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End-Of-Life Decisions and Facts

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Assembly Select Committee On Women's Reproductive Health,
March 11th, 2020

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Landmark Cases explores the human stories and constitutional dramas behind some of the most significant and frequently cited decisions in the Supreme Court's history

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TS Radio interview
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Meeting the needs of Patients - Post
Roe v. Wade

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CA Senate Health Committee SB 24 hearing on April 3, 2019.

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The Star of Bethlehem shines brightly on the newborn child, Jesus.

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This child doesn’t need Government mandated Pre-K schooling. Young John is the grandchild of a very fine Pro Life Family.

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Four month and six month old human fetal skeletons, displayed At the Federal Civil War Medical and Military history Museum, in Silver Spring, MD. Display can be found in new more current segment of the museum’s historical displays.

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Mary Catherine was an abandoned new-born, found in Antioch and buried by Ca. Right to Life and Birthright of concord, at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. along with 24 other pre-born babies.

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Come Holy Spirit, enlighten the minds and hearts of your people!
July 4th, 2018





August 4, 2020

Dear Friends in the Pro Life Movement

I would like to introduce you to Dennis and Peggy Cuddy of No. Carolina. This is a mother and son team devoted to writing and informing people about the dangers of government control of the family.

In 1997 Peggy had published a booklet entitled: The Graspers: Is your Family Safe from them?

Peggy, had begun reporting on the, then strange, educational programs being developed and promoted by professors at The U. of No. Carolina at Chapel Hill where she had once worked. The program entitled the Abecedarian project is now touted throughout academia as the Social Emotional Learning agenda the focus of which is transferring the ultimate control of the child from the family to the state.

Dennis, aside from being a Professor, has authored about 20 books and dozens of articles. I invite you to visit the site NewsWithviews where you will find all his archived reports. There you will learn much about the characters and philosophies of many of the elitists who down through the decades have striven to be the powers behind the thrones of government leading us to the condition of the world as we know it today. . violence, terrorism, pandemics, attacks on our Constitutional rights, to name but a few.

All of his works are archived in the website. Below is a small example of his writing, extracted from a November 30, 2015 report entitled HOW TO DESTROY AMERICA. (I have permission from Dennis to publish).

Here is a brief paragraph of the above mentioned article:

Unfortunately, the United States has forsaken the Biblical values of the American Revolution and has adopted the values of the French Revolution instead.

In the early 1900s, Communist theoretician Antonio Gramsci wrote SOCIALISMO E FASCISMO: L’ORDINE NUOVO (SOCIALISM AND FASCISM: THE NEW ORDER) proposing to defeat the West by capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, the media, etc. After the Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917, John Dewey (”Father of Progressive Education”) went to the Soviet Union, and in THE NEW REPUBLIC (December 5, 1928) expressed his admiration of the Bolsheviks, who were undermining the church and the family. In 1932, the National Education Association made Dewey their honorary president, and the next year he co-authored the atheistic HUMANIST MANIFESTO.

The financial situation of the Cuddy family has been drastically depleted due to unwillingness to move Peggy into Government care but in order to continue to provide her proper care we hope that you or your organization consider lifting-up the family in prayer for the spiritual strength and financial assistance now necessary for Peggy’s return to stable health and assistance in meeting the healthcare bills quickly mounting.

Here is Dennis’ plea for financial assistance for his mother’s continuing care:

Peggy Cuddy has been a strong prolife advocates for decades, publishing articles and attending marches, but recently she has suffered horribly. A doctor gave her the wrong medicine resulting in an acute brain disease, which has cost us $160,000 out-of-pocket so far and has taken almost all my life savings. Medicine given for back pain wiped out her immune system, causing a relatively minor face cancer to quickly triple in size! Seeking relief from dehydration and aspiration, she was informed by an ER doctor all she could do was “go home and suffer.” Two weeks ago she was admitted to a hospital with a slight fever, given nothing to eat for 3 days, was then placed in Intensive care and developed Mersa. After several attempts to have her tested for COVID, she was finally tested positive, placed in critical care, and is now fighting for her life on a ventilator and dialysis machine. Please pray for her and help us financially to pay her bills.

Peggy’s son, Dennis Cuddy (our address is 1027 St. Mary’s St., Raleigh, NC 27605).

Please give some thought to assisting this family. Please, also, share this request with others whom you think might be able to provide help to two long time loyal members of the Right to Life community.

Camille Giglio. Director
California Right to Life Committee


CA Legislation Empowers Midwives To Perform Backyard Abortions


April 12, 2012 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - California Democrats have proposed a bill, SB1338, which is fatally flawed, morally, professionally and politically.

The bill, authored by Sen. Christine Kehoe, was amended this week and sent back to the Business and Professions Committee. A hearing date has been set, April 16, before the Senate Business and Professions Committee [chaired by Curren Price [D] and vice chaired by Bill Emmerson [R].

As worded now, the proposed legislation boldly confirms and acknowledges what opponents of laissez-faire abortion have claimed all along as being the bill’s agenda - downgrading the [now] illegal act of first trimester abortions being performed by anyone other than a licensed physician/surgeon, to the status of a simple legal health care procedure performed as a routine health care service by midwives. Additionally, it seems to confirm that midwives, nurse assistants and nurse practitioners have already been performing first trimester abortions in a clandestine manner without a specific license and with a minimal amount of training.

An interested party in this matter is the California Nursing Association. The Association has a history of support for "democratizing" abortion. For example the CNA aligned itself with a 2003 measure entitled the California’s Reproductive Privacy Act [Health and Safety Code 123460] which expanded the "Scope Of Practice" of this sub-group of medical workers. The Board of Registered Nursing also endorsed this legislation.

In general, it’s CNA’s view this bill is unnecessary because the aforementioned California’s Reproductive Privacy Act [Health and Safety Code had already substantially expanded the "Scope Of Practice" - as defined by law - of these practitioners.

In an April 11 telephone conversation, a spokesman for the group told us that it had preliminarily endorsed SB 1338 but had some reservations which were yet to be worked out. In a late arriving April 12 email, the spokesman provided the group’s now official written statement, "We now support the bill."

The Reproductive Privacy Act opened the door for midwives to be trained as abortionists. What SB 1338 does - and it’s a major change - is to decriminalize the act of killing a first trimester baby by "medical or aspiration abortion" by "mid-level providers," which is now clearly stated in the new bill.

One of the methods of abortion is the use of a manual aspirator, basically a syringe sized vacuum cleaner. In the 1980’s feminists began touting the benefits to women of private, in-home do-it-yourself abortions by manual aspiration. Women were encouraged to hold little training sessions in their own neighborhood to train other women or assist other women in aborting themselves. This they opined was the epitome of control. Unbelievably, this is now one of the training methods offered to the midwife classes in this pretend "workforce training" program [pogrom?]. This is, of course, illegal even under the current RPA, absent a license.

Feminists are claiming that this legislation is merely a recognition of what Roe v Wade sanctified - the act of killing babies as a mere natural part of the reproductive process. It is, in their minds, strictly a rite of female sisterhood - control of the process of life and death in the hands of the female.

Other states are considering similar legislation [Alabama for example] so this isn’t just another craven act by wing-nut CA Democrats.

The entire medical profession/industry is apparently supportive of this move. Some through their silence, like the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, headquartered in Washington, D.C. A spokesman, Sean Tipton, speaking for this organization of fertility practice physicians, claims that it will remain neutral until and unless it hears from California associates in the CMA or CNA asking it to take a position either way.

The California Medical Association - CMA, has been stalling regarding its position on allowing nurses and midwives to move into an area of medicine currently held within the province of physicians and surgeons. Could this stall be an indication of their own ambivalence regarding doctors killing rather than birthing babies?

Will this heretofore highly regarded profession stand up for women and their well-being or will they capitulate to the harridan cult of the feminists?

We note the absence of the Catholic Physicians Guild in this matter, a major failing for a faith already in serious trouble. What skewed view of morality would cause UCSF to lend its name and prestige as a teaching hospital, to apply for a workforce development waiver, HWP171, so that Planned Parenthood can be given legal protection in training these midwives?

Every year for the last 4 years they have submitted a request for a waiver because the training is illegal without the blessing of the government waiver.

These waivers are surprisingly seen by some physician groups as being necessary simply to determine the risk factors associated with providing what are currently classified as surgical abortions in an environment which lacks the presence of a physician. A knowledgeable source who requested anonymity, indicated as much, stressing the experimental nature of such programs and the need for data.

A January 17, 2012 piece on this issue published by CalCatholic.com stated, "…more than 8,000 such abortions have already been performed by nurse practitioners, physicians-assistants and certified midwives in California as part of a University of California-San Francisco study approved by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development…" [source, Redefining a crime out of existence, http://www.calcatholic.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=3fc7dfc2-73a4-4731-b575-671f8529559f]

Were these women informed that non-doctors were aborting them with as little as 3-6 days of training in suction abortions or prescribing medications?

What’s next, back yard hysterectomies and tubal ligations?

There is a thoroughly racist haze surrounding this entire matter, as the group of women which will serve as [possibly unknowing] guinea pigs will be drawn from what is euphemistically called under-served communities.

This legislation then clearly has its sights set, targeting poor Latina and Afro-American women mostly. Will they be denied the opportunity for informed consent? Will they know that non professionals will be using them as the equivalent of crash test dummies?

If past practices can serve as any kind of guide, these so called feminists who scream the "right to choice" at the drop of a condom aren’t going to let these women decide anything.

Under the flimsy guise of expanding women’s access to reproductive care and the jobs market for health care workers, the promoters of SB 1338 claim that women in rural or "under-served" communities don’t have access to clinics, or enough doctors to supervise their health. So, pretend train more workers and ask for increased funding.

A 31 page 2012 report entitled, California’s Rural Health Clinics: Obstacles and Opportunities, published by the California HealthCare Foundation praises the work of rural health clinics, declaring that the overwhelming majority of services provided are already government funded, "Medi-Cal paid for 42% of visits and Medicare paid for 22% of visits to RHCs in the last fiscal years of the RHCs surveyed." [source, http://www.chcf.org/~/media/MEDIA LIBRARY Files/PDF/C/PDF CARuralHealthClinics.pdf, pg. 2]

As an addendum, there are a number of bills keyed at "expanding the health care jobs market," all with special interests in mind:

AB 70, Bill Monning,[D] Department of Public Health: Funding. This has gone through the Assembly and is awaiting assignment in the Senate.

AB 232, V. Manual Perez, [D], Community Development Block Grants. This is a Work force development program, ala the PPACA/Obama jobs program.

AB 714, Toni Atkins, [D], Health Care Coverage.

AB 916, V. Manuel Perez, Health: Under-served Communities. This promotes hiring Community Health Care Workers, i.e. Promotores, to be assigned to communities to seek out patients in "under-served" health care communities.

It’s these minority communities where the new midwife abortionists will be unleashed.

There is a pro life pregnancy assistance clinic in a very poor segment of Los Angeles surrounded by 9 abortion clinics. The abortion clinics have been known to send volunteers out into the streets with flyers announcing abortions for sale. They follow cars, stop people on the streets, selling abortions at half price or free. Will this become common? Will every pregnant women be stalked by a midwife hungry for employment?

There is an online article carrying the emblem of the University of California entitled, Increasing Access to Health Care in California with Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse-Midwives, and Physician Assistants: A Demonstration Project in Early Abortion Care, August, 2011, authored by Tracy A. Weitz, PhD, MPA. In the document, Ms. Weitz states, "Expanding access to health care is an important public health goal. One way to achieve this goal is to increase the number of health care providers offering services by advancing their "scope of practice." [definition: activities that an individual health care practitioner is permitted to perform within a specific profession]

Wetiz continues, suggesting an argument for broadening the scope of services which non-physicians can perform, "In California, the State Legislature enacts scope of practice laws and major changes to those laws…From this scope of practice perspective, a compelling argument can be made that early aspiration abortion care is within the scope of Nurse Practitioners [NPs], Certified Nurse Midwives [CNMs] and Physician Assistants, [PAs] Abortion is a common healthcare need for women which lacks a sufficient provider workforce." [source, Increasing Access to Health Care in California with Nurse Practitioners, Certified Nurse-Midwives, and Physician Assistants: Demonstration Project in Early Abortion Care.]

Placing midwives in clinics, licensed to abort, removes the need for any doctor to be present either in person or on the phone. Midwives make far less in income than doctors so, for the clinics, abortions will become less expensive. For the taxpayer, undoubtedly, there will be no decrease in cost since clinics are pretty much allowed to charge whatever the traffic will bear.

Below, the members of the Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee and contact information:

Curren Price, [D-LA], Chair. 916-651-4026
Bill Emmerson, [R-Riverside]. 916-651-4037
Ellen Corbet, [D-San Leandro] 916-651-4010
Lou Correa [D-Santa Ana], 916-651-4034
Ed Hernandez, [D-W. Covina] 916-651-4024
Gloria Negrete McLeod, [D-Montclair] 916-651-4032
Juan Vargas, [D-Chula vista], 916-651-4040
Mimi Walters, [R-Laguna Hills], 916-651-4033
Mark Wyland, [R-Carlsbad] 916-651-4038

© 2012 Camille Giglio. All rights reserved.


There are a number of bills in the state legislature that presume to seize control of the family or certain members of the family. The ability of families and/or parents to be self directed is in danger of becoming a thing of the past.

AB 755, Corporal Punishment by Assemblywoman Sally Lieber. This bill amends the state Penal Code, section 273a, changing and expanding the definition from “great bodily harm or mental suffering” of a child under the pretext of discipline, to one of very specific types of injuries as a sign of willfully intended harm. It would also require the accused to prove themselves innocent of the charges. In other words, if a child is found to exhibit any signs of this specifically defined injuries the accused is automatically presumed to be guilty.

The punishment for a finding of guilt is increased from a misdemeanor and assignment to parenting classes for up to 48 months, to a possibility of one year in jail, or 2, 4 or 6 years in a state prison.

Secondarily, it is determined to be a misdemeanor if the (presumed) abuse is determined to, in general, cause the child to suffer, or experience physical pain or mental suffering of the person or health. This would seem to be a subjective determination very hard to prove or disprove. What child wouldn’t say that the spanking hurt, or that he/she felt badly after being spanked or denied some object or pleasure by a parent?

While the public continues to be horrified to hear of children who die in foster care or are severely injured by parents and/or a parent’s boyfriend, there are several things about which to be concerned in this bill:

1. The bill speaks of “Rebuttable Presumption” of guilt. One might be surprised to learn that there are times under the law when a person is presumed to be guilty until proven innocent. This is called “rebuttable presumption.” It is now going to be used against parents and/or guardians.

Sec. 606 of the Evidence Code:

The effect of a presumption affecting the burden of proof is to impose upon the party against whom it operates the burden of proof as to the nonexistence of the presumed fact.”

2. The minimum age of the child in danger of abuse is extended to infants and those under age 3 on up to age 18.

AB 81 by Albert Terrace, Safe Havens, changes from 72 hours to 30 days the time frame in which an infant may be surrendered by its mother to a designated center anonymously. (His office secretary answered the phone in Spanish).

The new language would require some information gathering (unlike the current bill (Evidence code 271a). Danger to the newborn’s health and safety increases possibly with every day a parent keeps the baby. This will not protect the newborn who’s mother is fearful of discovery of the pregnancy or of identity. This is the last refuge of anonymous adoption. What will happen to the surrendering mother here if a receiver, also a mandated reporter of abuse, thinks that the child might have been abused or injured in some manner during those 30 days? Will the mother be apprehended or will she be allowed to get off scot free because she’s got this 30 day safety protection?

3. The very generalized definition of mental suffering could cause many perfectly good parents to be charged with abuse. This could trigger spite reporting by disgruntled neighbors or coworkers.

SB 288, Leland Yee, Pupils, Comprehensive Learning Support System, will authorize educators to become judges of a child’s mental health. Teachers are mandated reporters of suspected (not proven) child abuse, including mental suffering, maybe obesity, dental decay, poor eyesight uncorrected by glasses, etc.

Will the parents of these children be charged as abusers and subject to criminal penalties?

What about if AB 16, HPV vaccinations gets passed? Will parents who refuse to get their child vaccinated be considered to cause a health endangerment?

The original author of this bill, AB 16, Sally Lieber, withdrew her name when it was determined that her family had an interest in the Merck Pharmaceutical company manufacturing Gardasil, the HPV virus vaccine.

The new author is now newly elected Assemblyman Edward Hernandez of Southern California. This bill will have it’s first hearing on 3/13/07 in the Assembly Health Committee. chaired by Mervyn Dymally, long time entrenched bureaucrat and author of several health care bills including the universal (and automatic) coverage of children in Healthy Families programs. What happens to parents in this case if they protest the placement of their child in a government mandated health care program without their consent?

AB 14, John Laird, Discrimination, the Unruh Civil Rights Act of 2007 will declare an expanded area of so-called rights which if denied will place the denier in a position of exposure to civil rights law suits. Will be heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on 3/20/07. Sally Lieber is one of several co-authors of this bill.

No bill is an island unto itself. Most seem to represent pieces of a whole which like the earthworm when dissected into several pieces will continue to grow.

I would also call your attention that 28 States have banned corporal punishment in schools, but the United States is the lone holdout in the UN from signing the Rights of the Child Treaty. That Treaty says:

Article 19:

"States Parties shall take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and education measures to protect the child from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse, while in the care of parent(s), legal guardian(s) or any other person who has the care of the child. Such protective measures should, as appropriate, include effective procedures for the establishment of social programs to provide necessary support for the child and for those who have the care of the child, as well as for other forms of prevention and for identification, reporting, referral, investigation, treatment and follow-up of instances of child maltreatment described heretofore, and, as appropriate, for judicial involvement."

It’s quite possible that Ms Lieber’s intention in AB 755 is to establish this UN Treaty wording as the law in our state.


"The family founded on marriage constitutes a ‘heritage of humanity,’ a fundamental social institution; it is the vital cell and the pillar of society, and concerns both believers and non-believers. This is something to which all States must give great consideration because, as John Paul II liked to say, ‘the future of humanity passes by way of the family’."

Pope Benedict XVl on protecting the family May 15, 2006 to the Pontifical Council for the Family
The state legislature can be compared to one big gambling casino with the legislators acting as card dealers.? The prize to be won? ? Professional oversight of the family.
The last date for all bills? to be submitted in the legislature is fast approaching.? Many of the bills I have been following are now listed in committees, but there? are as yet? no hearing dates.
There are, as never before,? any number of bills to follow that will have serious, lasting and negative effects on the family.? I have selected 8 bills which focus on different areas of community and family life, but have a similar core focus.? We are beginning to work on a newsletter which will expand on? this theme of capturing the family but that will come after the February bill submission deadline when we have a fuller grasp of what?s ahead.
I have used the symbolism of a gambling casino with the bills being compared to a deck of cards deftly shuffled and dealt to players w ho have carefully chosen their seats to gain optimum advantage in reading and counting the fall of the cards.
AB 14, John Laird, (D-Sta Cruz)? Discrimination: Civil Rights Act of 2007. Co-authors are Loni Hancock, Mark Leno, Sally Lieber, Lori Saldana and Sen. Christine Kehoe and Sheila Kuehl. (all but maybe one of them are strong homosexual legislation supporters.)
Location:? Assembly Judiciary Committee.
The original Unruh Civil Rights Act of? years past flagged as discrimination a broad spectrum of actions initiated against certain groupings of people. AB 14 amends 10 separate civil codes to include new? definitions of acts of discrimination and includes an expanded grouping of people who may bring legal action to charge discrimination.?
While there is enough in this bill for everyone to find something with which they might agree is an unjust discrimination, I call your attention to the following section of the bill:
?? ? SEC. 37. Section 1317 of the Health and Safety Code is amended to read:
? ? 1317. (a) Emergency services and care shall be provided to any person requesting the services or care, or for whom services or care is requested, for any condition in which the person is in danger of loss of life, or serious injury or illness, at any health facility licensed under this chapter that maintains and operates an emergency department to provide emergency services to the public when the health facility has appropriate facilities and qualified personnel available to provide the services or care.?
There is every reason to believe that amending this section will have the effect of deleting the medical profession?s conscience clause thereby requiring all doctors regardless of religious reservations to commit abortions, prescribe contraceptives and maybe even inoculate 11 year old girls against HPV infections.
To support this claim here is a quote from a recent article:
Study: Moral beliefs may sway docs’ care
By LINDA A. JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer
Wed, Feb 7, 6:47 PM ET
A disturbing number of doctors do not feel obligated to tell patients about medical options they oppose morally, such as abortion and teen birth control, and believe they have no duty to refer people elsewhere for such treatments, researchers say.?
And further on:
"Conscientious objection is fine … as long as it doesn’t conflict with the rights of the patient," Magnus said.?
One woman doctor, in Southern California, has already lost her job because she would not involve herself in an abortion or referral.? She was compelled to seek a job at a great distance from her home and in an area of medicine other than her chosen area.
Under this AB 14, a woman patient may well decide to confront a pro life doctor with a demand for an abortion and then sue him/her for failure to support her so-called right to an abortion.
___________ ?
AB 16, Sally Lieber, (D-Mtn View), Pupil Immunizations: Human Papillomavirus Vaccine.
?Prohibits the governing authority (local school district superintendent) from unconditionally admitting any female pupil to the 6th grade level of any of those institutions unless the pupil has received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Requires a health care provider administering the HPV vaccine to provide a written disclosure to the parent or guardian relating to the HPV. Imposes a state-mandated local program.?
A couple of years ago Ms Lieber wanted schools to distribute condoms without parental okay. Now she?s come back with a chemical version of a condom. This woman is fixated on free love.
Many newspaper editorials and letters to the editor have been written supporting idea, but what those writers aren?t telling you is the rising awareness in the medical community of serious and life threatening side effects to this one-size-fits-all approach to protecting everyone against one form only of cervical cancer.
Further, Merck the pharmaceutical house manufacturing the pill will make millions of dollars at $350 each. Word now is out that much of that profit is being directed toward Planned Parenthood?s promotional and clinical services.
Once again, a legislator knows better than a parent what a child should have. Lieber doesn?t want parents spanking their children (she calls it beating) and she doesn?t want them saying ?NO? to moral self discipline so we, the taxpayer and society in general will pick up the pieces of every female child?s life and discipline her for her parents by shooting her up with vaccinations that do little to protect her and may protect society against her in the form of future health care bills.
By the way such a hue and cry went up regarding the spanking bill that a rumor has it that Lieber is withdrawing the bill from consideration.? However, she must still be watched because she can always sneak it into some other bill under the guise of protection against abusive treatment.
AB 25, Julia Brownley, (D-Woodland Hills), Schools.? Brownley was elected in 2006. She is a former school administrator.
Claiming that California educational system and its pupils are seriously falling behind other states in its education of students, this bill requires the Governor?s Advisory Committee on Education Excellence and the state Superintendent, Jack O?Connell?s creation called the P-16 Council to work together to develop a seamless educational program from (for every student) preschool through high school.?
?Sec 33600:? 1) Identify key fiscal and academic issues that will need to be addressed in developing, evaluating, validating, and refining the state’s public school system.?
Pay special attention to the words ?refining the state?s public school system.?? An organization entitled Ed Watch out of Minnesota has been reporting on the educational proposals of a man named Marc Tucker, guru on educational think tank matters for Hillary Clinton and author of some major reconfiguring of the goals of education.
It is portions of his plans that legislators are adopting in California to redefine the goals and purpose of education creating a seamless system of preparing our children for predetermined slots in the workforce by creating seamless educational plans beginning with pre-K on up through high school.
Please visit the Ed Watch website www,edwatch.org as well as? our web site where
SB 20, Tom Torlakson, (D-Concord).? Pupil Nutrition: Free and Reduced-Price Meals.
The overt intent of this bill is to provide a way to increase reimbursement to schools for providing FDA approved, nutritiously prepared and served lunches to students. meal reimbursement will rise from $0.21 cents per meal to $0.30 cents per meal. Several related laws are cited to support the mandate of schools providing scientifically approved meals to students.
The covert agenda is that in order to qualify for this increase in reimbursement schools will be required to provide lunch and, in the near future, breakfast, to every public school student pre-k to 16 in a closed campus atmosphere both during the school year and the summer.? The closed campus is cited as the only way to protect the school from the competition of nearby restaurants, etc.
The school nutritionist becomes the third parent/watchdog in every family dictating what foods will be given to children.
If schools can provide a better nutrition program for children at breakfast and lunch what about dinner?? What about the weekend?? The school?s nutrition goals for each student can?t be endangered by the consumption of non-approved food.
I have been saving numerous articles regarding the government nanny originated attack on obesity in children so diligently reported on by the media.? Two articles typify the hysteria being generated all over the world:
?F=FAT REPORT CARD.? Schools in several states may soon include a new category on report cards and some children may be getting F?s.? Parents will be supplied with an evaluation and a grading as to their child?s obesity.
THE FAT POLICE.? Social workers in the U.K. have begun placing obese children on the ?child protection register? alongside children who are thought to be at risk of sexual or physical abuse.? (UPI: Consumer Health Daily.
I had an email conversation with the a nutritionist/PR person in the State schools Food Services Department about this bill.? She was very focused on the wonderful opportunities children would have to receive nutritious food such as fruit, vegetables, no trans-fat prepared foods, no hydrogenated oils, etc.
I asked if they had kept any records on food wasted in school cafeterias. She ignored the question but assured me that children would be given the opportunity in classes to appreciate new foods and to learn the benefits of proper diet.
She ended by thanking me for being a person who cares about children and that nutritionists look forward to their role in providing nutritious meals to students. No mention of parents. However, Torlakson?s Aide agreed that this was a parent/teacher partnership program.? Once again, the state will place an expert into the family as a watchdog over the best interests of the state, not the child,not the family.? Eating will become an exercise in accountability and responsibility to the state to be the best, healthiest specimen that the state can grow.
SB 32, Darrell Steinberg, (D-Sacramento)? Health Care Coverage: Children.
This bill proposes through a merging of Medi-Cal and Healthy Families programs to create more ?local health initiatives.?? This actually means build more local clinics either county run or non-profit run (can you say Planned Parenthood, La Raza, Molina Health centers,etc.).
This is a goal of our Governor, He declared last summer that he wanted to expand the network of local clinics as a way to cut down on costs of providing health care.? Though Steinberg is a Democrat this idea of more local clinics closer to the people is favored by Republicans as a way to cut costs though they do have several problems with the Governor?s overall health care delivery plans.
In truth setting up more local clinics acts as gatekeepers preventing direct access to doctors in hospitals and emergency rooms. These clinics would be staffed by nurse assistants who might be connected by phone to some designated hospital. So you sign up your child in one of these clinics and she gets a lower degree of professional help than if she had gone to an emergency room.
I am reading a very good book written by Dr. David Gratzer, Psychiatrist, entitled The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care. He claims among many things that focusing on ?access to health care? is just another way of saying you can have health care, if you can get past the gatekeeper and to a doctor IF you don?t mind being put on an extended waiting list for operations, etc.?
By Robert Salladay and Joe Mathews
Times Staff Writers
July 24 2006
SACRAMENTO — Criticized for failing to offer substantial remedies for California’s healthcare problems, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today will propose installing new medical clinics in as many as 500 elementary schools, his aides said.?
Aides say the plan would add to the 140 campus facilities already in place and help children now uninsured. Critics call it an election-year stunt.
HR 325/S 224, American Education Content Standards by Vernon Ehlers, (R-Mi) and Christopher Dodd, (D-Ct.)
These? two bills, one in each house, will be the gold standard for the seamless pre K-16 education written to the UN?s globalized educational goals and containing much of Marc Tucker?s designs for educating the global child of the future.
Choice In Dying legislation coming back. Lloyd Levine and Patty Berg will try again this session to pass Choice in Dying legislation which will be introduced on February 15 at a Sacramento press conference.? There is no bill number at this time.
You are urged to contact your organizations, churche, etc. to obtain a letterhead statement of opposition to oany euthanasia/assisted suicide legislation and send it to House Speaker Fabian Nunez, C/0? State Capitol, Sacramento, Ca? 95814. Please don?t delay. If we can stop this bill from coming to a committee that would be great.


1. Walk for Life West Coast
2. Legislation
3. The government as caretaker

1  The 20,000 or so participants in the west coast Walk for Life, 2007, were treated to a bright, crisp and rewarding day as they listened to stirring speeches and walked  from Justin Herman Plaza at the foot of Market St, San Francisco to the Marina Green, a distance of about 2.5 miles. 

The greatest reward of the day was the presence of so many young people.  We who have been in this movement since it


1.  New Legislative Term
          A) State legislation
          B) Federal level legislation

2.  STOPP Report Excerpts


1.  New Legislative term.

            The deluge of new legislation began during the first week of December. It is now, as of today, up to 155 bills entered.  I have skimmed through all these bills and have selected upwards of 30 for closer scrutiny.  Many of these bills affect  education, families and health.

The Governor has given a strong indication of his desire to see some form of single payer/government controlled health care/physical fitness plan for all California citizens. So, the legislators both the more seasoned as well as the newcomer legislators are acting like little kids in a classroom. Each is striving to be the one, through legislation, that gets the Governor’s attention.  Most of these bills are what are referred to as “Spot” bills. That means that they are submitted, holding a spot on the legislative file, but not saying much, yet.  There are three that are heavily loaded with detail and code changes. These need close scrutiny. Several bills, including a very important one, AB 16, that will require an HIV prevention shot for all female students by the age of 9 years.,deal with universal coverage for all children with little to no mention of parental involvement or authority.  There will also be a major attempt on the part of the right to die groups to reintroduce euthanasia/Assisted suicide legislation this year.  Both sides are already meeting to design their offense/defense.

AID IN DYING A KINDER IMAGE THAN SUICIDE http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/news/local/16120873.htm


            As I may have indicated before, the subject of abortion, pro or con, seldom comes up in legislation anymore. It is the saddest of realities that abortion access is a forgone conclusion in the state legislature.  The battle is over how to expand access to it without calling attention to it.  The most popular and publicly accepted route is through health care. All this so-called public demand for expanded health care carries with it an automatic expansion of access by the pro abort community to our youth and to the naive alien immigrant community to promote sexual freedom, birth control and abortion all of which results, down the line, in a depressed population.

            All the media hype and righteous letters to the editor about population explosions carrying with it environmental pollution is little more than population control interest groups spewing out false representations of an overflowing and burdensome number of people in the world.  The populations of some countries such as the US may be expanding, but that expansion is through immigration for the most part. For every émigré entering a country there is an immigrant leaving a country.

            Health care and global warming will be two areas of legislation receiving the most robust attention that will affect the right to life.



AB 1,

 Mervyn Dymally (D-Compton), Ca. Healthy Children Insurance Program.  A universal enrollment joining several state health care programs.

AB 2.

 Mervyn Dymally, (d-Compton), Health Care Coverage.  Creates a state mandated local program to deliver and supervise the universal health care programs and deposit certain amounts of this money into the Cigarette Products Surtax Fund. This would channel money into Rob Reiner’s precious program - First Five - which aims to move every baby into government controlled day care.

AB 53,

 Mervyn Dymally, Health Care Coverage. This addresses the provision of universal health care coverage for everyone regardless of age, income, employment, or health status.

AB 68

, Mervyn Dymally, Schools, REquires school districts to employ a certain number of school librarians, full-time certified nurses and full-time counselors.

AB 74,

Mervyn Dymally, Would establish at the Charles Drew Hospital, a research and experimental program on the subject of controlling obesity and diabetes.  This latter mention is supposed to gain the Governor’s attention, but, in reality it is yet another program to funnel money to his favorite charity.

Dymally has several more bills, at least two of which, direct state and federal funds into his favorite charity, the Charles R. Drew Medical School located in the Watts area of Los Angeles.  This University dedicated to providing a medical training to low income, foreign and African American students, had been partnering with an adjacent black owned and operated hospital - Martin Luther King, jr. This hospital has lost it’s  accreditation through sloppy management and too high a loss of patients through carelessness. Dymally over the years, has directed any number of state programs and funds to this hospital.

AB 13,

 John Laird, (D-Santa Cruz, Health Care Coverage. Focuses on children’s health care referring to our children as the “state’s resources.”

AB 16,

 Sally Lieber, Pupil Immunization: Human Papillomavirus.  Prohibits any female pupil from entering the public or private school 6th grade until they have received the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

This vaccine is delivered in three painful shots costing $360. The parents or their health insurance coverage will be required to pay the cost. Welfare and alien client recipients will get the state tax payer to cover the cost.

This bill already receiving heavy opposition from conservative and pro life groups. This presumes that every female child will be sexually active and or marry someone who is already infected.  This vaccine, called Gardasil, provides questionable protection against only one kind of cancer. There are numerous cancers that a sexually active person can be exposed to.

Parents may sign “Opt-Out” forms, but these are less desirable than requiring “OPT-IN” forms which prohibit any treatments being given to children unless a form is signed.

The biggest problem with this bill is not only the invasive nature of its interference in the family with the state controlling actions, but the ability of the state to then track every child, maybe not by name, but by activity. This is seen more as a source of future program and services development for community agencies and eventual complete state/local community agency take over of the child’s health care.

Republican legislators for the most part are prepared to fight this one. One exception is Assemblyman Emmerson of Napa who has expressed public support for this based on support coming from a texas based Medical Institute for Sexual Health. This group carries some pro life and conservative type names on its advisory board, but exhibits a strange mix of liberal and conservative moral values.

Assemblyman Emmerson needs to hear from his constituents.

AB 81,

Alberto Torrico, (D-Fremont) Child Protection: Safe Surrender. Increases the surrender time from 72 hours following birth to 30 days. Designates safe surrender sites and several other enticements to community agencies to market themselves as surrender sites encouraging young mothers to give up their babies. Opposed by most Republican legislators in the last term, especially by Senator Dutton who was the author of the successful extension of the original Safe Surrender law.



S. 51, Sam Brownback, Abortion.  Failed Passage. This bill entitled the Child Pain Awareness Act would have required the abortionist inform the mother that a shot was available to be given to the baby in utero prior to an abortion to dull the pain if it’s violent death.

This was one of those morally unsettling bills that created problems for some in supporting it. American Life League came out strongly against it while other pro life groups, local and national, encouraged it’s support.  It’s sort of life testing the chairs for comfort on the Titanic while it is sinking.

This is not to detract from Senator Brownback’s continuing attempts to move the Congress to a more open and sympathetic attitude toward respecting human life, but it, in the end, does nothing to stop abortion or it’s tax funding.  The only thing a bill like this does (and it became a hot issue at election time) is allow any number of normally pro abort legislators to get on board in support and, then, be acclaimed as pro life and worthy of support at election time.



This is an excerpt from a STOPP Report prepared by Jim Sedlak.

This article reports that since 1987 the number of abortion clinics owned and operated by Planned Parenthood has been dropping due, STOPP claims, to a lack of support. We would like to believe this, but this writer is afraid that PP has become a part of the establishment and may not need it’s own facilities.  We do thank Jim Sedlak and American Life League for their continuous pressure upon PP to adhere to some sense of moral obligation to their clients.

STOPP lists the clinics by type of service.

Types of Planned Parenthood facilities: Planned Parenthood operates a number of different types of facilities across the country. The following types are of special interest to American Life League and we report specifically on them:

            •           “Health” clinics that commit chemical abortions by selling birth control products that work some of the time by preventing implantation of an already created human being.
            •           “Health” clinics that commit medical abortions (using products like RU-486 to kill babies after implantation) as well as chemical, but not surgical abortions.
            •           “Health” clinics that commit chemical, medical and surgical abortions.
            •           Express clinics that provide limited expedited services. Planned Parenthood says, "At an express health center, clients who are short on time and do not require a table examination can quickly pick up their birth control medication or get contraceptive advice." It appears this is an effort by PP to increase its number of clients without significantly increasing expenses.

            •           Contracted services are used by Planned Parenthood of Utah. It contracts with doctors and other health care providers to service PP clients. This appears to be an effort to increase its client count without incurring overhead expenses. Although we track these providers, they are not included in the overall Planned Parenthood clinic numbers.


CRLC thanks all those who have contributed over the year to the support of our research and for forwarding and distributing our information to others. I am pleased to report that I have been appointed for a year’s term, (volunteer basis) as Family Issues Legislative Analyst for the California Federation of Republican Women.  I am in good company with other concerned and knowledgeable women who will be working through the year to encourage greater contact of Republican women with legislators.

CRLC is ending the year with all bills paid and about $300.00 in the bank. The first of the year will see a few bills needing to be paid for postal permits, blog expenses. Please keep us in your prayers and in your charitable giving activities. $24.99 once a year is all we ask.

Have a Blessed Christmas, a safe new year and extended family surrounding you.

Camille Giglio
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

STATE OF THINGS, November 24, 2006

Prepared by: Camille Giglio

Walk for Life, 2007, January 20th, San Francisco.
1. Editorial: Election results.
2. PP in your diocese?
3. Campaign for Human Development
Though many web site publishers and commentators struggled to find wisdom and enlightenment in the election results, my best guess is that not enough Republicans, conservatives and Pro Lifers came out to vote - period.  Too many California citizens are disillusioned with Schwarzenegger and with President Bush, as they have a right to be, but, unfortunately, the down ticket  felt the ennui, not the Governor not the President.

It’s not the Republican Party that loses it’s we the citizens and, especially the babies, who lose.
The one clear message to be perceived is that we pro life and/or conservative Christians are beginning to wake up to the fact that Republican commitment to defending human life is little more than campaign rhetoric. What we need to further understand is that any politician left on his/her own will gravitate to the group that funds and keeps them in power regardless of that group’s philosophy.
Rick Santorum, R-PA) lost his election because, the pundits say, he was being punished by conservatives for supporting the pro abort Arlen Spector over a pro life Republican newcomer candidate. Well, not only that,  but Pennsylvania pro lifers remembered that he also supported the miserable Governorship of New Jersey’s Pro abort Republican Christy Todd Whitman.  Who is the real Rich Santorum? The pro lifer who so eloquently defended the ban on partial birth abortion or the Party Yes man who supported strident pro aborts over pro life candidates?

The responsibility for this loss, not just of a Republican majority in Congress, but a loss of protection for the babies and the defenseless innocent, can be laid at many doorsteps. Apathy on the part of voters who presumed that the Republicans wouldn’t lose, apathy on the part of religious leaders who refuse to educate the laity to the true social and moral teachings of their faith, The Republican Party that refuses to get behind the very candidates who stand ready to support the planks in the Republican Platform on the environment, family issues, medical care and on and on.  The Republican Party has, basically, a very worthwhile Platform but no politician seems willing to support it. 

Huge amounts of money were spent by the tax and spend groups on tv advertising promoting false impressions of environmental and health situations.  And, many Democrats happy with the Governor’s delivered promises and appointments of Democrats to state level positions,  voted for the incumbent but not the full ticket. Schwarzenegger sure is a “Stand alone guy.”

Did you know that on the eve of the election, Nancy Pelosi managed to slip $25,000 to Planned Parenthood and the YES on prop 87 - Environmental campaign - switched about $70,000 of its funds over to the NO on Prop 85 campaign?  Remember all of the statements by former President Clinton regarding Prop 87?  Protect our children, etc. Clean up the environment for the health of our children, etc. etc. But keep parents out of the minor daughter’s decision for an abortion.
A certain Southern California unopposed Congresswoman is reported to say that she doesn’t care about the election, she just wants a Democrat President so that she can get an Ambassadorship to an African-American Country in the near future. Constituents be damned, I guess.

Following the election results, the Los Angeles Catholic newspaper, the Tidings, carried an article discussing the defeat of Prop 85 - the Parents Right to Know initiative.  Ned Dolejsi, the Director of the California Catholic Conference was quoted as saying that though Prop 85 lost, it was a great opportunity to get groups who normally don’t work together to come together in support of this Initiative. The next time there is such an initiative they will work together even better.
Question: Why does the church with one of the largest populations need to work together with other groups when they have the faithful who vote?  These were not other religious groups with whom it would seem perfectly correct to work.  Where was the incentive from the pulpit to support life and human dignity.  Religious can take a position on Propositions. Religious can explain the moral concerns surrounding election promises relating them to biblical and church faith tenets.  Much was made, at the eleventh hour of Cardinal Roger Mahoney’s taped message exhorting the faithful to vote for Prop 85, but it was too little, too late.  Too few churches of any faith denomination, so we learned, permitted bulletin notices or inserts informing people of the issues and asking support for life.

That may be the fault of the Diocesan and state Catholic leadership but it also shows an unwillingness on the part of the pro life faithful to challenge their reluctant pastors to defend life.
Be assured that though the voting may have been a protest against Republicans the Democrats see this as a mandate to proceed with their progressive social agenda, as does the Governor. There will be a return of the Physician Assisted Suicide legislation, universal government controlled health care including abortion, birth control and school based delivery of health care, universal pre school and universal government sponsored day care.
All of these come under the purview of life issues. They affect family values, family authority, life begetting and ending issues. ALso the issue of eugenics is rearing its ugly head once more. The idea that there are some lives not worth living. That human life can be engineered to achieve a human standard of perfection that only a government agency can provide.
Please start off the new year promising to be more outspoken in the defense of life.

Recently the Contra Costa Times carried an article about St. Mark’s Catholic Church, in Richmond, California, inviting Planned Parenthood to give presentations to their young parishioners on sex education.  This is a parish with a majority of low income, mainly Latino immigrant population.

This parish is heavily infiltrated by community activist organizations such as ACORN (Alliance of Community organizations for Reform Now) and PICO (Pacific Institute for Community Organizing) who are engaged in providing the youth with activist, lobbying and community protest training.
On October 23, the Diocesan newspaper, The Catholic Voice, carried an article entitled “Alameda AIDS Ministry reaches out to teens.”  This article reported that groups of students from the several Catholic churches in the city of Alameda, interested in stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS, following a talk by an HIV positive young man, distributed AIDS literature to all the catholic and public high school libraries in the city. The material was published by ETR - Education and Training Resources - the publishing arm of Planned Parenthood located in the San Jose area.

In both situations it was the Directors of Religious Education who spearheaded the activities that brought Planned Parenthood into the churches.

California Right to Life has now sent two letters to the Oakland Diocese Bishop, Allen Vigneron, with only one reply and that being a canned automatically generated response.
There is a myriad of material generated by authentic Catholic publishing houses and organizations such as Priests For Life and Human Life International that could have been used to educate these students. Why were they ignored?  Who oversees what the DREs do?

Also recently there has been a great deal of activism generated in the diocese by a group called California Power and Light (there is also an Oregon Power and Light). This group promotes environmentalism by showing an Al Gore film on Global Warming. Though CIPL/OIPL spokespersons deny it, this is a way to get around the prohibitions on church involvement in promotions of Democrat Party candidates.
Stop Planned Parenthood’s efforts to permanently expand Medicaid  (American life League report)


Planned Parenthood reiterated in its strategy document its intent to permanently expand the Medicaid program to include coverage of birth control.


Currently, Medicaid pays for birth control under what are normally called, "Family Planning Waiver Programs." A full history and current status of these waiver programs can be found on the web site of Planned Parenthood’s Guttmacher Institute.


We present here a short summary of the Guttmacher Institute article:


In the early years of the joint federal-state Medicaid program, eligibility was limited largely to low-income, single mothers and their children who were receiving welfare. In the 1980s, however, Congress broke the welfare-Medicaid link for pregnancy-related services by first allowing and later requiring states to extend eligibility for Medicaid-covered prenatal, delivery and postpartum care to women with incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty level.


In the 1990s, several states began pushing for Medicaid expansion to cover family planning services. In addition they raised the eligibility to 185% of the federal poverty level. Unlike the increases for pregnancy-related care, which are specifically provided for in the federal statute, these expansions require approval-generally referred to as a "waiver"-from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that administers Medicaid.


As of December, 2003, the Guttmacher Institute reported that 18 states have gained approval for these waivers and another four states were waiting for approval. The states have a real incentive to push for these programs because the federal government pays 90% of the cost of providing family planning services and supplies under Medicaid, compared with 50-77% of the cost of other medical services, including pregnancy-related care.


Even before the new Planned Parenthood strategy document, it was leading efforts in Congress to make the providing of these family planning services a normal part of the Medicaid program so that they will not need to be obtained through waivers. The strategy document confirms that this is a major thrust nationally for PP.


Those opposing Planned Parenthood across the country should immediately put pressure on their state governments, and your elected members of congress, to end any “waiver” programs that currently exist and to keep “family planning” programs out of Medicaid.

Stop Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs


In 1986, Planned Parenthood announced a corporate goal of having its form of sex education in every school district in the nation. In addition, it clearly stated that these programs should be mandatory for all students.


In the latest strategy document, Planned Parenthood confirms that this is still a goal for Planned Parenthood.


This means that all of us must be ever vigilant in dealing with our schools. American Life League has a book, Parent Power!!, that has been helpful to parents all over the world in stopping these offensive Planned Parenthood programs.


You can obtain a copy of the book by calling 866-LET-LIVE or by ordering online.


Use the proven plan to defeat Planned Parenthood
For many years, people have been using American Life League’s Plan to Defeat Planned Parenthood with much success. It is the execution of this plan that has put Planned Parenthood in the position where it feels so “on the defensive.”


We call on all of you to read and implement this plan in your communities and your state. Doing so will continue to put pressure on Planned Parenthood and will result, in God’s time, in the closing of all Planned Parenthood operations in the country.
Increased Access to Contraception Not Linked to Decrease in Numbers of Unplanned Pregnancies, Abortions, Letter to Editor Says
The belief that increased access to contraception will "reduce rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion" has "intuitive appeal, but the data prove otherwise," Susan Wills, associate director for education for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, writes in a Washington Post letter to the editor in response to a Post opinion piece by William Saletan, science and technology reporter for Slate magazine. According to Wills, CDC data indicates that contraceptive use is "virtually universal among women of reproductive age." The "problem" is that condoms and oral contraceptives "with typical use" have a 12-month pregnancy risk of 15% and 9%, respectively, Wills writes. In addition, studies conducted in California, Washington state, Scotland, England, Sweden and China "show no reduction in pregnancy or abortion rates despite increased availability of contraception or emergency contraception," Wills concludes (Wills, Washington Post, 10/21). (Kaisernetwork.org)
“Delivering As One”, Secretary-General Puts Gender Equality At Center Of UN Reform Proposal (excerpted from a C-Fam report by Austin Ruse)
By Samantha Singson
     (NEW YORK


    Below is a copy of an email that has been sent to Allen Vigneron, Bishop of the Oakland Diocese, California. Please, take a moment and write your own email or letter to Bishop Vigneron urging his intervention in this dangerous situation that the children of St. Mark


1.  Carondelet High School, training center for activism.
2.  Casa de Esperanza, training for social unrest.
3.  Pre-School:  Education or Frankenstein’s playground?
4.  Stockton Schools and condoms.
1.  Carondelet, owned and operated by the St. Joseph of Orange Nuns is a High School for girls located in Concord, CA. St. James Marien Dyer is the current Principle. 
This school was written up in the local newspaper for its requirement that its graduating class perform community service hours.  The students have performed such services as traveling to Sacramento to lobby for educational support, helped feed the homeless in Oakland and a variety of other “corporal works of mercy.”

I called the Nun in charge of this program to ask if they had a student who could perform some volunteer hours by typing up a research library index for us and sorting it ini numerical order.  
I was informed that they could not provide that service for us “because we were a political organization” and if they did “help us out” they would have to help Planned Parenthood, also.”  No amount of discussion would alter this Nun’s perception of our Right to Life organization.
Now, A) we are not a political organization. B) There is no rule that says they would have to provide a service to Planned Parenthood if they provided one for us.
C) A look at the high school’s web site reveals the great extent to which the school itself is a beehive of political activism.  The school has developed a Social Justice Forum for the students entitled the Fontbonne Forum. It is a training ground for developing the minds of these young students toward social activism which is political activism put into action.
If anyone has a student in this school I suggest that they examine their daughter’s school and social club activities very closely.
2.  St. Mark’s Catholic Parish in Richmond, Ca. has invited Planned Parenthood into its midst to “educate” the young people regarding sexuality, drug and teen pregnancy. (Contra Costa Times, 10-25-06, front page).
St. Mark’s Parish, located in what is referred to as The Iron Triangle of Richmond, is pastored by Father Ramiro Florez, a native of Mexico, ordained by former Oakland Diocese Bishop, John Cummins.  Fr. Flores began his priestly duties as parochial vicar at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Concord, but since he had difficulty with the english language was soon transferred to St. Mark’s where his flock is mainly Latino.
There is information on the internet about Fr. Flores which can be goggled.
In the past I have written about a pseudo religious group called CCISCO - Contra Costa Interfaith Community Sponsoring Organization.  CCISCO is very active in Fr. Flores Parish training the Latino youth for political activism and street and political protests. The Catholic Voice, newspaper of the Oakland Diocese has featured CCISCO and St. Mark’s training programs in several articles. 

 CCISCO along with a new branch of activism that calls itself Casa de Esperanza (literally house of hope) is also very active in this parish. It was Casa’s outreach organizer who hosted this PP program which spoke to about 20 children aged 14-17 (some of whom were rather reluctant to be there, so the article said)  This 4 hour event was funded by a $5,000. grant from the California Family Health Council and designed by a “half-dozen teens in the audience.”  The CFHC, with  a branch in Berkeley, Ca. is a non-profit family planning organization which, according to its parent branch in Los Angeles, apparently endorses Phil Angelides for Governor. (How they get away with doing that as a non-profit I don’t know. Certainly a pro life organization could not get away with saying vote for Tom McClintock for Attorney General because he’s pro life).
One of the events pared each teen with someone famous for a date. Then each youth drew a card which stated “what type of sexual encounter they just had with their celebrity and declared that they had just contracted a particular type of sexual disease.”
Please pray for the youth of St. Mark’s parish. They are being seduced into a lifestyle and leftist leaning pathway that has little to do with salvation or education.
Fr. Flores, in one article, is shown leading a ceremony for local Latino laborers, which included a memorial to the “Martyrs of Chicago.”

The Martyrs of Chicago were a group of 8 anarchists who on May 3, 1886, during a labor protest helped create a riot in the Haymarket sector of Chicago, setting off an explosive which killed one policeman, maimed 3 and injured several bystanders. www.zmag.org/Sustainers/content/2006-06/28trigona.cfm
Preschool: Part lab, part opportunity

By Carrie Peyton Dahlberg - Bee Staff Writer
Published 12:00 am PDT Monday, October 23, 2006
Imagine taking your child to a preschool that could scan each little brain, take blood samples, administer psychological tests or do genetic testing to help decide which teaching techniques best suit each youngster.
That school will open next year in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood, a shared vision of university neuroscientists, educators and activists who’ve long labored to revitalize the sometimes distressed community.
Part enrichment program and part living lab, the school’s goals range from research to social justice.
“Our mission is to eradicate the inequalities of public education,” said former basketball star Kevin Johnson, whose St. Hope organization wants the preschool to complement its K-12 charter schools.

“These young kids in our community are competing against families and students in affluent communities. If you get behind even 1,000 words in vocabulary, it’s very hard to catch up,” Johnson said.

Organizers hope their still-unnamed school — a three-way partnership of St. Hope, the UC Davis School of Education and the university’s M.I.N.D. Institute, which investigates neurodevelopmental disorders — will be profoundly appealing to families.

“Who knows in five or 10 years what kind of powerful research is going to come out of this,” Levine (Director of Research) said. “Can we help kids with their motivation? Can we help them with their attention? Can we help them work in teams and do decision making? These are all skills kids need.”
He envisions a school that could set a national model for how to prepare teachers to work most effectively with every child.
Johnson believes the trust that St. Hope has built in Oak Park over nearly 20 years will reassure parents that “some of the negative things that have happened in research will not happen here.”
The message of reassurance will come from all levels.
“I hope that parents will be able to ask questions and feel comfortable and not feel like it’s a bunch of university folks looking at their kids like lab rats,” Hendren said.
As part of that process, Hendren said, parents will always be asked before their youngsters are involved in any new testing. They’ll also be fully briefed from the start about the school’s research aims.

Similar practices — plus a parent committee that screens all research plans — have worked well for decades at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said Maggie Connolly, director of child care at the school’s well-known Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.

While the idea of research-based child care may repel some parents, it seems to attract many who are drawn by opportunities for special assessments and new insights into their children, Connolly said.
In Sacramento, the new school is taking shape on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Oak Park, as workers remodel the sunny set of rooms where Johnson started St. Hope’s first youth programs.

The new bathrooms are tot-scaled. The paint is fresh, in deep greens and blues chosen because they’re potentially less jarring for kids with autism than vivid primary colors.
And each classroom is equipped with its own observation area, where unseen researchers or cameras can peer through special two-way mirrors.

The school’s founding director, Cristin Fiorelli, an engine of enthusiasm who sees early education as “the civil rights fight of our time,” isn’t sure yet how much youngsters will be told about the observation rooms.

The school hopes to enroll 92 youngsters, ranging in age from 2 1/2 or 3 to 5. There will be two teachers for every 16 to 18 kids, guiding them from playground to nap time, with lots of stops in between at activity stations rich with blocks, sand, art supplies and more.

Families who want to know more can contact Fiorelli, either by calling St. Hope at (916) 649-7900 or e-mailing her at cfiorelli@sthope.org.

(Ed. Note:  There is mention in this article of a program at the University of  No. Carolina, called the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.  I have written about this program before - The Abecedarian Project. This project claims to be able to manipulate the brain’s development through very early childhood access to scientific examination and manipulation.  It is widely criticized by scientific and educational experts. It is also the program which attracted Rob Reiner and his creation of the First Five pre-school program. You will note that this November’s ballot has an initiative, Prop 86  which will increase sales tax on tobacco to fund programs like this.
Article published Oct 17, 2006
Health educator uses loophole to give kids condoms
(excerpts from a newspaper article seen online)

“Most kids know about sex. Some learn about it in the classroom, where state and school district rules have adults keeping keen watch on what’s being taught. In San Joaquin County, condoms aren’t available on school grounds, because many parents say distributing contraceptives is like giving kids the OK to have sex.

Delta Health Care, however, has found a way around the rule.

Dawn Keithley, health educator and outreach coordinator for Delta, said part of her job is making sure teens have access to the information and contraception they need. When she’s at a school talking with kids, no condoms change hands.
But when the final school bell rings, Keithley simply walks to a nearby business, a big, pink bag full of condoms in tow. One by one, teens in the know make their way across the street to get contraception forbidden on campus.

Sometimes, Keithley will inform teens on MySpace.com that she will be at a local concert with “the big, pink bag.” Word travels quickly among teens who would otherwise not purchase condoms out of embarrassment or fear their parents would learn they’re sexually active. The health educator is unabashed about what she does and doesn’t see it as breaking school rules.

“It’s part of my job in outreach,” she says, “to go places where kids are and give them what they need.”

There is no age limit in California on condom sales.

California Education Code requires schools to begin lessons on abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy prevention in seventh grade. At least once in middle school and once in high school, all students must learn about HIV/AIDS risk and prevention.

Providing contraceptive devices is not part of the state requirement, nor is it directly in defiance of the Education Code. Schools in Stockton and Lodi, however, prohibit condom distribution on school grounds.

“Staff are not carrying contraceptives to give to students,” said Odie Douglas, Associate Superintendent for Lodi Unified School District. “It’s against our practice. That’s not something we’re doing at all.”

Delta, which recently announced it would close its Stockton clinic, has education centers at Stagg and Edison high schools. There Delta staff supplement regular sex-education classes by giving presentations on self-esteem, communication and how to refuse partners who may be pressuring them into having sex.
That kind of instruction is in accordance with Stockton Unified School District board policy, facilitator Deanna Staggs said.

“It’s taking it beyond anatomy and physiology,” Staggs added. “The schools teach them how the body works; we take that a step further by giving them decision-making skills.”

Ruben Alvarez Sr. said he’s not sure he would want condoms available in school bathrooms or where kids could simply take them. He would be open, however, to a qualified adult, counselor or licensed nurse distributing them in an educational environment.

Contact reporter Sara Cardine at (209) 546-8269 or scardine@recordnet.com


1. Information on some  Judicial Candidates.
2  Planned Parenthood


1.  Prop 85 - talking points
2.  Voters Guides - how reliable are they?
3.  Beware of Al Gore


1. UPDATE: New Laws Affecting Children and Families.

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                               Life Chain/Walk for Life
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Our Fall, 2006 Newsletter containing a complete report on legislation, candidates and Propositions will be online in a day or two. Please check it out at http://www.callifeadvocates.org/blog .
Our Governor is a real mixed bag of values and morals. Thanks to the hard work of Pro Family activists, he vetoed a package of homosexual bills but even though the pro life community worked just as hard, signed about 16 pro abortion bills. He decries expanding government expenses but against the wishes of his Republican Party supporters, signed a very expensive Democrat Sponsored Global Warming bill, AB 32.
AB 2251 was signed on 9/27/06. This bill by Noreen Evans, (D-Santa Rosa) does nothing to advance the cause of health care, global warming, education or anything of value. This bill provides further government protection to Planned Parenthood making it a potential lawsuit for anyone to publish information about Planned Parenthood


1.  End of Term legislative overview
2.  Obesity.
A legislative session runs for two years. During each year some bills die, some get signed by the Governor and some get held over from the first to the second year. Over the period of this latest two year term we have tried to keep track of at least 70 bills that would have bearing on public policy issues affecting families and innocent human life.
This legislative term is now closed. The fate of many bills has been determined, but there are a large number of bills which passed the legislature but are still awaiting  the Governor


1. California Legislation.


2. Kaiser/Fox Broadcasting partnership targeting teens

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It is becoming more and more apparent that bureaucrats and directors of Non-governmental organizations view themselves as the authority over the best interests of children rather than the parents.

In this listing all bills are either in a concurrence committee, meaning that both houses have passed the bill but with differing amendments and the bill must be reconciled. Or, the bill is waiting for a final floor vote before going to the Governor.

AB 2560, Public School Health Center Support Program, Mark Ridley-Thomas, (D-L.A./Westmont)

STATUS: Concurrence committee, will go back to each house for final vote.

REQUEST: Contact your local Assembly and Senate member urging a

An Educator Looks at Pre-schools

by Wayne Walker, homeeducator.com

Wayne Walker is the publisher and editor of the Online Newsletter, HEADSUP (HOMESCHOOL EDUCATORS ON ACTIVE DUTY, SENDING UPWARD PRAISES). He writes the following article as a father and citizen concerned about the push for mandated pre-school programs in his state of Missouri and which seems to be prevalent across the U.S. It was written in response to an article that appeared in his local newspaper on the subject.

When compulsory school attendance laws were originally passed beginning in the mid to late 1800’s and into the early 1900’s, many states did not start compulsory attendance until age seven because it was commonly accepted that a lot of children were not developmentally able to handle the stress of school at ages five and six. However, as more and more socialist-thinking people, who viewed their role as changing society to fit their ideas, came to be in control of the educational establishment, an effort was made to get children away from their parents’ control and into government-approved indoctrination centers at earlier and earlier ages. First, many states lowered the compulsory attendance age to six. Next came the push for mandatory kindergarten. Now, there is a move to demand mandatory pre-kindergarten classes for allchildren.

In the May 17, 2006, issue of the South County Journal, a free, local weekly newspaper in our area, there was a letter by Catherine Martarella headlines "PK-3: Maximizing children’s potential." It appeared to be one of those generically prepared letters on an issue that are mass mailed to all media outlets to see how many will publish them. Catherine Martarella is the program director for Citizens for Missouri’s Children, an organization founded in 1983 as a state-wide advocate for child protection, early care and education, health and mental health care and youth development. It is always good to know a little bit about the background and views of an organization to help one understand why they say and do certain things.

A check of the website of Citizens for Missouri’s Children shows that their mission is "To advocate the rights and well-being of all Missouri’s children, especially those with the greatest need." Their vision states, "We believe that all children in the state should benefit from public policies that guarantee they are protected and secure in nurturing environments, allowing them to thrive and grow to their greatest potential." This is so noble-sounding! Of course, everyone supports the well-being of all children. Yes, we agree that public policies should promote and support caring families in which children are protected and secure in nurturing environments, allowing them to thrive and grow to their greatest potential. However, notice what is missing in the quotes. There is no mention of "family" or "parents" anywhere! I have an idea this organization’s view, when translated into simple language, is that government is better at protecting, securing, and nurturing children than their own families are.

Let us now look at the article itself. It begins, "As Missouri considers increasing its investment in prekindergarten, we must consider this public investment in early learning. Maximizing these public dollars requires aligning standards, curriculum and assessment from pre-kindergarten through kindergarten, and into the early elementary grades. That’s the PK-3 approach. PK-3 begins with voluntary full-school-day pre-kindergarten for all 3- and 4-year-old children. Compulsory schooling begins in kindergarten with a curriculum that builds on pre-kindergarten experiences. Children learn social skills and self-discipline as well as reading and math."

When people who think that the government does a better job at anything that promotes increased government spending on their pet projects, why is it that they always call it a "public investment"? The answer is that they want someone else to pay for their plans. Obviously, someone is going to have to do all this "aligning standards, curriculum and assessment" and then monitor it. And who better to do that than the same leftists and government bureaucrats who are promoting it in the first place? What a wonderful way to guarantee their job security! And to control the minds of impressionable children in the process! See what I mean about getting children away from their parents at increasingly early ages? Voluntary full-school-day prekindergarten for all 3- and 4-year-old children? Why should anyone in his right mind think that three and four year old kids should be cooped up in a school room for six or eight hours every day, five days a week for half a year? Also, what starts out as "voluntary" (though usually under great pressure) eventually becomes "mandatory." Kindergarten used to be thought of as "voluntary" but now it is "mandatory" under this thinking. Finally, why cannot children learn social skills and self-discipline from parents and family? Or are parents nowadays just too stupid to teach their children these things?

However, there are supposed to be all kinds of benefits for this "public investment." According to the article, "Research supports the PK-3 approach. A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association tracked 1,500 disadvantaged minority children in Chicago for 16 years….Called the Child-Parent Centers, these programs were part of the Chicago Public School system. The study found that CPC participants were almost 30 percent more likely to complete high school than a comparison group of equally disadvantaged children." Someone has said that figures do not lie, but liars sure do figure.

What struck me about this research is that it only deals with disadvantaged children. Most of us would probably agree that in situations where children are growing up in a home where both mom and dad are away working all day or otherwise absent and there is hardly any parental supervision or nurturing it might be better for those children to be in an early learning center. However, to take these exceptional situations, apply the conclusions drawn from them across the board to all families, even those where the parents are present and nurturing, and then seek for laws to require every three and four year old to start PK-3 programs in public (or state-approved private) schools is the height of absurdity! These people really must think that all parents are just too stupid to raise their children, so the government, through PK-3 programs, will have to do it for them.

In another attempt at proving the benefits of PK-3 programs, the article says, "According to the recently released Child Well-Being Index (CWI) report, the rise in 9-year-old’s math and reading performance as measured by the National Assessment of Education Progress (’the nation’s report card’) corresponds with the dramatic expansion of pre-kindergarten since the mid ’90s." Notice carefully what is NOT said. It is not said, because there is evidently no evidence whatever to prove it, that the rise in 9-year-old’s math and reading performance WAS CAUSED BY the dramatic expansion of pre-kindergarten. Ms. Martarella would undoubtedly have given her eyeteeth if she could have said that. But she did not because she could not, although she obviously seeks to imply it. All she could say was that the rise "corresponds with" the expansion. The truth is that there could be any number of other factors which may have contributed to the rise.

The stated reason (again, I believe that the real, unstated goal is to get children away from their parents and under state control as early as possible) for this mandatory early learning push is to give children a "Head Start" (the name of another similarly-aimed government anti-poverty program of questionable value) so that "children reach fourth grade equipped with the skills needed to learn at a higher level." Forty years ago, when I was in elementary school, what we accomplished in first, second, and third grades seemed to do quite nicely, thank you! But do such early learning programs really increase readiness? The research examined by Dr. Raymond and the late Dorothy Moore show otherwise. Dr. Moore was an official in the Reagan Education Department and shows in Better Late Than Early and School Can Wait, which led to their other books promoting homeschooling, Home Grown Kids and Home Spun Schools, that children who grew up with stimulating environments in nurturing homes until they were eight or nine did just as well in school when placed with other children their age without the danger of academic burnout.

This past year, there was a movement in California for universal preschool. Diane Flynn Keith in an article "Universal Preschool: What?s Behind the Claims That It Will Stop Crime, Secure Your Child?s Future, Save Social Security and Provide A Free Government Nanny!" (The Link; Volume 8, Issue 2; pp. 13, 22, 37, 49, 51) states, "In fact, there are a number of revered child development experts who strongly oppose the institutionalization of mainstream young children in academic programs and warn of the potential damage intellectually, psychologically, emotionally, socially and physically to them if separated from their parents and homes." She cites Mary Eberstadt?s Home Alone America: The Hidden Toll of Day Care, Behavioral Drugs and Other Parent Substitutes and David Elkind’s Miseducation: Preschoolers At Risk. She also quotes renowned educational psychologist and authority on brain development in children, Jane Healy, Ph.D., who in Your Child?s Growing Mind: Brain Development and Learning From Birth to Adolescence, says to parents, "Give your child the gift of patience for the broad-based mental experiences that will underlie joyous learning throughout life?Childhood is a process, not a product, and so is learning. In a society that often respects products more than the processes of creation and thought, it is easy to fall into the trap of anxiety over measuring achievement in isolated skills. Have faith in childhood and yourself. Children?s brains generally seek what they need, and nature has given you the instincts to help them get it."

Keith concludes, "For 80% of the preschool population, learning at home with loving parents — who may also occasionally and thoughtfully use private and co-op preschool programs in their community that emphasize imaginative play and facilitate a child?s natural curiosity — is a better model for the healthy intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of young children than any government preschool program could ever be. More than ever, parents need to be informed in order to maintain their right to determine the educational path of their own children without government mandates or interference….We should all care enough to examine the research and claims made in support of government funded and/or mandated universal preschool before we allow it to take hold."

Sharna Olfman, Ph. D., who is a clinical psychologist, an associate professor of Psychology in the Department of Humanities and Human Sciences at Point Park College in Pittsburgh, PA, and editor of the book All Work and No Play: How Educational Reforms are Harming our Preschoolers, issues similar warning in an article "The Push for Early Childhood Literacy: A Risk Factor in Child Psychopathology" (Home Educator’s Family Times; March/April, 2006; pp. 8, 25). She concludes, "It is a striking paradox that as adults feel increasingly entitled to place their individual needs first, we are creating educational environments that do not respect children’s individuality or their special status as children. We introduce concepts long before children are ready to master them, deny their need for play, subject them to uniform curricula and assessment, and label and drug the children who do not fit in. Our preoccupation with understanding the genetic and neurological bases of illness, while ignoring the power of the environment, also speaks to our increasingly mechanized conceptualization of human nature."

So, beware of attempts to mandate universal preschool. Home educating families will be affected if such programs are adopted. In states like Missouri where records have to be kept by homeschooling parents for students falling under the compulsory attendance ages, record keeping will become even more onerous as records will have to be kept for three, four, five, and six year olds as well as those who are actually of "school age." There is one more item in Catherine Martarella’s article that I would like to point out. "To help qualified teachers make a career of early education, we must pay them what we pay all other elementary school teachers." Translation: Watch your pocketbook and look for a HUGE TAX INCREASE if these programs are adopted.


by Camille Giglio

1. Federal and state Legislation.
2. Miscellaneous news

Pro Life groups everywhere are overjoyed that the President vetoed, as he promised, US Congressman Mike Castle


prepared by Camille Giglio

1. Federal Legislation - Urgency status.
2. State Legislation - Urgency status
3. Misc.

Several national level pro life groups are urging immediate attention to at least three bills coming before the Congress and Senate.  These three bills need your help in getting a hearing otherwise they just sit in a committee and never go anywhere.

S 3504 -  Public Health Service Act, Rick Santorum (R-Pa). SUPPORT.
 LOCATION: Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee   

  Amends the Public Health Service Act to prohibit the solicitation or acceptance of tissue from fetuses gestated for research purposes, and for other purposes.

S. 2754 Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines, Rick Santorum OPPOSE

LOCATION: Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee

Relates to deriving human pluripotent stem cell lines using techniques that do not knowingly harm embryos.

Commentary:  (Provided by Republican Nat


1. Federal Legislation
2. Gates/Buffet and Pop Control
3. Plans for new school/community programs



Senator Dianne Feinstein’s June Report: Senator Feinstein Calls on Senator Frist to Bring Bill Expanding Stem Cell Research to the Senate Floor (5/4/06)

(an extract from the report)

Ending the President Roadblock on Stem Cell Research

The potential for stem cell research was in the news again this month, when scientists at Johns Hopkins announced that they used embryonic stem cells to regenerate damaged nerves in paralyzed rats.

Just imagine what this discovery could one day mean for patients with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis or ALS! Our researchers, however, face a major roadblock imposed by the President in August of 2001, when he limited Federal funding to 22 lines of stem cells. All of these available lines are now contaminated with mouse feeder cells, so virtually there is no Federal ongoing research.

Now, hear from the Republican National Coalition for Life:

We expect the following bills to have recorded votes.

(S. 3504) The Santorum-Brownback Fetus Farming Prohibition Act RNC/Life SUPPORTS passage of this important measure which would, according to Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), “stop the gruesome practice of initiating human pregnancies in either women or animal uteruses for the purpose of obtaining human tissues for research.”

(S. 2754) The Santorum-Specter Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act RNC/Life OPPOSES passage of this bill because of the controversial nature of “alternative” means of developing embryo-like pluripotent stem cells, which its supporters claim may possibly be done without engendering an actual human embryo. We believe passage of this bill would add, rather than detract, from efforts to expand scientific experiments on human embryos. We further believe this bill does not enhance the pro-life cause.

(H.R. 810) The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, sponsored by Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) RNC/Life OPPOSES this bill which would expand the funding of embryonic stem cell research beyond the parameters established by President George Bush in 2001. Those parameters require that no federal funding may be used for experiments on embryos killed after August 9, 2001.

Senator Brownback expressed his opposition to this bill in a June 30, 2006 release: “I am opposed to H.R. 810 because it would require taxpayers to fund the destruction of young human lives. It has never been acceptable to use human beings as a means to an end, even if that end is scientific research.”

The New England Journal of Medicine, in an article entitled “Fifty Years Later: The significance of the Nuremberg Code” (11/13/97), had this to say: “The Nuremberg Code is the most important document in the history of the ethics of medical research. The code was formulated 50 years ago, in August 1947, in Nuremberg, Germany, by American judges sitting in judgment of Nazi doctors accused of conducting murderous and torturous human experiments in the concentration camps. It served as a blueprint for today’s principles that ensure the rights of subjects in medical research.” The Code requires that experiments be conducted for humanitarian reasons, and the experimental subject should be protected “against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.”

, in an article entitled “Fifty Years Later: The significance of the Nuremberg Code” (11/13/97), had this to say: “The Nuremberg Code is the most important document in the history of the ethics of medical research. The code was formulated 50 years ago, in August 1947, in Nuremberg, Germany, by American judges sitting in judgment of Nazi doctors accused of conducting murderous and torturous human experiments in the concentration camps. It served as a blueprint for today’s principles that ensure the rights of subjects in medical research.” The Code requires that experiments be conducted for humanitarian reasons, and the experimental subject should be protected “against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.” We believe the Bush policy should be revised to prohibit taxpayer funding of any and all research on human embryos, no matter when they were killed. As a practical matter, that is not likely to happen. However, under no circumstances should the policy be expanded so that you and I, the U.S. Taxpayers, are forced into compliance with morally and ethically repugnant scientific research on human embryos and effort to create human clones.






Two pro-life bills will be addressed by the U.S. House of Representatives as part of a package of ten bills the Republican Leadership are calling the “American Values Agenda.”

The Human Cloning Prohibition Act (H.R. 1357), sponsored by Reps. Dave Weldon (R-FL) and Bart Stupak (D-MI), ( http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/thomas ) and the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act (H.R. 356), sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/thomas ) are expected to be put to a vote before the end of the congressional session.

The “American Values Agenda” represents an apparent desire to re-energize the pro-life, pro-family base of the Republican Party prior to the November general election. The pro-life bills are the most important aspects of the Republican Leaderships effort, and we hope that pro-life activists will let their Representatives in Congress know that we expect nothing less than their immediate consideration and quick passage.

The Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act requires that mothers be fully informed about the unborn babys ability to feel the excruciating pain of the abortion procedure.

The Human Cloning Prohibition Act would ban human cloning.

Please contact your Member of Congress to urge prompt action on these bills.



Governor Schwarzenegger not opposed to the homosexual agenda.

Even though the Governors office has announced that he will (most likely) veto SB 1437 if it gets to his desk. it should be noted that he is not opposed to “Domestic Partnerships.” The following is an excerpt from a press release put out by the Log Cabin Republican group which is the Gay and Lesbian club within the Republican Party.

“Schwarzenegger is expected to attend the Log Cabin Republicans event to raise money for the organization’s West Coast chapters.

“When he took the oath of office he said he’d be governor for all the people and that’s what he’s doing,” said event organizer Ted Jackson.

“He’s coming to talk to us in an effort to reach out and be inclusive. He’s got a strong record of signing civil rights legislation and an even stronger record of reaching out.”

Schwarzenegger vetoed a same-sex marriage bill last fall but has said he supports domestic partnerships, and, since taking office in 2003, has signed two dozen bills in support of rights for the gay and lesbian communities.

“I think that you know the way I voted, and the bills that I have signed, and the bills that I have vetoed, and this is exactly where my position is,” Schwarzenegger said at a news conference Tuesday in Oakland. “I believe in domestic partnerships and all of that.”

Excerpt from the Randy Thomasson site Campaign for Children and Families. Gov. speaking to the Log Cabin Republicans, a Rep. group of Gay and Lesbian voters well respected for ability to raise funds.



Add Warren Buffets $37 billion with of securities to Bill and Melinda Gates $29 billion and we have the wealthiest foundation to date, exceeding the Ford Foundations $11 billion, according to a report sent out by Population Research Institutes director Steven Mosher.

Moshers article (6/30/06, vol, 8. no. 25) outlines the intended goals of this ungodly union.

1. The motivation behind this announced reproductive health funding program is population control.

2. This goal disregards the known and recorded statistics on the falling birth rates in both the developed world and in some of the Third World Countries.

3. Both Gates and Buffet have long histories of subsidizing abortion and population control while also providing funds for many worthwhile programs.

4. Gates admits in in a PBS “NOW” interview that “My dad was head of Planned Parenthood.”

5. Gates Foundation gave $2.25 million to Johns Hopkins to train Third World experts in population control in 1997.

6. Warren Buffet provided funds for anti-Catholic Catholics for a Free Choice and his daughter acknowledges that “She expects that population control would be the foundations top priority.”


Healthy Kids Funds Removed From Budget

tJune 27, 2006

Legislators on Monday announced that they have reached a tentative budget agreement after they negotiated the removal of a proposal that would have funded county children’s health insurance programs that cover undocumented immigrant children, the Sacramento Bee reports (Benson, Sacramento Bee, 6/27).


Democrats said they will introduce legislation this summer to expand children’s health insurance coverage (Sacramento Bee, 6/27). Democrats also “received a commitment” from Schwarzenegger to work with them on a health insurance expansion for children, the Times reports (Los Angeles Times, 6/27).



Pro Life and Pro Family groups have been reporting for years that the Educational Bureaucracy, especially in California have grandiose plans for the future of education and educational buildings.

For years articles have appeared concerning a program entitled “School to Work” and other titles about government and big business merging their goals of developing a utilitarian work force pool of students. Also articles have appeared about schools as centers for the delivery of health care and job training centers.

In June a conference of international Architects and planners was held in Los Angeles. The focus was on designing new buildings for the future of education. An Italian magazine “Europaconcorsi” interviewed Steven Castellanos on his ideas for building new s schools.

Here, in brief, is his interview. For the full, lengthy interview, please click on the link listed beneath this article. If you are unable to obtain the online article let me know and I will copy and paste it to you.

Steven Castellanos formerly served as the California State Architect and currently serves as one of California’ s delegates to the board of directors of the American Institute of Architects. From his extensive experience designing and overseeing public projects and working with the Sacramento bureaucracy, Mr. Castellanos knows first hand the challenge of building neighborhood centered schools.

For full report go to Europaconcorsi. This magazine for Italian Architects interviewed Mr. Castellanos at an Architectural Convention in Los Angeles. The article was printed 6/30/06



By now, some of you have received a notice sent to you by California Right to Life inviting you to sign on to our alerts in a new way. It is called Yahoo Groups. This is mainly an easier and more efficient method of sending out emails. There is no cost involved, but in order to get into this group it is necessary for you to respond to the request to join. Some of you have already done that and I thank you very much.

Due to the fear of spamming most software email programs provide only limited sending of emails with lots of names in the “to” column. Therefore it takes me an hour to send out email alerts in groups of 25 names or so. This newer way will allow all the names to go out in one email. Your privacy will be protected.

I hope that you stay with us. Also know that every email I send out also goes up on our website at http://www.callifeadvocates.org/blog

STATE OF THINGS FOR JUNE 28, 2006 - Legislative update

There are several ways to impress the legislators with your position on bills.
To get your position listed in Committee analyses:.
1. If you have an organization, send your position on Letterhead stationery.
A-If you know about a bill at least a week before it is heard send it to the Committee
hearing the bill
B- If you are an individual, you can be listed in a group under the heading
16 individual letters in opposition. As an example.
C- Send it by fax = if a bill is being heard in, say, Senate Health Committee on a Tuesday, then send your faxed letter by Thursday afternoon because on Friday they package everything up.
D- If you send your letter by snail mail send it at least 3 or 4 days before that Thursday deadline.
E- Send it by email and indicate your organization also on the same deadline.
2. Send your fax, letter to the specific Committee (committees have no email addresses that they give out.
3. Send your fax, letter or email to the Chair person of the committee, now usually a Democrat, and to the V. Chair person of the committee, usually a Republican.
4. Also send your letter to the author of the bill. Apparently they, too, submit those letters to the committee.
5. Phone calls and emails are important even at the last minute to the individual legislators and to the members of the various committees hearing the bill(s)
Assembly bill 651, by Assemblymembers Levine and Berg, failed passage in the Senate Judiciary committee, yesterday, 6/27/06, The vote was 2-2 with Bill Morrow not present. Democrat Chairman Joe Dunn crossed over and voted NO thereby saving the day. Claimed he did not know until he heard the testimony how he would vote.
Senator Dunn lost his bid for a cabinet seat in the recent election, plus he is termed out of office this year. He is now not beholden to his Partys support. He is still chairman of the Judiciary and as such remains in a continuing position of importance regarding other bills, (see below).
ACTION: Please call Sen. Dunns office and thank him for his vote cast in opposition to AB 651. He acted very fiscally responsible. Dont mention anything pro life because he is not a pro life supporter.
AB 606, Lloyd Levine, Safe Schools: Discrimination and Harassment. Sets up procedures for protecting deviant lifestyles on campuses.
WHERE: Senate Judiciary Comm.
ACTION: Joe Dunn , Chairman. Phone: (916) 445-5831/Fax 916/323-2323
V. Chairman, Bill Morrow Phone: (916) 445-3731/Fax 916/446-7382
Lloyd Levine: Fax 916/319-2140
STATUS: Awaiting hearing in Sen. Judiciary. Could be taken up any time. PLEASE, contact Chairman Joe Dunn. Urge his NO vote. Also call Bill Morrow and urge his attendance for a NO vote.
AB 172. Wilma Chan, Universal Preschool. Sets up the bureaucracy for Universal Preschool.
WHERE: Senate Education Committee
STATUS: Bill on Suspense file, but Chan office very confident of passage tomorrow, 6/29/06. Then on to Senate floor.
Bill is heavily supported.
COMMENTS: This bill was introduced as a companion to the Preschool For All initiative which was defeated in the June 2006 ballot. The primary goal of the initiative is to implement voluntary preschool programs that prepare children for kindergarten and for success in life, available to all four-year-olds whose families choose to enroll them.
ACTION: Contact: Jack Scott, Chmn fax 916/651-324-7543 or, email: senator.scott@sen.ca.gov
Abel Maldonado, V. Chr. fax 916/445-8081. Maldonado, from the Santa Barbara area is rather flaky in his voting. He needs to hear from people who urge him to vote NO.
Author, Wilma Chan, 916/319-2116 or, www.assemblymember.chan@assembly.ca.gov
AB2560, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Public School Health Centers. Sets up procedures and bureaucracy for establishing School Based health Centers in all schools. Features the establishment of reproductive services according to its original intent.
Ridley Thomas staff very confident of passage. NEEDS YOUR OPPOSITION CALL NOW.
WHERE: Senate Health Committee _____________
Senate Health Committee meets at 1:30 pm. On schedule for today-Wednesday.
Sen. Deborah V. Ortiz (D) [Chair] www.senator.ortiz@sen.ca.gov
Sen. George C. Runner (R) [Vice Chair]. www.senator.runner@sen.ca.gov
The legislative analysts report on this bill shows dozens of supportive groups and only three of us groups in opposition plus 6 individual letters. If yours was one of those 6, we thank you.
AB 2470, Mark Ridley-Thomas. Health Care Master Plan.
STATUS: On Senate floor awaiting hearing NOW.. There is time to call your Senator and urge a NO vote. There are many bills on the floor and seldom are all of them heard on the same day.
AB 2742, Pedro Nava, Family Planning. Merging the state Family PACT into the MediCal Program and authorizing Planned Parenthood to be an automatic referral on a fee for service basis. Brings big bucks to PP, moving them directly into a position of authority within the state government.
STATUS: In Senate Health Committee TODAY. See AB 2560 for Senate Health info.
SB 1437, Sheila Kuehl, Discriminatory Content. Requires schools to include sexual preferences and tendencies of historical figures in school texts. Governor has indicated that while he does not disapprove of including sexual preferences in references to historical figures he most likely will veto this bill because of its micro managing of school curriculum by a special interest group.
STATUS: On Assembly floor - third reading. File number 95. (order of action). There is still time to call your Assembly member, especially the Democrats and urge a NO vote.
Parental Notification
A measure that would require parental notification before a girl can have an abortion also qualified for the ballot. The measure is nearly identical to Proposition 73, which voters rejected 53% to 47% in the November 2005 special election (Zapler, San Jose Mercury News, 6/21).
Unlike the 2005 ballot measure, the measure on the 2006 ballot does not define abortion as the termination of “a child conceived, but not yet born.” The current initiative also would require statistics on the number of judicial waivers requested, declined or granted, to be reported based on county, whereas the 2005 initiative would have required such information to be reported for each judge in the state (Wildermuth, San Francisco Chronicle, 6/21).
The measure would require that parents or a legal guardian be notified 48 hours before a girl can have an abortion. Girls who are married, emancipated or are active members of the armed forces would be exempt (San Jose Mercury News, 6/21).
So far, 10 measures have qualified for the November ballot, and several are still awaiting approval before the June 29 deadline (San Francisco Chronicle, 6/21).
An Initiative measure to increase the state tobacco tax to fund children’s health insurance and other programs qualified this week for the November ballot, the San Jose Mercury News reports.
Supporters of the measure estimate that the $2.60 tax increase would generate $2.1 billion annually to provide:
* $758 million for hospital emergency care;
* $371 million for children’s health insurance;
* $267 million for cancer, heart, asthma and other disease programs;
* $177 million for tobacco prevention and educations; and
* $96.5 million for tobacco-related disease research.
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Louisiana Democratic Gov. Kathleen Blanco signed into law a ban on most abortions that would be triggered if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its 1973 ruling legalizing the procedure, a spokesman said on Saturday.
Please pass this information on to your email listing with a request to help defeat these bills.
Information compiled by Camille Giglio, Exec. Director, California Right to LIfe Committee, Inc.

STATE OF THINGS - important update


Several Democrat authored health care bills, such as Sen. Sheila Kuehls and Sen. Martha Escutias bills, have been held up, hearings postponed, etc. We thought it strange until we began reading reports from California healthline and from newspaper reports, that our Governor supports health care “Bridge” programs and thinks that a government blanket of health care for everyone is a good thing. Suddenly everyone is amending their legislation obviously with the hope that it will be their bill that gets to honored with the Governors signature.

You may recall that I have written about “Bridge” programs. This would cover, at this point, foster children who are 18 and required to leave foster care. Even though there is a law allowing foster children to be covered by MediCal until age 21, legislation is now being amended to say that all 18 year olds should be entitled to this safety net of health care.

The Democrats are remolding all their socialized medicine bills to get them passed, thereby, pushing the onus of vetoing these bills into the Governor. Most of these bills carry a hefty tax burden which is the one argument that the Governor has, in the past, listened to. Lately the newspapers have been filled with articles about how the state coffers are overflowing with funds. If that is true, we need to convince the legislators and the Governor that we, those who have paid all these dollars to the state, dont want that money spent on intrusive, one size fits all physical or mental health programs. See Sac Bee article below.

Here is the new schedule of hearings. PLEASE follow the action item request.
SB 1437. School Instruction: Discriminatory Content. Sheila Kuehl, (D).
Relates to existing law which prohibits instruction or school sponsored activities and the adopting of textbooks or other instructional materials that contain any matter that reflects adversely upon specified persons. Revises the list of characteristics included in these provisions to include race or ethnicity, gender, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, and religion.
D)ACTION: Contact Committee members. Seems to have Chairman but no C. Chair. Committee consists of 6 Democrats and only 2 Republicans.
Chairman: Dave Jones,(D) phone: 916/319-2009. Fax: 916/319-2109

State of things for May 28. 2006


AB 2742, sponsored by Planned Parenthood and authored by Assembly member Pedro Nava, (D-Sta. Barbara with a district office in Oxnard) which had been on a “watch” status came alive when amended in Committee to expand the state Family Planning program - Family PACT - to automatically include Planned Parenthood as a fee-for-service provider.

Family PACT (Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment)

The bill has sailed through three Democrat dominated Assembly committees and is now scheduled for an Assembly floor vote. According to the Republican legislative analysts office, 28 of the 32 Republican Assembly members can be counted on to oppose this bill, but that is not enough to defeat it. Democrats need to be convinced to vote “NO.”

This bill is interesting for the fact that this act by Planned Parenthood to force its way into the state family planning stables places it squarely in competition with the various county health department clinics. Planned Parenthood not only wants the whole pie they want to run the kitchen as well.

When speaking with Democrats or Republicans like Keith Richman or Lynn Daucher, use the information regarding fiscal effect and urge them to reject the added burden to the taxpayer of underwriting the costs of competition in the abortion industry.

FISCAL EFFECT (as listed in the bill).

1) Increased costs of approximately $2.6 million, consisting of $2 million for OFP to contract for the required evaluation ($630,000 GF), and a cost of $578,000 ($182,000 GF) to Medi-Cal and FPACT to develop common utilization controls, a provider manual, regulations and to administer the transportation and child care grant program.

2) Additional GF costs for the transportation and child care grants through the Office of Family Planning. Assuming 46 grants at $20,000 a grant, GF costs of $920,000. Actual amounts would be determined through the budget act. If federal funds are available to match GF, these costs cost would be reduced by half.

Thou shalt honor thy health care provider above all others.

The health care industry has gone to great lengths to instill in everyones mind that health care is a right and a necessity. We are led to believe that we adults have failed our youth if there is no womb to tomb health care cocoon surrounding them.

Our young adults are supposed to be so well educated, but they cant figure out how to provide their own health?

The front page of the Contra Costa Times (5/28/06) carried an article entitled “Recent Grads Seek Ways To Bridge Health Care Gap.” .It portrays all 18 year olds as facing a terrible plight as they enter the world of adults without a health care net under them. This is just the latest in an all out effort by the Health Care Industry and the Democrat Party to divide and conquer and utlimately end up with their desired universal health care insurance coverage as proposed by Senator Sheila Kuehl. You recall the old saying: “how do you swallow an elephant? The answer being :”One bite at a time?” Well, this is getting the tax payers to swallow universal health care one sub group at a time.

Teens, young adults, unemployed adults, seniors, immigrants,illegal aliens, etc. are all sub groups targeted by elitists and social service groups to receive some form of state services. Of course it is mostly the service providing groups who benefit from this as they expand their offices and oversight into peoples lives with an increasing amount of our tax dollars.

Sadly it is not only the likes of Planned Parenthood shouldering their way into this funding stream. Faith based groups, such as Catholic Charities, which received about 80% of its funding from our tax dollars is begging for more money to be one of the providers of what is called “bridge” funding programs and services. The name of their program is CareCollaborative.

For a better understanding of how enmeshed Catholic Charities has become in the welfare state see: City Journal:”How Catholic Charities Lost Its Soul.”
You dont have to be a believer to understand that religious values can uplift the poor. Too bad Catholic Charities USA has lost confidence in the power of those values and has embraced the welfare-state faith. By Brian C. Anderson Winter 2000


The proposed state budget includes a plan to expand the state budget to include proposed spending of $22.8 million or more to “help” counties cover children.(Ed. note: Forhealth care purposes anyone up to age 21 is considered a child) and place them into the Healthy Families Program. In the past the legislature has tried passing legislation to expand this program to include the adult familiy members of the children that have been placed into the states loving medical hands. they have failed, but not given up.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kim Belsh is quoted as saying that Schwarzenegger’s plan would be “a transitional or bridge proposal,” pending the results of a tobacco tax measure that Advocacy groups are seeking to qualify for the November ballot. A percentage of the tax increase would be used to expand eligibility under Healthy Families. This could well mean that it doesnt expand the numbers of children receiving this care, only the age of the same group now under 18 receiving this service.

Please just remember that though all this health care sounds like the modern day Good Samaritan, every agency receiving this money will be required to provide or refer your son or daughter, church member or welfare dependent to family planning or abortion providers as the clients first option. This further cuts out any chance for groups like BirthRight or Pregnancy counseling centers to have any effect.

Understand that the county health clinics and Planned Parenthood are already a very cooperative and close working partnership along with the schools and so-called faith based entities. All the hype about falliing unwed pregnancy and abortion rates could very well mean increased birth control services to our youth and young adults. Dont let your church become a part of this chemical serilization/ population control mentality.

Recently I sent out a report entitled “Your tax dollars at work discouraging pregnancy.” In that I reported on a presentation given to Contra Costa County non-profit agencies hosted by the county Department of Child Support Services. The program consisted of the presentation of a video entitled “It Takes Two: The legal and financial responsibilities of parenthood.”

That video claimed to portray an actual situation involving a 16 year old girl and her 18 year old Junior Prom date. I misquoted the name of the health clinic that the girl visits to get a pregnancy test. The actual name of the clinic is the Hazel Hawkins health center located in Hollister, California, not the Hazel Rawlins center. An irony does still attach to the use of this clinic however. According to the Hazel Hawkins clinic web site, Hazel was a 7 year girl with an appendicitis attack who, in 1907 died due to lack of nearby health care. Her father, so distressed at the loss of his child, created a hospital in Hollister which has now expanded to include satellite health care centers. The irony is the fact that a hospital once dedicated to saving lives now is also used to exterminate lives, childrens lives.
Your recent generosity is most gratefully appreciated. Every dollar received covers the cost of maintaining our website, our mailing list, postage and printing and, especially our wonderful legislative tracking service.

Thanks and God bless you all.
Camille Giglio


Recently the Contra Costa County, California, Department of Child Support Services in conjunction with the Parenting Task Force unit of the Child and Family Policy Forum hosted a presentation by Jean Flanagan, a Superior Court Child Support Commissioner for the county of San Benito, Ca. The topic was The Legal and Financial Responsibilities of Parenthood.

This presentation was aired over the local cable tv station. I obtained a DVD copy of the presentation.

The presentation focused on a 40 minute movie entitled “It Takes Two: The Legal and Financial Responsibilities of Parenthood,” which Ms Flanagan, a former high school english teacher turned attorney, claimed she wrote and produced based on her experiences and knowledge of child support court hearings. Funding and assistance came from the San Benito Court system and a Title lV-D grant. This grant is apparently authorized under the School-to-Work section of the Social Security Act.

Funding for the local presentation to a room full of community service organization employees, authorized to form partnerships with the county under the School-to-Work rules, including two from Planned Parenthood and county school Department personnel came from the County Board of Supervisors, Planned Parenthood Shasta/Diablo and La Clinica de la Raza Monument, in Concord.

The purpose of the presentation emceed by Linda Dippel, Director of the Contra Costa County Department of Child Support Services, was to urge the groups present to obtain the video and instruction manual which were free to them (varying charges to the general citizenry) and begin showing it to groups of teenagers, age 14-16, either in church settings, youth groups, schools or all three.

Ms Flanagan indicated that the video and instruction manual were created with the intention of allowing for local input and adaptations. Her goal, she claimed, was to educate teenagers to the real life consequences of unwed, unplanned pregnancies and the legal and financial choices (one might say burdens) and actions they would face following birth.

The story line depicted two young girls preparing for their Junior Prom. One caucasian teenager fixes up her naive acting Latina friend, Kathy Cruz, age presumably about 16, with a blind date, a young man from out of town age 18 and emancipated. He is depicted as looking for a good time, interested in being a mechanic with a nonchalant attitude toward life. As they leave Kathys home, Kathy tells her mom that she is staying overnight with her girlfriend. We learn later that the girlfriend has also told her mom that she is staying overnight with Kathy. The mother is depicted as totally accepting of the situation.

The two couples are shown leaving the Prom, smoking marijuana and drinking with Kathy ending up in the covered, carpeted flat bed of the dates pick up (shades of Bill clinton) showing no resistance to her dates amorous intentions. Remember, her role is the naive, innocent eventually victimized teenager.

The next scene, one month later, shows a worried Kathy receiving advice from her friend.

The friend says: Didnt he use a condom? Arent you on the pill? What about the morning after pill, didnt you take one? What about Planned Parenthood? “They wont tell anybody.” So, off they go to the Hazel Hawkins Health Center for a pregnancy test.

Hazel Hawkins was a 7 year old child, in 1907, living in the Hollister, CA area who died from appendicitis due to a lack of a medical facility in the immediate area. Her father was so distressed that he created, according to the Hazel Hawkins web site, a hospital, vowing that no child would have to die again in that area because of the lack of care. Today that small beginning now encompasses a large hospital and a health care clinic funded by the usual array of federall, state and local tax dollars.. The irony of all of this is, apparently, that while it was created to save lives, especially of children, it now also terminates life through abortion.

As the video continues the scene shifts to 9 months later and the birth of a baby girl to Kathy. In the hospital a nurse or counselor of some sort urges Kathy to sign child support claim papers to obtain financial support from the putative father whom she hasnt seen since the night of the prom.

The rest of the video is focused on the procedures followed in court to obtain child support payments from the father who appears reluctant, despondent but willing to step up to his responsibilities to support this child with whom they both presume he will never have a relationship. Kathys parents whom we presume were supportive during the pregnancy are no longer in the story. Kathy is alone and still a minor.

As the video closes the credits roll by listing Planned Parenthood-Shasta/Diablo (Concord) and La Clinica-Monument with contact information.

Much of the information depicting the legal activities involved in establishing parenthood and setting rules for child support payments are harsh, the Child Support Dept. counselors aggressive and the young father totally overwhelmed. Thought probably accurate in its depiction of the court proceedings, there is much, about this video that is misleading, downright deceitful and little more than advertising for Planned Parenthood.

This might be a useful video for parents to watch and be encouraged to critique what goes wrong, but for children age 14-16 to view this it just shows the sales pitch approach to being sexually active, use some form of birth control and go to Planned Parenthood for help. Above all dont get pregnant.

The teaching manual that goes with the movie provides talking points. The scenarios shown for the young mother and her child are depressing. The girl will be saddled with a child, limited in her life choices, forever involved with a man she cares nothing about and all the while just a victimized innocent and sweet girl who should have been protected by her “date” not used for his own fun. The young father is caught in a downward spiral of heavy support payments and dwindling income and life choices.

The entire presentation is pure Planned Parenthood, N.O.W. ideology. The Public Information officer for the Contra Costa Department of Child Support Services tells me that this video is so popular and so well received up and down the state that some state department, probably the Court system, is proposing funding this for every county Child Support Department in the state.

I seriously doubt that this Jean Flanagan of San Benito County wrote this story line and produced this video without help from the national Pregnancy Prevention Forum whose statistics are used in the narrative, and Planned Parenthood. I am still researching all the connections, but it appears to also be connected to the goals and objectives stated in federal legislation, S 20 by Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton and its House companion HR 1709 by Louise Slaughter of New York. I have written about this legislation in past months.

This video can be obtained, free of charge, in area libraries, schools and community organizations. Apparently students could watch it on library computers. This video, “It Takes Two” may well be stocked in your county library or school in other California counties or other states. And, it may well be showing up in youth groups in a church near you. One of the members of the audience during the tv presentation was a male representative from Planned Parenthood who oversees the male focused prevention programs. He told of his many trips up and down Northern California talking to male youth and church and school groups and how this would be quite a teaching tool.

The accompanying manual urges young women to visit Planned Parenthood.

Added note: Reading the web sites of La Clinica de la Raza-Monument and Planned Parenthood clearly shows their primary targeted groups of clientele to be young women in their reproductive years. Family Planning is usually quite near the top in the listed services available.

More about the mission and goals of La Raza in a next edition.

Special Election News! - Legislative and election update for May 20, 2006

The following are excerpts from the state California Federation of Republican Women.

California Population increases in Republican Districts.

This Office of Strategic Information Services reports detail changes in California’s population covering January 1, 2005 to January 1, 2006.

The population growth trends are broken-down by County, City, Region and “Inland California” versus “Coastal California.”

Key Findings: California’s population grew by 443,819 or 1.21% from January 1, 2005 to January 1, 2006 - from 36,728,196 to 37,172,015. Population growth in Republican-held areas (those cities represented by GOP Assembly Members) outpaced population growth in Democrat-held areas (those cities represented by Democrat Assembly Members).

Inland California’s population grew faster than Coastal California’s. Inland California’s population growth rate was twice the rate for Coastal California: 1.70% compared to 0.78%.

Victory for Marriage

This past week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Orange County, California, dismissed a case brought by two men challenging the states Defense of Marriage Act (Prop 22). This is a huge victory for marriage and a major loss for proponents of same-sex marriage! ”
Ever since same-sex marriage was legalized in Massachusetts, homosexual activists in California have been shopping for judges who are sympathetic to their cause,” said Karen England of Capitol Resource Institute. “These efforts are designed to undermine Prop 22, passed overwhelmingly by California voters.”


Some thoughts on the June election.

Click on the following internet address for www.smartvoter.org to obtain information on every candidate. This is put out by the League of Women Voters.

Governor: There are four candidates on the Republican Ballot. Three of them appear to be unknowns.

Lt. Gov. Tony Farmer, a realtor and Tom McClintock, state Senator. The current Lt. Gov. is Cruz Bustamante, a Democrat. This is the person who acts in-lieu of the Governor when the Governor is out of state and the one who would fill the Governors seat in the event it should become vacant for whatever reason.

McClintock is also supporting the Eminent Domain issue on the November ballot.

Secy of State: Bruce McPherson. Currently McPherson is acting Secy. He was formerly in the state legislature. He is from the Santa Cruz area. While in the legislature he was known more as a moderate than a conservative voter on legislation.

Controller: An important position regarding taxation. There are 5 candidates. Two of them, Abel Maldonado and Tony Strickland, are the more well known. Maldonado, from the Santa Maria area just recently won election to the state Senate where one of his first votes aided the Democrat position.

Strickland is known for his adherence to the conservative voting position.

Treasurer: Keith Richman, M.D. currently a state legislator is known for his ability to work with moderate Democrats, especially our own Joe Canciamilla,(D) of Antioch. Richman votes with the Democrats on health care issues.

Claude Parrish has been on the Board of Equalization since 1999 representing the areas around San Diego. He has a good record of service to his constituents.

Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner. His is the only name listed. He has been strongly endorsed by the states California Republican Assembly, I believe.

US Senator:

Dick Mountjoy, a loyal and staunch proponent of the Republican Platform, is the lone, brave opponent of Sen. Dianne Feinstein. A strong showing of votes for Mountjoy will create anxiety in the Feinstein camp. Feinsteins campaign site proudly proclaims her to be an “independent voice for California.”
US House of Representatives - 10th District

For the 10th District: Darcy Lynn, lone opponent to incumbent Ellen Tauscher. Endorsed by the local California Republican Assembly.

State Assembly.Contra Costa County - 11th District

For the Eleventh District. Antioch resident Arne Simonsen, also endorsed by the local CRA. Arne has been a great opponent of the aggressive attempts to take over land and supports efforts to limit eminent domain attempts.

State Superintendent of Schools.

This position is currently held by Jack OConnell, (D), of Sta Barbara who is running for reelection. There are 5 Candidates. Diane Lenning is also endorsed by the CRA but is, in my estimation, a weak candidate who, when appearing before the local CRA spoke more of her accomplishments in getting more Republicans on committees than she did of her goals for education.

I am leaving out any comments about the Judgeships since there is no information available.


4th District: Kris Hunt, (R). Kris meets 9 out of 10 of the requirements for a fiscally and morally conservative Candidate. She comes up short in the area of supporting/opposing abortion. Hers is the usual claim that since it is the aw - Roe v WAde - she must support it since she believes in supporting and honoring the law. She is open to discussion.

Her opponent, Susan Bonilla, Mayor of Concord, is decidedly pro abortion, pro union, pro health care. Kris would better represent the position of a conservative republican in her dealings at the county level.


PROP 81. This is a state bond issue for libraries. Most Republicans suggest a “NO” vote on such issues since libraries are mostly local issues and not state concerns. Todays Contra Costa Times 5/20/06 carries a letter to the editor by Ken Hamrick stating the issue very clearly.

PROP 82. This is a tax increase to cover costs of providing preschool for all children age 4 and over. A “NO” vote is urged on this Proposition.

Prevention First: Dumb Plan or Dumbest Plan?

Hoping to undo the perception that the Democratic Party stands for unlimited abortion, Party leadership is promoting a Prevention First bill as a pro-life blueprint to reduce unintended pregnancies and abortions. The bills solution: Easier access to prescription contraceptives, including so-called emergency contraception.

(Ed. note) In some California school Districts there apparently exists a high school seminar on, amongst other things, where to go to get the morning After Pill.

The strategy has intuitive appeal. If sexually active women use contraception, their risk of unintended pregnancy will be reduced, but definitely not eliminated.

(Ed. note: This is a bill in Congress, supported by Planned Parenthood and co-sponsored by HIllary Clinton - In the House the bill is: HR 1709 by Louise Slaughter, (D-NY). In the Senate it is US20 by Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

Whats wrong with this strategy? Setting aside for a moment the moral issues of sex outside marriage and contraceptive use, Prevention First presents two problems: 1) it has already been tried and failed; and 2) it results in significantly higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases


(Ed. Note: In California there are some 140 school-site clinics esp. around Southern California, and a number of health vans situated at grade and middle schools. The number of STDs is rising. There is a state bill AB 2560 by LA Assemblyman Mark Ridley-Thomas entitled the Health Care Centers Act of 2006 that will create a state level program to establish school based clinics throughout the state. He also has a bill, AB 2470 establishing a Health Care Master Plan for L.A. County endorsed by the Latina Health Care Coalition)

Seriously, does anyone really think theres a need for more contraception out there? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), contraceptive use is virtually universal among women of reproductive age. A recent Guttmacher Institute study, Abortion in Womens Lives, reports that 89% of at risk women (sexually active women of reproductive age at risk of becoming pregnant) use contraception, and 98% have used it in their lifetime

If, as claimed, contraception were so easy to use and effective in reducing unintended pregnancies and abortions, could somebody please explain why 48% of women with unintended pregnancies and 54% of women seeking abortions were using contraception the month they became pregnant? Oral contraceptives require perfect use to be highly effective. Condoms must be used correctly and consistently, and they still break! Condoms carry a 15% risk of pregnancy with typical use over 12 months, compared to oral contraceptives, which have a 9% risk with typical use over 12 months.

Even Guttmachers recent Contraception Counts report, cited by Prevention Firsters, shows no correlation between better access to contraception and lower abortion rates. California and New York rank among the top 5 states for contraceptive access, and among the top five in having the highest abortion rates. States ranked among the five worst for contraceptive access Kansas, Utah, and North and South Dakota have the four lowest abortion rates in the country. States in between are all over the board.

Professor David Paton of Nottingham University has conducted four major studies since 2002 on this issue. He consistently found that increased availability of contraception, including emergency contraception, cannot be shown to reduce pregnancy and abortion rates. Although easier access may reduce the risk of pregnancy among some teens who are already sexually active, easier access encourages other teens to become sexually active, or become more so and with multiple partners. Between 1999 and 2001, with improved access to family planning clinics in the United Kingdom, teen visits rose over 23% — and the number of sexually active teens rose almost 20%, while STD rates rose 15.8%.

I have a plan that will reduce unintended pregnancy, abortion and new STD rates to zero: abstinence before marriage, fidelity within marriage, and respect for the gift of your fertility. Oh, wait. The Catholic Church already thought of that plan. Try it anyway. It works every time.

Susan Wills is associate director for education, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Secretariat for Pro-Life ActivitiesUSCCB Pro-Life Secretariat

(paragraphs in black were originally sent out by American Life League)

Doctors and Nurses from Across California OPPOSE Assisted Suicide AB 651

Individual Healthcare Professionals AND their professional organizations are actively fighting against this proposed legislation

Sacramento In an already deeply controversial political year, opposition continues to grow against California legislation AB 651 (Berg/Levine) and Assisted Suicide.

In addition to opposition from the American Medical Association and the California Medical Association, individual doctors and nurses are lining up to lend their voices against doctor assisted suicide.

These individuals represent the growing coalition against Assisted Suicide.Additionally, more than two dozen California and national disability rights organizations have taken official stands against assisted suicide.

(Partial List)

Jennie McCullough Stiles RNEdward J. Santoro MD
Timothy Tice MDHenry C. Walther MD
Rosalind Garcia RNPhilip Calanchini MD
Karen Lethbridge-Cadinha RNJessica Khouri MD
Mary Hentges RNCynthia D. Boynton RN
Herman Gray MDOfelia Datuin RN
Paul Macdonald MDH. Rex Greene MD
Jefferson Harman MDMary Galten RN
John Gisla MDAnita Landry RN
Anne Kinderman MDRonald E. Foltz MD
Darilyn Falck MDAnne Marie McBride RN

Californians Against Assisted Suicide is a coalition of health care, disability rights, and grassroots advocacy organizations united under the strong opposition to the legalization of assisted suicide.

Californians Against Assisted Suicide was established to defeat legislation that would legalize assisted suicide in California.

(Ed. Note: While the pro life community welcomes the help of these above indicated people and groups because we couldnt defeat this alone, many of these same groups lobby for universal health care and abortion. The California Catholic Conference also supports universal health care. The CCC seems to understand that the passage of universal health care could be the door that opens to euthanasia, but they have claimed that they will worry about that when and if it comes.


From the Spirit and Life report of Human Life International comes this commentary on Cardinal Martinis espousal of condoms. Click on the internet address to read the entire report - www.hli.org - vol. 1,#14 Friday, May 5,2006

The Condom Anti-Pope

The 79-year old liberal Jesuit Italian Cardinal Carlo Martini, former Archbishop of Milan, last week in an interview with L’Espresso magazine pronounced his infallible statement on condom use for married couples: “Certainly the use of prophylactics can, in some situations, constitute a lesser evil. There is the particular situation of spouses, one of whom is affected by AIDS. It is the obligation of this spouse to protect the other partner and they must be able to protect themselves.” Some have called this type of logic the ravings of an anti-pope who is a darling of the liberal media and who epitomizes all the forces of destruction from within the church hierarchy that have been seething under the surface for the whole papacy of John Paul II. The anti-pope has spoken, but will the Catholic Church capitulate to his doctrine?

In the face of a media blitz supporting Martini’s “lesser evil” casuistry and favorable remarks from certain Vatican officials, let me offer a historical perspective. There was a total Christian consensus against the use of all birth control up until 1930 when the Anglican Church, in its August 1930 Lambeth Conference, unilaterally decided that married couples could use birth control for reasons of the “lesser evil.” The argument, using modern language, went something like this: childbearing is burdensome and kids are expensive; married couples get too stressed out if they have too many kids; this stress puts undue pressure on marriages which causes couples to divorce; divorce is an injustice to the kids that they have; therefore birth control for married couples is the “lesser evil” and even constitutes a responsible, moral act. Change the words a bit to add the modern scourge of AIDS to the formula and Cardinal Martini’s position on so-called condom protection in marriage is indistinguishable from the first breakers of the teaching of Christ on birth control.

The condom savior is a false messiah. We have to “face facts fearlessly,” as our founder Fr. Paul Marx used to say, and ask the hard questions that the condom-promoting abortion industry is unwilling to address.

Catechismthe lesser evil in this case is still condemned by our Church.

the lesser evil in this case is still condemned by our Church.__________________________

How come Planned Parenthood doesn’t get it? You can’t have Mother’s Day without babies!

Washington, D.C. “How is it possible for Planned Parenthood, operator of the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics, to conduct a fundraising campaign with a Mother’s Day theme?” asked American Life League president Judie Brown. “It’s simply horrifying to think that anyone involved in abortion even Planned Parenthood could have the audacity to claim any association at all with a day designed to salute a mother’s selfless love for her children.”

Over the years, Planned Parenthood has committed more than three million abortions. “That’s three million instances in which mothers permitted their children to be killed at this organization’s hands,” said Mrs. Brown. “For many of these women, Mother’s Day is an annual reminder of the unspeakable evil they permitted to be perpetrated on their own flesh and blood.”

A recent e-mail communication from Jatrice Martel Gaiter, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., urged supporters to “honor your mother in a very special way” with a financial contribution to Planned Parenthood. Gaiter said that at Planned Parenthood’s Washington affiliate, “Mother’s Day also reminds us of our mission to ensure that every child is wanted, nurtured, and enormously loved.”


Pro-Life Wisconsin

The following article was part of PLWs Monday Update on May 1. Please take a moment to read the article and pass along the information especially to any professional photographers you may know!

Grieving parents capture most of their childs life with photography program

Abortion advocates are fond of bringing up extreme cases to argue the necessity of abortion. One of their favorite scenarios to highlight is the tragic case where a child will be born with a life threatening condition. They argue that it is better to allow a woman to have an abortion than for her to have to see her child, bond with her child only to have the baby die a short time later.

A new photography program, called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, illustrates that even a few hours with a dying child are a precious re-affirmation of life. The program that started less than a year ago in Denver connects professional photographers who volunteer their time and talent with families who have infants with terminal illnesses. The service provides professional quality photos of the child that a family will treasure for years to come.

Abortion is never the right choice, even in times of horrible tragedy. Having a few short hours to celebrate a life, and capture the all-too short moments of life on film helps families to grieve, to heal and to remember.

Read more about this amazing program at: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20060419/wl_nm/life_babies_dc


The Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services on Monday voted 3-1 to approve a plan by Assembly member Wilma Chan (D-Oakland) to expand children’s health insurance coverage, the Sacramento Bee reports. The plan would add $50 million for children’s health insurance to the fiscal year 2006-2007 state budget.

Chan’s proposal is modeled after legislation (AB 772) she supported last year, which Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) vetoed (Benson, Sacramento Bee, 5/9). The bill would have raised income eligibility for state health insurance programs to allow more children to enroll. The legislation would have allowed the use of a single form to determine eligibility for subsidized school lunches and state health insurance programs and made state health coverage available to undocumented immigrant children (California Healthline, 10/11/2005).

Chan’s revised proposal over three years would expand health insurance coverage for children.

According to the Bee, the subcommittee’s approval of the measure will push legislators and Schwarzenegger “to accept or reject the proposal as they debate spending” for FY 2006-2007 (Sacramento Bee, 5/9).

(Ed. note: The Catholic Voice, newspaper for the Catholic Diocese of Oakland, Ca,. carried an interview with a case manager for East Bay Catholic Charities - Emancipated foster youth are at great risk - She was complaining that they didnt have enough money to cover foster children age 18 and over who must leave the foster care system and start on their own. This is a sort of bridge program which while appearing to be helping youth is actually a means of maintaining young adults on the government dole until they can get on their own welfare or Healthy Families program. In other words - womb to tomb - government control)


Senate To Debate Association Health Plan Bill
May 9, 2006

Debate in the Senate is set to begin Tuesday on the association health plan bill (S 1955) being proposed by Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), the AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports (Freking, AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/9).

The bill would allow small businesses and trade associations to form association health plans across state lines. Under the bill, insurers would be permitted to sell plans to businesses and individuals that do not meet current state benefits requirements. However, they then also would have to offer a plan with benefits provided under a state employees’ plan in one of the five most heavily populated states — California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas.

In addition, the bill would preempt state laws that limit how much insurers can vary premiums from one small business to another (California Healthline, 5/3). According to the AP/Journal-Constitution, the vote is expected to be close and fall primarily along party lines, with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed.

Democrats are expected to offer a competing bill Tuesday that would also allow small businesses to join together to purchase health insurance. Sponsored by Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), the program would be set up like the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/9).

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) said she is crafting a possible amendment to small business health care legislation that would require insurers to provide coverage for medical treatments mandated by two-thirds of states.

In addition, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said she would offer an amendment to the Enzi bill that would require health plans not to discriminate against a provider on the basis of license or certification. She said the Enzi bill’s current form could restrict patients’ access to qualified professionals who are licensed or certified by state law, such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants (Carey, CQ HealthBeat, 5/8).

The House has passed legislation that is similar to Enzi’s bill (Olson, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 5/9).


Enzi estimates that about one million currently uninsured workers would obtain coverage through the measure. Business groups, such as the National Federation of Independent Businesses, support the legislation, while groups such as AARP and the American Cancer Society oppose it (AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/9).

NFIB argues that the bill would give small businesses the same buying power as big corporations and unions. However, opponents say the measure would override state laws and remove consumer protections for people buying insurance individually or through their employers (Isaac, Orlando Sentinel, 5/8).

Leaders of AARP and ACS said the measure might expand coverage but it would give people diluted benefits (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 5/9). (Yes, it could cut out abortion and contraceptive coverage)

Ron Pollack, Families USA director, said the bill is “one of the most harmful anti-consumer health bills in recent memory” because “it leaves millions of people at the mercy of health insurance companies by eliminating a range of state laws that protect the consumer and regulate insurance company behavior.”

Families USA released a report Monday stating that more than 85 million U.S. residents would lose consumer protections as a result of the legislation (CQ HealthBeat, 5/8).

Editorials, Opinion Piece

Two editorials and an opinion piece were published Tuesday addressing the Enzi bill. Summaries appear below.

* Wall Street Journal: “When Ron Pollack of Families USA starts screaming, Republicans must be doing something right about health care. And so they finally are,” a Journal editorial states. It adds that the measure “would increase the number of people who have” health insurance, “and that’s exactly what such government-run health care advocates as Mr. Pollack … don’t like.” The editorial says the “claims that the Enzi bill would allow for worthless policies and fly-by-night insurers are unfounded.” It says, “Let’s hope Republicans recognize the stakes in today’s vote. They badly need something to show voters this fall, … and making health care more affordable will resonate with Americans everywhere.” The editorial adds, “[W]e hope [the White House is] as prepared to twist arms for this reform as it was a few years back for the Medicare prescription drug entitlement.” It concludes, “A vibrant national health insurance market would be partial absolution for that expensive new burden on taxpayers” (Wall Street Journal, 5/9).

* Washington Post: “[T]he proposed bill is risky,” and its “preemption of state authority might stifle creative experiments in health policy that could help solve the long-term crisis of health costs,” a Post editorial states. It says, “The backers of the Senate bill … ought to concede that viable purchasing pools can already be created within large and medium-size states; the need to recruit people from other states is powerful only in states with small populations.” The editorial continues, “They should also concede that, with health policy at the federal level paralyzed, the most promising experiments in containing costs and expanding coverage are taking place at the state level; there’s a risk in narrowing states’ room to maneuver.” The Post concludes, “If the bill’s backers concede these two points, their legislation should not pass” (Washington Post, 5/9).

* Tom Daschle, The Hill: “Small businesses need help to afford health insurance. But [Enzi’s bill] goes in the wrong direction,” former Senate Majority Leader Daschle (D-S.D.) writes in a Hill opinion piece. He says, “It would raise premiums for those who most rely on the health care system today and make coverage more affordable only for those who need it least.” Daschle adds, “It would take away important benefits people depend on today and leave them uninsured for basic care.” He concludes, “And, it would prevent states like Massachusetts from making progress on what should be a national priority: providing affordable health coverage for all” (Daschle, The Hill, 5/9).

Candidates Endorse Single-Payer Health System
April 28, 2006
All six candidates for the Democratic nomination for the 6th District Assembly seat support a single-payer health care system, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reports. The 6th District represents Marin and southern Sonoma counties.

Marin County Supervisor Cynthia Murray said a single-payer system is her main goal.

Marin County Democratic Chair John Alden said his platform, which features universal health care, would “utterly transform” the Democratic party.

Petaluma Council member Pamela Torliatt said she supports a bill (SB 840) by Sen. Sheila Kuehl (D-Los Angeles) that would establish a single-payer health system that would save an estimated $44 billion.

Other candidates said they support a universal health care system but named other issues as their main focus.

The 6th District seat currently is held by Assembly member Joe Nation (D-San Rafael), who has served three two-year terms (Benefield, Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 4/27)..

Please check out our new web site for continuing up to the minute coverage of legislation.


by Camille Giglio

It is time to remind our readers of the reason pro life groups oppose health care legislation.
Pro life people are just as concerned as any progressive politician in seeing that all people, especially helpless and innocent children and adult dependents, are well cared for, and protected from the selfish interests of others. If that can not be done by immediate family first and foremost, then as a last resort, by the state…

When, according to Genesis Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden the perfectly ordered world left with them. This sense of naturally occurring human perfection has been replaced by the base human interests of individuals or groups who believe that they know best how to bring about order and justice and human perfection with or without God.

Though people have come and gone over the years the underlying elitist principle that says I know better than you what is good for you survives.

I recommend a book entitled Better For All the World : the secret history of forced sterilization and Americas quest for racial purity by Harry Bruinius. The title was taken from the US Supreme Court decision, Buck v Bell, written by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. This book traces the beliefs, and writings of the people who promoted eugenics beginning in the late 1880s such as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Charles Darwin, Charles Davenport, Margaret Sanger, John H. Bell, Dale Carnegie and the Rockefeller Foundation to name a few. John H. Bell was the doctor at the Virginia Institution who featured prominently in the Bell v Buck Supreme Court Case granting permission to sterilize Miss Carrie Buck (and others) because she was diagnosed as feebleminded. Eliminating those who were diagnosed as feeble minded, so it was presumed by that periodselitist intellectuals, would go a long way to ensuring societys protection from severe social problems such as dependency, crime, poverty, etc.. More women than men tended to be the targets since they bore the next generations problem children.

California passed its Eugenics law in 1909 and established by far the worlds most aggressive program at the time, sterilizing more than 2,500 people in the first ten years—twenty times more than any other state, according to the Bruinius book. It was not until the late forties in California, that these sterilizations stopped.

Outside of the United States Germany became the most well known promoter of eugenics. The aftermath of the Second World War created a backlash to the idea of forced sterilization as a means to establishing a better world for all. But, the idea of eliminating the people who exhibited the then currently politically correct definition of producing the worlds problems did not die. Some might say it was resurrected in 1973 with the Roe v Wade (abortion) Decision and presented as a womans right (to be sterile), not something forced on a woman. The very same language and basic principle used in promoting acceptance of sterilization for the state determined burdensome people is now the rallying cry for abortion, contraception, school sex ed programs and universal pre school - protect society from the so-called burdensome and nonproductive people.

Now, the promoters of a perfect world need no longer force their so-called perfection on Americas citizens. They could promote programs and legislation presenting their elitist ideas in a most appealing manner through Think Tanks and tax protected non-profits disguised as education and health care concerns.

Still people have been resistant to accepting the services promoted, protected and funded by the state and provided mostly by Planned Parenthood. People were not coming in droves to the family planning clinics nor were poor people signing up for state provided health care which includes tax payer funded coverage for abortion and contraceptives which produce the same effect as eugenics.

Now enter the promoters employing the most advanced and seductive advertising to sweep away the sense of unease. Self interest, sexual license and believing that it is ones right to have the state provide the means of relieving oneself of the responsibilities of ones decisions and actions. Freely engage in sexual activity but dont produce any children.

The state bureaucrats have bought the idea of the elitists that unwed motherhood or unplanned (married) motherhood will produce welfare children, unemployment, criminals, etc.. However if the children actually do get born one can escape this scourge of depravity by turning their children over to the state village nannies by age 1 as promoted by the likes of Rob Reiner and his We are your children program which will be featured on ballots this year.

The state of California is on the verge of creating the socialized medicine state. The citizens are still resistant to the idea of a single payer (the state) health care system because we recognize the dangers implicit in authorizing the state to be the arbiter of our health. We also recognize the enormous price tag attached to paying for the health care insurance of every person living in the state. Once again the elitists know best what is good for you.

However, we dont seem to recognize the very same principle when legislators break up the idea of socialized medicine and insert pieces of it into various bills each stipulating smaller, but still vast sums of our tax dollars to pay for it. Our concerns are subpressed by our religious leaders twisting the story of the Good Samaritan or by lobbyists promising that only the capitalist employers or multi-millionaires will be paying for this.

In the bills listed below is one most alarming bill, SB 1414, the Fair Share Health Care Act by Carol Migden, (D-S.F.) This bill and others like it around the country are referred to as the WalMart Bills. An explanation will follow at the end of this report. Maryland has just passed a similar very oppressive health insurance provision bill.

This bill will create a mandate upon the marketplace (private enterprise) under a heavy financial penalty that employers of a minimum of 10,000 employees provide the health care insurance coverage for every employee or pay a significant fine per employee. This is a direct attack on WalMart but WalMart will never be subjected to its dictates.

At present there is no law forcing state mandates upon the private business sector regarding what a private sector health insurance coverage must contain and no way to stop, through law, the creation of these mandates.

Maybe many people dont like WalMart and dont care if WalMart will have to dip into its net profit to pay for health care that includes among the general health needs, abortion and contraceptives. However, if this passes be assured that there will be another bill requiring employers of lesser numbers to do the same. Private sector employers are being forced to underwrite their employees reproductive and sexual activities. Right now its WalMart, tomorrow its the major grocery chains, the department stores, etc. This bill is endorsed by the Unions and seen by its opponents as a punishment for WalMarts use of nonunion labor.

Right now the Catholic Church is under a separate mandate to provide health insurance coverage for all its employees that includes abortion and contraceptives or risk the threat of losing its non-profit status. Nuns and priests are covered for abortion and birth control. Utter, illogical nonsense.

Though the insurance carriers are ostensibly private businesses, the state has mandated that all insurance coverage in the state include contraceptives and an abortion component. Presently there is no way to stop a state from authorizing these mandates upon the private sector. An individual insurance customer may opt out of the abortion component coverage but you the tax payer are still paying for it anyway.

There is a brand new bill before the US Senate by Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi which would put a stop to this mandating of the private sector. It is entitled the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act of 2005, S. 1955. It needs large amounts of pro life support and additional Senate and House co-sponsors. if it is to get off the ground.

According to a US Senate Health Committee spokesman, Andrew Patzman, the Enzi bill, S. 1955, authorizes small businesses to form health insurance groups to negotiate for coverage for their employees at a better advantage than just being one individual company. The best part of this bill, for our agenda, is that it allows these groups to bypass the state mandate. In this case abortion and or contraception coverage. The companion bill has passed the House, but has been sitting in the Senate Health Committee for years. Enough federal legislators dislike giving any advantage to the Marketplace (read private businesses) to block this bill from a hearing. Senators Boxer and Feinstein would never support it.

When you take your minor child, boy or girl, into the doctor for a physical and the doctor says, Mrs. Smith, I would like to talk with your child alone for a little while DONT LET HIM. He is most likely being required by the state, to ask intimate sex related questions of your child and offer private reproductive type services to that child that you will never know about.



SB 437 - Martha Escutia (D) - Healthy Kids Insurance Program
Creates the Healthy Kids Insurance Program which would consist of the portion of the Medi-Cal program that provides health care coverage to children and the Healthy Families Program. Provides for a process for making the eligibility determinations for the Healthy Kids Insurance Program by authorizing the administering agencies to rely on income eligibility determinations made by other public assistance programs. Authorizes applicants to self-certify eligibility factors. Provides for confidentiality.

In the 2005 legislative session, the companion bill, AB 772 was vetoed by the governor mainly due to the costs involved. We have received calls from a student in a Public Health Masters Program in San Diego and one from a young woman working for a public policy committee in Sacramento wondering why we oppose this and how we worked to get AB 772 defeated. This bill, SB 437 looks like it has won the mind and hearts of the elitists in the
legislature. This bill creates a new layer of health care supervision and attempts to merge all these bills into one funding stream with one group authorized to sign up, approve and fund the whole program including MediCal.

SB 558 - Carol Migden (D-SF) - Healthy Families Program and Medi Cal.
Requires development of an informational document containing information about the Healthy Families Program and the Medi-Cal Program. Requires notification by employers to their employees.
LOCATION: Assembly Committee on Health.
Requires employers to become partners with the government in promoting, signing up client/employees for Healthy Families program and collector of monthly dues which are deducted from employee pay check.

SB 840 - Sheila Kuehl (D) - Single-Payer Health Care Coverage
LOCATION:: Assembly Rules Committee
Establishes the Health Insurance System to be administered by the newly created Health Insurance Agency under the control of an elected Health Insurance Commissioner. Makes all residents eligible for specified health care benefits under the Health Insurance System, which would, on a single-payer basis, negotiate for or set fees for health care services provided through the system and pay claims for those services. Requires the health care system to be operational within 2 years of enactment.

AB 2450 - Keith Richman (R-Granada Hills) - Health Care Coverage: Cal-Health Program
Enacts the Cal-Health Act. Requires the Department of Health Services to establish an enrollment program for all health care programs offered by the state. Requires each resident of the state to obtain minimum health care coverage. Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to establish a purchasing exchange. Authorizes the Franchise Tax Board to withhold any overpayment of income tax by a resident who failed to obtain such. Imposes a tax on the gross premiums of care service plans.

LOCATION: Assembly Committee on Health.
Requires every resident of the state to purchase health care coverage or be penalized. This would have the effect of placing everyone in the hands of Planned Parenthood.


We thank you very much for your recent and continuing financial support.
We have maintained a blog site for about two years with the most up to date information on bills. With our current level of support It is only possible to mail out newsletters periodically. This means timely information and valuable support on legislative issues may be lost.

The opportunity has arisen to upgrade our blogsite turning it into a web site. This website is available now. The address is http://blog.callifeadvocates.org/

Please use this important tool to stay informed about legislation. Continue your advocacy of public policy that will protect babies and the fragile elderly from being preyed upon by those who view human beings as problems rather than problem solvers.

We pray that you will be able and willing to continue your support because our costs will not lessen but be turned into a more efficient method of conveying information in a timely manner. $25.00 a year would be a wonderful gift made out to California Right to Life Committee.

If you do not have a computer we will still continue to send you reports. Please let us know which method you will be using. We send out almost weekly email reports which will also be placed on our website and include additional information. callifeadvocates@sbcglobal.net.


Here is a list of currently active state and federal legislation. Please read, pass on to other interested people and take action in contacting your legislators

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Physical Health or Spiritual Health?

Physical Health Over Spiritual Health; The greening of the initiative season.
by Camille Giglio.

Requests to sign petitions for either the June or November ballot have begun to spring up all over the state like the first weeds after a rainfall. Just as new weeds create an illusion of good things for spring, so, too, do many of these initiatives promise good things for the residents of California. However, as all weeds eventually turn brown and ugly so, too, upon close scrutiny, do many initiatives.

One of these much touted initiatives, headed for the November, 2006, ballot (provided enough signatures are gathered) is currently referred to as ?The California for Health Kids? initiative. This is promoted most prominently by PICO - Pacific Institute for Community Organizing - the California branch of the Chicago based Industrial Areas Foundation. They are enlisting the help of churches for signature gathering. It is being advertised as the way to provide health care for the children of the ?working poor? which includes an income base 300% above poverty level. It can be viewed on the state Attorney General?s website under initiatives California Attorney General. While in the signature gathering phase it does not have a ballot number. It is listed as sa2005rf0139_1-ns and is referred to as a tobacco tax for 2006 initiative.

REVENUE STREAM Without the 2/3 majority.
This initiative proposes to increase the cost of a pack of cigarettes by a tax of $2.60/per pack as well as charge the distributor of cigarettes the equivalent of $0.13 cents per cigarette. They expect to realize $2.29 Billion to be placed into a new tobacco tax trust fund from which to distribute portions of the new taxes to a variety of health care activities and providers. Approximately $405 million of that will underwrite the cost of expanding the enrollment of children into the Healthy Families health insurance coverage programs. That?s about 18% of the total amount yet it is being sold to the public soley as a vehicle to promote better health care for children. In fact it will do little to advance the health of children. It?s main function will be to provide yet another revenue stream for bureaucracies that can?t get the support from taxpayers that they would like by any other means.
One little interesting item buried in this initiative is the promise that if this tax results in a decline in the amount of Tobacco Tax funding going to Rob Reiner?s Families First program, a portion of this new tobacco tax trust fund will be funneled to his program. As you may know Reiner already has his own initiative being distributed for universal preschool for 4 year olds and he has been required to take a leave of absence from his Directorship of the First Five state run program because of his misdirection of that funding into his initiative campaign.

Along with reading the initiative itself at the Attorney General?s website I would urge you to visit the PICO web site to read their campaign promises. http://www.picocalifornia.org. and to see whom they list as supporting their initiative.
Everyone of these are special interest groups that will profit one way or the other through financial or leadership enrichment.

These groups are: Cancer Society. American. Heart Society,. Lung Assn, Cal Hospital Assn,, Primary care assn,. American College of ER Docs, Emergency RN Assn, and several groups with close ties to Planned Parenthood and to Hillary Clinton?s ?It takes a village? mentality; The 100% Campaign (includes Catholic Charities), Children Now (includes PP), Children?s Defense Fund (founded by a woman named Edelman with Hillary Clinton as a Director, the Children?s Defense Partnership and the Assn of California Nurse Leaders California Nurse Leaders.

The wording of the initiative runs to 35 web site pages. Several pages list the distribution of the funds to the various groups. I include here the one section relating to the children?s health insurance part of the initiative.
SECTION 6. Children’s Health
Chapter 17 (commencing with Section 12693.99) is added to Part 6.2 of Division 2 of the Insurance Code, to read:
5 12693.99(a) To ensure that every child in California is eligible for comprehensive, affordable health insurance and has access to needed health care, all children described in subdivision (b) shall be eligible for the California Healthy Families Program (Part 6.2
(commencing with Section 12693) of Division 2 of the Insurance Code (hereinafter “Healthy Families”)

All children under 19 years of age shall be eligible for the services and benefits provided under this Chapter, notwithstanding paragraph (4) of subdivision (a) of Section 12693.70 and Section 12693.73, if they meet all of the following:

Are in families with countable household income up to and including 300 percent of the federal poverty level. In a family with annual or monthly household income greater than 300 percent of the federal poverty level, any income deduction that is applicable under Medi-Cal shall be applied in determining annual or monthly household income under this Section;
Meet the state residency requirements of Healthy Families in place as of September 30, 2005, as set forth in paragraph (5) of subdivision (a) of Section 12693.70;
(3) Are in compliance with Sections 12693.71 and 12693.72; and
4) Are not eligible for Healthy Families, or for full-scope Medi-Cal (Chapter 7 (commencing at Section 14000) of Part 3 of Division 9 of the Welfare and Institutions Code) without a share of cost, under the eligibility rules in place as of September 30,2005.
(c) The confidentiality and privacy protections set forth in Sections 10500 and 14100.2 of the Welfare and Institutions Code shall apply to all children seeking, applying for or enrolled in Healthy Families.
Families of children enrolled in Healthy Families through this Chapter shall be required to contribute premiums equal to those required of families of children enrolled in Healthy Families not through this Chapter, subject to the following exceptions:
Families of children up to and including 18 years of age who apply for or are enrolled in Healthy Families and whose countable household incomes are up to and including 100 percent of the federal poverty level shall not be required to contribute any premiums; families of children up to one year of age who apply for or are enrolled in Healthy Families and whose countable household incomes are up to and including 200 percent of the federal poverty level shall not be required to contribute any premiums; and families of children up to and including six years of age who apply for or are enrolled in Healthy Families and whose countable household incomes are up to and including 133 percent of the federal poverty level shall not be required to
contribute any premiums.
705. (a) Through its courts and statutes, and under its Constitution, California protects a woman’s right to reproductive privacy. (Ed. note: that includes any child mature enough to have begun mentrual cycles) California reaffirms these protections and specifically its Supreme Court decision in People v. Belous (1969) 71 Cal.2d 954, 966-
(3) The verification process shall protect the privacy of all participants.

One provision of this initiative automatically assumes that children who are signed up for the Free school lunch program, are also in need of government health care protection and the school may, according to federal laws, be signed up for Healthy Families without parental consent or knowledge. That?s the meaning of the privacy clause in the welfare code.

When children are signed up (or families) for Healthy Families coverage or for the Medi-Cal insurance program for welfare recipients, they are given a choice of health care coverage insurance from which to chose. The health care to be provided is usually delivered through local non-profit community based clinics. The vast majority of these clinics are either Planned Parenthood clinics or La Clinica de la Raza centers in low income neighborhoods, both of which promote abortion, family planning (distribution of birth conntrol products and devices) and Venereal Disease treatment as their main listings - all in accordance with state and federal privacy requirements.

Now, think about this. Your priest or minister gets up in the pulpit on a Sunday and delivers a sterling homily on the Ten Commandments, or his admonishes the congregation to be mindful of the courtesies in respecting the House of Worship - don?t come late, dress appropriately, make the Sign of the Cross, use the Holy Water to bless yourself. In the next breath he urges you to go sign the California Healthy Kids initiative because he is concerned that all children aren?t getting good health care.

Is this member of the clergy consistent? Is health care the new god to the detriment of the soul? A training of the mind in math, science and language arts is also important but would your clergy member promote obtaining that education in a brothel? Yet, it?s all right to sign up a young child for health care in a clinic that kills babies? Do you want your son or dauhter touched by such as they?
For a further understanding of the true goals of PICO and its nationwide affiliates please visit Catholic Media Coalition.


by Camille Giglio, Director, California Right to Life.
Today I celebrated Presidents? Day by watching my local cable tv station (which airs the state capitol legislative events) replay a panel discussion on students rights taped Feb 9, 2006.
The panelists consisted of Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg, (D-East Los Angeles) openly practicing lesbian and activist Planned Parenthood supporter and supporter of the Healthy Family health care program. Assemblyman Roger NIello,(R), elected to Assembly straight from the Sacramento Board of Supervisors, He seemed to favor the right of students to be excused from school for health reasons without parental permission. Ca. School Nurses President Elect, Ann Nickelbein. Any CNA organization automatically supports Planned Parenthood?s position. Brad Dacus, Esq. President of Pacific Justice Institute appeared to be the only supporter of parental authority over their minor daughter?s health care, including reproductive care.
The discussion was held in a state Assembly Committee hearing room. The audience consisted of high school students selected from Bay Area and Sacramento high schools.
The questions from the students following the formal presentations by the panelists clearly showed an already implanted mind set on the part of the students that they had a right to privacy which would be denied to them if a Parental notification bill or initiative became law.
When Goldberg asked for a show of hands as to how many students were aware that schools were required to excuse students from school for a ?private health matter? without a permission slip (or acknowledgment of any kind) from a parent, a majority of the students raised their hand. One student declared that this ?this is the first we?ve heard of this.? They seemed on the whole, however, to somehow have absorbed very thoroughly that they had rights and privileges that their parents could not deny them.
The students seemed to collectively scoff when Mr. Dacus or Mr. Niello countered with the understanding that accountability and responsibility for their minor children rested with parents. Only one female student seemed to acknowledge that a 12 or 14 year old did not always have the best access to information and one male student called it (a minor?s right to reproductive care) exactly what it is ?keeping secrets from parents.?
These poor, brainwashed students have no idea how they are being manipulated by the likes of a Goldberg or a California Nurses representative.
When parents are legally denied the right and authority to make important life altering decisions for their children, the state is free to step in and make those decisions for the students whether the students realize that or not.
How does the state do it? They present one sided and distorted facts to the students. They tell the students that they are free to make their own decisions and then refer them to Planned Parenthood for reproductive information. They implant in their minds that the parents are the enemies of freedom and access to mature, adult activities and only the school counselors, teachers, PP representatives, doctors or nurses will protect a student?s choice.
This is why we need to pass a parental notification law in California. We must rescue our sons and daughters from the manipulative embrace of Planned Parenthood and its minions.
Another way in which parents and students are being manipulated is through the support coming from the mainline religious denominations calling for universal health care. Catholic priests who otherwise are supportive of the right to life position on abortion are, nevertheless, calling for universal health care insurance ?for the poor.? or they are calling for student enrollment in the Healthy Families Program because ?poor children are so in need of health care that they are not getting and deserve.?
The religious community appears to be in total denial that these so-called private health insurance plans that cover the Healthy Families enrollee are linked to Planned Parenthood.
Every single private health insurance carrier covers abortion and family planning. The 5 year old or the 10 year old covered by Healthy Families may not, yet,? need? reproductive ?services and devices? but now their older brother or sister is eligible for it and we, the citizens and pro life advocates are paying our taxes right into Planned Parenthood?s coffers through HMO payments and plans by the state. They must really laugh at the naivet?f pro lifers who call for universal health insurance yet protest and picket Planned Parenthood.
Go to the web site California School Nurses Association

State of Things in Legislation 1-27-06

January 27, 2006
Camille Giglio

1. Parental Notification back in the news.
2. Legislation we will we tracking in the months ahead.
3. General news.

We told you the people directing the Parents Right to Know initiative were not deterred by the loss on the November ballot.
The Initiative has been refiled and signature gathering will soon begin.
DEADLINE: May 15 is a deadline for signatures to be turned in to the PRK headquarters. 500,000 plus valid signatures are required to get the initiative approved.
BALLOT DATE: November 7, 2006, is the target ballot.
INFORMATION: The same two web sites are once again in operation. For information, church bulletin notices, initiative petitions (when prepared) and to sign up to help promote the petition: www.yeson73.net and www.parentsright2know.org.
Right now your help is urgently sought to make contact with Catholic Church Deanery Presidents, Protestant church Pastors and social groups to request their assistance in distributing petitions.
The more volunteers coming forward to collect signatures means the fewer paid signature gatherers and the more money available to go into the advertising campaign.
If you wish to read the initiative now it can be viewed on the Legislative Analysts online - www.lao.ca.gov.
There are a number of bills dealing with the homosexual agenda that require your attention because they affect your children in the school setting.
You may recall that last November the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco declared that, basically, parental authority over the guidance of children’s


San Francisco Walk for Life, January 21, 2006.
by Camille Giglio

Father Joseph Fessio, Ave Maria University, Fl. presents the Gianna Mola Award to Mr. Jim Holman, at the Second Annual SF Walk For Life, January 21, 2006, at Justin Herman Plaza, foot of Market St., San Francisco.

The 10,000 plus attendees at the Second Annual S.F. Wallk for Life, remembrance of 33 years of Roe v Wade were treated to a spectacular, bright sunny day and rousing pep talks.

Father Joseph Fessio, SJ, formerly of USF’s Ignatius Institute and now with Ave Maria University came from Florida to present the Gianna Mola Award to Mr. Jim Holman, Jim, owner and publisher of a string of newspapers lead by the San Diego Reader and S,F, Faith, has donated much of his financial resources to supporting the Pro Life Movement and pregnancy counseling centers. Most recently he provided the major funding for the 2005 Parental Notification Initiative known as Parents Right to Know,

Though his name may not be well recognized amongst pro life people, especially in Northern California, he is feared by the pro aborts who have labeled him a very dangerous man. They understand how close the PRK initiative came to winning and that when it appears on the ballot again this Fall it may very well win. Their fear is that a win for parents right to be informed of their minor daughter’s abortion will go far to returning authority and the right of guidance over children back to the parents and away from Planned Parenthood’s clutches.

Serrin Foster, head of Feminists for Life, and Karen Wheeler, California Director of Democrats for Life. This group stirred up some controversy earlier last year when in declaring their pro life opposition to their Party’s Pro Abort platform, came out in favor of contraceptives for young people. They have since changed their mission statement and eliminated that goal. Their mission does still reflect much of the Democrat Party belief in big government including free pregnancy services, maternity training, etc, but they appear to be determined to make inroads regarding the strong pro abortion stand of the Democrat Party.

Star Parker, Prior to her involvement in social activism, Star Parker was a single welfare mother in Los Angeles, California. After receiving Christ, Star returned to college, received a BS degree in marketing and launched an urban Christian magazine. The 1992 Los Angeles riots destroyed her business, yet served as a springboard for her focus on faith-based and free market alternatives to empower the lives of the poor.

As a social policy consultant, Star Parker gives regular testimony before the United States Congress, and is a national expert on major television and radio shows across the country. Currently, Star is a regular commentator on CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News. She has debated Jesse Jackson on BET; fought for school choice on Larry King Live; and defended welfare reform on the Oprah Winfrey Show. (taken from her online bio statement).

And last, but not least, a very dynamic Pastor Clenard Childress, New Jersey, Director of LEARN - Life Education and Resources Network. He used the words of Martin Luther King’s last Sunday address before he was killed, as the basis for his spirited pro life talk, delivered to a very enthusiastic assembly.

Knowledgeable sources have said that there may have been about 50 pro abort protestors on hand. Though noisy they were rather pathetic in dress, appearance and the robotic shouting of pro abort phrases

At one point early in our Walk from Justin Herman Plaza to the marina Green, about a 2.5 mile walk, we were temporarily halted while the police cleared our path. It seems that San Francisco’s own state Assemblyman Mark Leno and a city Councilwoman from the East Bay, had attempted to block our route with a counter demonstration.

Congratulations are in order to the organizers of the Walk, the San Francisco Police Department for their assistance in keeping the peace, representation by the religious community and to the thousands of mothers and dads armed with babies and strollers who stood for life in the arena of what the pro aborts had always thought was their home base, San Francisco.
THE PARENTS RIGHT TO KNOW INITIATIVE is starting to collect signatures once again for placement on this Fall’s ballot. Your assistance is once again requested to collect signatures.

This year, also, we are asking for volunteers to be liaisons with their churches and, especially for people to be liaisons with Catholic Diocese Deaneries.

Please contact me at Callifeadvocates@sbcglobal.net, or at 925/899-3064 for further information and registration as a volunteer or contact the PRK headquarters itself: www.parentsright2know.org


1. Ca. Legislation wrap up.
2. State and National issues as they pertain to the right to life or parental rights.
3. January Roe v Wade memorial activities.

In the last couple of years legislation that CRLC feels affects the Right to Life or Parental Rights is to be found mostly in health or education legislation. The educational arena has taken on a higher level of interest with the recent Ninth US Circuit

Hillary Clinton and The Third Way


by, Camille Giglio, Director, California Right to …


Camille Giglio

1. Some thoughts on the election.
2. Abortion Industry unstable.

1. Election Results.
Most state pro life leaders and groups are reflecting on this strange election as a loss for Conservatives and Christians. While it is true that the Governor suffered a defeat I suggest that we pro lifers and Conservatives spoke very decisively. But whether our position gets noted by the legislators and the media is up to us. We have to speak loud and clear.

Yes, we lost Prop 73 and Planned Parenthood will feel secure about that for a long time. However, I don

The Governor Vetoes some bills - Oct 29, 2005


1. Final results on bills in California Legislature
2. Abortion and child abuse …

State of Things for 9/3/05


1. Status of State Legislation
2. Federal Reauthorization of OAA.
Older Americans Act of 1965
3. General news update.

The state legislature has been very busy dealing with 800 plus bills during this remainder of the 2005 legislative session. Few pro life/pro abortion bills are receiving any action. So we are devoting this edition to general news and to a life and health issue on the opposite end of the life spectrum - Legislation affecting the care of the senior citizen.

AB 772 Wilma Chan, (D). California healthy Kids Insurance Program.
Amended 4/7/05. Takes on new meaning when compared with federal Prevention First Act, a PP bill to wrap up all health care funding into one ball for the benefit of PP.
A) Creates yet another funding channel to enroll and maintain kids under government controlled and directed health care., whose family income is 300 percent of federal poverty level on state health care maintenance.
B) It also creates a panel of “Experts” to advise the government on maintaining these children on state rolls through age 18.
C) This is an example of the real intended focus of a pseudo church based organization called PICO - Pacific Institute for Community Organizing and its many branches supports.
Signing children up for government directed health care removes children from their parents authority and supervision in regard to health care. In Contra Costa County the PICO branch - Contra Costa Interfaith Sponsoring Organization - was rejected for a grant to enroll all grade school children in Pittsburg into the Healthy Kids Program. PICO does not oppose abortion and family planning.

CRLC continues to oppose passage.
This bill has gone to the governor. Please write the Governor and urge that he veto this bill

SB 437 Martha Escutia (D), Healthy Kids Insurance Program.
This is the Senate version of AB 772. It sits in the Assembly awaiting it

California Prop 73 - Parents Right to Know Initiative


California BALLOT INITIATIVE - PARENTS RIGHT TO KNOW. - Prop 73 on the November, 2005 Ballot.
This Initiative is a state constitutional amendment. It will require abortionists to provide a written notice at least 72 hours prior to performing an abortion on a minor, to at least one parent of that minor, unemancipated daughter. Parents believe that regardless of their support or opposition for the act of abortion itself, that they have a right to be informed when their minor daughter is undergoing any health care including the invasive and premature removal of a baby through the act of abortion.

What can you do to help get this passed?

1. Begin now. Do not wait for some group to organize a flashy advertising campaign. Our opposition - Planned Parenthood and all the others will be busy spending their money on tv and radio ads, but, with prayer and genuine, loving effort we can reach as many people and people who vote.

2. Being an active volunteer for spreading the news of the initiative is still the best way to advertise. It


2005 Newsletters

State of Things for 7/29/05


prepared by: Camille Giglio
1. Legislation
2. Planned Parenthood Chaplains.
3. Neutralizing Pro Life Democrats.
4. Cloning Human Beings-Legal!

The state legislature, in summer recess, will resume voting on bills August 15. On that date there are about 250 bills backed up in the Appropriations Committee waiting to be heard. These are the bills that had been put on suspense files during the term when it was determined that they couldn

Commentary on politicians

SUBJECT: Official pandering - Geo. Miller, Joe Canciamilla

George Miller to declare his outrage at military recruiters on campus. Parents …

STATE OF THINGS - June 23, 2005

status of bills
AB 794, It takes a lot of deceit to win.
ACTION REQUESTED: After reading this report we urge you to contact the Governor

URGENT ALERT - AB 794 t9 be Used to abort illegal aliens


Last night


ASSISTED SUICIDE, AB 651 (formerly AB 654) resurrected, put on life support and receiving nourishment.

Unfortunately that

State of Things 5/20/05 - The Beginning and the Ending.

1. State and Federal
Stem Cell Research
Pharmacists and Contraceptive prescriptions
2. Physician Assisted Suicide = P.A.S.
Stem Cell Research
1. SB 18, Deborah Ortiz, (D-Sacto), Reproductive Health and Research.

In an attempt to improve on a very bad initiative creating stem cell research in California this bill will:
A- requires the State Auditor to conduct a performance audit of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee
B- requires physicians to obtain written consent for the donation of human eggs for research,
C- prohibits the sale of human oocytes or embryos for valuable consideration in excess of reasonable payments, and limits the amounts that could be paid for producing human oocytes for medical research to reimbursement of expenses.
D- Require CIRM to annually commission an independent financial audit of its activities from a certified public accounting firm and provide the audits to the Controller for review.
LOCATION: In Senate Appropriations Committee on Suspense file awaiting hearing on 5/26/05. Reason for suspension is due to expenses to the state exceeding $200,000.
2. USH 810, Michael Castle (R-DE) and 155+ members of Congress, Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Filed 2/15/05.
Amends the Public Health Service Act, Title lV to require federal funding and support for additional stem cell research.
LOCATION: House Energy and Commerce Committee awaiting first hearing.
ACTION: Though this is a Republican


Moratorium on retrieval of human eggs dropped from stem cell bill.

By Laura Mecoy — Bee Los Angeles Bureau
Published 2:15 am PDT Friday, April 22, 2005

Sen. Deborah Ortiz has abandoned plans to seek a three-year moratorium on multiple egg extractions for embryonic stem cell studies and other research.

Instead, the Sacramento Democrat is seeking to increase the information given to potential egg donors about the possible health risks of hormones used to increase egg production for extraction. Her legislation would also require the state’s new stem cell agency to evaluate studies on these health risks and to commission its own research on the subject.

Ortiz said she changed course based on the advice of medical professionals - not because of criticism from her supporters. She said the medical professionals told her not enough was known about the medical risks to justify a moratorium.

“I don’t mind criticism,” Ortiz said Thursday. “That comes with the job. My barometer is what is the right thing to do, and what is the fair thing to do.”

Several patient advocates and researchers, who considered Ortiz to be their champion on embryonic stem cell research, had attacked the senator’s proposed moratorium because they believed it would stymie the research.

The Senate Health Committee, which Ortiz chairs, approved her bill, SB 18, without the moratorium Wednesday. It also approved a constitutional amendment, SCA 13, to impose new rules on the state’s stem cell agency.

Scientists need human eggs to conduct therapeutic cloning, one of the promising forms of research to be funded through the $3 billion stem cell research program state voters approved in November.

With therapeutic cloning, or somatic cell nuclear transfer, scientists take the nucleus from an egg and replace it with the nucleus of a skin or other somatic cell. The research is still very new and inefficient. The first case of therapeutic cloning used 242 eggs.

Scientists say they eventually hope to develop other methods that will eliminate the need for so many human eggs. But they said they need the human eggs to find that new method.
How hypocritical can this Senator be?
She amended her bill based on the lobbying efforts of the medical profession, but she wouldn


The final vote in the Assembly Judiciary committee on AB 654, Compassion in Choices (Physician Assisted Suicide) April 12.

Final Vote - AB 654

The final vote in the Assembly Judiciary committee on AB 654, Compassion in Choices (Physician Assisted Suicide) April 12.



AB 171, Leland Yee (D-Sa, Fran). Pupils School mental health testing for all kindergarten -12 students starting with


1. Commentary
2. Legislative Reports

Even the Flowers Wept

Last Thursday, March 31, the day Terri Schiavo died, a friend brought a bouquet of beautiful tulips to the house. Looking at the beauty and perfect creation of the flowers brought a small sense of comfort to a mind weary with the anticipation of Terri

The Courts and Terri Schiavo

Many alleged facts in the Schiavo case are disputed or hard to check from a distance.

But suppose the judge had merely ordered that
(1) tube feeding be stopped, and
(2) food and water, especially water, be attempted by mouth.

If the Schindlers object to (1),
they have conceded that Terri is PVS (though being PVS is not an excuse for killing someone);

If Michael objects to (2),
he is not trying to let her die, he is trying to kill her.

If Terri assimilates even only water by mouth, then she lives; if not, she dies of natural causes but is not killed.

But Greer ordered (1) and forbade (2).

This is quite different from with holding extraordinary care, and the difference has been very successfully obfuscated by Michael Schiavo, Judge Greer, and the euthanasia movement.

The need for obfuscation in the face of the tattered remnants of the inherited moral conscience is why she is being starved and dehydrated rather than just dispatched with an injection.

The public’s poor moral discrimination is why obfuscation can succeed.

– Andrew Porter
774 Joyce Street
Livermore, CA 94550
(925) 443-4041


1. Terri Schiavo and the Court of Public Opinion-Editorial Comments
A) State bill SB 654 - Physician Assisted Suicide
2. Universal health care starting with the children of poor parents.

Editorial Comments
According to a noon time Fox News report and interview with Schiavo Attorney and Choice in Dying advocate, George Felos, it would appear that all legal avenues to save Terri’s life are closed. The Schindler’s are to be greatly commended for their heroic fight to save their daughter’s life. There is no drug to assuage their pain and suffering. I have been very reluctant to offer my thoughts or make comments on the statements made by national figures some of which, but not all, have been very eloquent. With the media’s voracious appetite for talking heads almost everyone pro life or pro death has made their televised pronouncement on the value and meaning of life in general and Terri’s specifically.
In speaking with various people or reading commentaries it seems that everyone blames the other guy for Terri’s predicament and everyone claims that their particular interest in the matter has not been sufficiently aired, truly and especially those interests of the disabled community. they feel especially threatened for their own lives with this turn of events. It seems that everything is focused on the authority of the Courts to employ only objective non moral or ethical decisions.
I am not a lawyer, medical person or elected official, but what I am and what most of you are, is a consumer of those services and talents. We may not ever need the services of a lawyer or a Congressman, but almost all of us from the day we’re born call upon the services of the medical profession. Did you notice that no doctor involved in health care decisions for Terri were interviewed? Did you notice that no legislator or court official called for or conducted a hearing on new evidence in determining what Terri wanted and needed? The only Judge making any decisions has been Judge George Greer and all the others have just been backing him like the good old buddy system. The only way any pro life medical person or lawyer or elected official could be heard was to address the media and the court of public opinion. A resident of Kansas sent out an email informing people that the law firm of Felos and Felos had made a contribution to the Judge Greer for reelection campaign of 2004 according to the Florida state
Terri’s is not the first such case to receive such public and national publicity. It all began, so it seems, in the mid 1970s with the Karen Ann Quinlan case, directly following the Roe v Wade Decision which made abortion merely one of many reproductive health choices which seems to be the way food and nutrition is going. In that case Karen, a young woman, had mixed alcohol and drugs falling into a coma. She was placed on a respirator and feeding tube.
the parents sought to let her die by pulling the respirator, but to everyone’s surprise she continued breathing dying many years later.
The next case came in the late 1980s with Nancy Cruzan who suffered brain damage as the result of a late night car accident. Her nutrition and hydration was stopped by Court order requested by her parents. She died in 1990 following the same path, essentially, that Terri is undergoing. Her father later committed suicide.
There are many other recorded cases in which decisions were made to remove food and fluids and stop medications based mostly on hearsay of spouses or parents backed up by court rulings that the patient didn’t want to live that way. Also interesting is the fact that Ronald CranfordMD. another right to die proponent, and the one who pronounced Terri’s condition as PVS - persistent vegetative state - interviewed on tv in Terri’s case was the so-called medical expert in many of those cases stating that removing food and fluids was the way to go even for Alzheimer’s patients.
For a very thorough analysis of all these cases I recommend that you go to the web site for the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force -www.IAETF.org.
The Fall, 1996 issue of Issues in Law and Medicine (Vol. 12, No.2) also has some very interesting reports. I especially like the one by James Bopp, Jr. J.D. and Richard E. Coleson, M.A.R. J.D. entitled A Critique of Family Members as Proxy Decision makers Without Legal Limits. That article lists 8 reasons why family members should not be decision makers in loved ones end of life decisions. To quote just one small paragraph:
“Where Family Members Are Allowed To Make Care Decisions For An Adult Relative With Severe Disabilities.
There should be limits against presuming waiver of the Right to LIfe. Limits on Quality-of-Life decisions, and limits on surrogate decisions to end life.”

“To protect the rights of severely disabled, incompetent persons, safeguards governing treatment decisions concerning such individuals should include
1) Limiting any presumption of a waiver of the right to life,
2) Limiting quality-of-life decisions to end another’s life, and
3) Limiting surrogate decisions to end another’s life to only those circumstances where there is a compelling justification.” We are now entering upon the stage in history when killing is kindness and living is cruelty
Economics is the new determinant of respect for life.

SB 654, Patty Berg/Lloyd Levine, Physician Assisted Suicide
The following quote from an editorial in the L.A. Daily News by Michael J. Wissot sums up the thinking of the bill’s authors and sponsors:

“Let’s face it. There are those voices in the health care industry who value human life strictly in economic terms. We bristle at the notion that an HMO accountant may have a say in our health care treatment, but today, the debate is far more ominous.

Should 80 percent of lifetime health care dollars be spent on people in their last year of life, especially when they are no longer “contributing” economically?

That’s the question that health care executives have posed to the California Legislature. And as long as this powerful lobby can usurp policy-making through weak-willed legislators, the value of a human life will remain defined in dollars and cents.

ACTION: Please contact your Assembly member’s local, district office this coming week and state your opposition to SB 654. the phone number and location of the local office can be found in the front of your phone book under federal, state and local officials.
Hospices are usually pretty good, but even here it pays to be careful. In the Southern California town of Canyon Country (zip code 91386) there is a hospice entitled Hospice for Choices run by Florence Wald, MSN. She established the first US hospice in Connecticut in 1974. Here is her mission statement as it appears on the web site: “I’ll tell you the way I see it, and I know that I differ from Cicely Saunders, who is very much against assisted suicide. I disagree with her view on the basis that there are cases in which either the pain or the debilitation the patient is experiencing is more than can be borne, whether it be economically, physically, emotionally, or socially. For this reason, I feel a range of options should be available to the patient, and this should include assisted suicide.” So, to quote tv detective Adrian Monk, “be careful out there.”

Most State Voters Support Increasing Taxes To Insure All Children.

Isn’t it a paradox that we are encouraged to starve and dehydrate our disabled and elderly as a way to save taxpayer burdens but on the opposite end of life we are encouraged to pay more tax dollars to ’save” the children?

According to a March 23, 2005 California Healthline report:
“About 70% of state voters surveyed support increased taxes to provide health insurance to all children, according to a poll released Tuesday by the California Endowment, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports. About 1,200 likely state voters participated in the poll.”
According to the poll, 63% of Republicans and 89% of Democrats favored guaranteeing health insurance to all children. The poll found that Hispanics and blacks were about 15% more likely than whites to support universal health coverage for children (Welton, San Luis Obispo Tribune, 3/23).
As a reminder universal health coverage means that each insured person, child or adult, becomes an independent contractor for services with the state. This makes them automatically eligible to receive birth control counseling and services and abortions. Parents surrender their child to the state for medical supervision. I fear that if the legislature passes the SB 654, assisted suicide will also be made available to teens and adults as yet just another health care service.

PARENTS RIGHT TO KNOW INITIATIVE. The deadline for turning in the Parents Right to Know initiative is fast approaching. Articles are beginning to appear in the news about the possibility of this initiative appearing on a November ballot (instead of the originally intended 2006 ballot) if the Governor’s initiatives gather enough signatures in time for a November special election. If it does ours will be the only initiative on the ballot dealing with human beings and their treatment. All the rest will be about finances.

Please remember us in your contributions to pro life causes. We ask no more than $24.99/yr. Contributions have fallen off significantly as the world stage commands our attention.
California Right to Life Committee, Inc. 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Check out our blog site as well - http://callifeadvocates.spyblog.us/blog.

Camille Giglio
Ca. Right to Life Comm.


1. Terri Schiavo - the debate continues.
2. Legislation and miscellaneous subjects
1. Today


Camille Giglio
Ca. Right to Life Committee, Inc.
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243
Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Remember to return your completed Parents Right to Know signatures by April 14. The addresses are listed on the bottom of each initiative.
Please feel free to distribute this email to others with our gratitude.
1. Commentary on The Terri Schiavo situation.
2. Legislative report.

1. The idea has arrived from several sources that if we just label Terri Schiavo as a terrorist all the bleeding hearts in the country will jump to save her life. American soldiers have been sentenced to jail merely for embarrassing war criminals with photographs of them in compromising positions. American doctors, lawyers and media commentators are demanding a painful death be administered to an innocent helpless American woman. According to insider reports coming over the internet Terri is capable of much greater interaction with people than televised news reports have shown.
As it is, only a few in the legal and political systems along with several press releases from the Vatican have come forward to declare opposition to ending Terri

Take away God, all respect for civil laws, all regard for even the most necessary institutions disappears; justice is scouted; the very liberty that belongs to the law of nature is trodden underfoot; and men go so far as to destroy the very structure of the family, which is the first and firmest foundation of the social structure.
- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904