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Assembly Select Committee On Women's Reproductive Health,
March 11th, 2020

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This child doesn’t need Government mandated Pre-K schooling. Young John is the grandchild of a very fine Pro Life Family.

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Four month and six month old human fetal skeletons, displayed At the Federal Civil War Medical and Military history Museum, in Silver Spring, MD. Display can be found in new more current segment of the museum’s historical displays.

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Mary Catherine was an abandoned new-born, found in Antioch and buried by Ca. Right to Life and Birthright of concord, at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. along with 24 other pre-born babies.

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Come Holy Spirit, enlighten the minds and hearts of your people!
July 4th, 2018



March 25th 2008 @ 8:09 am

From time to time I have reported on programs being aired on the local county cable TV station - CCTV. I have learned a great deal about what social change programs are entering our county, who is sponsoring them and to whom they are directed.

I recently reported on two programs, originally aired in 2006 and 2007 and taped for re-airing at future dates, in which the speakers introduced A) the idea that our U.S. Constitution was passé and B) in which two elected officials took the opportunity to bash President Bush over his veto of the SCHIP expansion. I usually order a copy of the program on DVD and can spend my leisure (that’s a joke, Ma’am) reviewing the content.

This week I reviewed a program originally aired on September 16, 2005, and re-run many times on CCTV entitled: Man Power: Mentoring Boys to Compassionate Men. The guest speaker was Dr. Michael Kaufman, a Canadian, Founder of the 1991 White Ribbon Campaign to end Domestic Violence. The program was sponsored by STAND Against Domestic Violence and Zero Tolerance Against Domestic Violence. Both of these organizations are supported by our tax dollars.

The coordinators and community partners were the County District Attorney’s Office, Supervisor Federal Glover, County Sheriff’s Dept, Public Defender’s office, Health Dept, Elder Abuse Council and Bay Area Legal Services.

The audience was (sparsely) filled, one must presume, with employees from those agencies and especially people who would work with rehabilitating prisoners and preventing crime amongst those local populations deemed to be most susceptible to criminal activity.

Kaufman’s purpose in being there was to lay out a program for reducing or eliminating the tendencies of violence in men and boys especially as it affected women and creating in them a more compassionate demeanor towards women and their unique status and needs.

The day long workshop (the DVD went on for 2 hours and 27 minutes) consisted of rehashing the 1960s worn out feminist diatribe against: men that they need to develop their feminine side and become more compassionate and accepting of what women want in men.

Here’s some of the things he claimed:

1. Studies of ancient and remote tribes that practice equality amongst the men and women have no violence.

2. The development of male dominance began about 8,000 yrs ago (when questioned by a participant he was unable to state what caused this disruption in Western society). He could only say that men have a pre-disposition to violence and a desire for dominance, therefore, we had a slave society wherein men could dominate others perceived as weaker than themselves.

3. Men are, basically fearful that they won’t be successful.

4. Men perform for other men from whom they seek assurance.

5. Male fear of falling short turns into anger which is then taken out on women, children and white men presume they are privileged just because of their skin color and so they presume to have the right to enslave those of other skin colors. Dr. Kaufman is a white male.

6. Even if one is a non-violent male who would never strike or enslave another that person is responsible for the continuance of this violent society because of silence, failure to turn in their neighbor for perceived violent acts against another.

Kaufman told a story which he presented as his own but I seriously doubt it because he gave other examples of male dominance which the feminists have been crying about for 30 years.

He compared the birth of his son and the reaction of the delivery room staff to the birth of a daughter and the response from delivery room personnel.

For the boy, even the nurses declared, he said, in “deep voices,” “It’s a boy, how strong he looks.” When a girl is born, he said, “delivery room staff pitch their voices high and soft and crooning and say, “ah, it’s a girl, how sweet” He then said: “My son was only 13 seconds old and already victimized by social structure. We talk differently to girls as to boys. Boys are treated differently from girls based on one small part of their body.” This is inequality. He indicated that society begins at birth to teach boys to be violent men. To have to live up to the role model of a violent, wife beating, racist, intolerant slaver.

There was much more, but now I get to the main part of why I’m reporting on this.

As I stated in the beginning, this program was first aired in 2005 and, like so many others, shown over and over again on public television. Often times there has been a meager live audience.

The purpose in airing and recording these programs is not so much to train the attendees, but to reach the TV audience, the community, to manipulate the community’s social values. To create a “norms change” as one spokesman on another Zero Tolerance broadcast had stated.

Here’s what is going on as I figured it out after talking with a very helpful program manager at CCTV. The speakers and programs have goals and objectives which either the city or county officials or non -profit community agencies want people under their sphere of influence to accept. Our tax money is being used to produce these programs whether it comes from local Franchise taxes paid to the cities by the TV station, or charged to us in our monthly bill for cable services or whatever else. We are being brainwashed with our own money and our silence in not opposing these programs.

While the TV station may catch the brunt of our displeasure at what is aired, it is, in reality to county/government entity that brings in the speakers, requests the re-airing of the programs and holds the TV station to accountability and re-authorization of their contract.

So, Gwen Regalia, Mark DeSaulnier, Federal Glover, George Miller, Ellen Tauscher, every city that supports a cable tv station is to be held accountable for the manipulation of our society, in part, through television.

In the old days, the local big-shot would address the village from the Mayor’s balcony. Now he/she does it through our own television in our own home.

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Take away God, all respect for civil laws, all regard for even the most necessary institutions disappears; justice is scouted; the very liberty that belongs to the law of nature is trodden underfoot; and men go so far as to destroy the very structure of the family, which is the first and firmest foundation of the social structure.
- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904