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July 4th, 2018



February 5th 2012 @ 8:23 am

by Camille Giglio

Included here are some excerpts from Abby Johnson’s take on the Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood fiasco to which I am adding some thoughts that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere yet.

By Abby Johnson Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director        5:28 PM 02/03/2012

People who run private charities that award grants to Planned Parenthood have got to be wondering if their organizations will receive the “Komen Treatment,” a mafia-style shakedown, if they ever decide not to fund the group.

The people who run Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, want money and don’t care who they have to beat down in order to get it.

As a former manager and employee….. of a Planned Parenthood in Texas, I know what Planned Parenthood does for women’s health, and it sickens me. At my clinic, we didn’t have cancer screening quotas to fill — we had abortion quotas to fill, because that’s what made us money…. We would send low-income women to a mammography and diagnostic center that would provide the services for free.

But here’s the kicker: If a low-income woman comes in to Planned Parenthood for a breast exam, the federal government will pay for it. The Komen money isn’t really necessary. Taxpayers give $1 million a day to Planned Parenthood, more than enough to cover free cancer screenings. And if the government wised up and stopped funding the abortion giant, the underprivileged and uninsured would be fine because there are over 7,000 federally qualified health centers around the country that serve the underprivileged and uninsured — many of which provide free cancer screenings.

Komen did not need to apologize for cutting off funds to Planned Parenthood. The abortion giant thinks it is above the law even though it is under criminal investigation for many, many good reasons — it has defrauded Medicaid to the tune of millions of dollars and has been caught on tape telling 13- and 14-year-olds how to get abortions after being impregnated by men in their 30s and telling pimps how to get secret abortions for young girls who are being used for sex trafficking.

Abby Johnson is the former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas and the author of Unplanned, which chronicles both her experiences within Planned Parenthood and her dramatic exit.

I think its interesting that, apparently, today is National Cancer Awareness month. Komen itself does no research for cures nor medical care for women. It is a fundraising organization distributing private funds to organizations of their choice which, has since its founding included Planned Parenthood which also, according to Amy Johnson’s report, does no research or care for breast cancer patients.

There are sixteen cancer research organizations living off of private donations but none of them receive the media and political support that Komen and Planned Parenthood receives. No legislator or Newspaper editor is writing columns demanding that money be given to them. why not?

What’s so special about Komen? Since when have members of Congress gotten involved with putting pressure on groups to give funding to organizations of their, the legislators, choice?

Have you noticed that in all the newspaper coverage denouncing Pro Lifers not one paper or TV newscast has interviewed a pro life representative? They have also allowed themselves to be used by political figures like New York’s Mayor Michael Blumberg who donated $200,000 to Planned Parenthood because he was so outraged at what we Pro Lifers supposedly did. I guess I should say “Thanks for the compliment.”

I wonder if it was really Blumberg’s own money he gave? And you notice that they take Planned Parenthood’s word on the donations receives through other sources because of this “horrendous” incident, but Planned Parenthood won’t say how much has been donated? This has been a ploy of theirs over the years. When their funding or client levels drop they gin up some excuse to protest “pro life/right wing” influence and then proudly announce how much new money they received in donations. Years ago it used to be late night fires at clinics or break-ins at clinics for which they would run to the media crying foul and demanding that pro lifers own up to this loss. Now, its public intimidation against agencies that don’t even have anything to do with pro lifers.

The media has truly become the official designated government arm to stand up in the public arena and publicly denounce citizens and groups with which the government is displeased even though they have nothing to do with an agency’s final decision.

Pro Lifers have been trying for years to convince Komen to stop funding Planned Parenthood. We all have received their canned disavowal of our pleas. Suddenly, they hire a new director who makes a startling new discovery about what Planned Parenthood is really doing?

The official denouncers make much of our ability to intimidate groups and pressure private agency decisions, but I note that they have heaped praise on those who have intimidated Komen to continue their payments to the Planned Parenthood mafia in order to secure insurance against public condemnation.

I smell the winds of collusion, here. This is election time, folks, anything goes. This little one-act play will become a litmus test for politicians. They may well be asked to take a side. Are they with Komen and Planned Parenthood or with the right of freedom of speech to expose misleading information and activities in either the public or private sector?

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- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904