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Parental Notification Initiative
December 7th 2015 @ 11:14 am

This is a state Constitutional Amendment, as has been the case with the previous petitions. This initiative will be targeted for appearing on the November, 2016 General Election Ballot. This ballot has until March to turn in signatures. But, Please don’t let that slow you down in gathering up some petitions and getting them signed as soon as possible.

This petition is one good way to remove the secrecy surrounding teen abortions. Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers would not be able to perform secret abortions on minors under the age of 18 without parental notification being sent prior to the performance of the abortion.

This basically same petition has appeared on ballots in previous years. Each time it has gained more "YES" votes until now, the last time, it was at a 47% approval rating. Many more people have now been exposed to the truth of Planned Parenthood’s business with sales organs which may help push the vote over 50.1%.

The benefit of this being a constitutional amendment is that, unlike a Referendum initiative such as the Assisted Suicide petition, the voter is not saying Yes or NO to an already approved piece of legislation which vote the legislators can basically ignore by merely re-voting a new piece of legislation. A Constitutional Amendment is the creation of a new law approved by the voters, the citizens, and can not be amended by the legislature or by a simple court lawsuit.

If the time was ever right for a victory for the babies, it is this election. It can happen if enough signatures get collected to put it on the ballot. Places for collection: your own neighborhood, your extended family, your clubs, your churches, your workplace, the BART train stations. You can stand and carry a clipboard and approach anyone to ask for their signature

Signature gatherers must be 18 years of age or over and registered voters. Petition signers must be registered voters and they must sign with the same signature as the one they used to register to vote.

If you would like to pick the petitions up in large numbers I would ask you to please call to make arrangements for pickup. If all you need are a small handful they can be mailed to you.

Please call the Right to Life phone number - 925-899-3064 or email us at callifeadvocates@gmail.com and provide your name, address and how many petitions you would like. If you are picking up a large amount I will give you the address.

Please help all that you can.
Camille Giglio
Ca. Right to Life Committee, Inc

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