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Assembly Select Committee On Women's Reproductive Health,
March 11th, 2020

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The Star of Bethlehem shines brightly on the newborn child, Jesus.

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This child doesn’t need Government mandated Pre-K schooling. Young John is the grandchild of a very fine Pro Life Family.

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Four month and six month old human fetal skeletons, displayed At the Federal Civil War Medical and Military history Museum, in Silver Spring, MD. Display can be found in new more current segment of the museum’s historical displays.

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Mary Catherine was an abandoned new-born, found in Antioch and buried by Ca. Right to Life and Birthright of concord, at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. along with 24 other pre-born babies.

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July 4th, 2018



October 30th 2013 @ 4:21 pm

Camille Giglio
October 27, 2013

The second wave of this two year term’s California education bills will soon be taken up in various committees. Of these 251 two-year bills CRLC has tagged 37 for tracking.

Of these mind-bending bills there are three that will bring about major changes in education policy. Common Core Standards may well be firmly entrenched as policy in California, but the question now for the legislators and stakeholders is…how do we package it attractively and sell it as a “good” to parents and local officials?

To get the full scope of this sneaky route to access to children we examine three bills:

AB 1194, Tom Ammiano, Safe Routes to School.
AB 646, Ken Cooley, (D), Public Education Governance: Regional P-20 Councils.
SB 45, Ellen Corbett, (D), Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998,

These three bills, and others, encompass the end objective of by-passing local elected education officers and having non-elected centralized non-education planners set global communitarian priorities using the students to improve the “health of the community.”

These are Hillary’s village people. they believe it is necessary to professionalize the raising of children to ensure their and their community’s future success as a sustainable community.

These people see a new way, a scientifically based equity driven pathway to success for all overseen by government officials and their appointed monitors.

AB 1194 sets the requirement for which community and government agencies may have access to the children in the classroom. and AB 646, sets up these “non-traditional” community partners as education advisors to monitor and track that equity in education goals are met.

SB 45, expands the scope of building codes and standards for all buildings,, including schools, to experiment with new and joint-occupants, (AB 1015, Kindergarten-University public education facilities Bond Act) and building materials.

AB 1194, Tom Ammiano, Safe Routes to School. This bill expands the 2011 Safe Routes transportation legislation by Assembly member V. Manny Perez, by requiring the state Department of Transportation and its usual mandate for funding construction of roads, streets, trails, rails, etc, to include an additional requirement of using 20% of the total funding for non-infrastructure (social agenda) training.

Sec 2333.5 of the streets and highways code is amended to read: “including public awareness campaigns and outreach to press and community leaders, traffic education and enforcement, bicycle and pedetrian safety, health and environment.”
Navigating M.A.P.-21: The Safe Routes to School Edition, audio/visual presentation, 8-26-12. (MAP-21=Moving Ahead for Progress.)

This includes student class time training. Are you sending your children to school to learn to ride bikes? Or, learn how to cook, or garden?

Do you send your daughters to Catholic high schools to learn about equity issues by being taken to San Francisco to hobnob with the denisons of the Tenderloin?

Or, even worse, to be encouraged to become Planned Parenthood peer counselors promoting birth control to their classmates as they are doing in LAUSD Roosevelt High School in East L.A.?

Each one of these non-infrastructure activities of the national Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

Please understand that though the title contains the word schools, Safe Routes to School, as authored by Tom Ammiano, has nothing to do with protecting students from bullying, abductions, drive-bys, thievery, dog bites, etc. as they go to and from school or during school. There are other bills that will place marshals in the schools as well as mental health counselors and community health clinics that dispense vaccinations and contraceptives along with abortion referrals. Funding for this last item will come through the state budget and foundation grants.

“Safe Routes” can have a multitude of meanings, i.e. being socially or politically correct gets your child in the front door, parents cooperating with the schools to prepare their children to exhibit obedient additudes thereby opens pathways to future academic instruction, total acceptance of communitarian dogma by parents and students insuring future job security, etc.

In 2010, then Governor Schwarzenegger, signed an Executive Order S-04-10 creating a program called Health in all Policies - HIAP - and assigned it to the state Strategic Growth Council in conjunction with the state Public Health Department.

By 2011 California became a member of a nationwide networking of 18 government and private sector agencies entitled Safe Routes to School National Partnership - SRTSNP - sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Check out the website for the Institute for Local Government: Sustainable Communities Learning Network; Updated Guide to Planning Healthy Neighborhoods.

Every state policy was to reflect some aspect of improving the health (emotional, mental, physical, financial, housing, transportation, nutritional, etc) of California’s communities thereby creating the perfect, healthy sustainable community, aka Obamacare. By re-structuring roads and highways, reducing gas emissions, improving water quality and significantly influencing the physical, economic and social environments in which people live, shop, work, study, and play, healthier and more productive communities would be created. Or, at least that’s what the government owned media has told us.

Again, what is meant by healthier or productive? Could it mean fewer children?
Schools may still offer mathematics classes through the STEM program, Science, Technology,Engineering and Math, but for instance the math segment if not monitored by parents just might be used to support a specific agenda.

As an example, The online website “On This Rock” reported that Northview High School in Southern California, had a Zero Population Growth banner hanging in its hallway. This banner, part of a math “project” declared “Zero Poulation Growth…it’s Up To You - No More Than Two.” Is that an addition or a subtraction project? www.on-this-rock.blogspot.com/2013/10/why-we-need-solid-catholic-schools.html.

Or, how about the recently passed Nancy Skinner bill on nutrition in schools? This is a part of the Michelle Obama endorsed, National Obesity Campaign and slavishly followed by State Superintendent of Schools, Tom Torlakson.

Here’s what happened in Richmond, Va. when parents signed up their preschoolers for the Henrico County Public School/Headstart Program:
The Daily Sheeple for October 22, 2013, reports that “Brown Bag Ban: Fed Gov Tells Preschool Parents No Lunch From Home Without a Doctor’s Note.

Other bills, reflecting the health-in-all policies agenda are:
• SB 301, Carol Liu, Kindergarten-University Public Education Bond Act. to construct and modernize education facilities.
• AB 1178, CalFresh, Raul Bocanegra, (D) Pupil Instruction: Promise Neighborhoods, access to food stamps for child development. (mandated nutrition programs in schools)
• SB 192, Carol Liu, Early Learning and Educational Support Services. Federal Race-to-the-Top Early-Learning Challenge Grants allowing pre-school to include 30 month old babies.
• AB 959, Susan Bonilla, Pupil Assessment. Aligning students with college and career readiness.

This is the true core of the Common Core Standards. These bills, though indexed as education bills are, in reality, workforce development bills aligned with sustainable, planned communities of the future. What makes them education bills is that their goals are achieved through brainwashing the students to accept the new order of society.

P-20 stands for Pre school through 4 years of college. In other words, non-elected community advisory groups who would be establishing and assisting in implementing education policy.

I quote from the official legislative analysis of this bill, “This is an employer-education partnership model of a regional P-20 Council…to help align preschool, K-12, community college, four-year college and graduate and professional education programs and funding to advance strategic educational and economic outcomes.

AB 1015, Curt Hagman, (R) School Facilities: Joint Occupancy. Provides incentive grants from the state Allocation Board for building of remodeling schools, including extending those grants to community organizations for the purpose of joint use of the school grounds and facilities, such as child care, extra curricular activites, or, just maybe community clinics.

SB301, Carol Liu, (D) Kindergarten thru University Public Education facilities Bond Act of 2014, would develop bonds to raise funds for new school facilities by statewide general election. This could become part of the 20% of Department of Transportation dollars for non-infrastructure programs Ammiano seeks in AB 1194.

The Leroy F Greene School Facilities Act, SB 50 of 1998, authorized bonds to be sold to finance school construction in a statewide general election. This Act has been used a multitude of times to expand just what qualifies as school construction and class-size reduction.

That we have any children at all in the state of California can be attributed to the Pro Life ethic still present in California since the original state abortion legislation of 1967. These devoted people have risked the loss of life, limb, family members, finances, reputations, careers to protect and defend the lifes of preborn babies.

Accusations of not caring what happens to these babies after they are born are false charges. We also follow the biblical admonition that they ae to be resisted with as much enthusiasm who would lead the (born) children astray
Abortion has cheapened life creating the view that people are burdensome valued only for their productivity to the group. The very people who cry that our constitutional and ethical way of life has created financial, educational and social divisions are profiting financially and politically through these very things that they themselves have been instrumental in creating, at least in our minds if not in reality.

Our children still need rescuing only this time its from the intelligentsia. Please help defeat the above listed bills. Write, phone, email your legislators.

End Notes;

Health in All Policies Task Force Report to the Strategic Growth Council, Executive Summary. December, 3, 2010. www.sgc.ca.govvv.

National Association of Local Boards of Health. www.nalboh.org

Caltrans Division of Local Assistance. Safe Routes to School Programs www.dot.ca.gov

State of California, Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General, Health In All Policies Task Force, www.oag.ca.gov.

Safe Routes to School National Partnership/Voices for Healthy Kids,

Health and Health Equity in State Guidance, May 10,2012, Implementation Plan,
pg 2 & 4. Role of the Task Force:
The Executive Order (EO)2 that created the HiAP Task Force declares that the population’s health and well-being are critical components of a prosperous and sustainable California, and that policies that influence the physical, economic, and social environments in which people live, work, and play influence the adoption of healthy lifestyles.

The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental
and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”
Health is a fundamental component of quality of life, and a healthy population is a critical building block for a sustainable and thriving economy. Health increases workforce participation and productivity, while illness and injury impact the productivity of the individual, and their family members. Preamble to the Constitution of the World Health Organization, adopted June 19,1946. http://whqlibdoc.who.int/hist/official_records/constitution.pdf.

Health in All Policies; a Guide for State and Local Governments.

Institute for Local Government: Sustainability Best Practices Framework: 2013 Update.

Real costs of California’s outdated Flammability Standards, Contra Costa Times OPINION, 10/25/13, authored by Jean Hansen, Michael Green and Jim Weitkamp.
“We are all in the business of building for a healthier future, and AB127 is a step forward in creating healthy environments in all of our communities for generations to come.

California Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Resource Center, TARC, “Classroom Activities and Pedestrian and Bike Training Resources. Provides ideas for classroom activities that provide pedestrian and bicycle safety education and encouragement.”

Federal Programs Preschool Collaboration Agreement: Memorandum of Understanding, (MOU)
BEtween Henrico County Public Schools and Henrico County Head Start.

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