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July 4th, 2018



August 14th 2013 @ 2:37 pm

August 13, 2013
Camille Giglio

The California Senate Appropriations Committee was very busy yesterday sending most bills to the Suspense file while Governor Brown was busy consigning the state’s schools’ bathrooms (AB 1266), to the LGBT crowd. It is now up to parents to fight for their children’s privacy with each school.

So, one could say that the day was spent in bullying and blackmailing conducted by our state’s esteemed legislators.

The Senate Appropriations hearing room was packed with representatives of both the abortion industry and the pro life community in anticipation of the hearing on AB 154, Assembly Woman Toni Atkins bill to authorize midwives and nurse practitioners to commit abortions without physician, or, basically, any supervision.

The Richard Pan companion bill, AB 980, on building construction standards for abortion facilities, was pulled from the hearing. No reason given.

Bills that are sent to the Appropriations committee are presumed to contain new money, new costs to the state. Bills that exceed $50,000.00 of General Fund money and bills that contain $150,000.00 of Special Fund money are required to go to a Suspense file rather than just be passed on. There was not a quorum present at any time to pass anything anyway.

Several bills were heard before bringing up AB 154. These all went to Suspense. Assemblywoman Atkins presentation of the bill’s purpose made it rather clear that this was more a workforce development bill than a health care bill. She spoke to the so-called need to provide more access for more women to have abortions which to any sane person, means, providing more abortionists.

It is now obvious that physicians are refusing to commit abortions anymore and so, in order for Planned Parenthood to keep its share of market in the abortion business alive (you should pardon the pun) they have to provide other means of aborting women and they are planning to do that by training lesser qualified employees who will work at lower salaries. This is their idea of cost savings to the state.

The bill does have well over the $150.000.00 limit. Sen. There is a one time cost of up to $150,000 for adoption or revision of regulations by the Board of Registered Nursing. (Weren’t we all told that the nursing scope of practice already had all that taken care of?).

There is a one time cost of $150,000 for adoption or revision Calpers funds is indeterminate and not even considered as regards to the Appropriation Committee and its mandate to estimate all costs of things.

The official Senate Appropriations Committee analysis suggests that whether this increases the number of abortions because it is not known whether a so-called lack of abortionists has decreased the number of abortions.

One of the pro life witnesses spoke to this issue declaring that through phone calls placed to a large number of abortion facilities it was declared that one could obtain an abortion within the hour, the day or the week. no problem.

This is one big experimental program operated by Planned Parenthood and using vulnerable and pregnant women to gather data on “best practices” to be used in future as all abortions are adapted to being performed by women as their source of a paycheck.

Ted Gaines, (R) called for the bill to be put into suspense. Kevin DeLeon, the Chairman, called for a vote on that which was two or one in favor passing the bill on. Since there was not a quorum, De Leon said he would hold the vote open. Then Sen. Gaines came back and said, wait a minute, this billl has more than the $150,000.00 and must go in to suspense. It was, therefore, agreed to put the bill in Suspense.

Assembly woman Atkins, who, I might add, was once a Planned Parenthood clinic director in the San Diego area, was given a final response which she spent scolding the committee for even considering whether the pro life witnesses had anything worthwhile to say. She basically claimed that anyone believing what the pro lifers say is insane.

She further challenged the committee members to come to her for advise and she would clear up all misstatements that the pro lifers gave.

The Senate Appropriations Committee will accept letters on bills, if they specifically focus on costs. They will be given to the committee member working on getting the bill to meet the committee’s requirements.

Senator Ted Gaines should be thanked for his willingness to stand up and require that the committee adhere to its normal procedures.

I have no date for further hearings on the bill.

Other bills related to pro life concerns also heard in Appropriations yesterday and placed on Suspense:

AB 714, Bob Wieckowski, (D), Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund. Authorizes the state’s General Fund to provide $1 million dollars to establish the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act of 1999 at U.C., Berkeley.
AB 1299, Stephen Bradford, (-L.A.) Universal Service Programs: Advanced Services Fund. Approves Broadband services be installed in every California low-income publicly supported housing community.

AB 361, Holly Mitchell, (D-Culver City) Medi-Cal: Health Homes for Medi-Cal Enrollees. authorizes medical homes for medi-Cal enrollees for chronic conditions. Toni Atkins is a principal co-author. Appears to be focused on surrounding the homeless with a buffet of community services rather than have them continually call 911 for rides to the ER. The bill doesn’t explain how they intend to get these patients to the medical homes or keep track of them.

AB 626, Nancy Skinner (D) School Nutrition. Conforms the state to the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, requiring schools to comply with federal standards for nutrition, thereby increasing the costs of food, snacks, etc while limiting caloric intake and expanding the free and reduced-price meals available at schools for both breakfast and lunch.

Like so many education bills this one also pretty much by-passes local supervision and control placing the school directly under federal supervision and guidance.

AB 514, Rob Bonta, (D-Oakland) The Safe Schools and Safe Learning Act of 2013.
This bill deals with mental health and counseling of students who may claim to have been discriminated against or harassed or bullied in any way in or outside of school, creating web sites and referral systems for students seeking counseling and support.
Basically this bill is just a window-dressing claiming to make all children safe and free from aggressors, but it proposes to do this by creating referrals to community organizations, like so many other bills. If all the people whom legislators claim need mental health counseling were to use all these electronic referral programs underwritten by state tax dollars, there wouldn’t be enough social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists or psychologists to attend to all the people and the charges to the state for the service would be astronomical.

This last bill has passed all its committees and is awaiting a final hearing in the full Senate.



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