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July 4th, 2018



October 27th 2014 @ 2:08 pm

Camille Giglio
October 26, 2014

Planned Parenthood has been mentioned in a 2014 article entitled Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking published by Annals of Health Law Vol 23, 2014, for contributing to the protection of those who profit from sex trafficking of minors and adults. (see end notes)

According to a definition of human trafficking published on the website of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Planned Parenthood could very possibly be included in the definition of traffickers.

Article 3, paragraph (a) of the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons lists these criterion.

THE ACT: Recruitment, transport, transfer, harboring and receipt of persons.
THE MEANS: Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability. giving payments or benefits.
PURPOSE: Exploitation including: Prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labor, slavery or similar practices, removal of organs, other types of exploitation.

Just keep all this in mind for a minute while you read on, please.

WHAT: Notice of request to attend the Acalanes High School district Governing Board meeting.
HOW: By attendance at the meeting or by letters and phone calls to the Governing Board.
        http://www.acalanes.k12.ca.us/page/17. Phone: 925-280-3900, fax 925-935-5872
WHEN: November 5, 2014. 7:30 PM Open session.
WHERE: 1212 Pleasant Hill Rd, Lafayette, Ca. Governing Board Conference room, Acalanes High School Campus.
WHY: Please read the following:

During the first week of October California Right to Life was informed by a very upset mother, that her daughter’s entire high school freshman class of students would, between October 6-10, be subjected to a week long presentation of Reproductive sexual Health services, events and activities, during their PE classes by Planned Parenthood.

The mother’s several attempts to obtain information about these classes either from the PE teacher who invited Planned Parenthood into the classes or the high school Principal were met with obstruction, paternalistic behaviors, and general obstructionism until it was too late to prevent this event from happening.

The parents took their daughter out of the PE class for that period of time and instructed her in health matters at home basing their instruction on the state education health code requirements.. The mother said that she was able to instruct her daughter thoroughly in one class time frame. She wonders why Planned Parenthood felt it needed a week.

As a result of this the parents and a group of other interested parents and taxpaying citizens will be appearing before the Acalanes, California, High School Governing Board’s November 5 meeting to demand that this event be put on the next meeting’s agenda to provide transparency and accountability in what the high school and the School Board are implying about the sexual health practices and knowledge that they presume are needed by students of the Acalanes School District.

We will be further demanding that all the high schools in the Acalanes District put a moratorium on any appearance of Planned Parenthood in the schools until this issue is settled. Acalanes, Las Lomas, Campolindo and Miramonte)

Since then several things have come to light.

  1. One week following Planned Parenthood’s attendance at the school, October 16, the school principal, a Mrs. Silvestri, along with a member of Planned Parenthood Northern California, signed a Memorandum of Understanding - MOU - forming a partnership or contract between the two entities for Planned Parenthood to have access to the students throughout the year .
    1. This appears to be a cover-up of a very foolish decision on the part of a rookie high school Principal.
  2. Further, The MOU states that the school is required to provide class room space for Planned Parenthood to conduct any further “clinics” it so chooses, and also provide all equipment and utilities that Planned Parenthood feels is necessary for them to conduct business.
  3. There is even a vague reference to payments for services provided by Planned Parenthood.
    1. Considerations #2 and #3 fly in the face of recent newspaper notices that the Governing Board
      1. Recently sued the taxpaying citizens of the school district to try and wrestle more money out of the residents for so-called academic and scholastic needs.
        1. Transparency. Government officials are forever claiming that they adhere to transparency requirements, but it is obvious that in this case they were attempting to hide what they had engaged in from the public.
  4. Both Planned Parenthood and Choice proponents are always crying the right to choice for students and women but in this case there was no choice for the students or the parents. The students were a captive audience and their parents were left out of the details of the lesson plans. Yet, educators are forever crying for more parent involvement in their children’s education.
  5. An Opt-out form had, so the PE teacher claims, been sent to parents two weeks prior to the class. However, this was a general opt-out form such as those passed out at the beginning of school, carrying no details as to what Planned Parenthood would be discussing with students.

After several requests from the mother, the PE teacher admitted that, very likely, Planned Parenthood would be discussing the use of and procurement of condoms, making referrals to Planned Parenthood external offices, discussing alternate life styles and all pertinent minors reproductive rights issues.

The teacher, basically, acknowledges that he doesn’t even really know what PP will be telling the students.

Very clearly planned parenthood was using this opportunity of free and unencumbered access to students as a means of obtaining present and future clientele. In other instances of PP being on campuses in other school districts they have made such a reference to students as clients.

The right to hear both sides of what is an obviously controversial subject was denied to students so their ability to make a choice was in the matter of sexual behavior, lifestyles, etc. was denied to them. At no time has any pro life group or pro life doctors or nurses or even health department personnel been brought on to campus to discuss sexual reproductive matters and at no cost to the school or the taxpayer.

The Principal had a duty, even if the classroom teachers didn’t, to protect the minds and morals of the students. The Principal should have known that PP and its proselytizing is controversial at any time, but especially on a campus for a whole week.

The Principal had a duty to inform her superintendent what the teacher intended to do and he had a duty to recognize the potential for bringing a very divisive group onto campus and for risking scandalizing at least some of the students.

The Superintendent had a duty to inform the Governing Board of the event and its potential for a backlash from the community.

Would they not have recognized a budding controversy if the teacher had invited the Muslim Brotherhood to teach Sharia law to the students? Would there not be some controversy if the teacher had invited the Pastor of one of the Catholic Churches to educate students to religious doctrine on sexual practices such as explaining Humanae Vitae to the students?

November 4 is Election Day including election of school board members. Do you know where your school board members stand in indoctrination of students into lifestyles that turn students into exploited sexual playmates for either other male underage students or adult predators?

Planned Parenthood is a designated informant when they detect or suspect sexual abuse of a minor just as are teachers. Planned Parenthood probably sees more sexually abused minors and protects their adult abusers than does any school teacher or member of the clergy, yet they refuse to report a suspected sexually abused minor when that minor appears at a PP clinic requesting contraceptives or abortions.

It has been documented that Planned Parenthood will even coach minors in how to lie in order to obtain contraceptives or abortions.

This is a clear case of exploitation of the students by the school system, the teachers. elected officials and, especially, Planned Parenthood. It is to their, Planned Parenthood’s, financial benefit to turn our children into volunteer prostitutes, male or female. They also instruct students on the LGBT lifestyle.

California Planned Parenthood, according to an in-depth analysis of their financial status and IRS reports, receives approximately $83 million a year from federal and mostly state reimbursements for their “services.” October 22, 2014, STOPP Report, a division of American Life League, www.STOPP.org.

Planned Parenthood’s obvious goal is their net profit. They seduce vulnerable young minds to accept the lifestyle of the prostitute with all its attendant physical and mental health problems. Then they sit back and wait to reap the profits from treating the students venereal diseases, obtaining state taxpayer dollars to abort their unintended pregnancies, teach the students to be duplicitous because PP always tells students that sexual activity is their right and it is their right by privacy law not to inform their parents.

Also the school itself appears to have committed a duplicitous act because it signed this MOU one week after the fact of PP being on campus. It is brief, vague, general, and if left un-protested would become a permanent document for this school and other high schools in the district, to use as a mere formality, thereby establishing a tradition of having Planned Parenthood take control of the sexual lives of all the students.

A visit to any of the Planned Parenthood websites for kids would fill one with extreme disgust.

Now I refer you back to the definition of human trafficking. Churches cry out and offer prayers during Petition time, in the latest fad to stop human trafficking, but they fail to prevent the trafficking in human lives right under their own noses.

All of this access to our children obtained by Planned Parenthood over the years is due to state and federal legislation which Planned Parenthood sponsors and often authors. Then it lobbies the legislators to promote and vote for these bills and then when the bills are signed by friendly Governors such as Jerry Brown, Planned Parenthood comes along and writes the education code thereby protecting itself from public accountability.

Parents need to find the courage to speak up to these elected officials and government employees, i.e., teachers and remind them that they are not the parents of our children, no one has relinquished their children to the state for the purpose of guiding and developing them into adults.

Schools have no right or authority to select our children’s sexual development role models on their own recognizance. If they are going to open their doors to Planned Parenthood to access our children then they are going to have to open these same doors and minds to pro life and respect life values and instructors as well.

Please do your part to help us stop Planned Parenthood and its seduction of our children into a lifetime of slavery to the mind set of Planned Parenthood. Contact the School Board, check your own high schools to inquire of Planned Parenthood’s presence on campus and vote to put pro life candidates into office.


Health Consequences of Sex Trafficking, Annals of Health Law, Vol. 23, 2014. pages 61-91. See especially pages 74 (footnote 35), pgs 76, 77 (para 4. 29.6% of interviewed victims of sex trafficking were seen, but not reported, by Planned Parenthood as well as other health clinics), pg 80 (footnote 50) and pg 87, Conclusions.

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