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End-Of-Life Decisions and Facts

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Assembly Select Committee On Women's Reproductive Health,
March 11th, 2020

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Meeting the needs of Patients - Post
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CA Senate Health Committee SB 24 hearing on April 3, 2019.

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The Star of Bethlehem shines brightly on the newborn child, Jesus.

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This child doesn’t need Government mandated Pre-K schooling. Young John is the grandchild of a very fine Pro Life Family.

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Four month and six month old human fetal skeletons, displayed At the Federal Civil War Medical and Military history Museum, in Silver Spring, MD. Display can be found in new more current segment of the museum’s historical displays.

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Mary Catherine was an abandoned new-born, found in Antioch and buried by Ca. Right to Life and Birthright of concord, at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. along with 24 other pre-born babies.

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Come Holy Spirit, enlighten the minds and hearts of your people!
July 4th, 2018



February 25th 2014 @ 9:50 pm

Senior Citizens Targeted.
Camille Giglio
February 23, 2014

“The wisdom of this world is foolishness”
1 Corinthians.

Friday, February 21, 2014, was the last day for the California legislature to submit new legislation for year 2 of the 2013/2014 legislative term. Several of the left over bills from year one are still awaiting a final vote, also.

Several of the new health bills are focusing on End-Of-Life issues, senior citizens and more government controls in alignment with the federal Affordable Care Act, and on long term and elder health care facilities..

From the viewpoint of someone who watches health and education legislation it is not a positive picture for either the beginnings of life or the endings of life in California. Planned Parenthood has worked hard and diligently to control who enters this world. Now, the death and dying groups, are emerging as the controllers of who leaves this world, when and how quickly.

The main vehicle to which the EOL’ers have attached achievement of their goals is Palliative Care. Though there is a place within medicine for palliative care (alleviation of pain and suffering at the end of life) groups like Compassion and Choices and organ procurement agencies also use palliative so-called care to advance their goals of organ donation procurement and/or planned, controlled termination of life through POLST (DNR-type form) forms. This form is also referred by other, similar words such as MOLST or MOST, etc.

The tools of their death trade are reliance on Freedom of Speech Rights to access seniors. etc. in public forums. They also heavily promote and legislate for authorized recognition as a state recognized Advanced Directive assistance agency in order for the purpose of signing up patients and potential patients with their version of a health directive called the POLST form. Thirdly, they use intimidation through threat of law suits of elected local officials who refuse to accommodate their demands for access.

Example: On February 28, 2014, the Concord, California, Senior Citizens Center will host a Health Fair, which they have done for a number of years. This year, Compassion and Choices was invited to be a part of the health information Fair. This is the group that promotes their POLST form mandating Palliative Care only.

Put in plainer language, The City of Concord will for the price of an $85,00 application fee allow this group to have access to Concord’s senior citizens.

Large numbers of area residents have registered their opposition to this appearance of the C&C and, to their credit two Concord elected officials, when notified of this egregious move, have expressed their concerns to the City Attorney. The City Attorney, Mr. Mark Coon, has dug in his heels, “strongly” supporting C&C’s freedom of speech rights as well as the fear of a lawsuit if C&C is rejected.

CRLC has also learned that in past Health Fairs Planned Parenthood has been invited to address the Seniors’ with recommendations and directions for enjoying sex longer into their senior years.

Compassion and Choices’ Oregon State www.compassionoforegon.org website carries the notice that they are an advocacy group for the right of citizens to “legal, lethal medications” which will allow the terminally ill to peacefully pass from this life without pain and surrounded by their loved ones, “making aid-in-dying” a choice.

Their California website “Get Involved” section proclaims that they are looking for volunteers to help staff booths at public events, get petitions signed to make California accessible to Aid in Dying” https://www.compassionandchoices.org/what-you-can-do/in-your-state/california/get-involved/.

99% of their various websites focus their information on facilitating dying, not on helping to provide or care for the ill, elderly or disabled or terminally ill, nor even where to obtain that sort of help.

Assisted suicide or self inflicted suicide is not (yet) legal in California. It seems a little shady for a group to be given access rights to voting citizens to promote their cause.

However, the Concord City Attorney claims that because of some teensy weentsy reflections on health care expressed on their website, they qualify as a participant in a health fair!

Concord city officials need to be contacted continuously with citizens notices of outrage at this willingness to accommodate what are basically population control advocates using abortion and some fantasy right to die, as the means of control.

Since this Senior Center resides on City property in a City owned park, the government protected freedom of speech is, according to the City Attorney and other officials, to be recognized even if someone or groups should decide that this is an issue of such importance that the right to protect and preserve one’s life from a human type eminent domain type life denying grab needs to be publicly proclaimed. They just can’t do it inside the senior center.

The Concord City officials need to be so bothered by residents about this that they will pass a resolution or city ordinance, whatever it takes, not to invite them in again. Anyone wishing to express their concerns on this matter to the Concord City Mayor is invited to do so. 925 671-3158. both before and after the February 28, date.
BILLS TO WATCH THIS TERM. Most bills have to go through their first hearing in order to really attempt to understand what they are trying to slip passed the public. Several of these bills could have direct connection to organ donation, brain-death issues or palliative care.

AB2399, John Perez, Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. 916-319-2053. “Authorizes an organ procurement organization to swipe a driver’s license or identification card to transmit information to the registry for the purpose of allowing an individual to identify himself or herself as a registered organ donor. INTRODUCED. 02/21/2014.”

This bill is, currently, very vague. No mention of what constitutes an organ procurement organization or agency. References are only to businesses which have permission to swipe cards for purchases and identification. Organ donor identity is already on a driver’s license, but not sure who swipes driver’s license cards now?

AB2139, Susan Eggman, End-Of-Life Care: Patient Notification. Relates to legal end-of-life options. Requires a health care provider to notify the patient when the health care provider makes a diagnosis that a patient has a terminal illness, of the patient’s right to comprehensive information and counseling regarding legal end-of-life care options. INTRODUCED.02/20/2014. This amends the 2008, AB 3000, Lois Wolk End-Of-Life legislation by authorizing a medical worker to become a pitch-man for the death and dying people.

SB 1357, Lois Wolk, Resuscitative Measures. 02/21/2014. Though vague this bill appears to deal mainly with a further promotion of the POLST form. Needs clarification to reference of a “legally recognized health care decision-maker.” Perhaps is expansion of authority of lower-echelon health care workers to make life changing decisions for the patient.

“Makes non-substantive changes (this actually means that this is a spot bill and that people should be alert to whatever amendments they will be attaching as the legislative year goes along) to existing law that defines a request regarding resuscitative measures as a written document, signed by an individual with capacity, or a legally recognized health care decision maker, and the individual’s physician, directing a health care provider regarding resuscitative measures.” INTRODUCED 2/21/2014.

SB1053, Holly Mitchell, Health Care Coverage: Contraceptives. 916-651-4026. 2013 term re-submitted bill. This is an unambiguous supportive move for population control. Aligns California firmly with the federal Affordable Care Act at no cost to the insured. According to author’s office it provides an exception similar to the highly contentious federal regulation, that a religious group may be exempt from paying for the insurance coverage of their employees, but that the insurance company itself cover the cost.

“Requires a health care service plan contract or health insurance policy issued, amended, or renewed on or after a specified date to provide coverage for all federal Food and Drug Administration approved contraceptive drugs, devices, and products in each contraceptive category outlined by the FDA, as well as sterilization procedures and contraceptive education and counseling, and would prohibit a plan or insurer from engaging in unreasonable medical management, in providing that coverage.”
INTRODUCED: 02/18/2014.

SB1055, Carol Liu, Public School Health Center Support Program. Renames the Public School Health Center Support Program as the School-Based Health and Education Partnership Program. provides funding for the expansion and renovation of existing school health centers. Authorizes population health grants. INTRODUCED. 02/18/2014.

"School health center" (as stated in the bill) means a center or program, located at or near a local educational agency, that provides age-appropriate health care services at the program site or through referrals. A school health center may conduct routine physical, mental health, and oral health assessments, and provide referrals for any services not offered onsite. A school health center may serve two or more nonadjacent schools or local educational agencies.”

This is an aggressive “seek and register” program to get students into Covered California, and using the Dept. of Education as a procurer agency, in partnership with the usual suspects. It will be a full-range service provider similar to any community clinic AND, IT WILL BE ON CAMPUSES. Paragraph (6) of Sec. 4 of the bill states: “(6) School health centers can be integral to providing the entire school community with prevention and health integration services by working collaboratively with school staff and administrators to meet the spectrum of health and prevention needs in a school community.

AB2111, Tom Ammiano, Child Development Services; Cal SAFE Program, California School Age Families Education. The bill lists 19 different types of services for pregnant and parenting teens that a School District, including Charter schools will have to provide including for the children of the teen parents, Many of these for which there is little or no reliable or demonstrative results such as: “pupils served and their children will not live their lives in poverty.” Requires that each child have a developmental profile.
INTRODUCED. 02/20/2014.

AB2344, Tom Ammiano, Family Law: Parentage. 916-319-2017. Establishes a statutory parentage form for assisted reproduction that would establish the parental rights of donor and intended parent parties to assisted reproduction that results in a child. Establishes the use of a stipulated stepparent adoption process, under which the child of a marriage or domestic partnership may be adopted by the parties to that marriage or domestic partnership. INTRODUCED 02/21/2014.

In 2013 Ammiano’s bill to allow cross use of bathrooms in schools was passed and an recent initiative attempt to kill the bill failed to gather enough signatures. Also Ammiano got his bill to provide financial and reproductive assistance to homosexual couples passed. This latest bill shows just how same-sex couples will receive reproductive parity and equity through expansion of the definition of who constitutes a parent.

AB2350, Susan Bonilla, Prevention of Pregnancy Discrimination, Education. Expresses various legislative findings and declarations relating to pregnancy discrimination. Adds to the Equity in Higher Education Act a provision specifying that this policy of freedom from discrimination includes freedom from pregnancy discrimination. INTRODUCED 02/21/2014.

Quite possibly Susan Bonilla, (D-Concord) introduced this bill as a favor to Tom Ammiano. He still has a bill pending that would give financial compensation to homosexual couples who are infertile as a result of their social life style choices not their reproductive capabilities under different circumstances.

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