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End-Of-Life Decisions and Facts

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TS Radio interview
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Meeting the needs of Patients - Post
Roe v. Wade

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CA Senate Health Committee SB 24 hearing on April 3, 2019.

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The Star of Bethlehem shines brightly on the newborn child, Jesus.

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This child doesn’t need Government mandated Pre-K schooling. Young John is the grandchild of a very fine Pro Life Family.

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Four month and six month old human fetal skeletons, displayed At the Federal Civil War Medical and Military history Museum, in Silver Spring, MD. Display can be found in new more current segment of the museum’s historical displays.

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Mary Catherine was an abandoned new-born, found in Antioch and buried by Ca. Right to Life and Birthright of concord, at Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. along with 24 other pre-born babies.

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Come Holy Spirit, enlighten the minds and hearts of your people!
July 4th, 2018




California Legislator Declares Killing an Unborn Baby is a Fundamental Right for Women

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California Legislator Declares Killing an Unborn Baby
 is a Fundamental Right for Women

1/22/2019. Walnut Creek, Ca. Today on the 46th Anniversary of Roe v Wade The California Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson, (D), opened the Judiciary Committee hearings by announcing that this Committee would be using the Non-binary, sex neutral gender-nonspecific pronoun designations such as them, they, theirs, rather than he, she his, her’s  during all the committee hearings.

Further, Their first action was to give obeisance to Planned Parenthood as they vote 6-0 (one “not voting” by V. Chairman Andreas Borgeas (R), to approve Sen. Connie Leyva’s (D) Senate Resolution, SR7, Women’s Reproductive Rights.  This Judiciary committee of 8 members has only one Republican on it.

Sen. Leyva proceeded then to introduce a Representative of Planned Parenthood to give the supportive statement.

Chair Jackson, following opposing statements by two Prolife representatives, proceeded to give her own personal thoughts on abortion as a fundamental right.  Here is a link to the Senate hearing,

Does The Word “healthcare” have a hidden meaning?

The original rendition of Leyva’s Resolution contained a reference to abortion as health care (notice the space between the two words.)

The amended rendition of the Resolution had exed health care out and replaced it with healthcare.

It caused me to wonder if the abortion industry is now using the merged words as a silent signal to their followers that when they use the term  a “woman’s Reproductive rights blah, blah, they signaling to their supporters that they mean abortion? 

According to media savvy friends the proper use is health care, but as words begin to have certain meanings for the citizens they begin to change and become health-care (or, Pro-life) and gradually work their way into a merged one word.

Perhaps you have noticed that our opponents use pro life or pro-life, but never prolife, because they know that the one word merge signifies positive protection for innocent human life.

Let me know if you observe this change in the language.

January 22nd Not Just About those babies in the womb?

I recently told you about hearing a Catholic priest on Relevant Radio, castigate pro-lifers for their narrow focus on babies in the womb rather than the immigrants or homeless, etc.

Well, it’s happened again. This time it is a notice in my church bulletin. A request for prayers for the unborn in Recognition of the Anniversary of Roe v Wade was followed by this thought:

Pope Francis has said that respect for life is not just about the unborn child in the womb, but also about the least of our brothers and sisters. Yes, it is even about the undocumented resident alien who has no voice but ours.

The frustration I have regarding that statement is that January 22nd is dedicated to Right to Life Issues, abortion, contraception. Bringing in other issues is an attempt to divert attention from the growing politically charged demand to use death for babies or ill and disabled patients it is not a day  to bring in other issues.

It’s very likely that Pope Francis’ words are being distorted by the media and left-leaning groups, but it is also apparent that many Christian people are using that distortion themselves for their own agendas, including members of the clergy.

I ask you, isn’t the preborn child the ultimate example of the illegal alien at the gate begging to come into a haven of safety and protection?  The spotlighted thousands of immigrants have all kinds of voices and groups and politicians calling for their right to come across that border - be it the womb or the wall - into the protective arms of our Constitution. The preborn baby who already is in the United States in his mother’s womb is to be killed ruthlessly and his or her body parts are to be sold to the highest bidder. New York has just passed some tremendously evil legislation authorizing the deliberate slaying of a child who accidently gets born during an abortion.

I ask: who is the most voiceless in this country?

It is now the preborn child but the elderly and disabled are soon to be added to this classification of unwanted, too expensive, worthless eaters and the best we have to offer them is death.

In the last two years our office has received a growing number of phone calls from family members desperate to save their loved ones from being removed from life support in hospitals. One such call came early this morning from a woman who is trying to save her brother, in Redding, California, who has been removed from life support by doctors who claim they can do nothing more for the patient.

Republicans in Congress have a packet of prolife bills.

Here is a package of bills in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate on issues supportive of the right to life.  The legislators really need your vocal support urging them to move the bills forward.  These are all brand new bills introduced on Jan. 17, just prior to the March for Life held in D.C.

USHR 660 Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) Health Information and Supporting Incentives.

USHR 634, Jeff Duncan (R-SC ) Abortion Consent.

USHR 661, Virginia Foxx (R-NC) Abortion Assistance Prohibition This amends the Foreign Assistance Act.

USHR 671, Robert Latta (R-Oh) Unlawful Disposal of Fetal Remains. Amends Title 18 U.S. Code.

USS183, James Lankford, (R-OK) Health Services Providers. Amends the Public Health Services Act, prohibits governmental discrimination again those who do not engage in abortion.

USHR 652, Earl Blumenauer, (D-OR). Medicare All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (FINAL) Regulation. THIS IS NOT A PROLIFE BILL.

It is entitled Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE.

GET OUT NOW.  This is the title of a very well written book on the subject of Why you should pull your child from public school before it’s too late.  Written by Mary Rice Hasson and Theresa Farnan. It explains very clearly all the problems of today’s social/emotional (rather than academic) schooling.

This will be a year in which you are absolutely going to be needed for opposing )or supporting) legislation.  PP is entrenched in schools, and Assisted Suicide groups are entrenched in hospitals

California Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on SR 7

The opening hearing of the 2019 California Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Hannah Beth Jackson. (D) Chairman,  in which the first order of business is to vote on Senate Resolution 7, Reproductive Heath Care by Sen. Connie Leyva, (D).  Sen. Leyva proceeded to then introduce one of the Sacramento area Planned Parenthood representatives to address the Committee on the bill.  There were also two Representatives of the Pro-Life Community to speak in opposition to the Resolution. The Resolution was approved by a 6-0 vote. with one abstention by Republican Andreas Borgeas.


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Camille Giglio

September 15.2018, Walnut Creek, Ca.  There are over 50 bills sitting on the Governor’s desk right now regarding education including a handful on health.  These bills while seemingly having little to no important regarding education, do, in fact, have a great deal to do with education.

FINAL DEADLINE-SEPTEMBER 30. DON’T WAIT. DO IT TODAY. HERE ARE THE FIVE MOST IMPORTANT BILLS TO STOP. Contact Governor’s Office https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov39mail/

Be sure you check every box. BUT do not check the one that asks if you want a response.  As a fallback call 916-445-2841 or fax 916-558-3160: state the bill number and your position.

AB11, Kevin McCarty, EPSTD: Early periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment: screening services.  This is an ObamaCare follow-through mandating the screening of and data collection on babies zero-three years of age up to age 21. This is misuse of privacy, usurpation of parental authority serving not the child but the state.

AB 2153, Tony Thurmond (candidate for Ca. Secretary of Education) Teachers In-Service Training: LGBT; Services.  Mandates yearly training of teachers and classified personnel to provide most current methods (no opt-out) of training students  to accept the LGBT lifestyle.

AB 2233, Ash Kalra, Medi-Cal Assisted Living Waiver Program.

Amended 5 times.Requires Medi-Cal (taxes) to pay for the care of certain California residents. Authorizes California to waive some federal restrictions on the Olmstead Act regarding care for elderly, disabled or mentally ill citizens.

AB 2315, Sharon Quirk-Silva, Pupil Health: Mental Health services: Telehealth. Students would have access to mental health counseling during school hours via telephone hook-up of school with off-site counseling centers. No parental input. No ability to check on professional personal background of so-called counselors or counseling centers such as Planned Parenthood.

AB2601, Shirley Weber, Pupil Instruction. Requires Charter Schools to adhere to mandated LGBT training of students in “certain grades.”

Our elected officials have appointed themselves as the lifelong body responsible for learning outcomes for all children. That’s what is meant by universal education or Education for All. You’ve probably heard the mantra…We need to improve education and see that all children are prepared for life and careers. 

Then, follows the second mantra:  HealthCare for All which initiates lifelong mentoring and close observation and data collection health-wise from birth to death.

For instance abortion and now assisted suicide are recognized under law as lifelong rights. They require  according to progressives as both requiring lifelong education to inform children of their own personal rights, and the health care is a right now because abortion and suicide/euthanasia need to be taught to our future generation. These bills all play a part in the establishment, in California, of a global world citizen type education or training, delivering a UNESCO planned system of learning to every child beginning with 2 year olds in day care.

All that we have reported here may sound to some like wild and crazy imaginings, but, if so, it is the imaginings of state department of education and of health care services, not to overlook Workforce Development about which we have previously written.

CRLC has been writing about a new approach to education, mainly here in California, but, in fact, it is in various stages all throughout the country.  Beginning in January when the, then new, 2018 legislation came out, it became obvious to us that Education for all was, in fact, Obama Care related, That over the years since about 1960’s that Act known then as the Elementary and Secondary Act legislation, supported by then Senator George Bush (the senior) was only the beginning of several changes in the direction of a new approach to education.

Education 2000, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top and Education for All weren’t just weird names for an education policy, but they were changes or directional moves closer to the progressive left’s ideal for education and health care and welfare to work.  It is all directly connected to the United Nations goals for America and the world citizenry. UNESCO-United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

On September 7th my associate and I attended a Conference in Sacramento on the subject of the status of education for all in California. It was conducted by PACE: Policy Analysis for California’s Education. It was hosted by: Stanford Graduate school of Education, USC Rossier school of Education, UC Davis and Berkeley schools of Education, edpolicyinca.org   (education policy in California).  The Conference was opened by Linda Darling-Hammond recognized as one of the foremost leaders during the Obama Administration developing the current educational policy. It is apparently she who is mainly directing – off-screen – the Trump/ Education policy now overseen by Betsy DeVos.


***UNESCO: It is also a member of the United Nations Development Group. UNESCO’s aim is “to contribute to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education, the sciences, culture, communication and information”.

California Right to Life Committee, 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd 243, Walnut Creek, Ca  94598. Your donation in any amount to help defray costs of legislative tracking, postage, subscriptions. Etc. is greatly appreciated.


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Camille Giglio

8/9/2018. Walnut Creek, Ca. This is a continuation of the end-of life legislation reported on one day ago. Most of these bills are in either the Assembly or Senate Appropriations Suspense Files because though the legislators like them they cost too much taxpayers dollars.

They have one more week before a final up or down vote. Call or fax or email both your Senator and your Assembly member. Go to www.leginfo.ca.gov, find the name of your legislator and you will see ways to contact that member. DO NOT SEND SNAIL MAIL.

  • AB282 Suicide: Exemption from Prosecution. It is still alive. Continue to call your Senator and your Assembly member.
  • Though the Senate Appropriations voted out this bill. It was re-referred to the Senate Rules Committee due to concerns over wording. Further amendments to the bill will be suggested to the author. It is now back on the Assembly floor for a concurrence vote and on to the Governor.
  • AB2233, Ash Kalra, MediCal: Assisted Living Waiver Program. A Waier program means that the state is asking to be relieved of some requirement of the original bill. This appears to effect the financial status provider reimbursement of those who are stakeholders in the Assisted Living services. Apparently they want a raise. IN SENATE APPROPRIATIONS SUSPENSE FILE.
  • AB3211, Ash Kalra, (D-S.Jose) Advance Health Care Directive.
  • Here is the bill wording which concerns us.
  • First is the initial statement of “Upon my death,” which may mean one thing to the donor and another thing to the organ procurement team that may define death as brain death and not as a totality of heart and lung failure.
  • Secondly is a very generic “generally accepted health care standards” which may in one hospital be withdrawal of food and fluids and in another the provision of food and fluids.
  • Cf. (b) Choice To Prolong Life.
  • I want my life to be prolonged as long as possible within the limits of generally accepted health care standards.
  • California Right to Life would add now:
  • Health Care standards in California are dropping drastically due to the mandate to save costs of care. A question to the legislators: if costs are saved where does that saved money go? Will they send it back to the tax paying citizens, or will it go for other social and emotional, health care for all invasion of family and privacy and be used to teach all that stuff to school students. In other words, what friends of the legislators will be getting the money henceforth?
  • SB987, Cathleen Galgiani, Organ and Tissue Donation Registry.
  • This concerns changes to the driver’s license identity card which at its next scheduled revision will contain a statement informing the applicant that by marking “I do not wish to register to be an organ or tissue donor at this time” the applicant had better also have this statement in one’s health care directive or else someone else , family or designated ombudsman will be making the decision about whether or not your organs are scheduled for removal at your life’s expense.
  • AB2923, David Chiu, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District.
  • This bill has been included with the end-of-life issues because of its management of people, their housing and transportation.
  • Moving certain groups of people into dense housing conditions, low-income, ethnic,, disabled, elderly, etc centered around distribution of social services and other government programs facilitates the government’s ability to obtain a closer watch, more hands-on control of the daily lives of its citizens. This will facilitate the government agencies to quickly discern who is advanced in age, who is disabled, who is pregnant, who is not following the planned nutrition program.
  • While it’s certainly true that more housing is needed for this vast invasion of legal and illegal immigrants, it does not necessarily stand that the rest of us have to give up our standard of living to accommodate theirs.


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Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek. Ca, 8/7/2018.  One has cause to wonder who is really running this state, the elected officials, the media, or left-leaning non-profits. Or, maybe it’s a partnership of all three.

The East Bay Times Monday, August 6th edition ran an article that was actually a promotion for legislation which if enacted will not be beneficial to human beings or their living conditions. . this sort of thing happens quite frequently. We urge you to consider contacting your own state elected representatives between now and August 16 to OPPOSE this and other bills.

  • In Contra Costa County: Senator Steve Glazer, (D)  916-651-4007/Fax 916-651-4907.
  • Assembly woman Catharine Baker(R) 916-319-2016/Fax 916-319-2116.
  • Assembly member Tim Grayson, (D-Concord) 916-319-2014/Fax 916-319-2114
  • Call the Senate Appropriations Committee, starting now. 916-651-4101. Tell them you OPPOSE the following two bills that are in the Suspense file.

Ab282, Suicide Exemption from Prosecution by Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer (D-L.A.)

The purpose of this bill is to protect persons whose actions are compliant with the End of Life Option Act from being prosecuted for deliberately aiding, advising, or encouraging suicide.

The legislature saw to it that suicide was removed from the books as a crime, (end-of-life option act of 2015 – AB15×2) but they “forgot” to protect from criminal penalties the one who cajoles, pressures, encourages and advises the patient to commit self extermination (there is no official suicide anymore for people who sign a POLST form for their designated representative.)

The author claims that the purpose of this bill is to act as just a technical “cleanup.”

Apparently there is a package of bills employing the excuse of a technical clean-up to tighten and cement the state approved planned end-of-life policy for all California residents.

  • SB937, Susan Eggman author, , clarifying the priorities in conflicting orders – the POLST form apparently taking precedent.
  • SB481 by Richard Pan, Successor Agencies: Assets: Disposal. To the Governor.
  • AB3211 Ash Kalra, Advance Health Care Directives – AHCD.
  • This bill is dangerous. It, apparently, amends this state provided form, using an opt-out policy for organ donations. In other words, it will be assumed that the patient wants to be an organ donor unless a specific box is checked on the health care directive. The author states that the form is unclear on the directives in its current state.
  • SB987, Galgiani (D) addresses questions and confusions in regard to Driver’s Licenses and organ donation.  CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR AND URGE A NO VOTE

All these bills have passed out of committees with little or no official opposition vote from either a Democrat or a Republican.

The basic purpose of these clean-up bills will be to require the development of educational material for distribution to potential suicide clients along with the expanded availability of POLST forms – Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment to be required for everyone (even the name is a deception.

The bill seeks to expand the acceptance of POLST forms and the practice of suicide to Medi-Cal and Medicaid patients. Their initial objective is to reach about 18,000 Medi-Cal recipients..

Planned Parenthood is in charge of who gets born and when and the suicide promoters will be in charge of how and when the abortion survivors  experience their delayed planned death.

BART. Housing bills on agenda. San Jose Mercury News, 8-6-2018

  • AB 2923 by David Chiu, (D-SF) BART. This bill will expand land grabs by BART to expand BART’s ownership of land around their stations (including 20,000 new mainly condos and apartments with affordable housing set-asides). This will give the state  tremendous control over housing and transportation. The Bay Area News Group thinks this is a great idea.
  • AB2923 will affect, for now, 4 of the 9 counties surrounding the San Francisco Bay. The Cities of Lafayette and Pleasant Hill appear to be the only cities in Contra Costa County fighting this bill.  AB2923could take this land, apparently by eminent domain, This is the Affordable Care Act. Obama lives on in law.

Call the Senate Appropriations Committee to oppose. Being In suspense means that there is too much state money involved in funding this bill. Besides, BART as it is operated now is a tax guzzling, poorly managed, unsanitary transportation company.


Emotions IN and Academics OUT

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Emotions IN and Academics OUT

Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek, Ca 6/27/18. California’s Department of Education is in the final stages of a major revision of the goals and purposes of education.

They held a public comment period ending 6/29/2018, but it seems that this was announced only to the educators and certain community groups. There will be another chance to submit comments on the final draft in November.

The title of this major and revolutionary revision is The California Health Framework. This Framework, designed for all children between the ages of 2 years and the 12th grade, will change the purpose of education in a drastic manner. The Framework is tailored to the emotional and social development of all children. Every academic subject, English, math, PE, biology, etc. will be presented through the concept of health for the child’s development. Education will be tailored to the social and emotional development of the child based on information obtained through continuous surveys and observations on the child and family members.

You have, perhaps, also read or heard of educators and legislators who agonize over the state of education today and who say: we have to do a better job of preparing our students to learn. This translates into a curriculum designed around social and emotional behavioral modification programming of each child.

Each student will move ahead based on the student’s ability and willingness to accept the ideas and values presented through internet technology facilitated by thoroughly retrained facilitators (formerly referred to as teachers). If the student doesn’t get it, they will be given every opportunity to get it (the answers/modified behavior) so they can move on.

This, of course, can’t be accomplished unless the new state budget provides funding for the training and or re-training of teachers and, I am sure, payments to be provided to the outside curriculum development groups such as CASEL, The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning originally published on 3/4/2018 online by Education Week report

Much of the preparation for a smooth transition to this use of classroom time and students’ minds has been going on, quietly, in the form of legislatively conceived Pilot Programs for several years. During this time the educators and developers of curriculums have been creating partnerships with community organizations, legislators, health and mental health providers and the media to find ways to convince the taxpaying citizens that the educational system we have had for decades, along with parental child-rearing techniques have actually been failures.

It’s been a failure because, according to Peter DeWitt, collaborative workshop Leadership trainer, parents haven’t been cooperating with the school system to train-up the child as a productive and cooperative member of society. In an article written for the online Education Week publication, entitled No Place for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools? Are You Sure? DeWitt declares: If schools could just focus on academics, don’t you think they would?

DeWitt’s agenda calls for mental health counselors and school partnerships as consultants for all students, family partnerships (i.e. cooperation with the school’s agenda for each child) and community/school links (Jr. high and high school students volunteering to do community service work in order to have a hands-on experience with the seamier side of life).
At one point in DeWitt’s report he brings up the subject of students suffering from the effects of trauma. The official name for this occurrence is called Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE. (It doesn’t get funding until it’s got a catchy name). This as you may recognize is a major source of media attention lately. He suggests that even earthquakes can produce such a traumatic experience that the child probably will need mental health counseling which each school should be able to quickly provide to the student, at taxpayer expense of course. (See: AB11, Kevin McCarty, Early and periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program: Screening Services. See also Bright Futures. This is the basis for AB 11)

You have heard the cry of the educators for Universal Education for All? Maybe some of you recall the older slogan of Outcome Based Education – OBE? Maybe you are also aware of all the hype for better health care and the need for more nurses and mental health counselors in the schools? Even the sex purveyors from Planned Parenthood are pitching their perverted promotion of unlimited sex for all under the guise of: Sex: it’s healthy for you. It’s all coming together in 2019 under the title of the California Health Framework. Planned Parenthood is now at the helm of the health department.

Contained in the framework and directed to grades 7 through 12, is the true focus of this Framework. It is the agenda for instructing your children in sexual health, aka the California Healthy Youth Act. This Act resulted from a 2015 piece of legislation, AB329, by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, (D-San Diego). She carried this bill for Planned Parenthood. It is affectionately referred to as “Chaya or CHYA- by educators and legislative personnel at the state DOE. The CHYA is a huge paean to the homosexual community and those who scream and holler for equality in jobs and education. The whole purpose of the entire Framework is focused on preparing the children’s minds to accept the values and ethics of this ACT.

Now you can better understand the importance of the phrase Community Health, often referred to but seldom explained, by media and political types. Academics has become of secondary importance to this overall goal.

All of this is being brought to fruition by legislators who have been wined and dined by aggressive left wing, radical and revolutionary community groups. This is a part of the tension we all feel between peoples and groups. It’s one area of all out war against Western Civilization’s Christian beliefs and the humanistic practices of other cultures who believe that it’s their time to dominate the world order.

These groups have placed their people in positions of leadership in education, health care, workforce development, and even in religious communities. They have won the minds and emotions of our supposed leaders both secular and religious with seductive words and promises of peace justice and equality. All hollow promises which mere mortals can by themselves cannot produce.

Actions directed by prayer to protect our families, our country and our Christian faith are required from this day forward.


Community health workers hired by health care agencies often have a disease or population-based focus, such as promoting the health of pregnant women or children, improving nutrition, promoting immunization or providing education around a specific health issue, such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS.


2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd 243, Walnut Creek, Ca  94598
(925) 899-3064



Camille Giglio

Sacramento, Ca. 6/14/18., Your involvement  is urgently requested in opposing and stopping the intended expansion of the 2016 HEALTH EDUCATION FRAMEWORK. Citizens have until June 29, 2018, to submit comments to the Instructional Quality Commission  - IQC - branch of the CDE.

This framework, though developed around health issues closely resembles what parents would be teaching and role modeling to their children on a daily basis regarding nutrition, personal hygiene, inter-family communication, maturation, the entire social emotional and intellectual development, otherwise known as The Whole Child Concept.

Education Professionals and community activist groups have taken everyday issues of life and health and through legislation have transformed them into intellectual property required to be taught in classrooms to young students based on claims of Scientific accuracy, without parental permission being required.

Oh, yes, the educators say that parents have access to all this through partnerships with the schools, but it really just means that the parents become partners with the schools allowing the former teachers to become child development professionals assuming the role of in-lieu parents.

The Health Framework is required to be taught to every student from Transitional Kindergarten (age 4) to 12th grade.

One very controversial segment of this Framework required for grades 7 to 12 includes The California Healthy Youth Act.  Prior to 2016 it was known as the Sexual Health and HIV instruction. This segment of the Framework , aggressively lobbied for by Planned Parenthood and associates, has come under scrutiny and criticism from parents due to its heavy focus on neutralizing resistance to the LGBTQ community lifestyle and gender change advocacy.

A public comment period directed to the state dept of
Education’s Instructional Quality Commission remains open until June 29. 2018
. Please link to the Invitation to Submit Public Comment on the Draft 2019 Health Education Framework.

See also: https://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/he/cf/ 2019 Revision of the Health Education Framework.

This open comment period has not been reported to the public, only to certain education circles. The CDE appears very reluctant to provide the public with information

In 2015, through AB 329, the Comprehensive sexual health Instructions, was amended and the title and purpose was changed to the Healthy Youth Act.  This means healthy as the state defines health.

It is not too dramatic to state that educators foresee the role of the teacher/instructor in the classroom  as the new model for the parental role in the rearing of children. That which parents convey to their children throughout their young lives as the experiences of consequences of their actions, will, henceforth be taught as classroom courses or sets of instructions based on so-called scientific findings.

Further reading:  (especially read the link to the IQC website which sets out the entire Framework.

For further information please call Camille Giglio, 925-899-3064, or email: callifeadvocates@gmail.com


With sorrow, the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts now publishes an expanded and updated version of this document, which we first issued on May 28, 2015, following the referendum in the Republic of Ireland which deformed the definition of civil marriage in that unhappy country.


Ireland’s rejection of Divine and Natural Law, and historic civil and criminal law, respecting the sanctity and dignity of innocent human life in the womb, was the culmination in a series of incremental betrayals, over a period of forty-six years, which secularized the Irish State and Irish society. A chronology of these events is presented below:

  • 1972—Irish voters approve, by a referendum margin of 84%, a constitutional amendment repealing Article 44 of the Irish Constitution, which recognized “the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church as the guardian of the Faith professed by the great majority of citizens.”
  • 1973—The Irish Supreme Court declares a right to marital privacy which includes contraceptive use, but declines to overturn laws prohibiting the sale of contraceptives.
  • 1979—The Health (Family Planning) Act becomes law, allowing pharmacists to dispense contraceptives to those holding a prescription from a doctor.
  • 1985—The Health (Family Planning) Amendment Act becomes law, allowing the over-the-counter sale of condoms and spermicides to anyone over the age of eighteen.
  • 1987—Ireland’s first openly homosexual public official, David Norris, is elected to the Senate. A pedophilia defender and anti-Catholic bigot, Norris would call Pope Saint John Paul II an "instrument of evil" and Pope Benedict XVI "a Nazi." His 2011 presidential campaign would implode after it was revealed that he sought clemency for a convicted homosexual child rapist who had been his partner in sodomy.
  • 1988—In Norris v. Ireland, the European Court of Human Rights rules that Irish law prohibiting sodomy violates Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.
  • 1989—The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act becomes law, which outlaws so-called hate speech directed against so-called sexual orientation.
  • 1992—The Health (Family Planning) Amendment Act becomes law, allowing the unrestricted sale of contraceptives to anyone over the age of seventeen.
  • 1992—In Attorney-General v. X, the Irish Supreme Court declares a right to abortion arising from a threat to the life of the mother, including suicidal ideation.
  • 1992—Voters in Ireland reject, by a referendum margin of 65%, a proposed amendment to the Irish Constitution which would overturn the X ruling.
  • 1992—The Thirteenth Amendment to the Irish Constitution is passed, by a referendum margin of 62%, establishing a ‘right to travel’ outside the country, for the purpose of procuring an abortion. Between 6,000 and 8,000 Irish women go to England each year to kill their unborn children.
  • 1992—The Fourteenth Amendment to the Irish Constitution is passed, by a referendum margin of 59%, establishing a right to obtain information about abortion.
  • 1993—The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act becomes law, decriminalizing sodomy in Ireland.
  • 1995—The Fifteenth Amendment to the Irish Constitution repealed, by a referendum margin of 50.2%, the constitutional prohibition against divorce, and allowed the civil dissolution of marriage.
  • 1998—The Employment Equality Act becomes law, prohibiting discrimination in employment based upon so-called sexual orientation.
  • 2000—The Equal Status Act becomes law, prohibiting discrimination in public accommodations based upon so-called sexual orientation.
  • 2003—The European Convention on Human Rights Act becomes law, by which Ireland accepts the radically anti-Christian legal code of the European Union.
  • 2007—In Foy v. Ireland, the Irish High Court rules that Irish law contravenes Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, by refusing to recognize as a woman a man who underwent so-called sex re-assignment surgery.
  • 2010—The Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act becomes law, without a recorded roll call, establishing civil unions for same sex couples.
  • 2011—The Republic of Ireland closes its Embassy to the Holy See. Diplomatic relations with the Vatican are maintained through the Irish Embassy to the Italian Republic and the Apostolic Nunciature in Ireland.
  • 2011—The first openly homosexual TD’s (members of parliament)—Jerry Buttimer, John Lyons and Dominic Hannigan—are elected to the Dail.
  • 2013—The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act becomes law, legalizing abortion in cases of suicidal ideation by the mother.
  • 2015 —The Children and Family Relationships Act becomes law, allowing homosexual partners to adopt children.
  • 2015 —The Thirty-Fourth Amendment to the Irish Constitution is passed, by a referendum margin of 62%, allowing two persons to contract marriage “without distinction as to their sex.”
  • 2015—The first openly homosexual cabinet minister, Leo Varadkar, the son of an Indian immigrant, becomes Minister of Health.
  • 2015—The Gender Recognition Act becomes law, allowing individuals to define their own gender.
  • 2015—The Employment Equality Amendment Act becomes law, which extends anti-discrimination law pertaining to homosexuals and the so-called transgendered to Catholic schools and hospitals, and other religious institutions.
  • 2016—American born Katherine A. Zappone becomes Ireland’s first openly lesbian cabinet minister, when she is appointed Minister for Children and Youth. Zappone is civilly "married" to Ann Gilligan, a former Catholic nun with whom she became romantically involved while both were studying at Jesuit administered Boston College.
  • 2017—Leo Varadkar becomes Ireland’s first homosexual prime minister.
  • 2017—The United Nations recommends that Irish schools introduce compulsory sex education which should include “comprehensive sex education for adolescent girls and boys covering responsible sexual behaviors and focused on preventing early pregnancies, and ensure that it is scientifically objective and its delivery by schools is closely monitored and evaluated.”
  • 2018—Dail Eireann passes, in its second reading, the Provision of Objective Sex Education Bill, which, if enacted, would force Catholic schools to indoctrinate Catholic children with propaganda affirming abortion, contraception, gender dysphoria and sodomy.
  • 2018—The Irish Department of Education orders Catholic schools to change religion classes from an opt-out to an opt-in requirement.
  • 2018—The Irish government proposes an Amendment to the Status Act, which would forbid Catholic schools from giving enrollment preference to Catholic students.
  • 2018—The Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution, which guaranteed the right to life of unborn children, is repealed in a national referendum, by a margin of 66.4%.



Approving Consensual Sexual Involvement for 12 Year Olds

(925) 899-3064

5/14/18 Walnut Creek, Ca.  Continuing the report on the Mental Health bills.  Most of these also passed the first house on a unanimous vote meaning that both the Democrats and the Republicans believe that they are the only sane people in the state.

  • AB 3189. Jim Cooper, (D-Elk Grove) Treatment for Intimate Partner Violence
  • Sponsored by the California Association of Safe Sex Examiners – CALSAFE.
  • Passed Assembly floor vote 51/17 (finally some legislators stood up and said “NO”). ­­ to violent sexual practices involving children.
  • Assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee. No date set for hearing.
  • This bill is authorizing minors to become involved in voluntary and consensual sexual relationships.  If they are giving authority for a minor to consent to treatment for injuries occurred during this relationship then they have already conceded that minors, beginning at age 12,  can freely give consent to becoming sexually involved without parental or legal guardian consent.
  • Senator John M. W. Moorlach (R) [Vice-Chair]916-651-4113
  • AB2316, Susan Eggman, (D-Modesto) Mental Health: County Patients’ Rights Advocates.  Co-sponsor- Advocacy for Health and Social Justice. Requires training materials to be developed for and displayed on local websites and for the county to keep records of all this. BILL IS AWAITING A COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENT IN THE SENATE. Call your state Senator and urge that he vote “NO” on this bill when it comes to his committee or the floor.
  • AB2420. Sharon Quirk-Silva, (D-Buena Park) Workforce development: Soft-Skills Training.  Soft-skills is another way to say Social/Emotional Counseling. This is for new employees to evaluate their ability to work in groups and In cooperative situations. In other words, getting along and cooperating is worth more than hard work and intelligence.
  • Passed the Assembly Unanimously. Awaiting assignment in Senate. Call your state Senator urge that this bill not get out of committee
  • SB1026, Hannah Beth Jackson, (D-Sta Barbara) Older Adults and Persons With Disabilities.  Basically a Transportation bill.
  • Sponsored by a local Santa Barbara Neighborhood association called SMOOTH. Deals with evaluating the living conditions for senior citizens and advising repairs, replacements, etc. In order to avoid falls and injuries..  There are no details in the bill but it appears to be Sen Jackson doing a favor for a friend.
  • AB2691, Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer, Trauma Informed Schools Initiative
  • Requires the development within the Department of Education of a Trauma Informed Schools Initiative to address adverse childhood experiences.
  • In the Assembly Appropriations Committee, on Suspense. Also will be required to obtain data on trauma history to be included with medical records.


The television program entitled “60 Minutes” presented a program on on a recent broadcast about how zoos handle the zoo population problems with animals. It can be seen on YouTube;


 I would encourage you to watch this program to gain an accurate picture of the technological sophistication developed to breed superior animals and planned out on computers, while limiting their numbers. Many animals are placed on birth control bills of the same type as humans are prescribed, in some herds with a forecast for incestuous co-habitation, some animals are castrated while in others animals with seeming aggressive natures are killed while the public is invited to watch.

This is technocracy over the animal world.  One has to wonder if this isn’t the experimental for a sophisticated control of the human population somewhere down the road. Even the language that the zoo officials used to describe their activities is a duplication of the death with dignity crowd and the palliative care people along with that of the Planned Parenthood groups.


2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd 243
Walnut Creek, Ca  94598(925) 8993064

Camille Giglio

Walnut Creek, Ca  5/12/18. Please consider calling the numbers provided and registering your disapproval of the bills reported on

Gov. Jerry Brown has just released the proposed new budget for 2018-19 containing several million in new monies to expand and improve job potentials, better education, health care ,etc.

One of the concerns that the Governor and the legislators have for California citizens, concerns their mental health.

The state is finally utilizing the authority it grabbed in a 2004 Prop 63 program of reducing the mental health problems of the citizens.

Prop 63 requires a new 1% tax on incomes over $1M. It began collecting this tax in 2004-5 with $254M in new money incurring large increases yearly .

Prop 63 contained 6 promises to the citizens comprising a reduction in negative experiences of the social emotional kind for California’s traumatized citizens: 

AB 2691 by Reginald B. Jones-Sawyer creates the Trauma Informed Schools Initiative within the Dept of Education. It further, mandates that every school, including charters and private schools develop local connections for dealing with the mental health problems of school children.

This will fulfill the promises made in Prop 63, according to press releases.  The problem of suicide will  be greatly reduced by expanding mental health counseling to, eventually, all citizens.

The six (6) areas to be considered the most urgent are:

  1. Incarcerations
  2. School Dropout
  3. Unemployment
  4. Prolonged suffering
  5. Homelessness
  6. Removal of Children from their homes.

AB 2315, Pupil Health: Mental Health Services: Telehealth.

This is Asm Sharon Quirk-Silva’s idea for solving student mental health problems by offering mental health counseling on campuses and on the phone, on campuses

This bill is in the Assembly Appropriations Committee’s suspense file. It apparently carries too much money to approve before the budget is approved.

Matthew Harper, (R), has two bills almost identical.

AB2390, Pupil Safety: Identification Cards: Suicide Prevention with two co-authors, Nazarian (D) and Mathis(R)

This bill has been re-referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

It would require that suicide prevention phone numbers be included on pupil ID cards.

AB2391, Student Health: Suicide Prevention Telephone Numbers.  This bill has 5 co-sponsors (one Democrat, Adrin Nazarian, (Van Nuys) and though almost identical to the AB2390, it has passed to the second House awaiting assignment to a committee.

SB 972, Anthony Portantino and 8 co-sponsors, Pupil and Student Health: ID Cards: Suicide Hotline. It also has passed its first house after only one committee hearing and a floor vote (36-0 with 3 Republicans “Not Voting”).

It is now in both Assembly Education and Asm Appropriations.

Education Comm.  916-319-2087

Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell (D) [Chair]
Assembly Member Kevin Kiley (R) [Vice-Chair]

Assembly Appropriations: 916-319-2081

Assembly Member Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher (D) [Chair]
Assembly Member Frank E. Bigelow (R) [Vice-Chair]

Our next report will outline the plans of the Compassion and Choices crowds to help us “shuffle off this mortal coil.”  Hamlet soliloquy, To Be Or Not To Be.

So, what does all this mean for the children of California’s schools?

The schools are now officially acting in-lieu of parents forming our children into the appropriated trained, complaisant global citizen which means very little formal academic education but they sure feel good about themselves.

California’s Students are receiving

  1. Sexual instruction from Planned Parenthood
  2. Mental health counseling from the former paperback book readers of “I’m Ok, You’re Ok
  3. Their nutrition for breakfast and lunch is being planned by environmentally, and nutritionally balanced earth loving acolytes
  4. Their character (Moral values and perspectives on life in general) is being developed humanists.
  5. Their understanding of our form of Government and our Constitution is being formed by far left political progressives.


Take away God, all respect for civil laws, all regard for even the most necessary institutions disappears; justice is scouted; the very liberty that belongs to the law of nature is trodden underfoot; and men go so far as to destroy the very structure of the family, which is the first and firmest foundation of the social structure.
- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904