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July 4th, 2018



April 12th 2006 @ 7:56 pm

by Camille Giglio

It is time to remind our readers of the reason pro life groups oppose health care legislation.
Pro life people are just as concerned as any progressive politician in seeing that all people, especially helpless and innocent children and adult dependents, are well cared for, and protected from the selfish interests of others. If that can not be done by immediate family first and foremost, then as a last resort, by the state…

When, according to Genesis Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden the perfectly ordered world left with them. This sense of naturally occurring human perfection has been replaced by the base human interests of individuals or groups who believe that they know best how to bring about order and justice and human perfection with or without God.

Though people have come and gone over the years the underlying elitist principle that says I know better than you what is good for you survives.

I recommend a book entitled Better For All the World : the secret history of forced sterilization and Americas quest for racial purity by Harry Bruinius. The title was taken from the US Supreme Court decision, Buck v Bell, written by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. This book traces the beliefs, and writings of the people who promoted eugenics beginning in the late 1880s such as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Charles Darwin, Charles Davenport, Margaret Sanger, John H. Bell, Dale Carnegie and the Rockefeller Foundation to name a few. John H. Bell was the doctor at the Virginia Institution who featured prominently in the Bell v Buck Supreme Court Case granting permission to sterilize Miss Carrie Buck (and others) because she was diagnosed as feebleminded. Eliminating those who were diagnosed as feeble minded, so it was presumed by that periodselitist intellectuals, would go a long way to ensuring societys protection from severe social problems such as dependency, crime, poverty, etc.. More women than men tended to be the targets since they bore the next generations problem children.

California passed its Eugenics law in 1909 and established by far the worlds most aggressive program at the time, sterilizing more than 2,500 people in the first ten years—twenty times more than any other state, according to the Bruinius book. It was not until the late forties in California, that these sterilizations stopped.

Outside of the United States Germany became the most well known promoter of eugenics. The aftermath of the Second World War created a backlash to the idea of forced sterilization as a means to establishing a better world for all. But, the idea of eliminating the people who exhibited the then currently politically correct definition of producing the worlds problems did not die. Some might say it was resurrected in 1973 with the Roe v Wade (abortion) Decision and presented as a womans right (to be sterile), not something forced on a woman. The very same language and basic principle used in promoting acceptance of sterilization for the state determined burdensome people is now the rallying cry for abortion, contraception, school sex ed programs and universal pre school - protect society from the so-called burdensome and nonproductive people.

Now, the promoters of a perfect world need no longer force their so-called perfection on Americas citizens. They could promote programs and legislation presenting their elitist ideas in a most appealing manner through Think Tanks and tax protected non-profits disguised as education and health care concerns.

Still people have been resistant to accepting the services promoted, protected and funded by the state and provided mostly by Planned Parenthood. People were not coming in droves to the family planning clinics nor were poor people signing up for state provided health care which includes tax payer funded coverage for abortion and contraceptives which produce the same effect as eugenics.

Now enter the promoters employing the most advanced and seductive advertising to sweep away the sense of unease. Self interest, sexual license and believing that it is ones right to have the state provide the means of relieving oneself of the responsibilities of ones decisions and actions. Freely engage in sexual activity but dont produce any children.

The state bureaucrats have bought the idea of the elitists that unwed motherhood or unplanned (married) motherhood will produce welfare children, unemployment, criminals, etc.. However if the children actually do get born one can escape this scourge of depravity by turning their children over to the state village nannies by age 1 as promoted by the likes of Rob Reiner and his We are your children program which will be featured on ballots this year.

The state of California is on the verge of creating the socialized medicine state. The citizens are still resistant to the idea of a single payer (the state) health care system because we recognize the dangers implicit in authorizing the state to be the arbiter of our health. We also recognize the enormous price tag attached to paying for the health care insurance of every person living in the state. Once again the elitists know best what is good for you.

However, we dont seem to recognize the very same principle when legislators break up the idea of socialized medicine and insert pieces of it into various bills each stipulating smaller, but still vast sums of our tax dollars to pay for it. Our concerns are subpressed by our religious leaders twisting the story of the Good Samaritan or by lobbyists promising that only the capitalist employers or multi-millionaires will be paying for this.

In the bills listed below is one most alarming bill, SB 1414, the Fair Share Health Care Act by Carol Migden, (D-S.F.) This bill and others like it around the country are referred to as the WalMart Bills. An explanation will follow at the end of this report. Maryland has just passed a similar very oppressive health insurance provision bill.

This bill will create a mandate upon the marketplace (private enterprise) under a heavy financial penalty that employers of a minimum of 10,000 employees provide the health care insurance coverage for every employee or pay a significant fine per employee. This is a direct attack on WalMart but WalMart will never be subjected to its dictates.

At present there is no law forcing state mandates upon the private business sector regarding what a private sector health insurance coverage must contain and no way to stop, through law, the creation of these mandates.

Maybe many people dont like WalMart and dont care if WalMart will have to dip into its net profit to pay for health care that includes among the general health needs, abortion and contraceptives. However, if this passes be assured that there will be another bill requiring employers of lesser numbers to do the same. Private sector employers are being forced to underwrite their employees reproductive and sexual activities. Right now its WalMart, tomorrow its the major grocery chains, the department stores, etc. This bill is endorsed by the Unions and seen by its opponents as a punishment for WalMarts use of nonunion labor.

Right now the Catholic Church is under a separate mandate to provide health insurance coverage for all its employees that includes abortion and contraceptives or risk the threat of losing its non-profit status. Nuns and priests are covered for abortion and birth control. Utter, illogical nonsense.

Though the insurance carriers are ostensibly private businesses, the state has mandated that all insurance coverage in the state include contraceptives and an abortion component. Presently there is no way to stop a state from authorizing these mandates upon the private sector. An individual insurance customer may opt out of the abortion component coverage but you the tax payer are still paying for it anyway.

There is a brand new bill before the US Senate by Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi which would put a stop to this mandating of the private sector. It is entitled the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act of 2005, S. 1955. It needs large amounts of pro life support and additional Senate and House co-sponsors. if it is to get off the ground.

According to a US Senate Health Committee spokesman, Andrew Patzman, the Enzi bill, S. 1955, authorizes small businesses to form health insurance groups to negotiate for coverage for their employees at a better advantage than just being one individual company. The best part of this bill, for our agenda, is that it allows these groups to bypass the state mandate. In this case abortion and or contraception coverage. The companion bill has passed the House, but has been sitting in the Senate Health Committee for years. Enough federal legislators dislike giving any advantage to the Marketplace (read private businesses) to block this bill from a hearing. Senators Boxer and Feinstein would never support it.

When you take your minor child, boy or girl, into the doctor for a physical and the doctor says, Mrs. Smith, I would like to talk with your child alone for a little while DONT LET HIM. He is most likely being required by the state, to ask intimate sex related questions of your child and offer private reproductive type services to that child that you will never know about.



SB 437 - Martha Escutia (D) - Healthy Kids Insurance Program
Creates the Healthy Kids Insurance Program which would consist of the portion of the Medi-Cal program that provides health care coverage to children and the Healthy Families Program. Provides for a process for making the eligibility determinations for the Healthy Kids Insurance Program by authorizing the administering agencies to rely on income eligibility determinations made by other public assistance programs. Authorizes applicants to self-certify eligibility factors. Provides for confidentiality.

In the 2005 legislative session, the companion bill, AB 772 was vetoed by the governor mainly due to the costs involved. We have received calls from a student in a Public Health Masters Program in San Diego and one from a young woman working for a public policy committee in Sacramento wondering why we oppose this and how we worked to get AB 772 defeated. This bill, SB 437 looks like it has won the mind and hearts of the elitists in the
legislature. This bill creates a new layer of health care supervision and attempts to merge all these bills into one funding stream with one group authorized to sign up, approve and fund the whole program including MediCal.

SB 558 - Carol Migden (D-SF) - Healthy Families Program and Medi Cal.
Requires development of an informational document containing information about the Healthy Families Program and the Medi-Cal Program. Requires notification by employers to their employees.
LOCATION: Assembly Committee on Health.
Requires employers to become partners with the government in promoting, signing up client/employees for Healthy Families program and collector of monthly dues which are deducted from employee pay check.

SB 840 - Sheila Kuehl (D) - Single-Payer Health Care Coverage
LOCATION:: Assembly Rules Committee
Establishes the Health Insurance System to be administered by the newly created Health Insurance Agency under the control of an elected Health Insurance Commissioner. Makes all residents eligible for specified health care benefits under the Health Insurance System, which would, on a single-payer basis, negotiate for or set fees for health care services provided through the system and pay claims for those services. Requires the health care system to be operational within 2 years of enactment.

AB 2450 - Keith Richman (R-Granada Hills) - Health Care Coverage: Cal-Health Program
Enacts the Cal-Health Act. Requires the Department of Health Services to establish an enrollment program for all health care programs offered by the state. Requires each resident of the state to obtain minimum health care coverage. Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to establish a purchasing exchange. Authorizes the Franchise Tax Board to withhold any overpayment of income tax by a resident who failed to obtain such. Imposes a tax on the gross premiums of care service plans.

LOCATION: Assembly Committee on Health.
Requires every resident of the state to purchase health care coverage or be penalized. This would have the effect of placing everyone in the hands of Planned Parenthood.


We thank you very much for your recent and continuing financial support.
We have maintained a blog site for about two years with the most up to date information on bills. With our current level of support It is only possible to mail out newsletters periodically. This means timely information and valuable support on legislative issues may be lost.

The opportunity has arisen to upgrade our blogsite turning it into a web site. This website is available now. The address is http://blog.callifeadvocates.org/

Please use this important tool to stay informed about legislation. Continue your advocacy of public policy that will protect babies and the fragile elderly from being preyed upon by those who view human beings as problems rather than problem solvers.

We pray that you will be able and willing to continue your support because our costs will not lessen but be turned into a more efficient method of conveying information in a timely manner. $25.00 a year would be a wonderful gift made out to California Right to Life Committee.

If you do not have a computer we will still continue to send you reports. Please let us know which method you will be using. We send out almost weekly email reports which will also be placed on our website and include additional information. callifeadvocates@sbcglobal.net.

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- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904