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Body part peddlers complain that prolifers make them “look bad”

End-Of-Life Decisions and Facts

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Assembly Select Committee On Women's Reproductive Health,
March 11th, 2020

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Landmark Cases explores the human stories and constitutional dramas behind some of the most significant and frequently cited decisions in the Supreme Court's history

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TS Radio interview
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Meeting the needs of Patients - Post
Roe v. Wade

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CA Senate Health Committee SB 24 hearing on April 3, 2019.

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The Star of Bethlehem shines brightly on the newborn child, Jesus.

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This child doesn’t need Government mandated Pre-K schooling. Young John is the grandchild of a very fine Pro Life Family.

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Four month and six month old human fetal skeletons, displayed At the Federal Civil War Medical and Military history Museum, in Silver Spring, MD. Display can be found in new more current segment of the museum’s historical displays.

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Mary Catherine was an abandoned new-born, found in Antioch and buried by Ca. Right to Life and Birthright of concord, at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. along with 24 other pre-born babies.

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Come Holy Spirit, enlighten the minds and hearts of your people!
July 4th, 2018



July 11th 2011 @ 5:20 pm

Camille Giglio

Sunday, July 10, 2011. Did your newspaper carry a full page ad for Gardasil today? Mine did and I’m so annoyed. (Contra Costa Times, member, Bay Area News Group) Please send me back an email and tell me if you saw an ad, any size ad, in your paper promoting Gardasil for boys and girls- callifeadvocates@sbcglobal.net.

California bill, AB 499 , Minors: Medical Care; Consent, was well on its way to the Governor’s desk, it had one more senate floor vote to go when it suddenly got sent back to the Senate Appropriations Committee ostensibly because it was too expensive.

Some legislators, we thought, finally woke up to the realization that these shots, administered to minors 9 years to age 18 without parental consent or knowledge, administered in a series of three shots over 6 months time, costing upwards of a total of$500.00 were too expensive.

We also thought maybe the legislators wised-up to the fact that since the bill forbade parental involvement the departments of education and health care could get sued by parents whose daughters and sons were injured by these chemical injections.

Today, when I opened my newspaper, there, on the page next to the editorials was a full page ad written in glowing terms and paid for by the Merck Pharmaceutical company that manufactures this so-called protection from HPV.

Now, we know the reason they pulled back the bill.

It was going to die on the floor of the senate. Placing Ads in newspapers selling the public on the beneficial effects of injecting your children with their experimental drugs is their way of lobbying you to demand support of passage of this bill and any others like it now in the state legislature.

Please continue to contact your state Senator by fax on letterhead stationery or by phone. The legislature is just about out on recess, the officials will be in their districts so you can call the district phone number and register your position with the legislator. Better yet, go visit his office.

Also, consider writing a letter to the editor including some of the following researched facts contained in the June 30, 2008 Judicial Watch Special Report: EXAMINING THE FDA’S HPV VACCINE RECORDS:

  1. Health Safety and Advocacy reports (VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) list a minimum of 8,864 adverse effects from Gardasil injections.
  2. Parents in Texas created such a protest over the vaccination of their children that the order was rescinded by the legislature.
  3. The American College of Pediatrics opposes mandatory vaccinations due to unanswered questions abouto the safety and long-term effects.


  1. Gardasil is designed to protect against only 4 strains of HPV even though there are over 30 strains including at least fifteen that can cause cancer.


  1. Gardasil is the most expensive vaccine ever to be recommended by the FDA, its long-term effectiveness is unknown and could be as brief as only two to three years.


  1. The shortness of presumed protection could mean that a young girl during her years of maturation could receive several doses of this drug.
  2. The virus that causes Human Papillomavirus - HPV - is a common sexually transmitted disease affecting over 75% of people between the ages of 15-49. The healthy human immune system can easily ward off infections without the aid of science and taxpayer cost. If the body’s immune system is weakened the person is at greater risk of expanded infection. If the person has had other complications arising from vaccinations, this gardasil could create increased adverse reactions.
  3. Gardasil was put on the fast-track for FDA approval at the urgings of the FDA advisory panels, The Center for Disease Control - CDC.
  4. There were questions about the objectivity of the controlled testing on the benefits of Gardasil.
  5. Anyone with a pre-existing HPV condition known or unknown is exposed to a worsened outbreak of genital warts or abnormal precancerous lesions.

This bill, AB 499, could come up for a vote again, beginning on July 15. Please urge your legislator to keep the bill in committee, do not bring it to the floor.

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Take away God, all respect for civil laws, all regard for even the most necessary institutions disappears; justice is scouted; the very liberty that belongs to the law of nature is trodden underfoot; and men go so far as to destroy the very structure of the family, which is the first and firmest foundation of the social structure.
- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904