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End-Of-Life Decisions and Facts

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Assembly Select Committee On Women's Reproductive Health,
March 11th, 2020

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Landmark Cases explores the human stories and constitutional dramas behind some of the most significant and frequently cited decisions in the Supreme Court's history

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TS Radio interview
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Meeting the needs of Patients - Post
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CA Senate Health Committee SB 24 hearing on April 3, 2019.

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The Star of Bethlehem shines brightly on the newborn child, Jesus.

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This child doesn’t need Government mandated Pre-K schooling. Young John is the grandchild of a very fine Pro Life Family.

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Four month and six month old human fetal skeletons, displayed At the Federal Civil War Medical and Military history Museum, in Silver Spring, MD. Display can be found in new more current segment of the museum’s historical displays.

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Mary Catherine was an abandoned new-born, found in Antioch and buried by Ca. Right to Life and Birthright of concord, at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. along with 24 other pre-born babies.

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Come Holy Spirit, enlighten the minds and hearts of your people!
July 4th, 2018



Emotions IN and Academics OUT
July 1st 2018 @ 7:42 am

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Emotions IN and Academics OUT

Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek, Ca 6/27/18. California’s Department of Education is in the final stages of a major revision of the goals and purposes of education.

They held a public comment period ending 6/29/2018, but it seems that this was announced only to the educators and certain community groups. There will be another chance to submit comments on the final draft in November.

The title of this major and revolutionary revision is The California Health Framework. This Framework, designed for all children between the ages of 2 years and the 12th grade, will change the purpose of education in a drastic manner. The Framework is tailored to the emotional and social development of all children. Every academic subject, English, math, PE, biology, etc. will be presented through the concept of health for the child’s development. Education will be tailored to the social and emotional development of the child based on information obtained through continuous surveys and observations on the child and family members.

You have, perhaps, also read or heard of educators and legislators who agonize over the state of education today and who say: we have to do a better job of preparing our students to learn. This translates into a curriculum designed around social and emotional behavioral modification programming of each child.

Each student will move ahead based on the student’s ability and willingness to accept the ideas and values presented through internet technology facilitated by thoroughly retrained facilitators (formerly referred to as teachers). If the student doesn’t get it, they will be given every opportunity to get it (the answers/modified behavior) so they can move on.

This, of course, can’t be accomplished unless the new state budget provides funding for the training and or re-training of teachers and, I am sure, payments to be provided to the outside curriculum development groups such as CASEL, The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning originally published on 3/4/2018 online by Education Week report

Much of the preparation for a smooth transition to this use of classroom time and students’ minds has been going on, quietly, in the form of legislatively conceived Pilot Programs for several years. During this time the educators and developers of curriculums have been creating partnerships with community organizations, legislators, health and mental health providers and the media to find ways to convince the taxpaying citizens that the educational system we have had for decades, along with parental child-rearing techniques have actually been failures.

It’s been a failure because, according to Peter DeWitt, collaborative workshop Leadership trainer, parents haven’t been cooperating with the school system to train-up the child as a productive and cooperative member of society. In an article written for the online Education Week publication, entitled No Place for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools? Are You Sure? DeWitt declares: If schools could just focus on academics, don’t you think they would?

DeWitt’s agenda calls for mental health counselors and school partnerships as consultants for all students, family partnerships (i.e. cooperation with the school’s agenda for each child) and community/school links (Jr. high and high school students volunteering to do community service work in order to have a hands-on experience with the seamier side of life).
At one point in DeWitt’s report he brings up the subject of students suffering from the effects of trauma. The official name for this occurrence is called Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE. (It doesn’t get funding until it’s got a catchy name). This as you may recognize is a major source of media attention lately. He suggests that even earthquakes can produce such a traumatic experience that the child probably will need mental health counseling which each school should be able to quickly provide to the student, at taxpayer expense of course. (See: AB11, Kevin McCarty, Early and periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program: Screening Services. See also Bright Futures. This is the basis for AB 11)

You have heard the cry of the educators for Universal Education for All? Maybe some of you recall the older slogan of Outcome Based Education – OBE? Maybe you are also aware of all the hype for better health care and the need for more nurses and mental health counselors in the schools? Even the sex purveyors from Planned Parenthood are pitching their perverted promotion of unlimited sex for all under the guise of: Sex: it’s healthy for you. It’s all coming together in 2019 under the title of the California Health Framework. Planned Parenthood is now at the helm of the health department.

Contained in the framework and directed to grades 7 through 12, is the true focus of this Framework. It is the agenda for instructing your children in sexual health, aka the California Healthy Youth Act. This Act resulted from a 2015 piece of legislation, AB329, by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, (D-San Diego). She carried this bill for Planned Parenthood. It is affectionately referred to as “Chaya or CHYA- by educators and legislative personnel at the state DOE. The CHYA is a huge paean to the homosexual community and those who scream and holler for equality in jobs and education. The whole purpose of the entire Framework is focused on preparing the children’s minds to accept the values and ethics of this ACT.

Now you can better understand the importance of the phrase Community Health, often referred to but seldom explained, by media and political types. Academics has become of secondary importance to this overall goal.

All of this is being brought to fruition by legislators who have been wined and dined by aggressive left wing, radical and revolutionary community groups. This is a part of the tension we all feel between peoples and groups. It’s one area of all out war against Western Civilization’s Christian beliefs and the humanistic practices of other cultures who believe that it’s their time to dominate the world order.

These groups have placed their people in positions of leadership in education, health care, workforce development, and even in religious communities. They have won the minds and emotions of our supposed leaders both secular and religious with seductive words and promises of peace justice and equality. All hollow promises which mere mortals can by themselves cannot produce.

Actions directed by prayer to protect our families, our country and our Christian faith are required from this day forward.


Community health workers hired by health care agencies often have a disease or population-based focus, such as promoting the health of pregnant women or children, improving nutrition, promoting immunization or providing education around a specific health issue, such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS.

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Take away God, all respect for civil laws, all regard for even the most necessary institutions disappears; justice is scouted; the very liberty that belongs to the law of nature is trodden underfoot; and men go so far as to destroy the very structure of the family, which is the first and firmest foundation of the social structure.
- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904