselves don’t kill. It’s what people with agendas do with the numbers, how they turn numbers into tools of manipulative lobbying, that’s of concern.

Were the questions designed to elicit one’s actual knowledge of the medical care at end-of-life or were they manipulative questions designed to stir up emotions producing pre-determined answers? Did Pew, itself, have an agenda?

It’s also the questions that were not asked that could have produced a more in-depth depiction of the level of America’s awareness of medical treatments and procedures for the elderly, ill and disabled and why they chose the answers that they did.

The Survey, apparently of self proclaimed Christians, states that, considered as a whole, a large majority (66%) of American residents believe that suicide, assisted suicide or even euthanasia - especially for others - is not wrong in all instances.

This knowledge plays right into the hands of the pro-death and dying lobby, especially if statistics is now all that counts in determining ethics and morals.

One of the not too subtle messages within this survey is that people do have a sense of compassion for the ill, disabled and elderly, or those in pain, either mental or physical. However, this compassion is more like the quick fix, the moral and ethical leniency for the rest of us who must deal with those in pain.

Science and medicine fixes everything these days, the unwanted pregnancy, the barren womb, the slow or reluctant student, the social misfit, the melting ice caps and so on. Who needs ethics and morals?

Science views the human being not as an individual with goals, desires and intelligence. To the scientist, we are merely one subcategory of the animal kingdom, viewed as a group. Satisfy the majority within that group, getting it working harmoniously with other groups and then deal with those who are the “growing minority.”

Is the future of the ill and disabled, elderly or young, just to be considered as an economic burden? In the Affordable Care future are our lives to be judged by bureaucratic committee consensus?

A bare majority of Americans, 57%, said that parents of infants born with life-threatening defects should receive “as much treatment as possible.” Thirty-eight percent said that parents have the right to refuse treatment for their disabled new-born.

Obviously the latter group of respondents see these children as unnecessary economic burdens for a lifetime. Little to no money has been spent on them so far so taking their lives from them is seen, in the context of a utilitarian society, as a good for society.

Time, money, dedication to another in need has always been a definition of Christians, caring for and loving the other person as we love ourselves. But it was never before considered a utilitarian excuse for relieving that other person of their life to satisfy the needs of another.

Now, that growing minority mentioned above, viewed from a historical perspective is actually a decline of the universal understanding from another period, say, even as late as the 1960’s.

The survey, according to the official summary of the data, was administered via landline and cell phone from March 21 to April 9, 2013, to a “representative sampling” of 1,994 adults.”

Who were the individuals in this representative sampling?
Were they answering important life supporting medical practices based solely on their own emotions and experiences with ill and elderly relatives or friends or on full knowledge of current medical practices at the end of life spectrum?

Most revealing was Pews’ finding that Catholics, including both “white” (67%) and “Hispanic Catholics” (56%) especially when combined, represent the largest majority of those who now believe that prematurely ending one’s life in certain circumstances is morally permitted.

Mainline Protestants were lumped together coming in with a 71% rating.

Question: Why did they separate Anglo Catholics from Latino Catholics? Catholic means universal. The teachings of the Catholic Church are universal, i.e., the same across the world.

Are White, Anglo-Saxon Catholics being catechized differently than Latino Catholics?
Are any Catholics being catechized, taught from the pulpit, regarding the religious, moral and ethical perspectives of these very important issues of life and death?

A look into background information on the survey reports that respondents were also asked if they are : “strong” Catholics/Methodists/Baptists, etc, or “not so strong.”

That suggests that many of the so-called Catholic respondents might have been poorly or never catechized, meaning that they are nominal Catholics, knowing little to nothing about their faith teachings.

It could also mean that even though they consider themselves to be strong Catholics one has to wonder if they ever even heard a sermon on the basic teachings of the faith during a Sunday Mass?

We Catholics certainly hear a great deal from the pulpit about the Second Commandment Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself when it comes to collection plate time. But what do we hear about the 5th Commandment, thou shalt not kill?

Or, add the 7th Commandment thou shalt not steal to the 5th Commandment. Taking bread and water, the essentials of life, away from people is robbing them of life which is what is being sanctioned by this survey.

A pro death group in California called the Coalition for Compassionate Care is aggressively promoting their specialty form of DNR called a POLST - physician orders for life-sustaining treatment. The instructions accompanying this form states that medical personnel have the authority to fill out one of these forms for a patient (without that patient’s knowledge or consent) if the medical personnel believes it is in the patient’s best interest.

The form should really be titled physician orders for life-stopping treatment. www.coalitionccc.org

There was a time in the total Catholic population when, according to the Baltimore Catechism’s, 1969 revised edition, 5th commandment, Thou Shalt not kill , the practice of suicide was considered wrong, period. (St.Joseph Baltimore Catechism, 1964) WE had never even heard of assisted suicide then.

Now, the Catholic Digest online for instance suggests that though suicide is still wrong, “Pity not condemnation is the response of the church.” We, the faithful, were in denial regarding the pain and suffering…. that produced the action.” www.catholicdigest.com.

Well, we now are considering the pain a patient is undergoing, according to the Pew Survey, and we find that “suffering great pain with no hope of improvement, is the leading morally acceptable excuse for a right to “ending one’s life” (White Catholics-67%. Hispanic Catholics-56%), followed by: allowing people with an incurable disease to die, (White Catholic-52%, Hispanics-46%), living has become a burden, (47% & 33%), living is a heavy burden on the patient’s family, (40% & 23%).

Maybe the problem lies in the fact that few people understand the potential consequences to themselves and others in their answers? Maybe they don’t realize that their answers may be used to create legislation mandating a little euthanasia, just like happened with abortion?

Belgium and Holland have aggressive euthanasia programs. Those who watch the euthanasia movement fear that the United States is headed for a Belgium type euthanasia program. http://www.sacbee.com/2013/12/08/5982252/euthanasia-in-belgium-safeguards.html

Let’s go back to the one-line summation for a moment focusing on the use of the term “growing minority” who believe that doctors should do everything possible to keep patients alive.”

What would the medical profession be doing if not keeping patients alive? In Belgium and Holland they are directly killing patients with or without consent. Do we want that”

What is involved with “allowing patients to die? How ill do they have to be before they can be put to death or put themselves to death? A week, 6 months, a year?
What if you have an incurable condition, say, diabetes, but you aren’t near death, you are otherwise healthy and in control of your diabetes?

What do you tell all the cancer patients who are in pain but fighting hard to overcome their cancer? Do you tell them their right to stay alive is too burdensome for society?

Do you treat them medically at all? Do you take away all medication, food and water and allow them to starve and dehydrate to death? Is that what Americans want for their loved ones? It is not a pain free way to die.

Are we not understanding that medical suicide is as wrong as the suicide of a teenager who walks in front of a train, as they seem to be doing in the San Francisco Bay Area? A healthy, seemingly vibrant teenager’s suicide fills the evening news, but the medical suicide of a 90 year old, otherwise healthy person, goes unnoticed.

What we have, it seems, is a growing majority of people, especially Catholics, who have become tragically confused about a central tenet of their Christian faith.

Or, put another way, a small minority of Catholics and Protestants are either returning to the teachings of their faith or never left it, in regard to respect for human life. This survey doesn’t give us a clue about this group.

The fear of pain and suffering is a powerful tool in the hands of the death and dying lobby, legislation for the so-called right to chose suicide or assisted suicide for ones self or loved one regardless of the age of the one suffering, has been tried in California a couple of times. It has failed, but with a survey such as this, one can expect another attempt in the near future.

The presumed burdensome situation of caring for an ill or disabled adult or child, the unknowable length of time that could be taken out of one’s own life to care for that person, can be a highly motivating factor, for some. The term Palliative care is actually a process not a medical treatment. It is defined as natural death by the death and dying people. But, in fact, it is removal of all medical interventions including artificially supplied nutrition and hydration i.e. tube feeding. This takes about two weeks for a patient to die and it is painful. To relieve the pain about which we are encouraged to be so sensitized requires continual and frequent doses of morphine either in larger and larger doses, or in more frequent intervals. This suppresses any desire for food and liquids and, can, with pulmonary compromised patients cause stoppage of breathing. They die not from natural causes of their illness or disability, but from dehydration and starvation.

Does today’s “Throw-away Society” include throwing away the more medically expensive members of our society?

Maybe the survey respondent doesn’t know that food and water supplied via a feeding tube is now legally considered artificial and extreme and allowed to be withdrawn?

One should recall the situation with Teri Schiavo, confined in a Hospice of the Sun Coast of Florida care facility where, though she was in a coma, possibly from a severe beating, she was not ill or near death. Her husband requested that all food and fluids be removed and she starved to death over a long and painful period. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terri_Schiavo_case

There is much to learn about what has become, according to Ron Panzer, Director of Hospice Patients Alliance, a billion dollar competitive and profitable business of death and dying. Death is being sold by many names; euthanasia, suicide, assisted suicide, palliative care, the Third Way. Many of these are derivatives of Derek Humphrey’s original Death with Dignity organization, and sold to the public by organizations such as Final Exit, Last Acts, Compassion and Caring, Hospice and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, http://www.nhpco.org/

There are many forms people are encouraged to sign which appear to give the patient the control over his or her last wishes, but, in reality are legal protections for the medical personnel administering the fatal doses.

I call upon the clergy to catechize the faithful, explain the foundation upon which rests the true care and compassion for our neighbor. Speak to us about the place of and meaning of pain and suffering in the world, in our lives. Teach us true compassion, which is the love of neighbor as thyself while there is still time. We, the faithful Christians will be happy to step forward and carry that message to our doctors, elected officials, teachers, businessmen. What does it mean to be created in the image and likeness of God? And let us begin truly recognizing and ministering to the less fortunate in the world.

Yes, words have consequences. In this case the questions to the Pew survey could have life threatening consequences.

Pew Research; Religion & Public Life Project; Views on End-of-Life Medical Treatments.
In general 57 % of all adults said that their general preference would be to tell their doctor to stop treatments so they could die. 52% said they believed in suicide if they had an incurable disease and were totally dependent on another for care. 46% said they approved of suicide if they had an incurable disease and it was hard to function in day-to-day life. 49% of all adults said that they disapproved of physician-assisted suicide.

On the Question of the Morality of ending one’s life:
White Catholics said Yes if:
            67%=great deal of pain, no hope of improvement.
            62%=Incurable Disease
            47%-living is a burden (to self)
            40%=burden to family

Hispanic Catholics
            56%-great deal of pain no hope of improvement
            46%-incurable disease
            33%-Living is burden to self
            23%-living is burden to family

General View - end of life
            White Catholics: 80%-Some circumstances okay
                                            18% - must do everything to preserve life.
            Hispanic Catholics: 32% no hope.
                                            66% - must do everything to preserve life.

Margaret J. Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science: learning about organization from an orderly universe, 1994 paperback edition, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

The Sin of Suicide, Catholic Education Resource Center, Fr. William Saunders.
        “Each of us has been made in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:27) with both a body and a soul. Therefore life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death, and no one can justify the intentional taking of an innocent human life.”

Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America; Hospice, Palliative Care and Health Care Reform, Ron Panzer, Director, Hospice Patients Alliance, Rockford, Mi. www.hospicepatients.org/this-thing-called-hospice.html.

Euthanasia choice for terminally ill children a step nearer in Belgium, the Guardian, November 27, 2013. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/nov/27/euthanasia-terminally-ill-children-belgium

Wisconsin Right to Life, Providing food and fluids. “The trend to deprive patients of food and fluids began around 1983 with numerous court cases around the country.

According to Slate http://magazine.com on May 17,2012, only 1 in 10 people called for a Pew Survey questionnaire actually answer the call. That is down from a response rate of 36% just 15 years ago. Slate asks the question: How can we trust opinion polls when so few respond? http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2012/05/survey_bias_how_can_we_trust_opinion_polls_when_so_few_people_respond_.html

Jan 5, 2006, Pew survey.
But Americans make a distinction between allowing a terminally ill person to die and taking action to end someone’s life. The public is deeply divided over legalizing physician-assisted suicide; 46% approve of laws permitting doctors to help patients to end their lives, while about as many are opposed (45%). http://www.people-press.org/2006/01/05/strong-public-support-for-right-to-die/

Pew Survey, 2013, final question. All respondents were asked to comment on what they considered to be the important elements for a “Good Quality of Life?” In order of importance: communication, feeding oneself, getting enjoyment out of life, living without severe, lasting pain, having long term memory, feeling worthwhile, able to dress oneself, short term memory.

The Cost of Dying, Bay Area Newsgroup (BANG), April 28, Section V, Choosing how you die, The Cost of Dying. http://www.mercurynews.com/cost-of-dying.

National Hospice and Palliative Care - www.nhpco.org and the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine - www.aahpm.org are two entities within the same palliative care field of medicine but they appear to be competitors. The NHPCO is more the educational and public policy arm while the AAGPM is the legislative and medical professional lobby.


Camille Giglio
November 18, 2013

In my previous report on Common Core Educational Standards I included a section on an interview conducted during the Friday morning, 11:00AM, Bishop’s Hour Program on Immaculate Heart Radio, 1620 AM dial out of Sacramento, in which Rick Maya Superintendent of the Sacramento Catholic Diocese was interviewed. The subject was the Acceptance by all California Diocesan school districts (10) of the Common Core State (education) Standards which, Mr. Maya assured us, was in no way similar to the sectarian CCSS but would be “infused” with Catholic Principles. CCSS is, he acknowledged, the roadmap to a common core of standards, but the Catholic curriculum would be the route taken (it’s called Social Justice) to attain that common core.

Apparently the Bishop’s Hour program received numerous unhappy responses to this announcement because last Friday, Nov 15, The Assistant Diocesan Superintendent, Laurie Powers, was interviewed to reassure listeners that the education of their children was not a “political endeavor.”

Further, she emphatically stated that there was no government funding behind the acceptance of the Common Core Standards. http://ihrarchive.org/archive/sbh-20131115.mp3.

She did seem a little confused about one thing. She used the phrase “the Whole person” as being the target for a Catholic education, yet did not seem to realize that that is also the mantra of the public education. She also seemed not to appreciate how impersonal and unfeeling it appears to use “person: rather than “child.” One wonders, also if she realized that the phrase, the whole person/child indicates that the educational system is, just like the public schools, presuming to take over the total development of every aspect of an individual’s life, physical health, mental health, nutrition, social skills, workforce training and preparation?

In referring to reading literacy for the 3rd grade she declared that there would be an emphasis on “informational reading” as well as the classics. Informational reading, just like in the public schools, is very utilitarian in nature. Children will read personal biographies and histories not for their literary skills, historic or creative sense but for the development of specific objectives pertaining to the training. For instance, if they were in a math class, they might read a book about a mathematician. If they were in a history class they might just be reading a book about Harvey Milk and his contribution to local history.

In the previous article I referred to above, a 4th grade public school class was reading the biography of Coretta Scott King. The class was being encouraged to draw from her life’s story certain values.

What modern day stories will the Catholic school kids read to obtain certain values? Will they read about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, George Washington Carver, St. Martin de Porres as examples of equitable justice or compassion?

The most unsettling statement Ms Powers made was that in 1997 Catholic Educators took a look at Catholic education, at least in California, and decided to develop curriculum based on the California state (public) School Standards.

What happened in 1997 to cause this? Please see below the notation on The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millenium.

About 22 minutes into the interview Ms Powers states that it is the goal of a Catholic education as reflected in the statements of the National Catholic Education Association, to create the lawyers, doctors, politicians, teachers of twenty years from now.

The question is: Will these future entrants into the professional world have any soul left?
Is reaching the top of the worldly ladder the end all and be all of Catholic education? Is it worldly prestige and power. If it is, then certainly a public school or home schooled education is less expensive, more protective of family values and leads to a better prepared, faith-fulled and compassionate adult.

Ms Powers says that when parents attempt to criticize this decision to embrace public school standards she encourages them to compare the public school’s goals and objectives with the Catholic School’s objectives. Well, I have, and it isn’t very different.


In an unusual statement, 132 Catholic scholars wrote a statement highly critical of the Common Core, which they sent to every bishop in the nation. They urged the bishops not to adopt Common Core in Catholic schools and to withdraw it where it had been adopted. They conclude that the Common Core standards are designed as standardized workforce training, doing nothing to shape and inspire the hearts and minds of children. To read more visit: http://dianeravitch.net/2013/11/11/catholic-scholars-blast-common-core/

BREAKING: National Catholic Educational Association Responds to Common Core Concerns and Gates Foundation Grant.. The Cardinal Newman Society, Nov. 14, 2013, Joe Giganti.

Brother Robert R. Bimonte, FSC, president of the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA), responded today to mounting concern over the organization’s advocacy for the Common Core education standards in Catholic schools, and a related grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to train teachers on the Common Core, as revealed by Catholic Education Daily Last week.

Brother Bimonte apparently looks to deflect criticism by publicly outing other Gates Foundation beneficiaries in the email including the Archdiocese of Seattle, Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services, the Catholic University of America and the Cristo Rey Network. “NCEA is not the first Catholic entity to receive a grant from the Gates Foundation,” he writes. But an examination of the other grants reveals none related to Common Core, which has been developed primarily under the sponsorship of the Gates Foundation, or to anything else controversial.

Patrick J. Riley, president of the Cardinal Newman Society said “Our schools need standards and assessments that keep the focus on key objectives of Catholic education,” Reilly told a meeting of bishops earlier this week. “Under Common Core, Catholic schools will be focused on very limited, secular goals, and their success will be evaluated with the same narrow criteria. Catholic identity is an add-on, not essential.”- See more at: http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/CatholicEducationDaily/DetailsPage/tabid/102/ArticleID/2678/BREAKING-National-Catholic-Educational-Association-Responds-to-Common-Core-Concerns-and-Gates-Foundation-Grant.aspx#sthash.NaTH27zR.dpuff

The Catholic Schools Standards Project. This website contains an audio interview of Dr. Loraine Ozar of Chicago’s Loyola University on the new Catholic School Standards, March 13, 2012. http://www.catholicschoolstandards.org/

The Congregation For Catholic Education: the Catholic School On The Threshold Of The Third Millennium. This is a 1997 report prepared by and signed by Pio Cardinal Laghi.

The Cardinal is urging the Church to prepare itself to enter into the Third Millennium by examining the purpose of a Catholic education. Cardinal Laghi encourages the church fathers to examine the role of the church in light of a “new socio-political and cultural context.

Paragraph 16 is entitled The Catholic school at the service of society. Here the Cardinal states: “The school…must be related to the world of politics, economy, culture and society as a whole. Paragraph 17 continues this refrain by saying that: “The Catholic school, therefore, undertakes a cordial and constructive dialogue with states and civil authorities…based on mutual respect ..[and] each other’s role [in the] common service to mankind.” http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/ccatheduc/documents/rc_con_ccatheduc_doc_27041998_school2000_en.html

Federal Bills of interest

Camille Giglio
November 17, 2013

California is not unique in its penchant for passing intrusive health and education bills. Congress has quite a few of them. If you would care to track any of these pieces of legislation yourself you may link to govtrack.us. There is no charge. You can sign up to be notified whenever there is any activity on a particular bill of your choosing.

HR = House of Representatives.
S = Senate.

All of the following bills, submitted earlier this year and just now beginning to move, are interconnected, all carrying very similar titles and bearing on the same currently popular subject of School Bullying, or Safe Schools, or Strengthening America’s Schools and workplace advancement.

This will authorize the collection of data on behaviors in and during school time, adding counseling and restorative justice programs, all during the regular school, academic learning time.

They all focus on using the school time to modify students behaviors, instill government standardized ethics and attitudes. Should any of these bills make it through both houses one might suspect that it would in the end carry all the variations contained in all these bills.

S, 403, Linda Sanchez, (D-Cerritos, Ca) Student Bullying and Harassment. Amends the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 - ESEA - to add prevention of bullying and harassment of students.

HR 1199, Linda Sanchez, Safe Schools Improvement Act. Calilfornia co-authors, Susan Davis, (D), Karen Bass,(D), Lois Capps,(D), Barbara Lee, (D) Zoe Lofgren, (D) Grace Napolitano,(D) Jackie Speier,(D), Mike Thompson,(D).

The next bills focus on so-called strengthening [of] education for all.

HR 1652, Jared Polis (D-Co) also a similar bill S. 1088, Al Franken,(D) Public Schools and Sexual Orientation Discrimination. On the subject of Public Schools and perceived Sexual Orientation or gender identity in public schools.
The bill declares that harassment is a form of discrimination.

  • Cuts off educational assistance of recipients fouond to be violating any conduct made unlawful under this Act.
  • Allows lawsuits including recovery of reasonable attorney’s fees should the lawsuit prevail.
  • Places restrictions on receipt of federal educational assistance for any attempts to officially file for a waiver of defined misconduct under this act.
  1. 1094, Harkin, Strengthening America’s Schools Act. This was gutted and amended, though holding the same title.

Bill. It has multiple sections such as:
TITLE 1 - College and Career Readiness for All Students.
Part A - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged.
Part B - Pathways to College.
Part C - Education of Migratory Children.
Part D - Prevention and Intervention for Children and Youth who are Neglect, Delinquent or At-risk.
Part E - Children in Foster Care.
TITLE ll - Supporting Teacher and Principal Excellence
TITLE lll - Language and Academic Content Instruction For English Learners and Immigrant Students.
TITLE lV - Supporting Successful, Well-rounded Students. (Eleven Sections to this title)
TITLE V - Promoting Innovation

A - Race to the Top, B - Investing in Innovation, C - Magnet Schools Assistance, D - Public Charter Schools, E - Voluntary Public School Choice.

Plus 4 more Titles.

  1. 840, Al Franken, School Principals - recruitment and training.

HR 1736, Susan Davis, (Ca) Principals in High-Need Schools, Recruitment and training.

  1. 1082, Al Franken,(D) International Baccalaureate Programs. Accelerated Learning Act of 2013. Financial incentives to get students enrolled in this international, or very expensive global education program. California already has more than a dozen IB World Schools enrolled in this. My understanding, based on the writings of Debra Niwa of Arizona, is that though a school may be directed to sign up for this program to some state or federal agency, the school is only approved by the IB Board of Directors which is headquartered somewhere in Northern Europe.

HR 1100, Janice Schakowsky, (D)-Ill) College Campus Mental health Services. This is linked with HR 1652 and S. 1094. This would require the development of a targeted public education campaign designed to focus on mental and behavioral health on college campuses.

This is only a partial listing of related bills focusing on “improving” education, employment, workplace treatment, mental health and any other opportunities for self aggrandizement that the feds can come up with.


Camille Giglio
Nov. 8, 2013

In 2008 the California legislature passed AB 3000, Health Care Decisions: Life Sustaining Treatment by then Assemblywoman and now state Senator, Lois Wolk,(D).

That bill was co-sponsored by (formerly named) Catholic Health Care West (now Dignity Health) and the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

Amendments to that bill succeeded in preventing the POLST form from being authorized by the state but did authorize its sponsor, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California - CCCC, - full access to aggressive promotion of the form around the state. And, indeed it has been tremendously successful in obtaining acceptance and promotion from health groups, Hospice, religious groups, community organizations, the media, the film industry and even within some pro life groups.

It is being promoted under the banner of Palliative Care. People have become highly sensitized to consider that the centuries old idea of health care, such as the Hippocratic Oath, especially end of life health care is unnatural and coldly professionalized being based solely on finances. This subjects the patient and family to terrible suffering and anxiety because the patient’s wishes for a peaceful and natural death have been submerged to the heartless demands of a medical industry objectifying the patient and the family.

One newspaper reporter, using her position as the medical reporter to sell the POLST to the public has phrased it this way: “We all believe in natural child birth, why not natural death?”

The only problem with that is the POLST form does not bring about a natural death. It is a planned death, supported with legal force. The POLST is a tool for the CCCC to initiate its strongly held belief that human life has a utilitarian purpose and when that purpose, judged by the elitists is no longer useful, that that life costs the state too much money.

I will provide some examples:

I was recently sitting off in a secluded corner of a surgery waiting room in a Kaiser hospital. I happened to notice a 40-ish aged man approach the surgery sign-in counter, but paid little attention to him. Suddenly he was standing before me asking me to please be a witness to his “form.” He said, that he couldn’t have his knee replacement surgery that day if the form wasn’t signed and witnessed. He had to have the surgery that day he said with more than a little anxiety in his voice.

It was a Polst form. I asked him if he knew what he was signing? he said, yes, but it was just a knee replacement surgery, he wasn’t going to die or anything. Just please witness this so “I can get the surgery.”

It only occurred to me later that I should have insisted that he ask the receptionist at the desk why he had to sign this in order to have his surgery and why hadn’t he been told about it before hand? This is now, undoubtedly, a part of his permanent record, but will he even recall that he filled it out?

So, what’s so ominous about a POLST form?

POLST is similar to a DNR - Do not resuscitate, with the added measure of being a legally binding document that a doctor, a hospice, an ambulance team, a community clinic, must follow.

The form is one page printed on ultra pink card stock to make it quickly identifiable to medical personnel and follows the patient from hospital to long-term care facility/hospice.

Line A has two check boxes; yes for CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) or no for CPR which is portrayed as “allow natural death.”

Line B - Medical Interventions: has 3 check boxes indicating

  1. Full treatment which mandates the full resuscitative treatment and follow-up.
  2. Limited Additional Interventions, i.e. comfort measures only, CPR, and IV fluids. Also a secondary box which says Transfer to hospital only if comfort needs cannot be met in current location.
  3. Comfort Measures Only administered at scene.

Line C - Artificially Administered Nutrition. 3 check off boxes;

  1. No artificial means of nutrition, including feeding tubes (definition: starvation and dehydration)
  2. Trial period of artificial nutrition, including feeding tubes. (food and water, if supplied through a tube is now considered artificial means and, therefore, removable)
  3. Long-term artificial nutrition, including feeding tubes.

That’s all there is. A second page is devoted to Directions for health Care Provider.
Which states, in part:

  • The POLST form is voluntary.
  •         It wasn’t exactly voluntary to the surgery patient at Kaiser.
  • It provides immunity to those who comply in good faith. (Protecting the medical personnel from lawsuits pr criminal charges just like with abortion)
  •         Think about the elderly woman in the residential facility in Garden Grove. Ca. who collapsed and for whom the care provider refused to call for an ambulance or administer CPR? Her life could have been saved if either CPR was immediately begun or the ambulance came quickly. She did not die a natural death she died from suffocation.
  • It doesn’t replace an Advance Directive.

That’s right, it is for the here and immediate now. If you are in a restaurant or in a rehab facility and you choke on a piece of bread or meat and the EMT people ask if the lady has checked off A on the POLST form, it’s no CPR for you. The EMTs’ already have an understanding that its no use speeding to attend that person. They can take their time and just watch the person once they get there. Or, as the reporter, Lisa Krieger said with a shrug of her shoulders when asked: “well, the ambulance can just transport her to the morgue.”

How can there be any value to an Advance Directive, which is planning for the future? Can the POLST say no CPR, but the A.D. say yes to CPR?

What if you fall and break a hip but you’ve signed a form that says comfort care only?

Also California now has a law that says any health care personnel, nurse practitioner, doctor, midwife, or family member etc., can fill out and sign the form for the patient. The exact wording is: “A legally recognized decision maker (the janitor?) may request to modify the orders, in collaboration with the physician, based on the known desires of the individual, or, if unknown, the individual’s best interest?
Comfort care can often mean larger and larger doses of morphine until the patient has lost all touch with reality and desire for food or water.

No artificially provided water or nutrition. That’s starvation and dehydration.

Finally the form says that anyone can revoke the POLST form at any time. However, if you don’t know that your doctor or family member has signed a POLST, or you are already semi-conscious from too much morphine will you be sharp enough to demand that they tear up that form? www.caPOLST.org.

On one occasion my husband as designated decision maker, was called in for a consult with the doctor, the seriously ill family member and his ill wife. The couple had no children. The doctor stated that the hospital had done all it could for the man and he was going to be moved to a long-term care facility. While he was speaking a woman quietly entered the room claiming to be from the discharge office. Before our eyes the doctor seemed to disappear into thin air and the woman - not a nurse - began to ask what medical services the husband would wish to have provided to him in this new facility. She had a soft and soothing voice, making it seem like it was her heartfelt goal to meet every wish and desire that the patient had.

As she spoke I began to realize that she was selling the patient on signing the POLST form. I charged her with trying to get them to sign the form. She looked all sad and disappointed and declared that she just didn’t know what I was talking about. She had never heard of this form. This occurred in a Catholic hospital in Fresno which, it now turns out, is affiliated with Compassionate Care.

Later, I googled her name and found that she was very active throughout the Centrar valley in speaking for Compassionate Care and promoting the POLST form.

On another occasion, during a legislative term, there was a bill that would have mandated assisted suicide. Disability groups opposed the bill. The Disability people opposed A.S. because it denied them, as patients, the right to make their own decision regarding their health care and end-of-life decisions, their right to be in control, as it was explained to me.

The form is being quickly accepted because its promoters have learned to use the language of seduction to soothe the concerns of the wary. They have even begun to use pro life terms. We use the phrase: We believe in life from conception until natural death.

The abortion industry changed the definition of conception from the moment that the egg and sperm unite, to meaning the implantation of the fertilized ovum into the wall of the uterus, up to two weeks after fertilization as a way to promote birth control and pills such as RU 486.

The death industry is now changing the understanding of what constitutes a natural death as being one in which all medical interventions, including food and water, are removed and the person dies a medicated and lingering death, regardless of the patient’s age or seriousness of the immediate illness.

They have developed satellite community groups to help sell their product. One of them is a group called: Let’s have the Conversation. This groups trains people on how to discuss the issue of self destruction with friends, family and potential POLST signers. One suggestion they give is that a good time to bring up the conversation is at Thanksgiving, over the turkey dinner and a glass of wine.

Which brings me to my final example. A well recognized pro life Catholic Church recently held an end-of-life planning seminar for parishioners. The title of the seminar was “Let’s Have that Conversation.” One of the speakers, representing Palliative Care treatment was Vitas Hospice. Vitas is affiliated with, amongst other groups, Coalition for Compassionate Care of California. Palliative Care is often also referred to as “The Third Way” or Stealth Euthanasia. www.vitas.com/default.aspx?tabid=81376.

Banks advertise as “full service banks.” Would you put your money in a bank that claimed we are only a partial service bank? A bank that has full service for some customers, but if you sign this form we’ll promise to only take care of some of your needs?

Why would anyone sign a medical care form that promises to only give you only partial service? Hospitals, especially newly built ones, are crammed with all the most modern up-to-date equipment possible with dozens of operating rooms. Why would they do that if they intended to only use a few or none of these pieces of expensive equipment on you?

Is this advancement in medical care or a step backwards to medieval practices? Is this social justice or discrimination based on a value judgement of your worth? Is this the Christian understanding of life after death or the humanist understanding of human worth and destination?

End Notes:

Coalition for Compassionate Care of California. A statewide partnership of regional and statewide organizations, state agencies, and individuals working together to promote high-quality, compassionate end-of-life care for all Californians. www.coalitionccc.org.

Defining Palliative Care. Palliative care (pronounced pal-lee-uh-tiv) is specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. It is focused on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress of a serious illness—whatever the diagnosis. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family. www.capc.org.


Camille Giglio
October 27, 2013

The second wave of this two year term’s California education bills will soon be taken up in various committees. Of these 251 two-year bills CRLC has tagged 37 for tracking.

Of these mind-bending bills there are three that will bring about major changes in education policy. Common Core Standards may well be firmly entrenched as policy in California, but the question now for the legislators and stakeholders is…how do we package it attractively and sell it as a “good” to parents and local officials?

To get the full scope of this sneaky route to access to children we examine three bills:

AB 1194, Tom Ammiano, Safe Routes to School.
AB 646, Ken Cooley, (D), Public Education Governance: Regional P-20 Councils.
SB 45, Ellen Corbett, (D), Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998,

These three bills, and others, encompass the end objective of by-passing local elected education officers and having non-elected centralized non-education planners set global communitarian priorities using the students to improve the “health of the community.”

These are Hillary’s village people. they believe it is necessary to professionalize the raising of children to ensure their and their community’s future success as a sustainable community.

These people see a new way, a scientifically based equity driven pathway to success for all overseen by government officials and their appointed monitors.

AB 1194 sets the requirement for which community and government agencies may have access to the children in the classroom. and AB 646, sets up these “non-traditional” community partners as education advisors to monitor and track that equity in education goals are met.

SB 45, expands the scope of building codes and standards for all buildings,, including schools, to experiment with new and joint-occupants, (AB 1015, Kindergarten-University public education facilities Bond Act) and building materials.

AB 1194, Tom Ammiano, Safe Routes to School. This bill expands the 2011 Safe Routes transportation legislation by Assembly member V. Manny Perez, by requiring the state Department of Transportation and its usual mandate for funding construction of roads, streets, trails, rails, etc, to include an additional requirement of using 20% of the total funding for non-infrastructure (social agenda) training.

Sec 2333.5 of the streets and highways code is amended to read: “including public awareness campaigns and outreach to press and community leaders, traffic education and enforcement, bicycle and pedetrian safety, health and environment.”
Navigating M.A.P.-21: The Safe Routes to School Edition, audio/visual presentation, 8-26-12. (MAP-21=Moving Ahead for Progress.)

This includes student class time training. Are you sending your children to school to learn to ride bikes? Or, learn how to cook, or garden?

Do you send your daughters to Catholic high schools to learn about equity issues by being taken to San Francisco to hobnob with the denisons of the Tenderloin?

Or, even worse, to be encouraged to become Planned Parenthood peer counselors promoting birth control to their classmates as they are doing in LAUSD Roosevelt High School in East L.A.?

Each one of these non-infrastructure activities of the national Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

Please understand that though the title contains the word schools, Safe Routes to School, as authored by Tom Ammiano, has nothing to do with protecting students from bullying, abductions, drive-bys, thievery, dog bites, etc. as they go to and from school or during school. There are other bills that will place marshals in the schools as well as mental health counselors and community health clinics that dispense vaccinations and contraceptives along with abortion referrals. Funding for this last item will come through the state budget and foundation grants.

“Safe Routes” can have a multitude of meanings, i.e. being socially or politically correct gets your child in the front door, parents cooperating with the schools to prepare their children to exhibit obedient additudes thereby opens pathways to future academic instruction, total acceptance of communitarian dogma by parents and students insuring future job security, etc.

In 2010, then Governor Schwarzenegger, signed an Executive Order S-04-10 creating a program called Health in all Policies - HIAP - and assigned it to the state Strategic Growth Council in conjunction with the state Public Health Department.

By 2011 California became a member of a nationwide networking of 18 government and private sector agencies entitled Safe Routes to School National Partnership - SRTSNP - sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Check out the website for the Institute for Local Government: Sustainable Communities Learning Network; Updated Guide to Planning Healthy Neighborhoods.

Every state policy was to reflect some aspect of improving the health (emotional, mental, physical, financial, housing, transportation, nutritional, etc) of California’s communities thereby creating the perfect, healthy sustainable community, aka Obamacare. By re-structuring roads and highways, reducing gas emissions, improving water quality and significantly influencing the physical, economic and social environments in which people live, shop, work, study, and play, healthier and more productive communities would be created. Or, at least that’s what the government owned media has told us.

Again, what is meant by healthier or productive? Could it mean fewer children?
Schools may still offer mathematics classes through the STEM program, Science, Technology,Engineering and Math, but for instance the math segment if not monitored by parents just might be used to support a specific agenda.

As an example, The online website “On This Rock” reported that Northview High School in Southern California, had a Zero Population Growth banner hanging in its hallway. This banner, part of a math “project” declared “Zero Poulation Growth…it’s Up To You - No More Than Two.” Is that an addition or a subtraction project? www.on-this-rock.blogspot.com/2013/10/why-we-need-solid-catholic-schools.html.

Or, how about the recently passed Nancy Skinner bill on nutrition in schools? This is a part of the Michelle Obama endorsed, National Obesity Campaign and slavishly followed by State Superintendent of Schools, Tom Torlakson.

Here’s what happened in Richmond, Va. when parents signed up their preschoolers for the Henrico County Public School/Headstart Program:
The Daily Sheeple for October 22, 2013, reports that “Brown Bag Ban: Fed Gov Tells Preschool Parents No Lunch From Home Without a Doctor’s Note.

Other bills, reflecting the health-in-all policies agenda are:
• SB 301, Carol Liu, Kindergarten-University Public Education Bond Act. to construct and modernize education facilities.
• AB 1178, CalFresh, Raul Bocanegra, (D) Pupil Instruction: Promise Neighborhoods, access to food stamps for child development. (mandated nutrition programs in schools)
• SB 192, Carol Liu, Early Learning and Educational Support Services. Federal Race-to-the-Top Early-Learning Challenge Grants allowing pre-school to include 30 month old babies.
• AB 959, Susan Bonilla, Pupil Assessment. Aligning students with college and career readiness.

This is the true core of the Common Core Standards. These bills, though indexed as education bills are, in reality, workforce development bills aligned with sustainable, planned communities of the future. What makes them education bills is that their goals are achieved through brainwashing the students to accept the new order of society.

P-20 stands for Pre school through 4 years of college. In other words, non-elected community advisory groups who would be establishing and assisting in implementing education policy.

I quote from the official legislative analysis of this bill, “This is an employer-education partnership model of a regional P-20 Council…to help align preschool, K-12, community college, four-year college and graduate and professional education programs and funding to advance strategic educational and economic outcomes.

AB 1015, Curt Hagman, (R) School Facilities: Joint Occupancy. Provides incentive grants from the state Allocation Board for building of remodeling schools, including extending those grants to community organizations for the purpose of joint use of the school grounds and facilities, such as child care, extra curricular activites, or, just maybe community clinics.

SB301, Carol Liu, (D) Kindergarten thru University Public Education facilities Bond Act of 2014, would develop bonds to raise funds for new school facilities by statewide general election. This could become part of the 20% of Department of Transportation dollars for non-infrastructure programs Ammiano seeks in AB 1194.

The Leroy F Greene School Facilities Act, SB 50 of 1998, authorized bonds to be sold to finance school construction in a statewide general election. This Act has been used a multitude of times to expand just what qualifies as school construction and class-size reduction.

That we have any children at all in the state of California can be attributed to the Pro Life ethic still present in California since the original state abortion legislation of 1967. These devoted people have risked the loss of life, limb, family members, finances, reputations, careers to protect and defend the lifes of preborn babies.

Accusations of not caring what happens to these babies after they are born are false charges. We also follow the biblical admonition that they ae to be resisted with as much enthusiasm who would lead the (born) children astray
Abortion has cheapened life creating the view that people are burdensome valued only for their productivity to the group. The very people who cry that our constitutional and ethical way of life has created financial, educational and social divisions are profiting financially and politically through these very things that they themselves have been instrumental in creating, at least in our minds if not in reality.

Our children still need rescuing only this time its from the intelligentsia. Please help defeat the above listed bills. Write, phone, email your legislators.

End Notes;

Health in All Policies Task Force Report to the Strategic Growth Council, Executive Summary. December, 3, 2010. www.sgc.ca.govvv.

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Safe Routes to School National Partnership/Voices for Healthy Kids,

Health and Health Equity in State Guidance, May 10,2012, Implementation Plan,
pg 2 & 4. Role of the Task Force:
The Executive Order (EO)2 that created the HiAP Task Force declares that the population’s health and well-being are critical components of a prosperous and sustainable California, and that policies that influence the physical, economic, and social environments in which people live, work, and play influence the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental
and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
Health is a fundamental component of quality of life, and a healthy population is a critical building block for a sustainable and thriving economy. Health increases workforce participation and productivity, while illness and injury impact the productivity of the individual, and their family members. Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization, adopted June 19,1946. http://whqlibdoc.who.int/hist/official_records/constitution.pdf.

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Real costs of California’s outdated Flammability Standards, Contra Costa Times OPINION, 10/25/13, authored by Jean Hansen, Michael Green and Jim Weitkamp.
“We are all in the business of building for a healthier future, and AB127 is a step forward in creating healthy environments in all of our communities for generations to come.

California Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center, TARC, “Classroom Activities and Pedestrian and Bike Training Resources. Provides ideas for classroom activities that provide pedestrian and bicycle safety education and encouragement.”

Federal Programs Preschool Collaboration Agreement: Memorandum of Understanding, (MOU)
BEtween Henrico County Public Schools and Henrico County Head Start.


Camille Giglio
October 10, 2013

Question: can a community’s health and productivity be raised through educational policies based on instructing children in a one-size-fits-all scientifically based government approved curriculum?

California legislators think it can. As of October 13, 2013, close of term, Governor Brown has signed at least 32 education bills that tighten the strings on aligning California with federal educational mandates creating partnerships between the Departments of Education and Health while at the same time loosening the reins on local county boards of education and parental control.

Going a step further, one should ask who is to gain from this, the student, the bureaucrat or the community?

Sorry, that’s a catch question because all of this new education, based on pre-planned outcomes is really an experiment and America’s children are the latest guinea pigs.

The one-size-fits-all universal, global education, some might say training, is now called Common Core Standards. It was once called Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind and Race To The Top. All of it created by a combination of federal and state legislation which the media never reports or reports in such a way as to make it seem to bear miraculous results.

ObamaCare is a one-size-fits-all federal model for universal health goals and outcomes. Common Core State (education) standards is a one-size-fits-all universal model for federal governance of pre-planned educational outcomes.

Critics of CCSS think of it more as a mandate to gather personal and private data on every person in the United States, every day, every month, every year; having federal bureaucrats analyze the data, returning it to the states as Best Practices, to be followed until the next change.

In other words, the federal government has found a way to circumvent states rights placing the feds directly into the centralized authority position of over one’s individual health and education outcomes, starting with home visits to pregnant women, thereby guaranteeing a healthy and productive citizenry in which one is trained to combine one’s own goals and desires with that of society in general.

The current legislative term, which ended on October 13, has had 119 education bills signed by the Governor and entered into law. These bills cover a wide range of topics such as; personnel, administration and curriculum, education finance, postsecondary education and Miscellaneous with an additional 41 sub topics.

So far 32 of the initial 66 education bills that we tagged have been chaptered. Only two were authored by Republicans, Tim Donnelly, AB 424, requiring that the History-Social Science framework incorporate a study of our state Constitution, the Magna Carta and Articles of Confederation into the education framework, and, Mimi Walters, SB 185, dealing with contracts to purchase “standards aligned” educational material for public, charter and private schools, in both printed and digital format

Donnelly’s bill was in response to the myriad of bills authored by Democrats mandating that the history-social studies framework include such things as Assemblyman Rob Bonta’s study of Caesar Chavez and the Farm Worker Movement, AB 123, Voter Education, AB 700 by Jimmy Gomez, and Ian Calderon, SB 552, Violence Awareness classes, AB 166, Roger Hernandez, Pupil Instruction, Financial Literacy, SB 201, Carol Liu, Materials: Academic Content Standards: English Learners. brings instructional materials for English learners into alignment with CCSS, K-12 plus Liu’s AB 247, Pupil Assessment, and SB 330, Alex Padilla, Mental Health Instruction to Educate Students. This latter bill bringing us into conformance with the 264 page California Health Framework for Public Schools. 2009 edition. (please see end notes)

Rounding out the alignment with Common Core and federal requirements are: AB 626 by Nancy Skinner, Nutrition. This incorporates ObamaCare’s health for all into the school cafeterias and aligns the state with the Pupil nutrition, health and achievement Act of 2001. Two companion bills, AB 547, Rudy Salas, High School and after School Safety and Career Exploration which includes a mandate to provide nourishing snacks for students who stay after school for activities, plus AB 514, Rob Bonta, Safe Schools Safe Learning, anti-bullying reporting. And, lastly, SB 490, Hannah-Beth Jackson, aligning Community Colleges with the Common Core Standards.

Donnelly’s bill was included in an unusual signing message from the Governor. (He is required to submit veto messages, but not signing messages) In it Brown admits that a package of 7 bills, including a lead bill by Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, AB 484 Pupil Assessments: Measurement of Performance/Progress brings California more firmly into line with the federal Common Core Standards. This bill eliminates the STAR testing program and replaces it with the Measurement of Academic Performance and Progress system, better known as Smarter Balance Assessment. State Superintendent of Schools, Tom Torlakson, originally a Humanities teacher in an Antioch High School and a fitness devotee, is the main supporter of this bill.

Critics refer to this Smarter Balance as the guaranteed evened out balanced outcome scores of everyone with no one flunking, no matter how inaccurately they answer tests. It’s not the answer that they are looking for but the thinking process the student went through to arrive at an answer, any answer. This is called “thinking outside the box.”

But, I mentioned frameworks in a previous paragraph. What is a curriculum framework?

Here is a clear definition from Wikipedia:
Curriculum Framework is part of an outcome-based education or standards based education reform design. The framework is the first step, defining clear, high standards which will be achieved by all students. The curriculum is then aligned to the standards, and students are assessed against the standards. As compared with traditional education which is concerned only about delivering content, a standards based education reform system promises that all will succeed if all are held to high expectations. When the standards are reached, there will be no achievement gap where some groups are allowed to score lower than others, or the disabled are offered different opportunities than others. All will meet world class standards and be qualified for good colleges and trained for good jobs which pay good wages. In a traditional education system, the curriculum was defined by those who created textbooks rather than government bodies which assembled groups of stakeholders to create standards based on consensus of what students should know and be able to do.

There are a large number of bills that were held back during the 2013 term. These bills may come forward upon the legislature’s return from recess and be turned into two-year bills. These are corollaries to the one’s listed above.

The most lamentable part of all this invasive legislation is the lack of opposition from parents, conservative groups, religious groups, Republican or Tea Party groups.

Political Leftist/socialist legislators urged by self interest stakeholder groups are writing the legislation and Governors and the President are signing them into law, but it is we, the people, who are letting them do it. Please help spread the word amongst friends and family that there are freedoms to be won or lost depending upon how much we value our American independence.

We are witnessing the devaluation of humanity and it will be our future generations who will bear the burden of our apathy.

The pro life community is realizing that the next level of devaluation is human life at its ending. With the power and authority firmly in the hand of leftists and anti-Christians, assisted suicide and even euthanasia will begin to be felt in our country and state. The state Democrat Party already has a death with dignity plank in its platform.

Visit your elected officials. Let them know that you are aware of their voting records and goals, express your concern and remind them that they represent all their constituents, not just the special interest groups whose main purpose is to make a living off of human yearnings.

End Notes

Political Outcast, May 29, 2013 “Common Core”: The ObamaCare of Education. http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/05/common-core-the-obamacare-of-education/

Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, Vol. 30, No 6, December 2005, Duke University Press. “Can Education Policy be Health Policy? Implications of Research on the Social Determinants of Health.”
        Research on the social determinants of health has demonstrated robust correlations between several social factors, health status, and life expectancy. Some of these factors could be modified through policy intervention. National-level public policies explicitly based on population health research are in various stages of development in many Western countries, but in spite of evident need, seemingly not at all in the United States. Because research shows such a strong association between education and good health, we offer evidence to show that at least two pressing problems in American society, namely the uneven distribution of educational attainment and health disparities linked to socioeconomic position, may be ameliorated through policy initiatives that link quality early childhood care, child development programs, and parental training in a seamless continuum with strengthened K–12 education.

California Health Framework for Public Schools, 2009 edition. http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/cr/cf/documents/healthfw.pdf. This is the complete agenda for the concept of teaching the “whole child.”
Healthy Schools, Healthy People, K thru 12, prepared for a conference on Healthy Schools, Healthy People, held January 15-17, 2003. This conference was, apparently, the preplanning for the 2009 Health Framework mentioned above.
http://www.tcoek12.org/tcoeforms/health/health  framework.pdf.

Much of the content of this above mentioned draft came from the Association for the Advancement of Health Education, originally published in 1994.

Governor’s Message, 10/2/2013, “The Governor’s 2013-14, signed in June, invests $1.25 billion in professional development, instructional materials and technology to support the implementation of Common Core Standards in California.”

Public Health Nutrition, “School-based nutrition education: lessons learned and new perspectives, Public Health Nutrition/Volume 4/issue 1a/February 2001 pgs 131-139.

        “Community trials suggest that nutrition education is an accessible effective tool in health promotion programmes with a focus on the development of healthy eating practices.


August 29, 2013
Camille Giglio

Lesson #1. In 1965 as a part of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty he signed into law the Elementary and Secondary Education Act - ESEA - created by the United States Department of Education.

The overt original goal of the Act was to provide financial aid to schools with a certain percentage of low-income families in order to “close the skills gap in reading, writing and mathematics”. Few people paid attention to the more subtle ramifications of this entry level move by the federal government to gain access to local school systems. The Act was amended about every three years. By 1972, a few parents and groups began putting out alerts about the ESEA containing authorization to instruct students in sex education. I attended one of those meetings.

You may recall the efforts made in the 1960’s and 70’s to stop the deceptively titled Family Life Education being promoted across the country and here in California. Many far sighted parents and concerned citizens warned that the sex promoters wouldn’t stop there.

Lesson #2. Legislatively authorize bureaucrats to set universal standards. In the succeeding years more emphasis and more fiscally punitive measures were placed on schools who failed to show federally required achievement of certain mandates. Greater emphasis came to be placed on all around student achievement otherwise known as Lifestyle choices, and specific classroom instructions. The collection of data on results was required. Development of parental involvement in achieving goals became a mandate.

In other words, as more and more state legislation authorized the funneling of federal money to states and from states to school districts and, ultimately to your school, the federal government slipped quietly into a major position of control of local school and curriculum and lifestyle goals. Local elected officials are being moved to the background while federal bureaucrats move into local prominence.

Lesson #3. Challenge the ability of the local authorities to properly carry out their duties. The California legislature and the state Department of Education have eagerly gone along with this federal intrusion in what began early in Life on American soil as private, religious and local parental control of the education of one’s children. Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities

We, in California, are now at a point where the federal government, as a result of legislation authorizing federal funding in local schools, are beginning to directly receive grants, ignoring school district elected officials. Common Core (universal) Standards and International Baccalaureate Studies are examples such as SB 421, Exam Fees, International baccalaureate Diploma Program grants

Other misuses of education are:

School nutrition/feeding programs, AB 626, Skinner, D-Oakland and AB 290, Alejo, for breakfast, lunch (and in some cases dinner during school season and summer). Getting more and more students signed up for school meals, now, in California, allows the bureaucrats to also sign up the students for entry into the healthy family programs which aligns the students with all the reproductive services the state has to offer.

School based health centers are handing out condoms to students and classroom sex ed is showing students how to apply said condoms. Parents are denied access to information about their child’s attendance during school hours, at Planned Parenthood shops, by law.

Best Practices is now the religious mantra for ethics and morality in the classroom rather than God’s Ten Commandments. No one ever asks, best for whom?

Transgendered students (even the word student is a neutered word) uncertain as what gender they are on a specific day, are now authorized to invade the privacy of the bathrooms and locker rooms of either sex, AB 1266 signed by Gov. Brown. One wonders if the state Capitol will open up its restrooms to either sex? Children are being taught in school that there may be only two sexes, but there are five or more genders.

Mental health clinics are coming on campus, There are a total of 169 mental health bills dormant and active, including AB 357 by Richard Pan, Healthy Child Task Force.

This bill did not get out of committee, but it clearly shows the intent and focus of this legislator who, by the way, was the author of the AB980, abortion clinic construction (de)regulations and the Gardasil authorization bill of last term.

Students are being referred ou