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Identifying the Opposition
March 12th 2007 @ 8:04 am

1 . Hillary Clinton’s College Thesis.
          Is this important?

2. Upcoming legislation


1. Hillary Clinton’s name and political philosophy has been linked to that of Saul Alinsky, a Chicago political organizer and street fighter from the early 1930’s to the 70s.

HIllary wrote her college thesis in support of Alinsky’s work in the slaughter house area of Chicago, known as “The back of the yards”, organizing meatpackers from the black ghetto into fighting and protesting machines to gain a foothold in local government for the purpose of reforming government.

Alinsky, a known communist sympathizer, supported by a local activist Jesuit Priest in the early days formed an organization entitled the Industrial Areas Foundation - IAF - through which he trained these activists, Along the way he drew the attention and admiration of the Catholic Church.

Though Alinsky died in the early 1970s his organization and the people trained under his instruction manual “Rules for Radicals” carry on his work today. His book carries a forward dedicated to Lucifer.

Hillary almost went to work for him upon college graduation. Numerous similarly developed groups, many with leaders trained by Alinsky, have kept the flame burning. Hillary Clinton and Cesar Chavez are but two of his followers. Barrack Obama though not specifically Alinsky trained admits working as a community organizer in South Side Chicago in the Developing Communities Project which was a program of the Gamaliel Foundation. This is the most radical of all the groups as can be seen by googling their web site. They embrace socialism.

Over the years these groups have branched out, covering the country, claiming their own territory, refining their methods and messages, many spreading themselves with a thin veneer of religion. Today these are, for the most part, the main components of the faith-based partnerships that probably your own church is working with and supporting without your consent or knowledge.

These groups have similar goals; expanding and centralizing more and more human services within the state and federal governments by proclaiming that poor people have a right to health care, minimum wage, affordable housing, social services, amnesty for illegal aliens and day care underwritten by the government or foundations to an ever expanding level of people. They all unequivocally support birth control and abortion. They have to if they want to continue getting the government largesse.

I have written about some of these groups before such as PICO - Pacific Institute for Community Organizing, HopeNet out of Los Angeles. I think it was this latter group that came to a catholic church in Richmond with a Planned Parenthood training session for the area teens.

These groups are member organization groups - no individual memberships. They get part of their funding from a variety of national, well-known foundations as well as federal and state funds depending upon if they are a part of a church/community coalition, a separate non-profit partnering with a faith based organization. (in regular language faith based means church)


During the Clinton administration a massive welfare reform bill was passed entitled The federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act signed by Clinton on August 22, 1996. It was informally referred to as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families - TANF. In California this program is called CalWorks. Shades of Hillary’s abortive universal health care plans.

TANF, basically only allows recipients to be on welfare for a limited time during which time they are surrounded and supported by community services with the intention of preparing them for work. This opened up massive opportunities for community groups to form and qualify to take part in being a support service. Of course, after they got the hang of it they didn’t want to let go of the recipient/client.

TANF was amended prior to signing into law with a section authored by Republican Senator John Ashcroft and referred to as Charitable Choices. This b rought so-called faith based groups into the mix of secular agencies able to receive federal and state funds to act as social service vendors for the government. The funding can come directly from the federal government to a local church or community organization bypassing any authority, control or accountability to a state agency and therefore, the taxpayer.

California’s various government service agencies were reluctant to acknowledge the Charitable Choice program claiming that it violated the church/state separation clause of the state and federal Constitutions, This is all documented in a 65 page report entitled Faith-Based Organizations and Welfare Reform: California Religious Community Capacity Study Qualitative Findings and Conclusions.” published november, 2000, and available online.

In 1999, To correct this latest perceived inequity Senator Ray Haynes (R), beloved of the pro life and conservative communities, authored and achieved passage of AB 516 forcing the departments of Social Services and Employment Development Department to fulfill their long-delayed obligation to fund church groups who would agree to act on behalf of government social service agencies.

Through the actions of two trusted pro life legislators interested in channeling tax money to churches, churches have become the captives of these devious community organizations.

Churches began signing up the faithful for state insurance and getting a $50.00 kick back. Churches convinced that they were doing God’s work invited these organizations in to recruit and train people willing to act as volunteer lobbyists and protesters for expanded government involvement in community and family. Churches of medium size unable to sustain the professional counselors, etc, formed partnerships and coalitions with groups like PICO.

These groups now have access to the faithful in the pews to train them as political agitators. They are very active in the Latino communities inciting illegal immigrants to assume that they have a right to government assistance, voting, housing, health care, etc. This is what we are up against when trying to oppose many of the bills about which I write.

For those living in the Oakland Catholic Diocese, and the L.A. and San Diego Dioceses, especially, a look at the 2007 church directory will see that these groups have been given recognition by the diocese under a listing of community organizations. If you live in another Diocese perhaps you will get a copy of your church directory and look for similar groups with names such as ACT , L.A. Vision, in Northern California it’s FaithWorks, Long Beach Interfaith Organizing, In Oakland its Congregations Organizing for Renewal just to name a few. Of course, Catholic Charities is a major player in performing services for the government as a vendor of government social services. Many Diocesan Offices of Social Justice are little more than channels for political unrest.

Knowing who your opposition is and how they work can be a step toward overcoming them. It is the lobbying efforts of groups like these that cause the media to report on the upsurge in support for any number of social programs. It is not the ordinary citizen.

Hillary Clinton didn’t invent these groups, but she has been instrumental in causing their advancement when her husband was President



AB 52, Mervyn Dymally, Office of Patient Ådvocate. Intends to change the name of the state Health Services Department to that of Health Care Offices and establish a state hospital oversight Patient Advocate program.

Dymally claims to have the patient’s interests at heart, but one wonders to whom this state Advocate will give his/her loyalty, the patient or the state?

STATUS: Passed out of the Health Committee with a solid “aye” vote and one abstention.

It will be heard next in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

I link this bill with “end of life” issues and believe that its significance will not be known until or if AB 374, Choice in Dying gets passed.

Two other Dymally bills, AB 51, also on Patient Advocates, and AB 74, funneling money to his favor Charles Drew Hospital in his district to “study” obesity, passed out of the same Health Committee, but this time the handful of Republicans either said “NO” or didn’t vote.

However, since Republicans are represented just barely in most all these committees this is how all votes are going to go unless our people begin to raise a loud voice.

Bills to be heard on March 13th - in the Health Committee. Mervyn Dymally is Chairman of the Health Committee and Alan Nakanishi, (R) is V. Chair.

AB 16, Ed Hernandez, author with Bonnie Garcia, (R) co-author. HPV vaccinations for young girls age 9-18.

This bill was amended on 3/5/07, and re-referred to the Health Committee. removing the requirement that parents be handed informational material on the effects and side effects of Gardasil.

It will only be available at certain offices to which parents will have to go themselves to get a copy. If both parents work they will never get the vital information needed.

The bill, further, at one point makes reference just to pupils, not female pupils leading one to believe that this bill would authorize boys getting the shots as well. Further, the most egregious point states:

(11) Any other disease deemed appropriate by the department, taking into consideration the recommendations of the United States Public Health Services’ Centers for Disease Control Immunization Practices Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee of Infectious Diseases.

This appears to provide a covering authorization for any other vaccinations the state or education department would like to give your children without your approval.

You have two days to make phone calls on this bill.

REQUEST: Phone the office of Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, (R) and urge her to remove her name from this bill. She offends her Republican Platform and Party by supporting this. 1-916/319-2080. Email: assemblywoman.garcia@assembly.ca.gov

AB 81, Alberto Torrico, Child Protection; Safe Surrender. To be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee, Chairman Jose Solorio (D), Greg Aghazarian, (R) V. Chairman.

The original bill by Sen. Jim Brulte and a reauthorization bill by Sen. Bob Dutton stipulated that there could be a 72 hour window of opportunity to turn in a new born infant with no questions asked. This bill was designed to prevent some panicked newly delivered mother from throwing the baby out the window or into a garbage can. It has saved over 200 babies.

This attempt to amend the bill and extend the time frame to 30 days changes the whole purpose of the bill turning it into a child abuse bill and denying total anonymity to the mother since it requires that some identifying information be taken at the time of surrender.

The only good part of this bill and the part that is causing some Republicans to support it is the clause that will allocate $5,000,000 to advertising and informational programs on surrendering babies. It is well known that the more publicity about this the more babies that will be saved, but not if the mother has to give some identifying information.


Call Assemblyman Solorio’s office and request that he amend it back to a 72 hour safe surrender and keep the funding intact. During the Brulte bill debate the Democrats refused to put any funds into the bill.

Assemblyman Alberto Torrico - 1-916/379-2020, Email: assemblymember.torrico@assembly.ca.gov

TO BE HEARD ON MARCH 27. Assembly Judiciary Committee, ave Jones,(D) Chair, Van Tran, (R) V. Chair. This committee has 3 Republicans and 6 Democrats. Laird is one of the members.

AB 14, John Laird, (D) Unrush Civil Rights Act of 2007. This bill amends 10 different civil codes expanding the groups who could file for discrimination charges. It will have an effect upon conscience clauses for religious groups and doctors.

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- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904