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Camille Giglio
August 31, 2016

David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress urgently need your help to prevent the state government from taking away their, and basically our, right to exercise freedom of speech.  PLEASE, BEGIN NOW, TO CONTACT THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE AND URGE THAT HE VETO AB 1671. . To email: https://govnews.gov.ca.gov/gov39mail/index.php.  Once connected follow instructions. 

This bill applies prior restraint on speech which is illegal. It will stop whistleblowers.

Assembly member Jimmy Gomez, (D-East L.A.) is author of AB 1671,  Confidential Communications: Disclosure.  Planned Parenthood is the sponsor.  The objective of this bill is to criminalize the activity of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

The bill was, according to opponents, so poorly written that it also threatened the freedom of speech for the media, the ACLU and other groups which caused them to lobby aggressively against the bill.  The ACLU still, as of this writing, opposes the bill.

Planned Parenthood was so unnerved by the attention and the loss of some funding provided by the Center for Medical Progress that they turned to their greatest ally, the state legislature, to create a bill to criminalize the work of the Center for Medical Progress and, especially targeting David Daleiden.

The bill has sailed through 5 Assembly and Senate committee and one Assembly floor hearings  with a vote total of 81 “YES” and 38 “NO.” Votes, However, it was heavily opposed, initially by the California Newspaper Assn, the ACLU and a number of other big lobbies due to the potential of the loss of First Amendment rights for those groups as well.

At the last minute just prior to a final Senate floor vote when it looked like the bill might fail it was whisked into a Senate Rules committee hearing where a waiver was granted protecting the First Amendment rights to the media. A media representative, unwilling to give his name, stated that they had no signal from the Governor as to what he was prepared to do should the bill reach his desk, so the Media even though it realizes that this waiver weakens the protects to Freedom of speech  had to step in and ask for a waiver to protect its members rights to publish.

The bill, AB 1671, will, most likely go quickly to the Senate floor for a final vote and on to the Governor. To phone 916-445-2841. This is an automated line. Follow instructions. Be prepared to state reason for call. It will accept only one bill at a time.

Ca. Right to Life Comm. Inc. 2977 Ygnacio Valley Rd, #243, Walnut Creek 94598
www.callifeadvocates.org/blog,  (925)- 899-3064.


Camille Giglio,

 August 9, 2016. Walnut Creek.  The Death and Dying crowd have received $3 million in funding to set-up a Polst E-registery  of every California resident stating what end-of-life care you or the state may want for you.

 SB 19 , Lois Wolk Physician Orders for Life Saving Treatment form: electronic registry pilot, was signed by Governor Brown in 2015 after undergoing 6 major amendments and supportive votes by the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans, including District 14 Assemblywoman Catharine Baker (R), and state Senator, Steve Glazer,(D)

The bill was originally written to obtain state authorization, state funding and state implementation, but had to settle for mere authorization to proceed, if the D&D people could find private funding, to set up a registry pilot or test run in two counties using private sector funding to being with.

The California Health Care foundation – CHCF – established as a non-profit foundation in 1998, headquartered in Oakland, Ca. has provided a grant of $3 million to use the senior residents of two counties, Contra Costa and San Diego, as test cases for establishing a statewide eregistry for the signers of POLST – end-of-life care forms.

The government  (taxpayer funded) Emergency Medical Services Authority website declares that both it and the private sector California Compassion and Caring created and developed the POLST form.

It is the goal of Compassion and Caring to encourage every California citizen to declare, through the signing and registering of a POLST form, just how and when they wish to be assisted in dying.

Inquiries were made to the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors, office of Karen Mitchoff -  District 4, as to whether the CCC had to be invited in, voted into the county for this purpose or whether they just walked into the county and said your residents are our guinea pigs. It appears that the decision was strictly that of the Coalition for Compassion and Caring headquartered in Sacramento with a branch office at 6230 Claremont Ave, Oakland.

On a parallel subject, the Emergency Medical Services Authority has, itself, been interested in creating its own eregistry to list every EMT employee as to his or her certification to be EMTs’ and in tune with the state.  It seems quite likely that this registry will be used, in future for recording a great deal of information about California’s citizens perhaps including the POLST registry.

Both Contra Costa and San Diego county residents might want to think about contacting their county elected officials regarding being selected as experimental units. Don’t be surprised if you start getting a lot of advertising and junk mail about health care issues.

The word “care” or “caring” has become a health services hot button item.  To “Care” for someone has taken on a whole lot of hidden ideas.  Think of healthCare, CARING for the environment, ObamaCARE, mental health CARE. One sometimes has to wonder if the non-profits and foundations and election campaigns are thinking about the citizen who needs care, or the environment that needs our care.

I recently attended a meeting in Walnut Creek held at the City Hall and hosted by an environmentally correct energy delivery company referred to as MCE - Marin Choice Energy. This organization is taking over a portion of the Pacific Gas and Electric business starting September. Walnut Creek’s energy ratepayers will begin receiving Green/Clean non-coal or nuclear energy electricity contracted for by MCE but still delivered and maintained by PG&E.

MCE has provided a 60 day window for an Opt-out option for those not wanting to participate. The spokesman referred to it this way by saying: well, if you decide to opt-out after being in the program for a while, at least you can be proud that you helped care for the environment while you received the MCE electricity.

How will the ratepayers know that the energy/electricity that they are now receiving and paying for is clean energy, i.e. geothermal, windmills, rotting garbage, etc?  They can request to see the certificates verifying that this is environmentally clean energy, or Cap and Trade.

Please distribute. If you would like more information on statewide events and legislation please contact callifeadvocates@gmail.com@gmail.com.

What the heck is a REC? Renewable Electricity Certificates, Renewable Portfolio Standards, and why it all matters anyway


Judge Rules OK to Stop Ventilator for 10 Minutes
By Paul A. Byrne, M.D.


Mirranda Lawson is a two-year-old girl who choked on popcorn about one month ago (May 11). Within a few days the doctors and hospital were presenting to the parents that Mirranda was “brain dead.” However, they could not confirm “brain death” without doing the crucial and lethal apnea test.

Mirranda’s parents wanted the ventilator to be continued, but the doctors and the hospital wanted to stop Mirranda’s ventilator for 10 minutes. This is called an apnea test and it can only make Mirranda’s condition get worse and possibly kill her.

We were in court on Thursday, June 9. After the judge heard the testimonies, the judge said he would rule on Friday, June 10. His ruling was that the doctors and the hospital could carry out the testing and evaluation at their discretion.

The judge heard testimony that the removal of the ventilator from Miranda could only harm her and possibly kill her. Yet he ruled that the doctors and the hospital could remove Miranda’s life support.

Yes, we hear about killing of many innocent people in Orlando. It is absolutely awful that these actions occur. But is it anymore awful than the medical and legal system has a way to impose death on beautiful 2-year-old Mirranda Lawson?

Mirranda choked on popcorn. Miranda had a lack of oxygen resulting in her being in an unconscious comatose state but still alive. When a person, especially a young person, is unconscious and on a ventilator, the desire is to get their vital organs for transplantation into others who have a greater lobby.

Is Mirranda the only one that has fallen prey to the medical and legal system to get organs? No, every time a heart is transplanted it is a beating heart that is observed by the surgeon as he prepares to stop and immediately cut out the heart from that person. Every time there is a declaration of “brain death” followed by vital organ excision, the transplant surgeon opens the chest and sees the beating heart. Does he not know the difference between life and death?

Jahi McMath had a death certificate issued on her on December 12, 2013 when she was 13. She had to be transferred to New Jersey to save her life. Jahi has had her 14th and 15th birthday in New Jersey, yet she has a death certificate in California.

Is Jahi a living person? Yes, and she was not dead when she was declared “brain-dead” when a death certificate was issued on her. Jahi was and still is a living person.

Israel Stinson, a 2-year-old boy, had an asthma attack in early April, 2016.  Within a few days the declaration of “brain death” was placed on him. Israel needed food and water that was denied to him for a month. Israel needed a tracheostomy like every patient who is on a ventilator for about two weeks. No doctor or hospital in this country would treat Israel. It was necessary to transfer him out of our country to a developing nation where he has received needed nutrition, tracheostomy and gastrostomy. Israel is alive and needs to come back to the United States. But where’s the funding to pay for the air ambulance to transfer him back to the United States and where is the doctor and the hospital that will treat him?

Yes, the killing in Orlando was absolutely terrible, but what happens in our medical and legal system that is designed to get organs from patients who are unconscious and on a ventilator especially when the patients are young? When the parents say no, you cannot do an apnea test that can be only harmful and possibly kill my child, they plead with the doctors to help and they even go to court for help. Yet there is no help because it is a medical and legal system designed to get organs for transplantation from unconscious comatose persons on a ventilator.

The judge would not help Mirranda Lawson and likewise the legal system did not help Israel Stinson. In order to treat and to find better ways to treat these patients, doctors, hospitals and judges are required that will protect and preserve the life of unconscious comatose patients on a ventilator.

Why Are They Trying to Make Us Kill Our Patients?

California’s new assisted-suicide law violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause.
July 24, 2016 5:24 p.m. ET

I am an oncologist/hematologist who has been practicing in California, primarily at Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, for 39 years. It has been my privilege to have treated and cared for more than 16,000 patients with cancer or blood diseases and to have provided pain relief and comfort for the dying.

I am also one of six concerned physicians who, along with the American Academy of Medical Ethics, have sued in a California Superior Court to try to block as unconstitutional the state’s Physician Assisted Suicide law, which went into effect on June 9. More recently, a group of doctors and health-care professionals in Vermont joined a lawsuit filed July 19 to try to block the way that state’s 2013 assisted suicide law is being interpreted and misapplied.

Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown and voted against by every elected Republican member of the state legislature, California’s radical measure is part of an organized, nationwide, social-engineering campaign, heavily funded by big donors such as the leftist George Soros.

Our state’s physician-assisted suicide law instantly removes penal-code protections from a vulnerable segment of the population deemed “terminally ill.” The law allows anyone labeled as terminally ill to request assisted suicide—but it also accepts heirs and the owners of caregiving facilities to formally witness such requests, even though the probate code does not even accept “interested” parties as witnesses to a will.

The law does not require an attending physician to refer the patient for psychological assessment. It thus does not allow for screening for possible coercion, or for underlying mental conditions that could be behind the suicide request—unless the patient has signs of mental problems, which may not be visible to a suicide-specialist doctor they may not even know. In these and other ways, the law devastates elder-abuse law and mental-health legal protections, and it deprives those labeled as terminally ill of equal-protection rights that all other Americans enjoy.

All of us in the practice of cancer care have seen patients, diagnosed with so-called terminal illness, who have experienced a marvelous remission of disease. Very little is absolute—except death itself.

On the day that physician-assisted suicide was legalized, my hospital and the other local hospitals announced that they were opting out and would not facilitate the killing of any patients. Some local hospices informed me that they would continue to give palliative care, instead of helping patients kill themselves.

Killing is never medical care. There is no circumstance when any compassionate, competent physician would prescribe a deadly drug to any patient. If “medical practice” has any meaning, it definitely does not include using drugs to willfully kill a patient or for a physician and pharmacist to supply a lethal drug so that a patient can kill himself.

The American Medical Association has spoken for all physicians by stating: “Physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally incompatible with the physician’s role as healer, would be difficult or impossible to control, and would pose serious societal risks.”

The irony here is that the medical community has strongly objected to facilitating the death of felons on death row, but that same medical community is now expected to help kill the innocent.

One must ignore the false rhetoric, the clawing propaganda, used by the death-by-drugs advocates. Terms like “death with dignity” and “compassion in dying” are meant to obscure the fact that these death-march ideologues are targeting the doctor to become an instrument of death.

And why must it be the physician who facilitates self-murder? Why not make the agent of death a non-physician who is given special permission to order and administer a regimen of lethal drugs? No, the advocates want to exploit the respect and trust accorded to the “good doctor” so that drug-induced deaths are viewed as “compassionate.” It is part of the marketing scheme for a small but influential necro-political movement.

California and other states contemplating making this devastating change to their laws should heed the troubling example of what has happened in Oregon since its adoption of the “Death with Dignity Act” in 1997. Dr. William Toffler, a distinguished professor of family medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Ore., testified before Congress in 2015 about abuses of the law and about the state health department’s negligence. “There is a shroud of secrecy enveloping the practice,” he said. “Doctors engaging in this practice are required by state law to fabricate the cause of death stating that the cause is ‘natural’ rather than suicide.”

As the law took effect, Dr. Toffler noted, “the Oregon legislature implemented a system of two different death certificates—one that is public with no medical information and a separate one that is never made public. Thus, review and tracking of physician-assisted suicide deaths by anyone outside of the Oregon Health Division is impossible.”

Equal protection is not a mindless bumper-sticker slogan. It is a pillar of state and federal constitutions and must not be corrupted. Under the law, equal protection must apply not only to the healthy and able but to the most vulnerable—the unhealthy, the disabled, the elderly—and all who might fall victim to those peddling physician-assisted killing.

Dr. Dreisbach is the director of the Desert Hematology Oncology Medical Group at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Do You Know What Is the Biggest Enemy of Life?



In California the work of recruiting volunteers to work for candidates for the Primary starts this weekend. All up and down the state Republican county committees, Young Republicans, Republican women’s Club and Pro life groups are being beseeched by candidates to get out the vote.

But, just how worthy of your support are these candidates? In the 40 years I’ve worked to support the Republican Party and the Pro Life cause it has been only the rare candidate who has honored his or her campaign promises to respect life or reduce taxes, honor any of the Constitutional amendments or the Party Platform much less even listened to the pro life or conservative taxpayer.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is currently under fire from the feds for refusing to comply with the elimination of privacy in bathrooms. Good for him but he’s all alone.

In California, Sacramento area Assembly member, James Gallagher took the floor of the Assembly to eloquently declare his opposition to the all-gender bathroom bill, AB1732. He was the only one. Listen to his statement as compared to that of Asm Eggman, (D-Fresno) speaking in favor.

Three Republicans broke ranks with their Party to provide the winning votes to pass that bill, Catharine Baker, (District 16-Danville), Brian Maienschein (Dist 77-San Diego) and Ling Ling Chang, (Dist 55-Brea). Also each of these Assembly members have coauthored and/or voted for an inordinate number of Democrat authored bills. (See Note #4)

The urgent email I received encouraging me to get out and work for Catharine Baker bragged about the amount of taxes she has saved the taxpayer so she deserves re-electing. Well, as a matter of fact she hasn’t saved the taxpayer one little dime. She has voted for bills that fund $millions of taxpayer dollars to Obama health care provider programs, Planned Parenthood and the State Public Health Dept’s Maternal and Child Health sex instruction and education programs – I & E. (see note #1) plus she has stated to the media that she opposed the Second Amendment gun ownership. She also coauthored the Governor approved Right to Die legislation which starts on June 9.

Does this look or act like a Republican? Why are we supporting her? She votes like a Democrat but gets free campaign assistance from the Republicans. When are we going to wake up and realize that we have allowed ourselves to be been taken advantage of?

This time Baker has gone even further and has, herself authored a bill so egregious to the Pro Life position and people she originally claimed to represent.

Her 2016 bill, AB 2263, Protect Victims and Reproductive Health Care Providers, sponsored by Planned Parenthood has slip-slided it’s way through Assembly committee hearings and is now in the Senate awaiting a hearing date. Our letter of opposition was not given official committee recognition, nor was there any other opposition listed.

Through AB2263 Assemblywoman Baker has covered Planned Parenthood with the status of victims of intimidation and acts of violence by pro lifers as their latest sociopathic attempt to gain respectability and compassion for their own acts of violence against the innocent unborn.

Assemblywoman Catharine Baker is empowering them to charge acts of pro life violence and intimidation while they employ the power of the state to inflict intimidation on law-abiding, life respecting citizens hoping to silence all protesting of abortion and to shut down the Center for Medical Progress.

AB 2263 seeks to amend the Safe at Home program which began in 1994 as a protection for victims of Domestic violence. In 1999 It was expanded in light of the O.J. Simpson court case to include victims of sexual abuse. It was again expanded, 2004, to include Reproductive health care workers, volunteers and patients.

While the current law protects these groups from exposure to the public it left out one important step according to an Aide in Baker’s office. It did not provide for Reproductive Health Care workers, nurses, volunteers and patients to remove their home address from property records. They charge that this still leaves this group exposed to victimization by those who would disagree on abortion rights.

CRLC is of the opinion that this amendment is a sham. It is intended directly to be used as a tool against the Center for Medical progress and David Daleiden, specifically, in an effort to discredit these good people in a court of law. (See Note #5)

It is also intended to be a tool of intimidation against those wonderful people who stand outside abortion clinics even in the rain risking their lives and health to pray the Rosary and offer assistance to women. Perhaps we should have stood outside the Legislators offices?

Planned Parenthood employees, we suggest, suffer greatly from guilty consciences. They view anything, praying, distributing pro life material, showing pictures of aborted babies, as terroristic and intimidating measures by pro life people. Baker and Planned Parenthood want us silenced. (See Note #6)

Asm Baker has admitted to the media that she is pro choice, anti second Amendment, anti parental notification for vaccinations, pro increased taxation as determined by her support for taxing all MCOs, i.e. health care insurance providers at one, increased rate, all-gender bathrooms (Ting bill 1732, Single-user Restrooms, AB1808 Mental Health Services for Minors without parental consent; and, now silencing pro life people.

And, yet, Conservative and pro life groups and individuals continue to support her while she gets the funding and endorsement of the abortion business community. She has the best of both worlds and she uses it to her advantage, not to that of the district residents.

The main reason Baker (no relation to former legislator Bill Baker) and others in the past years, has been supported by Republican party officials is always to protect the Republicans against loss of the required 2/3rds vote on bonds and funding bills. But what good does that do when she and other legislators, spend most of their time voting with the Democrats? (See Note #4)

Pro Life pregnancy counseling groups and education groups have labored long and diligently to create a caring and compassionate citizenry, but we have to face the hard fact that we have lost the fight in the legal and political arena. Legislators are not sensitive to our demands to stop the killing by defunding Planned Parenthood of our tax dollars.

Perhaps Donald Trump has it right. The Republican Party has become quite sensitive to his ability to gain attention. He knows that he’s in charge. What are Pro Lifers in charge of? Pro Lifers now have to spend our time raising thousands of dollars for court cases instead of being able to spend it on assisting pregnant women and sexualized and trafficked children.

Are we going to continue to allow Democrats and Republicans to give our hard earned dollars to the Planned Parenthood type killing fields? You now have your absentee ballots in hand. The phone is ringing waiting for your dollars and support. What are you going to do?


Note #1. http://www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/ie/Pages/default.aspx
California Department of Public Health/Maternal child Adolescent Health. $1,120,000 of General funds (our tax dollars) allotted to I & E programs-Information and Education - just one of their programs and for only 3 years. It is used to develop and teach sex ed curriculums.

Note #2: AB 2263 went through 3 Title changes before this one: Protect Victims and Reproductive health Care Providers is the official title of the bill. However, in lobbying material being distributed by Baker’s office, the Title appears to be Safe At Home Program: record of Title Security. The title, like the bill itself, is meant to disguise the purpose and intended target.

Note #3: Safe at Home began in 1994 as a protection for victims of Domestic violence. In 1999 It was expanded in light of the O.J. Simpson court case to include victims of sexual abuse. It was again expanded, 2004, to include Reproductive health care workers, volunteers and patients.

During that same time, 2001, CRLC published a 50 page report on the pro abortion clinic Directors, clinic owners, clinic doctors found guilty in a court of law for crimes of stalking, killings, arson, and much more, and delivered it to every member of the state legislature. It has now been updated to this year.

Note #4, Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, has coauthored has coauthored 16 of 29 Democrat bills and Ling Ling Chang has coauthored 17of 73 such bills. Baker has coauthored 43 out of 99 bills.

Note #5: Section 6209.5 of the Government Code wording was last amended in 2007 with Senate bill 1356 by then Sen. Leland Yee, (D-S.F) to add Reproductive health Care Workers to the list of victims of domestic or sex abuse violence. This section of the Government Code is now referred to as the Safe at Home.

Note #6: Safe At Home was designed originally to provide special protection to victims of domestic violence or stalking. It required the California Secretary of State’s Office to administer a program of allowing participants to use a free P.O. Box instead of their home address for receiving first class mail, opening a bank account, completing a confidential name change, filling out government documents, registering to vote, getting a driver’s license, enrolling a child in school.

Note #7: A request for information from the state on the number of persons who have sought this protection, in the most current accounting indicates that 3001 persons in general have signed up. Under the Code section 6254, protecting health care workers no one has signed up for any part of it.

Camille Giglio, Director
California Right to Life Committee, Inc1980
C: 925-899-3064
NOISEcoalition, wordpress.com

Investigative Panel Documents PROVE Planned Parenthood Profited from Selling Baby Parts

Dear William,

The House of Representatives Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives released a new set of documents this evening from their investigation that PROVES Planned Parenthood profited from the sale of aborted baby parts.

The documents are part of the exhibits for the Panel’s hearing tomorrow morning on “The Pricing of Fetal Tissue.”

Watch the hearing live TOMORROW MORNING at 10 AM Eastern/7 AM Pacific:

You can also join me and others on Twitter to live-tweet this historic event.

Planned Parenthood has lied to the media, to Congress, and to the American people for the past 9 months, falsely asserting they received no “financial benefit” from harvesting little baby hearts, brains, and lungs.

The documents show the biggest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the country, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, receiving up to 5-figure sums every month from their business partner StemExpress in exchange for aborted body parts. The documents prove that StemExpress did all the work inside the clinics at no cost to Planned Parenthood, yet still paid Planned Parenthood for every salable-quality baby part. You can read more about how Planned Parenthood profits from baby parts in CMP’s white paper released last month.

I spent two-and-a-half years undercover, in close contact with Planned Parenthood leaders and their partners in the criminal enterprise of selling baby parts. But I am still sick to my stomach whenever I see the lists of tiny, perfect baby organs paired with price lists and dollar signs.

Let tomorrow be the moment that we reclaimed our values that no life is expendable, that no one can own another person, and that every human being is worth more than the sum of his or her body parts.

The Center for Medical Progress is a 501(c)3 non-profit and we rely on your generous support to continue our groundbreaking investigative journalism work. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift of any amount here: http://www.centerformedicalprogress.org/donate/

Please share these links and spread the word. Together in the fight,

David Daleiden,
Project Lead
The Center for Medical Progress
(Original Article)


When health care becomes dangerous to life
Camille Giglio

On Sunday, April 4, 2016, The Contra Costa Times (Bay Area News Group) published a guest editorial entitled: The Psychology of  Medical Aid in Dying.  http://www.eastbaytimes.com/opinion/ci_29710339/guest-commentary-psychology-medical-aid-dying.

The author, Teresa Thomas, PhD. is a licensed neuropsychologist and owner of a for-profit business in Alameda.  One of the services that she provides, as listed on her website, is examination of patients to determine the presence of Dementia. Her findings of Dementia would be useful for family members, to submit for Medicaid coverage for the patient and/or for family members to  apply for  Guardianship authority over Mom or Dad.

There is a cryptically written special notice on her website which is worth reading to show how cleverly the niche health care industry constructs it’s wording to signal to certain groups what it is really doing while the general public has no clue. It reads, in part: Medicare is accepted for medically indicated services…on a case to case basis. 

She has been affiliated with several hospitals and medical centers in the Bay area including Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, i.e., the county hospital.

The Contra Costa Times commentary, like another one a few weeks ago, https://www.seniorly.com/about#/  should have had a notice of advertisement attached because, in reality, that’s what it was.

Referring to the Medicaid involvement…this means that the taxpayer is footing the bill for the “under-served” in your community who have no insurance or is on public welfare. See a very good U.S.News and World Report article about that, Californians can choose to die – with the help of Taxpayers, at: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-03-21/in-california-government-to-pick-up-the-tab-for-death-with-dignity.  So, the state authorized doctors, nurses, mid-wives, nurse assistants, and now pharmacists to assist in the killing of patients, but we, the taxpayers, are once again, stuck with the bill just as in abortion.  There are exemptions for religious reasons for doctors and hospitals who don’t want to participate, but, we the faithful in the pews, are not exempt from underwriting this horrific new  means of reducing the population, set to begin on June 9, 2016.

California Healthline Daily Edition published a report that once the pharmaceutical company, Valeant, maker of the drug of choice for Physician-Assisted Suicide heard that California had passed the Aid-in-Dying legislation it doubled its drug’s price. It retails, according to the article, for “more than $3,000.00. California Healthline, March 23, 2016. Cost of Aid-In-Dying Medication Doubled to More Than $3,000 Last year. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/10/16/drug-shortage-creates-hurdle-for-death-with-dignity-movement


Surprisingly, the Sen. Lois Wolk Aid-in-Dying bill, SB 128, from the 2015 session is still listed  as Pending – This was the original Aid-in-Dying bill.  This bill was presumed to have been shelved in favor of the 2b15 bill by Susan Eggman submitted to the Governor’s special session call, which passed quickly.

SB1002, End of Life Option Act: Telephone Number, is awaiting action in the Senate Appropriations Committee. It’s supporters include The Hemlock Society, Death with Dignity, National Assn of Social Workers, Ca Chapter, and the California Commission on Aging.

The original purpose of the slew of Aid-in-Dying bills was, we were all assured that she had the confidentiality of her doctor to discuss such a private matter. Now, this bill exposes the true goal of the Assisted Suicide agenda; to establish a hot line, state funded call center, where the public can supposedly get information on death and dying issues.  Thus, once again, the taxpaying, employed, citizen member of society is footing this enterprise.

By the way, the Teresa Thomas article mentions that no family member is permitted to speak for the terminally ill patient, but that is incorrect. A family member can sign a POLST form authorizing palliative-care-only which has the same effect as administering a death producing drug. The patient is dead at the end of the treatment whether it be by swallowing a pill or starving to death through palliative “care.” The first is quicker, the latter more compassionate, so they say. I guess letting your loved one starve for two weeks is some new form of compassionate caring.

Note: To learn more about the right of psychologists to be involved in such exams. I spoke with Ron Panzer, RN. Of the Hospice Patients Alliance headquartered in Rockford, Mi. He has published a very definitive book on the subject of Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America: Hospice, Palliative Care and Health Care Reform. Here is his reply: Teresa E Thomas shows  as a  psychologist licensed by the State of California in good standing (simply means she is licensed and has not lost her license and no complaints have been filed against her).  so, she’s “legit” legally.  Does that mean she’s ethical in what she’s doing?  Not at all. But then again, the State of California is known as being really strange compared to much of the USA, like a different planet or country at least. She is very pro right-to-kill. 

LEGISLATIVE REPORT.  The following bills are in the:

ASSEMBLY HEALTH COMMITTEE.  (Health committee office 916-319-2097)

AB 2810 by Susan Eggman, Aid-in-Dying Prescription Drugs: Medi-Cal Coverage, currently in the Assembly Health Committee, will authorize that the drugs be provided to Medi-Cal patients with “state-only funds” and refers to this as a benefit to the dying patient.  The reasoning goes: if the welfare patient doesn’t have the money to afford this expensive drug, then he/she will have to suffer the pain and anguish of dying without medically provided aid-in-dying. These funds do not belong to the state. This money is the taxpayers in the amount of approximately $2.5 million for 445 potential patients and its being used in ways that tax payers should be loudly protesting. Also consider that this $2.5 million is largely going to come from the newly found money being provided by the increase in taxation of Managed Care Insurers.

Without fanfare or announcement, Governor Brown’s proposed 2016 Budget recommends $2.3 million dollars to allow California to purchase lethal drugs for Medi-Cal patients who want their physician to help them commit suicide.    For the complete story please go to California Catholic Daily for April 7, 2016”:  http://cal-catholic.com/?p=23255

AB1954, Autumn Burke, (D-L.A.) Health Care Coverage: Reproductive health Care Services.

Official Summary: Requires every health care service plan contract or health insurance policy to provide coverage for reproductive and sexual health care services through out-of-network providers under specified circumstances. Prohibits those plan contracts or insurance policies from requiring an enrollee or insured to receive a referral in order to receive reproductive or sexual health care services.

It appears to be more firmly mandating the authorizations contained in a 2013 Pharmacy Practice bill, SB493 by Sen. Ed Hernandez. SB493 authorized pharmacists to write prescriptions for and administer more easily accessed birth control pills and devices including Hormonal contraceptive shots, to “women” without a physician’s authorization. It will be heard on April 19 in the Health Committee.

Ms Burke is a member of 21 legislative committees. She is, apparently related to a former legislator and L.A. Supervisor, Yvonne Braithwaite Burke of Los Angeles.

The bill, SB 493, contained three segments, the 3rd and final segment was activated last Thursday, April 7, 2016.  CRLC appeared on the NBC Today Show with a brief response to the negative aspects of this bill affecting family communication and encouraging secrecy. We were also contacted by the San Jose Mercury News for a comment which appeared today, 4/9/2016.  The opening statement in the Mercury News underscored the secrecy aspect when it stated that This portion of the 2013 bill was “quietly introduced today…”

AB2507, Richard Gordon, (D-San Mateo), Telehealth: Access.  It calls for setting up an extensive communications component within the Health dept to enable the state to be the provider of first choice for citizens to become informed of their health care options.

It would appear that this bill is a companion piece to SB1002, Bill Monning, End-of-Life Option Act: Telephone Number which is sitting in the Senate Appropriations committee pending a hearing date. Sen. Committee, (916) 651-4101, Ricardo Lara,(D) Chair. This bill sets up a separate toll-free phone line for information regarding End-of-Life Options.  The taxpayer will be paying for the consultation between doctor and patient, the phone system to inform the public of their choices in dying (but not living) and the medication to kill oneself.

Assembly Health Committee members:   (Health committee office 916-319-2097)

Assembly Member Jim Wood (D) [Chair]
Assembly Member Brian Maienschein (R) [Vice-Chair]
Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (D)
Assembly Member Autumn R. Burke (D)
Assembly Member Nora Campos (D)
Assembly Member David Chiu (D)
Assembly Member Matt Dababneh (D)
Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez (D)
Assembly Member Lorena S. Gonzalez (D)
Assembly Member Roger Hernandez (D)
Assembly Member Tom Lackey (R)
Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian (D)
Assembly Member Kristin Olsen (R)
Assembly Member Jim Patterson (R)
Assembly Member Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D)
Assembly Member Freddie Rodriguez (D)
Assembly Member Miguel Santiago (D)
Assembly Member Marc Steinorth (R)
Assembly Member Tony Thurmond (D)
Assembly Member Marie Waldron (R)


FRAUDULENT “CONSENT“ FORMS TO OBTAIN BABY BODY PARTS. Says the Center for Medical Progress.   http://www.centerformedicalprogress.org/2016/04/statement-on-planned-parenthoods-fraudulent-consent-form-for-aborted-baby-parts/.

DON’T FORGET: David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress will be in Contra Costa County  on the evening of April 22nd. You are invited to hear him speak and to consider a donation to allay the costs of the multiple lawsuits brought against David and the CMP by Planned Parenthood, its’ lawyers and judges.  Call 925-820-1432 to RSVP.

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Camille Giglio, Legislative Analyst
March 9, 2016.

On Sunday, 2/28/16, my local California newspaper, the Contra Costa Times (Bay Area News Group) carried a commentary by Arthur J. Breischneider, owner and operator of several Bay area managed care facilities called Seniorly. He was promoting managed care for everyone, declaring that everybody needs a caretaker, even the caretakers need caretakers and he had just the organization to provide that need. The article was basically a promotional piece for government funded and managed care, but he was given space on the commentary page to make it look like he had something worthwhile to say.(1)

He did his best, in this article to make you feel bad if you aren’t taking care of someone else. He also made you feel like a victim because the job of care-giving is burdensome requiring a great deal of of your time and energy.

And, yes, providing care for home-bound persons, is one of today’s workforce development programs. The government has realized that it must demonstrate to the taxpaying public that it seeks to economize somewhere and also recognizes that it is less expensive to provide low-level, government trained assistance that will keep the patient at home rather than in an expensive facility or in and out of emergency rooms.

In other words, You shouldn’t really be the one caring for your family member because that takes you out of the taxpaying category if you remain at home providing care. You should be bringing in a caregiver for Mom and taking advantage of the respite services that the government has provided for you, at taxpayer expense of course.

Regarding Mr. Breischneider. This isn’t concern for you or your family member’s welfare, it’s workforce development and extra money in his pocket and extra money going to the state in the form of taxes that these insurers are going to have to pay now. http://www.contracostatimes.com/opinion/ci_29563106/guest-commentary-taking-care-yourself-when-youre-taking.

Where, you ask, will this extra money come from?  The state’s legislators just voted in special session and the Governor signed, a huge new health care bill ; SB2b, by Ed Hernandez (D-L. A.) and AB1b by Asm Tony Thurmond, (D-Richmond). Changing the method of and amount of taxes Managed Care Organizations, ( think Metlife, Kaiser, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, any HMO) will have to begin paying retroactively to the government. This requires every Managed Care organization in the state to be taxed at a rate of 8.84%, a figure used by the state Department of Health Care, rather than the 3.9% charged under the Knox-Keene Act.

Currently MCO’s that accepted Medi-Cal patients were taxed on their profits at the higher rate and those which did not were taxed at the lower rate. However, those that paid the higher rate also got reimbursed from the feds at a higher rate thereby making the other MCO’s somewhat jealous. Now, thanks to a 2004 court case, Myers v State Board of Equalization, brought by a public interest non-profit called Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, they will all be taxed at the higher rate but will also be required to pay this higher rate retroactively in the amount of $10.5 Billion. Also, the tax to be paid by all the MCO’s will be based on number of clients rather than on profits. The more clients the more taxes collected. (1)

Some Republicans voted, in the recent and still active special session on health care, for the expanded taxation required by both the Hernandez bill, SB2b and the Thurmond bill AB1b, thereby allowing the state to realize a new source of funds - of $1.3 billion yearly in federal matching funds which will go into the General Fund.

If the state had not created this new taxing schedule, Republicans whimpered, the feds, through this lawsuit, would have been able to keep $1.3 Billion of California taxpayer dollars to itself rather than returning it to the state. In other words by framing it as a benefit to the taxpayer the feds were able to get the state to agree to collect more taxes for the feds and themselves while the taxpayers foot the bill for everything. (2)

For the sake of Public appearance the Republicans negotiated a spending plan for this $1.3 billion: paying down the unfunded mandates, some disability payments, nursing home reimbursement and salary increases. Already some Democrats are considering bills to raise salaries for their special interest pals.

This article was titled Dealers in Illusion to make a point. Next time you read an article about health care and the government struggling to find ways to contain costs, remember that it is probably you, the taxpayer, who is actually paying more in taxes for a reduced amount of care or concern about patients. It’s all about finances and how the government can get more of your money without disturbing your tranquility or realization that you are being had, once again.

Fox TV news played a clip from a campaign talk given by Bernie Sanders recently. He was, apparently asked by a member of the audience why everybody needed (government provided) health care. Bernie’s answer was: “ because we are all human beings.”  Behind that nice sounding statement lurks the hard reality of who is going to pay for all the things that Bernie and friends think are due to us (or forced upon us) simply because we are all human beings? That’s pure Socialism.

Bernie and Hillary and even Donald all want us to also have abortions and euthanasia which we are paying for ourselves with increased taxes. And they want your money to pay for everybody else to have these things as well…just because we are human beings. And, they want Social Workers appointed to every body from birth to death. They want children under government scrutiny along with their parents, from birth. They want the government to use education to plan everyone’s life path, job placement and housing placement…just because we are human beings. And, they have to find ways to sell us these ideas so that we will quietly accept and pay for our own enslavement.

And, now, we learn of a House Resolution, Hres 552, asking approval for funding the training of Health Coaches. (See definition in footnotes). Now the Government has succeeded in raising the ridiculous to the heights of honor. We can all become busy bodies. (4)


  1. Seniorly, We strongly believe that there is a community out there for everyone at every step in life. https://www.seniorly.com/about/
  2. The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, according to its website, changed its name to Consumer Watchdog.org. This group’s main objective, it would seem, is suing the government regarding health care insurance and other issues. In 2004 it provided its legal services to a group suing the Los Angeles Dept of Educaton on the grounds regarding a lack of sufficient services to school children with Autism.  http://www.consumerwatchdog.org/about/
  3. SB2b, Ed Hernandez, Medi-Cal managed care organization tax:
  4. Imposes a three-year managed care organization provider tax (MCO tax) on health plans, with different taxing tiers and based on enrollment assessed during a base year period of October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015. Continuously appropriates funds from the MCO tax for purposes of funding the nonfederal share of Medi-Cal managed care rates. Reduces the amount of the Corporate or Gross Premium taxes that specified health plans and insurers are required to pay for the three years of the MCO tax assessment. Sunsets these provisions June 30, 2020.

    If the state would not cooperate with the federal mandate to change its MCO taxing schedule the feds would retain $1.3 billion in matching funds, funds which California taxpayers had paid. It would simply be divided up amongst other states.

    The Myers v Brd of Equalization Decision declared that the state owed the federal government $10.5 billion retroactively because they had been taxing Medi-Cal insurers at the lower Knox-Keene rate of  3.9% on total revenue.  Under the new ruling all insurers will be charged the same rate of 8.84% based on number of insured, not on profits. Senate Committee On Public Health and Developmental Services, 2/10/2016

  5. Laws Relating to Health Care Plan in California , Department of Managed Health Care. http://wpso.dmhc.ca.gov/regulations/.
  6. Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. WHAT IS A HEALTH COACH?

    A Certified Health Coach helps others achieve their health and wellness goals by providing science-based, trusted information, positive encouragement, and continued motivation. In 2007 world-renowned Dr. Sears and a team of experts developed a Health Coach Training that provides the education and tools to help make a positive difference in the lives of others. The    training is based on the four pillars of health: Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition.



Californians for Parental Rights’ Parental Notification Initiative appears to be one of the few pro life, family petitions still standing. Please contact California Petitions@CAParentalRights.org to obtain petitions. Petitions will still be available through January.


Sadly other petitions have failed to meet the required number of signatures for admission to the 2016 balloting. Such petitions as; the Privacy Rights issue (no boys in the girls’ Bathrooms) and ousting state Senator Richard Pan for his atrocious piece of legislation, SB 277, mandating that all children be vaccinated have received only lukewarm interest even amongst practicing Christians. This defies good sense, tramples parental authority, endangers the lives of possibly up to 20% of children who experience negative reactions to the myriad of shots required by this law.


Several articles have appeared this last week or so reporting that Planned Parenthood is encouraging HIV positive persons to be sexually active without alerting their “partners” of their HIV status. Actor Martin Sheen has apparently embraced that philosophy whole-heartedly as he brags about the hundreds of partners with whom he has been intimate, often without telling them of his HIV status.


I guess this is why Pan wants all children vaccinated, so that when they are in Planned Parenthood sexual health classes and taught that it’s okay to have sex at any age, any time, any way, they can be sexually active supposedly without fear of contracting HIV. However, he fails to provide the ratio of those who do end up as active cases.


The more students who become disabled due to Gardasil and other social disease vaccines, the more will expenses rise to educate these students as special needs recipients, and the supply of highly qualified and trained employees will fall


When I say 20% I am using the figure most often quoted by the media as the proportion of negative, harmful effects of the vaccinations. The currently popular use of this idea of medicine by “Best Practices” means that it’s a gamble and around 20% of students lose the bet.

Here’s Pan’s reaction to the news of the failed petition drive as quoted on the internet.


In a statement, Pan called the defeat a “ victory of science over the politics of fear and intimidation” and castigated “anti-vaccination zealots” who “used fear, intimidation and discredited information to try to defeat our bill.”

“With this recall threat behind us, I am more committed than ever to serving the people of the 6th District and working to build a healthy California,” Pan said.

What a sham. If anyone used intimidation, and fear and negative labeling of parents it was Pan and his cohort of so-called scientists. It is his legislation that will prohibit any child not vaccinated from obtaining a public school education. That’s intimidation. That’s downright blackmail.




The ninth Circuit Court won’t stop Forced Speech. It has given its approval to the piece of legislation by San Francisco legislator, David Chiu, mandating that pro life pregnancy centers inform potential clients that they have a right to obtain an abortion. http://cal-catholic.com/?p=21896.

The following comes from a December 1 Courthouse News Service release by Nicholas Iovino:

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The Ninth Circuit on Thursday refused to block a new California law that requires pregnancy care centers to notify patients about state-funded contraception and abortion services.




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