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Camille Giglio, Legislative Analyst
March 9, 2016.

On Sunday, 2/28/16, my local California newspaper, the Contra Costa Times (Bay Area News Group) carried a commentary by Arthur J. Breischneider, owner and operator of several Bay area managed care facilities called Seniorly. He was promoting managed care for everyone, declaring that everybody needs a caretaker, even the caretakers need caretakers and he had just the organization to provide that need. The article was basically a promotional piece for government funded and managed care, but he was given space on the commentary page to make it look like he had something worthwhile to say.(1)

He did his best, in this article to make you feel bad if you aren’t taking care of someone else. He also made you feel like a victim because the job of care-giving is burdensome requiring a great deal of of your time and energy.

And, yes, providing care for home-bound persons, is one of today’s workforce development programs. The government has realized that it must demonstrate to the taxpaying public that it seeks to economize somewhere and also recognizes that it is less expensive to provide low-level, government trained assistance that will keep the patient at home rather than in an expensive facility or in and out of emergency rooms.

In other words, You shouldn’t really be the one caring for your family member because that takes you out of the taxpaying category if you remain at home providing care. You should be bringing in a caregiver for Mom and taking advantage of the respite services that the government has provided for you, at taxpayer expense of course.

Regarding Mr. Breischneider. This isn’t concern for you or your family member’s welfare, it’s workforce development and extra money in his pocket and extra money going to the state in the form of taxes that these insurers are going to have to pay now. http://www.contracostatimes.com/opinion/ci_29563106/guest-commentary-taking-care-yourself-when-youre-taking.

Where, you ask, will this extra money come from?  The state’s legislators just voted in special session and the Governor signed, a huge new health care bill ; SB2b, by Ed Hernandez (D-L. A.) and AB1b by Asm Tony Thurmond, (D-Richmond). Changing the method of and amount of taxes Managed Care Organizations, ( think Metlife, Kaiser, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, any HMO) will have to begin paying retroactively to the government. This requires every Managed Care organization in the state to be taxed at a rate of 8.84%, a figure used by the state Department of Health Care, rather than the 3.9% charged under the Knox-Keene Act.

Currently MCO’s that accepted Medi-Cal patients were taxed on their profits at the higher rate and those which did not were taxed at the lower rate. However, those that paid the higher rate also got reimbursed from the feds at a higher rate thereby making the other MCO’s somewhat jealous. Now, thanks to a 2004 court case, Myers v State Board of Equalization, brought by a public interest non-profit called Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, they will all be taxed at the higher rate but will also be required to pay this higher rate retroactively in the amount of $10.5 Billion. Also, the tax to be paid by all the MCO’s will be based on number of clients rather than on profits. The more clients the more taxes collected. (1)

Some Republicans voted, in the recent and still active special session on health care, for the expanded taxation required by both the Hernandez bill, SB2b and the Thurmond bill AB1b, thereby allowing the state to realize a new source of funds - of $1.3 billion yearly in federal matching funds which will go into the General Fund.

If the state had not created this new taxing schedule, Republicans whimpered, the feds, through this lawsuit, would have been able to keep $1.3 Billion of California taxpayer dollars to itself rather than returning it to the state. In other words by framing it as a benefit to the taxpayer the feds were able to get the state to agree to collect more taxes for the feds and themselves while the taxpayers foot the bill for everything. (2)

For the sake of Public appearance the Republicans negotiated a spending plan for this $1.3 billion: paying down the unfunded mandates, some disability payments, nursing home reimbursement and salary increases. Already some Democrats are considering bills to raise salaries for their special interest pals.

This article was titled Dealers in Illusion to make a point. Next time you read an article about health care and the government struggling to find ways to contain costs, remember that it is probably you, the taxpayer, who is actually paying more in taxes for a reduced amount of care or concern about patients. It’s all about finances and how the government can get more of your money without disturbing your tranquility or realization that you are being had, once again.

Fox TV news played a clip from a campaign talk given by Bernie Sanders recently. He was, apparently asked by a member of the audience why everybody needed (government provided) health care. Bernie’s answer was: “ because we are all human beings.”  Behind that nice sounding statement lurks the hard reality of who is going to pay for all the things that Bernie and friends think are due to us (or forced upon us) simply because we are all human beings? That’s pure Socialism.

Bernie and Hillary and even Donald all want us to also have abortions and euthanasia which we are paying for ourselves with increased taxes. And they want your money to pay for everybody else to have these things as well…just because we are human beings. And, they want Social Workers appointed to every body from birth to death. They want children under government scrutiny along with their parents, from birth. They want the government to use education to plan everyone’s life path, job placement and housing placement…just because we are human beings. And, they have to find ways to sell us these ideas so that we will quietly accept and pay for our own enslavement.

And, now, we learn of a House Resolution, Hres 552, asking approval for funding the training of Health Coaches. (See definition in footnotes). Now the Government has succeeded in raising the ridiculous to the heights of honor. We can all become busy bodies. (4)


  1. Seniorly, We strongly believe that there is a community out there for everyone at every step in life. https://www.seniorly.com/about/
  2. The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, according to its website, changed its name to Consumer Watchdog.org. This group’s main objective, it would seem, is suing the government regarding health care insurance and other issues. In 2004 it provided its legal services to a group suing the Los Angeles Dept of Educaton on the grounds regarding a lack of sufficient services to school children with Autism.  http://www.consumerwatchdog.org/about/
  3. SB2b, Ed Hernandez, Medi-Cal managed care organization tax:
  4. Imposes a three-year managed care organization provider tax (MCO tax) on health plans, with different taxing tiers and based on enrollment assessed during a base year period of October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015. Continuously appropriates funds from the MCO tax for purposes of funding the nonfederal share of Medi-Cal managed care rates. Reduces the amount of the Corporate or Gross Premium taxes that specified health plans and insurers are required to pay for the three years of the MCO tax assessment. Sunsets these provisions June 30, 2020.

    If the state would not cooperate with the federal mandate to change its MCO taxing schedule the feds would retain $1.3 billion in matching funds, funds which California taxpayers had paid. It would simply be divided up amongst other states.

    The Myers v Brd of Equalization Decision declared that the state owed the federal government $10.5 billion retroactively because they had been taxing Medi-Cal insurers at the lower Knox-Keene rate of  3.9% on total revenue.  Under the new ruling all insurers will be charged the same rate of 8.84% based on number of insured, not on profits. Senate Committee On Public Health and Developmental Services, 2/10/2016

  5. Laws Relating to Health Care Plan in California , Department of Managed Health Care. http://wpso.dmhc.ca.gov/regulations/.
  6. Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. WHAT IS A HEALTH COACH?

    A Certified Health Coach helps others achieve their health and wellness goals by providing science-based, trusted information, positive encouragement, and continued motivation. In 2007 world-renowned Dr. Sears and a team of experts developed a Health Coach Training that provides the education and tools to help make a positive difference in the lives of others. The    training is based on the four pillars of health: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.



Californians for Parental Rights’ Parental Notification Initiative appears to be one of the few pro life, family petitions still standing. Please contact California Petitions@CAParentalRights.org to obtain petitions. Petitions will still be available through January.


Sadly other petitions have failed to meet the required number of signatures for admission to the 2016 balloting. Such petitions as; the Privacy Rights issue (no boys in the girls’ Bathrooms) and ousting state Senator Richard Pan for his atrocious piece of legislation, SB 277, mandating that all children be vaccinated have received only lukewarm interest even amongst practicing Christians. This defies good sense, tramples parental authority, endangers the lives of possibly up to 20% of children who experience negative reactions to the myriad of shots required by this law.


Several articles have appeared this last week or so reporting that Planned Parenthood is encouraging HIV positive persons to be sexually active without alerting their “partners” of their HIV status. Actor Martin Sheen has apparently embraced that philosophy whole-heartedly as he brags about the hundreds of partners with whom he has been intimate, often without telling them of his HIV status.


I guess this is why Pan wants all children vaccinated, so that when they are in Planned Parenthood sexual health classes and taught that it’s okay to have sex at any age, any time, any way, they can be sexually active supposedly without fear of contracting HIV. However, he fails to provide the ratio of those who do end up as active cases.


The more students who become disabled due to Gardasil and other social disease vaccines, the more will expenses rise to educate these students as special needs recipients, and the supply of highly qualified and trained employees will fall


When I say 20% I am using the figure most often quoted by the media as the proportion of negative, harmful effects of the vaccinations. The currently popular use of this idea of medicine by “Best Practices” means that it’s a gamble and around 20% of students lose the bet.

Here’s Pan’s reaction to the news of the failed petition drive as quoted on the internet.


In a statement, Pan called the defeat a “ victory of science over the politics of fear and intimidation” and castigated “anti-vaccination zealots” who “used fear, intimidation and discredited information to try to defeat our bill.”

“With this recall threat behind us, I am more committed than ever to serving the people of the 6th District and working to build a healthy California,” Pan said.

What a sham. If anyone used intimidation, and fear and negative labeling of parents it was Pan and his cohort of so-called scientists. It is his legislation that will prohibit any child not vaccinated from obtaining a public school education. That’s intimidation. That’s downright blackmail.




The ninth Circuit Court won’t stop Forced Speech. It has given its approval to the piece of legislation by San Francisco legislator, David Chiu, mandating that pro life pregnancy centers inform potential clients that they have a right to obtain an abortion. http://cal-catholic.com/?p=21896.

The following comes from a December 1 Courthouse News Service release by Nicholas Iovino:

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The Ninth Circuit on Thursday refused to block a new California law that requires pregnancy care centers to notify patients about state-funded contraception and abortion services.




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To learn more about Roe v Wade please visit our website: www.callifeadvocates.org/blog to watch and listen to the C-Span presentation by AUL Legal Counsel, Clarke Forsythe and UC Berkeley Law Professor Melissa Murray. If you can’t attend the West Coast Walk for Life the next best thing would be to give an hour to watching this interview on a look behind the scenes of the Supreme Court’s activities surrounding passage of Roe v Wade.


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We pray that you are well and filled with the energy needed to continue the cause of defending life in 2016. Here are a few interesting items to start off the year:


  1. Giving recognition to the 43rd Anniversary of Roe V Wade to be commemorated with the yearly Walk for Life in San Francisco: please visit our webpage at www.callifeadvocates.org/blog and click on the C-Span presentation of the Judicial history behind Roe v Wade. The two interviewees are: Clarke Forsythe, Senior Counsel for Americans United For Life and Melissa Murray, UC Berkeley Professor of Law in the area of Reproductive Rights. The total disregard for our Constitution and the rule of law on this case is truly astounding.


  2. Attend the 12th Annual Walk for Life West Coast in San Francisco. Link to www.walkforlifewc.com for a schedule of events. David Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress and Alveda King are the featured speakers.


  3. Assisted Suicide in California is not yet official. This piece of horrendous legislation was passed during a special session of the legislature called by Governor Brown to discuss how to find the financing for health care issues. Little in that regard was solved. However the Assisted Suicide bill was improperly included in the session and railroaded through to a vote of approval and it is listed as “enacted” meaning registered, and signed by the Governor on December 10, 2015. Any bill approved in a special session has 91 days following the closing of the special session before it is activated. The Special Session is still open. There is only a “call for Recession.”


  4. Eleven, mostly health care, bills which we opposed were happily vetoed by the Governor along with 89 other assorted bills in other than the health or education fields. However, the authors of those 100 bills have placed them back on the agenda for consideration of an override vote canceling the vetoes.


  5. Congress passed the Every Student a Success Act – ESSA- S. 1177, authored by Republican Lamar Alexander, long an advocate of federal control of education, and NY Democrat Patti Murray, long time friend of Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood; as an authorization to make a sweeping expansion in the education agenda of the country. Upon a somewhat closer look at S.1177 it becomes frighteningly obvious that this bill is merely a receptacle for every hair-brained scheme that both the Dems and Reps have regarding “best practices” for the proper rearing of the Whole Child. So far I’ve counted 38 other bills amended into this bill which, if standing alone would never pass. And, by the way, many of these bills are reflected in the 11 bills mentioned above. They are in the area of : pupil mental health, preschool, ethnic studies, home visiting, community-based services, workforce development and a variety of totally unrelated issues such as pardoning some prisoner who died in 1913.

So, stay healthy, take your vitamins, keep your computers running and your outrage in overdrive.

Parental Notification Initiative

This is a state Constitutional Amendment, as has been the case with the previous petitions. This initiative will be targeted for appearing on the November, 2016 General Election Ballot. This ballot has until March to turn in signatures. But, Please don’t let that slow you down in gathering up some petitions and getting them signed as soon as possible.

This petition is one good way to remove the secrecy surrounding teen abortions. Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers would not be able to perform secret abortions on minors under the age of 18 without parental notification being sent prior to the performance of the abortion.

This basically same petition has appeared on ballots in previous years. Each time it has gained more "YES" votes until now, the last time, it was at a 47% approval rating. Many more people have now been exposed to the truth of Planned Parenthood’s business with sales organs which may help push the vote over 50.1%.

The benefit of this being a constitutional amendment is that, unlike a Referendum initiative such as the Assisted Suicide petition, the voter is not saying Yes or NO to an already approved piece of legislation which vote the legislators can basically ignore by merely re-voting a new piece of legislation. A Constitutional Amendment is the creation of a new law approved by the voters, the citizens, and can not be amended by the legislature or by a simple court lawsuit.

If the time was ever right for a victory for the babies, it is this election. It can happen if enough signatures get collected to put it on the ballot. Places for collection: your own neighborhood, your extended family, your clubs, your churches, your workplace, the BART train stations. You can stand and carry a clipboard and approach anyone to ask for their signature

Signature gatherers must be 18 years of age or over and registered voters. Petition signers must be registered voters and they must sign with the same signature as the one they used to register to vote.

If you would like to pick the petitions up in large numbers I would ask you to please call to make arrangements for pickup. If all you need are a small handful they can be mailed to you.

Please call the Right to Life phone number - 925-899-3064 or email us at callifeadvocates@gmail.com and provide your name, address and how many petitions you would like. If you are picking up a large amount I will give you the address.

Please help all that you can.
Camille Giglio
Ca. Right to Life Committee, Inc

The Uniform Laws Commission and its Relation to Assisted Suicide

November 30, 2015
By Camille Giglio

Though there is much information online pro and con regarding Assisted suicide, Hospice care and palliation,

few people have connected all the dots leading up to the 2015 California Legislature’s passage of Assemblyman Susan Eggman’s End-Of-Life legislation. Or, whether it was properly passed and Chaptered.

I offer you a very brief historical look at how it has come about that Americans can now be embracing the once abhorrent idea that suicide could be a positive addition to medical “care.” In 1892 with the apparent blessings of then President Teddy Roosevelt, there was formed (without benefit of the legislative process) the US Commission on Uniform State Laws. The Commission consisted exclusively of lawyers. It was considered that there were some laws so important that they needed to be incorporated into the laws of every state. This Commission saw to that end. It has seen 300 such laws incorporated into every state’s set of laws.

Of those 300 laws the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act – UAGA- is considered to be one of the utmost of importance. This law, created in 1967 was revised 3 times. First in 1967 when Nixon was in power and at about the time of the first heart transplant, 1987 under President Reagan, 2006 under G. W. Bush and the latest, 2009, under Pres. Obama. It is now referred to as the RUAGA – Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

This last revision seems to have come very close to the time of a Center for Medicare Services amendment to their fee schedule which authorizes payments to the medical doctors and personnel for their services. This final revision added payments to Doctors and others for end-of-life consultations with patients. (See link below)

Each revision expanded and strengthened the authority of the medical profession to refuse to provide medical treatment for certain, specified patients and to expedite and legislate organ donations for the large population of patients awaiting transplants.

Just as with the donation of pre born organs, profiting from the procurement and transportation of adult organs is prohibited. However, transplant doctors and teams and research centers began to understand that this is a profitable business.

The purpose of these latest revisions was to accommodate the 1987 Harvard Medical School Commission’s work on legalizing organ donations from “living” donors and to protect the medical profession from criminal charges in removing organs from still living though “brain dead” patients.

http://www.societyandmedicine.columbia.edu/organs_challenge.shtml. The Challenge of Living Organ Donors.

The Ad-Hoc Committee of the Harvard Medical School Commission redefined irreversible coma changing the definition of death from that of the stoppage of the heart and circulatory system, to that of the cessation of all brain functioning. However, this stoppage of brain functioning does not stop the human body from continuing to process food and fluids, to grow hair or beards, heal wounds, allow young girls to experience menstruation or to allow comatose pregnant women to continue to nourish their preborn babies until that baby becomes viable. Transplanting organs successfully requires removal of “fresh” human organs from a donor to a recipient. To obtain that required a change to the definition of what constituted a dead person. http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=340177.

Sarah Palin received extreme derision from Dems and Republicans for her declaration that ObamaCare contained death panels. So, the authorization of ObamaCare to pay doctors to have end-of-life talks with their patients was removed from the legislation. Removed, but not done away with.

The California 2015 End-Of-Life legislation generally referred to as the Assisted Suicide Legislation, provides physicians with reimbursement through Obama Care to hold end-of-life talks and planning conferences for patients to consider just how and when they will consent to have their lives ended. It will end either when their intact, one-of-a-kind organs are removed and/or they are deemed to be too financially burdensome for their community. Study: Many face barriers in end-of-life care by Barbara Feder Ostrov, a re-print by Contra Costa Times, 11/28/15, of a Kaiser Health News article. http://khn.org/news/deficiencies-in-end-of-life-care-extend-across-ethnicities/


http://www.cbsnews.com/news/medicare-to-now-pay-for-end-of-life-counseling-for-terminally-ill/   MediCare to Pay for end-of-Life counseling for terminally ill.

https://www.cms.gov/Newsroom/MediaReleaseDatabase/Fact-sheets/2015-Fact-sheets-items/2015-10-30-2.html.  Proposed policy, payment, and quality provisions changes to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 2016.

Letters to the Editor of New Oxford Review

Elizabeth Hanink has provided a worthwhile reminder of the dangers of physician-assisted suicide. Unfortunately, like many others who report on this subject, she missed a very important element within the right-to-die movement.

This movement has one goal, euthanasia, and at least two ways to get there: the hard way and the soft way. Compassion & Choices, which promotes physician-assisted suicide, represents the former. As Hanink points out, it has received millions from George Soros. (The IRS 990 form for Compassion & Choices of Oregon, apparently the organization’s home office, indicates that it had at least $20,812,163 in expenses, with salaries for four executives at $621,235 in 2014.)

On the other hand, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), the Altarum Institute, and other groups represent the softer, gentler pathway to imposed death, called “palliative care.” Palliative care is generally thought of as a type of pain management for the chronically ill and dying, but the dictionary definition of palliation is “to cover something.” And covering up an imposed death is what these groups are all about. CAPC trains palliative-care professionals to work in hospital inpatient units, intensive-care units, and emergency rooms, and in rehab centers and even community healthcare organizations. All these groups have legislated and lobbied their way into a protected, increasingly profitable, and rapidly expanding niche within the world of health care.

Consider the University of California San Francisco’s Palliative Care Program, which has received $750,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $153,000 from Soros’s Project on Death in America and other private foundations, and $726,640 from the National Institute on Aging. An article at the website of the James Irvine Foundation, which gave the program its 2011 Leadership Award, described its work thus: “Palliative care is often healthier for the patient’s family members, who are at greater risk of depression if they’ve watched their loved ones suffer. It is also more cost efficient: Research shows that by providing realistic options and ensuring that care is consistent with what patients and families want, medical centers can reduce useless interventions and save thousands of dollars for every patient cared for by a palliative care service” (emphasis added).

This more moderate wing of the right-to-die movement makes its arguments based on utilitarian principles. As part of its communication strategy, it encourages discussion of goals of care and reminds patients of the so-called indignities of pain and the potential loss of inheritance due to expensive treatment. The point being: Die now, save yourself and your family the inconvenience of a non-planned death, save the state the cost of treating your health problems, and free up space in a hospital bed when someone more deserving could be using it.

Those opposed to this utilitarian philosophy tend to fall into a trap. We accept the notion that all death is humiliating, pain-filled, and undesirable for the family, and as Hanink points out, “even the Catholic Church does not insist on futile or extraordinary treatment or suffering.”

Catholics often quote Pope Pius XII’s 1957 definition of the “ordinary means” of sustaining life as those “that do not involve any grave burden for oneself or another” — as opposed to extraordinary means, which the Pope said “would be too burdensome for most men and would render the attainment of the higher, more important good too difficult.” Unfortunately, euthanasia proponents have also been using these outdated definitions to their own advantage in order to justify limiting traditional medical treatment. In fact, the Society for the Right to Die Handbook (1981) makes explicit mention of this papal statement as a “landmark” success for the right-to-die movement.

Today, extraordinary means not only “too burdensome” but too expensive. And the question really is, “Are you, the patient, valuable enough to the community to be worthy of that treatment?”

Ironically, palliative care does not cut down on the costs of health care; it increases the costs by creating jobs for teams of palliative physicians, nurses, chaplains, and social workers; jobs for healthcare preventive groups, consultants, hospice workers, residential-care facility personnel, bereavement specialists, and new government bureaucrats, such as those who staff “Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment” registry offices, and lots of measurement specialists setting “best practices” standards of palliative care, including palliative spirituality, all while seducing vulnerable, trusting citizens to advance the cause of the “new” business of healthcare planning.

Your foremost “right” is the right to life, along with liberty and the ability to seek happiness and eternal salvation. Beware death as a salesman knocking at your door.

Camille Giglio, California Right to Life Committee, Inc.
2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, 925-899-3064
callifeadvocates@gmail.com; callifeadvocates.org/blog;



Patricia Ryan and Camille Giglio make good points, and doubtless we can find unity in distinctions. I am sure, of course, that the NOR editors hope that among their readers there are more than a few non-Catholics.

To the specifics: Alex Schadenberg, director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, who works tirelessly on the international scene, believes strongly in the value of a broad-based net­work of people opposed to euthanasia and assisted suicide. His website, www.epcc.ca, is well worth visiting.

We can also find much to do in our own backyard. Susan Talamantes Eggman, sponsor of California’s End-of-Life Options Act, which is now working its way through the legislature, stated before the members of the assembly that she is a practicing Catholic and reported meeting with various clergymen as she worked on the bill. Several other supporters of the proposed law did likewise. The right to physician-assisted suicide is part of the California Democratic platform, and many of the people who vote for Democrats are Catholic.

According to the most recent Pew research, 67 percent of white Catholics believe that a person has a moral right to suicide when he is in a great deal of pain with no hope of improvement. Hispanic Catholics show smaller numbers but, like white Catholics, when it comes to having an incurable disease or having a life that is a burden to self or others, many think that suicide is a right. Physician-assisted suicide wins the approval of about half of all white Catholics. The numbers for Hispanic Catholics are still well above a quarter of those polled.

A close look at palliative care would make for an entire book — and it has. Briefly, Camille Giglio is correct: Palliative care is big business and very much a part of the aid-in-dying movement. The vocabulary surrounding it is rife with misuse. Still, her definition is too narrow. The term properly refers to reducing the impact of a disease and easing its symptoms without curing the underlying disease. In itself, palliative care can help suffering and seriously ill patients endure, and need not limit needed medical care. It is a shame that because some misuse the help medicine can offer, others might be deprived of assistance or fear it. Nor has everyone who supports palliative care fallen into a utilitarian trap that would make extraordinary mean “burdensome” or “too expensive.” We have an obligation to protect our lives, to the extent we can, even if it costs us, and to accept suffering if there is no moral means of avoiding it. Is there a risk that in consenting to palliative care or hospice, we leave ourselves open to abuse? Yes, and that is a fact of American life today.

I don’t accept, of course, that all deaths are “humiliating, pain-filled.” Nor need any be, if we rightly order what is true, accept what help medicine offers, and recognize that we are in God’s loving care.

Go west, old man! Go west!

How do you discourage suicide by assisting suicide?

In 1976, Governor Jerry Brown approved a legal right for terminally ill patients to end so-called life-sustaining treatment. (from CalWatchdog article)

The following comes from an October 6 Careful! blog post by Michael Cook:

Ten percent of Americans now have access to assisted suicide after Jerry Brown, governor of California, approved Assembly Bill 15 yesterday.

Assisted suicide had failed in California six times since 1988. But exactly one year ago, on October 6, Compassion & Choices released a superbly-crafted video about Brittany Maynard, a winsome 29-year-old Californian woman with a brain tumor, who had to move to Oregon because assisted suicide was illegal in her own state. It became a YouTube sensation; the tears trickling down her cheeks drowned opposing arguments in a flood of emotion.

And will the new law actually result in fewer people committing suicide as its supporters have promised?

Dramatic new findings about the Oregon experience with physician-assisted suicide (PAS) were published today in the Southern Medical Journal which suggest that this is not true. In a fine-grained statistical analysis of the experience in the four American states where PAS is currently legal British academics David Albert Jones and David Paton show that “the introduction of PAS seemingly induces more self-inflicted deaths than it inhibits”.

The suggestion that legalization reduces the total number of suicides and postpones those that do occur is a popular argument on the right-to-die side. It was first mooted by libertarian economist and jurist Richard Posner and has subsequently been adopted by assisted suicide advocates around the world. It allows advocates of assisted suicide to claim, paradoxically, that they are against suicide. But there is precious little data to support it.

Now the study by Jones and Paton shows that Posner’s argument is plainly wrong. In fact, PAS could actually increase an inclination to suicide in others.

As psychiatrist Aaron Kheriarty points out in an commentary in the same journal: “Several well-studied phenomena in the social sciences and suicide literature suggest that Posner’s hypothesis was dubious, even before empirical testing. You do not discourage suicide by assisting suicide.”

One of the best-studied phenomena of suicide is the Werther effect, named after a disappointed lover who takes his own life in Goethe’s 18th century novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther. The book was phenomenally popular and sparked a rash of copycat suicides throughout Prussia. The dangers of glorifying suicide are so obvious that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in partnership with the National Institute for Mental Health, the World Health Organization, and the Surgeon General recommend the utmost discretion in reporting suicides, lest vulnerable
people succumb to the siren call of suicide.

California’s new law shows that the copycat effect is alive and well. Jerry Brown and California have followed Brittany Marnard over the edge.

(Original Article)

The World Congress of Families IX Salt Lake City

The World Congress of Families IX welcomes friends and people of goodwill from all nations to Salt Lake City, Utah, October 27-30, 2015, for the premier global gathering of parents, youth, lawmakers, scholars, religious leaders, and advocates united to affirm, celebrate, and encourage the natural family. Register Now!

The largest gathering of pro-family advocates in the world—and for the first time in history, the global gathering will come to the United States this fall.



Beginning in the mid-1980’s Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Lafayette, Ca. Became the final resting place for 25 abandoned or aborted babies. Soon after that the members of local Oakland Diocese Knights of Columbus began meeting at the cemetery every Saturday to pray for these precious babies.

This photo shows the Director of California Right to Life Education Fund, Cecelia Cody, (front row center) with a group of Knights on Saturday, September 11, 2015. They continue to meet for the rosary at 10:00 AM every week. They invite you to join with them.

Mary Catherine, a new-born, was the first baby to be buried following the discovery of her body in an Antioch park. The Antioch police were never successful in locating the mother of this child. California Right to Life and Birthright provided the burial plot. Mary Catherine’s headstone reads: “Even if a mother forget her child, I will never forget you.” Isaiah: 49.

During the early 1990’s California Right to Life received a phone call from an unidentified male asking if we would receive the preserved bodies of 24 preborn babies in various stages of development for burial. These babies had been discovered in a closet in the back room of a previously rented doctor’s office in the city of Alameda.

Prior to burial there were several weeks of negotiations with the Alameda Coroner’s office which requested that these bodies be turned over to them in order to assure the officials that these babies had not been victims of foul-play or illegal abortions. Their request was refused for fear we would never see the babies again. Apparently the cemetery could not bury the babies until the Coroner had signed off on the bodies.

These babies are buried in a remote corner of Queen of Heaven Cemetery in two very small plots near the statue seen in the background of this photo. Prior to the burial service all the babies were named.

Memorial to the Unborn - Queen of Heaven Lafayette, CA


September 7, 2015
Camille Giglio

Governor Brown must begin hearing from you beginning September 8th to veto AB15b End-Of-Life Option Act.  916-445-2841 (automated) Or, http://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php

Think about this folks.  Everything about the abortion industry is cloaked in hidden meaning. “Reproductive Rights,” Healthcare for women,”  all these phrases are code words for death for a baby.

Palliative Care for seniors means dehydration and starvation and eventual death for the senior or disabled individual.   Neither of these are health care.

Clarke Forsythe, senior legal counsel for Americans United for Life and author of “The Abuse of Discretion,” was speaking at a recent Federalist Society meeting in San Francisco.  It seems that the papers from some of the retired and deceased members of the Supreme Court involved with the Roe v Wade decision are now open for inspection.  Mr. Forsythe wrote a book called “Abuse of Discretion” reporting on what he learned from these papers.

The book begins by declaring that “Roe and Doe began, in the Supreme Court, as a serious procedural mistake resulting from a case in the California Courts referred to as Younger v Harris that left the Justices without any factual record to consider the complex historical, legal, medical and constitutional issues surrounding abortion.”

The important words here being…”without any factual record.”  That may well have been one of the reasons that people like then pro abortion Dr. Bernard Nathanson always claimed that he and his group just made up some figures about the women who died from back alley abortions. When it was realized that this was an improper follow up to that case certain justices, basically said, oh, well, let’s just go on and make this an abortion decision.

Then 20 years later came Planned Parenthood v Casey (former Governor of Pennsylvania) which said that prohibitions against abortion placed undue burdens on a pregnant woman. Again, with little to no factual data. This was followed by The Carhart Decision which claimed that abortion was safer than childbirth for women. Again, no factual data to back it.  This phrase, according to the research conducted by Mr. Forsythe came from one line in an obscure book written by a pro abortion writer whose name was never brought to light.

There were no facts presented to prove that then. There are no facts present today to declare that palliative care is best for terminally ill, disabled or depressed patients, yet that’s the claim being made.

Abortion was never , nor ever will be better or safer than birth; and starving a patient to death will never be better than some pain and discomfort attached to a terminal illness. Palliative Care is DeathCare.

It’s another department within the health care industry authorized to kill innocent human beings because some carefully contrived slogan said life would be an undue burden.


On September 8, AB15b, End of Life Options (formerly SB128) will receive its last legislative approval and be sent to the Governor.  This is the basic authorizing bill giving members of the medical profession (not just doctors) the right to decide if your life is worth the effort to heal or not.

SB19, Lois Wolk, POLST. This is the piece of paper that these DeathCare industry people seek in order to legitimately take away life from ill people.  It, too, is up for a final floor vote on the Assembly floor in the next few days. Call your Assembly member and urge a NO vote.

Getting patients to the point where they will submit to Palliative care is contingent on obtaining the patient’s approval and a signature on a POLST form.  Contained in this and in federal legislation is a section on mandating consultations and to entice the medical profession to hold these consultations. The US Dept of Health requested that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid develop a proposal to add a new payment  schedule to the rules, for consultation fees to be provided by the doctor or other designated medical personnel. (Read further…)

DO NOT ASSUME THAT EITHER OF THESE BILLS ARE BEING HEAVILY OPPOSED BY RELIGIOUS GROUPS ON YOUR BEHALF.  Call your Assembly member yourself, especially the Democrats and most especially the Catholic Democrats.  These two bills got through both houses of the legislature because all these legislators voted for them without reservation

The Revisions to payment policy www.regulations.gov/#1docketDetail;D=CMS-2015=0081
CMS-2015-0081.  Closes its public comment period on September 8th. 

This proposal would authorize Medicare, amending Title XVlll of the Social Security Act to allow the government (we taxpayers) to pay for consultations by government trained consultants and associates to discuss with a patient just how that particular patient (maybe you) would like to end their lives.

Remember: We the taxpayers are paying for killing babies and now the government wants to force us to pay for consultations to convince patients and families to terminate the lives of our senior family members.  But, this is merely a proposal. It needs legislation to appropriate the funding.

S. 1549 by Virginia Senator Mark Warner, (D) MediCare Beneficiaries Illness Care Coordination. Shortened version the Care Planning  Act of 2015. This Act  Appropriates $15M for one year to train, advocate and advertise for the right of a patient with a terminal illness to seek consultation which would be paid for by the taxpayer.

The training of the consultants will be for developing talking points to encourage patients to sign the POLST form. The advocacy and advertising will be to convince people to accept that they have a right to die at an appointed time with the assistance of a medically prescribed drug provided by a pharmacist.

HR 3251 by Iowa Congressman Steve King, (R) Exclude Advance care Planning Under Medicare. Would prohibit amending Title XVlll to include payment for consultations. Cong. King needs your support to fight for a hearing for this bill which is sitting in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Email to: Richard.Stern@mail.house.gov.

If AB15b passes and the idea of consultations is in the bill, this will become an lobbying tool for Warner to further promote his legislation.

Take away God, all respect for civil laws, all regard for even the most necessary institutions disappears; justice is scouted; the very liberty that belongs to the law of nature is trodden underfoot; and men go so far as to destroy the very structure of the family, which is the first and firmest foundation of the social structure.
- St. Pius X, Jucunda Sane, March 12, 1904